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Why won't you look at me?

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It had started out with lingering gazes. As an intern at Stark Industries, you had over time met the residents during your work shifts. One man had caught your eyes in particular; he was tall, well built and had, by the looks of it, the softest brunette locks you had ever seen. His face looked like something taken right off a Michelangelo sculpture. His eyes were a beautiful shade of blue, and you had lost yourself in them the first time you made eye contact.

It wasn't exactly at the most convenient time he had walked in. He had smiled at you, winked and sat down at the end of the table, and you had accidentally spilled water all over Mr. Starks papers. Terrified, you had apologized at least 25 times before Mr. Stark had smiled and waved you off. You had felt the heat rising in your cheeks as you looked at the man seated at the table, before hurrying out of the room and into the bathroom. You looked at yourself and cursed under you breath. You really needed this job, and you feared this mistake would jinx that. You opened the tab and held your wrists under the cold running water. You sighed and relaxed, feeling the embarrassment slowly wash off.

Pepper strode into the bathroom and you felt the heat rise to your cheeks once again.

"Hey, it's alright" she said with a small laugh and you shook your head. "Honestly, it is. The meeting hadn't started yet, and those papers in front of Tony, were not relevant. I was bringing in the right papers just after you spilled the water." You looked up at Pepper with a small smile.

"I just need this job so badly. I don't want to get fired" you sighed and turned off the tabs, drying your wrists on a paper towel. "Hey Pepper, can I ask you something?" You said hesitantly asked and bit your lip slightly. She looked at you and nodded. "Who was that man?"

"The buff brunette? That's James Barnes. He goes by Bucky. He's arrived here a few weeks ago from Wakanda. You've heard of the place, right?" You nodded and waited for Pepper to continue. "He's living here to help with his rehabilitation. He's doing good." She smiled and left the bathroom. I bit the inside of my cheek. James Barnes. Bucky.

A few weeks passed, and your infatuation with Bucky only grew stronger. Every time you laid eyes on each other it was with an undertone of lust. Your body slowly yearned more and more for the broad shouldered super soldier. Every glance between the two of you sent jolts to the place in between your legs, the place where you suddenly felt an urge you've never felt this strong before.

A few days later, when filling a jug of water for on the meetings in the Stark tower, you suddenly felt a presence behind you. A pair of lips ghosted over the shell of your ear and you shuddered under the warm breath. The feeling of coarse stubble on your neck had you weak on your feet, and you leaned back into the muscular chest. A hand slid up under your jacket, sliding across the fabric of your buttoned up shirt. You moaned softly and smiled, before turning around. Bucky stepped back and cleared his throat. You bit your lip at him and he left the kitchen rather suddenly, leaving you dumbfounded.

Days passed since the incident in the kitchen, and you were still confused about what had happened and why Bucky had left you there without a word. You found him seated in one of the big lounge rooms, overlooking the New York City skyline. You gathered your courage and felt a rush of warmth between your legs. You bent down behind him, and nibbled at his earlobe.

"Hey (y/n)" you could hear the smile in his words and you slid your hands down the front of his shirt, feeling the built up pectoral muscles of his torso. "What are you up to?" He sighed as your lips traveled down his neck.

"I want you to take me into your room and have your way with me." You were surprised of your sudden confidence, but you were even more surprised when he rose from his seat, grabbed your hand and lead you into his room. As he closed the door, you rid yourself of your heels before awaiting his next move. He placed you at the end of his bed and kept your back to him as you heard rustling behind you, and soft thuds on the floor.

A hand grabbed the neck of your jacket, and you could feel his fingers caressing your neck as he slid it off your shoulders. His hands traveled around your body and unbuttoned the buttons of your shirt. You laid your head back on his shoulder and moaned quietly, as he slid it off your shoulders gently, and dropped it on the floor beside you. His fingers gently unclamped your bra, and slipped it off your arms, letting his hands glide up your arms, and to your breasts. He cupped one of your breasts while letting his left hand glide down your stomach slowly. The vibranium felt impressively cold on your warm skin, and you let out another moan.

His right hand left your breast as he moved to unzip your skirt, and you sighed as it fell off your hips to pool at your ankles. You moved to face him, but he held you in place, much to your confusion. "Don't" he commanded and you nodded. "Rid your panties, then get on the bed, on your knees." You slid the fabric down your legs, hoping he wouldn't notice the damp spot in the crotch of the fabric. Then, you lifted your right leg, bending it and placing it on the bed before you, followed by your left leg.

He slid his hand down the curve of your back, to the rounding of your ass. His fingers slid around your hips, between your legs, slowly but steadily, and found the wetness between them. You moaned softly and let your head fall forward. You felt the warmth of Bucky's naked body behind you as he pressed his chest against your back. You could feel his hardening member against your backside, and you moaned in anticipation. His left hand found your neck and he pushed you down, your head resting on this bedsheets. "Stay there." You nodded and bit your lip, trying to calm your breathing.

You felt his fingers against you once again, as he rubbed a finger in between your folds. You moaned softly and released your lip as his finger slid into you, gathering your wetness and spreading it around. He inserted another finger into you and thrusted them into you at a steady pace. Moans left your mouth as his fingers worked their magic on you, readying your for what was to come.

You whimpered as his fingers left your warmth, and held your breath as you felt the tip of his cock against your folds. He rubbed his cock between your folds, covering it in your slick, before inserting himself slowly, letting out a throaty moan.

You moaned as the thickness of his length caressed the insides of your vagina. "Fuck" You whispered and sighed. You hadn't seen what Bucky was equipped with, but you knew by now that he was bigger than any man you had ever been with. You moaned loudly when he caught your hips with his strong hands, thrusting into you forcefully. You hadn't even noticed him pulling slightly out of you. He kept a rapid pace, his length burying itself in your heat heftily. Your moans were swallowed as you pushed your head into his bedsheets, overwhelmed by the power of his thrusts. "B... Bucky..." You felt your orgasm approaching, and you moaned, pushing yourself up in your elbows. Bucky's left hand found your neck and you were pushed down into the bedsheets again, his fingers tightening around the nape. "I said stay... down." He said through gritted teeth and you whimpered.

The force of his hand pushed you closer to the edge, as did his thrusts. You moaned loudly and he turned your head into the sheets, silencing you once again. He picked up the pace and was now slamming into you, the sound of skin slapping against skin and his moans emitting deep from his throat filling the room. Your silenced moans in the bedsheets grew frantic as your high washed over you, your hands gripping the sheets tightly, your walls clenching around Bucky's cock. He pulled out of you as he came with a forceful grunt, his warm cum landing on your back. He left you shortly, then came back and cleaned your back and dried you off with a warm washcloth, before helping you to your feet.

You watched as he grabbed his boxers and slid them back on, admiring him in all his glory. You put on your clothes and watched him do the same. His eyes found yours and you bit your lip. He motioned for the door and you nodded and left, feeling defeated.