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Prisoner of War

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Annabeth was crouched in the brush surrounding the large rock where her team had hidden their flag. She had been there for quite some time and was rather bored. Normally she wouldn't have let her guard down, but she had, had very little sleep the night before and it was now catching up to her.

She lounged against her shield, her dagger lay, long forgotten, in the grass beside her as she dozed off. Her grey eyes were hidden behind tan lids, her golden hair stuck to her face and neck as her chest moved, slow and relaxed.

Clarisse smirked to herself as she looked down at the sleeping blonde from atop the rock, the Athena cabin's flag dangling loosely in her hand. The brunette had gone unnoticed by the wise girl and it made her feel smug. She chewed her lip as her gaze roamed down the Athenian's body.

Clarisse had never been one to openly admire someone, let alone the girl she had pretended to hate for all these years. It was true, that she did indeed hate Annabeth at times, but only because the blonde was so sure of herself, seemingly unshakable. "Well I'll just have to change that, now won't I?" The daughter of Ares leered as she lowered herself into the brush.

Once she was sitting directly behind Annabeth, Clarisse moved with great care, grabbing the blonde's arms and tying them together at the wrist. How the Athenian hadn't woken up by now was beyond her. But, Clarisse decided that she should put an end to Annabeth's relaxed slumber.

"Looks like I have a prisoner of war" The brunette purred into Annabeth's ear, causing her to squirm. Clarisse smirked, brushing her lips against the blonde's ear, chuckling as the girl in front of her nearly jumped out of her skin.

"What the Hades?" Annabeth squeaked, blinking the sleep from her eyes as she looked behind her, glaring at the Ares girl. "Damn it Clarisse, you scared me" She said, lifting her arm up, only to find she was bounded.

"Good, I'm glad I scared you, seeing as you're my prisoner now" The brunette smirked, grabbing Annabeth by the wrists and pulling her up "Now, let's go somewhere more...secluded"

Annabeth's eyes went wide, but before she could say anything, she was being dragged out of the brush and deeper into the woods. She decided that staying quiet was her best option. Clarisse wouldn't hurt me, I'm sure of it..She thought, though she had this feeling in the pit of her stomach that told her otherwise.

Clarisse honestly couldn't believe she was going through with this I've wanted Chase for a while now, so I guess I really can't say I wouldn't have done this eventually, but damn..She thought, biting her lip as she dragged Annabeth along. She was so excited that she wasn't sure she could make it to the cave, but she also didn't want to do anything out in the open, you never knew who could be watching.

After a while of walking, Annabeth finally got annoyed enough to speak "Where in Zeus's name are we going?" She growled, tugging her wrists, causing Clarisse to stumble a bit, but not enough for her to take advantage of.

Clarisse rolled her eyes, glad they had reached their destination, turning on her heel to look into Annabeth's grey eyes. "We are going to my place" She said simply, pulling on the blonde's wrists, bringing their bodies together.

She had to bite back the groan that threatened to escape from her lips, as she came in contact with Annabeth's warmth. Gods she feels good..She thought as she looked down at the blonde, licking her lips lightly. She could feel the Athenian tremble and it only fueled her more.

Bringing Annabeth closer, Clarisse brought her lips crashing down onto the blonde's, sending a shiver down both of their spines.

Annabeth wasn't sure how to react to the kiss, her body was saying one thing, while her brain screamed another. The only other person who she had ever kissed, was Percy, but they never felt like this, so heated, so full of passion. She mentally shook herself, managing to stop kissing Clarisse for just long enough to bite her lip, hard.

Clarisse felt like she was on fire, lost in the kiss, only to be slapped back into reality by the pain in her lip. "Ouch, damn it" She murmured as she pulled away from the blonde, though keeping a good grip on her wrists.

She licked her lip, chuckling when she tasted blood "I like 'em fiesty" She smirked, sucking her lip until the bleeding stopped. She pondered for a moment if she should really do what she wasnted to, but as she looked into the blonde's stormy eyes, she saw something in them, that made the decision for her.

Annabeth smirked at the taller girl, watching her deal with her lip, wondering how she could possibly get away from her and if she even wanted to. She was shaken from ehr thoughts as Clarisse pushed her back, making her stumble, falling on her butt. "Oww" She pouted as she looked around, trying to gather her surroundings.

The daughter of Ares smirked when she heard the thud, knowing that Annabeth must have stumbled on the slight step between the land outside and the floor of the cave. "Whoops, forgot to tell you, there's a step" She laughed as she came into the cave.

"Why are we in a cave?" The wise girl asked, her brow furrowed as she looked up at Clarisse, who was now lighting torches that lined the walls. As light started to fill the cave, she could see that it was slightly furnished, a small bed in the corner, adorned in red and black, which didn't surprise her. She shook her head and looked at the armor stacked in the back, swords hung to the wall, shields laying in piles.

"It's my little place to be, I found it the first year I was here, it's nice to get away from my idiot brothers" She said, blowing out the long match before turning toward the blonde again, her eyes softer than usual. "I keep spare things here and leave my trophies, that way my family can't mess them up" She said, nodding toward the various bits of monsters that were mounted on the back wall.

Annabeth nodded, watching the Ares girl, seeing her in a new light. "I take it you sleep here some nights too?" She asked, nodding toward the bed. She wasn't sure why she was so curious of the bed, maybe because she was looking forward to what could happen next.

"I suppose you could call it that" Clarisse chuckled as she picked Annabeth up, slinging the blonde over her shoulder, carrying her to the bed. As she plopped the wise girl down, she thought about the other girls she had brought here, guilt starting to build up in her chest.

Was Annabeth just another knotch on the warrior's bed post, or could she be something much more than that. Whatever the blonde was to her, she didn't want to think about it, she just wanted to feel how she would feel with the girl now watching her on the bed.

Annabeth tilted her head, watching the taller girl think for a moment before moving back on the bed, her back hitting the wall softly "Clarisse" She said simply, that one word laced with so many emotions, most of which, she couldn't place.

The brunette snapped out of her thoughts at the sound of her name, her heart thudding painfully in her chest. "Annabeth" She murmured, crawling onto the bed.

As she got closer to Annabeth, she could feel the heat rolling off of the blonde and it only pushed the warrior forward, pressing her lips against the Athenian's. As their lips clashed, each fighting for dominance, Clarisse undid Annabeth's restraints.

As soon as the ropes fell away, Annabeth buried her hands into the warriors soft locks, pulling her closer, deepening the already fiery kiss. She couldn't believe how wonderful it felt, kissing the girl she thought hated her. I suppose there's a fine line between love and hate She mused.

Clarisse loved the way Annabeth's fingers felt in her hair, the slight tugging sent a surge of heat down to her abdomen, pooling between her legs. Her hands were all over the blonde, moving along her sides, her neck, shoulders, arms. She couldn't get enough of how soft she was.

Soon their kiss had them both panting, passion fueling their flaming desire for one another. Clarisse had pulled off their armor, leaving it scattered around the end of the bed. Her fingers were currently working at Annabeth's tanktop, pulling it over the blonde's head quickly, not wanting to leave her lips.

Annabeth's mind was in a haze of lust as her body reacted to the brunette's touch, loving the way Clarisse's callosed hands moved against her soft skin in delicious patterns. Her mouth was what was causing the wise girl to act so out of character, letting the warrior have control.

Soon Clarisse had flung Annabeth's clothes across the room, leaving herself only in her bra and panties as she hovered over the Athenian. As she gazed into those stormy eyes, her heart jumped at the emotions she saw there and it made her pause for a moment.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Clarisse murmured, her hand coming up to caress Annabeth's cheek. Despite the heat she felt in herself and the blonde, she had to make sure, she had to know this wasn't going to end badly.