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Unspeakable Yearn

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Jiang FengMian's smile could be seen miles away and his gaze as warm as the summer sun would not go unnoticed by anyone. Without resisting it more, his right hand strolled through dark hair like black ink, getting tangled in the soft rows of the sleeping young man who still haven’t realize of the situation he was into.


— Wei Changze —The young one reacts only a little bit, but not even with the caresses on his hair or his lover´s voice, did he seem to want to leave the arms of the dream god.

Jiang FengMian smiled slightly, shaking his head as he thought in some way to wake up his cousin without him bothering to "get up early." His fingers were still entwined without any problem, the sleeping beauty did not seem bothered in his dreams, he even looked for even more of that comfort and affection he was receiving. Ideas came and went but none managed to convince him. How could he achieve his goal without angering his cousin? ¡He didn’t want to be listening to his complaints all day long!

Ignorant to who was sitting on the edge of the bed, his lips let out a soft whimper and his eyelashes moved as if the butterfly wings shake were treated. It was until the movements and complaints became noticeable that Jiang FengMian moved his hand away from them ebony rows.

His amethysts found the warmth of those silver orbs like the moon, which still looked sleepy.

— What time is it? —The rows of hair fell like ink cascades and FengMian keep stroking the fine jade features and making a noticeable contrast on the sheets and nightclothes." FengMian stare at him in silence, not knowing if he should tell the other about the reddish mark, he had on the cheek for having slept in a strange position.

—It's nine o'clock. —It was his response, he kept silent and without telling the other of his discovery.

ChangZe just snorted and went back to be bed, this time lying face down while releasing incomprehensible words, although Jiang FengMian could hear some curse words directed toward him.

- Why do you always have to wake me up so early? --Annoyed and with a pout on his lips, he sat down on the bed and stared at his relative.

Jiang FengMian just gave him a smile and with his outstretched arm, he reached his lovers face to caress his soft cheek. His fingers wandered on the smooth skin, causing chills in Wei ChangZe's body.

FengMian enjoyed in himself those beautiful and sincere reactions in the other. His fingers finally reached the smooth lips, delineating them while he dared to shorten the distance and stopping few centimeters.

- That's because you sleep too late.

Wei ChangZe's face turned a strong scarlet and his hands became fists at the impudence of the leader of the YunmengJiang sect.

- And who do you think fault is that? His voice trembled as did his body, succumbing to shame and the enormous closeness of his lips. The violet-eyed man smiled warmly, slightly squinting his eyelids and focusing his gaze on the cherry lips.

Wei ChangZe pursed his lips more, but he was not intimidated by the proximity of Jiang FengMian. Confident and with that look shining with passion, he dared to cut the distance. Without refusing Jiang FengMian imitated him, smiling in the middle of the kiss as his right hand descended from the cheek to reach the neck.

Wei ChangZe groan as he felt he was back on the bed this time with a weight on his. He was stirring slightly, he could feel like FengMian other hand had landed on his waist, exerting a subtle force.

- Ji ... Jiang ... -Both pairs of lips managed to separate by a few centimeters, but in seconds they returned to the attack on that white neck, adorning it with some marks of love that he expected and would last longer- N ... no ...

He let out groans and scolding reminding him that for no reason should leave any mark in sight, since he did not want to have other fights with the other's wife. Although their requests seemed to be ignored, since the signs of affection seemed to go beyond.

Wei ChangZe arched his back slightly as he felt like that hand on his waist was descending until it reached his thigh. He could feel the warm touch above the tunic and how it was rising until let both skins come into contact. Jiang FengMian, despite being calm in front of everyone, seemed to lose his composure whenever he was alone with his lover. Their breathing became irregular leaving Changze to suffer spasms because of those kisses and hot breath on his neck. His body was imprisoned by the man on top of him, the one who didn't seem to care that his robe was pulled away and his hair getting messy.

His lips marked all that jade skin descending to the clavicles of the and marking them with small kisses of fire while his hands touched where no other human being besides him had the right to see. Not even the rays of the star king had the right to mark the skin of his lover. He was the only one to leave proof of his love written on that canvas.

- Who would imagine that ... the great leader of the YunmengJiang sect, is someone who can lose his composure in this way ...

Every action of passion stopped but not for that reason his hands released that immaculate body. Jiang FengMian smiled a little wider. His orbs looked dark full of lust and love that only the man in front of him made him feel. His body moved a little closer, brushing his hardness against the ChangZe thigh o had not even noticed the moment he had opened his legs to give way.

- That, my dear cousin, is your fault.

The smile that Jiang FengMian always gave him in secret was full of love and warm filled with promises and moments of passion where their bodies would meet and love without rest. Just as it was about to happen. The robes ended up on the floor along with the hair ornaments, loving each other again as if they hadn’t done in years. They both clung to each other's bodies, groaning their names every time their bodies collided.
The lips marked kisses of love, leaving traces that declared that they belonged to each other.

And while they both wanted to shout to the four winds about their love, it was currently impossible, it was a taboo. But there in their hiding place, in that room sealed by the talismans, no one could spy on them. They could free their feelings and fears. Both could be themselves; they could leave the masks aside and surrender without reservation.
Wei Changze called him in stifled groans, grabbing the older man's body with his legs and stroking his lover's face, stealing kisses and drowning in that scorching passion as he released salty pearls that slid down his flushed cheeks.

He groaned loudly when he felt invaded. He loved his partner's sensation every time he entered, and Jiang FengMian loved that warmth that Wei Changze's interior gave him. It was no surprise to realize that they had loved each other again, or that the passion marks had increased in number. Wei ChangZe wanted to complain, he really wanted to hit that man for not giving him a break, but when lying on him and with his head at the height of his heart, his complaints died when he heard the heartbeat.

— ChangZe... —His fingers slid down his smooth back, drawing abstract figures and letting out sighs.

— I refuse. —He knew what the other would try to tell him, sometimes there was no need to complete the words, they were able to understand each other.

— You must attend

Wei ChangZe snorted and searched his partner's neck, drawing sighs from FengMian when he felt the slow movement of his hips and how his member was reacting. Adding that he still hasn’t left his body. Wei Changze knew how to play dirty.

— I refuse. —He insisted again.

The sect leader frowned. His member was being captured by the warm walls and he even with a scarlet face, dared to smirk at him.

- And neither you nor anyone will change my mind. You know that your wife hates me, and I hate her, and I will not ruin my day because of her claims ~

And there was no one in heaven or earth to make him change his mind, not even the man he tortured beneath him.

— But you must understand that… —The words died in his mouth, just as the torture dissolved, Wei ChangZe couldn't stand that talk anymore and got up taking the sheets to cover his nakedness.

- I'll go take a bath! —And so, he ignored him. Jiang FengMian sighed defeated in bed, but he knew that one way or another he should convince him, but the question was, how would he do it?

He knew him from head to toe and knew how stubborn he could be. He knew that nothing in the world would make him bend, even when everything was against him. So how could beat him?

It was not more than ten minutes before he decided to get up and wear only the interior robe, leaving on the bed that purple ribbon he use to tie his hair. Upon leaving the room, he met a maiden, apparently waiting for him.

She smiled delicately as she bowed and paid her respects.

- The master is in the main bathroom -The smile was still present in that delicate face, although there was something about the young maidens that caused curiosity in everyone, and that was that each of them used a black bandage to cover their eyes

— I appreciate the information very much. —With a calm expression, he left walking backwards and without losing grace on his steps.

Once alone, he decided to go find Wei ChangZe and find some way to convince him to attend the annual tournament.

Each year in springtime, the sects took the opportunity to organize a specialized tournament for young master, where they tested their skills and knowledge.

Of whose tests, the most outstanding were The Six Arts, being a set of disciplines that form the basis of education and culture, in order to promote integral development. Where students had to master the liù yì, consisting of:


1-) Rites (or courtesy) (禮, lǐ)

2-) Music (樂, yuè)

3-) Archery (射, shè)

4-) Charioteer (御, yù)

5-) Calligraphy (書, shū)

6-) Mathematics (數, shù)


This year the tournament would take place in Lotus Pier. The arrangements were being carried out and the invitations were surely already in the hands of the leaders of each sect. It only remained to receive confirmation of these and check the last arrangements to make sure the fields were ready. More than a bathroom with a small bathtub, the room was spacious. As soon as Jiang FengMian opened one of the double doors the scent of jasmine and lavender flooded his nostrils.

Small candles were scattered around the edge of the pool, lighting and filling the room with more soft aromas.

His violet orbs focused on the figure that turned his back, covered by an ebony waterfall. Without causing noise, he closed the door behind him, dropping his robe to the cold ground and heading forward. After ten steps, Wei ChangZe turned slightly, his beautiful face showing discomfort.

- No matter how many sweet words you dedicate to me, I will not attend.

— But I didn't say anything. —Upon reaching the edge he saw that the other gave him an annoyed look and moved away to the other end. FengMian only followed him with his eyes before coming into contact with the water. In each corner there was a stone figure, were Si Xiang, the four sacred beasts that represented the cardinal points and seasons.

And interestingly, the corners of the huge bathroom were going in the right direction. Qinglong in the east, Zhuniao in the south, Baihu in the west and Xuanwu in the north. FengMian sighed, he could almost swear that the statues of those majestic beasts were mocking him.

- Good, because I won't attend. You know very well how your wife gets when she sees me, and neither she nor I will refrain from attacking.

FengMian sighed defeated, perhaps that was not the time to insist, but later he will find a way to convince him. It was not long before they brought up another topic of conversation, although Wei ChangZe remained alert. He had promised to avoid Madame Yu at all costs, or rather that damn spider. Well, since she found out about her husband's infidelity, and the incestuous relationship they had, her hatred for him tripled.

Of course, none was saved from hearing the hundreds of curses and very graphic threats of how he would torture them and make them beg for death. They were not disturbed, but that secret died among the three, and no matter how outraged she was, she would never allow to lose face in front of all sects.

What high-caliber woman would like to be the joke of everyone?!


But since then the mutual hatred was growing, both dedicating murderous looks and poisonous words. The funny thing was they did get quite along when they first met, so the fact that their hatred increased after that incident caused a huge commotion. But presenting just for the tournament at Lotus Pier is and would still be somewhat suicidal.

They both knew that they should keep up appearances in front of everyone, and Jiang FengMian knew how much Wei ChangZe hated to see him fake a perfect marriage.

- Sometimes I think we should finish this. --Both were silent, only the sound of falling water could be heard.

--Changze. --He called, the other turned to see him.

Jiang FengMian was shortening the distance to take him by the shoulders.

- FengMian, you are not just any man. You are the leader of one of the most important sects, the YunmengJiang sect. You have a great wife and two beautiful children. If this comes to light you... you would lose everything... —The water fell without fear mixing with the sales and other floral fragrances, but far from feeling calm and caramelized, Wei ChangZe could not get rid of that affliction in his heart and FengMian did not understand why the change so abrupt. First, they had been well, they had even made love, then they had fought and now they had seen that ChangZe was crying in his heart. Not only that, he could also notice the trace of fear in his eyes, something weird to see because they had silver irises had a spark of life and mischief.

- Wei Changze, whats wrong? —The younger tried to move away, but the FengMian had an advantage in stature and strength. Even so, ChangZe did not let himself be intimidated and sealed his lips, he continued fighting to separate him. The constant movement led to splashing here and there, but ignorant of it FengMian led him against one of the edges, still imprisoned in the grip of his hands. - What's happening? --There was a certain sadness in his voice, he refused to hear any silly excuse like letting his relationship die. The younger try to hid his eyes with ebony locks, biting his lip and holding back the sobs in vain. Jiang's violet orbs filled with terror, releasing his grip and gently taking on the porcelain face. He used his thumbs to clean the salty pearls and his features softened more. - If you don’t tell me what is happening, how do you expect me to understand? –He pauses— And even if you repeat again about breaking up, I'm afraid that is out of jurisdiction. His silver irises stuck in the violets, unable to flee to the one who silently showed him how worried he was. It was now or never.

- I...

The warm transparent waves continued to form on the water, while the words flowed from the cherry lips. As the mayor heard, his expression change from surprise to confusion, Wei Changze never dared to see him for more than five seconds, because fear and shame earned him by painting the face and ears of a strong scarlet. Once he finished his confession, he remained motionless, imitating the statues of the sacred beasts and Jiang FengMian was no exception.

- You're still alive? —He asked after a long moment in which the other had done nothing but observe him completely gone— Jiang FengMian, get out of that stupor or I swear I'll hit you!

Jiang FengMian, in his twenty-five springs and current leader of the YunmengJiang sect in Lotus Pier, had received the greatest news that he would be a father for the third time.

And only for this time the leader granted him the privilege of not attending the tournament celebration.