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take the money and run

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“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” Taeyong said, blinking up at Johnny while the both of them stood in the stall of some old thrift store. Johnny only looked back at him which told Taeyong that no, he wasn’t kidding and that yes, he expected him to put on a fucking wedding dress with what looked like kimchi paste spilled down the back.

“I am not,” Johnny answered happily, pushing the dress into Taeyong’s chest so that he had to take it.

The shop wasn’t too far away from where Ten had dropped them off at. Taeyong had been walking ahead of Johnny when the sound of Johnny’s heavy footsteps crunching against the gravel suddenly stopped. Taeyong turned around to see him standing in front of an old store that looked like it hadn’t had a customer within the past fifteen years. He sighed before walking back over to where Johnny was still staring curiously up at the desolate building, observing the structure before pulling his mask down over his chin.

“What?” Taeyong asked.

“We need disguises,” Johnny said simply.

“Are you—?” Taeyong cut himself off with a small sigh. He had decided about a half an hour back that he wasn’t going to let Johnny get him all worked up anymore. “No. We need to keep walking.”

“Think about it, man,” Johnny continued, staying still even when Taeyong had started to walk. At the sound of Johnny’s voice, Taeyong exhaled sharply through his nose and stopped again. “You’re in the same clothes that all those people in Busan last saw you in. Plus, you smell like your heat which was nice at first but I’m really starting to get tired of it.”

Taeyong could have commented on the fact that he didn’t give a single fuck whether or not Johnny liked the way he smelled but ultimiately decided not to. After all, what Johnny was saying was true. Sure, his hair was a different color and his face was almost always covered by both his mask and Johnny’s beanie but if someone was really looking for him—which, apparently, they were—it wouldn’t be hard for them to spot him. And, to be completely honest, Taeyong did feel pretty disgusting. He had tried washing his pants in the sink after the first break of his heat but it didn’t do much. A change of clothes sounded nice.

He just didn’t like the way Johnny had worded it. A disguise. Him and Johnny weren’t super spies—they were two idiots on the run from the law. They were barely a clumsy Bonnie and Clyde.

“Have you ever considered that if the police caught me with you it would save you a whole lot of trouble?” Taeyong muttered as he walked back over to Johnny. It was a legitimate question that he had been thinking about for the past couple of days. How come Johnny hadn’t simply turned him in to those cops sitting no less than a yard away from them? It didn’t made any sense.

Johnny only looked at him. His gaze lingered for a moment. Then, “You want new clothes or not?”

Taeyong did. He only shook his head before pulling his mask back up over his mouth and starting into the store. Johnny followed closely behind him. There was an attendant sitting at the front of the store with a pair of AirPods pushed into her ears watching something on her phone. She barely acknowledged them with a lazy wave of her hand as the two of them walked in. 

“Listen,” Johnny said, checking himself out in the mirror in front of them. He had slipped on some suit that Taeyong was almost certain hadn’t seen the light of day in the past decade and it had become obvious that he thought he was the suit in the dusty black thing. “It’s either the dress or you keep what you have on.”

Taeyong glanced at himself in the mirror. For a lack of a better word, he looked like shit. There were dark circles underneath his eyes and small blonde tufts stuck out from underneath Johnny’s beanie. Every single article of clothing he had on was stained mysteriously. He looked down at the dress in his arms. It was sleeveless and the bottom was made up of a soft cream–colored tulle. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

But it was still a dress. 

“How come I can’t wear a suit?” Taeyong asked Johnny who looked at him for a moment in the mirror before his gaze returned back to himself.

“There was only one suit,” Johnny answered easily.

“Okay,” Taeyong said, scoffing a little under his breath. “Is there any reason why you can’t wear a dress?”

At that, Johnny turned to face him. The look on his face made it seem like Taeyong had asked the most ridiculous question in the world. Taeyong didn’t think that it was. There was no reason why Johnny would go prancing around in some ancient suit and not the dress Taeyong was holding. 

“I can’t wear a dress,” Johnny snorted, shaking his head. 

“Why not?” Taeyong questioned sharply. 

“I don’t have the body for it,” Johnny said simply.

Taeyong blinked at Johnny for a long moment. It seemed like every single day Johnny managed to show him how much of an idiot he really could be. Taeyong kept thinking that he couldn’t be any stupider and Johnny would always prove him wrong. He sighed loudly through his nose again, forcing himself to deflate a little. 

“Why do we even have to dress up like this?” Taeyong asked slowly. “Isn’t a man being in a wedding dress gonna bring more attention to us than it would if I were to stay in what I have on now?”

“Exactly,” Johnny chirped, moving back around to look at himself in the mirror again. “We’re hiding in plain sight.”

“I’m a fucking man!” Taeyong shouted, causing Johnny to flinch with how sudden it was. He had promised himself that he wouldn’t let Johnny work him up but he couldn’t do it anymore. He only had so much patience to give. “I can’t wear a fucking wedding dress, asshole!”

Johnny hesitated a moment in the mirror before turning back around. He didn’t look frustrated or irritated with how Taeyong had yelled at him. He stared at Taeyong for what felt like forever but was probably only a couple of seconds before giving in with a sigh.

“Look, this store is ancient, okay?” Johnny said, speaking to Taeyong softly. “There literally was only one thing in the men’s section and this was it. Everything else in the women’s section is super skimpy and I know you don’t want to dress like that so this is the only option we’ve got.”

“And why exactly do you have to change?” Taeyong spat.

“Because, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we literally reek of each other,” Johnny explained. “The police already have your scent in their database so if I were to have any sort of interaction with them between here and Gwangju in the same clothes that we fucked in they’ll immediately know that I was with you.”

Taeyong was left stuck after Johnny had said that. He had never once considered the fact that Johnny probably smelled as much like him as he did Johnny. It was surprising that Johnny had been the one to think of that. It was probably the first precaution Johnny had taken that had made sense. Taeyong was impressed.

“You don’t have to change,” Johnny continued quietly. “I’m not, like, saying that to be an asshole. If you don’t think you’ll be comfortable in that we can try to think of something different.”

Taeyong really didn’t want to wear that dress. It was too long and too formal and was a dress. But he knew that the two of them didn’t have time to go searching for an alternative. They were already risking it by being inside of that store rather than continuing on their way to Gwangju. Plus, Johnny was right. He couldn’t stay in that outfit and Johnny couldn’t stay in his.

The girl at the register blinked at the both of them as they approached—Johnny first and Taeyong second, arms folded across his exposed chest and his face burning. Johnny had given him a veil to slip into his hair that would cover his face when needed which Taeyong had taken advantage of but he still couldn’t stop the hot wave of humiliation that was continuously rolling through his body. This fucking sucked. 

“Hi,” Johnny said, smiling. “How much?”

“Um,” the girl muttered, glancing at Taeyong again before looking back to Johnny. “I don’t—I don’t know.”

“How about we say that it was about 76,000 won and call it even?” Johnny proposed. The girl was starting to get on Taeyong’s nerves. He wished she would stop looking at him. 

“I guess,” she said, putting her phone to sleep with a click of a button on the side. She looked over at Taeyong one last time before he finally decided that enough was enough.

“Is there something that I can fucking help you with?” Taeyong seethed, scowling. The girl seemed visibly surprised that he had addressed her so rudely. Taeyong didn’t care. 

“I’m sorry,” she apologized, bowing a little. Her hair fell over her face with the simple motion, flipping back down her back when she sat up again. “It’s just that, like—I mean—You’re, like, really pretty.”

Taeyong immediately felt his face grow hot at the girl’s comment. He felt Johnny look down at him and could see the small grin on his lips in his peripheral vision. He folded his arms closer to his chest and looked away from the girl. To think that he thought that this couldn’t get more embarrassing.

Johnny and the girl finished off their interaction without any issue. Taeyong couldn’t help but eye the huge wad of cash that Johnny pulled out of his pocket to pay her with. He wondered how Johnny had acquired that much money. Maybe he wasn’t as bad of a hunter than Taeyong thought. Then again, there was no way Johnny had pulled something like this off more than once. He was way too clueless. Taeyong realized that there was a lot he didn’t know about Johnny. 

As soon as they left the shop, Taeyong pulled the tiara out of his hair and crumpled it up in his hand. It was a lot colder outside than he had expected, goosebumps sprouting up immediately on the skin of his arms. It didn’t take too long for Johnny to notice his discomfort. Taeyong hadn’t noticed that he had slipped off his blazer until Johnny was nudging him, causing him to look up and at the article of clothing being outstretched towards him.

Taeyong squinted at the blazer. “Why are you being nice to me?” he asked, hesitantly taking the blazer from Johnny. 

“You’re in a dress,” Johnny shrugged, stuffing his hands in the pockets of his pants while Taeyong pushed his arms into the loose sleeves of the blazer. “Figured it was the least I could do.” He stared at Taeyong for a long moment after he was finished speaking. The look on his face was unreadable.

“What?” Taeyong finally said, frowning.

“She was right,” Johnny responded, clicking his tongue a little. “You are pretty.” 

Taeyong’s face went dark again. “Oh, shut up,” he muttered before pushing past Johnny, walking haughtily in the direction they had been traveling in before stopping at the store. He heard Johnny laugh loudly from behind him and start to follow after him, catching up to him in only a couple of strides. 




“I can’t fucking do this anymore,” Taeyong complained in a whiny voice, flopping down on the dirt road he and Johnny had been walking on for the past two and a half hours. He could feel dirt crawl up his skin at the motion but couldn’t bring himself to care.

They hadn’t stopped walking since the thrift shop. It had been fine at first. Johnny didn’t talk much which Taeyong appreciated and Changwon happened to be quite beautiful. Taeyong liked looking around at the mountains beyond and behind him. He had never been to the countryside before this. His family had raised him right in the middle of Seoul and never once had taken him anywhere. When he traveled by himself—or with other people, mostly with other people—Taeyong had only ever gone to the city. Cities were nice and lively but didn’t have that charming and natural feel that the country had. He appreciated that. 

Appreciated it until walking had started to hurt and the sound of his feet kicking up dirt had began to drive him insane. His body hurt. He was tired. The bottom of his dress had turned brown from all of the muck that had gotten on it. They couldn’t walk all the way to Gwangju. Taeyong would die before they were able.

Johnny turned at the sound of his voice, frowning upon seeing him all spread out on the ground like a child. Still, Taeyong could tell that Johnny was as tired as him. How could he not be? The two of them had to have been walking for a little over four hours.

“We can’t just stop here,” Johnny said, sighing.

“I need a break,” Taeyong only responded before laying back against the Earth. The sky looked really pretty out in the country too. There was so many stars. He hadn’t ever seen many in Seoul. All of the pollution there kept them all hidden underneath a thick cloud of smog.

He heard Johnny sigh again before walking over. Taeyong blinked up at Johnny when he crouched beside him, still frowning. He didn’t care. There wasn’t a single thing that could make him get up in that moment.

“You’re gonna risk us getting caught to stargaze?” Johnny asked, raising a brow.

“Isn’t really stargazing if your ugly face is blocking my view,” Taeyong mumbled, sitting up on his elbows. Johnny stared at him impatiently. “Look, man, I’m not walking for at least another half an hour.”

“You’re pretty demanding for a criminal,” Johnny said, running a hand through his hair. Nevertheless, he hesitated for only a moment before sitting down next to Taeyong.

“You’re an asshole,” Taeyong muttered, laying back down again.

There was a pause. Taeyong could tell that Johnny was thinking about what he had said. He didn’t know why. It wasn’t like it was the first time he had called him that and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

“Do you really think that?” Taeyong heard Johnny say from above him. He made a face at the question.

“Do I really think what?” Taeyong asked, slipping his veil back into his hair and covering his face with the light tulle. 

“That I’m an asshole,” Johnny reiterated. 

Was Johnny an asshole? Was the same Johnny that had bonded him, left him all handcuffed and exposed in front of total stranger, ruined his hair, put him in a situation that could have easily gotten him killed and kidnapped him an asshole? Taeyong didn’t even have to think about it. Johnny was definitely the biggest asshole he had ever met in his entire life. He had earned that title for himself after turning Taeyong platinum against his will.

“If you have to ask that then I think you already know the answer,” Taeyong mumbled in response. Johnny chuckled softly from beside him.

“You’re kind of an asshole too,” he pointed out, pulling his knees up to his chest. “Doing that to all of those men. Spitting in my face—,”

“The only reason why I’m even able to spit in your face is because you’re holding me hostage,” Taeyong cut in quickly. He was not going to let Johnny flip this on him.

“Can’t hold you hostage if you’re a criminal,” Johnny  responded. That was his fucking go–to line. Taeyong rolled his eyes and moved an arm over his face.

“I know I’m an asshole,” Taeyong said after a moment, shrugging. “I don’t have to ask about it.”

He did. He had to be one in his line of work. Scamming men by developing relationships with them only to screw them over in the end required a special kind of carefreeness. Taeyong knew he was an asshole from that night the first CEO texted him begging him not to tell his wife what the two of them had been doing and he had accepted the man’s bribe of half a million won before going and shooting a call to his wife about what had been going on with him and her husband. He didn’t care about people. He never had.

“You shouldn’t be proud to be a bad person,” Johnny chastised. Taeyong could hear the frown in his voice.

“That’s a little rich coming from you,” Taeyong mumbled, laughing a little. “Plus, who said I was proud? I’m just aware of who I am.”

There was a pause. Johnny lay down beside him in the dirt. Taeyong almost immediately scooted over.

“I think you’re the meanest omega I’ve ever met,” Johnny stopped to rethink that. “Actually, I think you’re just the meanest person I’ve ever met.”

“That’s cool,” Taeyong murmured quietly, closing his eyes underneath the veil. “Now shut the fuck up and let me rest.”

It went quiet between the two of them for awhile. The road they were on was just as uninhabited and abandoned as the last. Taeyong didn’t go to sleep. He sat there and wondered about a lot of things. What would he do if his plan in Gwangju didn’t work? What was prison like? Was it really like all of those American TV shows and films? And more importantly—why would Johnny hand him over to the police?

He had been thinking about that for some time. It just didn’t make any sense. If Johnny was a bounty hunter, didn’t that mean that he was working for the police? And if that was true, how come he was so determined to avoid them? Taeyong could understand why he didn’t want to run into them now—an arrest would stop them from getting un–mated which was the last thing either of them wanted—but before? He didn’t get that. There were so many opportunities for Johnny to turn him in, collect his bounty and walk away scot–free. Yet, he still hadn’t.

“So, after we’re finished in Gwangju,” Taeyong started slowly, Johnny looking over at him at the sound of his voice in the otherwise silent air, “you’re gonna give me over to the police there, right?”

There was a pause. Then, “No, I’m taking you to Seoul,” Johnny said easily.

“That doesn’t make any sense,” Taeyong snapped in response, sitting up on his elbows. “I’m wanted all over Korea. You could turn me in anywhere and still get paid.”

“I could,” Johnny muttered, looking back up at the sky. “But I’m gonna give you over in Seoul.”

“I don’t fucking trust you,” Taeyong said sharply. “I bet you’re not even a bounty hunter.”

“That’s nice,” Johnny hummed. He definitely wasn’t listening to Taeyong anymore.

Taeyong considered saying something else and maybe even insulting Johnny but ultimately decided to keep his mouth shut. He laid back down, his hair sprawling out in the dirt underneath him. Something definitely wasn’t right with Johnny and it kind of scared him. If Johnny wasn’t working with the police, who would he be working for? This was a mess. Taeyong had never considered complications like this when he first started.

Some more time passed by. Then, out of nowhere, Johnny sat up. Taeyong ignored him and continued to stare up at the sky even while Johnny pushed himself to his feet.

“We need to go,” Johnny announced. Taeyong didn’t say anything in response. He didn’t even look over at him. “It’s been half an hour.”

“Bite me,” Taeyong said in response.

“Fine,” Johnny sighed and that was about all the warning Taeyong got before Johnny was picking him up off the ground and slinging him over his shoulder like a fucking ragdoll.

“What the fuck—?” Taeyong gasped as he was swept straight off the ground, sputtering as his veil bounced against his face with each step Johnny took. “Put me down!” 

“You know, you’re really light,” Johnny said casually like he wasn’t currently walking with a very angry, very violent person on his shoulder. “You should eat more.”

“You should suck my dick!” Taeyong shouted, kicking Johnny’s back with the heel of his boot. “Put me the fuck down or I swear to God!”

“You gonna walk?” Johnny asked.

“Fuck you!” Taeyong seethed, flailing in Johnny’s grip again. Why the fuck was he so strong? He felt Johnny shrug.

“Fine by me.”

And even though they were on a dirt road and hadn’t seen another human being for the past hour and a half, Taeyong really didn’t think he could deal with the humiliation of being thrown over someone’s shoulder in a way where he was almost positive his panties were showing if the cool breeze on his ass was anything to go by in a fucking wedding dress. He was only so strong.

“Fine, I’ll walk,” Taeyong muttered angrily. Johnny only continued walking like he hadn’t heard him. “I said I’ll walk!”

Johnny took one more step before stopping in the middle of the road, holding onto Taeyong by his waist and placing him down on his feet. For a long moment, Taeyong blinked up at Johnny, visibly fuming. It was a stupid thing for him to do. Childish, too. If he were anywhere else with anyone else, Taeyong wouldn’t even have considered it.

But he really, really couldn’t stand Johnny.

Johnny squawked as Taeyong sat back down on the ground, folding his arms over his chest defiantly. He stared at Taeyong for a couple seconds. 

“Really?” Johnny asked. Taeyong blinked at him. “You are such a brat.” Taeyong still wouldn’t respond. “Get up.”

“Fuck you,” Taeyong hissed.

Johnny hesitated. He ran a hand through his hair. Then, without waiting a moment longer, Johnny bent down and went to pick Taeyong up again. Taeyong yelled and smushed a hand in Johnny’s face and Johnny made a muffled sound, immediately pulling away. Taeyong flipped over on his stomach and tried pushing himself up onto his feet but was stopped by Johnny snatching him back by his ankle.

It was almost impressive how quick Johnny was. Before Taeyong knew it, he was being forced back  onto his back. He tried kicking Johnny but was stopped by Johnny sitting on his feet, leaping up to pin both of Taeyong’s wrists up above his head. Taeyong strained underneath Johnny’s grasp, growling as Johnny’s grip only went tighter around his wrists. 

Johnny must see him gearing up to do it. “Don’t you dare,” he warned through gritted teeth, still not letting go of Taeyong. If he did that, Taeyong would get away and the whole thing would start all over again. Taeyong only glared up at him, lips pursed. “Taeyong, I swear to God—!”

Taeyong cackled loudly as Johnny immediately let go of him to wipe his spit from off his face, his cheeks burning all the while. It never got old.

Unfortunately, as he was too focused on laughing at Johnny furiously rubbing his saliva off of his face, Taeyong didn’t take his chance to slip out from under him. His smile dropped when he felt Johnny’s rough hand return back around his wrist, wincing at how much it hurt. He squirmed again, breathing almost as heavily as Johnny from above him.

It went quiet again. Taeyong wasn’t too sure why. He blinked up at Johnny and Johnny down at him, his face still a bright red. It made Taeyong squirm. He went to open his mouth to tell Johnny to get the fuck off of him already but was interrupted by the feeling of Johnny’s lips on his. 

At first, Taeyong is shocked. He doesn’t understand why Johnny is kissing and immediately found himself wanting him off. But, before he could work up the energy to push Johnny as far away from him as possible, something changed. He isn’t sure what and it’s confusing but suddenly he’s embracing the feel of Johnny on top of him, moaning softly against his plush lips. It was almost kind of sick how much of a good kisser Johnny was. He reached up and wrapped his arms around Johnny’s neck, pulling him closer and opening his mouth so that Johnny could slip his tongue inside.

“You’re so fucking annoying,” Johnny growled into his mouth, pulling the veil out from Taeyong’s hair.

“You’re fucking stupid,” Taeyong countered, sitting up on his elbows to kiss along the length of Johnny’s neck while he frantically unbuttoned his shirt. “You’re the worst fucking bounty hunter I’ve ever seen in my entire life.” 

“You’re a bitch,” Johnny snapped, shoving Taeyong back to the ground again. Taeyong hissed at the pain that traveled up the back of his skull but wasn’t able to dwell on it too long, as Johnny was pulling him in for another messy kiss.

Taeyong gasped when he felt Johnny sneak a hand under his dress, pushing up his thin thighs before slipping underneath one of the leg holes of his panties. He squirmed from beneath Johnny, whining into his mouth at the feeling of Johnny’s fingers brushing up against his leaking cunt. He teased at his entrance for about half a second before snatching his hand away.

“Fuck you,” Taeyong breathed, letting Johnny pull away from his mouth to start nosing his neck. He winced sharply when Johnny came in context with his bond mark, pleasure and pain both rolling straight to the pit of his stomach. 

“God, you’re such a little brat,” Johnny muttered, his breath hot against Taeyong’s skin. Embarrassingly enough, the sound of Johnny degrading him caused more slick to come dripping out of Taeyong’s cunt. He moaned quietly at the feeling, pressing his thighs together to relieve himself a little. It barely worked.

As Johnny continued to suck bruises into the pale skin of his neck, Taeyong couldn’t help but notice the strong smell of a fir tree emitting from him. He had caught a whiff of it back in Ulsan but it was much stronger this time around, almost dizzying with how overwhelming it was. Taeyong clasped onto him even tighter with the reappearance of the weirdly comforting, Christmas–y scent, pushing his fingers through Johnny’s soft hair. Fuck, Taeyong thought as Johnny moved away from his neck and started to reach underneath his dress again. I could literally die like this.

“Hold your dress up,” Johnny demanded darkly and Taeyong did, blushing all the while. He was sure that it looked a little ridiculous but couldn’t find himself to care when Johnny was starting to pull his panties off. He took in a sharp breath of air when Johnny gave his pussy a quick slap, chuckling lowly at his reaction. “Come on, open up,” Johnny said, pushing apart Taeyong’s thighs that had slammed shut when his cunt was slapped.

“I really can’t—ah!” Taeyong cut himself off with a moan at the feeling of Johnny licking a thick stripe up his pussy, his face burning even hotter than before. Johnny was really eating him out in the middle of a very public road. While it wasn’t likely with the lack of people so far, Taeyong’s heart sped up at the thought of someone driving past and seeing him get his pussy ate in a fucking dress.

Johnny chuckled quietly before pulling back, pressing his thumb against Taeyong’s clit. Taeyong sucked in a sharp breath of air, his back arching at the feeling. He spread his legs wider, whining when Johnny spit on his hole before fucking it inside with two of his fingers. 

“Always so tight for me,” Johnny muttered, running the hand that wasn’t currently fucking him over Taeyong’s soft, flat stomach, the feeling somewhat soothing and completely contradictive to how roughly he was stretching him out.

Before Taeyong could really get used to the feeling of Johnny fingering him, he was pulling back and pushing Taeyong’s skirt further up, laughing breathlessly at the sight of Taeyong all wrecked and clearly overwhelmed. Taeyong scowled at this and went to open his mouth to call Johnny out on how he was clearly teasing him but only ended up interrupting himself with a shaky breath as Johnny bent down and sucked his clit into his mouth.

He let Johnny lick up and down his slit, stopping every once in awhile to dip his tongue inside of Taeyong’s hole, causing his entire body to seize up. Johnny didn’t really seem to mind it when Taeyong pushed a hand into his hair and pulled, forcing his face closer to his cunt. In fact, the motion only seemed to encourage him. Taeyong pushed himself up onto his elbows as Johnny continued to assault his sensitive clit with his tongue, laughing shakily at the sight of Johnny in between his legs.

Taeyong’s head fell back as he started rolling his hips down against Johnny’s tongue, gasping and cursing with each sharp stab of pleasure that rolled through his body. A breathy little squeal left him when Johnny moved to push his two fingers back inside of his hole, looking up at him all cocky as he licked across Taeyong’s clit again. If Taeyong wasn’t so focused on coming, he would have said something about that stupid look on his face. Johnny fucking straight into that familiar bundle of nerves not too far in his cunt made him forget all about it.

“G–Gonna come,” Taeyong managed to get out, his eyes rolling to the very back of his head when Johnny stabbed into that spot again, the grip he had in his hair going even tighter than it had already been.

Johnny didn’t let up, continuing to fuck his fingers into Taeyong’s small pussy and sucking relentlessly on his clit until Taeyong couldn’t take it anymore, choking on a gasp before he was spilling messily into Johnny’s mouth, cunt clenching sporadically around Johnny’s fingers.

He barely had any time to come down from his orgasm before Johnny was bending down to pull him into a kiss, rubbing his fingers through the mess he had made of Taeyong’s cunt. Taeyong tried to shy away, mewling and whimpering into Johnny’s mouth as Johnny forced his thighs open with one of his knees. He squealed noisily when Johnny pressed the head of his cock against his hole, the sound swallowed down eagerly by him. Taeyong pulled back from the kiss as Johnny bottomed out inside of him, his back arching against the ground.

Johnny didn’t waste any time before beginning to steadily fuck his cunt, bending down over Taeyong to kiss him again. Taeyong was practically shuddering with how overwhelming it all felt, the feeling of Johnny’s thick cock stretching out his pussy almost dizzying. It only got worse when Johnny enclosed a hand around his throat, squeezing on each side with his fingers. Taeyong gasped aloud for air, spreading his legs wider as Johnny started to fuck him harder, undoubtedly bruising his pale skin.

“Don’t tell me you liked getting choked,” Johnny chuckled lowly, pressing into Taeyong’s throat even tighter following the strained moan that Taeyong couldn’t stop himself from letting out. He did. He fucked loved it. The feeling of Johnny stealing his breath straight from his lungs by both fucking him and enclosing a hand around his neck. “My slutty little princess,” Johnny continued, pulling his hand away from Taeyong’s throat to grip at either side of his face, forcing him to look up at him. “Does princess like getting her wet little pussy fucked?”

Taeyong opened his mouth to respond but cut himself off with a choked mewl the moment he felt Johnny’s thick cock press into that spot inside of him, dragging along his sensitive walls on the outtake. He felt so fucking good. It was almost scary how amazing Johnny was able to make him feel.

“Come here,” Johnny muttered when Taeyong didn’t say anything in response, pressing his fingers harder into Taeyong’s cheeks. “Open.” Taeyong did so almost immediately, sticking his tongue out as Johnny continued to fuck him, forcing his lithe body up across the ground with each harsh thrust. He gasped when Johnny spit into his mouth, forcing him to swallow around it by his rough hand.

He doesn’t even give him a chance to realize what had happened before flipping Taeyong onto his hands and knees, pushing his dress back up again before pushing a hand into Taeyong’s hair, pulling him back by the soft strands while he fucked him completely senseless. Taeyong knew that he should have been embarrassed of how much of a little bitch Johnny was making him sound but couldn’t bring himself to care. He reached behind him, putting one hand on his ass to spread himself even wider for Johnny’s cock, whimpering and mewling with every thrust.

He screamed and gasped loudly as Johnny speared into his cunt once again, slamming into that spot. His eyes rolled back, falling onto his face with a particularly hard press of Johnny’s hips. After that thrust, Johnny seemed to able to find a cool rhythm, fucking straight into the sensitive bundle of nerve each time. Taeyong can’t take it anymore. He could taste the dirt in his mouth from the ground beneath him, drool dribbling down his chin. 

“Ah!” Taeyong breathed after a quick slap to his cunt, his legs attempting to close around Johnny’s cock.

It felt like he could feel Johnny in his fucking stomach with how hard he was ramming into him. He couldn’t even bring himself to reach a hand up and rub at his aching clit, only reduced to a series of garbled little moans and whines as Johnny continued to use him.

“I— J–Johnny,” Taeyong hiccuped into the ground, shaking his head. He couldn’t handle it any longer.

“You gonna come?” Johnny asked and Taeyong frantically nodded in response. Johnny laughed quietly, groaning a little before slamming a hand down onto Taeyong’s ass. Taeyong squealed loudly at that, pushing back for more.

Johnny could only slap him one more time before Taeyong was coming hard, squirting around Johnny’s cock. He went dizzy with the force of his orgasm, letting out last shuddery breath before he collapsed. He barely even felt Johnny continuing to fuck him, groaning hot and wet against his neck as he thrusted into him, using him until he reached his own orgasm.

Taeyong whined lazily as Johnny pulled out and came onto his raw pussy, the bite on his neck throbbing as he listened to Johnny stroke himself to completion. He felt so overwhelmed in all the right ways. If the two of them weren’t currently outside in the middle of nowhere, Taeyong was sure that he would have passed out right there and then. The only reason why he hadn’t was because he was quite literally forcing himself not to.

He must have floated off somewhere because it was the feeling of rough tulle scratching over his sore cunt that brought him back down. He gasped at the stimulation and looked over his shoulder, watching Johnny rub through the come dripping down both his pussy and soft thighs. It hurt but felt good at the same time. Taeyong was torn between demanding Johnny to stop and embracing it. He decided to sit there, letting Johnny finish cleaning him up.

“There’s dirt in my ass,” Taeyong finally muttered, breathing heavily through his nose. A few pieces of hair bounced up off his forehead with the sudden gust of air.

“I guess fucking outside wasn’t really the smartest option,” Johnny said in response, flipping Taeyong over. “Christ.” Taeyong frowned up at him.

“What?” he asked, all defensive and sharp. 

“It’s just that you look really—,” Johnny stopped in the middle of his sentence, shaking his head. “Nothing.”

If Taeyong had the energy, he would have pushed on it. He didn’t. Johnny threw the veil he had used to clean Taeyong up with a few feet away from them, running a hand through his hair afterward. It was a wonder how he always managed to look all composed and cool after fucking Taeyong within an inch of his life. Taeyong didn’t know how he did it.

“I didn’t tell you that you could spit in my mouth,” Taeyong mumbled, forcing himself to sit up. He flinched upon feeling the bare ground come in contact with his ass through the dress. “I need my panties.”

Johnny reached behind himself and picked them up, holding them a bit too close to Taeyong’s face, all covered in dirt and slick. Taeyong scrunched up his nose at the sight of them, pushing Johnny’s hand away quickly. 

“I don’t think I need permission to spit in your mouth,” Johnny snorted, obviously quoting all of the time that Taeyong had spit up at him when angry. 

Taeyong didn’t say anything in response to that. He can’t really think of anything to say. His head was still cloudy and his pussy was sore. He glanced over at Johnny who was sitting next to him, his shirt crooked across his chest and his cheeks ruddy. It reminded him of something. It reminded him of the fact that out of nowhere, Johnny had pulled him in for a kiss and fucked him until his eyes went cross. And the weirdest part? He couldn’t even get mad at Johnny because he had wanted it just as bad as Johnny did. What the fuck?

“This is weird,” Taeyong said, folding his arms across his chest. Now that he didn’t have the feeling of Johnny’s cock in him to distract, there was nothing else for him to focus on other than how cold it had gotten outside.

“What’s weird?” Johnny asked softly, handing Taeyong the blazer that he had slipped off somewhere during their rendezvous.

Taeyong looked at him. He couldn’t bring himself to say it aloud so he didn’t. It didn’t matter. At the end of the day, it had probably only happened because of the fact that they were mated. He didn’t have to think about it so hard. 

He opened his mouth to tell Johnny that it was nothing but stopped upon noticing the small black car parked about a yard up from them. Looking further, he saw the house pushed far back from where the car was. Taeyong couldn’t help but blush a little at the thought of someone possibly hearing him and Johnny fuck but he didn’t dwell on it for too long, pushing himself up and off the ground. Johnny blinked up at him, obviously confused as to why he had stood so suddenly.

“There’s a car,” Taeyong explained, pointing. Johnny turned, squinting against the darkness until he found it.

“That’s nice,” Johnny said in response, nodding. Taeyong blinked at him for a long moment, waiting for the punchline. It never came. He sighed and shook his head, starting off in the direction of the vehicle. Johnny was clearly too much for an idiot to figure it out for himself.

He could hear Johnny scramble up from the ground to follow after him, still under the impression that Taeyong was determined to escape. Taeyong didn’t slow his stride but didn’t quicken it either, giving Johnny time to join him at his side. Taeyong glanced over at him and started to walk a little faster solely for the sake of being annoying.

“What are we doing?” Johnny finally asked once they approached the car. He watched Taeyong try both doors of the driver’s side to no avail and move around to the opposite side before reiterating, “What are you doing?”

The back door on the passenger side was open. Taeyong sucked in a sharp little breath of relief. This wasn’t his first encounter with an old car like such. If the owner wasn’t being diligent, it wasn’t exactly hard for someone to get in.

Johnny choked almost immediately when he climbed inside, running around after him to try and pull him out of the car. Taeyong swatted him away with a harsh noise and continued to climb into the front seat of the car, huffing with how difficult it was to do that in a wedding dress that felt like it could have easily weighed half of him.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Johnny hissed, his voice muffled by the windows of the car.

Taeyong ignored him, feeling underneath the wheel until he felt the few wires sticking out from the bottom. He smiled in relief and stuck his head beneath the wheel, watching as he carefully pulled the wires out from where they were tucked away. Johnny banged on the window, thoroughly startling him and forcing him back up.

“What?” Taeyong snapped, irritated with the fact that he had been interrupted. Johnny said something in response but it was barely audible behind the thick glass. Taeyong sighed and felt around until he found the familiar handle, using it to roll down the window.

“Get out of the fucking car!” Johnny whisper–yelled, looking around cautiously for anyone who might be nearby. Taeyong only scoffed and rolled his eyes in response before moving back down to continue playing with the wires. He needed to correct the right to actually get the car to start. “Taeyong!” Johnny tried again from above him.

“Listen,” Taeyong started, continuing to messing with the wires. One of them looked pretty promising. “I’m doing us a favor.” He pressed two of the wires together, jumping back a little at the spark it created. The car made a disturbing noise before immediately shutting back off. Taeyong groaned in frustration and reached for another wire. “We can’t walk all the way to Gwangju, dude. We’ll either get caught or die.”

“You’re being dramatic,” Johnny responded, huffing. “You need to get out before we get caught.”

Taeyong ignored him. He knew that Johnny would be against this but didn’t really see any other option. It was almost ten hours to Gwangju on foot and they had only made it through two of those. Even when if they did continue on their way by walking, how exactly did Johnny expect them to make it in such a busy city? They had only managed to get by here because Ten had dropped them off in the sleepiest part of town where no one dared to venture. In Gwangju, Taeyong didn’t doubt that someone would spot him in a matter of minutes. It simply wasn’t a choice that they had. 

He heard Johnny demand something else but blocked him out, pulling at another wire. Johnny called him in a way that probably would have made him flinch if he wasn’t so focused on getting the car to start. He pushed the last wire with the one he had just picked up together, unable to stop himself from flinching again from sharp flash that built up from the two wires. The car started again for half a second before shutting back off. Taeyong huffed in annoyance and went to do it again. 


Taeyong immediately sat up after that, looking at Johnny in shock at how searing his voice had sounded calling him. The growl that came with the call caused Taeyong’s stomach to drop so quick that it almost hurt. He blinked up at Johnny, confused as to why the sound of his voice had made him feel so dizzy.

“Get out of the car,” Johnny demanded darkly and Taeyong can’t stop the blush that traveled all the way down to his neck that came with the way Johnny was speaking to him. He hesitated a moment, still a little hazy from how harshly Johnny had called him. 

It was so strange. The way Taeyong felt almost required to follow Johnny’s directions when he never had before. His face felt so hot that he almost couldn’t stand it. He couldn’t even bring himself to wonder why Johnny’s voice had impacted him so much, nor why he was more than ready to listen to whatever he had to say next. His hesitancy must frustrate Johnny because the other was opening his mouth to say something else, only to be interrupted by the shrill sound of an unfamiliar yell. Both of their heads snap in the direction the voice had come from.

There was a small woman in the porch of the house, standing in only a robe and a pair of slippers. She was holding something. From where Taeyong was, he couldn’t tell what it was. He looked up at Johnny in panic but was met with the sight of him pulling the car door open frantically and climbing in.

“What the fuck?” Taeyong asked. The woman was still yelling at them. Her voice was growing closer and closer.

“Start the car,” Johnny demanded, all panicked and breathless. He looked scared. Not even the type of scared where he was worried about getting in trouble for attempting to steal someone’s car. Johnny looked absolutely terrified.

“You literally just told me not to,” Taeyong countered not to be difficult but because genuinely didn’t understand why Johnny had changed his mind so quick. It also didn’t help that his mind was still a bit muddled from Johnny shouting at him earlier. What the fuck had that been about?

“Start the fucking car!” Johnny yelled, causing Taeyong to flinch. It hadn’t been as harsh as the last but still managed to startle Taeyong.

“Jesus,” Taeyong cursed, teaching for the wires again. The woman seemed to be only a few feet away from them now. He pushed the two wires together again, watching them spark before the car was brought to life. This time, it didn’t shut off.

Even after the car had started, Taeyong sat there. Again, it wasn’t because he was trying to be difficult or piss Johnny off but because he literally had no fucking clue what to do next.

“Drive!” Johnny shouted at him.

“I don’t fucking know how to drive!” Taeyong shouted back because he didn’t. Nobody in his family had ever taught him and in his current (or former) line of work, he had never really felt the need to learn.

“She has a fucking gun, Taeyong!” Johnny snapped, pointing to the woman in front of them who was most definitely carrying a shotgun and had it poised at his head to shoot. Taeyong’s eyes went wide and he shrieked as a deafening shot went crashing through the window, being shoved down by Johnny at just the right moment to avoid being hit. 

“What the fuck?” Taeyong screeched, sitting up to see the woman moving to cock the gun back again. He didn’t hesitate this time around, pulling the gear in reverse and slamming his foot down on the gas pedal.

The car went skidding into the dirt road, jerking both him and Johnny to a sudden stop as Taeyong pressed down on the brake more than a little too hard and began to turn the car around. Another gunshot went off. Taeyong felt the heat of it rush past him and through Johnny’s window. Taeyong gasped, his head snapping to look at Johnny. 

“Are you—?” Taeyong went to ask before Johnny was interrupting him.

“I’m fine!” Johnny said quickly. “Go!”

Taeyong nodded shakily before pushing the gear into drive and peeling off down the road. One last gunshot pierced the otherwise silent air, sending a sharp chill down Taeyong’s spine. What the fuck? What the actual fuck? Someone had just tried to kill them. To kill him.  

He drove until it felt safe, glancing over at Johnny who was still visibly a bit shaky before pulling over on the side of the road. They sat there for a moment, the air between them quiet yet tense.

Then, “I think I’m gonna throw up.”

Taeyong watched as Johnny shoved the car door open and retched loudly, scrunching his nose up at the sound of it. He looked down at both of his hands still on the wheel, shuddering without him realizing it. He pulled them off and pushed them in between his thighs, forcing them to stop shaking that way.

Johnny pulled back up and shut the door behind him, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Taeyong stared at him a moment.

“We could have died,” Johnny said slowly. Taeyong already knew where he was going with this.

“We didn’t,” he pointed out, voice cracking a bit near the end. Jesus Christ. He couldn’t even talk straight. 

“Someone shot at me,” Johnny continued. “That bullet was an inch away from going through my head.” 

“She shot at me too,” Taeyong defended lowly. He was starting to feel a little sick to his stomach.

“You have to think about shit before you do it, Taeyong!” Johnny shouted, his voice bouncing off of the walls of the car. “You could have gotten the both of us fucking killed!”

It wasn’t the fact that Johnny was yelling at him that was making Taeyong feel like he was about to pass out but how loud Johnny was definitely wasn’t helping either. His hearing as starting to go a bit muffled. Johnny was still speaking but Taeyong couldn’t make out anything that was coming out of his mouth. It was becoming more and more obvious that could tell that Johnny was getting frustrated with the fact that Taeyong wasn’t responding. 

Johnny cursed loudly when Taeyong vomited right in his lap, unable to move away quick enough to avoid the thick liquid getting on his pants. If Taeyong wasn’t so dizzy, he would have laughed at how high–pitched Johnny’s voice had gotten in that moment. Once finished, he sat back in his seat, leaning his head back against the window with a shuddery sigh. Johnny groaned, searching wildly around the car until he found a bottle of water thrown in the backseat. Taeyong watched as Johnny poured it over his leg, washing his puke off onto the seat beneath him. 

“You’re a real piece of fucking work—,” Johnny started, only to stop himself upon seeing how pale Taeyong had gotten. “Are you okay?”

“Fine,” Taeyong mumbled, cringing at the taste of vomit in his mouth. That was a complete lie. The past half an hour had been way too much for him to handle. There was also the fact that he hadn’t eaten a proper meal within the past couple of days and not because Johnny wasn’t feeding him but because he had refused to eat out of defiance. 

Johnny blinked at him for a moment before sighing, tossing the bottle back where he had found it and pushing his door open, climbing out of the car. Taeyong had enough sense to pull away from where he was still leaning on the mirror as Johnny pulled on his door, cool air from outside rushed in, prickling Taeyong’s skin. 

“Come here,” Johnny muttered, helping Taeyong out of the car. Taeyong watched as Johnny pulled the back door open before carefully sitting him down inside. “Why don’t you take a nap or something, alright? I’ll drive.”

Taeyong didn’t have the energy to tell him to fuck off or to protest. He curled himself into a ball on the backseat, moving both arms to wrap around his stomach that was currently throbbing with how badly it was cramping, huffing quietly. This fucking sucked. Johnny reached in front of him, pulling a thin blanket from underneath him. 

“Thanks,” Taeyong mumbled as Johnny lay the blanket over his trembling body. The fabric was cold against his skin at first contact but started to feel a bit better after a couple of seconds. 

“Yeah,” Johnny responded. Taeyong could feel his gaze linger on him for a moment. “You sure you’re okay?”

“Tired,” Taeyong yawned, shaking his head against the seat. Johnny didn’t say anything after that. He stared down at Taeyong for only a little bit longer before Taeyong heard the door shut. 

The car started back up with a rumble. Taeyong did his best to steady his breathing. They would be in Gwangju soon. The moment that they got there, this whole nightmare would be over for him. All he needed to do was make it through the next couple of hours—which was starting to seem harder and harder to do with how badly his stomach was cramping.

They hadn’t been driving for too long before Johnny was speaking up again. His voice was uncertain. He probably wasn’t sure whether or not Taeyong had fallen asleep yet. “Yong?” Johnny asked. Taeyong hesitated a second before humming in response. “Are you sure that your friend is gonna know how to fix us?”

The question caught Taeyong by surprise. Hearing Johnny sound worried about them being bonded was a first. Since the moment he had bitten him, Johnny didn’t seem to be the least bit bothered by it. Taeyong was certain that he simply didn’t care. It was sort of weird. 

“He’ll know,” Taeyong muttered because he would. They both needed him to. 

A pause. Then, “What’s his name?” Johnny said.

It took Taeyong a moment to think of what to say in response. He was starting to feel drowsy. It wouldn’t be long until he drifted off to sleep which he was beyond thankful for. Hopefully by the time he woke back up, they would be in Gwangju and his stomach wouldn’t feel like someone was currently stabbing him with all their might.

“Yuta,” Taeyong told him through a quiet mumble. He could barely hear the sound of Johnny’s head moving against his seat in a way that could have only meant the other had nodded. Seeing that Johnny seemed to be finished with all of his questions, Taeyong no longer had a reason to stop himself from falling asleep. 

Hopefully Johnny didn’t fuck the both of them over before he woke back up.