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Rin + Len and the Candy Factory

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The story of these two is a sad one at first. The two Vocaloids, Rin and Len had a shining star that lasted a short time. Their limelight faded into obscurity and their parents disowned them and sealed their happiness away in a broken box. They resided in a dirty home for young people. It was similar to an orphanage, but ages ranged from five to twenty-seven. The home had a band to benefit the greedy and cruel director than to repair the place's conditions. The director's name was Johnathon Samuel (or better known as Mr. Samuel) wasn't fond of the children and adults, but loves ridiculing the teens and adults. The younger children were treated like the most important ones as they got the most food and perks. Unfortunately, the blonde twins were in the teenagers' floor, so they have barely enough to eat. He exploited the Vocaloid twins into the large band for their unique voices. Whenever they refused to sing, he would whip Rin’s back and butt until it bled and blistered. He would spank Len with a large paddle and beat him until he cried. One night after coming back from the library farther in town, Rin quietly ran towards the stairs to make it safe with the food she managed to get. When she entered her room, Len was sitting in the cold corner, pale, thin, and visibly crying. Rin knew something was wrong and it was serious. She ran towards her shivering brother, whose tears were freezing from the cold as they fell down his cheeks.
“Len, what happened while I was gone?” She asked quietly. Len looked up at his sister with traumatized eyes.
“Mr. Samuel,” He said.
“What about that pig-of-a-louse of him?”.
“He had me practice singing without you,” said Len, “He noticed you had gone and he punished me by spanking me and forcing hot sauce down my nostrils! He said when you get back, he’ll lock you up and starve you for three days!”. Rin just scoffed and turned her head.
“That bastard had starved me enough to get me to commit suicide, but I chose to stand!” Shouted the blonde girl. “I don’t give two shits if he even kills me. I only care if he doesn’t hurt you. Understand, dear brother?”. Len nodded and tilted his head.
“Whatcha got there?” He asked, pointing to a bag she was holding.
“I’ve got something for us,” she grinned as she opened a bag. The bag contained a large ham, two small bags of mashed potatoes, and a packet of cheese. The brother couldn’t believe what his eyes were showing him! An entire ham his sister possibly risked her life for!
“I stole all of these from an entitled bitch on my way to the library,” the girl told her brother. “It was at the town’s local deli I came across. I couldn’t even afford an ounce of salad! All I had was two dollars and five cents in my satchel. I guess my job isn’t paying much for even a crumb.” "How is Josephine?" Rin asked her brother.
"She was having trouble reading and I tried to help her," Len replied. "But the poor girl can't get better." Rin stroked her brother's hair and had his chin up.
"Make sure you eat," she said.
“Thank you so much, sister!” Len cried tears of joy as he cut the ham with the knife he had in the rickety drawer. This knife is the one he uses when he’s carving wooden dolls to sell or using them against the bullies and Mr. Samuel. He had stabbed Samuel on the hand before and the man has a great, big scar. He cut the block of cheese and put it on top of the slice of ham he held in his palm.
He took a plastic spoon from the bag and scooped some mashed potatoes. He began to taste good in his mouth again and he didn’t eat for five days. “Eat as much as you can brother, I can have the leftovers,” Rin said.
“No, have some! You deserve it!” The brother insisted. Rin chuckled with weak eyes and a weak smile.
“Alright, you got me convinced,” she said as she began to dig in.
Of course, there was some slightly cruel imitations of Mr. Samuel, laughing, and gossip about what’s happening in the walls of the apartment. After finishing the last bite of the potatoes, Rin told Len all about the different books at the library and the many things she learned. “You shouldn’t skip the apartment’s education program,” Len said. “Mrs. Sarvich hates it when kids are late or when they don’t come to lessons!”.
“Brother, that old hag barley gives us attention when she expects us to pay attention to HER,” the girl replied. “All she does is drink rum and fuck around with some of the young adults living here. I’d rather be kicked out of this dump than to be in her STINKY classroom.” Len didn’t know what to say at this point but just agreed because it was common sense to not praise the ones who mistreat you. “Go wash up and get ready for bed,” said Rin, “Gotta take you to the library tomorrow without that bloated, overgrown son-of-a-bitch knowing.” The blonde male nodded and went off into the tiny bathroom outside their door.
There was already a long line that reached halfway through the fifth floor. The top floor was reserved for the young children, the second floor was for staff, the third was for young adults, the fourth was for teenagers, the fifth was bathrooms, playrooms, dining areas, and the classroom. The sixth was the reception and check-in. It was 11:45 pm when it was Len’s turn to shower. The boy stripped down in the shower, turned on the water, and began to rinse. The boy enjoyed a 5-minute long shower and hurried his way to his room, being covered by a towel.
The boy reached the door to see his sister already in her own bed, sleeping. He quickly and quietly crawled into his own bed and began to sleep. The two blondes dreamed about living in a magical place and meeting the queen Vocaloid herself, Hatsune Miku. They knew about the young woman’s factory, but it was closed for spies stealing her formulas and rich secrets. Besides singing, she runs a factory for selling sweets, candies, and soft drinks. Once, she sold her products at a concert and assisted the Foundation of Help for Children of Tomorrow. She was kind, intelligent, and beautiful. Rin looked up to her and even bought her sweets when she had more money.
They just hoped that they would get enough money to support themselves and to flee from the Hell they’ve suffered in for a long time. They just needed more time, chances, and conditions to reach their dreams. Eventually, they’ll wake up at 6 am for breakfast. They didn’t care what it was, it was revolting. Then again, it was the only thing they were going to eat for some time. Rin just hopes Mr. Samuel didn’t tell Miss Crohx to not accept her breakfast pass. “Whatever,” she thought, “I don’t need a goddamn breakfast pass to eat shit from that Crohx. I can steal my own breakfast from the deli or at the market.”, “Just they all wait when morning rises. They’ll for sure be sorry, all of those dirty pigs of staff. Especially that obnoxious Jay. He always has to treat me like I’m not human. His dumbass words of ‘You’re just a dumb Vocaloid’, really piss me off. Just they all wait...”.