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It has been such a long time since he had been back in the city where UA sat. Shoto Todoroki stared around the cold landscape, even the sun was setting as he stood there staring out at the city. It was an okay temperature, due to the nature of his quirk he was fine with being a little cold. Shoto had left this city in such a hurried rush after that battle that made Izuku Midoriya into the greatest hero Japan had ever seen. Todoroki knew this was long overdue, he felt shame for just up and leaving Midoriya without a word. His feelings had frozen up and he had been unable to bring himself back here to tell Midoriya how he felt all this time.

Todoroki exhaled and it came out in a puffy white cloud. He hailed a cab then heading to the first place to look for Midoriya, where it all started.

UA stood tall and proud as one of the top hero schools still. Todoroki let out a breath as he got out of the taxi. He had gotten permission to be here after classes had ended for the day. He had a feeling he would find Midoriya here just because of the memories. Katsuki Bakugou had become a teacher a few years ago. Because after that battle it broke Bakugou, he knew he would never catch up with Midoriya. He lost most of his hearing during that battle and also use of his left leg. His dreams of being a top hero had been changed.

Todoroki entered the school halls just wandering around at first and remembering the past. When he came to the teacher's offices he noticed a light was on. With a move and shift, he opened the door and looked in and froze. Sitting at a desk looking at papers was Midoriya. Todoroki paled. He hadn’t thought he would meet Midoriya here even if he went looking. “Midoriya!” He said shocked. Midoriya looked up and went wide-eyed before looking around as if Todoroki was talking to someone else.

“Todoroki!!” Midoriya said, standing up. The chair he’d been sitting in shoved back and knocked over. Leaving the chair there, Midoriya walked over. “Oh wow, it really is you. Look at you. Your hair grew and you’ve gotten taller.” Midoriya laughed.

“You haven’t changed,” Todoroki said as he shifted, staring down at Midoriya.

“I know I think I’ll always look like this no matter how much time goes by.” Midoriya said with a small laugh. “It’s been years Todoroki.” He said as he reached out and poked Todoroki’s chest to see if he was really there.

Todoroki’s eyes went around the room. “shouldn’t you be resting? Why are you here in the office?” Todoroki asked.

Midoriya let out a sigh then as he pulled his hand back to stare at it before looking up at Todoroki. “Oh you know I love coming and sitting at All Might’s old desk. He’s been gone for a few years now,” Midoriya said as his hand went back to the desk touching it lovingly.

Todoroki nodded. All Might had passed away almost 2 years ago, but peacefully in his sleep.

“I also like to stop and check on Kacchan’s students, make sure he’s not, you know, scaring the next-gen,” Midoriya said.

“Midoriya, I’m so sorry.” Todoroki gasped out the feeling in him shifted like a few chips of ice broke off. Midoriya looked up to Todoroki.

“What? Why are you sorry Todoroki?” He asked coming back to face the fire and ice hero who hadn’t moved too far into the room.

“I shouldn’t of … I shouldn’t have just left without a goodbye. It was awful of me. You should have got a goodbye and I should have told you how I felt back then.” Todoroki said.

“I came back here today because I felt I needed to. The 7th anniversary of the battle is tonight. You became the number 1 hero and forever stop All for One. You changed the world for everyone. Yes, there is a need for heroes still. But the evil that All for One brought is now gone.” Todoroki said. Midoriya smiled and patted Todoroki’s shoulder.

“Jeez has it really been that long? Woo, where has all the time gone? You know I was ok with no goodbye. I guessed you had something important to do.” Midoriya said with a shrug of his shoulders. Todoroki made a face.

“Midoriya you wouldn’t be here I believe if I had been able to say it along with this. Izuku, I’ve loved you for a very long time. Ever since you told me it’s my quirk, not my fathers.” Todoroki said as his feelings inside broke free a bit more. Midoriya’s mouth kind of drop open as he stared at Todoroki.

“You love me?” Midoriya said, blinking like a fool for a moment.

“Yes, Izuku. I loved you then and I love you now. It just took me this long to finally be able to come here and tell you. Even though I didn’t think I would find you on the first look.” Todoroki said quickly. “I don’t care if you don’t love me back…”

Todoroki didn’t get much more out as Midoriya reached out cupping his face and pulling him down in a kiss. It was light at first until Todoroki’s feelings came forward. Todoroki’s arms wrapped around Midoriya pulling him close and deepened the kiss looking for the warmth Midoriya was giving off.

“Shoto, I’ve loved you for a very long time. I’m sorry I never had the guts to tell you. With gaining my quirks and the fear of the future battle I had no idea when I should tell you. I’m sorry it took this long to face you and tell you.” Midoriya said as tears filled his eyes. Todoroki shook his head.

“It seems we were both holding off for reasons that were stupid.” He said with a sweatdrop.

“Let’s not think of that right now,” Midoriya said lightly. Looking around he took Todoroki’s hands and pulled him out of the offices into the darkened hallways and down it. They came to the nurse's office, which he opened the door and stepped in pulling Todoroki in with him.

“I thought this one was locked,” Todoroki said, but shook his head. “We could always head to my hotel.” He added. Midoriya shook his head.

“It would take too long.” He said with a smirk as he pulled Todoroki to the bed. Todoroki stared at the bed and then to Midoriya who gave a kind of bored sigh. Todoroki blinked and didn’t fight when Midoriya pushed him on the bed and climbed up on top of Todoroki.

“Show me how much you love me. Even after all these years,” Midoriya whispers. “Because it sounds like you’re still not staying here. So give me that goodbye you wanted to give me before.” He said in a rough, lustful tone of voice.

Todoroki stared up at Midoriya who was now sitting on his lap with a hand pushing him down on the bed. “Oh Izuku…. Yes I’ll give you that goodbye you should have had before.” Todoroki whispered as he reached up to cup Midoriya’s cheek.

He shifted, pushing himself up to kiss Midoriya again. Putting as much passion into the kiss as he could before he started to unbutton his own shirt and work on Midoriya's outfit. Todoroki hadn’t noticed that it was Midoriya's hero outfit until he was trying to get it off, working the zipper in the back. His body heated up with each piece of flesh that was revealed of Midoriya’s skin as the outfit fell away. Todoroki let out a growl when he found Midoriya had no underclothes under his hero outfit.

Midoriya smirked at Todoroki as he took off his outfit and flung it off the bed. “You’re perfect Izuku. God how I’ve wanted to see you, touch you.” He rasped out as his hands brushed along Midoriya's side and thighs. The groan that rose out of Midoriya’s throat had Todoroki hard behind the fly of his slacks.

Todoroki had been a stupid man for way too long. Midoriya’s length had thickened just as much as Todoroki’s had. Todoroki’s hard length was begging to be free. He groaned and rolled his hips into Midoriya, which gave the other the idea.

Midoriya eyed him and smiled that smile that was always too warming and bright. Kissing Todoroki deeply, Midoriya started to travel his lips down Todoroki’s neck and chest taking his time to reach his goal. He liked each groan and moan that left Todoroki’s lips.

Once he reached the button of the fly he made quick work of it and the zipper freed the hard on Todoroki had. Midoriya eyed it before taking the length in his hands squeezing it. Todoroki’s body jerked and he groaned. “Oh, Izuku….” He gasped.

Midoriya’s eyes swiped up to his. Midoriya smiled and moved up and kissed him again. His hands were still on Todoroki as he himself shifted. “I love you Shoto,” Midoriya whispered, as he moved without any readiness or lube and moved to slide down on Todoroki’s cock. Midoriya gasped and groaned deeply, his eyes closed tightly. Todoroki had frozen still.

“You should of let me use something to make it not hurt,” Todoroki said quickly. Midoriya panted looking down at Todoroki. “I’m ok, really Shoto I’m ok.” He whispered, Todoroki was going to say more but Midoriya made his body tighten around him sending pleasure to Todoroki’s head like a bullet.

Todoroki’s eyelids dropped down low as his hands went to Midoriya hips now gripping the green haired hero there. Midoriya had started to move on his own but his icey hot lover started to move him up and down his own length. Todoroki had wanted and needed this for so long. He had dreams about this and not just sex but making love to Izuku.

Todoroki shifted and in a roll, he brought Midoriya down and under him so he could move and kiss Midoriya. “I Love you Izuku now and forever.” He said between the kisses. Using his fireside Todoroki reached between them and lightly heating his hand up, started to work Midoriya’s hard length so they were both getting that wonderful heated pleasure.

Midoriya groaned, his dick jerking in Todoroki hand, it didn’t take long for Midoriya’s body to tighten and jerk forward as he released into Todoroki’s hand, his cum warm as it splattered in Todoroki’s hand and stomach. Midoriya tightened as he released and caused Todoroki to see stars and release deep into his lover.

As the night wore on they didn’t stop, never stop the love between them. Todoroki was able to tell Midoriya his long waited for goodbye.


Todoroki shook his head as he came awake in the nurse's office. He could see the sun was starting to rise outside. So he had been in UA the whole night. He sat up looking at his body he been redressed and cleaned up.

“Midoriya.” He whispered.

He knew there wouldn’t be an answer, no one else was in the room. He let out a long breath, he did get to say how he felt to Midoriya and show him. He got up knowing people would be showing up to UA very soon. He had a feeling he knew where Midoriya had gone to. Todoroki had to say it again maybe it would change everything, he would stay here with Midoriya.

He was at the beach that at one time Midoriya had cleaned up to gain the trust in All Might.

Todoroki’s eyes wandered over the beach, the statues he was looking for were near the far end. Todoroki not caring that the sand got in his shoes, made his way to it. The cold in his body was almost all but broken away, the frostbite melting.

Todoroki reached out, touching the statue. He hadn’t been there to see it be put in being he made his leave before it. His fingers found the carving on it.

// In memory of the number one hero Deku. To him, we can have this peaceful future. Izuku Midoriya Deku brave hero//

Todoroki looked up at the statue of Deku. “Nope, you really won’t have changed, have you.” He said quietly. He blinked as he felt a hand on his shoulder patted him and then fade away. “I know…. I know…. And I am sorry I left without saying goodbye to you. I know you have been waiting. You’ll be able to rest now.” Todoroki said.

// Deku stood over the finished all for one. His head-turning to the sky before looking back at the ones that had fought with him. His eyes were sad but a smile on his face, Todoroki and the others racing toward him.//

He looked up to the sky that was growing light and smiled as that frostbite on his soul and heart finally broke free. "I love you Izuku and I miss you.” He said. “You forever number one hero here and in the afterlife.” He whispered. Todoroki left after that fight, he couldn’t take it. He didn’t want to believe it and left without telling anyone.

//With that smile sadly the new pillar of peace passed away. Giving his life to save everyone.///

“Goodbye Deku. Izuku Midoriya” Todoroki whispered as his warmth returned to his life.