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To the people who bind us.

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                                                                        | 10 years old|

He was always a bad kid.


Bakugou Katsuki can, and will, admit that he's not a saint.


The whispers started when he was about 5 years old, The whispers often told him to do bad things. Sometimes they were so loud, and he couldn't do anything because how do you silence the voices in your own head? 


They would just get louder and louder, and Deku's muttering didn't do anymore more than want him to punch his stupid face and they got louder and louder and louder and the next thing he knew Deku was on the floor. Hitting him was the only thing that got the voices to shut the fuck up. So he kept hitting him. Over and Over again 


He needed it to stop


Please, please make it stop.


He punched until it was silent. 


Deku looked up at him horror painted on his face as well as tears. Surprisingly Katsuki had tears in his eyes because he regretted what he did, but the thought of Deku hating him already plagued his mind. 


Because he was already like his mother.


Because hurt was all he knew.


He left Deku right there on the floor and left.


 A few days later Deku flinched when he raised his hand to apologize to him. He tried not to be hurt about that but apparently 


It seemed like he realized what he did and a look of horror passed on his face. 


Bakugou just whispered that he was 'sorry', and, 'it's not your fault, I understand' before closing the door.


They didn't speak after that but he always felt like he was being observed, so that was something.


  He ached for what Midoriya and his mother had, for what he wanted with his own mother. Every time he saw aunty Inko, smiling at him lovingly, he felt his heart squeeze tightly. Then he would go home and see his mother scowling at him, and hate himself for wanting to go back.


But he was always longing for his mother's attention, hoping that when he did something bad that she would look over at him for once. That she would smile and shake her head, like Aunty Inko does, and patiently wait for an explanation of what he did and why he did it while patting his head in a soft, motherly way.


Bakugou Mitsuki was anything but motherly, It was like she couldn't stop the spews of hatred that came out of her mouth just by looking at him. Sometimes he stayed in bed for hours, sitting in his own filth from the day before, just because of a snarky comment that seemed a little too much like Mitsuki playing over and over again in his head.


                So 'mother' was hidden by 'hag' and bruises were hidden by makeup.


Today seemed a different though. He wasn't sure what was wrong. The hag seemed a little more relaxed than usual, although that didn't mean he was off the hook from her words of poison, he started to relax. Maybe today wasn't a necessarily 'good day' but it was one of the better ones of the week. 


"Hey, Brat, come on, we're going somewhere"


Bakugou nodded his head quietly because he knew that she would snap if he objected.


They rode in silence for an hour, he was left in the dark about where they were going and only stopped asking when she threatened to leave on the side of the road. This was bad, Katsuki doesn't like quiet. His thoughts go to bad places.


Thankfully, about 5 minutes later. They got out of the car. The bad thing was that they seemed to be on the.. well not so good part of town. His mom took out a big wad of cash and counting it before nodding her head in satisfaction.


When she turned to him, his heart dropped. An almost loving smile was on her face while she patted his head. If it wasn't for the prickles of distaste in the back of his mouth, and the lunch swimming around in his stomach threatening to rise, he probably would've cried, hugged her even. But he couldn't help but feel like if this was goodbye, so he bit his lip and looked away.


They walked for about 20 minutes, stopping at what seemed to be a large building.  


It looked like all eyes were on them.


He absolutely did not like that, he started to scratch at his arms.


He noticed two men locking the door and looked over too his 'mother' to voice his concern


But it looked like she noticed it too, or was she expecting it? He shook his head 


Think logically, Katsuki" he chanted in his brain.


He felt sweat dripping down his neck, all of the hair raised.


What is this feeling though?


Fuck it, he thought and turned to his mother, but she was already looking at him, grinning with a crazy smile, it looked so... sick.


"Goodbye, Katsuki"  She laughed.


Suddenly he couldn't see, and there was a sharp pain in his thigh. 


For the first time in what seemed to be forever, after he convinced himself that he was not weak and that he had already run out of tears. He wailed, setting off some small explosions as he kicked at the people around him. Tears streaming down his face as he heard someone calling out for their mom. The voice sounded desperate, strained. 


Oh wait, that was him, wasn't it?


It seemed like he was being dragged, but he wasn't sure. He was just so sleepy. 


He heard people talking about money and payment, but there was no way his mom sold him off right?


She could kick him, scratch him, punch him.


But she wouldn't give her only child away.




Anyways, did he mention he was sleepy? Ah right.. mm


At this point he couldn't feel anything anymore, he slowly closed his eyes as comfort enveloped him.


He felt a sharp pain on the back of his neck, and suddenly, everything faded to black.