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Smacked by Mercy and Grace

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Rey stumbled into her tiny apartment.

She felt a pang of loss with her mother’s quilt gone. But, her mother would have done the same. 

After a cold shower she dropped a few crackers onto a plate and squirted mustard on each. She mixed some pink and raspberry koolaid, poured herself a big glass.

She wrapped up in her comforter by the window. She could hear the neighbors playing guitar and singing.

She loved it.

Not having a tv sucked. 

She could examine her options tomorrow... which bills had to be paid and which could wait. 

She sighed. 

In the farthest corner her Charlie Brown looking tree glowed with the lights she snagged for a dollar in a discount bin. Well not really glowing, but she had a vivid imagination. She could pretend they glowed bright. Her few ornaments made it festive. She was blessed.

She was working the soup kitchen at her church on Christmas Eve, maybe that gentleman would find his way there. The shelter was full this time of year, but... if she stumbled upon him again she planned to point it out.

Her pastor always made room, even in his own portion of the church. He was a goodhearted man. Brother Armitage was patient and kind. 

God works through his guardian angels, she hoped the man she helped would find his answers somewhere besides a bottle... when he woke to warmth, food, and a few bucks.

Who was she to judge?

She didn’t know his story...

Rey yawned. 

She opened the oven door and curled up on her floor pallet near it’s warmth. At least the gas wasn’t off yet... She set her alarm clock. Somehow she needed to get her electric bill paid soon. Cold showers were not fun! She couldn’t keep barrowing batteries for her alarm clock from work.

She needed to work a split shift early and late the next day, sleep was very necessary. 

As she closed her tired eyes, she thanked the universe she had this at least and wasn’t outside like he’d been... like so many.