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I Write Trials, Not Trebuchets

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Hi my name is Raven Willow Blood Charm and I’m 17 years old. I have long blue hair and pale white skin kinda like a dragon born but not really because I don’t think Dragon Borns are that cute. I am a high schooler at a school, but not a lame one. I go to this school called Wild Cliffe. It’s a magic school where we learn magic. They let me in, even though I’m a vampire, because my magic was super good. 

Class was starting soon so I needed to get ready. I put on my all black top with corsets things over it, then my fishnet arms and my long vinyl skirt that was also black. I then put on my platform stielloto boots and zipped up the buckles on the side. I did my makeup all dramatic and cat like to emphasze my eyes and then black lipstick to keep my white skin from looking too white. I added some bitchin red contacts to make my red eyes even redder. 

I stepped outside of my dorm and made my way to class. It was a bright snowy day, but I could tell there were rain clouds in the sky and it was gonna rain soon. Luckily I had my cloak that I had gotten from my last school so I put it on. 

I put the hood over my head to protect myself from the son but before I do I saw him. His gorgeous white skin. He was tall, even taller than me and I was wearing heels. He was so hot that even boys would want him (but not in a gay way). He was wearing all black lipstick and heavey eyeliner. He had powdered his face to look like blood. Like me, he was a third year. 

I tried to hide my face but he saw me. It was……… Murundeen Purebone!!! And he was walking this way!!