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Right In Front of Me (Itachi X Reader MODERN)

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"Funding for our project has been given the green light and will commence immediately." Pale lavender eyes looked around.

Pens writing on notepads, keyboards typing, and heads nodding could be seen around the board room.

"Alright, does anyone have any questions or concerns they would like to address at this time?" the booming voice said, resulting in some hands being raised. The orange haired man looked around and noticed the (h/c) female who seemed to be trying her hardest to stay awake.

"(y/n) focus, we're almost out." Your nervous executive assistant whispered hastily while nudging you slightly.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." you whispered back as you readjusted your posture in your seat. You glanced at your watch, 12:05 pm. *Alright uncle Hiashi, wrap it up, a girl has things to do*

"That will be all for today everyone." Your uncle announced.

*Oh thank Kami* You got up quickly, heels clicking on the white marble floor.

"You get bolder by the day (y/n)" a deep voice said behind you. You turn around to see your best friend from college, Nagato, or as everyone calls him "Pein" you give a small smile laugh as he starts walking next to your right side. "What are you talking about?"

"She doesn't get bolder, she gets stupider but if you want to sugar coat it..." your brother, Neji Hyuga, also appears on your left side. Pein smirks as you glare at your brother.

"Who asked you? And stop picking on me, I skipped coffee this morning and I'm straight up not having a good time alright!" Neji rolled his eyes at you.

"I don't know how you could fight sleep in the same room as your father and uncle. It's disrespectful and quite frankly, suicidal." Pein said as he looked back at your executive assistant, TenTen, coming towards you three.

"Again, stupid. Let me know how your meeting goes today, I want to get budgeting started as soon as possible." Neji waves off as he goes off towards the elevators to his office in the Financial Sector.

You nod at Neji as TenTen reaches you and Pein. "Did you get tied up with something?" you asked the dark haired girl.

"Yeah, sorry just catching up Hiashi-sama and Hizashi-sama on some administrative things. Are you all set?" She said as she tapped away on her tablet.

"I need to head up to Akatsuki Headquarters and finish up some business as well. Ladies." Pein bowed as he headed out of the white building. You smiled and linked arms with TenTen heading into the elevator leading to your floor.

"I have your meeting confirmed for 1 o'clock. Do you know how long you'll be out so I can block that out for you?" TenTen comments as the elevator ascends.

"Shouldn't be more than 2 hours, it's a lunch meeting...should be in and out." You were telling yourself more than TenTen.

*ding ding*

You and TenTen walk out of the elevator, heading to your office, smiling and waving at fellow employees. Making small talk with others, as TenTen walked to her desk outside your office.

You knew how important it was to treat your workers as family and make them feel like they were more than robots working for a huge company. Especially, since your family was in the medical business.

Hyuga Lab Corp. was a business created by your grandfather to help those in need of medical help, being taken advantage of by big pharmaceutical companies. For years, it was never understood the kind of eyes your family had, being almost completely absent of color, yet everything could be seen. Even things not normally seen by the human eye.

All of the things your ancestors had to go through made your grandfather realize how many others had questions and no answers. No help. From affordable medications, to treatment centers and lab research; your family set out to be a force of light to be reckoned with. Starting out small in Konoha and rapidly spreading out throughout the world. Your family's main goal was most certainly not to get rich, that it happened was just a blessing that you are all thankful for. This being one of the reasons why Neji, your cousin Hinata, your cousin Hanabi, and you were taught at a young age the family business and that everything came from hard work and not taking the easy way out. But most importantly that you can achieve anything no matter your circumstances. You could mold your own destiny.

TenTen then once again followed to your office as you went in and logged onto your laptop. You stole a glance at your watch again, 12:20 pm.

"Hey TenTen, I should have asked this earlier, but where is-"

"Anthony's Bistro on 47th. Already reserved." She said as she closed the door and shined her pearly white teeth at you.

You closed your eyes and smiled, letting out a relieved sigh. "Thank you so much for doing that and looking out for me, now I don't have to freak out about leaving early to drive. I can just walk there." You started scrolling through emails.

"Yeahhhhhh that's why I did that." TenTen, who is not only your executive assistant but also one of your best friends, just kept grinning from ear to ear.

You looked up narrowing your eyes at her.