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Game Day

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Sansa had been the newest staff accountant with the Lannisport Lions for about 6 months when the annual gala was being held in early November.  She had met Tywin at the open bar.  They had some witty banter back and forth.  Tywin was intrigued by her and ended up talking and dancing with her the whole night.  They exchanged phone numbers and Sansa texted him. Thanks for the delightful time, Tywin.  He offered to make dinner for her the next night and she agreed.  He already had a meeting at the Lions’s offices the next day so he picked her up from her office on their way out before taking her down to his car. They made dinner together companionably and they spent the night chatting some more before he had her driven home. 


They texted and met frequently for dinner or lunch, taking it slowly for the first few weeks. They mostly chose to meet for dinner at either her apartment or his house, cooking for themselves. Sansa played music while they cooked and they would occasionally start dancing around the kitchen.   She played mostly songs they both liked. Sansa loved the classic love songs from Frank Sinatra, Norah Jones, Etta James, and Tony Bennett to sometimes just classical instrumental  music. They would waltz around the kitchen occasionally and just enjoy each other’s presence. 


On one of their dates towards the beginning of December, Tywin told her that he hadn’t dated anyone since his wife had died, but that he really liked Sansa and wanted to go further.  They had sex all weekend at Casterley and found themselves to be extremely compatible with each other in bed. Sansa was on birth control, so they didn’t need to worry about condoms.


Although she had been to several Lions games before, that was the first one she attended as Tywin Lannister’s girlfriend and that she sat in the owner’s box for.  She stayed at Tywin’s side for most of the game, dressed in a fashionable dress, him in his usual 3-piece suit.  She had such a great time, being able to share the team she was starting to love with the man she felt her heart falling for.     


Tywin had his children over for lunch to officially introduce Sansa to them.  They were initially skeptical, but they also knew that he hadn’t dated anyone since their mother had died.  Since he hadn’t dated in the 24 years since Joanna had died, they knew that Sansa must be special. Tyrion was the easiest one to convince that she was more serious about Tywin.   Cersei and Jaime remained a bit more skeptical, but were not outrightly antagonistic.


One of her favorite dates had been the following Friday when he had her dress up in a formal dress with him in a tux and he had some of her favorite music playing throughout the grand formal ballroom at his estate. He swept her around the room through various dances. Towards the end, they just swayed together as soft music played, her head on his shoulder, eyes closed as he encircled her in his arms. When they were done dancing, she admitted that although it was somewhat fast, she loved him.  He told her that he loved her too.  They stayed together that night making love into the early hours of the morning.


They woke up the next morning, content and well-rested. “I feel like baking today. Could we bake together?”  She asked him still curled around his lean form.


“I don’t see why we couldn’t. I don’t have anything planned for today.  We can go buy ingredients and then come back and make whatever you want to make.”  He told her lightly. Sansa and Tywin both got up and dressed. Sansa in a sweater with a camisole underneath and leggings, Tywin in a pair of designer jeans with a button down shirt under a soft cashmere sweater. They went to the local store and Sansa filled the cart with baking ingredients and some things to make dinner with. 


They went back home and Sansa spread out her ingredients on the expansive counters, putting the dinner ingredients away. She put on an apron and pulled out mixing bowls and baking tins and everything they would need. Tywin turned on the music she liked and looked across the kitchen and smirked to himself, before putting on an apron and diving in to whatever Sansa needed. 


That was how Jaime found them a few hours later when he dropped by to ask Tywin about something. He stood there stunned.  Both Sansa and Tywin had flour on their aprons, Tywin was adding flour slowly to the stand up mixer while Sansa was portioning out cupcake batter into the wrappers. Tywin leaned over and said “I love you.” Which further stunned Jaime.  Sansa hummed happily and added “I love you so much too.”  While Tywin was aiming to kiss her on her cheek before Sansa dodged and captured his lips in a passionate kiss. She turned into him and continued kissing him as he held her, flour going everywhere he touched her.  Tywin had pulled Sansa onto the counter, a low growl leaving his throat as he slotted himself between her legs, not breaking the kiss when Jaime loudly cleared his throat. “Father, I needed to see you about -.”  He stopped as Tywin and Sansa both broke apart smiling and laughing, Sansa blushing furiously in embarrassment. 


“Hi, Jaime.”  Sansa said as she jumped down from the counter, walked over to flip the electric kettle on and turned down the music so it faded to softly playing in the background. 


“Father, Sansa.”  He said nodding to each of them. 


“Jaime, what can I help you with?”  Tywin asked him leaning up against the counter to hide his erection as best he could. Sansa grabbed 3 mugs and put some tea bags in each with each person’s preferred type.  


“Are you baking?  Willingly?”  Jaime asked as a confused expression crossed his face. 


“Yes. My delightful and talented lover wanted to bake today and we had no plans so here we are.”  Tywin took a still warm cookie off the sheet and put it on a plate as Sansa brought his tea mug over. “Have a cookie, Jaime.”  He said patronizingly. 


Jaime automatically broke off a bit of the warm, chocolate chunk and chocolate chip cookie and took a bite. His eyes closed and a soft moan escaped as he ate the cookie. “Oh my gods. How does that taste so phenomenal?”  He said quickly scarfing down the rest of the cookie as Tywin dropped another on the plate. 


“Good ingredients, time, love and care.  That and they’re still warm.”  Sansa smiled over her mug’s rim at him as Tywin drank some of his tea with one hand and the other was curled around Sansa’s waist.  She turned to Tywin. “I realize its last minute, but we could see if Cersei  and her family and Tyrion are free tonight to come help us eat up or take some of them home.”  


Jaime looked out at the table that was covered in cooling cupcakes, lemon cakes,  and cookies. “You’ve been busy.”  Jaime said as he stuffed another cookie in his mouth and then drank some of his tea.  He texted both Cersei and Tyrion and told them to accept their father’s invitation when he called them shortly. Tywin picked up his phone and called Tyrion first. Tyrion has been intrigued by Jaime’s text and readily accepted the invitation. Cersei was also intrigued and said she, Myrcella and Tommen would be over shortly. Sansa added more chicken to the pile to defrost. 


“I assume you’re staying too?” She said to Jaime. 


“You may have to roll me out at the end of the night.” He said between more bites of cookies. 

“Ty, can you pass me the flour? We’ll need to start on the breads so they have time to rise well before dinner.   She mixed up and got 3 different breads ready to rise while Jaime watched in fascination. Tyrion had joined them at the tail end of the breads being put together and sat equally fascinated with Jaime. Tywin made a mug of tea and set it in front of Tyrion as Jaime plopped several cookies in front of him. 


“Eat it.” Jaime told his younger brother as they watched their father move around the kitchen smoothly with Sansa helping to prepare some parts of dinner and to finish the last batch of cookies. Tyrion looked at Jaime as he ate his cookie.


“Gods this is delicious.”  Tyrion said as Jaime nodded.


“I’ve already lost track of how many I’ve eaten.”  Jaime admitted.


Tywin and Sansa kept casually touching each other as they worked. When Cersei came in with Myrcella and Tommen, she looked around in confusion.  Sansa saw her first. 


“Oh, hello Cersei.”  Sansa smiled brightly at her. “This must be Myrcella and Tommen.” They each nodded at her. Tywin came up next to her. 


“This my Sansa.  We made cookies and still need to frost the cupcakes if you want to help and then decorate them.”  Tywin said introducing her to his grandchildren and somewhat distracting them. Both of their faces lit up and they turned to their mother. 


“Can we please decorate some cupcakes?”  They both begged Cersei. 


“Of course. Maybe Uncle Jaime and Uncle Tyrion can help decorate too?”  She said as Sansa gathered the frosting and the plethora of sprinkle varieties, depositing them on one end of the table.  They all worked on frosting and decorating the cupcakes.   Everyone laughed and smiled.  Tywin sat right next to Sansa, still casually touching her most of the time, even if it was just their legs touching from hip to ankle.  


Cersei took a long look at Sansa and her father as she went to go get a glass of wine.  They would look at each other fairly often and Cersei hadn’t see Tywin smile such genuinely happy smiles in the longest time.  She had honestly thought he hadn’t been capable of it after her mother had died.  When she looked closer at Sansa, she saw the glow emitting of a woman well-loved in every sense of the phrase.  Tywin looked over and saw her looking at Sansa, a puzzled look on Cersei’s face.  He gently excused himself from the table and came over to Cersei as Sansa helped Myrcella and Tommen with fixing some of the cupcakes.


“I will always love your mother, forever, but as I have found in the last month or so, My heart is somehow large enough to shelter 2 magnificent women to give my heart to that love me not for my wealth or my assets, but just for me.  Little by little my heart grew first with your mother and then you and Jaime, and then Tyrion.  When we lost your mother in that accident, I didn’t think I’d ever find a love like her again.  But I somehow found this beautiful and kind woman, who loves me for me and I do love her so very much.  Please give her a chance, Cersei.”  Tywin pleaded at the end.  


He left her at the counter with her wine and rejoined Sansa and everyone else. He kissed her head as he sat down and pulled an arm around the back of her chair to throng her closer. She melted closer to him and adjusted her seating to relax more against him. Jaime looked over at Cersei and saw her watching with a confused expression on her face. He went over to her to get another beer out of the fridge and stood next to her. 


“When I came in earlier, they were completely free with each other and  telling each other they loved each other before they started making out like teenagers.”  He said quietly.  “Pretty sure that had I not spoken up they were definitely going to have sex on the counter and floor in here.”  Cersei snorted back a laugh.  “I have not seen father look so happy in what feels like forever. I honestly didn’t think I’d ever see him happy again.  Look at how she’s been with Myrcella and Tommen.  My gut tells me that you can’t fake that level of niceness.” With that Cersei relaxed.   


Sansa and Tywin worked on getting the breads and chicken in the ovens. They all ate dinner together and Sansa and Tywin sent each person home with a dozen or so cupcakes and cookies. Cersei stopped and asked Sansa to meet up real quick tomorrow at the game. She agreed and she and Tywin wished everyone a safe ride back to their homes. 


Tywin set up a bath that they shared, relaxing for a little while in the large and deep tub. After a little while, she turned around and whispered in his ear. “I would very much like to finish what we started in the kitchen before Jaime interrupted us. Think you can work with the counter in here instead?” Sansa practically purred into his ear as Tywin growled loudly, his cock jumping to attention. He hauled them both up and out of the tub, drying them off quickly. 


“Sorry Sansa.  I’m not gonna make it to the counter.”  He said laying her on a soft rug on the bathroom floor as she quickly spread her legs, grabbing at him. 


“Next time.” She panted as she met his eagerness with her own. “Fill me up now, Ty.”  She begged as he gave her exactly what she wanted. He pushed in to her channel in one smooth,  and fluid motion as she moaned loudly as growl left his lips, her heels digging into his back to hold him close. She moaned his name almost in a chant as he slid in and out of her, his hand teasing her nipples as she got louder and louder.  “I’m almost there Ty.”  She said as he slightly changed the angle of his thrusts just enough to bring her over her peak, her body fluttering around his cock with him following right after her.    


He covered her with his body, his weight pressing her further into the rug.  They breathed deeply together, coming down from orgasms.  “I’ve been waiting all day for that.”  Sansa sighed, kissing his neck gently.  


“I’m glad that my family seemed to accept you more.  I’m a little worried that Cersei might not accept you.”  He sighed relievedly.  “She might be just wanting to talk to you tomorrow to gauge your intentions towards me.”  


“I figured that might be the case.  How would you feel having Arya and Jon come for Christmas if they don’t already have plans?  They’re the only ones in my family whose opinions I respect.”  She asked.


 “If they are free, we can take the jet to pick them up.”  Tywin smiled down at her.  She leaned up and kissed the tip of his nose.


“I love you so much, but I’m also starting get a little cold.”  She said shivering a little.  Tywin got up and cleaned her off, before pulling her to her feet.  He took her over to the shower and gently washed her down and warmed her up before drying her off and bringing her to bed.  He tucked them both in naked together into bed.  Sansa cuddled close to Tywin and drifted off to sleep, listening to his heartbeat.  


Sansa sent Arya and Jon a text after they got up, asking if they happened to be free for Christmas to come to Lannisport to meet her lover.   They dressed, Tywin in his usual fashionable suit, Sansa in a fashionable dress that he had bought for her to wear.  As she sat at the vanity and finished her make up, Tywin came up behind her, smile on his face, with his hands behind his back.  She smiled up at him from the mirror.  


“What have you got there?”  Sansa asked as she completed her look.  He pulled out an exquisite ruby, diamond and gold necklace and placed it on her neck, kissing the side of her neck.  


“I have a present go with that lovely dress.”  He told her.  She held the pendant as she admired it in the mirror.  


“It’s so lovely Ty.  I love it and I love you.” She pulled him down to kiss him deeply.  They finished getting ready and Addam was driving them to the stadium.  Sansa got a text from Jon saying that he didn’t have anything planned.  His office was closed from two days before Christmas to the week after and he would love to come down to visit.  Sansa called Jon and Arya up on a conference call.  


“Hey Jon.”  Sansa said as Jon picked up.  


“Hey Sans!”  Jon said


“Jon and Sansa!  What’s up?”  Arya said picking up too 


“So I’m staying with Tywin over Christmas at his estate and wanted to know if you both wanted to come stay too for part of it.  I know you both don’t want go to the Stark get-together either.” Sansa said as she held Tywin’s hand.  He squeezed her hand.  


“Are there many flights left?  I feel like a lot of them are probably booked but I am definitely interested.”  Jon said.  


“Me too.”  Arya added


“Tywin and I were planning on picking you both up in his jet.  So it would be whenever you want.”  Sansa said as Tywin smiled at her. 


“I’m sorry, maybe I didn’t hear you correctly.”  Arya began.  “But did you just say you’ll pick us up in a private jet?”


“Yes.  Tywin said that would just be more efficient than having you fly commercial.” Sansa said.


“Well I’m in.”  Arya said. 


“Me too.”  Jon added.


“We can have dinner with Arya, Jon, and my family a few times while everyone is here.  There’s a home game against White Harbor a few days before Christmas.  You both could accompany us if you’d like.  We could pick you both up Friday morning for Arya and Friday afternoon for Jon and you’ll stay at Casterley, of course.”  Tywin said.  


“I think that would be a lot of fun.”  Jon said. 


“I’m down for it all and am looking forward to meeting you Tywin.” Arya added.


“Oh it will be so much fun!”  Sansa said beaming over at Tywin.  


“Perfect.  That’s settled.  Let Sansa know in the next few days when would work to get you both and I’ll make the arrangements.”    Tywin stated.  


“I love you both and am looking forward to seeing you both so soon!”  Sansa said excitedly.  


“Love you too Sansa.” Both Arya and Jon said back.  Everyone said good bye and hung up.  Sansa kissed Tywin briefly.  


“Thank you so much for this.”  Sansa said quietly.  


“I was thinking that this week, we could pick up some things from your place and bring them to Casterley.  We can stop at the stores to get anything else you need to stay with me for at least the next 2 weeks.”  He smiled hesitantly at her, hoping she would agree.  


“I think that would be a great idea.  I’m going to go shopping after work for a bit tomorrow.  But how about we plan for Tuesday night to bring some of my things over?” Sansa agreed.


“Deal.”  Tywin agreed with a short kiss as the car pulled into the garage below the stadium.  Once the car was parked, Tywin and Sansa set off for his box.  She started some coffee in the coffee maker and got a mug going for herself and Tywin.  They stood at the balcony overlooking the field, sipping their coffees and taking everything in while it was quiet.  Cersei came pretty early with Myrcella and Tommen.  Tywin took them down to the field while Sansa and Cersei staggered behind them to chat for a little bit.


“What are your intentions towards my father?”  Cersei asked, not beating around the bush, watching Sansa watch Tywin.  


“Quite honestly, I love him a lot.  I enjoy being with him and he makes me so very happy.”  Sansa said steadily.  “I would very much like to continue to be with him.  I think we’re good together and…-and I love him.  He’s the best thing that has happened to me in my entire life and-”  Sansa gazed longingly at Tywin.  Cersei looked at Sansa carefully.  She saw the honest emotion and love on Sansa’s face.  Tywin looked back at them and smiled at Sansa, his eyes twinkling.  Cersei saw the looks they gave each other and she sighed and nodded.


“Ok.”  Cersei told Sansa.  “Ok.”


Sansa smiled as Tywin waited for her.  He looped his arm through hers and kissed her cheek.  They had a great time at the game.  Tywin entertained some business associates with Sansa on his arm. The Lions won against the Pyke Krakens 38 to 10.   


Sansa had Tywin drop her off at her apartment after the game and she said she would see him Tuesday.  Tywin went back to Casterley and felt more alone than he had in a long time.  Now that he had had Sansa there for a few days, it had felt like a home, warm and inviting with someone to share it all with. He had forgotten how wonderful it was to fall asleep with the woman he loved in his arms, safe and content and wake up next to her.  Just as he was contemplating the terribleness of sleeping alone tonight, his phone rang.  


“I was just thinking about you.” He told Sansa as he picked up.


“Ty, I don’t want to sound needy, but I need you to come back here.  I don’t think I can sleep alone without you now that I’ve had you.”  She admitted.


“I was actually thinking the same thing.”  He told her.  “Let me get a bag together and some clothes for tomorrow and I’ll be over shortly.”  


“I love you.”  She said with her voice wavering for a moment.  


“I love you too.”  He said strongly. “See you shortly.”  He hung up, packed some pajama pants, a few other clothes and his suit for tomorrow.  He also cleared out some space in both his closet and drawers for her to bring some of her things over with.  He drove himself over to Sansa’s apartment and she met him at the door with a big kiss.


“Thank you.”  She said as she took his suit bag and hung it up on the door to her closet.  He dropped his bag on the floor to her bedroom.  They showered together and went to bed early, sleeping well in each other’s arms.  Tywin texted Addam to met him at Sansa’s apartment to take him to the office.  He had subtly gotten as much of the products that Sansa used into his phone to have them bought and waiting in his bathroom or home for when she stayed with him.  She got ready for work with him and he told her to take his car to work.  She could use it as she needed.  He had a meeting that would run to about 9 so he would join her after the meeting was over and pick up some food on his way over.    


They each went about their days at work.  Sansa went shopping after work and picked up a few more outfits to wear to work.  She thought about what to get Tywin for Christmas.  What did you get the wealthiest man in the country?  It wasn’t like he couldn’t buy anything he wanted.  She was browsing through a home decor store on her way around the mall when a beautiful gold picture frame caught her eye.  She liked the classic look to the frame and thought she could easily place a picture of both of them in it for Christmas. 


She stopped at a paper store and got a stack of heavy cardstock.  She went back to her apartment and packed up the things she would be bringing over to Tywin’s and then took out the card stock she had gotten earlier.  She sat down with her calligraphy pens and began to delicately write out the coupons.


Good for a massage

Good for one time to pick where we go for a meal

Good for a blowjob 

Good for a weekend away

Good for a fishing trip

Good for a night of strip poker

Good for a fantasy fulfilled

Good for a quickie

Good for a night at the ballet or opera

Good for an excuse to not go somewhere.


She let them dry a bit before setting them into a nice heavy envelope and hiding it in a bag with some books she wanted to bring.  Tywin joined her at her apartment, bringing dinner with him and a bottle of wine.  He set the table and poured them both a glass of wine before they ate, then showered and went to bed. 


Tywin and Addam helped her bring the 6 large bags she had full of clothes and other things from her apartment into the trunk the SUV. He told Addam to have them brought home while they were at work and to just place them on the floor in his bedroom. They would unpack them together after work. 


Tywin came with Addam to pick her up after work and drive her to Casterley.  She saw her bags already sitting on the floor in his bedroom.  They worked together to put them away in the spaces he had made for her.  She went into his bathroom and saw that he already had all of her products in the shower and counter.   “I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve set this side of the bed aside for you.”  He said as he gestured to the side closer to the window. She saw that he had a small charging station for her phone and her favored hand lotions. 


“Oh Ty.”  Sansa said tearing up at the thoughtfulness he had put into making it more inviting for  her to stay with him for the short term.  


“Is there anything else you needed?”  He said hesitantly looking at her. 


“It’s perfect, my love.”  She said confidently walking over to him. “The only other thing I need is you.”  She said bringing him closer and pulling him into a passionate kiss. She poured as much of the love, care and devotion that she had felt on seeing all the small things he had assembled the make her feel welcome longer term in his space. She hugged him.  They made love in the bed before ducking down to the kitchen in their robes to eat a quick dinner.