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Derek pushed his sunglasses up his nose, sighing impatiently. If he’d known Casey would have chosen today to be late for the first time in her life, he would have slept in longer. 


Now, he was left standing alone in front of the coffee shop, checking his phone every few seconds for a new text message. He was leaning against the brick wall, one foot propped up against it, in a perfect picture of nonchalance, while on the inside he was getting kind of antsy.


After fifteen minutes, he figured she wasn’t going to text him. She was probably stuck in traffic, making her way from uptown, and god forbid she would ever text while driving. Deciding that he didn’t need to indulge her when she was making him wait, he took out his pack of cigarettes and brought one to his lips. 


He wouldn’t normally be caught dead smoking in front of Casey. She would just scold him and spend hours sermoning him on the various negative effects of smoking, and cancer, and once was quite enough, thank you.


He exhaled the smoke and let his head fall back against the hard wall, trying to figure out why he was even waiting for her. It’s not like it was a date or an important meeting of any kind. Meeting up with Casey for breakfast and coffee was merely something he did to pass the time. Standing there waiting was kind of wasting it. 


He entertained the thought of actually acknowledging the next girl that passed by, looking at him like she was going to take his clothes off. He got so many of those looks these days, he would barely even notice them if he was completely bored out of his mind.


When Casey finally did arrive, she came out of a shiny silver Mazda. Derek lowered the glasses to stare at the car. It was new and definitely not hers, since she’d been driving a wreck for the last couple of years and complaining she didn’t have the money to buy a new one. He had offered to finance it, since he could afford it and he’d done the same for Edwin and Lizzie, but she wouldn’t let him.


She approached him, sauntering happily across the sidewalk with her purse on her shoulder and a bright smile on her lips. ‘’What do you think?’’ Casey asked when she stopped in front of him.


Derek pushed the sunglasses in his hair and took the last drag of his cigarette before throwing it on the ground. He exhaled casually, letting the smoke out just above her head. ‘’Who’s your new sugar daddy?’’ he asked.


‘’De-rek!’’ Casey shouted, at both his comment and the smoking, trying to shoo it away with her hand. He smirked, considering his day officially started now that she was here and properly annoyed. ‘’I’ve been saving money.’’


‘’And this,’’ Derek said, gesturing towards the car, ‘’is why you’re late?’’


‘’Yes!’’ Casey said enthusiastically, bouncing on her feet. ‘’I just bought it.’’


‘’Looks good,’’ Derek admitted. ‘’Not as good as my car, but…’’


Casey rolled her eyes. ‘’Like I could ever afford a Ferrari.’’


Derek shrugged. ‘’You could always marry a rich hockey player.’’


‘’You might have noticed, I’m trying to stay away from those,’’ Casey chirped. He chuckled and she smiled haughtily as she took hold of his forearm to drag him towards the shop. ‘’Come on, Hot Shot, I’m hungry.’’


He followed her, unwittingly putting a hand on the small of her back to guide her inside. ‘’Should have thought of that instead of bribing Sugar Daddy with sexual favours,’’ Derek said, earning himself an elbow in the ribs. ‘’Ow.’’


‘’If you’re going to be making stupid comments, you can buy breakfast,’’ Casey said and turned towards the barista to order coffee and a croissant. Derek put in his order and paid their bill without a word. Casey picked an isolated table in a corner next to a window and sat down, picking at her croissant. 


‘’You call that breakfast?’’ Derek mocked, eyeing the breaded pastry.


‘’It’s small, but filling,’’ Casey defended. She looked pointedly at his chocolate danish. ‘’Aren’t you on a strict diet?’’


‘’What my nutritionist doesn’t know won’t kill her,’’ he answered and winked, taking a huge bite.


It had been a while since he’d indulged in junk food and sweets. Getting in shape for professional hockey after college had been a whole other game, and not only for performance but also for appearance. The second Derek had showed up to a meeting with the team’s publicist with a cheeseburger and fries, the guy had freaked and hired a nutritionist to keep him in check. But hell, one danish every six months couldn’t hurt, right?


‘’How’d you afford the new car, anyway?’’ Derek redirected the conversation. ‘’I thought you were in over your head with rent and med school.’’


Casey shrugged easily, keeping her eyes on her plate. ‘’I’ve been getting really good tip at the diner.’’


Derek frowned. She didn’t sound like she was lying, which might have convinced anyone else since she was terrible at it, but she was being way too casual about it. From experience, he knew that waiting tables didn’t rake in that much money, even when the service was exceptional. Still though, he would have been able to tell easily if she’d been hiding something, so he shrugged it off.


They finished their morning routine of arguing over coffee and headed out. When they emerged onto the sidewalk, Derek pulled his shades back over his eyes against the harsh light of the sun and stretched his arms out with a yawn. A rookie mistake, since Casey took advantage of his moment of vulnerability to squeeze herself into his side, wrapping one arm around his waist. She held her phone up with obvious intent of taking their picture. 


Giving in easily, Derek let his arm fall over her shoulder and smiled for the camera. She released him quickly afterwards, leaving his side suddenly cold.


‘’I needed proof that I know a real hockey star,’’ Casey said, smiling down at her phone as she typed something up.


‘’Who are you bragging to? Your anatomy books?’’ Derek quipped.


‘’Just my Instagram followers,’’ Casey said, looking up sweetly at him. As she put her phone back in her purse, his own buzzed in his back pocket.


Forcing the smile off his face, he fished it out and looked at the picture she’d tagged him into. It was a nice picture, both of them smiling at the camera with the sun reflecting in his sunglasses. He liked it and put his phone back in his pocket. 


‘’Guess I can’t deny being friends with a keener like you, now,’’ Derek said teasingly.


Her eyebrows shot up to her hairline. ‘’We’re friends?’’ Casey asked incredulously.


‘’Sort of,’’ Derek shrugged, ‘’I mean we’re not enemies anymore, right?’’


Casey grinned. ‘’I guess not.’’





They actually hadn’t been enemies in a long time. 


At college, they’d tried doing the normal step-siblings thing to do, which was to avoid each other. It had worked for a while, until they somehow ended up with common friends and were practically forced to spend time together. They’d see each other in the hallways, at parties, and any social gatherings that they were both invited to, which meant all the time. Eventually, they’d learned to get along.


Derek wouldn’t say they had been best friends then, barely holding it together for the sake of their friends. They still argued like cat and dog. But it was… tamer. Like it was more amicable banter than personal disagreement. Not being confined to the same space as Casey, in the absence of nagging and other annoying things (like the smell of her shampoo in the washroom), made her easier to tolerate.


Somehow, they’d just kept it up. Meeting up for coffee or lunch or dinner on a regular basis. Derek didn’t really think about it, kind of made sure that he didn’t, so he never allowed himself to wonder if it meant anything.


It probably didn’t. 


But it seemed to make Casey happy. The smile never left her face as she drove him to the gym. He looked at her from the corner of his eyes, observing the way she was calmly, but firmly holding the steering wheel, cautious but relaxed. She looked good, healthy. Surprisingly, considering last time he saw her a few weeks ago, she’d been in the middle of a nervous breakdown.


‘’What?’’ Casey asked, breaking the companionable silence. Derek started, realizing he’d been staring.


‘’Nothing, uh...’’ Derek said. ‘’You look… better.’’


Casey grinned and slowed in front of his regular gym. ‘’And you look like you’ll have to work out extra hard to make up for the illicit danish,’’ she teased.


Derek rolled his eyes. ‘’I’m serious. I was… everyone was worried about you.’’


‘’Everyone?’’ she questioned, lifting one perfect eyebrow upwards.


He groaned. ‘’Don’t make me say it.’’


Casey chuckled and looked over to park safely. ‘’Thank you,’’ she allowed, keeping her eyes out the window. ‘’I feel better,’’ she said softly, then turned to look at him with a grateful smile. 


For a beat, it felt like she was telling him something, but it passed and he was out of the car the next moment. ‘’Don’t get into trouble,’’ Derek said, leaning back into the open door.


‘’I won’t do anything you wouldn’t do, D,’’ Casey said, unhelpfully.


‘’That doesn’t leave out much,’’ he shot back.


‘’Oh, well…’’ she shrugged.


Snorting, Derek finally shut the door and headed into the gym to find the guys already working through their sets. He was so going to skip warm ups.


‘’You’re late, Venturi,’’ Jerry shouted from the workout bench.


‘’Yeah, sorry guys, breakfast ran late,’’ Derek apologized, not mentioning it was Casey’s fault.


‘’Nothing to do with the hottie you were with, by any chance?’’ Mike said, smirking like he knew something.


Derek couldn’t help the slight blush on his face, but covered it with a satisfied smile. ‘’Way off base, dude.’’


‘’What hottie?’’ Jerry asked, leaving the bench to make his way next to them. ‘’Since when do you hold out on us, Venturi?’’


‘’She’s not-’’


‘’The one on his instagram,’’ Mike answered helpfully. Showing his friend the picture on his phone.


‘’Holy shit, dude, I know this girl,’’ Jerry chuckled.


Um. Derek frowned. ‘’You know Casey?’’


‘’That’s not what she calls herself online, bro,’’ Jerry said in that voice, like that one time he was so sure he was going to score with the waitress at the sports bar.


‘’Huh?’’ Derek uttered, kind of lost. What was Casey calling herself online?


‘’Your girlfriend is a Camgirl,’’ Jerry said.


‘’A what?’’


‘’You don’t know Camgirl? The website?’’




‘’Holy shit, dude, you gotta see this,’’ Jerry said, pulling out his own phone and typing something in.


Derek frowned, looking down at his friend’s google browser.


The website had a simple dark background with pink lettering, nothing fancy but definitely porn site looking. Camgirl, it read. 


Jerry showed him the profile page of a user called ThePrincess21. The profile picture was definitely Casey. Derek wondered for a minute if someone had made a false account using her face. She would blow a fucking gasket if she found out. That theory was quickly crushed when he swiped down to the video section.


The video previews were Casey, in multiple states of undress, which made his stomach sink. He clicked on a video called Introduction, picking this one because she looked fully dressed, unable to bring himself to pick anything else.


"Hi guys, I am The Princess and welcome to my channel,'' Casey was saying with a sultry smile on her face. ''Sign up to become my new boyfriend so we can have some fun-"


He paused the video, petrified.






"What is this?" Derek asked, forcing the words through his constricted throat.


"It's live shows,'' Jerry said. ''Girls broadcast live and they get tips for doing things, like showing their boobs or whatever.''


"What?" This wasn't a Casey thing at all.


"I can't believe you didn't know your girlfriend is The Princess. She's like top 10 most on demand girls on the site."


"First of all, she's not my girlfriend."


"Pity, dude," Mike chuckled.


"She's hot," Jerry agreed.


Derek gulped. "Alright, lamebrains,'' he forced himself to say. ''Are we here to work out or to watch porn?"


Nevermind if he ended up working out harder than usual. He might just be sore in the morning.



Sign up now.


So he found out later that night that he couldn’t actually watch anything on her profile, besides the introduction video, without signing up to the website first, which was in itself comforting knowing it wasn't just roaming free on the internet. Less comforting was the knowledge that Jerry obviously had an account.


Furthermore, credit card details were obligatory for the subscription fee. Everything on the website had a price. Enter a live broadcast, monthly subscription to a popular user, buy access to a previous video. Considering the banner at the top said there were millions of users on the site, it was no doubt popular. Assuming the girls on it actually received the money, they probably made a good rate.


Which was how his mind went back to Casey's car. It was a brand new model. No way she could afford that on a waitress wage.


The thumbnail to her videos weren't that revealing, closeups of her face, full body shots in her underwear. He didn't think he should see any of this. He shouldn't know about this. There was something kind of wrong about stalking her profile like this, something voyeuristic.


Her videos had a lot of plays, too, considering the crazy high prices. It seemed her 25k subscribers didn't mind it. That's how you know something is quality. She was high end alright. Royalty.


Unable to resist his curiosity, he clicked on a low priced video, assuming the content would be less… pricey . It was a q&a video.


She was lying on her back on her bed, dressed, though scantily. Short shorts and a skinny tank top, looking up at the camera as her head was hanging slightly off the bed, offering a beautiful view of her cleavage.


It started off in the middle of an answer.


"-am a full time student, in med school, and I work part time at a diner downtown,’’ Casey listed off. On the right side, the chat box was bursting with comments. Casey squinted at the screen to read them.

Gino7000: that's hot
Gino7000 has tipped 5$
HardNoodles101 has tipped 2$
HardNoodles101: ever been in a threesome?
SexAddict69: i wanna fuck u so hard
VagCruncher555: how about girl on girl?

Casey laughed, ignoring the less savory comments. ‘’I’ve never participated in a threesome and I’ve never kissed a girl, no.’’


Derek’s eyes were huge, his mind repeating that he does not need to know any of this, just get the hell out of here right now .

VagCruncher555: you should do a video with Trina61
VagCruncher555 has tipped 2$
Gino7000: you're so beautiful and pure
CanadaMounty234: what's your hottest fantasy?

‘’I have this fantasy that… I’m arguing with this guy I like and it’s intense,’’ Casey said, rolling around on her stomach, legs flapping behind her, ‘’like it always is and when it gets just too much, he grabs me, and kisses me and then…’’ she bit her lip, looking up right into the camera lens through her thick dark lashes. ‘’Then he fucks me hard against the wall.’’

Was he burning up or was it hot in here? What the hell?

StallionDivine: wish it could be me
HardNoodles101: who is it?

‘’Uh uh uh, I’m not giving out names, you know that boys.’’

CanadaMounty234 has tipped 10$
CanadaMounty234: show us your tits

‘’Hmmm… Tell you what, CanadaMounty234, I’ll do what you asked if we get an extra 100 tips.’’


The chat box errupted, dinging incessantly until the goal was reached, and exceeded.


‘’Wow you really want me to take my shirt off, don’t you,’’ Casey said, reaching for the hem of her shirt.


Derek stopped the video, out of breath, deciding that... nope.




He was not going to finish this video. He would not intrude on Casey's privacy. She obviously wouldn't want him knowing about this, though what she obviously would or wouldn't want, or do, didn't seem to match his previous perception of her anymore.


There was still a line he couldn't cross though, no matter how much he wanted to.


Not that he actually wanted to... see her take her shirt off... or whatever.


Derek groaned inwardly. He really needed a cold shower.