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Chaos was installed on that peacefull temple in the snowy mountains of Tibet. A huge, insatiable creature crawled around, devouring everything on sight. A little boy ran behind the monster, carring a black box, praying it to stop. Finally, a girl, slighty older than him, the only one tanned on there (probably from another country, it seemed), made her way around the mess and stood in front of him.

-This is the main miraculous box, isn't it? The one with the creation and destruction powers? ~She asked, kneeling and holding his sholders on a older-sister way, looking him deep in the eyes. The boy's was full of tears.

-Y-yes... Jasmine I'm so sorry, this is all my fault... ~He stammered, holding tighly the box.

-That's fine, okay? Just take the box and run the faster you can, the farest you can. We'll fix it. ~She let him go, standing on her feet.

-But Jas-

-Just go. ~She said firmly, more serious that he ever saw her being. He nooded one time and obeyed. She observed him running for a second before wrapping her hand around the little guitar pick, held around her neck by a piece of string. ~Lyricc, time to roar. 

A little navy blue light flew to her neck, transforming her creamy yellow vestment into almost-black blue, with black spots replacing the orange flowers. a blue tribal paint covered her eyes, two ears stuck out of her brown hair and a piece of fabric wrapped arround her waist, forming a long tail.

The creature licked it's mouth at the scent of great feline in front of it. But she wasn't alone.

-Hide and seek! ~A young male voice sounded, and suddenly the creature was distracted by another strong scent, guiding it to far from them. A red-haired boy with black and white outfit came out of the shadows to meet her.

-We need to guide everybody to a safier place. ~The redhead panted. She nooded, and each of them went to help a side of the temple. 

The girl reached great double-doors, it's golden reflex looking back of her. Her masters had told her that they would make a sacret ritual to achieve clairvoyance and they couldn't be interrupted, but it was a emergency. She had no choice.

-Masters! There's a- 

It all happened very fast. Two older womans were holding a long spectrum of light, moving like a snake, when they suddenly lost concentration for a while and the light flew to the only exit there and ended up hitting the girl, whose hair changed from brown to magenta and her right eye changed from green to violet. She fainted, but never hit the ground, because a long tongue had tangled on her middle and she was dragged to the waiting mouth of Festin...

Two hundred years later...

It was weird to come back after all this time.

When she knew that Fu, whose when the last time she checked was pratically her younger brother, was a elderly man, she stood a while facing the wall to take it all in.

Now, it seemed that he had passed the miraculous box to another person. And now SHE was being send to keep a eye on her. She, of all people. The girl who almost make the temple catch fire while preparing tea.

She was prepared to act as a normal teenager for two months, and since her powers was related to music, she needed to hear what people was hearing now, what, she addmited, wasn't bad at all. She had even already built a little fame as a youtuber posting cover videos.

-Your kwami will stay here to be prepared for a little longer. And we'll choose your partner too. ~The head-master of the temple declared.

Her eyes landed first on Lyricc, her loyal kwami, looking at her with concern, and then at the roll of young heroes behind her, more expecifically to the redhead on the end. Choose a partner? What if they choose someone else, who wasn't so close to her than him? He was all she had when she lost everything... He and Lyricc, that's it.

But she resigned in nooding and accept. She wasn't going to prove herself weak.

She just hoped that the famous "Ladybug" was at least a nice person.

If Marinette found odd that, out of the blue, her parents decided to host a exchange studant in the middle of the school year, didn't showed it. After all, she always wanted to have a sister.

Of couse Tikki didn't like the idea. Another person on that house was another person who could discover her secret, so they would need to be even more carefull. But her parents seemed so excited and she didn't wanted to ruin that.

Finally, the day came, and they went to the airport to take the new girl.

She had about her age, 15 years old, and in essence, she looked pretty much with Luka. She wore a black bonnet in top of her pink-purple hair, had a tiny dot under her right eye, that was on a diferent color than her left one, used a black t-shirt with the symbol of Nirvana, a dark purple jacket, a silver guitar pick around her neck, ripped jeans, red sneackers, spiked bracelets and carried a guitar case on her backs. Her skin was tanned and she was taller than her.

-Are you Jasmine Sierra? ~Asked Sabine, on her usual sweet tone.

-Yes. But please, call me Jazz. ~The girl said, shaking the hand of each family member.

-Welcome France! ~The bluenette smiled warmly.

-Thanks.~ She smiled back.

-Will be great to have you with us! ~Said Tom, similing from ear to ear. ~I have sure you'll love the bakery!

-...a bakery. A place where you make bread and cake and things like that. ~Jasmine said. Before she went to the temple and after her parents died, she never had much things to eat, and now she was going to live in such a place.

-The best one in Paris! ~The man said, with pride. ~ Let's come back home so you can prove some of it, we have macarons, cookies, croissants...

She may have never heard about any of these things but she had the impression she was going to like her new life.