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Like Playing House

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Everything was going to be fine. Everything was going to turn out great. Nothing was going to turn out wrong. Except. That Yoongi was 99.9% sure he was just bullshitting himself. He was feeling sick the other day, nothing too bad, really, Jeongguk and him went out to get some lamb skewers. Nothing happened until they got home and started to unpack the food they brought over, at first they were going to stay over and eat at the restaurant but Jimin called about wanting food and suddenly two orders turned into seven.


Yoongi had been excited about finally eating some meat but the moment the smell of the skewers hit his nose he felt disgusted. So disgusted that he had ran to the restroom to throw up. Namjoon had been behind him while he emptied his stomach, his mate rubbing his back soothingly as he tried to keep his worry out of his scent. Trying his best to make it as comfortable as possible while Yoongi suffered over the toilet.


The taller male looked worried as Yoongi rinsed his mouth over the sink, there was a small crease in his eyebrows. “Joon, I’m fine. Really.” Yoongi tried to ease the younger man by smiling at him, looking at him through the mirror's reflection.


“If you were fine then you wouldn’t have been throwing up,” Namjoon sounded miffed while he rubbed Yoongi’s sides. “What’s wrong? It’s alright, you know you can tell me.” The younger male wasn’t babying him (maybe he was, but sue him), his tone was low and soft, slow as to have Yoongi register every syllable and make sure he was safe. “You can tell Alpha what’s wrong.” By now Namjoon was back hugging his omega, he was becoming distressed by how his scent had the lightest bitter twinge in it. “If you really don’t know then you don’t have to tell Alpha anything, that’s alright,” Namjoon started to rub his nose against Yoongi’s scent gland, “how about we get you some water and food that doesn’t make you throw up? Would you like that Yoongi?”


A soft hum left Yoongi’s throat as Namjoon’s scent blended into his own, it felt so nice that he forgot about looking into as to why he just dumped everything he ate in the past week into the fucking toilet.


This should've been the second sign that something was off- no scratch that. The second and third sign that something was very fucking off. It was right after their dance practice that Yoongi was suddenly hit with a wave of exhaustion. He had already taken a shower and was resting on the couch when every single muscle in his body was drained of energy and his eyes decided that staying open was fuck all a trash thing to do. He groaned lowly when he felt someone plop themselves down, jostling him.


Yoongi must’ve sounded fucking horrible because he heard a soft sorry from the person. It was a few minutes(?)later when Yoongi felt someone else sit down beside him, this time it didn’t feel like they were flung onto the couch by Godzilla or something. Instead, they sat down like a normal person. Not moving Yoongi.


“H...hyu…..hyung!” The omega was being shaken awake, the place where he was being held was aching. Unsurprisingly enough, Yoongi was sore all over. “Are you really going to sleep on the couch, hyung?” Yoongi cracked an eye open when Jeongguk’s words became more clear, he looked concerned with his eyebrows scrunched up.


“Don’t bother Gguk, just let hyung sleep,” it sounded like Taehyung. So it was him who got manhandled by the fucking titans of Olympus onto the couch.


There was shuffling, Yoongi had already closed his eyes when suddenly someone was picking him up. It wasn’t Namjoon because of how different the arms that were holding him up were. Having said that Yoongi started to whine high in his throat, it was a distress call for his Alpha his eyes were blown wide when he caught a whiff and Jeongguk’s scent. Yoongi started to wriggle and squirm in the maknae's hold, scratching his arms that were bare by his short sleeves.


Jeongguk was wincing while his hyung kept trying to get out, Taehyung had sat up and was ready to help while Jimin was waving his hand around trying to find a way to intervene (when did he get here?). The omega was in so much distress that his scent was bitter and rancid. The three maknaes were trying to calm him down, the two alpha’s trying to calm the distressed man being held while he just whined in distress. Yoongi was calling for his Alpha.


“Gguk, Namjoon hyung will get here soon and-” Taehyung was cut off when a snarl come from behind them. And there stood Namjoon, fangs bared and eyes black, he was running on his instincts. His omega had called him, a cry of fear and a little pain.


Before Jeongguk could panic Yoongi was ripped out of his hold by an almost foaming at the mouth alpha. The scent of anger was high in the air and Jimin looked like he’s about to pass out from the other alpha’s pheromones. Yoongi didn’t calm down though, he kept whimpering and- now that Jeongguk didn’t have him in his hold he could see that his eyelashes were thick and wet with tears.


Namjoon must’ve noticed because his scent calmed down almost immediately, going from the heavy and suffocating scent of anger to its usual jasmine tea and sage smell the scent usually was, but it wasn’t enough. When Yoongi started to whine again Namjoon took a deep breath and brought his scent back to normal, smiling softly as Yoongi seemingly went back to sleep.


And there, that happened once and it was never brought back up. Now it’s two weeks later and they’re in America, he had a feeling as to what was really going on. So he snuck out of the hotel or well- told Namjoon he wanted to get McDonald's and took a detour to Target and bought himself the most expensive pregnant test he could find (and two other ones).


The whole time he kept telling himself it was just to make sure, to make sure that he hadn’t messed up somehow. Waiting for it to fucking get ready was the worst, he couldn’t stop pacing the restroom trying to be as quiet as possible so that he didn’t wake up Namjoon.


Positive. It had turned out positive. All three turned out positive. And Yoongi felt like crying, he felt like he messed up and ruined something. Because he did ruin something, they can’t be parents, they’re idols. They’re so young, Namjoon doesn’t deserve any of what Yoongi’s going to put him through. He doesn’t even know if the younger man wants to be a father, and in his panicked state of mind the thought of aborting the baby comes to mind, it’s just a flash. It goes as quick as it comes because he couldn’t do that not to his baby and to Namjoon. He can’t just go and kill their unborn child without Namjoon knowing he was- might’ve been a father.


So he sucks in a breath and calms himself down before leaving the bathroom to lay down next to his mate who was sleeping away like if he wasn’t about to be a father in nine months. As Yoongi was drifting into a dreamless sleep, having his muscles relax and fill up with the warm feeling of rest he felt long arms wrap around his waist and pull him back. And that’s how he fell into a deep sleep, warm arms around him and his back pressed into a perfectly outlined chest.



It shouldn’t have bothered him as much as it did, it’s not like he was showing, his stomach flat and a little fluffy with his natural fat, but the shirt he was given to wear didn’t feel good. Yoongi felt as if it was too tight like if the buttons would burst so he changed it for a big striped jumper, warm and large on his fairly small build, he ignored Jimin's ‘cute!’ directed at him while he made his way into the van.


The car ride there was uneventful, Jimin and Taehyung bickering like fools, Jeongguk and Namjoon going over some English and Seokjin looking through his phone, Yoongi had his head resting on the elder’s broad shoulder. It was odd really, how the elder didn’t complain about how Yoongi was messing up his shirt. On the contrary, Seokjin tilted his shoulder down so that Yoongi could rest his head more comfortingly on it, he even moved his hand up and started to run his hand through the Yoongi’s dyed strands. The older alphas sent started to softly seep around Yoongi as if to comfort him in a way that friends would. Hoseok had his hand on Yoongi’s stomach and for a second Yoongi thought he knew, the beta was awfully in tone with his pack mates.


The way he rubbed his stomach made it seem like he knew exactly what was going on. Looking up at him Yoongi noticed how Hoseok wasn’t even looking at him, his eyes still on his phone he used his other hand to scroll. Yoongi settled after that, maybe his body knows, the thought made something shift inside him.


It wasn't too loud or too quiet in the van, a perfect medium of noise and lack of it. Everyone's scent filled the air as if trying to calm his down, make him feel safe. Though it seemed none of them were aware. And Yoongi didn't mind.


The interview itself was pretty uneventful, same boring old questions, them making fools of themselves and all that stuff. Sometime during the interview caught him off guard it was something that Namjoon said.


"I want to be a dad."


Those words filled him with something akin to joy. It was relief that surged through every ounce of his body. Making him float to cloud nine. And oh god how he wants to just stand up and walk in front of his mate, grab him and kiss him stupid and say 'You are! You are a dad!' But he can't. He can't here and right now. So he says what his throat can manage to let out.


"You can."


And Namjoon smiles, soft and full of joy. Like he can't wait for the future, excitement ready to spill in blinding teeth and deep dimples. It's intimate what the alpha is feeling, the interviewer can sense it so as calmly as they can they try to make light of the situation, not be rude about it but a reminder that it’s no time to feel such way. Not here, not now, later, with your pack.



Yoongi doesn’t tell anyone. Not even when they get back to South Korea. He needs to make sure, he needs to go to the doctor and make sure that he’s actually pregnant. So he doesn’t tell anyone but their manager, asking if he can get an appointment arranged as soon as possible and much to his delight he got one for the very next day. He didn’t tell anyone from the band about it but something tells him that Seokjin picked up on what was going on. At least with the doctor thing. ‘Good luck,’ is all he tells him as he leaves out the door. The car ride is quiet, music is playing from the radio and Yoongi can’t really tell what it is, maybe it’s because it’s dialed down to the point where the lyrics are being whispered or because he can’t seem to focus.


Walking into the clinic is always a sight, omegas looking as peaceful as possible with being surrounded by betas and other omegas. A few alphas here and there but they’re mated so they don’t bother anyone. His manager nods at him as he turns to head back to the van, it’s nice not having to talk to be understood. The lady at the front desk is a beta, Mrs. Lee, a middle-aged wife with two kids.


“Hello, Yoongi dear, what are you doing here today?” Her voice wasn’t too deep or overly sweet. It was nice, a person Yoongi wouldn’t mind listening to. “Silly of me asking what you’re doing here, where could my head be? Oh my, well, let us see-” the light sounds of her fingers tapping on the keyboard started to ring out. Soft chatting from behind Yoongi let him know he wasn’t alone. “Your appointment with Mr. Song is in about fifteen minutes, so please sit while he gets ready,” Yoongi nodded at Mrs. Lee before he turned to a corner of the sitting room area where no one was sitting at.


There was an omega and her alpha mate two seats away from where Yoongi was heading, they were talking between themselves. Harsh whispers but nothing aggressive, the woman smiled politely when she saw him walk by. Although Yoongi wasn’t able to hear what the couple was discussing he could make out the sly grin on the man's face. A small smile filled Yoongi face, god he wishes Namjoon were here. Trying to distract himself the male omega picked up a magazine from the table beside him, the plant that was on the same table shook a little at how the table shifted when the weight of the magazine was lifted. Turning so that Yoongi was able to see the cover properly it read “New mother struggles! And how to cope!” how ironic, Yoongi thought.


Five minutes had passed when a buzz from his phone made him put down the magazine on his lap, crossed legs making the slick sheet of papers slide to one side. Taking his phone from his pocket Yoongi saw that it was a message from Namjoon;



How are you doing? Feeling okay?


Seokjin must’ve told him where he was going, not that it bothered Yoongi.



im fine
don’t worry about it


How can I not? I’m not with you :(
Sorry for not going along


Yoongi smiled at the words his mate sent him, it made him feel nice when Namjoon worried about him even though he logically knew nothing bad would happen to him.


don’t be like that you dummy. it’s just a check up
plus you didn’t know i was coming


It wasn’t just a check-up but Yoongi would rather not tell Namjoon that because if the alpha were to find out he’d come running over in no time. Even though having him here would make everything a lot better, he’d rather himself be alone in case it was just a fluke and he got the youngers hopes up over nothing.



Doesn’t matter, I still want to be there with you. I know how nervous you can get when you’re alone
And don’t give me any of that “I can handle it” Mr. Min. I know you well enough


The omega scoffed at what Namjoon sent him, the asshole. How dare he call him out over text? Just when he was about to send him something back his name was called out, guess it was his turn.



Alpha loves you baby ❤️


Maybe Namjoon should have come along if he had the knots in Yoongi’s stomach wouldn’t have been there for as long as they were. The only thing keeping everything in his stomach and not the floor was Namjoon’s last text. The dork.


“Hello Yoongi, it hasn’t been that long since your last check-up. What brings you here?” Mr. Song was a nice man, the beta had a nice aura to him, calm and ethical. A good man.


Having said that, Yoongi felt surprisingly uneasy around him. The doctor must have sensed this because he took a few steps back, “well now that’s odd, isn’t it?” He picked up his clipboard and wrote something down before going over to the door. “Lei! Can you please come over here for a second?” Mr. Song called someone over.


In a matter of a few seconds an omega walked through the door, she had a soft look on her face as she walked over to Yoongi. Almost immediately did the male omega calm down.


“So, now that that's been covered, how about we start?” Mr. Song was just as calm as before, “is there anything bothering you Yoongi?”


The female omega moved to stand next to where he was sitting on the examination table. “Yes- well. A few weeks ago a have a really bad reaction to the smell of food I really like, which I found weird because I could literally live off of it.” Mr. Song nodded as he wrote on his clipboard before looking back up at Yoongi, “and then when an alpha from our pack touched me and had his scent around me I felt really distressed and I- I don’t know? Wrong?”


It was weird, remembering his reaction that day. It was really odd but none of them really ever talked about it. “So I decided to take a pregnancy test, a few actually and-“ Mr. Song had looked up from his clipboard while Lei’s attention was on him, “all of the tests I took turned out positive- I- I came here to make sure- that- well that it’s actually true.”


Nothing was said as the doctor set down his clipboard. Silently did he move over to the corner of the room and pull over a machine. Lei shifted so that she was facing Yoongi.


“Yoongi, can you please lay down?” It was the first time the female omega spoke, her voice was gentle as she guided Yoongi. “Thank you, now please can you lift your shirt up?”


The table Yoongi turned into a bed, a part of it rose so that Yoongi could lay on it and still be sitting up. His head whipped over to where Mr. Song had started to wheel the machine over, hooking stuff up while Yoongi silently lifted his shirt up. Lei stopped him once his whole stomach was on display.


She walked over to a drawer and pulled out a tube of gel, making her way over and uncapping it once she’s in front of Yoongi. “Now, it’s going to be cold when I apply it but it will warm up. Alright?” Lei talked as she moved, looking up at him as Yoongi nodded.


True to her words the gel was very cold on his stomach, a hiss left his clenched teeth. What the fuck? Yoongi didn’t have any time to dwell on the coldness that was on his usually warm belly.


“What will happen now is an ultrasound, alright? This way we can actually find out if you’re pregnant or not.” Mr. Song had a wand-like tool in his hand that was attached to the machine. “Now, I’ll be pressing this to your lower stomach, where your uterus is. It’ll be a hard press, but not one that should hurt.” The gloved he had on squeaked against the wand.


Lei walked behind the machine and shifted it so that the screen was facing Yoongi, just as soon Mr. Song pressed the wand to Yoongi lower stomach.


He was right, the press was strong but not painful. On the screen, it showed nothing but black and gray, until a pouch appeared. It wasn’t that big but there was something in it. His baby. His and Namjoon’s child.


“Well Yoongi, you’re indeed pregnant. And by the looks of it, I’d say three weeks along. Congratulations.” Mr. Songs' smile was soft and Lei clapped.


What happened after didn’t fully register, the wiping of his belly, Mr. Song giving him seven printouts of his ultrasound. Saying goodbye to Mrs. Lee. Not even the ride back to the dorms was enough to bring him out of his haze.



“Hyung! You’re back, how was it?” Taehyung was coming out of the kitchen just as Yoongi was taking off his shoes.


Yoongi walked up to him and hugged him, which must’ve caught the young alpha completely off guard. Buffering before hugging him back, “Tae, have you seen Joonie?” Yoongi’s voice was muffled as it was pressed into Taehyung’s chest.


Pulling back Taehyung nodded, “yeah, he’s in your guys’ room.”


Nodding Yoongi let go of the taller man, already making his way to his and Namjoon’s room. “Taehyungie, can you call everyone to the living room? I have something to tell you guys.”


Leaving without another word Yoongi made his way over to their room. Opening the door the smell of his alpha and his scent filled his nostrils, bringing him into a state of peacefulness he never knew was possible until he bonded with Namjoon.


True to Taehyung’s words, Namjoon was laying on the bed, he back pressing against the headboard as his laptop rested on his lap, glasses on his nose as he worked. Finally looking up when Yoongi whined as he stood next to him.


Namjoon smiled as he moved his laptop over and wrapped his arms around Yoongi’s waist. Pulling him over and on his lap.


“How was it? Did everything turn out okay?” Namjoon spoke into the crook of Yoongi’s neck, nuzzling his nose into the scent gland that he had sunk his teeth into two years ago. “I missed you, so, so, so, so much baby.”


Yoongi giggled, letting out a small squeak. It was those sounds that Namjoon loved pulling out of him when they were alone, loving how he’d make the omega’s act fall onto the floor in pieces.


Snaking his arms over Namjoon’s shoulders, Yoongi wrapped his arms around his alphas neck. Feeling how Namjoon tightened his hold around his waist, and as a result, the omega pressed his thighs to Namjoon’s hips. There was nothing sexual to it, just the need to be closer to each other, pressed chest to chest and thrive off the feeling of their sound hearts beating. Scents mingling with familiarity and love.


“Joonie, Joonie, Joonie,” Yoongi said his mates' name over and over, letting the name fall from his lips and onto the side of Namjoon’s head. The alpha smiled, his omega was happy, so very happy. “Joonie,” Yoongi shifted so that his arms were wrapped around Namjoon’s waist.


“Mmm, yes? What is it lovely?” Namjoon pressed an opened mouth kiss behind Yoongi’s ear. Smiling when the smaller man hunched his shoulders.


There was a moment of silence before Yoongi spoke again. “I have a surprise. A very very very big surprise a-and I’m very happy about it.” The omega whispered into his mates hair, “I’ll tell along with the others, mkay? Alright, Joonie?” Namjoon couldn’t see his baby’s face but he knew there was a pretty pink flush on his face.


Namjoon kissed his bite mark that laid on Yoongi’s scent gland, physical proof of their bond. “Alright beautiful.”



“Not that I don’t like bonding as a pack- but why so sudden hyung? I was busy,” Jimin pouted as he was wrapped around a blanket, obviously just woken up.


Taehyung was next to the freshly woken omega, being used as a rest pole to keep Jimin up. “I don’t know why you’re complaining, personally I don’t mind.” His arms crossed as he put his head off to the side, making Jimin whine from the movement.


Jeongguk stepped out of the kitchen, a cup of coffee in his hands as Seokjin walked behind him. “What’s up hyung? Everything alright?” The young alpha and eldest beta sat down on the floor at the foot of Jimin and Taehyung.


Jimin must’ve thought putting his feet on Seokjin’s shoulders was a good idea before the man bit his ankle. Jeongguk laughing along with Taehyung before Jimin kicked both of them. Hoseok trying to calm them down before they start a fight.


“Guys.” Namjoon was standing behind Yoongi as both of them stood in front of the sofa set, right behind the TV. “Yoongi has something to tell us, calm down, please?” He wasn’t using his alpha tone, but his words were firm as they left his mouth. Effective by the way they calmed down.


Yoongi started to fidget, shoving his hands into the pocket of his hoodie, playing with the seven pictures he got not that long ago. Namjoon must’ve sensed his nervousness because he wrapped his arms around Yoongi.


“O-okay, so um, well, d- do you guys- oh hell.” Namjoon tightened his hold around him, “I went to the doctor because- well I had a- no- not a complication… hmmm more like a hunch?” They’ve never seen Yoongi like that, his pack sent off the smell of home in an attempt to calm him down.


Taking a deep breathe Yoongi pulled the pictures out of his pocket, Namjoon letting him go when the omega pulled towards the coffee table.


Slamming the seven pictures of his ultrasound, Yoongi stepped back, hands shaking as he balled them up into fists. Everyone was silent as they stared at the photos of the small little pocket and ball. The black and gray of the picture very blurry on the smooth paper.



“I- I’m pregnant.”