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Loving Your LED_

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The man's chapped lips from the freezing winters cold carried a cigarette as the smoke flew on the air, lingering carelessly. However, this didn't mean that the detective was not in a rush. He took one deep sip before he tossed it in the garbage can and got inside of the police department. People were welcoming the young man as he was greeting them back. Still with no rush, he was chit-chatting and cracking jokes on the side. He knew Fowler demanded him to come so he walked to the man's office. He guessed he probably was called in because of his attitude towards Connor and the other androids.
While he fastened his pace, his glance shifted towards Hank's desk. The man was sitting there as it was quite an unordinary occurrence. Hank was always late. He was known for that. The old grumpy lieutenant. But there he was, rubbing the sleep off of his eyes. The familiar figure that was nearing Hank's desk would solve that problem though. Connor put a coffee cup on Hank's desk to bring him round. Gavin saw the absolute sparkle flash on Hank's eyes and Gavin knew damn well it wasn't because of the coffee. After the revolution, Connor started to live with Hank as he had nowhere to go. Jericho bases were full of androids without homes so Hank was more than okay to let Connor live in his house. The idea of living with Connor gave him chills. Connor put down the coffee as he started to lecture Hank. There he was, still working in the police department even after he became deviant. Why? Gavin didn't know the answer himself. Though he knew he couldn't tell the word "deviant" anymore as it was considered an offensive word after the revolution. Connor acted so much more human-like now as he was adapting to the other humans. Even so, he was so obedient like a goddamn android. Gavin hissed quietly while he was stepping into Fowler's office. He faced with the uninterested man as the other sat in front of him like Gavin wasn't even there for some time. The person who broke the silence was Gavin.
"Am I here to hear one of your never-ending lectures again?"
Gavin felt from the other man's mannerisms that it was something much more different so after his question, he kept his silence. Fowler cleaned his throat as he pointed his glance towards Gavin.
His brows furrowed with his first sentence.
" Good morning, Gavin. It's not for lecturing that I demanded you to come here. It is to inform you."
Gavin felt chills on his neck.
" Inform me on what? "
" You know that CyberLife created more androids than Connor."
He furiously said "Is there an android that will take my place? Are you firing me old man?"
With the last interruption, Fowler banged on the table as he raised his voice.
" Damn boy, you and Hank are testing my limits!"
It took a little bit more for him to calm himself.
" Other models of RK800's are distributed to other police departments. However, one other model from RK series is is gonna serve his duty here. "
Gavin couldn't stop himself from intervening Fowler.
" So? What does it have to do with me? Bring another tincan to this department and see if I care!"
Fowler raised his hand as well as his voice.
" It has to do something with you because I'm making you guys partners for the upcoming investigations."