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Unexpected Happenings

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“Today marks the twenty-seventh night of chaos! We’ve got the info just for you ladies and gents! Stay tuned to get the full scoop of the psycho killer walking the streets!”  The red light in the studio blinked a few times indicating the famed Radio Host was about to be off the air albeit temporarily. After the light went off he began shuffling papers around, even picking up his mic that was planted on his desk like a trophy to move it to the side but made sure to use caution with the attached cord.  He didn’t need to look to know a pair of eyes were watching him. He adjusted his bowtie and stood up straight, grin widening.

“Don’t cha know it’s rude to stare Aizen?” Said person stepped out from the doorway, blue eyes dull, nearly soulless. He bore a neatly trimmed 5 o’clock shadow that framed his bony face but the bags under his eyes weren’t doing him any favors. He ran a hand through his curly black hair purposely avoiding Alastor’s pointed gaze when he finally turned to look at him.

“Sorry, bud. I just can’t figure out how ya can get on there all day sounding like that .” The brunette didn’t even blink as he replied.

“Well, it’s quite easy when I don’t spend every break I have smoking those cancer sticks you like so much.” This earned him an earnest glare.

“The way I see it, pal, my world’s on fire. I’m just lighting a little bit of happiness every now and then.” Alastor let out an incredibly dry chuckle then pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Well, I thought I should let you know that your happiness REEKS and it’s stinking up the studio AGAIN!” Alastor exclaimed but his smile never faltered. Aizen groaned loudly in disdain and threw up his hands.

“Why the hell do you even care? It’s not like you’re smoking em.” Alastor brought his hand behind his back rolling back and forth on the heels of his shoes.

“I might as well be. You smoke enough for the both of us! Haha, and of course I don’t care! It’s not like it’s my sense of smell you’re antagonizing!” His co-host rolled his eyes, shoulders slumped in defeat and walked over to plop down in his chair. The wheels whined when he did, clearly getting tired of their constant abuse. Aizen set his arms on his side of the long, wooden desk then placed his head in the little pit he made between them. In the midst of the silence, Alastor took to looking along the walls. The corkboard had all kinds of pictures, fan letters and such pinned to it by colorful pins. A majority of them were addressed to him with a few stragglers towards his slouching co-host, Aizen.

The two were considered the dynamic duo of morning news, latest gossip, and entertainment though they also relayed information midday as well. “Hey I’ve been meaning to ask ya somethin,” the black-haired man started craning his neck to look at Alastor who was still facing away from him.

“The floor is yours,” Alastor replied.

“You know of any uh- little girls or anything?” Alastor quirked an eyebrow and turned on his heels to shoot the confused expression at the other male. “Don’t gimme that look I don’t know how to word this-”

“Are you looking to adopt? Is your wife still not-” he raised his fingers to make air quotations. “Putting out?” The man scoffed waving his hand through the air dismissively.

“No that’s not it. There’s this girl eh- looks young enough to be a student. Seen her standing around the building lately.”

“Hair color?”

“Dunno, maybe brown?”

“Eye color?”

“Look man, she’s always wearing this really big sun hat so I can’t see all that much. Her hair’s never down either but like she’s gotta be young. At least the way she’s dressin I mean.” Alastor hummed in thought. A young girl standing outside...often? It didn’t sound like anyone he knew. “I thought maybe you knew her or somethin. Maybe a fan?”

“Or you’re simply overthinking it. Perhaps that innocent young lady is lost but she’s so afraid to come and ask for help because a certain someone is creepily watching her.” Aizen squinted pointing in Alastor’s direction with the most offended look he could muster.

“She could ask literally anyone. That shit doesn’t add up, pal.” Now it was Alastor’s turn to roll his eyes.

“We have another two hours to get through and you’re wasting time fussing over nothing. Let’s not be so daft as to concern ourselves with the happenings of some young stranger!” The brunette seated himself in front of his mic, the red light blinking before lighting up fully to illuminate his smile with red.

“Aaand welcome back folks! We’ve got the story now so sit down and listen closely!”


Charlie was such a doll. Her round face was cute as a button and her cheeks were naturally rosy which Alastor found adorable. She had commented often that being treated like a kid when they were together was no fair but saying that alone made him want to spoil her attempts at flirting even more. It had only been a solid two weeks since the two had become well acquainted with one another. Alastor originally wanted to test just how infatuated she was with him but her loyalty to her words was proved in just the first week. Her eyes sparkled the moment she spotted him in a crowd, her tone was so much livelier when it was the two of them talking in comparison to her and someone else too. Charlie was genuine in her feelings...but all of this was merely to liven up the dull days for Mr. Nightengale himself. Today they were going to see a show at the theatre and Charlie- the absolute darling was early as she always was.

They set a specific time to meet up each day and no matter how early Alastor arrived- the blonde always managed to beat him even if by a hair. He glanced over her silently pleased with her choice of an outfit for their little “date” or so Charlie so desperately made him call them. Her hair was tied up and set in a black cloche hat, hands in wrist length black gloves. Her body fit comfortably and aesthetically well in her deep violet evening dress that fell past her knees, a band of black around the middle hugging her abdomen. Beneath it was a pair of cute little mary jane heels and to top it all off she was wearing a pearl necklace that hung loosely around her neck but it fit the dresses jewel cut.

The moment her eyes fell on him she nearly squealed and ran over to him, her heels clicking against the ground as she hurriedly made her way over towards him. Her arms were open and as tradition upon each meeting, he caught her into his arms, twirled her around and then set her down gently. “Good evening, sweetheart. Did you miss me?” Although he already knew the answer it didn’t hurt to hear it rather than see it.

“You ask the silliest of questions!” she chirped happily but as she locked her arm with his her eyes darted off into the distance. Her cheeks tinted red before she muttered a quiet, “When don’t I?” Alastor’s grin grew a fraction at hearing this.

“Sorry, I don’t believe I heard you correctly. Could you repeat that last part, Charlie?” By using her name he’d gotten her entirely flustered just like that. Sputtering, rambling nonsense under her breath all while turning red as a cherry tomato.

“Nothing! Let’s get inside!” she began tugging at his arm, hastily trying to get away from the topic by quite literally speed walking away from it. As they entered the bright flashy theatre along with everyone else Charlie marveled at the interior design. It never failed to amaze her how people could build something so colossal, so beautifully extravagant,  and seat so many different individuals at once to watch regular everyday people put on costumes and become someone from myth or fiction. It was incredible. They found a good set of seats in the second row. They weren’t the most comfortable in the world but the show always tore attention away from that little detail.

After the other guests were seated and the theatre doors were closed, everything slowly began by pulling the giant red velvet curtains apart. This particular Picture Palace was well known for putting on the best shows New Orleans had to offer. Frivolities was what played today and the entire time, Charlie was grinning like a child being shown a chart of all the candy they were about to receive for simply existing. Alastor was interested only because this was actually one he hadn’t seen yet. His attention was stolen when the woman on his left nudged him. He would’ve at first thought it an accident had she not batted her lashes at him clearly giving him a look he was familiar with.

“Are you doing anything after the show?” she whispered and he could smell the scent of peppermint on her tongue. It was stronger than he would’ve liked. Sweet foods weren’t really his forte.

He tried his best to remain neutral in tone but kept his trademark smile present on his face. “I’m afraid I-” he paused when he felt a hand suddenly grip his own. He turned his head to look at Charlie who was smiling brightly at him. For a second he could’ve sworn he saw another expression on her face but decided to write it off as nothing. Maybe his eyes were playing tricks on him. He nodded shortly towards her before turning back towards the lady next to him but she looked pale...almost sickly. It seemed she was doing everything she could to avoid Alastor’s gaze but- he hadn’t even said anything yet.

He glanced back to Charlie who was still smiling at him before gesturing towards the stage. That was certainly an odd interaction but he felt that dwelling on it was meaningless and so he didn’t. Instead, he continued watching the show to its entirety. They had really outdone themselves with this one.


“So my dear, shall I take you home?” Alastor questioned the shorter of the two, his eyes lidded.

“I would love that but- I have something to do tonight. What time would you like to meet up for dinner tomorrow?” The man tried not to let his disappointment into his expression but he’d honestly been hoping she’d agree so he’d have a reason to be around her home. It was more convenient that way. Not that he hadn’t walked her home before but tonight was special.

“How’s about eight o’clock sharp? You think you can manage, sweetheart?” The blonde nodded eagerly. “Well then this is where we part ways, isn't it?” She closed her eyes and placed her hands into her lap, waiting. “Ah, of course, how could I forget?” He brought his hands behind his back, leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss on her forehead. “Good night, my dear.”

Her cheeks went red even going so far as to connect over the bridge of her nose. “G’night Alastor!” He watched her skip off in absolute glee and waited until she was but a shadow before he too started walking in the same direction. Tonight was a special night. As he began walking down the emptying streets he felt his excitement growing. There was just something absolutely thrilling about taking a person’s life. It felt good and most of all it was entertaining! What more could a person need? Sure- he had plenty more reason than that but those were the most fun ones. Vaguely he wondered what Charlie would think upon finding people on the street she lived on had been murdered. It had him practically shaking in uncontained anticipation. What would her expression be like? Would she be afraid? Cling to him and beg him to stay over? He licked his lips. That’s a delicious thought.