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The Start of Something New

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Iruka was nervous, but excited. He was a junior high school student, and had just been transferred over to Konoha High, one of the top five best schools in the region. It was his first day; and he was starting right in the middle of the school year, a couple of weeks after the term had begun.

He looked around at the people in his class uncertainly. Were these people really in grade nine? Everyone was so tall, even the girls; and he felt like the smallest person in the room. If being new didn't make him stand out, his height definitely did. And his pristine uniform. He had to have the brightest shirt there, since it was brand new.

"Hey, who are you?" a girl with deep purple hair asked.

"I'm Iruka. I'm new here…" he said.

"And here I was thinking you've been sitting next to me all year and I never noticed." she teased. "I'm Anko, by the way."

"Nice to meet you." he greeted absently.

He was distracted by a boy with silver hair reading something with a bright orange cover in the front corner of the classroom. His face was hidden by a dark bandana; and he had a mysterious aura about him. As he flicked to the next page, the boy's eyes flickered over to his; and Iruka smiled at him. After a second, the boy returned to his book, as though nothing had even happened; but Iruka noticed a subtle two finger salute as he finished turning his page, which intrigued him.

"Don't get your hopes up. That's Kakashi; and he doesn't really talk to anyone. He's been like that ever since his best friend got killed in a car accident."

Kakashi stiffened. Did Anko really have to tell everyone that? Can't there be just one person who didn't know, who didn't pity him?

"You really shouldn't be telling people stuff like that, you know." Iruka reprimanded.

"Stuff like what?"

"Like the accident. It's insensitive."

He'd hated it when people started talking about his parents' deaths at his old school - it was one of the reasons he had transferred in the first place; and he couldn't imagine Kakashi wanting people to share his business around, either.

"Well, it was in the news, so it's not like it's some big secret." she shrugged. "But if you don't want to talk about it, tell me about yourself. How'd you get that scar across your nose?"

"Anko!" Iruka scolded. Had he not just said to stop being insensitive?

"I'm only kidding." she chuckled. "I like you. We should hang out some time."

Their conversation was cut short when a man with bright blonde hair and crisp blue eyes walked into the classroom. He was clearly the teacher, but he looked so young - he had to be in his twenties.

"Good morning!" he greeted cheerfully. "How is everyone today?"

Most people were too busy chatting to themselves to notice, so he only received a few mumbled responses. The teacher didn't seem too worried about it; and put his stuff on his desk, paying particular attention to Kakashi.

"Morning, Kakashi." he greeted.

"Hmn." he grunted, continuing to read.

"Not in a good mood, I see…" the teacher sighed. "Did you at least bring the homework I set over the weekend?"


"And why not?"

"My dog ate it." Iruka suppressed a snort. Who in their right mind would use that as an excuse?

"If you didn't do it, you could have just said so…"

"It really did get eaten this time, though."

After he had scrunched it up and molded it into a ball to play fetch with, that is… But Minato didn't need to know that.

"Kakashi, we've talked about this…" he said sympathetically. "There's not even a whole year left until you graduate - please just bear with the rules a little longer."

"There's more important things than rules, Minato…" he grumbled, closing his book and resting his head into his desk while he waited for the lesson to begin.

"Minato?" Iruka whispered to Anko.

"Yeah… That's Mister Namikaze, but Kakashi knows him personally, so he calls him by his first name. They bicker a lot, too - almost like they're siblings." she explained. "He's kinda cute for a teacher, don't ya think?"

"U-Uhh…" Iruka blushed.

"Don't be shy. Everyone thinks he is." Anko commented. "Mister Namikaze is like, barely out of high school, so it's not that gross." 

"If you think so." He didn't typically go around thinking about whether teachers were cute or not. Besides, Mister Namikaze was a man, and he did not like guys. A least, not that he knew of. Iruka's train of thought suddenly stopped, and his gut began to churn, as adrenaline seeped into his veins.

"Wait, did you just say Namikaze?" he asked in a panic. "What class is this?"

"Uh, grade twelve maths?"

"Oh, shit!" He exclaimed in horror, rising from his seat. "I'm in the wrong class!"

The hum of laughter spread through the air as Iruka rushed out; but none was so loud as Anko, who's cackle seemed to pierce through all the other voices - she was really enjoying this.

"Sorry!" he called as he ran out.

"Poor kid… I hope he finds the right classroom." Minato said.

"Idiot." Kakashi muttered.

But, he supposed, a mildly interesting idiot. Kakashi couldn't think of anyone else who could tell Anko off, and get away with it.