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The Red Demon

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Crystal and her friend Scarlett are opening a new sanctuary for anyone who’s had their home destroyed by the turf wars or have lost their families from the cleansing. 


So, if any of you care to go stay in a sanctuary that’s going to have a bunch of homeless people then there’s your place! 


-Scarlett’s POV-


I ran around excitedly trying to prepare everything in our new place. 


Fluff the pillows, straighten them, make the blanket on the couch look nice 


“Scarlett you need to calm down.” Crystal watched me from her spot against the wall. How could she be so calm?? 


“I can’t! I need to make this place look perfect! We’ll be having some guests soon and I don’t want them to get the wrong impression! Oh, I can’t wait for this!”


Crystal rolled her eyes, yet there was a small smile on her face 


“You’re not going to sing again are you?” 


I stopped, looking at the floor and mumbled 


“No ...maybe…” 


Crystal had opened her mouth to say something but a sudden knock at the door interrupted her. 


“Our first guest!!” I squealed, bolting towards the front door. 


I straightened up my clothes and took a deep breath. This was it. 


The person who greeted me on the other side was very unexpected. 


He was tall, his outfit all white with bits of pink all over. His chest puffed out like he was trying to display all he had. He looked at me with a slight smirk. 


Angel Dust 


“This the place that gives free rooms to people with nowhere to go?” 


My mouth was agape. I didn’t know what to say. A pornstar wanted to stay in our sanctuary.


“I-I… uhh…” 


“Great! I’d like a room a please!” He pushed his way through the door with one arm, shoving me out of the way with another. 


“Angel Dust?!” Crystal exclaimed shock was written all over her face.


“Crystal? Is that you?” 


“Angel Dust, it really is you!” 


Suddenly I was knocked over by Crystal launching herself towards Angel Dust for a hug. 


How the hell does she know him?!? 


“I haven’t seen you in ages! How have you been?” He asked, steadying himself a bit from her sudden hug. 


“I’ve been great! How about you? Been in any new movies?” She winked at him and I about vomited there 


“Oh no, I’ve been doing a little this and that. Nothing fancy.” He said pushing back his hair a little and adjusting his shirt.


“Excuse me but, what the hell is going on?!?” I exclaimed, making them both look towards me.


“Oh, Angel Dust and I have been old friends. I knew him before I met you.” Crystal grinned sheepishly. 


“And you’re just now telling me?!?”


“I’m sorry?” 


I opened my mouth to say something but another knock startled me. Another guest! 


Giving her a quick glare, I turned towards the door to greet the new guest and gasped as I stared at the tall figure.


The all over red outfit. The follicle that sat next to their left eye. The microphone held tightly behind them. The wide, terrifyingly creepy grin. 


Oh no… 


“Oh hell no!!”