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The Hero Analysers: Moon and Star!

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“Oh man! It really sucks that you can’t go to the hero convention with us!” Uraraka groaned, flopping back in her chair. Todoroki nodded silently, taking a sip from the tea Midoriya made. “Yea, well I didn’t realise that UA took us out there and I had something planned! I’m so sorry I can’t go with you guys” Midoriya replied, pouting a little. The group said that it was fine and that they should have brought it up sooner.


“Midoriya-Chan, is there anyone you would like an autograph from? Kero.” Asui, her feet swinging a little. The green-haired teen thought for a second, before nodding. “If possible, and you don’t have to go out of your way to do this but….. Could you get one from Star and Moon? The hero analyzers and artists?” He asked sheepishly, taking a bite of one of the snacks he laid out. “We will try our best to acquire you that autograph Midoriya-kun! I think it is very nice you have someone to look up too when it comes to analytical ability, as they are very important for hero work!” Iida replied, his arms motioning around.


The group talked for a bit longer before they had to leave. The group returned to the UA dorms as Midoriya silently sat drinking his tea, mentally preparing himself for his flight.


“Wow, I didn’t expect you guys to talk that long.” A figure chuckled, rolling into the living room. “Yea, neither did I. But, I guess we can do the final preparations for the flight later.” The greenette said, stretching and popping his joints. He was pushed lightly onto the couch again, his boyfriends looming over him slightly. “I finished packing, let's relax for a little. Ok I-Zu-Ku?” The purple haired teen tease, his lips brushing against the smaller’s curls. 


“Fine, pick out a show to watch Toshi. I will get blankets and stuff.” Midoriya said, admitting defeat and trying to get up. He managed to escape his boyfriend’s grasp, but his wrist was tugged, pulling him backwards. “Izu…. That isn’t necessary. Relax for a bit, you have been up since 4am, you get 5 or less hours of sleep a night planning this stuff. Your mom won’t be back for an hour and a half, so chill out.” Shinso pleaded, his lips lightly kissing the other’s neck. The smaller let out a blissful sigh, comfortably settling in his boyfriend’s lap and flicking through shows.


Midoriya was shaken awake, which he got up groggily. “Izuku, come on we have to leave for the flight soon.” Shinso said, from above him. The tv was on as background noise as the greenette sat up, noticing his missing shirt. “Hito… Please don’t tell me you used me as your canvas again.” He groaned, inspecting his shoulders. “No I didn’t. Go change into the clothes on your bed, I will move the suitcases.” Shinso said, standing up and going to retrieve the luggage.


Midoriya dazzily walked into his room, slipping on the slightly oversized black sweatpants and the form fitting black v-neck t-shirt. He slipped his wallet and phone into the pockets and joined his boyfriend in the apartment’s foyer. A female greenette opened the door, a light smile on her face. “Well come on boys, we gotta get you to your flight!” Inko said, trotting down to the elevator as the two finished slipping their shoes on. 


Midoriya could have easily carried all the luggage by himself, but what kind of boyfriend would Shinso be if he let his slightly over worked greenette do that? The two both brought down the bags, each holding one case in their hands but having their carry ons on their backs. The trio reached Inko’s car, easily placing the bags inside and sitting next to each other. “So, are you two excited to be invited to the grand hero con again?” Inko asked, turning on the engine and making her way to the airport.


Shinso shrugged while the smaller talked excitedly “Oh yea! It’s pretty fun that we get to host or be on some panels. It is gonna be cool that we can meet other tubers and see a few of our fans. It will kinda suck that we will have to wear our costumes the whole time but we could probably switch up the masks a few times.” Midoriya said, his tangent continuing all the way to the drop off. He kissed his mother goodbye and the two unloaded their bags from the car, going to check them in at the kiosk.


The two stood on the conveyor belts, the futuristic machines examining them and their belongings, okaying them to continue. They quickly pulled theirs and gave them to an eager robot, Midoriya giving the small device head pats.


The two quickly went to their terminal, flashing their passes to the guards to be let on the plane early. The two smiled at each other as they entered their pod, placing their carry-on bags across from them and snuggling up together. Their eyes blinking shut after they buckled themselves up, waiting to be whisked off to America.




Uraraka sighed, leaning back in her seat as others from UA surrounded her. A few people were asleep but the excitement of being on a plane was too much. Iida had gladly given up his seat to let her by the window, just so she could look outside. She was surprised to learn that UA owned a personal plane, but it made sense when they had to transport students. In her bag (which was by her ankles) sat her camera, with extra sd cards so she could take so many pictures to show Deku!


She brought it up and took a picture, I-Island floating by as they travelled over it. The bubble girl shook Iida awake, happily pointing at the island like an excited puppy. Iida  groggily looked at it, giving a thumbs up and dozing back off. She sighed, placing her bag back down and seeing the big land mass in front of them. They were finally near America! 


Her group got off of the plane, Present Mic and Midnight standing waiting for everyone as Aizawa and Nezu pushed them off of the plane. She bounced around looking at all the colorful signs and bags.


“ALLLLLLLLRIGHTT!” Present Mic boomed in Japanese, catching both the students and nearby people’s attention. Everyone quickly lined up, ready for the head count. From her own class herself, Iida, Tsuyu, Todoroki, Jiro, Momo, Bakugo, Kirishima, Hagakure and Kaminari were there. From Class B stood Monoma, Tetsutetsu, Kamakiri, Awase, Honenuki, Kendo, Shiozaki, Tsunotori, Komori and Yanagi.


“Students, this will be two things: one, an experience for you to enjoy and remember and two, and experience for you to learn and use your skills from. Your bags will be off the plane soon and delivered to your hotel room but please change into your hero outfits and go to the bus we stand outside of!” Nezu said, a paw raised presenting his toe beans. Uraraka and the nine other girls followed Midnight to a changing room, the males following Eraserhead.


They all quickly changed, finding the bus and loading onto it. The class had switched over to English, trying their best in the language and making their teacher proud (Jiro swore she saw Aizawa hiding a smile in his scarf and mumbled to Mic about some sort of praise but who knows) All of were starting to get excited, quickly approaching the convention’s entrance.


Everyone filtered in, quickly spotting their opponents from the provisional license exam. Yoarashi gave them an excited wave, stopping to glare at Todoroki slightly. The two had gotten better… but still hated each other. UA sat near the Ketsubutsu students, Ms. Joke immediately taking to bothering Aizawa while her co-workers pulled her back and his two of his co-workers distanced him from her.


A microphone buzzed on, a figure going onto the shadowy stage. A spotlight flickered on to reveal a masked figure, dawned in navy and pastel purple, their hoodie reading ‘moon’ in english. The brunette gasped, excitedly pulling out her camera and snapping a picture of the hero-tuber.


“Good evening students.” An unenthusiastic voice spoke out, his english loud and clear. “I suppose some of you know who I am, but some may not so I will introduce myself.”


A big screen flickered to life, a burst of glittery stars and moons shooting over the audience. The screen gave a closer look of the man, the glitter on his hoodie visible now. “I am Moon, the hero artist and I guess analyzer. Anyways Star is dead so I got a new co-host.” 


Nexus and Aizawa’s faces had a look of horror as a blonde stepped onto the stage, his hands making finger guns towards the audience. “I am Sun!!!! Just kiddin, Moon did make me this dope sweatshirt that says sunshine though!” Present Mic boomed, placing an elbow on Moon’s shoulder.


“HEY! NOT FAIR MOON!” A voice shouted, slipping a hood over their head as they ran on stage. The smaller boy quickly joined the other two, placing his fists on his hips. “I am not dead yet! But like, why didn’t you tell me Present Mic was co-hosting?” They asked, cocking their head.


“Because I hate you. Anyway, aren’t you gonna ask for an auto-graph?” Moon sneered, placing his elbow on Star’s head. “..... HEY AFTER THIS ALL HEROES COME UP HERE SO I CAN GET AUTO-GRAPHS! ESPECIALLY THE TEN OR SO UNDERGROUND HEROES! Y’ALL DOPEEEEE!!” Star shouted with enthusiasm, Moon smacking them from the noise.


“Any ways… Welcome to the Grand Hero Con, everyone in this room is or is training to be a hero… Well other then us I guess. Welcome to the Americas for those who haven’t been here and I guess you guys are welcome to go wander around the convention. Just a fair warning, if you approach Star make sure I’m around, or they will go on a tangent about your quirk. Feel free to approach us for signatures though, we don’t mind. Uhhh I guess just listen to your supervisors/teachers and have fun.” Moon groaned, tiredly falling onto Star.


“Sorry bout Moon! I guess he is uber jet-lagged from our flight! Have a good day everybody, I will let Present Mic take the stage for a little while I yeet Moon into the walk-in freezer.” Star joked, Mic warily looking looking at them.




“So we have a panel later tonight, three tomorrow, two after that and then the goodbye panel-message thing.” Izuku said in the hotel room, pulling off his mask and placing three notebooks on the bed. Two were for everyday heroes, a lot going into the back room to give him a signature (Which he replied with by giving them ways to improve their quirk). But one was special, it held one hundred fifty pages, Underground heroes signing the top of a page and him drawing them. He had managed to coax all ten in attendance to sign it, arousing no suspicion from Aizawa while at it.


“Geez, we have a busy schedule. Well, change into the other mask and we can roam around, our bet is still on right?” Shinso asked, pulling on the surgical mask with a crescent moon on it.


“Yep! It’s still on, anyways I really think that someone that is not from UA will ask for an auto-graph first! It just seems more likely” Izuku went on, tying his hair back and slipping on his voice modifier. The two headed out together, not knowing the shenanigans that await them at the hero convention.