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Denying Love

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Denying Love


Warnings: Coarse language, cat and mouse, scardy-cat Jimin, triggered heat and rut, self-lubrication, rut, knotting, anal sex, anal fingering, CHERRY POPPING


Chapter 1: First Encounters


Jimin sighed, running a hand through his hair. "Taehyung, this is stupid. I'm not going to get over my ex by finding a random Omega to bang." He huffed as they walked over to the bar.


"Wah, fine. Then stay here and be my wingman!" He nudged him, grinning excitedly.


Jimin snorted, shaking his head. "You're happily married… with two kids!"


"Then be my dance buddy!"


He ordered them some drinks, both heading out to the dance floor. Jimin let his eyes wander, seeing if maybe someone would be decently attractive. He froze, his eyes landing on someone with mint coloured hair. "O-oh…" A sound of surprise left his lips, his body halting. There was something about the other that caught his attention… besides just the hair.


"Dude, why'd you stop dancing?" Taehyung raised his brow, the slightly older standing immobile, eyes locked on something. "Jimin?" He followed his gaze, an eyebrow raising. "Oh? Really now?" He snickered, leaning over to whisper-yell in the other's ear. "He's cute." He nearly howled when he heard the Alpha's chest rumble in agreement.


The man at the bar stiffened, slowly turning to look over his shoulder. His eyes locked with the dark ones of an orange haired Alpha. They both stayed silent, bodies frozen in place.


Jimin squawked, spinning on his heel and half running out of the bar, the mint haired Omega raising a brow in amusement.


Taehyung chased the smaller out, stumbling over someone's foot. "Yo! Wait up! What the hell happened in there?!" Taehyung grasped the panting man's shoulder, seeing the confused gaze.


"H-he looked at me." He half-whispered.


The taller raised a brow. "Well yeah, you stared for like, ten minutes. He was bound to notice eventually." He snickered at the other. "Someone's got a crush~!" He sang out, grabbing the other's hands and swaying.


Jimin's cheeks went dark. "I don't even know him! I can't crush on the back of someone's head!" He flailed slightly.


"Uh-huh, sure, sure. You tell yourself that. Now…" He tugged. "Go in there, introduce yourself, and dance with him!"


"I-I think I'd rather just… not do that… T-taxi?!" He turned looking up and down the street.


Taehyung sighed, groaning. "Well give me a minute. I forgot my coat." He turned heading back in whilst Jimin grumbled in embarrassment.




Yoongi sipped his drink, the music blaring. He was having a rather shit day. Namjoon was supposed to meet with him at the bar, but texted moments after the older arrived that Jackson caught the flu so he was going to 'nurse him back to health'… He knew for a fact that wasn't what was happening. The two had only been dating two months and were worse than rabbits.


He felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up and frowned, shifting in the seat. He glanced to the side, seeing two men walk in. One had rather vibrant orange hair and a wife beater on… he was… attractive… Yoongi could easily tell he was an Alpha. He turned back to his drink, sighing.


Today he had gotten in shit. Why? Well he was in school, in his final year, training as a composer and one of his fucking classmates tried to plagiarize off of him and pass it off as their own. Thankfully Yoongi had the proof to back up it was his, but he still got stuck in a four hour meeting to try and prove his innocence. It was bullshit! He wasn't even famous yet and already being plagiarized! Who does that?


He huffed, downing the rest of his drink, He turned, thinking about leaving and froze. Dark eyes locked with his. He felt a spark run up his spine, pulling a surprised keen from his throat. He saw the other's throat vibrate the slightest bit, rumbling in response.


Yoongi was strongly debating on making his night a lot better… when the Alpha suddenly spun and booked it. He raised an amused brow, snorting and turning back to the bar tender. He sighed, kind of disappointed, to be honest. The guy was seriously fucking cute.




Yoongi startled, turning to look at… the taller lanky man that had been standing with the cute man. "Hi?" He raised his brow, praying the other didn't think he was staring at him. He could smell two scents… one of which was definitely an Alpha… it smelled like candy watermelons, which was unusual for an Alpha, but still very pleasant.


"My name's Taehyung… this is my friend, Jimin's, number… the one you had the staring contest with." He winked, handing over a card. "He thinks you’re cute."


"And he's pretty childish if he sent you to tell me." He quirked a brow, taking the card regardless.


Taehyung laughed, shaking his head. "Are you kidding?! He'd kill me if he knew! I just came to grab my non-existent coat." He shrugged, waving before leaving, a hop in his step.


Yoongi hummed, looking down.


Park Jimin

Massage Therapist in Training


He blinked. Was this some weird way of picking people up? He flipped the card, snorting. It had the school's stamp on it, showing he was a student in training, as well as his number. Adorable.


He tapped it against the bar a few times. Well… he'd come back tomorrow. If Jimin was here, then great, if not, then it wasn't meant to be. But he wasn't comfortable just randomly contacting someone without their permission.




Jimin spent the following day running in circles whilst Taehyung sipped his apple juice.  "Should I go back tonight?! See if he's there? But what if I go all the way there and he isn't?" He suddenly gasped, looking horrified. "What if he is and thinks I'm a stalker?!"


Taehyung burst into a fit of laughter. "Ohmigod, child! Would you calm down?!" He howled, the other pouting at him. "Just go tonight. If he's there, awesome! If not, dance with me!"


"Jiyeong doesn't mind you going out all weekend?" He quirked a brow.


"Fuck no! She's on vacation with her parents and the kids! We could only afford three tickets and I wanted them to meet Jungwoo." He shrugged, the other smiling.


"You're an amazing Appa." Jimin said softly.


"I know, right?" He winked, grinning vibrantly, the other laughing.




"Hey, sorry about last night." Namjoon sat on the bench next to the Omega.


Yoongi shrugged. "S'fine. How's Jackson? All full of your medicine?" He quipped, smirking.


Namjoon went a dark red, clearing his throat. "He's better…"


"I bet."


"Yah." He huffed. "I can tell you anything, right, Hyung?"


"Of course." He shrugged. Honestly, he was concerned. Namjoon and he, although a year apart, didn't really bother with honorifics. They were best friends.


"We had a scare. Jack… he had a false positive pregnancy test so… I had spent the day with him." He said a bit shyly, the other's brows shooting up. "He had very mixed feelings after. He's not ready for kids, so he was relieved he wasn't pregnant… but at the same time it hurt his heart knowing he wasn't an Appa… I didn't want to just… fuck off when he was feeling vulnerable like that, you know?" He looked at the other with such sad, round eyes.


Yoongi smiled, nodding. "Yeah, I get it. I'm glad you stayed. It was the right decision." He gave the other's back a pat. "Keep me updated on how he's doing, okay?"


"Of course." He smiled.


"Hey, how'd your Abnormal Psychology exam go?" Yoongi knew the other had been concerned about it.


"Fine, got a 97." He shrugged, the other rolling his eyes.


"Why do you always panic? You test great. You're going to be an amazing therapist."


"Oh?" He gave a cheeky smile. "And what makes you think that?"


He rolled his eyes again. "Ha-ha, you brat."




It was Saturday night and Jimin was at the club again.


"Dude… you're shaking like crazy." Taehyung snickered.


"I don't see him." Jimin whispered, looking at the people.


The younger rolled his eyes. "The doors opened ten minutes ago, Jimin… there's twenty people in here. Give it time."


He sighed, nodding and heading to the bar.


Taehyung managed to get three shots in him, pulling the other out to the dance floor. But Jimin's heart just wasn't in his dancing. He couldn't stop the slight ache that filled his chest. Why was he so disappointed that the other wasn't there? He didn't even know his name!


He sighed, his shoulders slumping. He was about to tell Tae he wanted to leave when he felt a tingle run up his spine. His eyes widened, a knowing keen leaving his lips. He turned, seeing the mint haired man walk into the bar, hands in his pocket, looking oh so suave. He swallowed thickly, their eyes locking.


Yoongi threw a smirk and quirked brow at the other as he headed to the bar, leaning against it.


Jimin's eyes snapped to the other's ass, his head turning slightly, Taehyung laughing at him. He licked his lips, his feet starting to hesitantly shuffle forwards. The man turned, looking at him over his shoulder, his lips quirking up again.


Jimin spun, hightailing it out. Taehyung let out a loud frustrated groan, thumping after his chicken shit friend, throwing an apologetic look over his shoulder.


Yoongi huffed, flopping down in his seat. He had worn tighter clothes and everything, too.


"Hey, sexy-"


"No." Yoongi spun, immediately heading to the exit, avoiding the strange Alpha that hit on him. He dressed up for that Jimin, dude, not whoever that burly guy was.




The following weekend went the same damn way. Both showed up, Jimin running like his ass was on fire and Yoongi getting seriously tired of this bullshit. He didn't want to keep luring someone that wasn't interested, no matter how weird he made his spine feel.


So here he was, again. After a month of playing cat and mouse. He watched the Alpha dance, his tongue swiping along his lips. He knew Jimin was purposely adding a little extra to his movements to catch Yoongi's attention. And fuck was it ever working. But how could he convince the Alpha to come to him instead of running away like a chicken? He leaned back in his chair, letting his legs spread slightly.


Jimin's movements slowed to a stop, his eyes widening as he watched nimble fingers hike up a thin thigh. It trailed along the broad chest, the other stopping with his hand just below his face. He cocked his head to the side, bending his finger, silently asking the other to come over.


Jimin sputtered, glancing around nervously. Was the mint haired god seriously motioning him?! He hesitantly took a few steps forwards, seeing the other stand. His breath hitched, panic starting to set in.


The stranger reached out, grasping the front of the other's shirt firmly, tugging the shocked Alpha closer. "You run away again, I so swear." He gave a pointed look, the other blushing.




"I like how you dance." He said loudly, the other's breaths hitching. "Teach me?"


Jimin nearly exploded in his pants, a whine leaving his throat. Taehyung was hopping up and down like a maniac behind him, he just knew it. He kept his attention on the other. "Okay." He nodded, his hand shakily reaching down to press to slim hips.


Yoongi shivered at the touch, feeling strong hands start to guide him, the shorter stepping closer.


Neither fully understood. What they did know was this: Both were very attracted to each other. Both felt almost giddy, and the closer they pressed, the better their insides felt.


Yoongi let out a soft moan, turning to press his rear against the other's front, hearing the predatory growl. "Mmm, really now, Alpha?" He teased, swaying his hips.


Jimin groaned, pulling him tighter. He dropped his head to the other's neck, breathing in the intoxicating scent of peaches. He moaned, his tongue snaking out before teeth nipped the flesh, pulling heavy pants from the other.


"Fuck." Yoongi breathed out, his head falling back towards the other's shoulder, opening up his throat.


"What's your name?" Jimin felt something deep in the pit of his stomach.


"Yoongi." The older croaked out, feeling the hardness against his ass and back.


"I'm Jimin." He murmured, nipping the other's ear, humming at the delicious moan it received. "Can we go to mine?"


Yoongi let out a shiver, whimpering.


Jimin quickly grasped the larger hand, pulling the Omega to the exit and hailing a cab. They sat in the back, panting, eyes locked and fingers twitching. Jimin knew that once he started, he wasn't going to want to stop, so it was best to wait until they were in the other's apartment.


They half ran up the three flights of stairs, not wanting to wait for the stupid elevator.


The second Jimin's door slammed shut, the automatic lock sounding, Jimin grasped either side of his face, pulling him in for a frantic kiss.


The older let out a loud, lewd moan, grasping the other's black shirt, shoving it upwards. Jimin moaned, quickly yanking it off and tossing it aside.


"Fucking shit…" Yoongi's eyes trailed along the other's stomach, swallowing thickly. "O-oh… wow… wasn't expecting that…"


Jimin grinned, his chest filling with pride. He tilted the other's chin up, quirking a brow. "Like what you see?"


Yoongi hummed, his hands reaching out to press to the other's stomach. "What do you think?" He nipped the other's ear, hearing the growl. "I like when you growl." He whispered into the other's ear.


Jimin's chest vibrated again, his hands reaching down to tug the dark shirt up. "Mmm, take it off." He demanded.


Yoongi paused. "I ah… I'm not…"


Jimin gave a small smile, leaning down to share a tender kiss. "I don't care what your stomach looks like. I just want to feel you. Please?"


The older shivered, letting his arms raise so the other could pull his top off. He blushed slightly, hungry eyes jumping everywhere. He was worried at first when all he heard was panting. But finally Jimin seemed to break out of his stupor.


"Holy fuck you're gorgeous. Why are you so pale, though?" He pressed his tanned hand to the other's stomach, feeling it contract slightly beneath his touch.


"Dunno. Just am." He shrugged, gripping strong biceps.


They both froze when they felt it. There was a warmth in the pits of their stomachs, spreading through their bones. "Shit…" Jimin's eyes widened. "I-I think… I think a rut…"


His breaths were shaky. "Yeah, I think my heat's kicking in." He croaked out. He could already feel the tingle down his spine and the dampening in his crease.


Jimin swallowed nervously. "Sh-should we… stop?"


Yoongi stared into dark eyes. He wasn't due for a heat, and judging by the other's surprise, he wasn't due for a rut… maybe… maybe this was a sign? He slowly shook his head. "No… keep going."


Honestly he was terrified. Yoongi was brought up with Alphas, teased mercilessly and harassed all through school and by family… because of this he'd always avoided relationships. But Jimin… for the first time ever he found himself wanting to sleep with someone… to be intimate with someone… to be knotted by someone… no… to be with Jimin. "Please."


Jimin swallowed hesitantly. He'd only ever knotted one other person and they dumped him almost immediately after. But… he wasn't even dating Yoongi… hell he didn't even know his fucking last name. Without answering verbally he pressed their mouths back together, hearing the mewl leave the older. "Let's make a nest, okay?"


He nodded. "Okay." He watched as the other went into the bedroom, dragging the mattress out into the living room. The older's cheeks went dark as the other immediately fell into his role, getting everything they would need.


Yoongi hesitantly slipped into the bedding, rearranging it to make it more comfortable. When he finished he sat awkwardly in the middle, sitting on his calves, gripping the rips in his jeans.


"Can I enter?" Jimin asked softly, placing one hand in the bedding.


Yoongi stared at him for a long moment. Was he really thinking of losing his virginity to someone he didn't know? "Yes." he nodded, already reaching out for the other.


Jimin crawled over, their mouths meeting quickly as he laid Yoongi back into the fabrics. Soft sighs left both as clothing was stripped away, both laying bare in warm fabrics.


The younger busied himself between thin thighs, moaning at the other's cries. He found himself quickly becoming addicted to the noises, needing to hear more and more. When he had shifted up and pressed his fingers to the other's entrance he was more than surprised at how wet the older was. Yoongi just blushed, bashfully turning away and whining slightly.


Jimin smiled, leaning down to press their lips back together, pushing his digits forwards and shifting them inside.


Yoongi arched high, a grunt leaving him as his brows furrowed. It felt odd, having someone else’s fingers inside him… but so fucking good. He moaned, relaxing as he let the Alpha take control.


Strong hips slid between parted thighs and Yoongi gasped, gripping tight when he felt the younger start to push through. It was weird… the stretch felt odd, a pressure forming inside. But the rubbing along his walls was… amazing to put it simply. And when his prostate was hit? Seeing starts was no longer an exaggeration in his mind. He clawed and cried out, thrashing and pushing down as the burning need filled him to the brim. He felt the other expanding and wrapped his legs tight, afraid Jimin would pull back or chicken out at the last minute.


The shorter let out a strangled grunt when he caught, pressure surrounding him perfectly. He rocked, the other sobbing under him. A loud moan fell from his lips when he came, pushing in deep and rocking.


They stayed pressed for a long moment, both drenched in sweat and bodily fluids, pants filling the room. Yoongi let out a deep chuckle, his eyes closed and hands leisurely rubbing up and down the other's back. "Fuck that was good."


Jimin blushed, smiling bashfully. "Really?"


He smiled. "I can honestly say it was the best I've ever had." Yoongi hummed, letting their lips brush again. "Do you have anywhere to be?"


He did. Tomorrow Jimin had an exam and the following day he was supposed to go see his parents… "No." He shook his head. "Just need to be here." He could see the joy that filled the Omega's eyes and it made his chest flip happily.