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The Hive

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The gathered committee members looked over the data again just to be sure they were actually seeing it correctly.

A muscular man wearing the green and gold uniform of the Sol System United Federation stood up and moved closer to the projection rotating in the center of the room. “How certain are you of your findings and calculations?”

A woman glanced up from her computer screen and pushed her wire-rim glasses up her nose higher before saying, “Positive. With no doubt. It is no longer just a theory or conjecture. We’re looking at an imminent planetary disaster on a scale we’ve never encountered. We’ve been studying all the data gathered over the past 200 years and it will happen… and soon, General. According to all the data, three super-volcanoes in what used to be the United States along with three in the geological area listed as New Zealand, and another two in Indonesia, three scattered in South America, one in Russia, and another in central Europe will erupt within months, if not days of each other. We’ll have lava flows killing millions of people, ash choking everything, total blackout conditions, plummeting temperatures. Acid rain would kill whatever crops and animals survived the initial blasts. An all-out nuclear winter above ground for years, at least on whatever ground survives.”

“How do we survive something like that?” The General turned to the scientist and watched in mute horror as she shook her head.

“We don’t. We’ve not experienced something like this since the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event when the dinosaurs died off.”