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Fix Your Eyes On Me, You'll See The Dawn Again

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There is so much to be done, although the summer is approaching, by the heat that is blatant on her back. She has just bid her student to a memorable summer the week before, but already she is feeling the days are dragging on for too long. Usually her days would revolve around the school; she would be there from dawn til almost dusk, preparing lesson plans for the ever expanding classes.

She is so proud of what Avonlea has become. From her schooling days, more and more parents are starting to believe the goodness what a proper education could bring. Provincial department of education was created and Anne is elected to be in charge of Summerside High School, while overlooking the smaller Avonlea school.

A new teacher is arriving in a few days to take over the Avonlea school and together with the new educator, the two of them are going to work on improving the passing rate for the college entrance exam.

It brings a smile to her face every time, for she is grateful for Miss Stacey during the final two years of her schooling, instead of having the bear with the dreadful Mr. Philips.

Anne pulls the collar from the back of her neck, which is sticky from her sweat. She sighs. Summer brings longer days and lovely beach trips, however summer is most often too hot and too sticky, especially in her ‘proper’ adult blouses. Oh, to be as liberal as Miss Stacey used to be without her corset! Marilla would be horrified!

She skips the staircase and places her picnic basket to the side, before knocking once on the door, looking forward to having the morning with her niece, Delphine. She has promised to bring the little girl for a walk in the forest. “Dellie, auntie Anne is here!” she calls, opening the door as she is used to, being a frequent visitor that she is. She collides into a taller body and she giggles, thinking it is Bash she has run into.

Instead, a man from her past with the most vivid hazel eyes, smirks down at her.

“Anne Shirley-Cuthbert,” he breaths. “It has been awhile.”