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home with you

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She remembers her father disappearing when she was just a small girl. She remembers the way she felt her mother’s anguish, pain, the anger. The way it seemed to seep into her own bones, wash over her like a tidal wave.

She remembers feeling confused the way she could feel, and sense what other people were feeling, what they were thinking of she could hear. How loud it was, how it made her entire body tired, weighed down by all of the energy around her.

But only when she was a teenager did she become frightened of all she could see, hear, and feel. She’d have recurring nightmares. Dreams of smoke and ash, rot and decay. Sleep was a terrifying thing for her. She could not close her eyes without seeing her own mother dying right in front of her. Her skin pale, damp, and cold, her hands held no comfort now.

It was when she was fifteen did her mother send her away to learn about the gifts she had.

“It’ll be good for you. Much better than taking care of me.” Her mother said. “Luke, he’ll be good to you. He’ll teach you, take care of you. He’s kind. And he’ll understand, he’ll understand everything.”

Arriving at the academy was terrifying. People she hardly knew, people she would now spend her days and her nights with on a secluded planet. No longer would she be in the comfort of her own home, watching over her mother. Things were serious now. She’d have to learn the ways, the history of the Jedi. She’d have to obey by the rules some old coots created.