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A Dream Come True

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“I’ve gathered you here today, to make an announcement.” As Winston’s deep voice reverberated through the Watchpoint briefing room, Brigitte Lindholm slouched in her chair. She’d grown fond of the big guy in the month or so since they had met in Paris, but he was terrible with speeches.

“As I’m sure you all know, we’re a little short on resources right now. After all, we aren’t exactly operating legally. However, I am thrilled to announce that we have secured…” Winston’s voice seemed to get further and further away as Brigitte became lost in thought. D.Va was supposed to be streaming right now, and between that and Winston’s boring announcement, she knew where she’d rather be. 

It was pathetic, really, her crush on the Korean superstar. She was a world-renowned idol, as handy with a gun as she was with a video game controller. She was out there defending her country, fearing neither death nor destruction, fighting glorious battles that Brigitte could only dream about being a part of. Whereas Brigitte was, well, not a nobody , but still. A young Swedish engineer living in the shadow of two former Overwatch legends didn't stand a chance.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a massive elbow poking her shoulder.

"You might want to pay attention, Brigitte," Reinhardt said with a softness that only his goddaughter ever heard. "It seems we're getting a new recruit. From MEKA. Very hush-hush."

Brigitte snapped to attention. Maybe they'll know D.Va! She thought, before mentally slapping herself. Get it together, idiot.

"... This deal is, obviously, very dependent on the public reaction to the Overwatch recall, which thus far has been mostly positive," Winston continued. "MEKA wants to make an alliance early, and if this goes well, we may receive further support from them in the future. They have not informed us who they will be sending, but they have said they wish to make 'an impression.' Regardless of who arrives, it is extremely important that they be welcomed as family, and made to feel at home. I know you all have good hearts, so I have no doubt things will go smoothly. Lena, Angela, and I will form the welcoming party when our new teammate arrives early tomorrow afternoon. You will each have the chance to meet them one-on-one once they have settled in. With that, you are all dismissed, except for Lena and Angela. I need you two to stay here for some further briefing."

Brigitte made her way out of the briefing room as quickly as decency would allow, and once she was out the door she sprinted back to her room. She flung open the door, the sudden draft rustling the collection of posters on her wall, leapt into her chair, and pulled up D.Va's stream. She let out a heavy sigh.

Stream Offline 

She had missed it. There wasn't even a listed time for her next stream, which usually meant that it would be a long time before she would be able to stream again. Brigitte slumped back in her chair. "I can't believe I missed it!" she groaned, throwing her head back and holding it in frustration. Upset, she made her way to her bed and curled up, looking at the empty bed across from her. The Watchpoint facility had been designed to house well over a dozen people in communal rooms, but for the sake of privacy Winston, Lena, Brigitte, and the others had converted many of the various storage and maintenance rooms into 2-person dorms. They had hoped more people would answer Overwatch's call, but the small group that was there now barely filled it to half capacity. Nobody had a roommate, and even with Lúcio's arrival there were several rooms that were left unclaimed. Most of them were scattered about at various points on the site--Winston, Lena, Angela, Reinhardt, Genji, Mei, and Echo had claimed the 7 rooms closest to the main building. Brigitte, though, had drawn the shortest straw for the room selection, and since she struggled to see any of her teammates as permanent roommate material, had chosen one of the two adjacent rooms near fuel storage. Lúcio had insisted on taking one of the more remote rooms--formerly a large storage closet near the hangar--so as not to bother anyone with his music.

Brigitte didn't mind having a room to herself, but there were days when she felt profoundly lonely, and today was one of them. It didn't help that there wasn't anybody her age at the facility who shared her interests. Lena was always a sweetheart, and she tried her best to listen whenever Brigitte was rambling on about mechanical engineering, but it was clear she only had a very basic grasp of what Brigitte was saying. Lúcio was pretty cool too, and he and Brigitte had already bonded over the design for his sonic amplifier, but he didn't have the same passion for big machines that Brigitte had. She snuggled up to the big stuffed kitten she kept on her bed--the only company she had on blue days like these.

After some time, Brigitte heard her phone beep. It was Lena.

[You got a moment, luv?]

[All the time in the world :sadcat:] Brigitte texted back.

[Well I have some news that might cheer you up a bit] [Properly I can't tell you any of this, but what's Winston gonna do?] [Anyways, I know who the new recruit is, and I think you'll like her.] [She's about your age, and from what I understand she does a lot of the work on her MEKA herself.]

Brigitte perked up a little bit. [Do you know her name?]

[That, I will get in trouble for. But we're thinking of putting her in the room next to your's if you're okay with that?] [I know how lonely it can get up there.]

[I guess she'll probably be good company, right?]

[I'd say it's a safe bet ;) So it's a yes?]



Brigitte closed her phone. Something about Lena's confidence seemed strange, and Brigitte couldn't shake the feeling that she knew even more than she was letting on. She sighed. She wouldn't know if Lena's hunch would be right or not until tomorrow afternoon anyways.

After laying quietly in her bed for a few more minutes, Brigitte picked up her phone again and decided to do some research to see if she could figure out who MEKA might be sending. It took some digging, including running multiple incident reports through Google translate, but she was surprised to see that, beyond the five famous pilots like D.Va and D.Mon, there were at least a dozen other active pilots who seemed to have no public-facing image. Brigitte was eventually able to figure out the genders of four of these pilots--three female and one male, but there were still 8 other pilots who had no official mention of their gender, or whose genders didn't seem to be getting translated correctly. What's more, she couldn't piece together much about any of their personalities.

Brigitte sighed. Lena had confirmed that the pilot MEKA was sending was female, but that still meant that there were up to 11 different people who could be arriving tomorrow. 13 if she counted D.Va and D.Mon as possibilities. Suddenly a message popped up on her phone screen.

Low Battery.

Brigitte checked the time. It was 1 am. "Fan! How did it get so late?" She groaned out loud. She got up and put her phone on its charger, her entire body feeling twice as heavy as usual as the exhaustion started to catch up to her. Not even bothering to change out of her day clothes, she let her hair down and flopped into bed, her head barely touching the pillow before she was out like a light.

When Brigitte woke up the next morning, it was from a very embarrassing, and very enjoyable, dream. She, D.Va, and a bed were involved, and clothing was most definitely not . As her mind reviewed and processed her dreams from the night, she found herself getting quite flustered, and it took a couple minutes of careful breathing before she felt that it was under control. She gathered up her nicest clothes, which were a light green polo and tan slacks, and headed to the shower. 

She washed herself very thoroughly, shampooing and rinsing her hair twice, and taking great care to scrub every last spot of grease from her face, arms, and hands, before stepping out, drying herself off, and pulling on her clothes. They were from her younger, scrawnier years, so their fit was quite snug, but a look in the mirror confirmed that she still looked reasonably presentable. As she walked down the hall back towards her room, she glanced out the window overlooking the courtyard to see Lena, Winston, and Angela escorting a person who must have been the new recruit, each helping to carry a few bags and suitcases. Brigitte tried to get a good look at the stranger, but she was too far away to see any sort of detail. Suddenly, Brigitte realized that they were heading away from Lúcio's room, which meant that hers would be next!

Fan! How late did I sleep?? She rushed to her room and checked her phone. 2:00 pm. Her late night had come back to bite her. They'll be here any moment! There's no WAY I'll be ready in time! She started to do up her hair, and then sighed. If I'm gonna be late anyways, I might as well try to look as nice as I can. She picked up her hair brush and began combing through it, carefully untangling any knots she came across. Then, she began to work on the tresses that would frame her face, carefully arranging them and then holding them in place with her favorite silver and yellow hair clips. Lastly, she pulled back the rest of her hair and tied it up into her usual high ponytail. 

Next, she dug out her makeup. Brigitte didn't use a lot of it, preferring just to stick with a simple wing and cat-eye, but as she started to lean into the mirror to get a better look she heard a knock at the door.

"Brigitte?" Lena's voice called from the other side. "Is it okay if we come in?"

"Not right now Lena!" Brigitte called back. "I, uhh, I lost track of time! I'm still getting ready!" She hated to admit it, but there wasn't really anything else she could have said.

"No worries luv! We'll be right next door, just come over when you're ready!"

"Okay!" Brigitte leaned back into the mirror and started to carefully apply her makeup. She had gotten pretty good at doing it quickly, but today she took a bit of extra time to make sure she got it perfect . At last, she leaned back and took a moment to double check everything in the mirror. Satisfied, she stood up, opened her door, and stepped out into the hall.

Angela and Winston seemed to have already left, but Lena had stuck around to help introduce Brigitte to the new recruit. "You look great, luv!" Lena whispered encouragingly, before guiding Brigitte into the doorway. "Brigitte, say hello to our newest recruit!"

Brigitte's jaw dropped. Sitting on the bed, looking down at her phone, was just about the last person Brigitte expected to see. "D.VA??"