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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Imagines

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  • Meeting Leonardo would include...


He panicked. He wasn't sure what to do. He never thought he would get caught. When it came to the four brothers, he was the best at stealth. Now, though, he just wants to hide from those wide, bright (e/c) eyes that are staring back at him.

You're very beautiful in his eyes. Your (h/l) (h/c) hair and your (s/t) complexion made you look almost angelic, but not the type of angelic that made you look helpless. No, Leo quickly discovered that would be wrong to assume. You're a warrior before you're anything else...

You had taken down the mugger who attacked you before his feet could even hit the ground. You were already having a bad day, so you used that frustration to your advantage. Thanks Mom, I will never complain about taking self-defense classes again, you thought.

When you heard something hit the ground behind you, you were quick to whip around to see what it was. You were still trying to decide what the hell you were looking at.

You had seen his bright blue eyes before anything else. You'd seen weirder costumes. This is New York after all, but all of its movements were too fluid for it to be a costume.

"Um," you said slowly. "Wh-what are you?"

The figure was fidgeting nervously before he mumbled something incomprehensible.

"What?" You took a careful step closer out of habit. You understood what it was like to not be heard, so you made it a habit when someone spoke too softly you stepped closer.

"I'm a mutant." You heard him whisper.

Before you could ask anymore questions, you heard your name being called. Shit, you remembered you had travelled with one of your friends since you lived next to each other.

You had glanced down the alley and when you turned back toward the figure, he was gone.

"What the hell..." You whispered to yourself before going to catch up with your friend.