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He knew he had screwed up. As much as he repeated himself that he had done the right thing, forcing HuaiSang to take that course of administration was the best thing for his brother - for everyone - Nie MingJue knew he had screwed it up. He would hardly forget his younger brother's desperate expression when he told him he had to leave town for half-year. He better than anyone knew how much it had cost HuaiSang to get Jiang Cheng to pay attention to him ... to admit that he paid attention to him and when finally the Jiang's son left behind his obsession with his foster brother, when he finally decided to give a chance to whatever existed between him and the younger Nie, MingJue imposed his will as a legal guardian on his brother. It was not as if HuaiSang could refuse: HuaiSang's mother had stipulated in her will that her only child be in the legal custody of his older brother until he was 25 years old. At that time, Nie HuaiSang owned nothing and could not even make legal decisions about himself unless a court released him from Nie MingJue's tutoring.


Nie MingJue made a face and emptied the glass with a blow, leaving it on the table. He ran a hand over his face, rubbing his forehead hard, trying to erase the memory of HuaiSang's betrayed expression - who certainly never expected him to assert his legal authority in this way, at this time.

Fuck! HuaiSang was never going to forget this, he would never let it go. And the worst part was that he would never say it, that he would keep his anger and resentment, that he would continue to smile as if nothing ... even if Jiang Cheng had changed his mind when he returned from those six months.


Good! If Jiang Cheng decided that HuaiSang was not interesting enough after all to try again in half a year, that fool could go to hell. And he would have to crawl all the way because Nie MingJue was going to break his legs.


He clenched his teeth, irritated. He couldn't hit his partner's son just because he was not in love with his younger brother - younger brother whom he had just sent half a country away, by the way.


He had to calm down. Nie HuaiSang wasn't going to hate him all his life and if Jiang Cheng didn't wait, it was simply that he didn't deserve someone as special as his little brother.


"Another drink, sir? The same?”


Nie MingJue turned halfway in the chair to face the speaker.


Next to his table was one of the club's employees: Nie MingJue recognized him by the uniform - which by the way was ridiculous. Like all local workers - except security workers, of course - the young man wore a gothic doll apron, with frills on the bottom and the bib fitted to the neck by a black bow tie, with nothing but jeans to complement his attire. From the white color of the apron, Nie MingJue knew he was a simple waiter, without offering more services. There were other young people moving around the place - and less young people - in red aprons, which marked them as more than waiters.

"Bring me a bottle, boy," Nie MingJue ordered.


The boy nodded and turned to hurry toward the bar.


It was at the moment that he walked away that MingJue realized how young he was. With a frown, he turned to follow the waiter with his eyes and his gaze descended from the bare back to the waistband of his pants.


For a second, Nie MingJue wondered why the hell Wen Xu kept this boy as a waiter when it was clear that more than one pervert would pay a fortune for a butt like that. Personally, he did not go after children, focusing his tastes on more made men; but he did appreciate something beautiful despite what HuaiSang thought, and that ass was an erotic work of art.


Unconsciously, MingJue followed the movement of the boy's hips along the track. The jeans fit his body like a second skin and Nie MingJue wondered if flesh would be as firm to the touch as it looked.


“Look but not touch.”


Nie MingJue turned his head to watch the woman speak. He knew her. Wen Qing was Wen RuoHan's cousin and manager of the ‘Delicatessen’ club. She was the kind of woman who imposed respect and beautiful enough to arouse interest in anyone. Of all the Wen, she was the one who most resembled the head of the family.


Wen Qing was standing by the table, dressed in a tailored suit and red wine jacket that highlighted her brown skin and green eyes.

“There are other‘ hosts ’that may be your pleasure, Nie-gongzi, and that can offer you more than the pleasure of looking.”

"I'll be content to look for now," the man replied. “Isn’t he too young to work here?


Wen Qing's gaze did not turn to look for the waiter.

"Yao may seem young; but he is not”, she replied with a naked-of-emotion voice.

"He’s enough to keep him only as a waiter.”

The woman pressed her lips painted dark red.

"Look and don't touch, Nie MingJue," she repeated.


Nie MingJue frowned at the insistence. A heat in his stomach made him clench his fist to contain an unpleasant response.

"I've never paid for one of your ... ‘hosts’, Wen Qing, and I'm not going to start tonight. You already made it clear that the boy is not on the menu.”

"Your drink, sir. Ma’am.”

Nie MingJue's frown accentuated at the reverence made by the boy: he would love that HuaiSang was able to learn to behave in that way. Although maybe not in that place. When his attention returned to the drink brought by the boy, he let out a snort.

"Boy, you confused the order. I asked…”

"This cocktail is refreshing and light, sir. It's about your time to retire and you have to drive a fairly long stretch. A drink that allows you to clear is the most appropriate. In addition, this is Wen Ning’s specialty. Enjoy it, sir. You will thank me tomorrow when you wake up without migraine.”


The young man had spoken holding the tray in front of him with both hands. A slight smile illuminated his thin lips and his long eyelashes’ eyes ... would they be natural?

Nie MingJue realized that he had really drunk enough when he began to notice the length of the waiter's eyelashes.


"I suppose you also brought my account," he said through clenched teeth.


The waiter nodded smiling and put the note in front of him. Nie MingJue handed over a bill much higher than the amount and waited for the boy to leave to get up.

"I hope to see you back, Nie-gongzi," said Wen Qing. “You are one of our best clients.”

"Mhn ... Tell the boy he can keep the change."