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God with whiskers

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Loki sighed deeply, sitting there, lazed, leaning his head in his hand, looking at the woman in front of him with a deadpan look.

Really Loki should have seen this coming. Nothing ever went right in his life, so why in the all fathers name should anything go right in his death?

Yeah… He was dead. Choked to death by the mad Titan Thanos, and yet he had been lucky. If Thanos had had the time, no doubt he would have stayed true to his promise to let Loki face a fate worse than death.

Death at at first hadn't been to bad, he had been leading his people to Valhalla… Those Hela had killed and those Thanos had killed.

They had hailed him as their prince and willingly let him go in front, guiding all of their souls.

But then suddenly this damn woman had been blocking his way! Claiming all the lives she had taken herself would belong to her!

A deal had been made… Hela had not killed Loki, so really he wasn't among the people she thought was among her belongings.

A trade then, Lokis soul for the Asgardians she herself had killed.

Hela was delighted, she blamed Loki for her defeat. He was the one who had put surturs crown into the flame of life… It felt good in the moment, being a true hero rescuing the souls of his people.

But yeah, now he was stuck here for eternity with this woman… Yay.

The woman was Hela, goddess of death. She was also dead… But being a goddess of death itself and all granted her special powers, she was not forced to follow the same rules of death.

Between Loki and Hela was a chess board, they had been playing a couple of games. Surprisingly their skill seemed pretty evenly matched, which was good. Then at least something would be happening at this dreary place where everything was gray and their only company was the tortured souls floating around them.

"Your turn, little brother." Hela murmured.

"We are not related." Loki simply stated moving his piece.

"You were my replacement, Odinson." Hela stated moving her own piece.

"No I wasn't." Loki moved another piece. "Odin never intended for me to have the throne, it was a lie. And ever since my origin was revealed suddenly it is Laufyson apparently." he muttered.

"Yet you had it." Hela stated now moving her own bricks. "You were king of Asgard." she put down the brick. "Check."

"Always in spite of Odins wishes, never because of them." Loki moved a brick removing Helas bishop, thus destroying the check position. "And people would always claim trickery was involved… Not really unreasonable." he smirked amused. "Because it was."

"He chose you over me." Hela seethed moving a brick.

"He left me to rot." Loki replied grabbing his tower. "He promised me the world, filled my ears with promises that if I only worked hard enough I would win his favor… But it was never enough. Any task he gave me, I fulfilled to perfection! Any obstacle he would let me face I was willing to take on, all to win his favor… But it was never enough. And it was never going to be." and he slammed down the brick. "Check mate." then he flicked Helas king over with his finger and looked up.

Hela looked up meeting Lokis eyes. "It was the golden prince he wanted, wasn't it?" She asked.

"I kind of feel sorry for Thor." Loki admitted. "Only now do I realize, he had no chance to live up to expectations either. It was always, an impossible standard to begin with."

Hela laughed. "Oh you got no idea, baby brother of mine."

Loki rose an eyebrow.

"Oh if you could see him now." Hela shook her head. "Wasting away in self pity, it is pathetic."

Loki shuffled slightly in his chair, he didn't feel comfortable about this and yet… He wanted to hear more. Hela never told about what was happening with the living, and he really wanted to know. If for nothing else to distract his mind, this eternity in Helheim was boring.

"He cries at night, sobbing like a little child. It's pathetic." Hela snorted.

Loki held back his breath, stopping himself from jumping to Thors defense. Since when had he become defensive of Thor anyway? There was a time he would have rejoiced in the big oafs misery. That was then though. Before they had faced such misery together.

"New game?" Hela asked.

Loki shrugged. "Anything else to do?" he asked. "You have not given me any books or anything, one would think you are trying to make my stay miserable on purpose."

Hela smirked slightly amused as she swept the board clean, then started to put the pieces back. "I am unhappy, baby brother." she stated putting up the pieces.

"Geeh, with your bright smile it is so hard to tell." Loki rolled her eyes.

Helas eyes looked at Loki with fury. "Don't test me."

"What are you going to do? Steal my soul?" Loki asked sarcastically.

Hela snorted as she placed the bricks. "Asgardians whom dies dishonestly, they rightfully belong to me." she stated.

"And yet, the one single thing I managed to do right was dying an actual honorable death. Yet here I am!" Loki held up his hands.

"Thanos succeeded." Hela informed. "He did the snap."

Loki was quiet… Then he looked down. "I suppose it was rather inevitable." he murmured. "Both Thor, the HULK and I were there and yet we..." he halted.

"He took half of what remained of Asgard." Hela seethed. "Yet those souls… They have not been send here, they have not been send anywhere! They have gone missing!"

"Tough luck I suppose." Loki pouted.

"I want them back!" Hela stated.

"We all want things we can't have." Loki rolled his eyes. "So Thanos did the snap, what do you want to do? Kill him?"

"No need, Thor already has. Thanos is dead." Hela informed.

Loki blinked. "Really?" he asked.

"To little to late." Hela informed still putting up chess pieces., she was clearly fuming.

Loki was quiet, he honestly didn't like what he was hearing. "You say Thor killed Thanos?" he asked.

"Oh yes." Hela smirked. "For ones I see the family resemblance! Decapitation by ax! He would have made a fine executioner indeed."

Loki looked at Hela, his eyes narrow.

Hela to looked up, her eyes looming. "I want my souls back!"

"And how exactly, do you wish to do that?" Loki asked.

Hela huffed. "Sadly I can't enter the realm of the living on my own but… I could send an agent."

Loki lifted an eyebrow.

"Your soul belong to me Loki, you are to do what I tell you to do. I want you to go to earth." Hela informed.

"Oh." Loki stated. "Deary me, are you letting me go back?" he asked.

"On a condition." Hela informed. "I'll give you life ones more, if you promise to get my souls back… Thor is the key. If you fail, I shall have to retrieve you."

"And if I succeed?" Loki asked.

Hela was quiet.

"Come now, you need to give me an incentive here!" Loki stated. "Why would I even bother doing my best?"

"Fine, you may live out your new life to its natural end." Hela stated.

Loki was quiet.

"Or you may stay here and do nothing!" Hela stated. "While our so called brother wastes away in self pity."

Lokis hands clinched… Thor…. What was happening to Thor.

Then he looked up. "How is this going to work?" he asked.

Hela smirked. "Your old body has been lost to space, it is now useless. Afraid you are going to need a new body."

Loki groaned. "Don't tell me I have to go through all the pain of growing up again?!" he asked.

"Don't worry." Hela smirked. "Your new body will be fully grown in just ten months!"

Loki looked up. "Really?"

Hela nodded. "Indeed! Yes you shall have to be re-born so to speak, but your body will indeed be that of an adult in ten months, you have my promise."

Loki mulled that over for a bit.

"Or you can stay here for-ever." Hela offered.

Loki rolled his eyes. "Not like I have a choice, you literately own my soul."

Hela grinned, the pieces on their chest board now all in place, she offered Loki a hand. "A deal then."

Loki frowned but accepted the hand. "Fine! A deal. What choice do I even have."

And Hela grinned. "Listen to me Loki. There is one chance, only one to get the souls back! In a year from now exactly the man who talks to ants will re-emerge. Your job is to make Thor ready for that day. He is one of the key players! Right now he is wasting away, you need to make sure he is ready to face the past. One year! Twelve months! That's all you got! If you fail, the souls will be lost forever. Thor will be lost and you will be taken straight back here."

Loki smirked grimly his hand still tight in Hela's. "Bring it."



So…. Loki was back on earth, and like Hela had promised. He was a new born, just having escaped his mother.

Also he had four legs, a tiny little tale… He was blind at the moment but could use his magic to get a feel… A feel for a body covered in fur, instead of hands he had paws, the teethe that would soon grow would become fangs…

His new mother was purring and licking him clean with a rough tongue.

A cat… he was a fucking cat…. When Hela had assured him that his new body would be fully grown in only ten months, this was not what he had imagined!

He had thought he would get a magically enhanced body or something, nope! CAT! Bloody… cat!

Well at least he was alive Loki supposed, even though he was pathetically weak right now.

Just then a voice sounded, a child's voice.

"MOM! Mom they are here! The kittens!"

Loki hissed trying to turn away.

"Look at that one, it's all black!" The child continued, sounded like a little girl. "It's so cute! Hello! Hello little kitty!" The cheerful voice sounded.

Go away! Seriously. This is bad enough already!

"I'm going to call you Mister Mittens! Hey Mister Mittens, welcome to the world!"

…. Okay seriously Hela can go to Hel! Of course she was already there. Hope you're having fun Hela! Because I am going to get you for this! Somehow, someway! You are going to pay!