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Daughter of a Son

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Buzzzz Buzzzz Buzzzz


Hazel rubbed her eyes and shot a hand over to her phone, grabbed it and looked at the front screen. Hospital read the caller ID. She flipped the silver phone open and sighed before speaking into the mic."Hello?" she mumbled into it.

"Hello, is this Hazel Elk, daughter of James Elk?" a woman's voice asked.

"Yes," Hazel said groggily, sitting up in her bed and running a hand over her face.

"We need you to come to the hospital. Your father has been an accident," the woman said. Hazel wasted no time. She threw on whatever she touched first and was out the door in seconds. Keys in hand, she climbed into her car and barreled down the road, Jax's number already dialed into her phone. He sounded annoyed but answered anyway. She told him to meet her at the hospital. No questions were asked. Her car skidded to a stop in a parking space and Hazel rushed in, frantically asking where her father was. The woman she ran up to had brown hair that just passed her shoulder, her tag read Tara. She escorted Hazel to a chair and sat her down. Hazel told her to wait a few minutes, she didn't want to hear bad news alone. A minute later, Jax Teller was running towards Hazel, a look of worry all over his face. Hazel stood up to hug him and stayed in his arms as Doctor Knowles looked at her in pity.

"You're father was in a fatal motorcycle accident. He's currently in critical condition." Tara said. The room started spinning, Hazel felt numb. She vaguely noticed each of the members running up and surrounding her. Jax's arms felt far away, but they weren’t. She felt her knees give in and she was suddenly on the ground, Jax with her. Hazel thank whoever listened to her head that her best friend was here, god what would she do without him?

"Miss. Elk?" another doctor asked. Hazel snapped back to reality and stared up at her. She looked down at Hazel the way doctors do when they tell you someone close to you is dead. That's exactly what she said. "We did everything we could, but the damage was just too great. I’m so sorry." Hazel felt her eyes well up and the tears flowed freely. The doctor frowned deeper, said she was sorry once again, then left Hazel and the rest of the crew members alone. Jax pulled her close and Hazel sobbed loudly into his leather-clad chest. She felt hands on her shoulders and head. No one says a word. They slowly made their way out of the hospital, though Hazel didn’t really remember leaving. One moment they were in the hospital and the next minute she was fast asleep in Jax’s bed, his arms wrapped tightly around her as she cried herself to sleep.




Hazel woke to the sound of light snoring next to her. She had apparently turned over out of Jax’s arms and was facing the far wall of his bedroom. For a brief moment, she told herself that the events of just a few hours ago were just a really bad dream, but the part that wanted to believe that was too small, and reality was too loud. Tears sprang to her eyes once again and she began to silently sob, trying her best to not alert her best friend asleep behind her. She let the tears flow, though quickly her quiet tears turned into sniffles and ragged, loud breath. Behind her, Jax stirred from his sleep and rolled over to wrap a strong arm around her, just holding her. They said nothing as she sobbed into the pillow.

After a moment or two of silence, and her sobs began to die out a little, Jax spoke, "I'm so sorry Hazey," Jax whispered. She wiped her face, her sobs turning into soft sniffles and whimpers. She jumped lightly where there came a light knock at the door. “S’open,” Jax called to the door that their back was turned to.

The door creaked open and the new arrival walked around to where Hazel and Jax were facing and took a seat on the floor in front of her. Opie, Hazel’s other best friend, reached up and intertwined his fingers with her own and squeezed her hand. “I’m sorry,” he said softly. Once again, the room fell into silence as the three best friends sat in silence. Hazel just stared into space, not looking at anything, not thinking anything, not even feeling anything, just being. After a beat, Opie cleared his throat, “The guys are all gathered, they want you to know they’re here for you. They’d like to see you when you’re up for it.” Hazel nodded, using her free hand to once again wipe her face. "Your father was a real good man, Hazel. Real good.” Opie brought the hand he was holding to his lips, kissed it, then released it and stood up. Shortly after, the door clicked shut and he was gone.

Hazel let out a breath and wiggled to turn in Jax’s grasp, burying her face in his chest for comfort. “You don’t have to go out there ‘till you’re ready. No rush,” Jax told her. She nodded into his chest, “Hell, we can stay here all day if that’s what you want.”

Hazel sighed and pulled her face from his chest, looking up at him, “No, they’re here to support me, to be there for me. I want to see them.” Jax muttered a soft ‘okay’, but neither made a move to get up. After they laid there some more, Hazel finally sighed and got up, pulling out of Jax’s arms and sitting up. She ran a hand over her face and down the back of her head, over her hair, then got up and headed into the bathroom. She wanted to shower, she felt heavy and grimy even though she had just showered yesterday. She ran the water, did her routine quickly, and was out five minutes later.

When she exited the bathroom, towel wrapped around her body, Jax was halfway through changing into fresh clothes for the day. She walked up next to where he stood at the dresser and pulled open the drawer she kept in his rooms for nights she fell asleep there. As Jax entered the bathroom to do whatever business he needed, Hazel lost the towel, slipped on fresh undergarments, then her clothes: light faded skinny jeans and a black tank top. Around her neck was the Reaper on a chain; it had been a gift from her father for her birthday and she never took it off. She took a seat at the edge of Jax’s bed and slipped on her black combat boots as Jax exited the bathroom. (Outfit)

He stood before her, “Ready for this?” he asked. She stood and nodded, but stopped before they exited. The chill in the room was nothing compared to the one the wafted in once the door was open. She grabbed Jax’s SAMCRO sweatshirt that sat close by and threw it on and then nodded.

Jax smirked, “Theif,” he muttered as they exited the room. She cracked a small smile at his comment and lightly punched his arm, muttering ‘shut up’ as she did so. He laced his arm in with her’s and walked by her side down the long hall that led to the main room. It was weird, but Hazel actually felt nervous. She knew she didn’t need to, these guys were her family, but it was a lot of eyes and a lot of attention she didn’t want.

"I got you darlin'. Nothing to worry about," Jax said, noticing her tells of nervousness. Hazel nodded and let him lead her into the main room. There was chatter throughout the room, but it all went dead as Jax and Hazel entered. They all look at her, the same look on their faces. She looked around and wondered who was going to be the first to speak. They all looked like they wanted to but just didn’t know what to say or how to say it. Silently, Opie walked up to her and wrapped her in a crushing hug. He stepped to the side, close by for support but not crowding her.

Clay was the next to come towards her, tears brimming his eyes. He wrapped her in a hug and said softly, "I'm so sorry, kid." Hazel fought to keep the tears at bay, but it was hard. Clar was the closest thing she had to a father now. He and her father had been extremely close, best friends even. Them and Jax’s father had been as close as she was with Jax and Opie. Slowly, the other guys came up and hugged her. It started with the men who knew her father the longest, like Clay and Piney. Finally, Prospect came up to her and crushed her in a hug. The room was mostly silent save for the words of condolences when the men came and hugged her. It was eerie, typically the clubhouse was so loud with chatter and music and laughter, but not today. Today was solemn, sullen. Today was different and nothing would ever be the same after it.