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Be Here to Love Me

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“Its the hardest thing that I’ve ever done
To love somebody and still run”


At first they shared a room because they were students. Five hotel rooms and three countries later, it wasn’t a rooming situation born out of convenience. It was a rooming situation that gave extra emphasis to touches that lasted too long to be considered friendly or glances that made cheeks burn fiery red. After a while they decided on abandoning the other bed and favoring the mess of tangled limbs they would become in the morning. An unspoken agreement kept them from a proper confession. Afraid that saying something and putting a label on whatever they had would make it too real. But time passed and tensions were rising as the 50 days DIO offered were running out. If nothing was said now, then when? The two boys played under the stars on the sandy desert floor, Kakyoin pointing out constellations while Jotaro quietly listened. It was hot and the air made their palms sticky but they gripped each other with steady hands and an intensity that kept them anchored. Jotaro looked over at the other boy and it became abundantly clear that he was hopelessly in love. The curve of his jaw, how his brow creased when he was concentrating, the soft part of his lips and the breath of surprise that left him when the dark haired boy blurted out that he loved him. Noriaki turned to face him fully and kissed him. He didn’t need a verbal reply. This was good enough. The touch of warm lips saying what words couldn’t.

It was all they could do to keep their hands to themselves. No matter how many times the two boys lips met it never seemed to be enough. Their hands roamed each others bodies making notes of every dimple, scar or scratch. Fingers traced the outlines of exhausted, bruised bodies, reciting every curve to memory. Chapped lips brushing together when no one was around to see. Adrenaline coursing through their veins. The brush of lips bringing more excitement than any stand user ever could. Being together made this trip seem bearable. Waking up in the same bed, brushing their teeth and exchanging tooth paste kisses while still half asleep. Little moments like these made long, endless days a little bit easier.

Noriaki and Jojo were only 17 when the fate of Holly, along with the whole world was placed on their shoulders. Sometimes it felt like they were suffocating beneath everyones expectations. No matter how many enemy stand users they defeated, the pressure never lessened. Even though neither of them had admitted outright that they were scared, it was obvious in the way that they held each other. Clinging to one another under dingy hotel blankets, listening to steady breaths and hearts that beat in sync, confirming that against all odds they were still alive. Both boys knew that there was no guarantee that they’d leave Egypt with their lives still intact, however they still giggled like school girls and bickered over what color curtains their future home would have. Jotaro insisted they live near the ocean. Of course Noriaki agreed, so long as he got to choose the modern architecture he longed for. Perhaps it was naive to make plans like these, to create a future that wasn’t guaranteed, but love is a funny thing so they did anyways.

Jotaro didn’t see it. He didnt see Noriaki proudly stand in front of DIO, exclaiming that he had been cornered, that there was nothing more the immortal being could do. He didn’t see when time stopped and the enemy moved with quick and concise movements, a smile as wide as it was sinister. He didn’t see a hit that was dealt with the intent to kill. It was probably for the best that all he did see was Noriaki’s limp body being peeled off the water tower and stuffed into the back of an ambulance. Even that was too much. It was all he could do to continue standing. His vision blurred. Jotaro collapsed onto his knees and cried.

After 6 intense surgery’s, a metal spine implant courtesy of the Speedwagon Foundation and countless organ transplants, Noriaki was alive. Maybe not awake but alive nonetheless. Jotaro didn’t want to blame himself for Noriaki’s less than desirable outcome. At first he didn’t. This was quite obviously DIO’s fault. They wouldn’t even have traveled to Egypt if it wasn’t for an immortal vampire that decided he wanted to play god. No matter how many times these thoughts ran through his head he couldn’t help but blame himself. He should’ve said no when the other boy insisted on joining. He should’ve been faster, stronger, been more aware. It’s unfair and illogical to think in this way but he can’t stop himself. He was standing on the sidelines while Noriaki was taking on the role of protagonist in a story that wasn’t even his to begin with. Now he was fighting for his life while Jotaro was virtually unharmed. Sitting at the table, drinking coffee in their beach house was rather tempting, in fact there nothing Jotaro wanted more. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond his control he was destined to be drawn into situations that could potentially cost him and others their lives. The future that Kakyoin deserves doesn’t have room for the drama that his star birthmark brings. He deserves peace and stability, something that Jotaro can’t give him. So he leaves. If the other boy wakes up, Jotaro isn’t there to see it. He knows that if he were to stay until Kakyoin was awake he wouldn’t be able to stay away. It hurts but its a choice made out of love and hope for a better future.


Kakyoin awakens in the hospital a year later.