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Two Idiots That Suck At Feelings

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“Yeah! A date!”

Kiryu could barely believe his ears. Not once since their relationship started had Majima asked to go out with him. He and Majima had been “fuck-buddies” as Majima called it, for a few weeks. While Kiryu had harbored feelings for the man, he had never let it show. Or at least, he hoped he hadn’t. Revealing his true feelings to Majima would no doubt end everything, considering their agreement.

“Where would we be going?” Kiryu questioned, voice eager and excited.

“The movies! Heard that there’s this sweet new horror flick out.” Majima exclaimed.

“A horror movie?”

“What? Ya scared~? Don’t worry, ya can hold on to my arm, Kiryu-chan!” The man teased, placing more than a few ideas in Kiryu’s head. What he would give to make Majima’s words actually happen.

“No, just wondering,” Kiryu reasoned, shifting uneasily.

“Just wanted to get out with ya for a bit. Nothin’ special,” Majima told him. Right. Nothing special, completely ordinary. Were dates a usual thing for fuck-buddies? Hell if Kiryu knew.

“Well, what time?” Kiryu heard Majima giggle a bit over the phone.

“Get your ass over to the movies right now! Pronto!” He yelled before promptly hanging up. Kiryu cursed, not wanting to miss this opportunity. Foregoing his white jacket, he pulled on a new red button-up Majima had bought for him. Majima had always wanted to see him in it out in public.


Kiryu made his way to the theatre quickly enough to catch Majima before the man had walked away. The older man grinned slyly. “Thought ya stood me up!" He complained, his eye wandering down to Kiryu's chest. "Nice shirt, wonder who bought it for ya~,” He teased, dragging the other into the building.

“Did you already buy tickets?” Kiryu couldn’t help but ask.

“Well duh, you goody-two-shoes,” Majima was already manhandling Kiryu into the designated screen room.

“No food?” Kiryu questioned.

“All the damn questions tonight! Jus’ trust me, babe~” Majima cooed, leading them up to the top row of seats, pushing Kiryu into one. Not a single soul was on the row except for them, the rest of the patrons a few steps down. They had a suspicious amount of privacy.

“Why are we up here-” Kiryu attempted, but Majima had cut him off by pressing a gloved finger to his mouth.

“Y’know… I’ve always wanted to do some nasty shit in a public place,” Majima answered, leaning closer to Kiryu. With the movie-going, no one was going to hear them.

“Majima-san, I’m not going to have sex with you here,” Kiryu scolded glaring daggers.

“I said nasty shit. Not sex,” Majima retorted, already moving to sit in Kiryu’s lap. The lights had dimmed by now, so he hoped no one would see them from the bottom. “’ Sides, you’re into it, ain’t ya~” Majima had whispered into his ear, biting the lobe. He ground down on Kiryu’s crotch. “Oh~! I felt it jump, ya that eager?” The man continued to tease.

“Majima-san-” Kiryu tried to say but groaned instead. Majima hummed. “M-More…” Kiryu couldn’t help it. He had been pent up all day, eager for Majima’s presence. The man atop him grinned, working Kiryu’s belt open. He pulled out Kiryu’s semi-hard cock, stroking it firmly, pulling a low noise from the other. The feeling of warm leather gloves on his dick was more arousing than the man cared to admit, but he knew he had to at least try to keep quiet. Just because the movie was loud, didn’t mean people were deaf.

“Shit didn’t think you’d be so into this,” Majima muttered, his free hand coming up to tease Kiryu’s pecs through his shirt. Kiryu’s chest was always an erogenous zone, and Majima took full advantage of that, making sure to cover it in bite marks and hickeys.

“Majima-san…” Kiryu whimpered as the man stopped moving his hand. Majima giggled, rubbing his thumb over the head to spread the pre-cum. “Let me…let me touch you too.” Kiryu pleaded, his brown eyes glazed over with arousal.

“Sure sure,” Majima was already undoing his own belt, pulling out his cock.

“Free-balling again?” Kiryu let slip. Majima chuckled, saying nothing. A loud scream from the movie startled them both, making them both jump in their seats. Well, if Kiryu counted as a seat.

They both let out a breath, realizing they hadn’t been caught. Kiryu spit on his hand, then gripped them both together. He made their cockheads kiss, smearing the pre-cum developing there. The sounds were deafening on their ears, but nonexistent to other patrons.

“God, I can’t get over your big ass hands~” Majima cooed, leaning down to pant and moan directly into Kiryu’s ear. A particularly good pull wrenched whines out of them both. Kiryu kissed the part of Majima’s neck that his jacket didn’t cover. Majima bit down on his shoulder in retaliation.

“Majima-Majima, I’m g-gonna-” Kiryu warned. Majima merely laughed, bringing a hand down to encourage him to speed up his pace. This was probably the closest the two had ever come to holding hands. Kiryu banished the thought as soon as it came.

“Me too, Kiryu-chan~!” Majima moaned, hot liquid shooting from his cock and onto Kiryu’s abdomen. The younger man followed suit, his own cum joining Majima’s. The two attempted to control their breathing as they quickly pulled up their pants and buckled their belts. They had no idea when the movie would end, after all.

Majima handed him some small wet wipes for his shirt. Kiryu tried to clean the mess, but his new shirt was ruined. “Sorry,” Kiryu couldn’t help but apologize.

Majima only laughed. “Only way that would piss me off is if it wasn’t my jizz on there too,” He assured the man. “’ Sides, just looks like ya spilled some soda or somethin’” Kiryu shrugged, leaving the now used wipes in the cupholder.

“So, why here?” Kiryu couldn’t help himself.

“Thought it would be fun. Dark, mysterious, can never tell if anyone’s watchin’” Majima told him. He nodded his head in the direction of someone Kiryu couldn’t spot. “That guy won’t stop lookin’ up here, ya know.” He jabbed his elbow into Kiryu’s arm. The man groaned in embarrassment. “What? Ya don’t like it?”

“No… it’s just, I’d rather not let anyone else see you…well, like that,” Kiryu admitted.

“Oh~ So possessive. I like it,” Majima half-joked, fanning his face in exaggeration. “Ya wanna stay?” Kiryu thought for a moment.

“Let’s head to your place. I don’t want you trying anything else while we’re here,” Kiryu said, standing up. Majima followed suit.

“Party pooper,” He heard the elder man mutter. The two descended down the stairs, and Majima smirked at the man he pointed out earlier. Kiryu couldn’t look at him at all.

“Ya already know what’s gonna happen there, right?” Majima asked as they stepped into the crisp night air of Kamurocho.

“Oh? What do you have planned this time?” Kiryu couldn’t help but play his game for once. Majima cackled.

“Who knows~? But you can bet your dick’s gonna be in me at some point tonight~” The man teased, waltzing in the direction of his apartment. Kiryu smiled, following his lead.

Once again, he found his thoughts drifting to the nature of their relationship. Their first “date” was just an excuse for one of Majima’s kinks. While it had felt great, Kiryu’s heart sunk and a frown pulled at his face.

When would he grow the balls to say anything, though?