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It started because he was bored, and he missed his husband very much. 

Lan Wangji was away on an important conference. With Lan Xichen still in seclusion, Lan Wangji was often looking after Sect matters until his brother was well enough to take over again. Wei Wuxian understood that, and he thought his husband was an amazing man for looking out for his brother.

That didn’t mean he didn’t miss him. And he didn’t have anything to do. The Juniors were currently in class, and it wasn’t like he had many friends in the Cloud Recesses.

He soon found himself making the journey to Caiyi Town, hoping to find something to alleviate his boredom. He walked through the market, greeting the shopkeepers, who smiled and waved back (he had spend enough time here with Lan Wangji that they all recognised him as the esteemed Hanguang-Jun’s spouse). He glanced around at the stalls, and picked up a few things he thought the Juniors might like. When he came across a smaller, more secluded stall, he smiled deviously and walked towards it.

Wei Wuxian knew this place well. It was a shop that sold more adult materials - pornography, various types of oils, things to make sex more pleasant. He (and Lan Wangji, though his husband would probably deny it if anyone asked) had spent quite a bit of their money here since their marriage. 

The shopkeeper immediately greeted him. After all, Wei Wuxian was one of his best customers. When you had sex as much as he and Lan Wangji did, you liked to experiment a bit and make things more interesting at times, and he and his husband had stopped here on more than a few occasions.

Wei Wuxian strolled around briefly, thinking of picking something up to surprise Lan Wangji when he returned from his trip. He didn’t see anything that caught his eye particularly. He wondered over to a small section of scrolls and books, and flicked through.

“I have a new selection of cut-sleeve texts, if you’re interested,” the man said, grinning knowingly (and more than a little eagerly; he knew how well that rich master from the Lan sect looked after his husband money-wise). 

Wei Wuxian shrugged. He wasn’t exactly doing anything else with his time. Maybe he could even find some knew ideas for he and Lan Wangji to use during their everyday activities…

When he flipped through the small selection of books — there weren’t a lot; it wasn’t like there were an abundance of actual books of that regard around here, let alone cut-sleeve ones — he was immediately disappointed.

They all just seemed so…bland. Wei Wuxian had been a virgin for a long time, but after marrying Lan Wangji, he would very happily call himself an expert on the subject matter. After all, with a lover like the esteemed Hanguang-Jun, how could he not be? The two had all kinds of wonderful, lustful sex, and these texts just seemed so…formulaic. 

(Wei Wuxian didn’t really stop to consider that not everyones sex life was as…adventurous as his and his husband’s).

“What do you think?” The shopkeeper asked eagerly.

“Ahh, a bit boring I guess.”

The shopkeeper's eager smile immediately faded. “What?! Boring?! I just ordered them in! They are every popular, amongst the right crowds.”

Wei Wuxian shrugged. “I guess I’m not the right crowd? Ahh, don’t look so angry! They’re not bad, just a bit…bland?”

“Bland?!” the man was looking more and more incredulous. “I only ever order the best for my store! As if you could do any better!”

Wei Wuxian frowned. He certainly didn’t think these were the best, but then he doubted there was a wide market for these things anyway. He briefly thought of Lan Wangji, and smiled slightly; oh, he was sure he could do better, considering some of the experiences he’d had.

He froze slightly, his eyes widening. Oh, there it was — a way for him to alleviate his boredom! 

He would write a book. A cut sleeve book. A cut-sleeve, pornographic book, to be more specific.

“I will do better,” he told the shopkeeper.

The man scoffed. “We’ll see about that.”

(Oh yes, he was definitely writing the best cut-sleeve pornographic book ever, if only to prove a point. No one said he wasn’t stubborn).

Apparently writing was incredibly hard.

Wei Wuxian stared blankly at the paper in front of him. He had readied himself for a busy day writing, happy to finally have something to keep him occupied. He had relocated to Lan Wangji’s desk, and had set up a small work area with paper, and ink and brush, and jars of Emperor’s Smile.

The thing was — Wei Wuxian had plenty of inspiration to draw from, but actually finding a way to connect everything wasn’t easy. And apparently he would need to come up with an actual plot, which was proving to be ridiculously hard.

He stared down at the page, looking at what he had already come up with. He had his two characters outlined — Li Zhang, a young master from a wealthy family, and Wu Ming, his former school mate and now lover. The two reunited after many years apart, and then — and then — 

Had very lustful, enthusiastic, insatiable sex.

‘Yes,’ Wei Wuxian thought, ‘But what happens in-between?’ Because apparently, if you were writing a book, you needed an actual story line.

He rested his chin on his hand, and pouted down at the page. Any enthusiasm he had previously held was quickly fading as he realised that he didn’t actually know what to write.

After a few more moments of staring blankly at the page, with a few gulps of Emperor’s Smile scattered in-between, he decided that he would come up with the rest of the overarching plot later, and skip straight to the good parts.

He briefly wondered where to start. 

‘Their first time,’ he decided at last. After all, where better to start than the very beginning.

(Not the beginning of the actual story, of course, but he would get back to that later).

So then Wei Wuxian started writing, and once he started, he just couldn’t seem to stop. It didn’t fully occur to him that he was basically just rewriting his own sexual experiences, until he was midway through writing a very detailed account of how ‘Li Zhang’ took ‘Wu Ming’s’ virginity on a grassy open field, and then just thought, ‘Well, you can’t beat perfection.’ 

He considered adding in a brief line about the importance of using oil — because after some time had passed, he and Lan Wangji had finally realised that yes, oil existed, and yes, if you were going to have sex every day, you should probably use it — but then decided that this was porn, not sex education, and he wanted to be as real and authentic as possible.

He finished his account of the characters’ first times, and sat briefly wondering what else he could say. He’d gotten lost in his work, and had ended up writing almost ten pages dedicated to a graphic recount of their first time, based pretty much entirely on what he remembered of his own experience. In his opinion, it was far superior to any of those stupid books and scrolls he had seen at the shop.

He hummed thoughtfully and went back, adding in a few more lines detailing Wu Ming’s pleasure filled rambles. A few more, “I’m a fragile man, I’m so delicate, Er-gege is going to break me in half if you keep — OOH please don’t stop, Er-gege, give your husband a kiss.” 

He then went back and scratched out all the ‘Er-geges’ and the ‘husband’ because Wu Ming and Li Zhang weren’t married yet.

He also realised that he was hard. He sighed. Dammit, he missed Lan Zhan.

Apparently writing was a great way to distract himself from his husband’s absence.

He grinned and took a large gulp of Emperor’s Smile, his hand moving in rapid motions as he wrote a detailed account of Wu Ming and Li Zhang fucking in the reading room of Li Zhang’s modest home (a nice adaption of the library pavilion, if he did say so himself). There was no way he wasn’t somehow incorporating his experiences with the incense burner in here.

The incense burner…ah Bichen. Wei Wuxian’s eyes glossed over slightly at the memory. Yes, he was definitely including that. In immense detail, Wei Wuxian detailed the scene of Wu Ming inserting the hilt of Li Zhang’s sword inside him.

(He had to go back a few times and scratch out the mistaken ‘Bichens’ he had written).

Wei Wuxian let out a small whimper at the memory. Oh God, as soon as Lan Wangji got back, they weren’t getting out of bed for at least a few days. He had needs.

After that, well, the scenes kept flowing. Wu Ming and Li Zhang fucking near Li Zhang’s pet rabbits cats. Li Zhang tying Wu Ming up with his hair ribbon (that Li Zhang always tied very neatly around his topknot, and was certainly not a forehead ribbon. It was also black). Li Zhang and Wu Ming having sex in a bathtub (and breaking the bathtub), Li Zhang and Wu Ming having sex while Li Zhang was doing a handstand, and of course, some very nice and normal domestic scenes of Li Zhang and Wu Ming making love in bed.

They also got married at some point in between the reading room and the cats. Wei Wuxian let out a low moan as he remembered the passionate night he and Lan Wangji had spent together after their own wedding day — he had been so exhausted and sore, he could barely walk the next day.

He put that in the book too.

By the end of it, he had a very long account of what was, essentially, the highlights of his and Lan Wangji’s sexual experiences together. Obviously he couldn’t include everything — for them, everyday meant pretty much every day, and he probably had enough material for a full length series if he was going to do that.

But he had a final product that he was, overall, very pleased with.

An almost final product, he reminded himself. He had pretty much forgotten the parts of the story that weren't sex related. Like how Wu Ming and Li Zhang had first met, how they had reunited, any actual conflict, any actual resolution…

With a loud sigh, and an almost permanent pout, he hurriedly wrote a few quick sections on how Li Zhang and Wu Ming had met during their school years, had separated for thirteen twelve years, and how they had quickly reunited after that when they realised their immense devotion and love for each other.

He added in a quick kidnapping subplot inbetween the second sex-near-the-cats and the handstand sex scenes. He decided that there was no point writing a resolution, since Wu Ming and Li Zhang were married and in love, and they would be for the rest of their lives, so was there really any need for a resolution? 

Also, he'd just remembered that he had forgotten to write a sex-on-the-roof scene (courtesy of him and Lan Wangji getting a little too enthusiastic while they watched the stars one night) and, honestly, he would much rather write that anyway.

It occurred to him by the end of it all that he still needed to come up with a name. He toyed with a few — “The Love Story of Wu Ming and Li Zhang,” “Soulmates and Passionate Lovers,” “ZhangMing,” “Love and Sex and More Sex” — but nothing sounded right.

After a few more moments of quiet consideration, sudden inspiration struck him. Oh, it was perfect. With a grin, Wei Wuxian scribbled the name down on the front page, and leaned back in his chair, proud and satisfied with his finished product.

By the time he had taken his completed work back to the shop in Caiyi Town, Wei Wuxian was grinning ear-from-ear and feeling very proud of himself.

Lan Jingyi and Lan Sizhui had caught sight of him on his way out, and had warily asked him what he was so happy about. Wei Wuxian had quickly hid his work behind his back, and told them that he was just happy that Lan Wangji would be returning soon. It wasn’t a complete lie.

When he walked over to the stall, the shopkeeper’s wary expression — he still vividly remembered his last encounter with Wei Wuxian — turned to one of confusion as Wei Wuxian slapped a pile of pages onto the table in front of him.

“What’s this?”

“I told you I could do better than those other boring books!” Wei Wuxian said cheerily. “Look, I’ve created a work of art.”

The shop keeper looked slightly incredulous. “You actually went and wrote a book? What the hell am I supposed to do with this now?” 

Wei Wuxian shrugged. “I don’t know. Read it? Sell it? I don’t really mind, I just wanted to prove a point. And this was actually quite fun to write…” 

He had briefly considered keeping it, just to show it off to his husband when Lan Wangji returned home, but the thought made him feel slightly embarrassed. Maybe this was a little bit too shameless, even for him.

And honestly, the book had been fun to write, but he had his own memories of doing these exact things with his amazing husband. It wasn’t like he needed to refer back to it.

The shop keeper scoffed, taking a quick flick through the pages. “You think quite highly of yourself, don’t you? Thinking I’d actually keep this around and sell…” His voice trailed off and his eyes widened, his face quickly turning red.

Wei Wuxian watched him expectantly. 

“Wha — you wrote this?” the man's eyes were glued to the page. “It’s quite…graphic.”

Wei Wuxian smirked. “I had a lot of material to draw from.”

The man coughed and closed the book, placing it on the table in front of him. “Fine then. I’ll…keep it. Not saying anyone would actually buy this trash, but you seem quite happy to get rid of it.”

“It’s all yours! And it’s okay, I know it’s better than anything else in your store — you don’t have to say so, your face says it all!”

The man huffed and glanced down at the front page of his work. “You haven’t included your name?” 

“I’m not completely shameless, you know,” Wei Wuxian said, snorting. “As if I’d actually want people knowing that had written this.” Even he wasn’t that shameless. And he would never let his husband lose face.

“And what’s with the name? “Everyday.” What does that even mean?” 

“Something amazing,” Wei Wuxian replied, and started to walk away. He then turned back toward the stall, deciding that he would see if he could find a little welcome home gift for his husband while he was here.