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The Last Marauders: Part Three Moony, Padfoot, Fluffy and Sparky?

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31 of October 1999  

Phoenix’s fingers glided over the ivory key’s on the piano, as he starts to sing.  

Well, it's a marvelous night for a Moondance
With the stars up above in your eyes
A fantabulous night to make romance
'Neath the cover of October skies
And all the leaves on the trees are falling
To the sound of the breezes that blow
And I'm trying to please to the calling
Of your heart-strings that play soft and low
And all the night's magic seems to whisper and hush
And all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush

Can I just have one a' more Moondance with you, my love
Can I just make some more romance with a-you, my love


This was the last song of the night. After he was finished there would be the costume contest and then dancing. This Halloween, he let his Papa talk him into wearing a family theme costume. He was a Werewolf, Sirius was Dracula, and Remus was Frankenstein's Monster. It could have been worse.  

Phoenix may have used magic to make him look completely authentic. He was more of the 1980’s Werewolf from that Teenwolf movie. Finishing up his song Phoenix bows.   

“Thank you everyone! Now up next will be the costume contest. Make sure that you are taking care of your waitresses and waiters they are looking great tonight and I know that they are taking care of you!” Hearing someone scream from the crowd.  

“I love you Phoenix!”  The animagus couldn’t help but blush. Trying to look out into the crowd to see who said that.   

“I love you too!” Feeling his heart in his chest, this is what he has always wanted. To be an artist and have people love his songs and his voice.   

“Encore... Encore... Encore...” The crowd start to chant... Phoenix looks for his parents who were standing back by the bar.  His Papa’s smile was huge as he looks at him, and his Dad was nodding giving him the thumbs up.   

Placing his fingers back on the keys it started to play. Hearing the cheers from the crowd he took a deep breath and started to sing.   

I put a spell on you  
Because you're mine 
Stop the things you do 
Watch out 
I ain't lyin' 

Yeah, I can't stand 
No runnin' around 
I can't stand 
No put me down 
I put a spell on you  
Because you're mine, ohh yeah 

Stop the things you do 
Watch out 
I ain't lyin' 

I love you 
I love you 
I love you, anyhow 
I don't care if you don't want me 
I'm yours right now 
I put a spell on you 
Because you're mine 
Mine, mine, au wuh yeah, uh, oh, you're mine 

Feeling the energy of the crowd almost felt like a high. He has been doing this for a year now and never has he felt this amazing after playing. Life actually in the past year has been better for the teenager.   

Phoenix has a good job, he does private lessons for piano, guitar and drums. He has about 20 students which is more than he thought that he would have. He helps his parents with the pubs and every Saturday night he plays at the pub.   

His Uncle Reg and Uncle Sev have tried to get him to start playing pubs in the wizarding world but as respect to his Papa. They did have a talk about it but he knew that his parents had a thing about him going to the wizarding world. Maybe it is because of his biological parents but he didn’t really care. He was playing at Moony and Padfoot's and that is all that matters.   

Getting high fives and hugs as he walks back to the bar he sees his parents smile at him. His Papa pulls him into a hug. Hating to admit it his Papa looked good as a vampire, his black curly hair styled perfectly, his teeth where glamoured to look like fangs and his make up looked perfect.   

“Look at my Little Rock star. I told you Remy my son would be a Rock star ! Soon he will have groupies, the women and men love him...But he is a Black so who wouldn’t want a piece of him.” Sirius said in a horrible Dracula accent.  

“Fluffy you did a great job!” Now being pulled into his Dad’s arms who was painted green, his scars on his face actually making the costume look ever more wonderful. They relationship has been still a little off since the whole Dad helping the new werewolf.   

They had a row a couple of days ago because Remus invited the new werewolf to spend some time with them...   


Flash back  

“Are you serious Dad! You asked him to stay here... in our house?! Why doesn’t he just stay with his family?” Crossing his arms like a child, it’s not that he didn’t want the man to stay it wasn’t the big of deal. It’s just that why would his parents want someone from their old life here. They didn’t want him to go towards the wizarding world yet they invite someone from there into their home?  

Remus ran his fingers through his hair, sighing. “Phoenix, he needs a place to go to get away. It has been a lot for him. He is still young he is not used to all of this. He wasn’t turned as young as I was. He has a life, a fiancé, now he is on a holiday from work because that is all he has been doing and the healers put him on medical leave. Bill needs a break from everything and we as good people need to be able to help him. I know I raised you that way Phoenix James Lupin Black!”  Hearing that voice that his Dad only used when he was really upset at his Papa. Never has his Dad used that voice on him.   

Biting his lip Phoenix shook his head and accio his keys.  “I’m going for a ride. I’ll be home for dinner.” Storming off he slams the door as he jumps on his bike. With a few revs of the engine he was gone.   


“Thanks Dad...” Nuzzling into his Dad’s neck taking in his scent. He has missed his Dad, wishing that they could just go back to normal. “I’m sorry Dad... I hate it when we fight.” Feeling a kiss in his hair.   

“I’m sorry too.. I know it might seem confusing to you Fluffy. We just need to be able to help okay... Now I want you to be on your best behavior he is going to be here tonight. Now Papa and I have to go judge the costume contest.”   

Sirius smiles at him, “I will keep out for good looking men for you Nix... I already have a couple phone numbers for you. You know back in the day it was me that would get all the attention. I guess it is time for me to pass the torch. I will keep my eyes open for attractive red heads... I know that is your preference.” His Papa winks at him.   

“It is a torch that I will hold properly Papa... I doubt though you will find a good looking red head that was as good looking as Drew...” Seeing his parents smile cloud with concern, he shakes his head. “I’m fine... I told you my therapist and Severus have helped me so much... I have thought about going on dates... So that means something right... Now go and judge the contest. I’m going to get a pint.”  Walking behind the bar he picks up a mug and starts filling it up.   

Once he is finished, he slowly makes his way outside to he could sneak a smoke. Of course, his Papa knew that he smoked because they have smoked together. His Dad on the other hand didn’t know that he did and he was going to keep it that way.   

The air hit him as he walked outside. Looking around to see if anyone was there, he cast a quick warming charm as he lit his cigarette. Closing his eyes, he takes a sip of his beer.   

Taking a hit off of his cigarette he heard a noise. Standing up he doesn’t go for his wand he didn’t want to draw attention to himself. Knowing he really didn’t need it, his wandless magic was stronger than all of the wizards his knows. Now that only being 4 wizards that is not a lot but still.   

Still looking around he saw a person walking down the alley way. As the figure got closer Phoenix felt something familiar... When the person got into the light his breath caught. There stood a good looking red head, better than good looking he was drop dead gorgeous. The stranger had beautiful long red hair that was tucked behind his ears, deep blue eyes, and he was taller than Phoenix. Probably a few years older than him but that’s what made him even more attractive.  

The beautiful stranger came closer and finally stopped in front of Phoenix. His head was cocked to the side as he stood and looked at Phoenix, like he was looking straight through him. Almost like he knew him, but Phoenix felt the same way... Forgetting he looks like a werewolf he feels himself blush. The red headed stranger, was wearing a leather jacket, tight denim, with boots.

“Erm. Hullo.” The animagus stammered through quickly taking a drink before he said anything else. The red head runs his fingers through his hair biting his bottom lips making Phoenix choke on his drink. 

“Yeah, I’m looking for Moony and Padfoot's. I’m supposed to meet someone and I don’t know if I am at the right place. The directions weren’t too clear and I'm not from around here.” Smiling Phoenix could tell he wasn’t from around here because of the English accent. Now that he is close god he is more attractive.  

“You are actually at the right place. You can just go through that door.” He pointed with his chin towards the door. The red head smiles at him, it didn’t reach his eyes.   

“Thanks...” He pauses and looks at him, “do you think I could bum one of your cigs?” Smiling Phoenix pulls out his pack and hands one over to the red head.  

“Here ya go, what brings you to Ireland to our small town?” Taking another drag of his cigarette as he focuses on the lips of the other man as he places his cigarette in between his lips.   

“I’m actually on holiday, I just needed to get away from everything. So a small town like this is probably going to just what the heal.. Erm I mean the doctor ordered.”  Not really paying attention to what he was saying he was just too busy getting lost into those blue eyes.   

“This would be the best place just to relax. Come on in I will get you a drink, I know the owners.” Phoenix chuckles. “It’s on me, so you can start your holiday off right with a free drink.”   

Watching the red head smile he throws his bud on the ground as he ushers the bar. “A free drink huh... I’m not used to that... I’m sure you are used to getting free drinks.” The stranger said with a smile. He was about to say something until hearing his Papa’s voice boom through the mic.   

“Oi, quiet down! We are going to announce the winners of the contest. The scarcest costume goes to the realistic zombie, come on up to get your trophy and head to the bar to get your free drink. The sexiest couple costume goes to Little Red Riding Hood and Her Big Bad Wolf...” Seeing his Papa raise his eyebrows up and down he shakes his head.   

“It is always this busy?” The red head asks as he looks around the pub. Phoenix nods as he walks behind the bar. Motioning the stranger to sit.  

“Yeah, the owners do a great job with the holidays but Halloween has always been big for them. Now what can I get you to drink?”  Watching him sit down on the stool licking his lips the man said whiskey. “Coming up!”   

“Now ghost and ghouls, we are going to turn on the music so you guys can dance. Thanks again for coming to Moony and Padfoot's . Happy Halloween!” His Dad said as he wraps his arm around his Papa’s shoulders.   

“Do you see who you are supposed to meet?” Phoenix said as he hands him the whiskey. Hopefully not, he doesn’t want this man to go anywhere...”  Watching him look around he shakes his head.   

“Well that means we can talk a little bit longer. So what’s your name?” He asks as he pours more beer into his mug. Not paying attention to what's going on around him he feels an arm around his shoulder making him jump.  

“Hey Nix... who is your friend.” Groaning he looks over to see his Papa winking at him. Of course, he would come up right now. Rolling his eyes, he looks back at the stranger.  

“I was actually just asking him his name...” The older man leans in and whispers in his ear.   

“I thought you said there wouldn’t be any attractive red heads.” Elbowing him softly he looks back at the stranger.  

“Bill!” Hearing that name the red head turns around quickly. Standing his Dad pulls Bill into a hug.  

“Remus!” Phoenix looked over at his Papa. Knowing that he was just as in the dark as him.   

“I see that you have already met my family. Bill this is my husband Sirius, I know that you met a long time ago the last time he saw you, you were a kid.” Bill stuck out his hand to the older animagus who took it and smiled.   

“Yes! It’s so good to see you again! You have certainly grown up!” Looking back over at him, Phoenix sits down his mug. Wanting to get away from here, of course Bill would be extremely attractive, and completely his type.   

“This is my son Phoenix.” Bill smiles and holds out his hand. Phoenix could only just stare at him.  

“You’re Bill, of course you’re Bill.” Phoenix growled out, and stormed off.  


Sirius just stood at the bar looking at his husband then over to the younger werewolf.  He could tell that Phoenix liked the red head; it was written all over his face. Of course, he couldn’t show that though because he is stubborn just like him. Which was good, he knew that he said that he was okay with Phoenix going into the wizarding world but deep down he knows that he isn’t ready for Phoenix to go there.  

“I’m sorry about him.” Remus said as he pats Bill on the back. “He hasn’t been himself for a while.”   

“I know how it is to not feel like yourself Remus. It’s not a problem. His eyes look so  familiar. I know that I haven’t met him before though... I’m sure I would remember him...I know it’s crazy but I have felt his magic before. Something is familiar about it.”   

Looking up at Remus, he tries to remain calm. The only time he was around Phoenix was at Harry’s Funeral. He wouldn’t know that Phoenix was Fluffy.   

“Phoenix has never been to the wizarding world. He keeps to himself.” Watching the red head as he downs the rest of his beer. “You are probably exhausted ; you have been working yourself so hard.” Nodding Bill looks down at his glass.  

“Rem why don’t you go ahead and take him to the house and get him settled and I will close up here with Phoenix.” Trying to keep those two away from each other, it should be easy because how Phoenix acted. Knowing that one day this will probably blow up in his face. Hopefully his son will be forgiving, he was too deep in it now to just let it go.   

“I don’t want to be a bother I can just wait till you close up?”  Watching the red head fumble with the empty glass.   

“Nonsense! Go ahead, make yourself at home the guest room is all set up for you.” Remus pats the younger werewolf on the back.  

“Come on Bill I'll make you a cup of tea once you are settled.” Leaning over the werewolf presses a kiss on his husband's lips.  

“I’ll see you at home. Love you.” Remus kisses him one last time. Walking the younger werewolf back into the alley way knowing that was a good place to apparate home.  

“Love you...” Now off to find his son.   


Seeing him in the office sulking. Gods he was so much like Sirius it wasn’t funny.  

“You know, just because you look like me doesn’t me you have to act just like me.” Sirius jokes as he leans on the door frame. His son looks up at him with tears in his eyes, which made him feel like an arsehole.  

“Oh Fluff.” Walking over he pulls him into his arms. “What’s wrong?” Feeling his son nuzzle into him, smiling lightly knowing that has always calmed him since they adopted him. Forgetting sometimes that the older he gets the more wolf like he is.   

“For the first time since Drew I felt attracted to a guy, and it had to be the guy that I have fought Dad over. I mean Papa, seriously why didn’t Dad say hey by the way the werewolf I'm asking to stay with us is drop dead gorgeous, plus he is your type. Then it’s the whole not comfortable in my own skin. Papa there is no way I can deal with someone who doesn’t like their true self...” Shaking his head Sirius pulls away from his son. 

“I’m not saying that you have to hang out with him.. Just be civil with him. It’s only for a little bit. I know it must be scary to put yourself out there with people who don’t like themselves. So just try to be nice and then don’t spend much time with him. Then he will go back home and you will have your Dad back...” Seeing his son’s eyes widen.   

“Don’t act so shocked, I know you don’t like to share your Dad... I’m the same way, the only other person I like to share your Dad with is with you. Everyone else that I have had to share him with took a lot. It was easy with you because of your cute face.” Knowing his son felt silly feeling jealous.   

“I just like how we are Papa, just us three... I was okay sharing with Drew because I loved him... and I know that you loved him too. Plus he didn’t know about our magic. So it was still something that we had together... Bill knows... I.. I just don’t know why I feel this way.”  Pressing a kiss to his son’s forehead Sirius nods.  

“I know, but it’s okay to feel this way... You just can’t act like me and be a spoiled brat. You have some of your Dad’s good traits... You need to pull those out and be more like him than me... This is probably the first time I will ever tell you not to act too much like me because you know we are Lord and Heir Black. We are perfect just the way that we are but...”  

“I know I know.... I’ll try..” The teenager wipes his nose with his sleeve.  

“That’s all that I could ask...” Hugging his son they made their way back into the bar. Making sure everything else went smoothly. Thankful for magic so they could quickly clean up the bar after everyone left. Finally getting out of there by 3am.   

Climbing into his bed Sirius was pulled into strong arms.  

“How is our son?” The older werewolf asked in a husky voice.  

“I hate to admit it, but I think that he is smitten, and jealous and all over the place.”  Feeling the rumble of a laugh.  

“I should have known. Bill is a red head.... That is something that he gets from James huh...” Sirius felt a pang of jealousy and guilt, not that he hates the fact that Phoenix was like his biological parents it’s just that it’s been 18 years now... Phoenix was his son, and sometimes to think that he wasn’t truly his biological parent hurts.  

“It’s true, he does get his love for red heads from James.” It was like Remus knew how he was feeling.   

“He is like his Papa too... Don’t feel jealous and guilty. You remember what they wrote in the letter. They wanted you to take care of their child... and you have... perfectly.” Snuggling into the warmth of the werewolf Sirius sighs.   

“You’re right love... Goodnight happy 18 years as a family..”  

“Goodnight Siri, to another 18 years and more.” Feeling a couple more kisses on his neck Sirius fell asleep. Dreaming of all of the past Halloweens since they adopted Phoenix.   



Bill woke up with a start the next morning. Groaning he heard music playing, looking over at the clock on the night stand it read 6:30am. Who in their right mind would play music that early in the morning. Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep he get ups. Throwing on his robe he pads out of his room towards the guest bathroom.  

Once he finished with the bathroom he follows the music that was getting louder as he walks down the stairs. Noticing it wasn’t coming from a radio. Walking back until he found where it was coming from. There at the piano sat Phoenix. The song coming from it happy, and quick. How could someone move their fingers so quickly and noticing that the man was playing with his eyes closed. Wondering why there wasn’t anyone else awake with how loud he was playing. Thinking about it though if this was something that the man did often his parents probably put a silencing charm so they didn’t have to hear him.   

There was something about the man, and how passionate he was playing the piano. It made Bill want to get to know him. He was cute last night, and he knew that he was flirting with him. Then he just left.... Bill has never had a problem men or women not like him. His ex-practically threw herself at him... well that was until the accident.  

Hearing the song come to an end he couldn’t help himself so he clapped. “Wow... umm that was amazing. I have never heard anyone play anything like that before.” Watching a blush creep onto the younger man’s face, he couldn’t help but smile.. Maybe he still likes you.  

“Uh thanks, sorry if I woke you... Normally my parents have up a silencing charm , and I don’t have to worry about waking them. I guess now you know to put one up. When I can’t sleep , I play. I didn’t know it was so late.. I mean early...” Phoenix pulls up his curly black hair into a bun and stands up from the piano.  

Not wanting him to leave Bill tries to keep him to stay. “Umm What was that piece called I don’t think I have ever heard it?” Hopefully he will get him to stay by talking about music.   

“That was Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin. I'm sure you never heard of it, he was a muggle.” Watching Phoenix leave the room, he didn’t want him to go.  

“Well whatever it was you played it brilliantly.” The man stops walking. Bill held his breath. Seeing him blush, that’s a good thing... he doesn’t hate you that much. He thought to himself.  

“Thank you, tonight you might want to cast that charm so I won’t wake you.” With that Phoenix walked away into the kitchen. Sighing he shakes his head, well you tried. Looking around the room he sees a drum set, several different black cases which probably had more instruments in. Then there were 4 guitars, two electric ones, and two acoustic. One acoustic, stood out to him. It looked different than the other ones. This one looks barely touched.   

Bill loved music... he wasn’t anywhere near as good as Phoenix, but he does love to play the guitar. It was something he learned, just to be more of a rockstar. Not that his Mum wanted him too, and it’s not like they had the money for lessons. So , Bill saved up and got a guitar and taught himself. He still had it until his parents needed money so he sold some of his things and that was one of them.   

Bills fingers were itching to touch the guitar. Looking around he was still alone, reaching out his fingers strum the strings. He could tell that at least it was in tune, so it may not get played much but it was well taken care of.   

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” A voice yell from the door way. Jumping Bill steps away from the guitar.   

“Sorry, I was just looking I play the guitar too and I just touched it for a second I'm sorry I should have asked.” Noticing the pure look of anger in the shorter man’s face.   

“You shouldn’t touch things that don’t belong to you... I’m not sure who you think you are. You can’t just come into someone's home and touch things that don’t belong to you. Get out. My Dad may have invited you to stay here, but you are to not come in this room ever. Now leave!” Feeling the magic crackle around the air, Bill rushes away.  

“I’m sorry.” He mumbles walking out of the room. Wow he has never felt that much power before. Hearing the door slam behind him Bill walks towards the kitchen hopefully he could get some tea.   

Seeing the older couple standing in the kitchen, Bill freezes. They probably heard what just happened.   

“Good morning Bill!” Remus said with a smile, the other man Sirius just looks at him.   

“Good morning Remus, Sirius. Thanks again for letting me stay... but maybe I should just go I don’t want to cause any trouble. I don’t think Phoenix likes me being here.” Bill sees the look on their faces.   

“Absolutely not! You are not leaving” Remus said then pulls his husband into his arms. “Our son has had a hard year but we didn’t raise a brat. He will get over it... I won’t tell you why he is but. He will come around, you are not leaving...” It looks like the other man wanted to say something but the older werewolf wasn’t backing down.   

“If... if you insist.”  

“Now let me make you some tea, I was about to make breakfast.” Nodding Bill sat down at the kitchen table.   


Sirius sat in the library reading the same page over and over. Looking up his husband walks in holding two glasses filled with an amber liquid.  

“I figured you would need this.” Taking the glass from the werewolf he takes a sip, feeling the liquid burn his throat.  

“What do you know that I don’t know Remy?” His husband throws his arm around his shoulders. Pulling him in close, pressing a kiss on his temple.   

“Bill is a good guy, who has gone through something horrible. Phoenix has been through horrible things too. They could help each other, as friends Sirius before you even say anything. Like I would want my 18-year-old to date. I mean I never had wanted him to date.” Sirius didn’t like this, but he knew how it was going to end. Either Bill and Phoenix killing each other or them falling deeply in love. Hoping that it was not the latter, not that he didn’t want his son to be in love. He just didn’t want he son to be taken away, knowing if he fell for Bill he would lose him.  

“I just hope you know what you are doing.” Feeling the werewolf’s lips on his neck he leans into his touch.   

“I know what I want to do...” Remus growls lowly into his ear, sending a shiver down his spine.   

“We have a sulking teenager and a sad werewolf in our house and you are going to try this?” Feeling teeth scrape his ear lobe he was fighting a losing battle. He might as well just give in.  

“Come on Siri, I know you love this... It makes it hotter. Now how about we make it an early night.” Without answering him he wraps his arms around his huband’s neck and apparates them into their bedroom.   


Phoenix finally makes his way out of the music room, missing lunch and dinner he was starving. It had to be late, the house was too quiet. Walking into the kitchen he saw the person he was hiding from. There was something wrong though, he heard sniffing, and was that a sob.  

Phoenix coughed to let himself be known. Bill’s head pops up, he could see his eyes were red and swollen. The sight tugged at the teenagers heart strings. Gods he looks good even after he has been crying... Don’t think like that.... You can be friend... possibly, but nothing more.  

“Oh, I'm sorry I thought everyone was asleep.” The red head wipes his eyes with the back of his hand. “I’ll just go to bed.” Phoenix felt bad for him, after yelling at him for touching Drew’s guitar. He couldn’t have known who it belongs too.   

“Fancy a sandwich, I missed dinner... maybe have a drink. I know where my Papa hides the good fire whiskey.” Giving the red head a small smile, he feels bad that he caught him crying. There have been many nights that he sat in that same spot and cried. “Come on, I make a really good sandwich, and I believe we have crisps around here if Papa didn’t eat them all.”   

Bill looks at him and nods. “I’m sorry if I offended you in some way today. I didn’t mean to touch your things. I tried to learn to play, I mean I'm not very good. I’ll never be as good as you.”  Seeing him blush did something to Phoenix that he hasn’t felt in a while. Trying to shake it off he sighs.   

“It’s okay, it’s just been a hard year... I... I lost someone that I love. Anyways, sometimes I just blow up.” He said as he walks towards icebox. “Do you want turkey, ham or both?”  Holding out the meat so he could see.  

“Both please, and I know how it is losing someone you love, but I guess she really didn’t love me. After... never mind I doubt that you would want to hear that story.” Watching the red head look down at his hands. You don’t want to be with someone who is broken Phoenix, they will just end up hurting you. He thinks to himself, then thinking of what his Dad would do.   

“I wouldn’t mind hearing it... If you want to share, I'm a good listener. I’m sorry I can’t talk about mine yet.” Bill looks up at him and smiles a watery smile.  

“Thanks Phoenix, if and when you ever want to talk about it... Y.. You can talk to me...” Nodding Phoenix continues to make their sandwiches.   

“I was dating this girl, we were engaged to be married. Well that... that was until my accident. Afterwards she said that it didn’t matter, that she would love me no matter what.” Hearing a sad laugh the red head continues. “Then when I was still in the hospital, she came to me and said that she couldn’t do this. That it would be too much for her, having a husband that would turn into a werewolf. How would it affect our children, so she left me.”    

Growling Phoenix slammed the mustard down on the counter. “Are you fucking kidding me right? How it would be too much for her? Does she not know what you go through every full moon How your body feels, how your instincts are high, how your senses are on over drive. I mean I am not a full wolf I don’t change but still have all of those feelings. I’m sorry but she seems like a right bitch.” Seeing the surprised look on the other man’s face, he sighs.   

“Sorry, after the stories my Dad told me how he was treated by everyone. It makes me sick that people hate because they are different.” Phoenix hands him the sandwich as he flicks his wrist as a bottle of fire whiskey and two glasses come towards them. The red head eyes pop. Cocking his head to the side Phoenix pops a crisp into his mouth.   

“Wha?” Grabbing the glasses and bottle out of the air Phoenix pours them a drink.  

“I knew you were powerful. I could feel it, but never have I seen someone have that much power to just summon something wordless and wandless .” Feeling his cheeks redden, he knows that his Dad always said that he was powerful, and his Papa would brag to his Uncles. Just hearing it from someone who wasn’t his family was flattering.   

“There has never been a time that I haven’t been able to do that. I changed into a wolf the first full moon I had with my parents.”  

“You were an animagus as a baby ?! That is amazing Phoenix... Wow...” Not that Phoenix didn’t like the look that Bill was giving him, he just didn’t like the feelings that were coming with it.   

“It’s not that big of deal. I don’t really use magic that often. Sometimes I just use it when I perform but besides that I just use it around the house when I am lazy. My Dad was a wonderful teacher, he could probably be one at your school that you went too Hogwarts. My Uncle said that he hated it there.” Pouring them a glass of whiskey Phoenix smiled at he watched the werewolf eat his sandwich. There was something about this man that was so familiar, his magic he could feel it. It reminded him of something that made his insides warm and happy.  

“I liked Hogwarts, but I had a good experience. I was made prefect and then head boy. My Mum was so proud, so was my Dad... Being the oldest of 7 it made it easy to be a leader.” Choking on his sandwich Phoenix couldn’t believe that someone would have 7 children. Not that he didn’t want a sibling when he was younger, he just couldn't imagine the house being so loud.   

“Wow 6 brothers and sisters. It must be fun when you guys get together. It’s just been us three since I was adopted.” They sat in silence for a few moments nothing awkward but just taking in all the information.  Bill was the first to speak again.  

“It’s not that I hate myself ya know. It’s just the people that I thought were going to stay with me they didn’t. I mean my family is most important and they are there for me. I have twin brothers who are actually jealous of it.” He laughs and shakes his head. “My brother who is Dragon trainer is the one I’m closes too and he is always busy with work so I feel bad talking to him about it. Then there is my brother who is a ministry worker, he is too stuck up his own arse to worry about it. My youngest brother who is your age is too in love to care. Then there is my sister who is still in school and too young to deal with any of this. Then I am rambling to you a complete stranger who probably hates me. I’m a mess...”   

Watching the red head hook his hair behind his ears Phoenix couldn’t help but stare. He is a beautiful mess if he is a mess at all. Don’t! This will not end well for you Phoenix.  

“If you are a mess then I am a disaster.” Looking over at the clock he noticed that he has been awake for over 24 hours. Remembering that he has lunch with Uncle Sev he should get to bed but he doesn’t want to leave Bill alone.   

“To being a mess then.” Bill held out his glass of whiskey and smiling Phoenix clinked their glasses together.   

“To being a mess.”  

Chapter Text

Seeing his Uncle sitting at the table in his all black muggle clothing, Phoenix smiles and waves. Walking over to the booth he quickly takes of his leather jacket and sits down.   

“Hullo!” His Uncle raises his eyebrow and smirks.  

“Good afternoon Phoenix, you look like you haven’t slept in weeks. At least you could have worn a glamour. I thought the nightmares were getting better. I brought some dreamless sleep with me.” As always Severus would be blunt and honest. That is one thing that he would always be thankful for.   

“I know, I keep it on when I'm around Dad and Papa. I let it drop when I come see you because as you know you are the only one that knows. Well besides my therapist but she is mostly just a waste of time.” Phoenix would never lie to him because he is the only person in his family that doesn’t treat him with kid gloves.   

“You and your damn pride, your parents should worry about you. That is their job Phoenix, not that I would admit this to anyone outside our family, but I have grown very fond of you. I don’t want anything to happen to you.” Laughing only Severus would worry about people knowing who he cares about. Though he is even getting along better with his parents.   

“I love you too Uncle Sev. So remember how Dad and I got into a row about Bill staying with us...” Watching his uncle wave over the waitress.  

“Yes, how could I forget you ranted the whole time about it...” Rolling his eyes Phoenix continues his story.  

“Well I met him on Halloween....” Feeling his cheeks warm remembering how he looked that night. If only he didn’t feel like this towards the man, it would be easier.  

“And by the way you’re a blushing like a school girl you find him attractive. I know the Weasley’s very well they are not horrible people.” Coming from him that meant something Sev didn’t like anyone.   

“I am not blushing like a bloody school girl! It doesn’t matter if I find him attractive or not, it will never progress into anything. He is a mess and I am not falling for someone who... well you know.”   

The conversation was put on hold as they ordered their tea and sandwiches. Once the waitress was gone the potion master spoke up.         

“Phoenix, not everyone would do what Andrew done.” The older man raises his hands knowing that Phoenix James Lupin Black temperament would show. “I’m not speaking ill of him; you can’t go through your life being afraid of feeling something for someone who is going through a difficult time.” The older man chided, making Phoenix feel like an errant child.   

“I know... I know but Uncle Sev. What if I open myself up to him as a friend and then feeling develop and he can’t handle everything and he... he leaves me. I can’t do it again; it hurts too much.” A potion stained hand covers the top of his. Looking into onyx eyes he felt himself on the verge of tears.   

“Phoenix, you are not marring the man, you are simple getting to know him. Starting a friendship. You didn’t just start a relationship with Drew, you guys were friends since you were kids. Become friends with the Weasley and then if things progress you and him can discuss why you are afraid  to have anything more than friendship with him.”  Biting his lip he looks at his Uncle which he knows is right. He was getting ahead of himself as always. The be his friend. They did stay up all night talking the night before. Well Bill talked and Phoenix listened.   

“Why do I go to a therapist when I have you? It would save my parents a ton of money.” Chuckling the potion master takes a sip of his tea.   

“I’m sure your parents are thrilled about our relationship...” Rolling his eyes Phoenix puts down his cup. Knowing his parents mainly his Papa is a little leery of their relationship but Severus actually helps better than anything.   

“Eh, you can’t help they are daft sometimes.” Earning a chuckle from the serious Uncle was something  Phoenix  loved.   

“Have you thought about more about playing in the wizarding world. I know Regulus is going to bring it up at dinner. I think it is a wonderful idea Phoenix. You are too talented to just spend it playing at your parent’s pub. You need to get yourself out there. If you would like you could come for a weekend and stay with your Uncle and I.” Phoenix’s eyes widen, that was not expected. Staying with Reg and Sev, wondering what their house would be like. Knowing it was his great grandparent’s home. It might be nice.  

“You would let me stay with you?” Is all he could say, he has always wondered about his other life. Not that he wanted to be with a bunch of wizards who treated ‘Dark Creatures’ so horribly but it might be nice to use his magic and not have to hide it.  

“Of course, brat, why wouldn’t we let you stay. So on dinner on Sunday, we will talk to your parents. I will talk to Regulus to set something up for the next weekend. You will come stay with us, maybe your new friend can come. We have the space, not that I want a Weasley in my home. I will even invite your parents.”  He wasn’t sure that they would want too but it could be nice.   

“Okay, let's do it Uncle Sev.”   


Bill walks out of the library; he hasn’t seen Phoenix since last night. Not that he was avoiding him because of what happened last night. Not that anything happened they just stayed up all night talking. Well he talked.  

Walking past the music room to take a peek to see if he is in there, frowning he didn’t see him. Running his fingers through his hair, why does it matter if you have seen him today. You know nothing about him, and he knows your whole life story. He was the older one shouldn’t he be the more composed one.   

“He is out to lunch with his Uncle. I’m not sure why he would want too but oh well.” Sirius said making him jump. He must have been standing at the door way a little longer than he should be. He liked being in the room he could smell Phoenix everywhere. Not that he should like the younger man's scent. Seeing as he doesn’t really like him, well after last night he might like him a little bit but it’s never going to be anything more than that.   

Looking back at the older man his arms was crossed and his eyebrow was raised. Groaning inward, that’s the last thing he needs is his parent thinking that he was  pervy .  

“I was just wondering I wanted to thank him for last night...” Seeing those blue eyes of Sirius widen and grow dark with anger. “NO! It’s not what you think, I was crying last night and he helped. He made us sandwiches and we talked... well I talked and cried... we may or may not have drank almost all of your whiskey... I know I shouldn’t be telling you that but the way that you are looking at me is making me nervous. So I'm just going to stop talking now...” Looking down not wanting to meet his eyes. Bill was red with embarrassment.   

Hearing laughter he looks up seeing Remus and Sirius laughing at him. “Don’t worry, we know our son... I figured he has been in my whiskey I actually saw him asleep this morning which is unordinary. Either Sev gave him more dreamless sleep or he was  tispy . Since he is meeting Sev today I figured it was the latter. How about you go make yourself comfortable in the kitchen lunch will be ready here in a minute.”  Not wasting time Bill runs towards the kitchen leaving the two men still laughing.  



Sirius finally took a breath, calming down after laughing so hard. He hates to say it but that man is smitten. He knows how werewolf’s are once they find their mate, he has been with his since he was 15 years old.   

“This is all your fault Remus John Lupin Black. You had to bring him here and now he is in love with our Phoenix. I don’t need to be a werewolf to know that he has picked out son to be his mate. Hell it took us longer, and that was because you were a daft idiot not letting me know how you felt.”  

The older werewolf growled playfully. “Me being daft?! What about you, you were the one that was kissing  anyone who gave you a smile ! How was I supposed to tell you that I loved you when you were too busy with everyone else.!” He threw his hands up in frustration. Making Sirius laugh before he pulled the taller man by his cardigan and crushes their lips together.   

“Maybe I did it to make you jealous so you would finally get your head out of your  arse  and be a Gryffindor and ask me out!” Feeling himself being pinned up against the wall with his hands above his head and his husband’s lips claiming his in a hard kiss. Moaning inside his mouth as their tongues glide  hungerly  against each other.   

Remus pulls away and rest his forehead on his. “You are and will always be mine. I’m glad now you don’t have to pull those things like making me jealous.” The werewolf said taking deep breaths.  

“I know but the reaction is worth it...” Pressing himself up against his husband so he could feel how excited he was. Growling Remus places another kiss on his lips.   

“You said something about lunch... Phoenix should be home soon he can take Bill out. So we can have the house to ourselves...” Nodding Sirius feels his arms being freed and fixes himself. Phoenix better bloody hurry up.  


Phoenix looks over at Bill who is nursing his pint. They haven’t said much in the hour that they have been out. He should have known that after last night Bill would feel weird around him It’s not like you told him anything about yourself so why would he tell you more about himself. Give something remember what Severus said, try friendship.   

“Do you really want me to teach you? I mean I wouldn’t mind whatever you would want to learn. I don’t remember not knowing how to play something. When I was 4, I started with the piano, and after that I just wanted to learn everything. Music to me has always been the most important thing. My Papa said that I get it from my Uncle even thought I am a lot better than he is.” Looking over into blue eyes Bill smiles at him.   

“I would love to learn from someone as talented as you. I have no doubt that you are better than your Uncle. I have never heard anyone sounds as good as you. One of my best friends owns a pub she has live music all the time but none of them sounds as good as you sound.”  Phoenix felt his cheek warm with the complement. Taking a sip of his beer he figures he should ask if he wanted to come when he performs.  

“It’s funny that you say that. My Uncle has been wanting me to play at some of the wizarding places. So I gave in, on Sunday when they come over for dinner we are going to gang up on my parents. My Uncles said that we could stay with them at my grandparent's manor. I was wondering if you want to come? I know you just left there, but I would like  for  you to come.. I mean if that is something that you would want to do... Wizards probably wouldn’t like what I play because it’s all muggle.”   

Biting his lip ,  he couldn’t  look  into Bills eyes. What if he doesn’t want to come. It wouldn’t be that big of deal right if he didn’t want too. It’s not like you like him and would want to serenade him with love songs... At least not yet. Friendship Phoenix, just friendship.  

“A manor huh... I know Sirius is from a very Pure blood family but after meeting him I couldn’t think of him being Lord Black. I guess that makes us both Heirs huh. I’m sure that you would get more than what I would get. I’m Pure blood also but we don’t have the money most Pure bloods. Wow I got off topic there, I would love to come see you play. Are you asking so I will just go home and just figure not to come back?”  Seeing his eyes turn serious, made Phoenix heart drop into his stomach. That wasn’t what he was thinking, he wanted to impress Bill.   

“NO! Why would I want to do that. How am I supposed to teach you if you go back home? I take my teaching very seriously. You can ask my other students; you will be my oldest one... but you are also the cutest.” Oh bloody hell ! Did  he just say that out loud ?  He could tell that the red head heard him too because his normally pale face turned pink.    

Trying to get himself out of this awkward silence. “So, after we are done with our drinks, we can go to the music store and get you a guitar... Unless you have yours with you?”  Seeing a flicker of sadness wash over the older man’s face.  

“I actually sold my guitar a while back, my parents needed money so we all sold what we could.” Without thinking Phoenix leans over and places his hand on Bills, squeezing it lightly.  

“Then I will get you a new one, and I don’t want any arguments. After how I treated you, and you don’t know it but my Dad since helping you has actually has been better. You both seem to be helping each other. So, this could be like a thank you present. Plus, I'm like my Papa, I have more money than sense .”  Thinking that Bill would pull away and yell at him, he did the opposite. Interlacing their fingers, the red head smiles a watery smile as a tear slides down his cheek.  

“You don’t understand how much that means to me. The guitar and what you said about your Dad. He has helped me so much, when it first happened, I couldn’t think of anything but my life is over. Then I see how he has a family and a business. I’ve always wanted that, when I was turned, I thought I wouldn’t have a family and that my job as a curse breaker would be over. Which I just found out before I left that I lost my job, after everything that happened, I don’t know if that is something that I still wanted to do but now I'm jobless, homeless. Remus said that I could come stay with him, and he even said that he would find a job for me once I got settled. I know that there is a magical city in Dingle which I could get a job in... or I could become muggle like your parents.”  

Phoenix was speechless, god does he feel like a prat. He was going to help this man get his life back .  Looking down at their still interlaced hands, he knew that it was probably too late. He has feelings for Bill Weasley and he is just going to jump in and be whatever he needed him to be.  

“Well it’s a good thing that you have me as a friend. Since you have time to find yourself, you have time to do what you like. So, tell me Bill what do you like to do?” Watching him carefully the red head smiles a small smile. And rubs his thumb across the back of his hand.  

“I love to cook, I remember cooking with my Mum. I think that I am pretty good at it too. I have all of her recipes memorized. I had to help out a lot when the twins came. They were and still are a handful. Maybe one day you can come over for a family dinner. It will be loud but the food will be wonderful. Anyways, yes I love to cook. I think that is what I would like to do. The biggest thing is that I would want to live as normal as I can as a...”   

“Well that is what we will do then. I have been telling my parents that they should start working on serving actual food at the pub. I mean the stuff that we serve right now is not that good. You could help with that .” Bill looks at him with a sad smile, and pulled his hand away. Phoenix felt the absence of the red heads hand and frowned.  

“I couldn’t ask that of your parents. Your dad has already done so much for me. I... I don’t think that....” Holding up his hands, Bill stopped speaking.  

“That’s just how the Lupin-Blacks are... So you just need to get used to it. My parents may have been pranksters in school but they have grown up and we help when we can. Now we will talk to them later. Now I believe it is time to go get your guitar.”  Knowing that the werewolf was going to say something he stood up. “No buts William let’s go!”   


Bill didn’t know why he was at a music store watching Phoenix pick up the 10 th  guitar since they arrived. The cute raven haired man was scowling, if he didn’t know how powerful he was he would comment about it.  

“Liam, I know you had it around here somewhere... You are hiding it I know you are... and I want it.... I know that you had a Gibson around here. I want it... My friend here wants to learn how to play...”  

“Phoenix... you have bought ever single Gibson in this place... There are no more left...”  Bill watched the raven haired man cross his arms. He could feel the magic coming off of him. Picking up a spruce guitar, he looks at it and shows it to the other man.  

“Phoenix, it’s okay this one looks good. Right we can just get this one.” The  animagus  looks over at the guitar he was holding and scoffed.  

“That is not worth the money... Liam come on... I know you have that beautiful Mahogany one in the back... Just go get it and I will give you and extra 150 for it....” The werewolf’s mouth drops open. Now he doesn’t know anything about muggle money but 150 of anything isn’t small.   

“Phoenix, really it’s okay you don’t have to...” The younger man ignored him and was still looking at the poor worker.   

“Why do you want another Gibson... You already have three.. why do you need a fourth?”    

“Because, I have more money than sense and my parent’s said that I always deserved the best.” Seeing Phoenix’s eyes move towards him and then back at Liam. Was he just flirting with him? I mean obviously there has to be something going on. He thought to himself.  

“Fine! You right git I will go get your guitar.” The smile that the young man smiled was like nothing he has ever seen before. It made him feel something that he has never felt before. His werewolf that was usually pushed back in his mind made himself known. ‘Mate’ Shaking his head Bill pushes his wolf back. That was something that he wasn’t expecting. He still couldn’t keep his eyes off of him.   

“Well that didn’t take much... Bill?” Phoenix looked over at him head cocked to the side, looking even more perfect than he did before. How is that possible.   

“Erm sorry, I’m feeling a little off... You didn’t have to spend that much money on me... I mean it’s too much Phoenix... You don’t even know me...” Bill ran his fingers through his hair. Trying to think of anything besides how beautiful his mate looks right now.... NO not mate he is not your mate... You are not a real wolf he is not your mate... How did Remus deal with this.... He does has Sirius... Maybe Remus felt the same way about Sirius, that he feels  about Phoenix...   

“My students deserve the best... You are not the first one I bought a guitar for... Now you don’t want to hurt my feelings by not taking the guitar after I worked so hard getting it.” The  animagus  playfully pouted, the wolf inside Bill whined he did not like that.   

“Okay... okay... you win... I will take it graciously. On one condition, when we go back to London you will let me give you a tour.... Show you a real magical experience.” Seeing Phoenix blushed again.  

“Umm.. Sure... Yeah that would be okay.” Seeing Liam walk out with a beautiful Mahogany guitar Phoenix clapped his hands.  

“Oh it’s prettier than I remembered! Thank you so much Liam... Just charge the card on file... I’ll be back next week....” The worker nodded; he still didn’t look too happy. Phoenix picks out a case and tell him to added to the bill and walks out.  

“I thought he was going to put up a bigger fight.” Hiding themselves into a  alleyway  Phoenix shirks the guitar and places it into his pocket.   

“I would have been happy with the one I picked out.” Bill said as they walk back towards the bike. Fighting the urge to put his arm around him. He saw how people looked at HIS mate. It didn’t help that he was wearing tight denim, shirt and leather jacket. His beautiful curly black hair laid perfectly at his shoulders. Wanting to growl at each person that they passed he fought the urge he didn’t want to make him uncomfortable.   

“I will tell you why it is so important on you first lesson which is as soon as we get home... Now come on Sparky....”  

“Sparky?” The red head raises and eyebrow as he watches the  animagus  throw his leg over the bike.   

“You need a nick name... I haven’t seen your wolf yet... but My Dad’s Moony, Papa is Padfoot and  Unfortunately   I'm Fluffy... So I think I will name you Sparky... I bet you are a beautiful red wolf...” There is that beautiful blush again... “So come on Sparky....”  

“You are one to talk Fluffy. ” Getting on the back of the bike  Bill felt himself flush as he wraps his arms around the younger man’s middle. Soon the y were off.  


Remus felt someone trip the wards around the house. Looking over at the clock he sees that is was about time for Makenzie's piano lesson he smiles. Opening up the door there stood a little girl with curly black hair with ice blue eyes. Her toothless grin, she must have just lost her other front tooth.   

“Hi Mister Remy!” She bounces up and down with her piano bag in her hand. Phoenix bought all of his students special bags to carry their sheet music. It had a preserve charm on it. Of course, they didn’t know that but parents loved how it stayed so clean and how their music never got crumpled.  

“Well Hello Miss Makenzie! How are you doing today?” Remus took a bow making the 7 year old giggle.   

“Great! Is Mister Phoenix ready?” Before he could say anything he heard his son behind him.  

“Is that Miss Makenzie Kae.”  Turning around there is his son with his hair piled on the top of his head, with an oversize jumper that he thinks  that was stolen out of his closet,  with jeans and  he was  barefoot. Thinking that his son should look a little more professional when he gives lessons but that is why most of his students love him is because he is so down to earth and that he is only 19 years old.   

“It is Mister Phoenix! Mummy sent me with the cheques for this months lessons.” Seeing the look of horror on his sons face he laughs. If Phoenix could he would  giving  the lessons away from free but both Remus and Sirius talked him into taking money because he would never know if he would need the money one day. Knowing good an well he will never need the money being the sole heir of the Potter and Black fortunes.   

“Miss Makenzie you know that Mister Remy gets those....” The  animagus  sticks out his tongue at her making her laugh. She hands the werewolf the rectangular piece of paper as she skips away with her teacher.   

Shaking his head, the older werewolf goes to sit back down to finish his tea. Siri is grocery shopping for family dinner tomorrow. Normally Remus does that but this time Bill said that he wanted to cook the dinner. Which Remus was all for because if it wasn’t Bill it would be him. Siri bless him in the last 18 years still hasn’t figured out how to make a proper meal.  So, he sent Sirius off with Bill to get everything for dinner. Phoenix talked to them alone about Bill and how he lost his job and was thinking about cooking. Sirius was all for him starting at the pub and Remus was pleasantly surprised. Family dinner was a tryout of sorts.   

Hearing the door open he heard the two men laughing. Walking towards the kitchen he saw Bill putting away the groceries as Sirius told him were everything goes.   

“I’m guessing you guys had a good time?” The werewolf leans on the door frame looking at the red head and his mate. Smiling the older  animagus  walks over and presses a kiss on his lips.  

“We had a great time, Bill has been telling me about things that have been going on since we have been gone. Did you know  Andie’s  daughter owns a pub? Bill and Tonks are close friends along with his brother Charlie...” Remus loves the fact that Sirius wants to know about the wizarding world. For the longest time he didn’t want to know anything because he was afraid of what was going to happen with Phoenix. Now that their son is older there shouldn’t be anything that they need to worry about. They actually should tell him a little bit more about his past but of course Sirius was not into that plan.  

“Yeah I was telling him that we should go see her. I know it’s been a while since you had a proper night out. We all can go together. Not as a double date or anything.... Phoenix would just be there with us... it wouldn’t be a date... I mean... I wouldn’t say no if he wanted it to be a date... but not that it is a date...” Oh put this poor werewolf out of his misery.   

“Bill...” Remus gently puts his hand on his shoulder.  “Calm down... if Phoenix would want to see it as that then it is a date... but I am just not sure if he is ready for that...”   

Seeing the sadness in the younger man’s face Siri speaks up. “But he might be... especially someone as cute as you Bill. Focus on you guys being friends.... As much as I don’t want to admit it Bill I think that there is something there. I know your wolf feels it... I just don’t think Phoenix is ready to deal with it yet...”  

Seeing the smaller werewolf turn red he excuses himself out of the room quickly muttering something about the toilette.   


Bill needed to leave the kitchen after what they were talking about... How do they know what his wolf was feeling about Phoenix. Seeing as Sirius is a wolf’s mate he would know a lot.... Oh Gods, why did Remus’ son had to be his mate.   

Walking past the music room he saw Phoenix in there with a little girl who is sitting at the piano studying the sheet music in front of her.   

“Mister Phoenix... Are you sure I can do this song... it’s a real hard one... I want the Christmas recital to be perfect. My Nan is coming...” Watching the little girl tear up he waited to see how the young teacher would handle it.   

“Oh Makenzie, you are going to play beautifully! That is why I picked this song because it was harder. You are getting better and you need to be challenged that is why I picked it. Your Nan is going to be so proud of you. So promise me that you will practice hard, and next week when you come in you are going to get better. By the time the Christmas recital is ready you are going to know it with your eyes close. Go see Mister Remy for your piece of chocolate and I'll see you next week.” Watching the little girl smile a watery smile as she hugs her teacher and runs out the room with her music bag.  

Watching the  animagus  shake his head, standing up he stretches and looks towards the door. Smirking he motions him inside the room.  

“I see that you survived shopping with my Papa. I’m shocked, good job... So would you like to continue your lessons tonight... I have two more today but then I am free for the rest of the night.” Looking into those beautiful emerald eyes  B ill would probably do anything to get to spend more time with him. Running his fingers through his red hair he nods.   

“I would like that.... I have to do something to keep my mind off tomorrow night...” Pulling him down on the seat next to him Phoenix playfully bumps into him. His scent wrapping around Bill. Taking a deep breath, so he could take in the smell of leather,  parchment ,  probably  from the sheet music,  and cinnamon.  

“You have nothing to worry about you are going to do amazing. I’m the one that should be worried. Tomorrow is when my Uncles and I are talking about playing at the wizarding world. I know Dad will be okay with it, but my Papa...” Bill reached over and placed his hand on the younger man’s.  

“It will be fine. Just give him those beautiful hazel puppy dog eyes. Then he will not be able to say no...” Seeing that blush on Phoenix cheeks, he felt himself blush. He probably shouldn’t have said that. Hearing the doorbell ring the  animagus  stood up quickly, avoiding eye contact.   

“Erm... That would be  Grahm . We can have a lesson after dinner...” Bill stood up and cleared his throat.   

“Yeah... alright, after dinner.” Rushing out of the room he makes his way up stairs to his bedroom.  


Chapter Text

Bill woke again to the sound of music, this time it wasn’t from a piano. This was from something that he has never heard before. He wasn’t upset like he was before. Making his way downstairs he stops at the music room. There sat the raven haired man strumming on a weird guitar. Then he heard him singing, and Merlin could he sing. Hearing the words he could feel the heartbreak in his voice.  

Like the seas wait 
For the dawn to come 
I feel hope 
In the strength of our love 
So wait for me 
As I wait for you 
And we'll find the love 
We've wanted so 
And all come true 
And all come true  

Bill knows that Phoenix has been through something, and not that he wanted to pry into his past but he couldn’t help but want to know everything about his mate... no... not his mate... His wolf growls yes...   

Standing there he knows he should leave, but standing there hearing him play and taking in his perfect scent. When the song finished the younger man looks up and that’s when he noticed he was crying. Smiling a watery smile, he waves him in.  

“Come in... did I wake you again? I told you to ward me out.” Watching him quickly wipe the tears from his eyes.   

“But then I wouldn’t have heard how wonderful you sing... I mean Phoenix, your voice is perfect.” Can’t believing that he said that out loud. Noticing another tear slide down Phoenix face Bill sits down next to him and gently wipes the tear away with his thumb. Feeling the younger man lean into his touch his wolf almost purrs.  

“Thank you... I’m really sorry that I woke you.... Just had a bad dream and I needed to come down here and play.” Gently pulling his hand away Bill grabs and intertwines their fingers.  

“Would you like to talk about it? I’m a great listener... You did have to hear me cry... I mean it’s only fair right... Plus it might make you feel better...” Seeing Phoenix think about it Bill knew that it would be a long shot.   

“I lost my boyfriend last year....”  Oh  shite ,  he is actually talking... The werewolf holds his breath gently squeezing the hand he was holding.  

“Drew, we have been best friends since we were little, he was actually the first and only person I have been with. My first hug, first kiss, first.... Well you get it... I lost him when his mother found out that he was gay. When my parents were out of town, I got a call from his brother saying that he couldn’t get into his room. I figured he just locked himself in there, normally if he was hit by his mother that is what he would do. I got into his room using magic... a... and when I got into the room I saw....” Without thinking Bill pulls Phoenix into his arms.   

“Shh.. You... you don’t have to tell me anymore... If it is too ha rd  Phoenix you don’t have too. I’m so sorry.” Feeling tears soak into his shirt he still held on tighter. Pressing kisses into his hair. Cooing sweetly into his ear, smelling the sadness pouring off of him, with an underline of comfort. Feeling him nuzzle into his neck, the animagus was scenting him. Forgetting that he did have werewolf blood in him. It was like something changed in him quickly the wolf wanted to take over and make sure that his mate was okay.   

Whining Bill nuzzles into his hair. “I miss him Bill so so much.... but... but when I'm around you.... I... I feel like it’s okay... My wolf side... I know that is sounds crazy but my wolf side is calm and happy when I am around you.... You... smell good, safe, warm, like home...”    

Smiling at what he heard he pressed another kiss into the black curly hair. “You smell perfect.” He whispers, with another nuzzle Bill leans back onto the couch bringing Phoenix with him so he can cuddle up with him on the couch. Summoning a blanket, he puts it over them.  

“Bill, I... I’m scared letting anyone in again who might hate who they are. If I let you in and you hurt me by hurting  yourself ,  I can’t handle that.. . ” Phoenix said as he taps on his chest like he was playing the piano.   

“Phoenix... You make me want to like myself... I wouldn’t ever hurt you intentionally.” Feeling the younger man nod his head he cuddled up into him more. Seeing those beautiful hazel eyes close Bill smiles and plays with his hair.  

“Good, because you smell like woods after the rain, and a campfire, with treacle tart... my favorite.” Phoenix said sleepily, making Bill blush. He smells like his favorite pudding.   

“You smell of leather, parchment from your sheet music, and cinnamon. My favorite.” Closing his eyes as he feels Phoenix continue to tap on his chest lulling them into sleep.  


Sirius woke up early this morning, he found it strange when he walked out of his room that he didn’t hear Phoenix playing something. Maybe he is making breakfast, walking down the stairs he didn’t hear the radio on.   

He must be asleep in his music room this is not the first time that he has fallen asleep on the couch because he refused to go back up to bed. Their son tries to hide his nightmares but he is not very good at they can see through the glamours.  

Looking into the music room expecting to see him asleep on the couch but what he wasn’t expecting was Phoenix asleep on the couch cuddled up to the red headed werewolf. Bill was laying down and his son was practically on top of the older man.  

A part of him wants to go in there and yell demanding them to get up, but then there is his soft side loving the fact that he is letting someone in. Phoenix whimpers in his sleep Sirius was ready to walk in there to wake him up, but he watched the red head pull him closer nuzzling into his hair which stops the sounds instantly.   

The animagus just stood there for a few minutes lost in thought, this is the time that his son is going to leave him. He was going to go and live in that world and he is going to find out his true background then he will never talk to him again. Trying to hold in his tears he feels strong arms wrap around him.  

“You are up early...” Remus said nuzzling his neck he just sags in his arms.   

“I couldn’t sleep and I was worried about Fluffy, but when I come to check on him, I see this.” Siri whispers harshly as he points to the couch. They did look cute, as much as he didn’t want to admit it.  

“Come let’s go talk and make breakfast...” Allowing his husband to pull him out of the room he takes one last look. He sees a small smile on his sons face as he snores lightly.   

Remus pulls out the ingredients that he needs to make breakfast as Siri sits down on top of the counter.   

“Don’t pout Siri, this is good for Nix. Bill is helping him heal, you can’t tell me that you haven’t seen the change in our son. He is smiling more, eating more, laughing more.”  

Running his fingers through his dark curly hair he growls. “I know that Remy I do.... but it doesn’t mean that I am ready to lose my son! I see how they look at each other. They are mates just like you and me.... That means if Bill wants to go back to that world Phoenix will go with him... Leaving me by myself...” With a loud sigh Remus laughed at him.  

“What am I Sirius Orion Lupin Black? You will never be alone I will always be with you. Yes our son is going to grow up and leave us... I hope that he wouldn’t move that far away but if he wants to then he will... It’s not like we couldn’t see him every day if we wanted too. We are wizards ya know.” Leaning over and placing a kiss on the pouting man.   

“You know that I love you Remy.... Maybe you are right... there could be someone worse than him. Why do I keep coming back to this Remy why can’t I just let him grow?” Feeling frustrated, he looks down at his feet.   

“Because, no one saw him that night... Not like you did.... You made a promise to yourself that night that he was going to be your son and you were going to raise him. I can only imagine what it looked like that night... Siri Phoenix loves you... I’m sure he loves you more than he loves me.... You were the one that kissed every boo boo, that taught him about rock bands and how to smolder. You are his rock... I have pissed him off too much lately.” The werewolf cups his cheeks brushing the tears that fell off of his cheeks.   

“Are you kidding Remy, you are his Daddy... You are the one that he refused to leave when the first full moon happened. The one who scared all the monsters away, the one who taught him to read, the one who help him control his magic. To this day when he is scared, he comes to you. You are his protector....” Leaning in he places a kiss on his husband's lips.  

“You know... If our son was out of the house, I could show you how happy you just made me.” The werewolf smirks and kisses his lips again. Chuckling Siri kisses him again.  

“I will start packing....” With one last kiss before he pulled away to make breakfast Sirius looks into his husband's eyes. He knows whatever happens he will have his beautiful, mate, husband and best friend at the end of the day.  


Phoenix was warm, and comfortable. The scent that enveloping him made him feel so safe. Not wanting to wake up his stomach had other plans as he smelled breakfast wafting through the room. Opening his  eyes ,  he saw that he was laying on top of Bill. A part of him wants to jump off quickly and hide, the other part wants to cuddle in closer. The latter winning out he nuzzles into the red heads chest.  

“That tickles...” Hearing the words grumble in the older man’s chest. He smiled looking up he saw beautiful blue eyes look down at him.   

“Sorry, I know I should probably move but I'm comfortable.  So ,  you will have to wait.” Chuckling he felt arms pull him in  closer .  

“I’m not moving... Are you always this demanding in the morning?” Bill teases him, growling playfully he nuzzles him again.   

“I’m not demanding, I’m just used to my pillows not talking or moving.” Feeling a kiss being pressed into his hair Phoenix closes his eyes again.   

“Oh I'm sorry, I'll stop talking.” Laying there in silences a few more minutes until his stomach grumbled.   

“Ernnn, I guess that means I have to get up... I’m starving... for once I actually feel hungry and rested... I.. I haven’t felt like that in a while.” Sitting up he looks down at the red head who is stretching, his shirt rising so Phoenix could see the pale skin underneath and the trail of red hair that disappears into his sleep pants.  

“I’m glad that my pillow services worked out well for you... I guess your parents made breakfast.” Both standing now, you could feel a little bit of the awkwardness in the room but also contentment.   

“Yeah it smells like it... Shall we?” Nodding the werewolf follows him into the kitchen.   

Seeing two pair of eyes shoot up to them as they walk into the kitchen ,  he feels himself blush. Of course ,  they would have checked up on them and probably found them asleep together.  

“Good morning boys, you are just in time Remy just finished breakfast!” Seeing his Papa  briefly  glare at the red head and then smile brightly at him. “You look well rested Fluffy...”  

Ignoring the blush on his face he walks past his Papa and went to the kettle and poured out a cup a tea for him and Bill. Noticing that he did that without even thinking, he knows that he should feel scared about how comfortable he is with Bill but he doesn’t mind how he feels.  

“Thanks...  Dad it smells good!” His Dad looked over at him and smiled.   

“Well thank you, take your cups over to the table it is ready...” Nodding Phoenix motioned Bill to go sit down which he did right next to him.   

Once everyone sat down and placed food on their plates they ate silently.   

“So, I know  its  family dinner night, but what are your plans today Nix?” The older  animagus  asked taking a sip of his tea looking over at the younger werewolf.  

Swallowing his bite ,  he smiles .  “I’m not sure... I don’t have any lessons today, normally I go to the music store but I made them mad the last time I went because I keep buying all the guitars. Which honestly I don’t see a problem they are getting money and I usually give them extra.”  

“Phoenix, I have seen you in action. You are quiet demanding when it comes to what you want... You are like your Papa when it comes to that... I doubt that you use the manners that I taught you.” The older werewolf chided looking from his Papa to him.  

“I do use my manners... sometimes... You know how I get... I’m too passionate... They should know that by now... I’ve been going in there since I was 4...”  

“Bill this is what you have to look forward too. Lord and Heir Black get what they want when they want. You don’t want to be anywhere near them when they don’t.” His Dad smirked and leaned over to kiss his Papa, who just smiled. Phoenix didn’t know how he should feel about what was said. Yes, he liked Bill and he wanted to spend more time with him. Would he be too demanding... he is like his Papa when it came to things like that.  

Looking over at the younger werewolf who was blushing and looking down at his plate, finally looking up he spoke. “I saw him in action at the music store and I wouldn’t say he was demanding... I mean it wouldn’t be a problem if he was... I mean it’s not like we are together...” Phoenix felt the smile falter... It’s true they are not together... He doesn’t want to be together with him... right? Then why did his stomach knots.  

It was like Bill felt his uneasiness. “Not that I wouldn’t want to be... Phoenix is beautiful, talented, I heard him sing for the first time this morning before we fell asleep and he does that perfectly... I’m not sure if there is anything he couldn’t do.” Not only was his cheeks red, Phoenix were burning. Not used to anyone but his family praising him, not that Drew didn’t it was just different. The past couple years were hard on them because of Drew’s mother.  

“Oh Phoenix, you have this one around your finger... I have taught you well.” The older animagus said with a smile.  

Wanting this conversation to end he stood up quickly. “Dad breakfast was delicious thank you... I should go and get ready for the day... I think I will take a ride... before it gets to cold too.” With that Phoenix popped away, he normally didn’t use magic but he had to get away from that embarrassing situation...  


Still looking down at his plate Bill sighed. “You know you are right.... He does have me wrapped, he could ask for anything and I would give it to him... I don’t why I feel this strong. I know that you said it was because he was my mate... I don’t know what I am doing, and why am I talking to his parents about this I don’t know...” Groaning he runs his fingers through his hair.  

Hearing laughing, he looks up at the older men smiling. “You know, I can see why Phoenix likes you... You are cute... I’m guessing that you guys talked last night... I know that you were comfortable with each other by the end because Phoenix would not just sleep on someone like that... I say give him time... Ask him to help with dinner tonight... He likes to feel like he is helping... Then that gives you more opportunity to talk...” Sirius said with a smile going back to eating his breakfast.   

“I think I'm going to go clean and visit my Mum... I’ll be back with plenty of time to cook dinner... I hope you guys like it and I will have a job...” Hating that he was homeless and jobless he couldn’t take care of Phoenix because of this... His wolf hated that fact.  

“I’m sure we will love it. Tell your Mum we said hi.” The older werewolf said and Bill nodded and quickly ran off. What is wrong with him, normally he is calm, and level headed but put in him the room with Phoenix Lupin Black and his parents he turns into a bloody bumbling git.   

Bill quickly got ready for the day and  called into the floo “The Burrow!”  

Stepping out into his family home, it was a quiet when he walked in. That was not normal in the Weasley house.   

“Mum... Where are you?” Bill said as he threw down his jacket.  “Mum...”  

“I’m in the kitchen Bill!” Walking towards the kitchen he saw his mother cooking  something.   Like  always she turned around smiling at him.  

“What do I owe this visit Bill? I figured you wouldn’t be back for a while. I thought that you were on holiday? Didn’t you go to Ireland to stay with Remus?” Bill nodded his head and sat at the kitchen table.   

“Mum, I'm still staying with Remus, with his husband and son.... That is why I am here...” She stopped in her tracts.  

“You didn’t hurt anyone did you Bill I know that you war not used to being a werewolf and if you hurt someone that is okay we will fix it...” Before she could say anymore Bill interrupted. He knows that he shouldn’t feel hurt because his Mum thought that he couldn’t handle being a werewolf and that he would just hurt everyone. But it was hurtful he is not a monster.  

“No Mum I didn’t hurt anyone... It hasn’t even been the full moon yet... that’s next week. Now... the reason I'm here is because I think that I am in love with his son... I know that it hasn’t been that long, but Mum it’s like my wolf knows that he is the one... Phoenix, Mum he is beautiful, smart, powerful, sweet, cocky yes but in a good way... He is a musical  genius . He can play any instrument, even ones I have never heard of.” His Mum smiled and threw her arms around him. Kissing his forehead.  

“Oh Bill that is wonderful! I thought after everything before you would never find someone... So does he love you like you love him?” Sitting down next to him she holds on to his hand. Feeling a little better talking with his Mum.  

“I don’t know Mum... His last boyfriend.... well he... he took his life.... So Phoenix is afraid to get into another relationship that the person is not comfortable in their skin, and Mum that is what I am going to do. I’m going to get comfortable in my skin so I can be with Phoenix because he is my mate... Even his parents know that he is my mate... I hope that you are not disappointed, he is a man. I know that shouldn’t matter right Mum?”  He knew that his parents never said anything about their children liking the same sex.   

“Oh Bill it doesn’t matter, as long as you are happy that is all that matters. If he is a man I bet he is beautiful and perfect just like you said.... I can’t wait to meet him... He could come over for dinner we can have the whole family over!” Seeing that gleam in her eye Bill knows there isn’t a chance o9f talking his Mum out of it.  

“Soon Mum, I think  he  is  actually  going to play a couple of pubs around so when he stays with his Uncles which he invited me to stay with him. We will come over then....” Nodding the older red head smiles.   

“Now I need help Mum I'm having a test run on my cooking tonight and I am nervous... Do you think we could practice?” He knew his Mum would love that... No matter what she loved to spend time with her children. Seeing as they are all grown now... She has been talking to them about grandchildren.  

“Of course, come get cleaned up...”  



Phoenix stood in the kitchen cutting up onions, not sure why he told Bill that he would help... Not that he didn’t like cooking he did, but he was finding it hard to concentrate. Not that he helped himself. Every time he would walk past Bill he would give him small touches such as a hand gliding across his back or a nudge.  

After his long ride on his bike, Phoenix decided that he wanted to give Bill a chance. Something inside him told him that he was the one... It could be his wolf side... Now just to tell Bill.... He could do it like he did with Drew, but he is no longer 11 years old. What would his Papa do. Knowing that his Papa would just go in for the kill... Okay Phoenix... Then do it...  

Looking back over at Bill who is finishing up the dessert.  It has to set up so he wanted to get that finished first.  Luckily  for Phoenix, Bill has a little bit of the cream on his lips. Taking a deep breath ,  the animagus walks over to the red head.  

Blue eyes look up at him, and smiles his breath-taking smile. “Phoenix, umm if you wouldn’t mind if you are done with the onions could you start on the potatoes.” Nodding, he just walks away... Way to go, you couldn’t even kiss him.... Maybe he is more like his Dad... not that, that was a bad thing... He just wish ed  he could have the courage...  

Taking a  potato ,  he peels it and starts cutting it. “ Oh  hold on, let’s cut them this way...” Bill stands behind him, his front pressed up to Phoenix back. The red head was taller than him, and felt wonderful around him. Once again, his scent was covering him like a blanket. The werewolf places his hand over his and cutes the potato into cubes.   

“Just like that, it will cook even if they are all cut the same.” His breath ghosted across his skin. Phoenix turned his head to look at Bill, blue eyes looking into green. They both move closer. Phoenix feels his eyes flutter close as the older man’s lips touches his. Once their lips  touch ,  he felt something snap into place. Like this is where he was supposed to be. Letting go of the knife. He turns around in Bill arms and wraps his around the taller man’s neck deepening the kiss.   

Their lips glide across each other's, as if neither of them has had a kiss like this. Feeling Bills tongue slide across his bottom lip. Phoenix gasps, taking advantage Bill’s tongue collides with his. Letting the werewolf take control of the kiss, his fingers run through  his  red hair. While the werewolf penned him up against the counter. Fingers sliding up and down his back. Pulling away just to catch their breath Phoenix rest their foreheads together.   

“Bill... wow...” He continued to takes deep breaths, his heart is pounding. Never in his life as he felt like that... Bill knew how to kiss.   

The red head kisses his nose and smiles. “I know... I didn’t know kissing could feel like that... I’m sorry just how you were looking at me I couldn’t help it I just needed to kiss you... We haven’t even discussed anything and I know I should have...”  Phoenix  hushed him with another kiss.   

“It’s okay, Bill I promise... I have wanted to do that all day... Since I woke up in your arms this morning...”  Feeling himself blush he looked down, Bills fingers tip his head up again leaning in his kisses him again. This kiss was slower, pouring everything that they are worried and scared about. Not worried about what might happen in the future. Bill took Phoenix bottom lip and sucked lightly earning a small moan.   

“Well I assume the dinner is not ready yet.” Phoenix tried to pull away but Bill held him close growling. He forgot how possessive werewolves could be. Looking over there was Uncle Reg just standing with his arms crossed smirking at them both. “Good thing it was me and not any other men in this family. Your parents would have been totally weird and Sev would sneered and say something witty and threaten you Bill. Phoenix has that man wrapped. Not that he would admit it.”  Phoenix felt his face continue to burn red.   

“Uncle Reg... please.... Bill it’s okay this is my Uncle Regulus, Uncle Reg this is Bill.” Still with his arm around Phoenix, Bill reach out his hand grasping the man’s hand.  

“It’s nice to meet you sir... I’m sorry about that... I....” Phoenix could tell he wanted to be his babbling self but the wolf was more in control.  

“I understand, Remus was the same way with Siri...  I’ve walk in on them a couple times too... So... Do your parents know what you are doing in here?” Walking towards the counter Reg picks up a piece of celery and chomps on it loudly. Rolling his eyes, he shook his head.  

No ,  they do not... I don’t think Dad would care put Papa on the other hand...” Bill finally let him move and he started to cut the potatoes again. While the werewolf started another task.  

“Oh yes... well we will keep this to ourselves... Especially since we are going to ambush them later... I was thinking I know the full moon is this week coming up... So I was thinking the weekend after is when I can get you booked. You and Wolfie here can come, plus your parents can stay at the manor... Separate rooms of course... I don’t want everyone mad at me... You know I don’t care...” The older man winked at both of them...  

“His nick name is Sparky... anyways, yes that sounds good. I’m excited and I have been practicing new songs, so we will see...” Finishing up he hands over the potatoes to Bill who puts them on the hob.  

“Regulus, will you leave these two alone... I am sure they need their concentration to not burn the house down.” Severus voice moves through the room as he appeared at the doorway. Phoenix smiled over at him.  

“Hey Uncle Sev.... This is Bill!” Raising his elegant eyebrow, he nods.  

“Yes, I have met Mr. Weasley before.... Come on Regulus the Mutt has poured us a drink.” Stealing another piece of celery both of his uncles walk out of the room.  

Turning around to face Bill, he watches as starts on the steaks. There was something about how the Red head was flowing around the kitchen. It was like the werewolf was in his element. I guess he felt him watching, Bill looks back at him using his finger to motion him over.   

Smiling Phoenix walks over standing right beside him as he stirs and adds things in pots. “You know... I think I know how you feel when I sing and play... You look so handsome standing here cooking. You are a natural...” He said as he continues to watch him.   

The older man puts an arm around his waist pulling him into his side. “Hmm well you can help me cook anytime if you allow me to kiss you...” Biting his bottom lip Phoenix chuckled.  

“I think I can do that.” Leaning closer to him they exchange a quick kiss before sizzling caused him to pull away...   

“You think that you are ready to plead your case tonight with you parents...” Bill asked as he multitasked. Phoenix jumped on the counter space right next to him. Looking down at his fingers as his feet dangle back and forth.  

“Yeah I think so... I mean I know after what happened with their family, I can understand why they don’t want to go back to the wizarding world. I’ve never been so I'm excited but what if I'm not like them ya know... What if they hate my music, what if they think I'm too much of a muggle?” The red head turns to look at him with a small smile.  

“Phoenix, you are perfect. You are powerful, you are a talented musician, and you are going to have everyone swooning over you...  You will be like a proper rock star. When you get big just remember me...” There was a sadness in Bills tone.   

“I will remember you... because you are going to be at my shows, right next to the stage. Bill I... I just don’t kiss anyone... Like I have said before... my Papa told me that I deserve the best... I wouldn’t have kissed you if I thought you wasn’t the best... I know... I know I am not a real werewolf Sparky but my wolf side is happy when I am around you... I feel safe around you. I don’t let people in... I haven’t needed people before... I just needed my family and Drew... Then you come along and I want to get to know you more... teach you more and defiantly kiss you more... So, when we go to London... We will have our first date... Proper...” Seeing the red head blush he presses a quick kiss on his lips.  

“Now finish up dinner. I’m going to take the appetizers out.” Phoenix jumped off the counter into Bill’s arms.  

“Phoenix... I’m happy that you want to try... My wolf feels the same... Probably more so... I hope that doesn’t scare you... So, Will you go out on a date with me? I think you are right it would be best after the full moon to have our first date... Seeing as if you think my wolf is too ugly or....” The werewolf stopped because of the look the younger man was giving him.   

“I bet your wolf is beautiful like you are Bill, and I accept your offer... Now kiss me one more time so I can go feed our guest.” Phoenix felt the older man pull him into a kiss. Feeling slightly dizzy afterwards as if he was drunk off of it.  

“Go on... Can’t keep our guest as you call them waiting.” Straightening himself up Phoenix grabbed the crudité platter and the stuffed mushrooms and walked out into the dining  room.  


Sirius was finishing up his delicious trifle that Bill made. The boy was good, and they would be daft not to have him at the pub. He couldn’t miss the way that his son was looking at the younger werewolf... They were sitting side by side. Glancing and brief touches, it was too late... They have fallen.   

“Papa... Papa... Are you not listening to me?” Phoenix said as he waves his hands around. Smiling he looks over at his son.  

“What was it? I’m sorry this is just too good...” Knowing his son wouldn’t believe him.   

“I was saying that Uncle Reg is going to talk to some pubs around London in the wizarding world... and I was hoping that I could do it... I mean I know I can but I want your blessing... Please he said that we could stay with him for the weekend and we can have a proper little holiday... Please...” There it was... This is when he will lose his son forever... Once he steps foot into that world he will not come back.   

“I don’t see the problem Siri, we should let him try it out. He is an adult so he could do it without our blessing but he is asking so.” His husband grabs his hand squeezing it lightly. Looking over into Remy’s green eyes he sighs. He wasn’t going to win this one.   

“Come on Mutt, the boy is talented.” Severus looked at him and smirked. Phoenix beamed at his Uncle. That smile was enough. He couldn’t say no to his son, his little boy who isn’t a little boy anymore.  

“Okay, Reg you better get him at the best pubs I want him to play at Andie’s daughter’s bar... She is a friend of yours right Bill?” The red head nods, then looks over at his son beaming at him. “And Bill you go yourself a job...” Remus’ head snaps over to him with a smile. Like he wasn’t going to give the man a job. If he was going to be his son’s mate, he needs to be able to provide for him... Even though they will never need money.  

“Are you serious Papa! We can do it?” Phoenix jumped out of his seat and threw himself into his arms. Feeling his son scent him made him almost lose it.   

“Yes Fluffy... I am going to be wearing a t-shirt with your face on it. I will be the loudest one there. I am your number one fan....”  

“Oi!” Remy said scowling playfully. Rolling his eyes, he looks over at his husband.  

“Okay I’ll make you a shirt too Remy you can wear it under your sexiest cardigan.” Phoenix quickly pulls away and give him a ‘Really’ look.  

“Please that is enough your child and brother is present.” Reg said as he takes a sip of his fire whiskey. “I will make sure he will get in all the best pubs but we will start with Tonks’”   


Once everything dies down Sirius and Remus sat in the library listening to Phoenix play for Bill. “You know Reg said that he caught them kissing in the kitchen” The older werewolf said with a smirk.  

“I heard... I was wondering when that would happen seeing as they were cuddled up pretty close this morning. Do you think everything is going to be okay? I’m so scared of him going back to that world.” His husband puts an arm around him pulling him into his side.  

“Pads, I'm sure that all of that has died down. Yes, he killed the Dark Lord but he was a baby it has been many many years... Harry James Potter is dead.... Phoenix James Lupin Black is very much alive and very much loves his parents and I am assuming he is going to be loving a werewolf soon. Everything will work out... I promise...” Looking up into his husband's eyes, the werewolf bends down and places a gentle kiss on his lips.  

“I do hope so Moony... I love you...” Sirius lies his head on his husband's chest. Closing his eyes, he hears Remus heartbeat calming him.  

“I love you too Pads... I will protect him and you... This will be great for him...” Humming Sirius just continues to listen to that heartbeat and try not to think about all the horrible things that could go wrong.  


Chapter Text

Phoenix found him standing outside of Bill’s room the night before the full moon. He had been playing but he felt himself getting tired. He wanted to go lie down but he didn’t want to sleep alone. It hasn’t had a good night sleeps since he fell asleep on Bill. Yes they have shared kisses and cuddles around the house but they haven’t really discussed their relationship.   

‘What is wrong with you Phoenix... Just go lie down... You can just sleep for a little bit... Yeah but what about the nightmares....’ Growling he shakes his head and knocks on the door. There wasn’t an answer so he quietly opens the door.   

The spare bedroom was one of the smaller ones. There was a wardrobe a bed and a nightstand. Looking at the bed there was the red head cuddled up under the  duvet . Biting his lip, he knew he should just walk out of the room. Just go sleep in his room or just go back down and play more... He doesn’t really need sleep. He will get some during the full moon....  

Turning around he walks towards the door he will just go play a little bit longer.  Maybe fall asleep on the couch in a little while. Bill has been in there more lately it had his scent on the blanket that was in there.   

“Phoenix?” A groggy voice said making the  animagus jumps around.  His heart pounding in his chest.  

“Sorry I didn’t mean to bother you... I just... I’m tired and I couldn’t sleep... I...”   

“Come here...” Bill pulls the covers back, noticing the man was only wearing pants. The werewolf’s pale skin looked flawless on the burgundy sheets. Blinking a couple of times, he makes his way over the bed shrugging off his shirt leaving him in long sleep pants he climbs in. The bed warm he felt himself cuddling into the pillow that smells so much like Bill.   

“I’m sorry I... I just sleep better when I'm with you....” The red head spoons behind him. Feeling the skin on skin contact Phoenix calmed immediately.   

“Mmm I’m glad, I’ll protect you Nix... always...” The werewolf almost growls out nuzzling into his neck scenting him. “You will smell just like me in the morning... You’ll smell like mine.” Phoenix blushes knowing that if Bill will remember this in the morning, he will be embarrassed, but his wolf is too close to the surface right now...   

“You want me to smell like yours?” Opening his neck more giving the older man more access.  This is probably not the best idea but  Phoenix  didn’t care, he felt so right.  

Growling Bill licks gently over his pulse, Phoenix bites back a moan. “Yes... Want you to be mine...” With one last lick he pulls him closer into his arms. “Sleep... I’ll make you breakfast in the morning. Must take care of you... Need you as my mate... Please be my mate....” Feeling a kiss on his neck he closes his eyes.   

‘Mate... that sounds perfect... Utterly terrifying but so perfect...’   


Bill woke with the smell of Phoenix in his nose, growling he pulled whatever smelled like his potential mate towards him. Slowly opening one eye he saw that what he pulled towards him was in fact a sleeping Phoenix.  Smiling he closes his eyes, hopefully he could fall back asleep and it wouldn’t be a dream.   

Feeling the younger man tense in his arms and start to whine, his wolf whines and pulls him closer... Nuzzling his neck Phoenix calms again.  

“My Sparky...” Phoenix says sleepily, intertwining their legs. His face nuzzling into his chest.  

“My Fluffy...” Bill said softly, pressing a kiss to his hair. “Are you awake?” Phoenix shook his head. Making the werewolf chuckle. “If you are asleep how did you answer my question?”  

“Because I'm a genius... well a musical genius... but still a genius....” Jumping when he felt lips on his torso. Light kisses move up until he reach his heart. With one last kiss beautiful hazel eyes look up into his own blue. “You talk in your sleep....”    

Knowing he should be worried about what he said, right now he couldn’t bring himself to care. He has Phoenix James in his arms, it would be hard to bring him down or embarrass him right now...  

“Well Fluffy what did I say?” He said while pushing a stray hair behind the younger man’s ear. Running his fingers slowly down his cheeks, gods he is even more beautiful today than yesterday... How is that possible.   

“You said that you wanted me to smell like you....” Feeling his cheeks redden, but his wolf was close on the surface, he knew that he did want Phoenix to smell just like him. “You wanted me to smell like yours... That you wanted me to be your mate... That you will protect me... You said ‘Please be my mate...’ “ It all came flashing back to him, oh shit he did say all of those things. Damn his wolf, yes he might want all of that but he just met the man... How would he handle all of this... Letting his wolf take over he takes a deep breath might as well tell him.  

“Since our first kiss... even before then yes I have wanted you as my mate I have seen you as my mate I think since the first time that I saw you. Phoenix you didn’t even look like yourself. You looked like a silly fake werewolf... but I saw your eyes, smile and then your smell.... I know we haven’t talked about our relationship, but I would like for us to be mates... and I will do whatever I have to do.... I know we haven’t had our first date yet... We are waiting until London, but are we a we?” Searching the younger man’s face looking for any type of tell. Watching a small smile appears the  animagus  leans in ,  their lips brushing against each other. Cupping his face Bill deepens the kiss, his tongue teasing the plump bottom lip.   

Phoenix pulls away slowly, “Then I guess that means you are my boyfriend now... You know you also said that you would make me breakfast because you must take care of me...” This man is cheeky... Pressing a chaste kiss on his lips Bill jumps up out of bed throwing on a shirt and lounge pants. The curly hair man pouts at him.  

“What? You are right I did say that I would make you breakfast and take care of you...” Raising an eyebrow at his boyfriend... boyfriend... he never had a boyfriend... He has been with men... nothing that would be a relationship...   

“Did you have to put so many clothes on?” Shaking his head, he threw Phoenix’s shirt to him.  

“I am not cooking in just my shorts your parents do live here... I’m sure they will not like the fact that you have slept in my bed last night... Especially your Dad so close to the moon! Oh Gods! He is going to kill me... Forget me protecting you.. You have to protect me from you Dad... and I’m pretty sure your Papa would love to tear me apart too.” Rolling his eyes Phoenix got out of the bed and presses a kiss on his nose.  

“They are both harmless... Plus I'm sure they are still asleep... Papa loves the full moon if you know what I mean... So, I'm guessing they had a long night... Now come on you owe me breakfast Sparky...” Pulling on his arm the both walk out of the room, neither one noticing that his parent's door is wide open, meaning that they are probably not asleep.  



Sirius sipped on his tea as he watched his husband make breakfast, they have certainly worked up an appetite. Smirking thinking of the night before and this morning...  

“We should wake the boys soon... breakfast is almost ready. They have been spending even more time with each other since the family dinner...” Remus said with a smile. Sirius glared at him.  

 “Seeing as they were  snogging  in the kitchen as they made our dinner. I just hope that he won't hurt him... Remy I know that they are meant to be together... I don’t have to be happy about it... They haven't even said anything about them being together... Phoenix has never lied to us about his relationships.” Hearing laughter he looks up seeing his son and the red head walk in hand in hand.   

Phoenix stood tall and smiled, the werewolf had his eyes to the ground knowing he wanted to pull away but his son had a firm grasp on his hand. “Daddy, you’re making breakfast... Can we have some?”   

Oh he is good... using Daddy... Looking over at his husband who is smiling. “Yes, and if I remember this conversation correctly, I said let's all go into the dining room and we will talk about why you two are holding hands.” The older werewolf said in a playful growl. Was he the only one upset about this... Probably... Still a little smug knowing that his son does get his good looks from him... They all sit down at the table Phoenix was still holding Bill’s hand who is quiet... Probably nervous... good he wants him nervous.  

“So, Phoenix... are you two boyfriends?” Smiling his brilliant smile his son nods.  

“Yes Papa, you know I don’t like keeping secrets from you... Bill is my boyfriend...” Remus laughed.  Looking over he really does love his husbands smile, even though he wasn’t on his side.  

“It’s like DeJa'Vu, we had this same conversation years ago...” The older werewolf said, looking over to Sirius.  

“Yes, and that means the same rules apply...” Sirius said with a smirk, “Doors stay open, no kissing, hugs and hand holding are okay.” Seeing the younger werewolf tense... Oh Merlin... they have already....   

“Papa really, he is just kidding Bill... Drew and I shared the bed even when we were older. Daddy control your husband.” Phoenix said playfully.  

“Alright alright... I just ask you guys to wait until your Dad and I are not here ...”  Seeing them both go red he smiles... Okay maybe they haven’t.  

“S..Sir... Our relationship is so new I don’t even want to bring that up yet. I want to let Phoenix know that I want a relationship with him... Without it being completely s..sexual..” The red head shuddered out, and for some reason Sirius believed him. Even though his son leaned over right at that moment and kissed him.  

Looking over at his husband who was trying not to stare. “You son is kissing a boy at the table and you have nothing to say?” Remus shook his head and swallowed his bite.  

“Alright boys no more kissing at the table. Let's eat.” Sirius watched as those two exchanged looks. He could only hope that Phoenix and Bill would stay in Ireland once they mated...  


Phoenix could feel it coming, the moon. He looked over to his Dad and Bill, they were practically bouncing. The  animagus  felt a little nervous about sharing a full moon with Bill. Not that he thought Bill would hurt him, he just hasn’t been a werewolf that long.   

“Nix, we should probably shift before they do. Remember stay close to me... Dad will be fine of course but I'm not sure about Bill... Even though....” Phoenix raised an eyebrow.  

“Even though what Papa?”  The older  animagus  shook his head and soon there was Padfoot wagging his tail. Rolling his eyes, he changed into Fluffy. The both yipped and nuzzled together. Waiting for the moon to settle.   


Bill heard a yip and saw a smaller wolf and a grim nuzzled together. Something was so familiar about that wolf... He knew that wolf... it.. It couldn’t be... He did say that he changed the first full moon as a family. Why wouldn’t they want to take their son to the funeral. Maybe he didn’t want to change out of his  animagus  form, or maybe they didn’t want people to think that they just replaced Harry.  

“Remus....” The moon creeping towards them he didn’t have much time to ask....   

“Yes?” The older werewolf said through clenched teeth.   

“Phoenix... was fluffy... your dog... the one you took to...” The look on Remus face was all he needed to see. “Why?”  

Remus started to answer but it was too late the full moon took over them. Bill felt that pressure of bone crack and moving. Hair growing, teeth elongating. Over the year this part hasn’t gotten any easier. Knowing that it probably never will.   

Bill’s wolf was now in control, there stood a red wolf with beautiful blue eyes. He sniffs the air as he sees Remus trot over to a black wolf and black grim. Slowly moving closer the smell of leather, parchment and cinnamon filled his nostrils. Mate...   

Watching the older werewolf nuzzle and play with his mate and pup. The red wolf didn’t like how close they were to his mate... Growling he moves closer until he was right in front of the black wolf. The black wolf’s tail droops and his head falls in submission. Feeling fear off of his mate, he did not like that. Moving closer he bumps their snouts together whining.   

Finally, the black wolf looks up beautiful green eyes stare into his blue. Yipping Sparky nuzzles into his Fluffy. His mate... his scent was perfect.  Hearing a growl next to him and saw a tawny wolf staring at him. Then the older wolf nuzzles into him. Noticing he was the alpha in this pack... his alpha that has helped him during his first full moon. The smaller black wolf comes up to him and bumps there muzzles together. Moving away from the other two, they found a place to cuddle up against each other.  The red wolf licks the black wolf on top of his head and ears. The black wolf yips sleepily, lying close to him. His mate... he beautiful mate.  

Bill stays there cuddled with him until he wanted to play, he felt restless. Tugging at the black wolf’s ears getting him to wake up. A small whine comes from the  animagus . The werewolf yips at him jumping up and down. Licking the smaller wolfs snout, he stretches.   

Happily, they played around the werewolf staying close to him, he was put in his place a few times because of how he snapped when Grim got too close.  

After playing Phoenix trots over to his parents Bill was confused why didn’t his potential mate want to lay with him. Yipping the black wolf  nudges  him over to his parents. All four of them cuddled they finally went to sleep. The younger werewolf felt safe and happy with the scent of his pack around him.   


Regulus walked into Tonk’s, the pub was pretty busy for a Tuesday night. Behind the bar there stood a blue haired witch laughing at a burly red head sitting drinking a pint. Sitting down bar tender looks over at him and smiles.  

“Oi, Reg! What are you doing here without your husband?” Tonks walks over with a glass and fire whiskey in her hand.   

“I’m here working actually. I am an agent now, I have a singer who is amazing, so next weekend he is going to play here.” He said so matter of fact, which made Tonk’s laugh.  

“Okay Reg, I trust your judgement... but who would have you as their agent?”   

“My brilliant nephew of course... He is better than me Tonks and he has unfrozen the potion master's heart...” The red head turned around and looked at him.  

“No way, Snape actually likes him?” Seeing now that it was Charlie Weasley sitting at the bar. Rolling his eyes, it does take a lot for his husband to like someone.   

“Yes, and he is not the only one. I’m pretty sure that your brother is smitten with him also...” Charlie raises his eyebrow...  

“Which one? I know not Ronnie because he is in love with  Mione .... Percy is married to his job... Could be the twins....”  Not wanting to tell the red head, he didn’t know if they boy wanted their relationship out.   

“Doesn’t matter which one... So, Saturday night we will be here make sure you let everyone know... He is good....” Tonks leans on the bar and her blue hair changes to bright pink.  

“Why haven’t I met this nephew... He is family...Did he go to Hogwarts?” Reg knows that Sirius was weird about letting people know about Phoenix back story. Not wanting to pry into it.   

“No he didn’t go to Hogwarts, he was home schooled by my brother-in-law. You will meet him on Saturday when we come in for sound check.” Reg takes his shot of  firewhiskey .  

“Okay, I guess we will see then... He is family after all... Does that mean Sirius is going to be here? I haven’t seen him since I was little. I always liked him...”  Andie  and Sirius were close because they were the black sheep of their family. Reg, has always loved his brother, he did want to make his family proud. After meeting Severus everything changed, he wanted that man’s love and the love of his brother. That is when he became a spy for the light.  

“Yes and Remus, they are staying with us for the whole weekend. Anyways thanks Tonks, you’ll love him. Now I'll need to go, Sev will be waiting.” Throwing down money he nods and walks out of the bar. Smiling he does love his nephew; he wishes he could have been there when he was younger but at least he has him now.  



Remus sat in his bed as he waited for Sirius to come back from the kitchen with a cup of tea. Holding his head in his hands, Bill knew. He remembered Fluffy from Harry’s funeral. How could they have forgotten, it wasn’t like Bill wasn’t old enough to remember, he had to be about 10. Sirius was going to kill him after he finds out.   

“Oh Remy, are you okay? I thought you had a pretty good night?” His husband said as he sat the tray down on the bed. This is not a conversation that he wants to have with his husband. Running his fingers through is hair he sighs and looks up into those  greyish  blue eyes.  

“I think Bill knows that Phoenix is Fluffy... I think he remembers meeting him at Harry’s funeral.” Sirius fell on the bed with a sigh. Remus watched him for warning signs of him blowing up. Sirius Black is known for his temper and rushing into things.  

“Then we hear him out. I mean we obviously won’t tell him that he is Harry but we can tell him that they didn’t want people to think that they adopted another child because of not being able to find Harry. It’s fine love... It will all work out...” The werewolf allows his husband to pull him into a hug to comfort him.  

“Where is my mate and what did you do to him? This is not the Sirius Lupin Black that I know. Are you getting calm in your old age?” The  animagus  pushed him playfully.   

“Oi, I’m not old. We are not even 40 yet, I wonder how the boys are doing? They seemed to have a good night last night. Did you see Bill’s wolf stake claim on him last night? I figured it would happen. Do you remember when you did that to me? Prongs, or Lilly couldn’t come near me nor could Peter. I believe you tried to eat him.” Remus chuckled and nuzzled his hair.  

“I’d do it all over again. I love you Sirius Lupin Black. Even if you are getting old.” Then there was a light knock on the door.  “Come in.”   

The door opens and there walks Bill, “Good morning... Phoenix is sleeping. I was going to make breakfast, I just wanted to tell you I know that he is Fluffy... Th... The puppy that I played with at Harry’s funeral... Don’t worry I won’t tell him. It would have been hard for a baby at the funeral. I knew I felt his magic before.” The older werewolf squeezed his husband’s hand.  

“Thank you Bill, it was hard. We loved Harry like he was our own, but Phoenix was our main focus since we got him.” Remus said with a smile, looking over at his husband.  

“We adopted Phoenix because his parent’s passed. We didn’t want him to end up in the magical system. It’s never been a good place for magical children. So when he was a little over a year we blood adopted him. Making him truly ours, there isn’t a day that goes by that we haven’t loved our decision.” Watching the red head nod Sirius continued.  

“Phoenix is our world, we love him and us  choosing  not to let people know about him was to keep him safe. I couldn’t think of our son being in the papers saying that we were trying to replace the godson that we lost, because that wasn’t true. Harry and Phoenix are two different people.” The lie fell out of his mouth smoothly, knowing somehow this is going to bite him in the  arse . “Harry was a happy wonderful baby who saved that world from a crazy man. Phoenix is a beautiful person, who loves his music and his family... We could never replace Phoenix with Harry.” Bill moved from one foot to the other biting his lip he looks up.  

“I know, I just wanted to say that I understand why you did it. I think what you have been through has been horrible. For you two to come out of this happy and with a family makes me think that I can be happy and have a family even if I am a werewolf...” Seeing the tears swell up in the red heads eyes Remus felt tears burn his.  

“I’m glad that you figured that out, because that his the hardest thing to do Bill and I am proud of you because of that.” Holding out his hand Bill shakes it.  

“Now you should know because of last night you better not ever hurt him... Your wolf put claim on him.  You hurt our Phoenix...” Sirius growled...   

“Papa why are you growling?” Phoenix walked in giving Bill a kiss before he climbs onto their bed nuzzling up against his Dad.  

“He is  threatening  your boyfriend.” He pressed a kiss into his son’s hair. The smaller  animagus  laughs.   

“Don’t worry babe, he is harmless... Daddy is the scary one.” Sirius looks over at both of them and then back at the Red head who is still standing there looking pretty nervous.  

“I can be scary...”   

“Sure you can Papa... and that’s why I love you...” Remus said with a smile. “I think it’s time for breakfast.” Phoenix nuzzles him one last time and gets up.   

“I’ll get it Daddy... Come on Bill off to bed with you... You still look sleepy I'll make you some tea and breakfast...” Watching his son pull the younger werewolf out of the room.   

“I’m scary right Moons?” Sirius pouted up at him.  

“Yes my love you are scary...”   


Phoenix sat in his music room with a guitar in his hands with a flick of his wrist the drums started a simple beat and then piano started to play. This is the first time he can perform with magic, and he couldn’t be more excited. When the piano hit its first chords he smiled and started strumming.   

If you're lost and you're lonely 
Go and figure out why 
Take a trip to your dark side 
Go on and have a good cry 
'Cause we're all lonely 
Yeah, we're all lonely together 

I want to see your sadness 
I want to share your sin 
I want to bleed your blood and 
I want to be let in 
Don't you just 
Don't we all just 
Want to be together 

Phoenix takes a deep breath and flicks his special mic that will harmonize with him. When he started the chorus, he heard his voice harmonize together.   


Leave what's heavy 
What's heavy behind 
Leave what's heavy 
What's heavy behind 

If your face is down 
Take a look around 
Do your fingers move? 
Do your lungs inflate? 
Are you tired, are you weary 
Of the hidden hate you've been holding? 
Hey, did you lose that love or have you never had it? 
Are you feeling sad 'cause you did a bad thing? 

Leave what's heavy 
What's heavy behind 
Leave what's heavy 
What's heavy behind 

Not hearing Bill enter the room he continues to sing. This song has been on his mind a lot, starting a new relationship with Bill and just trying to start new. He was bloody scared because of what happened with his last relationship. Knowing that this happened quickly... well he couldn’t say so quickly Drew has been gone for a year it doesn’t make it any  easier  but being with his werewolf has made it easier. Never has he ever felt so safe in someones arms that were not his parents.  Maybe it  was because of Bill’s magic that made him feel comfortable because he could be he true self around someone. Never afraid that accidental magic would come in. There were many times that he had to remember that Drew didn’t know about that part of his life. Phoenix would like to think that he doesn’t use his magic that often but he did he long to use his magic to show Drew all the wonderful things that he could do with his music and with their lives.  


Are you feeling fearful, brother? 
Are you feeling fearful, sister? 
The only way to lose that fearful feeling 
Replace it with love that's healing 
Are you feeling fearful, brother? 
Are you feeling fearful, sister? 

Leave what's heavy 
What's heavy behind 
Leave what's heavy 
What's heavy behind 
Leave what's heavy 
What's heavy behind 
Leave what's heavy 
What's heavy behind 


Finishing the song he felt himself with goose bumps. There isn’t a  feeling as good as the feeling of singing and playing. This was his escape from everything, there is were he felt happy and himself. No one can take this away. Phoenix had a great up bringing, two parents that loved him. He has always battled with the fact that they were not his biological family. Not that he wanted his biological family. He was okay with not knowing his birth parents. Most kids would want that, to know how their family would have been if they had their  own  mother and father. He just thinks to himself would he be the person that he is right now. Or would he be someone he hated. Someone who lived in that world who hated his Dad because of what he was, or the  Purebloods  that his Papa talked about.   

Going to a school, for months at a time. How could anyone let their child live away from them for that long. When he has children he wasn’t going to do that with them. He is going to train them... and his Dad would help. Now he is going to be playing at a pub in the wizard world, how would they take him? Would they like his music? Would they think he is like them? No, not all wizards are the same. Bill has taught him that... Sighing he looks up and sees Bill leaning against the door frame smiling at him.  

“How long have you been there?” The  animagus  stands up and places his guitar on the stand. Walking towards his boyfriend he pulls the redhead into a hug.  

“I would say since the bridge...” Moaning Phoenix pulls Bill into a kiss. Pouring everything he was feeling at that moment into it. “Not that I am  complaining  but what was that for?” The red head  raises  an eyebrow smirking down at him.  

“You used the correct musical term, and it turned me on...” Blushing wildly at his slip up.   

“I’ll remember that...” Bill said as cupped his face. “What were you thinking about that had you looking like that?” Leaning into his touch Phoenix smiles.  

“I was just thinking about performing in the wizarding world and how they would not like me... I’m excited because I get to use my magic, but then there is something that is nagging me about these people being so negative about my Dad and how my Papa was treated because he didn’t act like a pureblood.” Bill  tipped  his head back and placed a soft kiss on his lips. Calming him instantly, inhaling he get the wonderful scent of his boyfriend.  

“They are going to love you, Tonks is one of my best mates. She is a little  clumsy  but she is smart and amazing. My brother Charlie said that he was going to be there too along with the my other three brothers. The twins and Ron who is the same age as you.” Groaning he hides his face in Bills chest.  

“Meeting the family already? I mean they are going to love me... but what if they don’t like me because I didn’t go to that school or if I am not wizard enough...” Laughing Bill pulled him away from his chest.   

“My brothers are going to love you, now I will say  be careful  around the twins they are big pranksters. Ron is harmless, and Charlie is big and scary but on the inside he is a gentle dragon. Now I came in here to tell you that it’s dinner time. You have been in here all day and I know that you haven’t eaten... You must be hungry.” Phoenix’s stomach growled loudly, making them both chuckle.  

“Hmm you are right...” Taking the  werewolf's  lips one last time he pulls out of his arms. “What did you fix us tonight?” The younger man asks as they walk down the hall hand in hand.  

“Chicken Curry with rice... I figured I do something different.” Feeling the werewolf’s thumb caresses the back of his hand he couldn’t help but smile. Those little touches are the ones that make him fall a little deeper for this man.  

“Sounds wonderful.” Looking over to Bill, “I’m glad I got my head out of my  arse  and let you in...” Phoenix said in almost a whisper.   

“Me too.” Leaning down he was about to kiss him again before they heard.  

“Oi parent here... Can we please not kiss  in front  of me...” Sirius said with a groan, laughing Phoenix looks over at his Papa.  

“Sorry... I will stop kissing Bill when you stop  snogging  Daddy in every room of the house. I mean it’s like you two are bloody teenagers.” He said mockingly.  

“I got to stay young some how Nix. You and your Dad has called me old today and I do not feel the love...” Sirius said holding his hands over his heart.  

“You are good looking for an old man.” Bill said with a smirk, Phoenix looked over at his boyfriend and growled. Making his Papa smile and wink at him.  

“Eh! I’m standing right here... I believe I'm much better looking than him...” He said while crossing his arms glaring at his boyfriend.  

“ Where do you think you get your dashing good looks from?” Sirius said with a smile.   

“His Dad of course.” Remus said as he joins in from the kitchen... “Now come on the food is getting cold.”  

Watching his parents walk into the kitchen Phoenix turns to look at his boyfriend still pouting. Seeing how far he could take this...  

“You know that you  are the most  beautiful ... I don’t have to tell you that.” Bill said as he pulls him into his arms. The red head nuzzles into his neck right across his phoenix shaped birth mark. Which has always been sensitive.  

“It’s still nice to hear... I know you were trying to get points so I'll allow it... Now I'm starving and my boyfriend made what smells like a  delicious  dinner...” Kissing one last time, Phoenix pulls them to dinner.  

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Remus flicks his wand as clothes fold themselves nicely in their suitcase. He couldn’t believe that they were going to go back to the wizarding world. To spend a night in Siri’s grandparents manor which is now Regs and Severus’. How is his husband going to act around the potion master for that long he has no idea. He could only hope that they could be civil.   

Hearing a knock on the door, “Come in.” Seeing his son walk in with his curly black hair hanging on his shoulders, wearing tight black trousers and a blue jumper.  Sometimes  he swears he looks just like Siri, if he looks close enough he could still see James a little bit but Phoenix was more like his Papa.   

“Dad, is this okay to wear today? As soon as we get to Reg and Sev’s, Bill is taking me out like to a place called Diagonally I thought that was a maths term but...” The older werewolf couldn’t help but laugh. Earning a glare from his son.   

“It’s Diagon Alley and yes what you are wearing is okay. It’s going to be cold so you will have to wear a robe. I believe your Papa has one that would fit you, your muggle leather jacket wouldn’t go over very well. When you perform that is okay because you will be at a pub. While I'm thinking of it, I have something for you.”  Remus and Sirius already talked about money, they did not want Phoenix to go into Gringotts while they are there. The goblins will know who he is.  Grabbing a dragon hide pouch he handed it to his son.   

“This is a money pouch, any time that you would want to buy something it will give you the right amount of money. So how are you feeling love? Are you excited about performing tonight?” Phoenix sat down on their bed pulling up a knee to his chest. He looks nervous, that is not something he is used to seeing on his son’s face.  

“I’m excited, I hope that they will like my music. I know that they don’t listen to Muggle music but I have heard some of their music. Daddy  The  Weird Sisters... I mean they are good but... I guess we will just have to wait.” Walking over to his son he places a kiss on his forehead. Loving how he leans into it, he has always been affectionate.   

“You are going to do great, now are you all packed got all of your instruments ready... How many are you going to bring anyways? Reg said they had a piano.” Shrinking his suitcase, he places it in his cardigan pocket.   

“I’m bringing two guitars, an electric and acoustic. My violin, and my drum set. Nothing too much I wanted to bring my trumpet and banjo but I figured we could start off slow. I don’t even know what kind of music they would like so.” Watching his son nervously pick at the duvet.  

“Well whatever you will play they will love because you are Heir Black.” Sirius said as he walked into the room with a tight pair of worn denim, black t shirt and his leather jacket.   

“Dad you said that I shouldn’t wear my leather jacket but you can?” Sirius walks over and throws his arm around his son. They were almost like twins.  

“Everyone knows that I dress like this and it’s not going to change. I don’t care what you wear but if you want to not stick out you can wear robes and what you are wearing or you could wear what you want...” Remus saw twin smirks from his two favorite men.  

“I’m going to go change... Please tell me you didn’t really get shirts that had my face on them right.... Daddy, Papa....”  With a flick of their wand on their shirts had Phoenix full body playing a guitar and underneath it said Phoenix’s number one fans.  

“Great... At least it is a good picture.” Remus looked at the clock and knew that they were going to leave soon. The wanted to meet Reg and Severus at 10.   

“You better get going. Make sure Bill is ready the port key leaves in 10 minutes hurry up if you are changing and meet us in the backyard.” Phoenix laughs and kisses both of their cheeks before he ran out of the room.  

“It’s like I'm living with two of you... They will surly know who’s his parents are when he walks around Diagon today.” Remus pulls his husband into his arms smiling down at him.  

“You say it, like it is a bad thing. I do want to go to Florean’s while we are there. Gods could you imagine what flavors they have right now! Then I heard Bill say something about his twin brothers having a joke shop....” Seeing the mischief in his husband's eyes he leans down and presses a kiss to his lips.  

“Ice cream we will get but I don’t think I will let you go into that shop. I can’t walk around my house in the future worried about when I am going to get pranked thank you.”   

“Oh no love, I wouldn’t prank you... I would prank the other werewolf. He is dating our only son, got to make sure to keep him in line.” Knowing he has lost this fight, Sirius will prank his son’s boyfriend. It’s only a matter of time, he did prank Drew. Only this time it will be worse because he could use magic.... poor Bill.  


 Phoenix hated port keys, really hated port keys. Not that he wasn’t glad to be able to go somewhere in a blink of an eye he just hated how he always fell on his  arse . Just like right now, with his gorgeous boyfriend looking down at him laughing.  

“Are you okay love?” Bill said holding out a hand to him, he just pushes it away. Standing up brushing leaves off of him he glares up at the red head.  

“I’m fine, though you should probably find someone else to go on a date with today because after laughing at me I don’t think I would want a boyfriend who wouldn’t check to see if I was okay first.” Phoenix pouted crossing his arms, he knows his is being way over the top but if he was so bloody powerful how could he not land on his feet after magical travel. Hearing his Papa laugh didn’t make the situation any better.  

Bill frowns and walks up to him placing his hand on his hips squeezing slightly. “I’m sorry Nix, I didn’t mean to laugh. It’s just that you are so brilliant at everything and who doesn’t laugh when someone falls on their  arse ... Now come on... please come out on the date with me...” The werewolf looks down at him with his puppy dog blue eyes and his thicker bottom lips sticking out. Cupping his face Phoenix huffs and pulls the older man into a chaste kiss.  

“Okay, I guess since we already had plans it would be rude for me to cancel, but I'm telling you Sparky if you laugh at me again I will find someone else to take me out on a date.” Hearing the werewolf growl, Bill kisses him again not as soft as last time. This time it was almost enough to bruise. Phoenix moans as he felt him bite and suck on his bottom lip.  

“Mine.... no one else...” The wolf was closer than Phoenix would have thought, but the moon wasn’t that long ago. There was something sexy about that though... Bill wanting to stake claim.   

“Yes, I'm yours... But good mates don’t laugh at them when they fall.” When Bill kisses him this time it was softer, he felt tingles down to his toes.  

“I will treat my Mate perfect from now on... I’m sorry Fluffy..” Rolling his eyes, trying not to fall completely in love with this man he gently pushes away.  

“About time you two stop  snogging , come on I wanna show you around!” Noticing it was just them out on the lawn Phoenix looked over and his mouth dropped. The manor was huge. This was his grandparent’s house? Not that he would live here it was too big, he liked his home.   

“Wow,” Bill said taking in the manor as well.   

“Wow indeed. This is too much.” Phoenix almost stuck his nose up in the air, wanting to be unaffected about how huge the manor was. Not that his parents didn’t have enough money to own something like this. They never did, and neither did Phoenix he would rather have a house like his parents.   

“I’m glad you say that because my family home is not this....” Phoenix could see that Bill felt out of sorts. They have talked about his family and the struggles with money.   

“I bet when I meet your parent’s I will love their home...”  Bill nods but looks down at his hands like he wanted to say something... “What is it Sparky, it looks like you want to say something.”  

Interlacing their fingers together they walk towards the door. Phoenix nervously worries his bottom lip. Hopefully Bill doesn’t think that he would think of him differently if his family home wasn’t a huge as this.  

“Sunday’s are usually family dinner days, I haven’t been going because since what happened they have treated me weird.... but seeing as we are here this weekend I …"  

Phoenix cut him off with a sweet smile. “Then we are going to see your parents on Sunday... I mean if we already feel the way that we do... Why not meet your parents... Bill even though I am young... I have never been the type that just wants to date around... I want what my parents have... They have been together since they were 15. So let’s do this tour so we can get to our date and then tonight I play for the first time in the wizarding world and then tomorrow meet the parents...”  

Bill bring his hand to his lips and kisses it. “You don’t have to do this... but thank you Nix... I.. I do really really like you and my wolf has already made up his mind...”  

“Then it is settled...” Phoenix was afraid, not that he would admit it... What if his Mum is like Drews Mum... If they feel different around Bill because he is a werewolf how would they handle him having the same sex partner... This is something he can worry about later, or maybe talk to Severus about it. That’s what he could do... Tomorrow morning him and Sev can talk.  


His grandparent’s home hasn’t changed much since the last time he saw it. Sitting in the garden wrapped up in a blanket with a cigarette hanging from his long fingers Sirius takes a hits.  

Hearing his brother before he sees him, he held out the pack. “Thanks,” plucking one out of the pack Reg sits down next to him.    

“What’s going in Siri, I don’t think I have ever seen you this quiet. ”   

“Phoenix just went into Diagon alley by himself with his werewolf boyfriend. Who already sees him as his mate, he is young, his last boyfriend committed suicide. He has never been around this much magic we are in a place where Remy and I lost everyone we loved. Except you Reg… and I thought I did… I thought after I left, I lost a you for good and then you became a spy and I couldn’t have been happier. It just pisses me off being back here. I get so angry.” Taking another angry drag of his cigarette he ashes harshly.   

“You will never lose me Siri, yes we didn’t talk for a while but we are here now… I will need you, Sev and I started thinking about children. I need you to be the bad influence. Being back here I know has to be hard but everything is different now. Harry defeated the dark lord, they found the men that killed him and they are now dead.”  

Siri’s breath hitches he didn’t remember reading that they caught them,  the only questing was who was the baby that was murdered. His heart goes out to whomever went through that    

” I know that doesn’t bring back your family but you shouldn’t keep your son away from this world… or your husband or yourself. I know I would love to see you more here… We could fly, and brew and do everything you can’t do where you live. Then we can go back to Ireland and have a drink at your pub as my talented Nephew plays and his very attractive red headed mate cooks a delicious meal.”  Laughing through his tears Sirius pulls his brother into a hug.  

“Reg, How are you the younger brother…” He said trying to sound like he was put together.  

“What would you say… you got the good looks and I got the brain. It doesn’t help I listen to my smart husband while you are too busy checking your smart husband out.” That is true there is something when Remus starts talking about things that he is passionate about and it shows how smart he is, Siri just wants to take him then and there.   

“Speaking if husbands we should check on them.  They are probably having a deep conversation about a book they read  15 years ago..”   

Putting out their cigarettes and freshen their clothes and breath they make their way back to the manor. With their arms around each other shoulders.  


Bill ushered Phoenix outside of The Leaky Cauldron. The looks that they got when they walked out of the  floo . He didn’t know it was because they knew that he was a werewolf now or it was because of Phoenix dressed in his muggle clothes.   

“Why are we going out here? I thought you were going to bring me to see this Diagon Alley?” The younger man raised his eyebrow looking up at him. Bill leaned down to press a kiss on his lips.   

“I am this is just the way.” Bill pulls out his wand and does the pattern on the bricks and soon they moved and opened completely.  He moves so he has his arm wrapped around Phoenix’s waist.  “Welcome to Diagon Alley.” Kissing underneath his ear, Bill could see the excitement in his eyes. Knowing that the  animagus  was trying to keep it cool.  

“That is one way to get into someplace.” With his arm still around his boyfriend the werewolf walks him past the entrance. He knew where he wanted to take him first, that is because he knew if he didn’t someone would see them and he could have the chance of being pranked.   

“I figured we could go see my brothers shops. If that is something that you would like to do. It’s a joke shop and I know...”  He could feel his boyfriend practically jumping up and down.  

“Yes! I can get something to prank my Papa! I know he is probably going to go there but if I can get things first...” Laughing at his boyfriend, Bill pulls him closer as they walk down the Alley. “Oh look, Sparky could we go get ice cream after?! Oh and let’s go to the book store I bet they have some of the books I am looking for... About Wizard music... Oh a pet store....” This is what he needed, to actually see the wizarding world through new eyes... and plus he has never saw Phoenix open and relaxed, only when he was playing.   

“We will go wherever you want, now the twins. They are a handful but they are fun.” Walking up towards the shop he still couldn’t believe that his brothers did this. Not sure how they got the money for it, but seeing the hat rise and fall off the statue of them he couldn’t help but be proud.   

Walking into the store it wasn’t as busy as it is normally because the kids are back at Hogwarts. Noticing his brothers up by the till he ignores them and they walk around the store. Phoenix stopped in front of the Pygmy Puffs.   

“What in the hell are those?” His hazel eyes twinkled, sticking his fingers in between the bars. Before Bill could say anything Forge cut him off.  

“Those are Pygmy Puffs you beautiful man.” Fred said smiling, how did they get over here so quickly Bill thought. Trying not to growl at the choice of words his brother used.  

“One of our Biggest Sellers handsome.” George winked at Phoenix and that time the werewolf couldn’t help but growl and pull Phoenix into his arms.  

The  animagus  rolled his eyes and placed a kiss on his nose. “I could see why they are adorable, not my style though. Sparky are you going to introduce me to these breath taking twins?” Oh not him too, he could feel his wolf whine, why was his mate calling someone else breath taking. Then he felt his boyfriend cuddle closer to him.  

“Phoenix this George and Fred my little brothers, Greg, Forge this is Phoenix my boyfriend.” The two taller red heads bow making Phoenix laugh.  

“What a Fiery Phoenix brother.” George said with a smirk, watching his boyfriend who just smiled wider.  

“Yes it is a shame that he is wasted on our dear older brother... He is the second best looking Weasley. We are the first you see Phoenix.”   

“I don’t know about that boys, you are very attractive, but I'm sure you are not as wild as I would like.” Bill felt his cheeks burn, did he really just say that. Looking over Phoenix was smirking at the now quiet Twins.  

“Right you two, we are here to get some pranks to use against his Parents.” Watching the twins look back at each other and then over to his boyfriend.  

“You want to prank your parents? Wow you are bloody ballsy.” Fred said eyes wide and sparkling, no doubt thinking of all the things that he could show him.  

“Not really, my parents are always pranking each other. I believe for my first April fool's day my Papa did something of where my Dad had to sing the whole day he couldn’t talk, and then my Dad made it to where my Papa had a face of a cat the rest of the day. Since then we did it all out every years, but we prank all year long.” Phoenix was proud of their pranks, Bill has actually been a part of one since he moved in.  

The twins are actually quiet. “Oh, you did it now Fluffy. I don’t know how you did but they are quiet. I should mark that down, the day that the twins were speechless.” Shaking their heads they smiled.  

“Who are your parents. We must meet them!”  

“We have to meet them, we are  practically  family. Look at how Bill looks at their son. It’s true love.”  

“Should be hearing wedding bells soon brother.”  

 “Always the bridesmaid never the bride.” Even though he is used to it, it still made him dizzy sometimes.   

“You two are handsome so you never know it could be soon that a man or women will come and you will knock their socks off. As of my parents, their names are Sirius and Remus Lupin Black... Which makes me Phoenix James Lupin Black.” The pride was rolling off of his boyfriend, that is one thing that family is proud of and it’s who they are.  

“Did you hear that brother?” George said with his mouth wide open.  

“I did, two of The Marauders! I knew that they were together!” Fred said crossing his arms smirking.  

“Well yes we all knew that they were together! Phoenix did you know that your parents are prankster royalty at Hogwarts?” Bill groaned he forgot about that, his brothers and that map.  

“They were the best!” They both said at the same time. He couldn’t believe that Phoenix could keep up with them.  

“I would like to think that I am better than they are... How about you show me some of your latest projects boys. You know that I'm loaded so if I like it how would you like a silent partner?” There is no way that Phoenix should be doing this, not with them just starting a relationship.  

“Nix...” Seeing a glare Bill hushed up. He doesn’t want to make his boyfriend mad at him.  


“Just follow us.”   

Keeping him still so the twins could get a head of them. “Phoenix don’t feel you have to help out because of them being my family.” The smile on his boyfriends' face faded quickly it didn’t help the  animagus  crossed his arms.  

“William Weasley! Do you think that low of me that I would just help them out because they are your brothers? I should hope not! Pranking is number three on the top three things I like to and am good at.... I’m sure you know the first and now you know the third.... The second I'm hoping soon you will figure that out, but only if you don’t think everything I'm doing is because of pity or because of you. I like you Bill... I really like you. Now stop making everything weird, we are going to go see wonderful products that your brothers made that I can prank my family with... But first I need a kiss.” Phoenix was fiery, and perfect... He knows that he needs to just let Phoenix do what he wants because he is going to anyways. That is one of the things he loves about him.  

“So demanding Fluffy...” Cupping the smaller man’s cheeks his thumb caressing pulling him closer. His lips brushes against his, letting his tongue tease the younger man’s bottom lip who smiles and lets him in. Exploring every inch of his mouth, not wanting to stop. That was until they heard two coughs.  

“No  snogging  in our shop.”  

“Unless it is with us. Now Phoenix let us lead you the way.” Both of the twins held out an elbow which is boyfriend kissed him one last time before threading his arms together.  

“Okay boy’s show me your best stuff!” This might have been a brilliant idea or the worst idea he has ever had. Just then Phoenix looked back at him with a smile that made him weak in the knees, the younger man winks.  

It didn’t matter because if Phoenix always smiled at him like that the idea was worth it.  



Regulus paced outside of Tonk’s as he waited for Phoenix to get there. He was excited for tonight, he had always wanted to perform but with them being a war when he was a teenager he didn’t have the chance. Now him owning a business with Severus he didn’t really have the time nor wanted to really. Or so he says to himself.   

Speaking of his nephew Phoenix is walking up towards the pub hand in hand with his boyfriend the werewolf. Of course, he would be like Sirius and have a werewolf for a mate. You would think that Siri carried him, himself. Blood adoption is almost as good as having one of your own.   

“Hey Uncle Reg, Sorry Bill took us to get ice-cream and I had to try every flavor. Now that I have had way too much sugar I’m ready to play.” Watching the younger man turn around he pulls his boyfriend into a kiss. Rolling his eyes Regulus just waits patiently.   

“Come on Tonk’s is waiting on us for the sound check Nix. You can  snog  your werewolf later.” Bill blushed as Phoenix smirked and kissed him one last time.  

“Go back to the manor I don’t want you to know the song’s I'm playing... I’ll see you later..”  

“Okay, have fun...” Bill smiled and popped away. Seeing the wall that his nephew had built up after Drew fall away was so refreshing.  

“That is disgusting, you know that right.” The  animagus  raised his eyebrow as the walk into the pub.   

“What is disgusting? There is nothing disgusting about my boyfriend.” Laughing as Phoenix accent comes out. It’s so funny that he could sound as English as his parents but when he gets angry you can hear that Irish accent.  

“How much you love him is, I mean it’s not as bad as your parents but.” Feeling a push from his nephew Reg just laughed.   

“Oi we’re closed!”  Tonk’s voice called from the back. Rolling his eyes he ushers Phoenix towards the bar.  

“Tonks it Regulus, I have my deviously good looking nephew here. We wanted to get set up for tonight and have a sound check.”  Sitting down at the bar he reaches over and grabs the  firewhiskey  and pours out himself a drink.  

Tonk’s comes out of the back, her hair purple and curly down to her shoulders. Tripping as she makes her way over he couldn’t help but chuckle and Phoenix rushed to help.   

Smiling at him Tonks thanked him. “You know just because you are family doesn't mean you can just pour yourself a drink whenever you want.”  Leaning over the bar she hugs her cousin.   

“I am going to pay for it.” Pulling away she rolls her eyes. Watching her look over at Phoenix.   

“Tonks this is Phoenix, Phoenix this is Tonks the owner of this fine establishment.” They shook hands as his nephew looked around the pub.  

“It is a nice place you have here, I am partial to Moony and Padfoot but really it’s brilliant. Thank you so much for allowing me to play here tonight without hearing me first. If you like I can play you something.” Regulus smiled and poured another shot of  firewhiskey , at the lease his nephew had Remus’ politeness but still have Siri’s cockiness.   

“Thank you! I worked hard on this place, my best mate actually helped me put it together. I don’t think I would have been able to do it without him well him and his brother. I would like to hear you. Let me show you the stage.”   

“You’re best mate has good taste, will he be here tonight?” Reg zoned out of the conversation as the walk towards the stage.   

The set up was different than his brother’s pub, the stage is bigger. On it was a microphone and a black upright piano. With his drink in his hand Reg walks over and sits down at a table next to Tonks watching as Phoenix sets up.  

“He does look a lot like Siri. They just blood adopted him? You would think that they were his biological parents.” Smirking as the  Metamorphagus  changes the color of her hair as the watched Nix unload his instruments from his pockets.   

“That he does, he got the Black looks but the Lupin smarts and kindness. Not that he doesn’t have the Black temper... because he does.”   

“Oi Phoenix whatcha going to play for us?” Tonks asked as the younger man sat down at the piano. Watching his fingers touch the ivory keys without playing he starts singing.  

I keep on fallin' 
In and out of love 
With you 

Then his fingers start playing, he heard a gasp from next to him. Tonks was staring eyes wide. Phoenix did have one of the best voices he has ever heard, well it was the best voice he has ever heard. He wouldn’t tell him that though he didn’t want him to get a big head like Sirius.   

Sometimes I love ya 
Sometimes you make me blue 
Sometimes I feel good 
At times I feel used 
Lovin' you darlin' 
Makes me so confused 

I keep on fallin' 
In and out of love with you 
I never loved someone 
The way that I love you 

“Wow, he shouldn’t just be playing pubs Reg. He is brilliant, I mean I thought you were good but you are nothing compared to him.” Tonks whispered as Phoenix continued to sing. Reg should be offended but he knew that he couldn’t be because it was true.  

Oh, oh, I never felt this way 
How do you give me so much pleasure 
And cause me so much pain 
Just when I think 
I've taken more than would a fool 
I start fallin' back in love with you 

I keep on fallin' 
In and out of love with you 
I never loved someone 
The way that I love you 

Oh, baby 
I, I, I, I'm fallin' 
I, I, I, I'm fallin' 

“I told you he was brilliant he is my nephew.” The younger man had his eye closed as his finger fly across the piano as he sang. Feeling Phoenix’s magic start rolling off of him, giving Reg goosebumps.   

I keep on fallin' 
In and out of love with you 
I never loved someone 
The way that I love you 

I'm fallin' 
In and out of love with you 
I never loved someone 
The way that I love you 

I'm fallin' 
In and out of love with you 
I never loved someone 
The way that I love you 

After he finished the clumsy pub owner stands up and claps whistling. “Wow Phoenix! You are going to kill it tonight. I bet everyone will love it.”  

Phoenix blushes and smiles. “Thank you... I’m excited... I mean I have only performed at my parent’s pub and they have seen me grow up ya know... It’s the first time that I'm performing and no one knows me... It’s actually pretty exciting.”   

Reg threw back his shot of  firewhiskey , that is a smile that he has never seen from his Nephew. “It will be amazing Nix, I think that everything sounds good. I say we go see what are handsome men are doing and we will see Tonks here at 9.”   

“Can he play one more song.. Please... Do you mind Phoenix?” Tonks asked changing her eyes color and hair color. The  animagus  laughs and nods.  

“Okay one last song, Uncle Reg come on sing with me.” How could he say no to that. Walking up towards the stage he picks of the guitar and they start to play.  


Phoenix shrugs on his leather jacket as he paced in the library waiting to  apparate  over to Tonks. What was he thinking, he couldn’t do this could he? This was something different, Tonks like it but what about other wizards and witches. What if they hate muggle music, not sure how anyone could hate any type of music.   

“Look at my Little Rockstar.” Turning around he saw his Papa standing in the door way wearing distressed denim with that  t-shirt  of him with his brown leather jacket on. Thank gods he isn’t wearing his black one he didn’t want to be his Papa’s twin tonight.   

Phoenix was wearing his black leather jacket with a white  t-shirt  underneath with black denim. His long curly hair was laying perfectly on his shoulders. “Where is Dad and everyone?”  trying not to sound nervous he stop pacing as the older man walked towards him placing his hands on his arms.  

“They are coming, now why are you so nervous. You have done this so many times now. This should be nothing now.” Feeling his Papa squeeze his arms gently.   

“I know I shouldn’t but I am... I mean I know I am good I mean I'm your son... I will be fine by the time I get there...”   

“Oh look at my Fluffy!” Looking past the older  animagus  he saw his Dad and boyfriend walk through the door. “You look great! We should get going! I want a good seat. This is the first time in a while we actually get to sit through the whole  performance  Siri and I don’t want to miss a single second.”  Rolling his eyes, he knew that his Dad was his biggest fan.   

“Daddy don’t worry I made sure you had the best seats in the house. That includes you Sparky.” Pulling away from his Papa he walks over to his boyfriend wrapping his arms around his neck.  

“Seeing as I'm your biggest fan.” The younger werewolf whispers on his lips before he gives him a soft kiss.  

“Oi! Parents here... What did I tell you about kissing... Now come on! Reg and Sev will meet us there!” Rolling his eyes he pulls Bill down kissing him soundly on the mouth as the pop away.  

Apparating  right outside of the pub he pulls away from Bill. “You look so beautiful.” The werewolf said gently pushing a hair out of his face.  

“You look beautiful.” Checking his boyfriend out, who is wearing tight black leather pants with dragon hide boots, his long red hair pulled up in a messy bun. “Now that I'm done checking you out come on let’s go inside!”   

Walking into the pub it’s not that busy yet, but he know it will be the later it got. Holding Bills hand they stopped when they heard someone scream “Bill!”  

There was a blur of blue hair and limbs. Bills hand was yanked out of his, trying not to get jealous he just stood there shocked. Tonks was practically  ontop  of his boyfriend, if he was a true werewolf he would probably be growling right now... Not that he wouldn’t do it still.  

Turning around he saw his parents walk into the pub. Soon Tonks pulled away from Bill about bloody time.   

“Tonks I want you to meet my ma... I mean my boyfriend Phoenix... Phoenix I'm guessing you met Tonks.” Before he could stop her she threw her arms around his neck.  

“So it was Bill, the Weasley that you are into... I should have known he is the best looking Weasley.” He could feel himself tense under what she just said. That was his mate that she was talking about... Well not his mate not yet... but still.  

“Oi! I believe I'm the best looking Weasley look at these muscles.” Tonks pulls away and he got a look at the person who said that. There stood a tall red head with a ton of freckles and muscles. Phoenix couldn’t help but take the man in, he was attractive. Bill must have noticed because he pulled him into his arms growling.  

“So Bill, I'm guessing this is your boyfriend? Hi I’m Charlie, Bill’s younger brother.” Holding out his hand he the  animagus  takes it.  

“Nice to meet you I’m Phoenix... I hate to say Hi and run but I have to go get ready... It was nice to meet you! I promise afterwards we will have a pint and get to know each other.”  Phoenix starts to move but Bill wouldn’t let him go. Turning to face him the werewolf pulled him into a breath-taking kiss.  

“Mine!” He whispered on his lips.  

“You are one to talk... She practically threw herself on you...” He pulled the werewolf into a bruising kiss, biting the pillowy bottom lip. “Mine.”  

“Come on Phoenix I will go introduce you and you will be all set.” Bill finally let him go so he followed Tonks to the stage, everything for earlier was still there.   

Noticing his parents sitting at a table closest to the stage he smiled. Soon he saw Bill sit down with Charlie, the twins and another red head man that he didn’t know with a woman with big curly hair with the prettiest brown eyes.  

“Oi everyone quiet down! Now tonight I'm proud to say that I am related to this artist! I’ve never heard anyone quiet like my cousin. I would like to introduce Phoenix Lupin Black.” Hearing the pub clap quietly he shook off his nerves. The only loud ones were from his family table.   

Walking onto the stage he sat down on the stool and picked up his electric guitar. Without saying anything he took a deep breath and started to play.  


Sit tight, I'm gonna need you to keep time 
C'mon, just snap, snap, snap your fingers for me 
Good, good, now we're making some progress 
Come on just tap, tap, tap your toes to the beat 

With a flick of his wrist the drums start playing. Hearing a gasp from the crowd, forgetting that most people couldn’t just do  wandless  magic.   

And I believe 
This may call for a proper introduction, and well 
Don't you see? 
I'm the narrator, and this is just the prologue 


Swear to shake it up, and you swear to listen 
Oh, we're still so young, desperate for attention 
I aim to be your eyes, trophy boys, trophy wives 
Swear to shake it up, and you swear to listen 
Oh, we're still so young, desperate for attention 
I aim to be, your eyes, trophy boys, trophy wives 

Looking out into the crowd he started seeing people start moving to the music. Finding his looking over at his parents he winked at them and started to sing again.  


Applause, applause, no, wait, wait 
Dear studio audience, I've an announcement to make 
It seems the artists these days are not who you think 
So we'll pick back up on that on another page 

And I believe 
This may call for a proper introduction, and well 
Don't you see? 
I'm the narrator and this is just the prologue 

Swear to shake it up, and you swear to listen 
Oh, we're still so young, desperate for attention 
I aim to be, your eyes, trophy boys, trophy wives 
Swear to shake it up, and you swear to listen 
Oh, we're still so young, desperate for attention 
I aim to be, your eyes, trophy boys, trophy wives 

Closing his eyes, he could feel his magic moving, Phoenix stands waving his hand again letting the guitar suspend in air as he walked back to the drums picking up the sticks that were in the air he clicks them together as he starts the drum solo. Smiling as he heard the crowd gasp and start shouting.  

Swear to shake it up, you swear to listen 
Swear to shake it up, you swear to listen 
Swear to shake it up, you swear to listen 
Swear to shake it up, swear to shake it up 

Swear to shake it up, and you swear to listen 
Oh, we're still so young, desperate for attention 
I aim to be, your eyes, trophy boys, trophy wives 
Swear to shake it up, and you swear to listen 
Oh, we're still so young, desperate for attention 
I aim to be, your eyes, trophy boys, trophy wives 


Phoenix smiled as he finished the song and the pub erupted in cheers. Okay so maybe they would like muggle music. Taking a deep breath, he walks up to the piano and sits down.  

“Hi everyone like my cousin said my name is Phoenix Lupin Black. I would like to thank you for listening to me play. I know that my taste are probably different from what you are used too but I promise you this will be a night you will never forget.” Getting in some Heir Black cockiness.   

“This next song is for the special men in my life. This is the first song I sang in my parent’s pub back in Ireland. I believe I was 3 years old. Dad, Papa, Reg, Sev, and Bill...” Phoenix tries not to blush to hard. “I hope you guys enjoy it.”  

Some day, when I'm awfully low, 
When the world is cold, 
I will feel a glow just thinking of you 
And the way you look tonight. 

Yes you're lovely, with your smile so warm 
And your cheeks so soft, 
There is nothing for me but to love you, 
And the way you look tonight. 

With each word your tenderness grows, 
Tearing my fear apart 
And that laugh that wrinkles your nose, 
It touches my foolish heart. 

Never, ever change. 
Keep that breathless charm. 
Won't you please arrange it ? 
Cause I love you  
Just the way you look tonight. 

Mm, mm, mm, mm, 
Just the way you look to-night. 


Once he finished his last song Phoenix took a deep breath. “Thank you everyone! Once again my name is Phoenix Lupin Black!”   


Bill couldn’t believe how brilliant Phoenix played, he didn’t like how he could smell the arousal of everyone around him as his potential mate sang. He couldn’t blame them, he was amazing, he showed off the perfect amount with each instrument playing themselves at one point.  Standing up he makes his way to him. Growling when he saw Phoenix being stopped by a blond...   

Walking up he heard them talking. “You played wonderfully, I’m Draco... Draco Malfoy.” Draco held out his hand and Phoenix took it. It looks like Phoenix would rather be anywhere else than where he is right now.  

“I’m Phoenix, it’s nice to meet you but if you don’t mind I would like to go..” Then his boyfriend saw him and smiled. Walking up to him he couldn’t help but pull him into a kiss dipping him dramatically. Feeling his boyfriend moan on his lips he deepened it. Finally pulling them back up Phoenix pulls away.  

“You were perfect Love.” Bill growled into his ear. Hearing a cough, they both look over to the irritating blond.  

“A werewolf, What a shame Phoenix. I thought with your power you would have known what is below you.” Bill felt a growl escape but it wasn’t his own, Phoenix pulled away from him and was in Draco’s face.  

“What the fuck did you say? I know you didn’t just say something about my mate. There is nothing wrong with werewolves Malfoy. My Dad is a werewolf do you want to talk bad about him too because I haven’t had a good row in a while...” Knowing that Phoenix had never had a proper row in his life. His Fluffy was more a lover than a fighter, but when it came to his family his wolf would take over.  

Bill pulled him back. “It’s not worth it love.”   

“Oi what's going on over here?” Tonks said coming over quickly. “Malfoy how many times have I told you not to cause any problems? You need to go... I’m not dealing with you tonight. I don’t care if you are family now go!” Watching Tonks shove the blond towards the door.  

“What a fucking prat.” Bill didn’t want this to ruin his evening so he pulled him into his arms scenting his neck. Smelling the anger disappearing and arousal gently seep out. His wolf almost purred, his mate wanted him.  

“Don’t let him get to you... Come on your fans are waiting for you and I want you to meet my youngest brother and his girlfriend.” Pulling him over to the table he ran over to his parents hugging them and then to his uncles.   

“I didn’t think anyone could do all that magic without a wand... Did you see that, and I don’t think he has been properly trained he didn’t attend Hogwarts.” Hearing Hermione say as he sat down next to Ron.  

“Phoenix was homeschooled, he is probably the strongest wizard I have met... I have met a lot with traveling as a curse breaker.” His youngest brother’s eyes pop seeing the hint of jealousy.  

“And you are dating him?” Ron said raising his eyebrow.  

Before he could answer the twins cut him off.  

“That is because he didn’t meet us first.” Fred said with a smirk.  

“We all know if he did he would be ours.” George followed clinking their glasses together.  

“Yes, he is my boyfriend. Not just because he didn’t meet Forge and  Gred  first.” Trying to keep his wolf from taking control. The twins were just playing, but right now he just couldn’t help himself.  

“No if  anything  I would have went with the hunky dragon trainer.” Feeling arms wrap around his neck Bill growled playfully. Looking up into those beautiful hazel eyes.  

“Sorry Phoenix, I'm strictly into women... I’m flattered though.” Bill pulled out the chair next to him as Phoenix ignored it and sat on the werewolf’s lap. Laughing he just wraps his arms around the  animagus ’ middle.  

“Yeah a woman who owns a pub and is completely in love with you but you are too daft to see it!” His youngest brother said with a smile.  

“Ron, Hermione this is my boyfriend Phoenix. Phoenix you know George and Fred.” Smiling the younger man reached out and shook Ron and Hermione’s hand.  

“Nice to meet you! I’m happy that I get to meet everyone before tomorrow. Well I know not everyone because I'm sure there are what 7 Weasley kids all together. Fred, George after I get back to Ireland I will send you over money for what we talked about earlier.” Yes they talked Phoenix into become a partner, even though Bill tried to stop him.  

“Sounds Brilliant.”  

“Partner.” Both twins raised their pint to Phoenix.  

“Ron I heard that you are an Auror, that is amazing, and Hermione you work for the  Ministry ? Bill here said that you are probably going to be Minster of Magic one day... Not that I know much about it. I try to stay away from the wizarding world. I just like my music and teaching...”  

Hearing teaching made his brothers girlfriend perk up. “Teaching? What do you teach Phoenix?”   

“I teach private lessons, any instrument. My parents like to call me a child prodigy I mean I guess I was when I was a child but I just love music and it is my passion.”  Seeing the witch shake her head Bill knew she was going to say something that may or may not piss Nix off.  

“But you are so powerful Phoenix you could teach or be anything here in the magic world.” She said in her signature Hermione flair, he like her but she was somewhat stuck up.  

Feeling his boyfriend tense in his arms he nuzzled the back of his neck trying to calm him.  

“I don’t care that I am powerful Hermione, I don’t really use my magic all that much. What you saw tonight is what I normally do. Or I use it to prank my parents. Why would I want to be in a community that is so backwards when it comes to creatures. My Dad is a creature and so is my boyfriend. Plus ,  I have werewolf blood the full moon affects me too. I can’t stand some of the stories that I have been told of how wizards treat them. So ,  no I think I am okay living where I am and doing what I love. But I do hope when you do become minister of magic that you would change somethings.”  

Bill couldn’t believe it, this was the first time Hermione Granger was quiet. “So enough about me, Charlie tell me about those dragons and how you got all those muscles.” Wanting to be mad but his boyfriend knew how to change the subject.  


Phoenix once back at his uncles. He said goodnight to his parents, who were so proud of him. After the high he felt after performing with his magic, he wanted nothing more than to go up to his room and snog the hell out of his boyfriend. He has such a great night he wanted it to go on forever. Yes, meeting Ron and Hermione wasn’t the best but it didn’t end in a row.  

When walking into the room he saw Bill slowly sliding his leather pants down. Biting his lip so he wouldn’t moan out loud he closed the door and warded it placing a silencing charm. Not that he is going to do anything he just wanted the option to. He didn’t think he was ready yet. Not that he wasn’t completely head over hills for this werewolf, he just wanted to take his time.   

“Merlin you are so sexy.” The younger man said as he sauntered towards the red head. Feeling so bold after performing tonight, it’s the high that it gives him.  Plus  his boyfriend is really sexy.  

“Not as sexy as you.”  Bill blushed.  Smirking he quickly shrugged out of his clothes, feeling his boyfriend's eyes on him as he did.  Walking up to the red head he throws his arms around the older man’s neck.  

“Bill, I want to say I really really like you... I would love to do more but...” He could feel his cheeks redden, his was rambling.   

“Then I will go at the pace that you want to go...” Loving that answer he  pulls  him down into a kiss. Phoenix’s tongue gliding over the red head’s lips. Who opens readily. Trying to dominate the kiss , until  the younger man let his boyfriend take control.  

Slowly moving them back towards the bed the werewolf gently pushes him on the bed. Phoenix smiles and pulls him on top. Loving the way that their bodies feel together.  

Bill pulls away looking down into his eyes. “I.. I though you said...”   

“I know I just...I just need to feel you.” Pulling the red head down their clothed erections move against each other making both of them moan. Phoenix pulled Bill into a sloppy kiss, wanting more friction he bucks his hips.   

“God’s Nix.” The werewolf said as he sucked on the younger man’s bottom lip. Their hips still moving in time. Phoenix ran his fingers through the red hair pulling gently. Earning a growl from the werewolf.   

Bill quickly flips them so Phoenix is now on top. Feeling hands slid down into his pants, those hands squeeze his  arse . Bucking his hips quicker wanting release. The werewolf growls moving his finger down until it rubs against his opening. Gods if it feels this good only doing this, he couldn’t imagine what sex would feel like. Before he could continue that thought he felt himself lose control, as Bill pushed the tip of his finger inside him. Pleasure crashing into him as he feels his boyfriend follow after him.  

Panting, Phoenix rest his forehead on Bills. “I’m sorry, Bill... I know...” The werewolf hushes him with a kiss. Smiling sleepily, he kisses him back.  

“You have nothing to be sorry for. That was bloody brilliant. You are so beautiful Phoenix, and so talented. You don’t understand how proud I was tonight. Knowing that you were mine. That no one else could have you... No one else could see the way you look when you lose control. I can’t wait to see it again, and again.” Phoenix felt himself blush, no one has ever told him that. With a flick of his wrist both of them were clean moving off his boyfriend he placed his head on the pale chest. Letting his fingers connect the freckles.  

“You know, you look good when you lose control too. I’m glad that I am the only one that gets to see that. I can’t wait for you to make me lose control over and over again.” Yawning he feels a kiss being pressed into his hair.  

“Which will have to wait. You wore me out too.” Bill said a quick  nox  as Phoenix cuddled into him. The werewolf nuzzled into him. “Mine...”   

Phoenix closed his eyes listening to the beating of his boyfriend’s heart. He never thought that he would be able to feel like this again. But he really has never felt like this before, this was different. Feeling finger tips drag through his hair he feels himself drift off. Knowing this is how he is going to fall asleep for the rest of his life.   


Phoenix made his way down the stairs towards Severus’ cave as his Papa calls it. He needed to talk to him, not that he didn’t feel comfortable about talking to his parents he just know Severus has been in his shoes.   

Knocking on the door he hears a stern “Enter.”  Opening up slowly he sees his Uncle leaned over a cauldron throwing something into it.   

“Uncle Sev, you busy?” Still not looking up he motions to the stool that was sitting by the work bench. Sitting down Phoenix just watches as the potion master adds more to his brewing.  

“Did you just come down here to watch me, or do you have something you would like to talk about Phoenix?” Shaking his  head  he takes a breath, come on it’s not that hard. He thinks to himself.  

“I’m meeting Bill’s parents today, I know it’s kinda fast but since we are here.” Severus looks up and waves his wand.  

“You are worried about them not liking you? I highly doubt they wouldn’t, you are not unbearable like your parents.” He couldn’t help but laugh. Knowing his uncle loves him, and might even like his parents.  

“Come on Uncle Sev you know that you love me... Don’t deny it and I love you too. I don’t know what I would have done this past year without you...” Crossing his arms he could see a smirk play on the older man’s lips.  

“You might be right Brat, but don’t tell anyone. So you are not worried about them liking you so what is it then?”  Walking over he sits down on the stool next to him, Phoenix starts to pick up random ingredients.   

“I don’t think I could handle it if they were like Drew’s Mum. Sev I don’t know if I could be nice. I don’t like to have my Papa’s temper but you know it does come out sometimes and with someone I could send spending my life with. I want us to get along.”  The potion master plucks the bottle he hands in his hands and sets it away from him.  

“The Weasley’s are not like Drew’s Mum. Phoenix, I never met a mother who loves their children as much as Molly Weasley loves hers. Yes they don’t know how to treat Bill since the change, but never doubt the love she has for them. Arthur is a character all on his own, just talk to him about muggle things and he will adore you.” Standing up he threw is arms around the potions master. Grunting the older man pats his back.  

“Thank you Uncle Sev... I knew that you would help... Now come up and eat breakfast that my handsome boyfriend made... Then you can come down here and brew some more. Maybe I can help....” Scoffing he pushes him away. Sometimes he would let him brew with him. It was actually a little  therapeutic  

“I think not Brat. I do want to be able to sell theses... Not that you are too terrible, but I know your mind will not be there. It will be on a certain werewolf. Now let's go...”  


Standing outside of his childhood home, Bill looks up at the house. Never has he felt like he couldn’t come home, but since the change it has been different. Not that he didn’t feel welcome, it was like his family walks on egg shells. Feeling his potential mate next to him, he interlaces their fingers together.   

Bill turns to face the  animagus . “I just wanted to tell you thank you for coming. I know that it is really early in our relationship to meet my parents but Phoenix what I feel for you isn’t going to go away. It’s only going to get stronger.” Phoenix cups his face, before he leans in and brushes a soft kiss on his lips.  

“Sparky, I’m here because I want to be... I have already met most of your family...  So  what is a couple more. We are together and if I am to be your mate then I have to meet them, and damn right that feeling isn't going to go away. Now let’s go show off your handsome boyfriend/and future Mate if you play your cards right.” This man is so cheeky, he thinks to himself before pulling him into a kiss. The younger man wraps his arms around his neck. Pressing their bodies closer together.  

Not hearing the door open they didn’t pull away until they heard two voice.  

“Oh look brother dear.” Fred said smirking.  

“I see our brother  snogging  a Fiery Phoenix at the front door.” George teases, groaning he pulls away.  

“If isn't my favorite set of twins. You boys are looking good today.” Trying not to be jealous as his boyfriend pulls his brothers into a hug.   

“Better if you were with us instead.” Growling he takes his boyfriend back and wraps his arm around the smaller man’s waist.   

“You know I can’t do that, alas my heart belongs to someone else.” Phoenix swoons in his arms. If Phoenix spent more time with the twins, he wouldn’t want to think about all the trouble they could get each other in. It was bad enough living with his boyfriend’s parents who prank each other all the time.  

“Are you going to let us in or...” Before he could say anything his mum’s voice rings out.  

“Fred, George. Is that Bill? Stop teasing him and let them in.”  The twins move out of the way an bow as they walk through. Shaking his head, as he hears a chuckle from his boyfriend.  

“Bill!” His mother throws her arms around his neck. Smelling her, he smiles, she smells like fresh baked cookies, roses and wood burning from the stove.  

“Hi Mum... I brought someone I thought you would like to meet.” Pulling away he looks over at his boyfriend who is smiling but it’s not his normal smile. He could tell Phoenix was nervous. “This is my boyfriend Phoenix Lupin Black, Phoenix this is my mum.”   


Oh gods there is his mum. Was she going to like him or was she going to be like.... Just then he felt himself being pulled into a hug. Standing completely still he was taking her all in. Then remembering he should hug her back he does. This hug was from someone who loved. This was a type of hug he got from his parents. This wasn’t like what Drew had at all. Smiling he pulled away from the older woman.  

“Bill you were right she is beautiful! Mrs. Weasley I'm very happy to meet you. Thank you for inviting me into your home.” Using all of his manors that his Dad taught him. He couldn’t let his Papa come out too much today. Just enough to charm them. The older woman blushed.   

“It’s nice to meet you too Phoenix. I didn’t know Remus and Sirius had a son.” Her smile was kind and bright. What you think a mother would look like.  

“Yeah they adopted me when I was 15 months or so. I don’t know anything about my birthparents. They died... I didn’t really want to know about them because I have two wonderful parents.... but anyways I'm starting to sounds like your son. Who does ramble when he is nervous. Which is only cute when he does it.” Bill gave him a smile and pulled him into his arms, but he did notice how his Mum looked at him. It was almost like she saw a ghost.  

“Come let’s sit down dinner is ready. I heard that you have met most of my family. My daughter won’t be here she is actually traveling with her Quidditch team.” Phoenix knew about that sport it wasn’t something that he was into... He has actually never been on a broom.  

Walking into the kitchen he saw the twins, Charlie, Ron, Hermione and a new red head that he has never met. He is skinny with glasses, and then an older man that has to be Bill’s dad.  

“Perc this is my boyfriend Phoenix, he is another one of my brothers. He works at the ministry.” Holding out his hand Phoenix takes it. It felt like the man was  studying  him, and he didn’t like it... Maybe he was just imagining things.  

“Nice to meet you Phoenix, that is an interesting birthmark.”  Moving his hand quickly to his neck. He normally doesn’t think about it, it has always been there. Trying not to feel self  conscious  now.  

“Yeah, I think that is why I got my first name because I have that birthmark. Or that could be a stupid thing that my parents made up.” Phoenix did not like how Perc was looking at him. He really was trying to study him or something. It made him uncomfortable, turning over to the other older red head.   

“You must be Mr. Weasley! I see where Bill gets his good looks! You are very handsome, I heard that you love muggle things! I have so many instruments that you might like to look at. Next time you can come over to my house!”  The older man stands and takes his hand.  

“Phoenix it’s Arthur and I would love to come over and see what you have. Maybe after dinner we can go out into my workshop!” Nodding Phoenix took a seat by his boyfriend.   

“Sounds great Arthur I can’t wait.” This dinner should be too bad.   


Dinner went off without a hitch Bill thought. His parents seem to like him, what is there not to like. Phoenix was perfect for him. Speaking of Phoenix is must have gone to see his Dad’s workshop. Smiling he made his way back there.   

“Bill” He heard Percy say as he had his hand on the door knob. Groaning inwardly, not that he doesn’t love his brother he does its just he didn’t feel like getting into a discussion with him right now. He has been acting weird all night when it came to Phoenix.   

“Yeah Perc.”   

“How well do you know this Man?” The younger red head said as he crosses his arms. What is he getting at. Of course, he doesn't know everything yet because they haven’t been together that long but he wants to know everything about him.  

“We just started seeing each other. Why? There is nothing wrong with him Percy why do you do that. Not everyone is bad.” Hating that he would think anything bad to do with Phoenix.  

“Your ex didn’t want to be with you because of what you are....” Growling Bill moves closer to his brother.   

“That is because she was a horrible person, Phoenix is nothing like that.” Percy held up his hands.   

“I just don’t think he is being truthful... but how I can see he might not know himself actually I would bet everything I have that he doesn’t know. Bill I won’t tell you what I think is going on because you are not going to believe me anyways... but just do me a favor just look at that birthmark on his neck. Maybe that will trigger something. I can’t believe I'm the only one that noticed.”  

Getting angry Bill didn’t like what his brother was saying. What is he talking about his birthmark and why wouldn’t Phoenix know about something?  

Hearing his boyfriends laugh he walks in with his Dad and the twins. Seeing the smile  faulter  when he looks at him.   

“Hey, what's going on over here.” Bill pulls the younger man in to his arms, he needed to feel him after what was just discussed.   

“Are you about ready Bill, I'm sorry but I'm getting tired and I have a lot of teaching to do tomorrow.” His boyfriend looked around and smiled.   

“Oh that is understandable.” Arthur said with a smile. “As long as I can come over soon and check out that Banjo.”  

“Absolutely! We will get out all the interesting things I have Arthur.” Watching Percy, the whole time who was still studying his boyfriend, he wanted to growl and snap at his younger brother. To tell him to leave it alone.   

“Phoenix, it was good to see you! I do hope that you come for Charlie’s birthday in December... When is your birthday Mum is going to want to celebrate it. I’m assuming that you guys will still be together. I see how you look at my older brother.” Knowing that Percy asked for a completely different reason.  

“Oh it’s the 31 st  of July.” Percy raised his eyebrow and smiled; it was that smile he had when he knew he was right.... but what was he right about.  Then in walked his Mum.  

“You said the  31’st  of July, why does that date sound familiar...Well you just tell me your favorite dinner and cake. I'll make it for you... I’m sure that you are not going anywhere... Now We will see you for Charlie’s birthday...” The older woman hugged his boyfriend.  

After 15 minutes they all said their goodbyes Percy pulled him into an awkward hug. “I know that you are not going to look it up Bill, but I think you should. I think Phoenix has been lied to all his life...Not saying I wouldn’t have done the same in their position, I would have... Your mate is special Bill, just make sure he knows that... and make sure he know how special you are..” Never has he heard his brother speak like this before. Where is that old Perfect Percy.  

“I’ll make sure he does know, and he does make me feel special.” Still confused about why is brother has been acting like this all day.   

“Ready to go?” Phoenix asked as he interlaces their fingers. Looking over at him he smiles.  

“Yes, I'm ready to go.”  Pulling his boyfriend into his arms they pop out of The Burrow.  


Later that night with Phoenix in his arms he looks down at the birthmark that his brother asked about. Pressing a small kiss to it he couldn’t help but think, look into the birthmark and then the way he looked when Phoenix said his birthday.  It’s just Percy being Percy... Right....  

Chapter Text

13 th of December  

Placing out chairs in a row Bill looks over at his boyfriend who is laughing and talking to his parents. It was nice that Phoenix invited his parents to his Christmas Recital of his students. Trying not to worry about his Dad with all these muggles around but it should be fun. His Mum actually made treats for the students afterwards.   

“It looks like your parents love our Fluffy?” Looking up he sees Remus smiling at him. Knowing he would never be able to thank him enough for everything that he has done.  

“Yes, they do like him, but as you know what’s not to like. She might have gone over board on the cookies and treats.” He said as he looked back at the table that was covered.   

“Oh never! There will be a ton of kids and parents here so it will be nice for them to have something.”  Watching his parents and Phoenix walk over he stands up straight and smiles. His mate does look breath taking today, wearing black slacks a red button up and a green vest. His black hair is laying in perfect curls at his shoulders.   

“Bill, your boyfriend is fascinating .” The older redhead said with a smile, clapping the younger man on his back.   

Yes, and very polite, you did well Remus.”  The older werewolf threw his arm around his son and pulled him into his side.   

“Thank you,” . You could smell the pride coming off of Remus.   

“Oi I help raise him too ya know....” Sirius said as he walks over to Bill nudging him. “Isn’t that right Bill.” Wanting to stay on Sirius’ good side he agrees.   

“Yes, some of Phoenix’s best qualities come from you Siri...” The older man winks at him and smiles. Earning an eye roll from his boyfriend.  

“I just want to say thank you again Mr. And Mrs. Weasley. For coming and for baking those amazing treats. I think we are about set up and ready to go. If you want to go have a seat, the students should be arriving soon....” Looking at him the younger man pointed a finger at him. “Not you... I have a job for you...” That smirk Phoenix was wearing never meant anything good. Taking his hand, he let him lead to where ever he was taking him.   

Which was into wash room. “Phoenix why are ...” Soon he was cut off by a pair of lips, moaning he closes his eyes pulling the animagus into his arms. Phoenix presses himself up against him . His boyfriend’s teeth nibble at his bottom lip, Bill let’s his hand travel down to the younger man’s denim clad arse.   

“I’ve been dying to do that all day!” Phoenix said breathless as he pulled away. “Thank you love, really for setting up everything for me…  

Pressing a soft kiss to his lips Bill smiles. “Anything for you Nix. But if that’s how you are going to thank me, I will do whatever you need me to do!”  

Laughing Phoenix loudly kisses his lips. “You know I think your parents really like me…. I mean who wouldn’t but… in all honesty I’m glad that they do… Your Mum is probably my new favorite person.”  

Reaching out the werewolf pushes a piece of hair out of his boyfriend’s face. Gods he is in love with this man. There is no denying it, every single thing about him.  

“My parents do love you, and my Mum is my favorite person. As much as I love being with you like this, I hate to tell you it’s almost time.” Looking down at his watch Phoenix has a look of panic.   

“You’re right okay one last kiss and then you are going to be handing out programs. I want everyone to see how handsome and perfect my mate is.” Feeling his werewolf puff out his chest in pride. He dips his mate into a breath-taking kiss.   

Pulling away smirking, “Come Fluffy, you can’t be late you are the teacher...” Watching the younger man fix himself they both walk out of the bathroom with big smiles on their faces.  


Phoenix stood up by the piano watching his students file in. The local hall allowed him to have all of them at one time. There walks in Makenzie with her family, like she said her Nan is there with her. Smiling she waves to him and then her eyes look over to his Dad and she waved. She had a soft spot for the werewolf.   

More trickle in, he felt all the air leave his chest as he sees one of his older students Thomas walking in holding hands with Brian. Brian as in Drew’s younger brother, he was holding hands with him. Thomas was a sweet kid; he played the guitar. Actually, one of his most talented students. Brian caught him staring and a small smile appeared on his lips, not knowing what do to he quickly looked away.   

It was like his Dad could sense it, looking at him he motions over towards the door where they just walked in and as soon as his Dad saw his head whipped around to him. This is going to be strange, because he knows that he is going to have to talk to him later. Oh gods what is he going to say about Bill? He is not going to just say that they were not together, he wouldn’t do that to Bill. Not to someone he is falling in love with.... Or more like completely in love with him.  Trying to push it out of his mind he walks up to the mic.   

“Good afternoon!” He smiles at all of his students looking up at him. “I would like to welcome you to our Christmas Recital. There are so many talented musicians that are going to play today. You are all in for a treat. I want to thank each and every parent who make sure that they practice every day... because I can always tell when they haven’t, and for bringing them to every lesson. I would ask that everyone will stay for each student, trust me you will want too. A very special lady took the time to make cookies and special treats for everyone. Now to start off I would like to invite Miss Makenzie Kae up to the stage... I would like to talk about this little girl for a second... Which I will do this for every one of my students. Miss Makenzie has worked so hard; she was a little intimidated about this piece. But as we all know Mister Phoenix is never wrong.” Pausing because all of the parents and kids laughed... “Okay I think my parents would say that’s wrong but it’s not... Anyways come on up Miss Makenzie... She will be playing Angels we have heard on high.”  

Watching the little red headed girl who was wearing a beautiful green dress walk up to the piano Phoenix sat beside her so he could play with her like he does with all the students her age.   

“You got this Mak...” Looking down at her she smiles and takes a deep breath. Both of their fingers glide over the keys, smiling as he heard her hit the first note. Pride was rolling off of him, seeing how excited and how well that his students perform.  

Knowing this song, he doesn’t have to look at the sheet music, he steals a glance at his boyfriend who is just watching with a smile on his face. How he could be as good looking as he was. Then he sees his Dad and Papa who are cuddled up with each other, he could see the pride in their eyes. They have always been so supportive and honestly perfect parents. Speaking of perfect parents, he looks over to Molly and Arthur who look like children in a candy shop.   

Noticing that the song was about to end he flicks his eyes back over to the sheet music. With the last chord he smiled and looked down at his favorite little student. She did perfectly.   

“Well done Miss Makenzie Kae! Take a bow.” The little girl stands up and takes a bow, quickly running off the stage and into her Nans arms. He is betting that she is very proud of her.   


Once the last students which was Thomas, finished Phoenix made his way over to the mic again.   

“Okay how about another round of applause for the wonderful musicians that played today!”  

Hearing whistles and claps he saw all the happy and proud faces in the crowd. All of his students did brilliant. Now they will have a couple weeks off before they start to rehearse for the spring recital.   

“Now I would like to thank you once again, remember there are treats ready for you. Plus coffee, tea and milk for the kids... Make sure that you come see me before you leave I have something for all of my students. Happy Christmas!”   

Before he could get off the stage Molly and Arthur were in the back handing out cookies, soon his parents were back there with them. Leaving Bill standing there smiling with his hands in his pockets. He looked really good in his red green button up shirt and red vest. They decided to go opposites.   

So, what do you think of my kids?” The younger man asked as he walked up to his boyfriend smirking.  

“They were brilliant just like their teacher. Really Nix I can’t believe how talented they were...” A little part of him thinks about adopting a son... or daughter just like his parents. Possibly having their own.  Having a family with Bill and watching them at their recitals. Shaking his head, he smiles.  

“I mean as me as their teacher... I’m just kidding they work hard... Come on I have been eyeing those snickerdoodles all day...” Pressing a kiss on the red head cheeks he interlaces their fingers as they walk back towards the tables.  

Feeling eyes on him as he continues to his parents.  “Mister Phoenix!”   

Turning around he feels arms around his waist. Looking down there is Makenzie hold on tight with an older woman shaking her head.  

“Hello Miss Makenzie. I have something for you.” Bill hands him a small package. “This is from me. I’m so proud of you...”  

“She sings nothing but praises about you Mister Phoenix, I can’t believe that someone so young like yourself can teach as well as you do. Though I have heard you playing at your parent's pub and I must say I am very impressed. I have never seen anyone like you... I bet your parents are very proud... Just like I am for my Makenzie. Now come on love let’s go Mister Phoenix has a lot more students to see!” With one last hug they both walked away.  

Feeling an arm wrap around his waist he leans into his boyfriend’s side. “You okay? Your scent is off…” Of course, he smells off his ex- boyfriend's brother is there… the last time he saw him was at the funeral.  

Looking up at his boyfriend and smiles. “I’m fine… Really I promise”  

“Nix….” Taking a deep breath, he doesn’t want to look over he knows that voice. Giving in he looks over and sees Brian with his red hair and blue eyes… He does look like his brother.   

“Hey Bry…” The younger red head throws his arms around his neck. Wrapping his arms around him, he feels tears hit his shoulders.  

I… I missed you!!” He sobs out. Letting his hands rub his back.   

“I missed you too! Shh Brian it’s okay…” Pulling the teenager away so he could see his face. Thumbing the tears away…   

I don’t live with Mum anymore… we live with Gran now… Af… After Drew she lost it…. But with Gran I can be myself… I’m with Thomas….  I’m sorry I haven’t called…” seeing the red head look over to Bill who is probably confused…  


Bill watched what was going on closely so confused about everything until he heard Drew. Oh, this must be his brother. Oh, gods no wonder… Then the teenager looks over at him. Shit how is Phoenix going to deal with this….  

Brian , I want you to meet Bill my boyfriend… ” there was a little sadness in his voice but he still did smell the love pouring off of him. Well go on says something…  

“Hi Brian it’s nice to meet you.” Holding out his hand Brian took it.   

“Nice to meet y ou… I… I should get back to Thomas…. I’m glad you are happy Phoenix…. He would want you to be….” Seeing tears in is boyfriend’s eyes he wanted to growl and pull him in his arms but he couldn’t not yet… He knew Phoenix wouldn’t want that yet.   

Watching them hug one last time Phoenix turned around and looked at me. A tear escapes, quickly wiping it away, the animagus  leans into his touch.  

You okay love?” The red head asks as his thumb still strokes his cheek.   

“I’m great, actually it’s nice… I feel like a weights been lifted off of me... I know it sounds crazy but it’s like I have some closure now. Brian said that he would be happy and I know he would because I have you….” Bill could tell that Phoenix did feel different almost lighter and his smile was different.   

You do have me… Until you don’t want me anymore.” Phoenix took his palm and placed a kiss on it.   

“I don’t see myself not wanting you William Weasley… I think you’re kinda stuck with me.” Pressing a kiss on his forehead hopefully no one was looking, he felt bad doing pda in front of the younger man’s students . He just couldn’t help himself.   

“Sounds perfect.”  


Sirius walked into his son’s music room, checking to see if he was alone. Thankfully he was, it was hard to catch him alone now a days. Not that he hated the fact that his son had a mate, he just knows after seeing Brian today what it might have done.   

“Hey Fluff...” Making himself known Phoenix looked up from his guitar and smiled at him.   

“Hey Papa.” Sitting down across from him Sirius took a deep breath, running his hands through his black hair.  

“I just wanted to see how you were doing after today. The recital went perfect but I just wanted to check up on you. I know after seeing Brian that it might have brought up some memories.” Watching his son for any distress, he has come so far to have a setback now...   

The younger animagus sighs and looks down at his hand. “It did, but Papa to be completely honest I got a little bit of closure. I think I need... I need to go see him. It’s been since the funeral since I have been to his grave... Do you think Bill would come with me?”  Reaching over taking his son hand, he gave it a squeeze.  

“I’m sure he would do anything for you Nix... All you would have to do is ask. I hate to admit it but I'm sure he is head over heels in love with you. Like he should because you in fact are my son.” Hearing his son chuckle warmed his heart. This conversation is going better than he thought it would go.  

“I guess should go talk to him about it then... Papa... Thank you... How about tomorrow we can go to dinner just me and you. Dad and Bill can do fend for themselves.” Smiling his signature Sirius Black smile he nods.  

“Sounds like a plan. Now go talk to your werewolf... While I go see what mine is up too.” Pulling his son into his arms before he got up. “I love you Phoenix.”  

“I love you too Papa...”  


The next morning Bill stood in a cemetery with his mate. It was snowing, quickly he cast a warming charm as he held hands with Phoenix. Walking slowly up to a grave he took a deep breath. Feeling awkward standing there with him, this seems like something Phoenix should have done on his own. Knowing that he needed him he couldn’t say no.  

“Love, do you want me to give you a moment?” He asks quietly looking into those emerald eyes that were glassy with unshed tears. The younger man shook his head. Nodding Bill just stood there rubbing his thumb on the back of the smaller hand.  

“Hey Drew... I... I’m sorry that I haven’t been around... A... After everything I just couldn’t bring myself to come visit. That was wrong of me... I should have... I don’t think that you would have done that... I saw Brian yesterday... He is doing great... Living with your Gran... He seems happy and he actually has a boyfriend... Dating one of my most talented students... You would be proud of him...” Phoenix looked over at him with a watery smile...  

“I... I have a new boyfriend... I brought him here to meet you... Drew this is Bill... He is amazing and wonderful... He takes good care of me... You guys are alike... He has beautiful red hair and blue eyes just like you... I just wanted to let you know that I'm happy... I hope that you are happy for me too... I will always love you Drew... I... I Just needed to tell you that I'm moving on...I’m not dwelling about the past... I wish I could have saved you... But I will live for you... I will make each day count...” The last words were more like a sob, Bill pulled the younger man into his arms. Pressing his front against his back, interlacing their fingers he presses a kiss on his neck.  

The werewolf didn’t know what to do, so he just stood there holding on to his boyfriend. Feeling Phoenix turn in his arms, the animagus rubs his nose into his neck Knowing he is taking in his scent. Bil could smell the sadness dripping off of him, his wolf hated that smell. His mate should never smell like that. With a whine, he pulled him in closer. The wolf taking over. The red head pulls back, looking down into glassy emerald eyes he leans and presses their lips every so softly together. Phoenix wraps his arms around his neck kissing him again. Feeling their magic reaching out comforting each other.  

Phoenix was the one to pull away, Bill didn’t know what to do. Emotions were high, the wolf wanted to take his mate home and make sure that he was okay. Feed him, put him to bed and protect him from everything.   

“Calm down Sparky, I'm fine...” The younger man runs his fingers through the werewolf’s red hair. “I know your wolf is probably scratching at the service...” Leaning into his touch as he feels Phoenix scratches his scalp.   

You're not helping by scratching me like I'm a puppy, the wolf likes that...” Smiling a watery smile his boyfriend kisses his lips again. It was good that they did this, Phoenix seems like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders.   

“I’m sorry Sparky... I... I think I'm ready to go... Thank you so much for coming with me... I... I know this must have been hard for you...” Resting their foreheads together, he could smell the sadness slowly go away.   

“Phoenix, I thought you would know by now I would go anywhere you would ask me to go... You needed me, if you need me, I will always be there for you... No matter what.... I’m glad I got to meet Drew, I know that he loved you who wouldn’t... I do think that he would be happy that you have happiness... I know that I would want you to have happiness.” Seeing a flash of fear in his eyes Bill kisses it away.  

“Now come on, I think we should go find a little café get some hot chocolate and a piece of cake or pie... My Mum would always do that when I was upset...” Phoenix nods taking his hand they walk out of the grave yard. Leaving a little bit lighter than they came in.   

20 th Of December  

Phoenix was dressed in one of the ugliest jumpers he has ever seen with tight denim and boots. It was the Christmas celebration at his parents Pub. Looking out he saw his boyfriend watching him. Tonight , was Bills night off because Phoenix begged for his parents to give it to him . He had something special planned.  After they visited Drew’s grave, it was like everything seemed okay and right. Not that he would ever forget his first true love... Like he said he will always love Drew, but now he has something different... and better....   

Taking a deep breath , he sat down at the piano. “Is everyone having a good time?” He asked the crowed, who cheered. “Brilliant! Now I would like someone to join me for this next song... I know that he is going to be shy but I think if we all give him a big round of applause , he might come up here and sing... or he might just breakup with me... Who knows...” Bill sat straight up and shook his head.  

“Please... Come on everyone!” The room started cheering and Bill rolled his eyes and stood up. Making Phoenix laugh. “Okay he is on his way... So, it wouldn’t be Christmas without the classics.  

Phoenix starts playing the piano as Bill awkwardly walks up and sits down next to him on the piano bench.  

“Hi love,” He whispers to the werewolf , who was red with embarrassment. Could he be any cuter?   

“You are so lucky you are cute...” Bill tries to look mad but failing horribly. Starting the song , he knew Bill would know this because they have been singing it for the past two weeks. Not knowing he was practicing for this very moment.  

I really can't stay,    

baby it's cold outside  

I've got to go away,   

baby it's cold outside  

This evening has been,   

been hoping that you'd drop in  

So very nice,  

  I'll hold your hands, they're just like ice  

Bill’s voice wavered a little bit but soon Phoenix could tell it was just like when they were in his music room. Blue eyes boring into his, that playful smile on the werewolf’s lips. Gods he was in love with this man...  

My mother will start to worry,   

beautiful, what's your hurry?  

My father will be pacing the floor,   

listen to the fireplace roar  

So really I'd better scurry,   

beautiful, please don't hurry  

Maybe just a half a drink more,   

put some records on while I pour  

The neighbors might think,   

baby, it's bad out there  

Say, what's in this drink?   

No cabs to be had out there  

I wish I knew how,   

your eyes are like starlight now  

To break this spell,   

There's bound to be talk tomorrow,    

think of my life long sorrow  

At least there will be plenty implied,  

If you caught pneumonia and died 

Phoenix looked past Bill and the pub was all smiling, a few couples were dancing, and then there was his parents cuddled up close by the bar. Wanting so much to be like them with Bill. His life all in all was pretty perfect.  


I really can't stay,   

get over that hold out  

Ah, but it's cold outside  


 Once the song was over Phoenix couldn’t help but pull Bill into a kiss. Wrapping his arms around the red head he pulled away just enough for their lips to be touching. Taking a deep breath, he went for it.  

“I love you Bill.” The look on the werewolf’s face was all that he needed. That smile was breath taking. Soon he was pulled into another kiss. Catcalls and whistles filled the pub. Phoenix was the first to pull away taking a deep breath.  

“I love you too Phoenix so much.”  


Sirius looks up at his husband who is smiling too big for what is going on, on their stage right now.   

“Why are you smiling like that? That is our son up there snogging his boyfriend on the stage in front of all of our customers.” It was almost a growl, it doesn’t matter that they have been together for a while he still hated it. This was different than it was with Drew. So much more was on the line. They needed to come clean, just how...  

“Our son is in love... he has found someone that will love him like I love you. What more could we ask for? Just think in a couple of years we could be grandparents.” Sirius pull away from his husband with a huff.  

“No way am I thinking about being a grandparent. I am too young to be a grandparent. What would they call me Pops.... Absolutely not Moony that is not funny.” Pouting he tries to walk away and was pulled right back.  

“I think I'm a little funny, don’t be mad Pads... I love you... You are not going to be a Pops anytime soon.” The taller man cups his cheeks leaning down he pressing his lips to the smaller man.  

“I love you too...” Hearing his son voice over the speakers he pulls away to look at the stage. Still feeling like a proud parent.   

“This is my last song of the night, don’t worry I will be back for New Year’s Eve. One last Christmas song. Then once again because my parents love contest , they will be picking the ugliest sweater. Please sing along if you like.” Grumbling he watches Bill kiss his son again and then walking off the stage.  


Are you hanging up a stocking on your wall? 
It's the time that every Santa has a ball 
Does he ride a red-nosed reindeer? 
Does it ton-up on his sleigh? 
Do the fairies keep him sober for a day? 

So here it is, Merry Christmas 
Everybody's having fun 
Look to the future now 
It's only just begun 



Bill waiting for Phoenix outside of the pub, knowing he likes to sneak in a smoke after performing. Sitting down the pints he had in his hand he cast a quick warming charm. Hearing the door open in walked out his coat smiling.  

“Hey.” His boyfriend said quietly, and is he blushing? Bill couldn’t help but pull him into his arms. Leaning down his lips gently press to his, the smaller man wraps his arms around the red head. Feeling a tongue graze his bottom lip Bill opens willingly. Their tongue slowly caresses each other. The feeling he felt deep in his stomach was almost too much.   

Pulling away slowly Bill opens his eyes as he sees tears in his boyfriends. Panicking he jumps back.  

“Phoenix, what’s wrong?” W as he regretting saying I love you? Or maybe Percy was right maybe he was hiding something. He hates thinking about it.  

“I... I sa..said I love you tonight.... I.. I never thought I would say that again... But Bill I do.. I love you so much and it’s scary how much I love you. I mean we have only known each other since Halloween and now it’s Christmas.” The werewolf went to say something but his boyfriend placed a finger on his lips.  

“I wouldn’t change it William Weasley. I do love you... I want to be your mate... This is permanent. I really hope you feel the same way.” His wolf pressed forward as he heard Phoenix say he wanted to be his mate. Without thinking he cupped the younger’s man face and slammed their lips together. Yes.. His mate... Yes... Love his Mate...  

“Mine! Love.. You.. Mate...” The werewolf said in-between kisses. Phoenix moaned on his lips and pressed closer to him. Growling he had to pull away, it was too much. They haven’t done much since the night after his first concert at Tonks. They did sleep together every night and Phoenix didn’t have to use dreamless sleep.  

The animagus whined as he looked at him. “Bill... P..Please.. I.. Make love to me... Please....” Closing his eyes he takes a deep breath... Trying to control his wolf who just want to properly claim his mate.  

“Are you sure Phoenix... I am okay waiting for however long you need.” Slowly the younger man walks up to him. Merlin he is beautiful, those eyes he could get lost in them. Smaller hands cup his face. Feeling the calluses from playing the guitar rub his cheeks.   

“I’m ready... Please.... Take me home...” Biting his bottom lip Bill leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss on his lips Phoenix popped them away.  

Appearing in Phoenix room he froze. He has never been in his boyfriend’s room before. Most of the time he would just come to his room each night. Looking around he saw posters all over his walls of different music artist, but besides that it was spotless. Not shocking because his boyfriend was never in his room.   

“I... I want a happy memory in my room again... I.. I never wanted to bring you in here because this is where I had... Well it has a lot of memories, not that I want to forget them... I just.” Phoenix was letting him in completely, he felt his heart beat faster.   

Bill gently kissed him again, running his fingers through his boyfriend hair. Pouring all the love that he could in that kiss. Slowly he moves them back towards the bed. Tugging at that ugly Christmas jumper off, Phoenix pulls off his jumper which had a blue B on it. That his mother made last year.  As soon as skin touched skin, he felt the younger man melt into his arms. Trailing his lips down he kisses that birthmark.  

“Bill...” The animagus moans out, pushing himself closer to him. Wanting to take his time he holds him close.  

“Slow... Nix... Slow... I’m going to make love to you.” Removing both of their bottom half he gently lies his mate down onto the bed. Watching him move up towards the pillows, he takes a moment to look at all of him. This was the first time seeing him completely naked. His erection standing tall it took everything for Bill not to pounce on him.  

Slowly crawling onto the bed he starts with each foot. Kissing the arch, then slowly moving up the ankle. Hearing his boyfriend’s breath hitch he looks up seeing those beautiful eyes closed. His lips move up his ankle then each calf and thigh, skipping over the part that Phoenix wanted him to touch the most. Smirking when he heard the whine, he kissed each hip bone. Phoenix’s body was so responsive, and beautiful like a work of art.   

“Bill please.... More...” Not caring about the begging, he continues his slow tortious pace. Moving up his stomach. Then reaching his nipples his tongue gently licks over it making the smaller man arch up. “Fuck... yes... Please..”  

Finally making it to his lips he kisses him. Tongues dance together, the younger man bucks up against him their erections pressing against together . Swallowing his moans Bill slowly bucks into him. Pulling away he reaches for his wand he slowly slides down his body.   

Mumbling a spell he feels Phoenix jump. Opening his legs further he lays on his stomach he moves his mate’s legs on his shoulders. spreading those beautiful globes his tongue licks slowly at that quivering muscle.  


Phoenix jumps as he feels Bills tongue. “Bill... Fuck...” He moans out, this was a wonderful new sensation. Letting his fingers slide through his boyfriend’s red hair, as that tongue slowly licks and sucks. “More... Please...”   

Humming the older man presses a finger inside of him. The stretch felt so good, it’s been a long time since he has felt that. Knowing he could lose control just on that. Feeling Bill move away he whines as he feels another burst of magic as another slick finger slides in.  

“I’m going to prepare you, then I'm going to make love to you slowly Phoenix. I want to show you how much you mean to me... Show you how much I love you.” Two of the fingers inside him curl up and press against that sweet bundle of nerves sending pleasure throughout his body.  

“GODS. Please Bill please..” This was not like him, he didn’t fall apart like this. With Drew it was nice and wonderful but this is a whole other level. Feeling his magic reach out to Bill like it was its life force.  

The older man leans down and kisses him, not being able to help it he throws his arms around his neck. This kiss was still as slow and gentle as all the others. Phoenix felt himself get lost in all the pleasure and love pouring out of the kiss.   

“I... I'm ready... Please.. Please Bill...” He whispers on the werewolf’s lips. Feeling empty as soon as the fingers leave him, Bill moves in between his legs. Hearing a spell again he looks down and finally sees the werewolf’s erection. Moaning at the size, Merlin he was going to kill him. As if his boyfriend saw the fear in his eyes he leaned down and pressed a sweet kiss on his lips.    

“I’m going to be slow... remember I'm going to make love to you...” Nodding because he couldn’t trust his voice. The older man gently presses into him, feeling the stretch and pleasure he arches up.  

“Yessss.” He hisses out. Bill moves slowly in holding as he lets them both calm down from the feeling. Wanting so much just to touch himself he slides his hand down to his neglected erection, only to get it batted away.  

“No... That’s mine.” It came out as a gentle growl. Looking into beautiful blue eyes he bites his bottom lip. Being a possession shouldn’t turn him on like it is but he couldn’t help it.   

The werewolf finally starts to move slowly in and out of him. Throwing his head back Phoenix let’s himself get overcome by pleasure. Bill raises his hips up slightly thrusting in slowly it drags across that spot again. Seeing white stars behind his eyes he screams.   

“Fuck... Please... More...” Dragging his nails down the pale back of his mate, he pulls him into a kiss. Each slow thrust moving he feels a hand wrap around his dripping erection.  

“You are so beautiful, if only you could see your face. I love that no one will ever see you like this. So beautiful... Fuck Phoenix... I love you...” Not being able to say anything as the werewolf’s lips cut him off. Feeling dizzy and so so close...  

“Bill, oh gods Bill so close... Please...” With one last stroke Phoenix arches and paints both of their chest with his release. “Bill!” He screams , squeezing around the older man which tips him over the edge. With Phoenix’s name on his lips.   

Opening his eyes, he smiles up at his mate.. Wow his mate... “I love you Bill...”   

“I love you...”  


Remus woke up early the next day, noticing that Bill wasn’t in his room or in the music room he smiled. Phoenix let him in completely, he didn’t want to know how or what they did last night he was just happy that his son was finally mending.   

Hearing someone walk into the kitchen he turns around to see Phoenix and Bill. Hating the werewolf senses , he could smell what they have been up to and the both know because of the blush that appeared on their faces.  

“Morning Daddy! So, are you and my handsome mate going shopping today? I know Papa and I are.” Thankfully he didn’t have anything in his mouth. Of course, his son would be as bold as his other father. 

“Mate huh? Are you telling me first so I will help you with Papa?” Teasing with his son, he looks over to the other werewolf who is looking more nervous by the minute. “Don’t worry Bill like Phoenix said his Papa is harmless. Yes , to answer your question we are still going shopping today we have to get our mates the perfect Christmas presents.” Winking at the younger werewolf who smiles.  

“Yes , I don’t know what to get the man who already has everything because he has me...” Bill said playfully his wolf feeding him more confidence. His son just laughed and pushed him slightly.   

“It’s true I don’t really need anything Bill. You are more than enough.” Turning around so he didn’t have to see his son kiss his mate... Gods his little Fluffy has a mate.  

“Really first thing in the morning. Nix you are trying to kill me I know it!” Hearing his husband’s tired voice , he turns around. How is it, he falls deeper in love with this man every day. Reaching over he pulls the smaller man into a kiss, opening readily for is tongue.  

“See Bill they are worse than us... Come on love, let’s eat real quick and get a shower before you leave me to go with Dad all day.”  

“Two separate showers... Boys...” Ignoring Sirius they grabbed a bowl and poured cereal.  

“Speaking of... How about we share a shower today....” Remus said with a smile, wanting nothing more than to have his husband wet and naked.  

“Sounds perfect.”   


Bill sat in a chair waiting for Remus to be finished in Florish and Blotts. . He already found the perfect gift for Phoenix. He did have to run it by Remus first. But he gladly said yes and helped him pick it out. What made it perfect is he could pick it up on Christmas Eve so he couldn’t ruin the surprise. Now he just has a couple of his brothers left to buy for. Picking up a book that was sitting next to him The Chosen One. Rolling his eyes over the title he opens to the first page. Skimming over he saw a picture of the newspaper article. 


31 of October, James and Lilly Potter were found in the home dead, perished by none other than the Dark Lord. Ever since the prophecy came out, they have been in hiding with their 15-month-old son. Who seem to have vanquished the Dark Lord. Who was found dead also at The Potters house. The child is now missing, Aurors and Headmaster Albus Dumbledore are heading the search. Please keep your eye out for a little boy with green eyes, dark brown hair, he also has a distinctive birthmark on his neck that is the shape of a Phoenix. For more of the story turn to page 4.  

It was like the world stood still for that moment. ‘Distinctive birthmark on his neck that is the shape of a Phoenix.’ No, his mate couldn’t be Harry Potter... There is no way it could, flipping a couple more pages the books said ‘Harry James Potter born on the 31 st of July 1980’  

Okay Phoenix James Lupin Black is Harry Potter... Why... WHY? The world thought that the savior of the wizarding world was dead but he wasn’t he was a Musical Genius that lives in Ireland and who is his mate... Phoenix couldn’t have known, not at all but his parents did know... Why didn’t they tell him! He was... is a hero... No wonder his is so powerful. Then it hit him. Whose funeral did he go to he knew that Phoenix was Fluffy but he attended his own funeral. Hearing a thud he looks up into Remus’ eyes which were wide. Harry Bloody Potter is his mate!  

“Bill... I... I think we should talk....” Smelling the fear, sadness and a touch of anger rolling off of the older werewolf scared him a little bit.  

“I.. I think that is a good idea... We can go to The Leaky Cauldron and have a drink. I think I am going to need it.” Walking out of the bookstore there were so many things going through his head. This is a big mess.   

Sitting down at a booth in the back he felt Remus magic come up around them.  

“Please don’t say anything... Let me explain. That night Sirius went over to see Harry, saying that he wishes he could take him out for trick or treat but with them in hiding they couldn’t leave the house. Once he got there it had already happened, Harry was crying in his bed. The first thing he thought to do was to take him and leave. He showed up at our house with him that night and we packed up and left. Making sure no one followed us. We had to make sure that he was safe... From everyone.” Taking in everything that the older werewolf was saying seeing tears brim his eyes, Bill knew that this had to be hard on him.  

“We blood adopted a couple weeks later, Gringotts knew everything. It was in their will that we got Harry if anything would happen to them. Then we raised him as our own, to protect him from the harm that may come to him. Bill please you must understand we did this for him. So he could have a normal life out of the press , out of the death eaters grasp.” Taking a deep breath , he knew that they did it protect him. Why does anyone else need to know who Phoenix is , as long as he isd  happy and he deserves to be.   

“I won’t say anything Remus, it will just be between us, you did what you had to do to keep him safe. If you hadn’t , I wouldn’t have my mate.” Leaning over the table the older werewolf pulls him into a hug.   

“Thank you, Bill. Don’t treat him any different please he is just Phoenix the man you fell in love with… he chose you and much as you chose him. You are perfect for each other .”  Would he really treat Phoenix any different after finding out who he was? He couldn’t because he fell in love with Phoenix. The man he was not the man that people would treat him like if they were to find out who he was.   

“Never, never would I treat him different. I don’t think it would be hard keeping it from him because I know how hurt he will be if he finds out and what danger because you don’t' know how many death eaters will want to avenge their Dark Lord. I mean you saw what they did to an innocent child.” Thinking about how that child could have easily been his mate he felt himself growl. “Nothing will ever hurt him...”  

“I’m so glad he has you for a mate Bill. I couldn’t have picked a better one for my son.” The werewolf looks up and laughs as he saw Sirius and Phoenix walk in. Seeing those green eyes lock with his they make their way over. With their hands full of shopping bags.  

“Speaking of our mates here they come.” The red head said with a smile, Remus turned around and smiled waving them over.   

“Gods Pads did you have to buy out every store? There better not be Weasley Wizard Wheezes bag in your hand.” The older werewolf scolded as Siri sits next to his husband.  

“Hmm I don’t think so...”  Phoenix smiles as he leans down to kiss him.  

“MM I missed you....” He presses another kiss on his lips. What he learned didn’t matter after a kiss like that. Didn’t matter who Phoenix was, as long as he was his.  

“I missed you too... What did you buy?” Scooting over so he could sit down his mate smiled.  

“Well I had to buy for my handsome mate, and don’t worry Bill Papa knows.. It seems like Daddy let it slip... Anyways, then I had to buy for Daddy and then all 8 of the Weasley’s don’t worry I will put your name on the package as well. Erm, I got a little something for all of my students non magical of course. Daddy and I will still have to go shopping for Papa but all in all a great shopping trip.” Bill didn’t even want to know how much money he spent today. Not that he didn’t have the money being a Potter who was one of the riches Witch and Wizards in Britain , then his Papa’s money being Heir Black.   

“Fluffy, I hope that you didn’t spend too much money on my family. I mean we just got together. Plus...” Phoenix pulled him into a kiss, pulling away he forgot what he was talking about.  

“Oh silly werewolf, he thinks he could talk to Phoenix about spending a lot of money... Especially on other people.” Sirius said with a laugh. “And just so you know we are going to have a long talk about you and my Fluffy being mates...” Gulping he nods.  

“Papa is right, we are mates... they might not understand but that means we are together... I told you this is permanent. So , if I want to spend a lot of money on gifts I will, but just so you know I didn’t spend that much... I never really do... I like to buy things that I know the person will really like. Or something that might mean something for them. Now let's order I'm starving...” Looking down at his mate and then over to Remus who was smiling with his arm around his husband.   


25 th of December  

Phoenix woke up to lips trailing down his neck. Growling he knows he shouldn’t be up this early. They didn’t get back from Bill’s parent’s house until late last night. Christmas with the Weasleys was as crazy as he thought it would be but it was perfect. His favorite gift was his handmade jumper, it was a deep purple with a black P on it.   

“Happy Christmas Fluffy.. I love you.” Bill whispered in his ear sending a chill down his back. Mmm his mate was perfect.   

“Happy Christmas Sparky… I love you, but why are you waking me up so early.” He has been sleeping better since they shared a bed. No nightmares just warmth and love. Turning around so he could take a look at his handsome mate.   

“Because I’ve been dying to give you your Christmas present…” Phoenix’s eyes widen. It must be a good present if Bill is that excited about it!   

Leaning over he kisses the red heads lips. “ Well give it to me…” hearing the werewolf growl he was soon penned on the bed.   

“As much as I want to love.” Bill said as he kisses and nipped down his neck. “This is not the present I was talking about.. We have plenty of time for that later.” Placing another chaste kiss on his lips. The red head stands up and slips on his pj pants and a T-shirt.  

“You better later…Now presents.. Since you woke me up. Pouting he looks up at his boyfriend holding out his hands which the older man took pulling him up.   

“So demanding my mate… Come on I think you parents are already awake. I can smell something cooking.” Groaning Phoenix sat up and shrugged on his t-shirt and pants.  

“You owe me Sparky... It would be better if I could spend Christmas cuddled in bed with you....” The werewolf pulled him into his arms, nuzzling into his hair. Letting the scent of his mate wash over him.  

“I promise it will be worth it my love... Now come on... I will let you cuddle with me as we open presents.” Lifting up his chin Bill places a soft kiss on his lips.  

“Okay but it better be a really good cuddle.” Interlacing their fingers, they slowly walk down the stairs.  

Walking into the room he saw his parents with cups of tea and scones bless them.   

“Daddy you are the best thank you!” Letting go of his boyfriend’s hand he picks up a cup and finds his seat on the floor. Bill raised his eyebrow and took a cup to sit down next to him. “What I always sit on the floor, I can get to the presents better.”   

“He has always been like this Bill don’t mind him, he gets it from Siri.” His Dad said with a smirk.  

“Oi! I’m perfect... At least that is what you told me last night... Enough about that though... Let’s opens some gifts.”  


After laughter and paper everywhere they opened most of their gifts from each other. Bill gave him one of the best kisses of his life when Phoenix bought him a set of really expensive cookware and about a dozen muggle cook books.   

“Thank you Nix... You spent as always way too much on me... I guess I should have known when we first met you bought me a really expensive guitar... Now! It’s time for me to spoil you....” Phoenix perked up when he heard that he was getting his present...  

“Now Phoenix, for this gift your mate had to work hard for it... Meaning he had to talk both of us into it.” The older werewolf teased.  

“I mean I think it was a brilliant idea...” His Papa said with a smirk. It was one of his I'm up to no good smirks. Okay so he really wants to know what his present is.  

“Okay close your eyes.”  Taking a deep breath, he closes his eyes... Worrying his bottom lip he fiddles with his hands. Soon he feels a box being sat on his lap. It’s kinda heavy. “Okay love open.”  

Opening his eyes he looks down at the box, it was red with a green bow on top. Smelling something , he quickly pulls the lid off. Looking down inside the box was the most perfect thing he has ever seen.   

“Bill!” His hands dive into the box pulling out an all white husky puppy, with a big red and green bow on its neck.  Beautiful blue puppy dog eyes look up at him. He looked like a little fluffy white wolf... “Oh I love him.” Tears burn his eyes. When they went into the pet store he really wanted a pet but the one he wanted was a dog but they hated muggles so he couldn’t have it.   


Bill held his breath until he heard “Oh I love him.”  Sighing he smiles , okay it was a good idea .  

“It’s a girl. You really love her?” Not ready for what happened next, Phoenix with puppy in hand flung himself at him. Peppering kisses all over his face. Some from his mate and others from the puppy.  

“I do I love her... She is perfect! Thank you Bill.. I love you...” Feeling tears on his face now he cups his mate’s face and brushes away the tears.   

“I love you too.. You should probably thank you parents now too... Seeing as they allowed me to get her...” Jumping up he watched Phoenix do the same thing to his parents.  

“Like they would say no... I hate to say it but I do get what I want, and so will you my little love.” Phoenix said as he raised the puppy up to his face. She was still so little 8 weeks just old enough to be away from her mum.  

“You are in for it now Bill, you have two of them now.” Sirius laughed and slapped him on the back.   

“It’s worth it to see that smile.” The younger werewolf said with a smile. His wolf truly happy because his mate was happy... Plus there was something about Phoenix holding something so little... Like it was their child.  

“She needs a name Fluffy what do you think?” Remus said pulling Siri into his side.  

Watching Phoenix sit down the couch he got up and sat down next him only to have his mate cuddle up against him puppy still content in his arms.  

“What should Daddy name you little one.” Hearing Siri growl.   

“Don’t worry Papa this is the closest you are getting to a grandchild right now… Don’t let your Pops scare you , he is a softy and loves you. The younger animagus places a kiss in between the puppy’s ears.   

“What about Snow?” Bill said looking down at him. Phoenix scrunched up his nose.   

“No just because she is all white.. No, she needs something better… Rhapsody?”   

It was like the puppy grunted… “Okay not that… how about Aria, it’s a beautiful name for a beautiful girl?” The younger man cooed at the puppy who yipped and licked his nose.  

“Well I guess that settles it!” Bill said with a laugh. Phoenix smiled up at him.   

“Aria this is your Papa... He loves you too..” Feeling the puppy gently placed in his free arm it climbs up his chest and nuzzles into his neck. The wolf inside chest puffed out, because his mate gave him his pup and name.   

“That’s a great name Fluffy... Now I need to get started with this cooking... Don’t worry Bill you have today off... I normally cook Christmas Lunch... Severus and Reg should be here in a little bit. You two have fun...” Remus said as he pulled Sirius up from the couch. Seeing the look in the older werewolf's eyes he knew that they wouldn’t be starting lunch until they... Well he didn’t want to think about it.   

Looking over at Phoenix who has taken the puppy from him again. She looks sleepy.   

“So, am I the world's greatest mate?” Bill said brushing the black long hair out of his mate’s face.   

“Yes you are... Bill this is... she is... she is perfect... Now I feel horrible getting you just pots and pans... You deserve something so much more...” Turning around cupping his mate’s face letting his thumbs slide over his cheeks.  

“I have you Phoenix. You allowed me to be your mate, your boyfriend... The Papa to your beautiful Aria... I have everything I need...” Leaning over his lips touches his mate’s. Gently kissing him, pouring out all the love that he felt for this man. It didn’t matter the secret that he knew. It didn’t matter that Phoenix James Lupin Black was Harry Potter... One day he knows that Phoenix is going to be Phoenix James Weasley Lupin Black ... It was a mouthful but nothing made his heart grow more than to think that.  

“If I wasn’t holding this beautiful puppy we would be going up to our room after what you just said.” Phoenix said with his head rested on the werewolf’s.  

“I look forward to later... I love you so much Bill.”   

“I love you too.”  


“Sev, are you almost ready?” Reg said as he shrugged on his jacket, he was nervous... Blacks don’t get nervous. The potion master walks in dressed in all black of course... Not that he didn’t love that about him... Really he loves everything about the man.  

“I’m ready... Regulus I don’t know why are you so ready to go over to the mutts house. I mean it’s not like the lunch will be ready. They are probably all sitting around talking. They are never on time .” Rolling his eyes he pulls on his husbands hand.  

“Yes but today is the day... you know the day that I can tell my family....” Watching Severus’ face change from hard to soft so quickly. Leaning in , he kisses his lips.   

“I’m excited too love... more than you know. I guess if we must let’s go.” Pecking his lips one last time Reg walks over to the floo.  

When Regulus walks out of the floo into his brother’s home he could smell the ham cooking and music playing. It wasn’t his nephew though no it was the radio. That was a first.   

“Uncle Reg is that you?” Phoenix said from outside of the room.   

“Yes , it’s me do I not get a greeting from anyone.” Moving as he hears the floo opening. His husband floats out with grace. He never understood how he did that.   

Soon he heard something running down the hall but it wasn’t..... Just then a white puppy runs out and jumps onto Severus.   

“Oh, Merlin they got him a dog....” Reg said with a smile leaning down to pet the wolf like dog.   

“Go shoo go to someone that wants you... I would just use you for ingredients for potions.” The older man said with a snarl.  

“You will do no such thing to my baby!” Reg picks up the white puppy, looking up there is his nephew walking in with a pair of denim and a purple jumper with a P on it. Black curly hair just thrown on top of his hair.  

“I see that you met my Aria... This is your great Uncle Reg and Uncle Sev...” Handing Aria back over to her owner Reg notices Bill now standing next to him. “Bill bought her for me... Isn’t she beautiful! I have the best mate ever...”   

Watching the red head blush, he heard Severus groan. “I need a drink...”   

“Come on bat I'll make you one.” His brother’s voice breaks the silence. “Happy Christmas Reg.... I’ll fix you a drink also... They have been like that all day...”  Reg wanted to comment that he and Remus were the same way when they were first mated but he wasn’t going to go there today. Not when there was something that he wanted to share with them.  


After a couple of drinks and presents exchanged they sat at the dining room table slowly making their way through dinner. This would be a good time to  tell them... It’s not that big of deal I mean it was but it’s exciting new. Regulus thought with a smile taking his husbands hand in his onyx eyes met grey.   

“So Sev and I have something we would like to tell you...” Reg said with a small smile, looking around to the faces at the table. See it wasn’t scary and why would it be these people are your family.   

“Indeed...” Severus said squeezing his hand. Nodding Reg just blurts it out.  

“Sev and I are adopting a little girl! She is three and perfect, she has these beautiful brown eyes, beautiful brown hair and beautiful olive skin. Her name is going to be Isabella Alya Snape Black. We officially adopt her in two weeks...”  Holding his breath he didn’t know what everyone was going to say.   

Then he felt Phoenix hug him. “Oh Merlin Reg you are getting a baby! I’m going to have a new little cousin... Oh I am going to teach her everything... What would you want piano lessons? Guitar? Flute? It doesn’t matter which everyone she will want she will get.... Bill I'm getting a cousin!” Feeling tears burn his eyes and Phoenix pulls away and then is replaced with his brother.   

“I’m so happy for you Reg! Oh I can’t wait to spoil her.” Sirius said holding onto him tightly. Thinking that next year they will have a 4-year-old who is going to be excited to open presents.  


Phoenix walked over to their bed holding on to Aria as he cuddled up into his mate's arms. Not wanting to make love in front of his puppy he had him in his music room until it was time for bed.   

“So, Phoenix how was your Christmas?” Bill asked as he placed their puppy on the werewolf's chest as he placed his head on the red head’s shoulder.      

“This was the best Christmas that I ever had. I don’t know how I could thank you enough for my Aria. She is the most perfect thing I have ever seen. Then there was the new about Sev and Reg having adopting a baby. I have always wanted a big family. Not saying I didn’t love my little family but I do love the thought of having a big family.” Phoenix let his fingers run through the white fur as he thought about their future.  

“Do you ever see us adopting children... or even having some?”  Bill looked down at him his beautiful blue eyes shining. Yes, Phoenix pictured everything with the man.   

He chuckled. “Yes, Bill I do see us having and adopting children. I will gladly carry any children that we want. I know that there is a potion that my Uncle Sev can make. That will probably be down the road. There is no way that I am ready to become a Daddy right now... Well besides being a Daddy to this little one.” Watching their puppy slowly close her eyes. It has been a long day for a little puppy. Closing his eyes he takes in a deep breath. Letting the scent of his mate and his puppy fill his lungs as he drifts off to sleep.  



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Chapter Text


Bill pushed his mate’s body to the bed, the younger man oompfed as he hit the mattress maybe a little too hard. Smiling at the naked body, lying on the bed, waiting just for him. 

“Bill... Please... I need...” Hearing his mate beg, he growled and climbed on top of him. His lips trailing down the long slender body. 

“You are so beautiful... my mate so beautiful... I love you....” Bill breathed, feeling the younger man’s fingers slide through his hair. 

“I love you too... so... Ah...” Soon, everything started to fade away, Bill was on their bed, but he was alone. Grasping for Phoenix... Shooting straight up from the bed, the werewolf was wide eyed, looking around the room. Thinking that he would see his mate... but remembering he wouldn’t... His mate isn’t here... He told Bill to leave, that he didn’t want to see his face.... Clawing at his racing heart, Bill falls back, as tears burn his eyes...   

Fumbling to get his mates pillow, cuddling it up into his arms, he sobs as he smells the pillow. It was losing his mates scent... Throwing it down, he gets up, throwing on a pair of lounge pants and getting his wand. With a flick of his wand, as he walks into the kitchen, the firewhiskey zooms into the room.  

How could everything be completely perfect and in one night it changes. Opening up the cork, he takes a drink straight from the bottle. Hopefully if he drinks enough, he will not have any more nightmares. The werewolf has to get his mate back, the wolf is so mad at him right now. The last moon was hard on all of them. Moony howled and moped around, Padfoot snapped at everyone and Bill, well, he just paced, whining for his mate to be there. 

Taking another swig, he makes his way to the music room. That is the only room that has his mate’s scent all over it... It will never leave that room.  


~Flash back~ 

Aria and Isabella cuddled up against Phoenix, as they laid in her small bed. He ran his fingers through the little girl's dark hair as he sang her to sleep.  

Goodnight big moon 
Sweet dreams, baby 
If I could have one wish tonight 
It would be that you'll always keep 
Keep the starlight in your eyes 
One day you'll grow up 
One day you'll walk out 
In this big world on your own 

Bella yawns as she closes her big doe eyes.  Phoenix couldn’t help but smile. He has been smitten with her since he met her. She is so sweet and silly. 

Heaven knows that it's a crazy ride 
It's never perfect all the time 
It'll pull you down and send you flying 
So baby hold on tight 
On this crazy ride 

So don't be scared when you're in the darkness 
The sun is swallowed by the ground 
You think it's gone but it's hanging on 
It's just on the other side of town 
Even when it's lost, it can be found 

Heaven knows that it's crazy ride 
It's never perfect all the time 
You know it's just a crazy ride 
It's never perfect all the time 
It'll pull you down and send you flying 
So baby hold on tight 
On this crazy ride 

Goodnight big moon 
Sweet dreams, baby 

Looking down both Isabella and Aria are asleep. Wishing he had a camera for this moment, he gently moved off of the bed, making sure not to wake either one of them. Sighing in relief, he leaves the door cracked as he goes to find his mate. 

Walking into the huge kitchen, he saw Bill working over the stove. When Uncle Reg and Sev asked them to baby sit, while they went out on a date for Sev’s birthday, he couldn’t say yes quick enough. He has fallen in love so quickly with his little cousin. She has practically stolen all of their hearts. 

“Hey love,” The werewolf said, with a smile, stirring something on the stove.  

“Hi, she is down... Aria is cuddling up next to her... Bill, it is the sweetest thing I have ever seen.” Walking over to his mate, he wraps his arms around his middle, resting his head on the werewolf’s back. 

“Ours will be sweeter... I have a little bit to go. How about you go read or relax and I will let you know when dinner is ready... I’m guessing you are worn out, because I'm feeling it.” Bill turns around and places a chaste kiss on his lips, he was tired.  

“Mmm okay... Love you Bill.” Kissing him one last time before pulling away. 

“I love you too.” Walking out of the kitchen, he finds himself pottering around aimlessly. Finding the library, he smiled when he saw a piano in there. He could always just play while he waited.  On his way over to the baby grand, something caught his eye. It was an album with newspaper clippings. Smiling when he saw his parents wedding announcement, Gods, they look exactly the same. Hopefully he gets their genes. Picking up the album, he walks over to the couch next to the fireplace. Flicking his wrist, the fire roars to life.  

Cuddling up on the couch, he starts to flip through the pages. One of the pages made him stop. There was a war? Why didn’t his parent talk about this... The Order? His parents fought in a war.... No wonder they didn’t want to come back to this world. 

Flipping the pages quickly, his heart was pounding in his chest. Gods, so many people died, his parents could have died... Then, he saw something that made his blood run cold.  

Not knowing it was the same article that his mate read not that long ago. James and Lilly... it couldn’t be... no.... Those were his birthparents... Reading on, Dark Lord Vanquished by a little boy... Harry.... Harry? Could he be Harry Potter? Shaking his head, he couldn’t.... Then there it was, the Phoenix birthmark..... Fuck... He is Harry Potter.... The Boy who killed the infamous Dark Lord... Voldemort? No... No, this had to be a lie... His parents wouldn’t have kept something like this from him....  

His mind whirling, along with his stomach. Tears streaming down his cheeks, why would they keep something like this from him. Then the next page, he actually drops the book on the floor.  

Harry Potter Found Dead? 

The Body of Harry James Potter found today on his 2nd birthday! Aurors found the body of The Wizarding Worlds Hero this morning at 4am. It is a sad day here at the Daily Profit. It was said that the body has been tortured. We, at The Daily Profit, would not write it if it wasn’t true. On page 2 there is an official interview with head Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt. 

Dead... Found dead... How... How could he have been found dead. He wasn’t dead... no, he was alive... So maybe he wasn’t this Harry Potter...  Not noticing Bill walking in, he jumped as he felt a hand on his shoulder. Looking up at those blue eyes, he sees them look down at the book and then back up at him. That look, he couldn’t have known... Bill would have told him... Wouldn’t he?  

“Bill?” His voice wavered as he spoke, please let him be as shocked as him... Please don’t let this change things between them... 

“Phoenix...” Just like that, his world came crumbling down. Bill knew... he knew, and he didn’t tell him! Not only were his parents hiding this from him, his own mate hid it from him.  

“Y... You knew... I’m... I’m him... I’m Harry Potter? I’m the boy who killed this... this Dark Lord Voldemort? It said I died Bill... Look at me, am I dead? I’m not, so who is the poor 2 year old that died?! I’m Phoenix Lupin Black... Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t my parents tell me?” The werewolf tried to pull him into a hug, but Phoenix pushed him away and stood up.  

“Nix... Your parents did it to protect you... People wanted to hurt you... I think that if they knew today, they would still want to hurt you. It doesn’t change who you are Phoenix, you are still the same person...” Growling, the animagus runs his fingers through his hair, pulling slightly. 

“How... How can you say that I’m the same person, when obviously I don’t know who that is now! You would think, I would have been told that I am supposedly dead and how would you feel, if you found out your parents have been lying to you, your whole life Bill? I don’t think that you would take it well!” He couldn’t deal with this right now... He didn’t even want to see his mates face....  

“Leave, I don’t want to see you right now... If it wasn’t for Isabella, I would be gone right now... I can’t leave, so you leave!” Phoenix was shaking, never in his life has he felt like this. He is the same as he was, this doesn’t change anything, does it? He was still Phoenix...  

“Phoenix, please love... Can we...” He felt his magic crackle under his skin, knowing that he could blow at any second. Even though he was mad he didn’t want to hurt Bill... 

“LEAVE NOW!” The older man hesitated and popped away. Once his mate was gone, Phoenix fell to the floor. They all lied, they lied to him.... So many people died.... because of this war, that he didn’t even know about... Phoenix saved the wizarding world.... No... Not Phoenix, Harry save the wizarding world... Harry Potter, who is dead... Who was the baby that they buried... Shaking, he curled himself up, sobbing... he has lost everything tonight...  


Severus smirked as he stepped out of the floo. He couldn’t wait to check up on his little potions master. He is determined to make Isabella the youngest potions master, breaking his record. He stopped when he heard sobbing, looking around, he saw Phoenix sitting curled up in a ball on the couch. Shocked, he just stood there... He hasn’t seen him this bad since...  

He felt a body knock into him. “Sev, why are you...” Reg stopped, as he heard the sobbing too.  The potions master rushed over to the younger man.  

“Phoenix...” Placing a hand on his nephew’s arm. The animagus looks up at him, eyes puffy from crying, cheeks stained with tears, fear struck him... “Is Isabella okay?” He barked out. 

Phoenix nodded his head and placed it back on his knees. “Reg, go check on our daughter, I am going to have a talk with Phoenix.” Severus said calmly, sitting down next to the sobbing man. 

“Phoenix, I need you to talk to me, okay. If you don’t want to talk to me, I can grab your parents.” Phoenix’s head snaps up, eyes wild, face stained with tears, he looked a mess. 

“NO! Don’t call my parents... I don’t want to talk to them.” Sighing, Severus clasps his hands together on his lap. It was strange that the younger man didn’t want his parents to be called.  

“Okay, if you don’t want to talk to your parents... Talk to me... Where is Bill?” Knowing that the werewolf wouldn’t have left him in this state. Well, he would hope that he wouldn’t, if he is the reason his nephew is crying like this, the werewolf is going to be seriously hurt by him... 

“I... I told him to le...leave... I didn’t want to see his face... They all lied to me Uncle Sev, every one of them... Pl.. Please tell me you didn’t know... Please, I don’t think I could bare it... You have never lied to me.” He was confused by the younger man, what would Remus and Sirius lie to him about.  

“What are you talking about? Who has lied to you?” Watching Phoenix bend down, picking up the album of old newspaper clippings, holding it out to him, Severus took it. Confused about what this had to do with his parents lying to him. “I don’t understand, these are just old clippings out of newspapers...” 

“In that newspaper clipping it says that I'm dead.... I’m not dead Severus, I'm alive... I’m Phoenix James Lupin Black... But I'm not...” Looking down at the page, it was the article about Lilly’s son’s death... Why would Phoenix think that is him... 

“Phoenix, I don’t understand.” Watching the boy get aggravated, he placed a hand on his knee.  

“Harry Potter missing, keep an eye out for a little boy with green eyes and a phoenix shaped birthmark on his neck. Born 31st of July.” The animagus turned his neck and there it was... NO, it couldn’t be... Lilly’s son is alive! Phoenix is Harry Potter The Boy Who Defeated the Dark Lord... No...  

“Phoenix it can’t be...” But it very well could be... He knows there is a way that he can find out.... “Phoenix... I need you to trust me okay... We are going to figure this out okay... I just need your trust...” The younger man nodded, thankfully he still trusted him. “I’m going to go into your head and try to find your first memories, okay. It will hurt if you fight me, okay... Just relax.” Severus stood and pointed his wand at his nephew. He took a deep breath.  

“Legilimens” the older wizard said. Moving inside of his memories, he tried to stay on track. 

Birthdays, Christmases, then that horrible day he found Drew dead. He knew Phoenix was going through every memory with him. Going back to his earliest memory, Severus took a shaky breath. A familiar room comes into light, then a beautiful red head comes into sight. Lilly... There is no way....  Then, there was the Dark Lord.  A green flash rushes towards him. Feeling Phoenix push him out, he stumbled backwards falling on his arse.  

“Sev!” Phoenix and Reg said at the same time.  Looking up, he saw Reg holding the dog... looking down at him.  

“What is going on?” The potion master stands up and walks over to the younger man. Pulling him into his arms, he still has a part of Lilly. Phoenix sobbed and buried his face in the older man’s chest. 

Hearing the floo Sirius rushes through. “Phoenix!” Drawing his wand, Severus whips around. 

“Leave now! You son doesn’t want to talk to you and I don’t want you in my home!” The potion master sneers. How could they have kept this from Phoenix. They didn’t have to tell the world, no, that would have been dangerous, but they could have told them...  

“Sev... Siri. What is going on? I feel like I have missed something pretty big.” His husband set the dog down on the floor and walked over to him. 

“I don’t have to explain anything to you Snivellus! I just need to talk to my son.” Feeling a curse on his lips, before he heard a scream.  

“I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU PAPA!” The younger man said, as he walked up to them. Severus could feel his magic pouring off of him. Though he would never be afraid of his nephew, but right now, he would not want to get in his way. 


Sirius felt like his heart was being yanked out of his chest, his son just had to talk to him. He had to explain everything. This wasn’t how it was supposed to come out. He was going to sit him down and have a conversation with him. Not saying it wouldn’t have ended up in a fight. At least he wouldn’t have read it from old new paper clippings.  

“Please Nix... Please come home and we will talk about it. Daddy has tea ready and Bill is there.” He was grasping at straws he just needed to talk to him. His son walked up to him, seeing the tears in his eyes. 

“I have nothing to say to you right now. You hid something from me. Something that is important. Do you understand how confused and hurt I am right now? I...I never really cared who my birth parents were Papa! I didn’t, it... it didn’t matter because I had you. I know that it sucks that they died in an accident that was basically all my fault. I always had that stability of having two loving parents. But little did I know, that you have been keeping things from me. You were in a war, I could have not had either one of you because of that war. Then telling my mate before you told me?” Sirius couldn’t say anything. He just let his son yell at him. He deserved this, everything that Remy told him that was going to happen, happened. Why didn’t he just tell Phoenix. 

“Someone better tell me what the bloody hell is going on right now. I think I deserve to know, seeing as you are in my home.” Why did he let it get this bad, why couldn’t he have told his brother? He was trustworthy wasn’t he... Now he knows he is, but back then was he really? 

“It seems that our nephew is already famous, and it is not because of his musical talent. Regulus, I would like you to meet Phoenix James Lupin Black. Or before he was adopted, Harry James Potter!”  

Before Reg could say anything, Siri stopped him. “I did it to protect him, you and I both know what would have happened. I did it legally, you can go check. I went to Gringotts and it was in their Will that Remy and I would take care of Harry. Knowing he would never have a normal life there or a safe one. You saw what happened to who they thought was Harry.” The tears are flowing down his face and he wipes them away as he speaks. “Phoenix, I promise you that I kept this from you, because I wanted you safe.” It was the reason he didn’t want his son to get hurt, ever... but by doing that he hurt his son. Phoenix may never talk to him again. Sirius was always worried that once Bill and him got together he would lose him, but it was actually his fault that he lost his son.  

“Leave Papa, I don’t want to talk to you about this right now.” Moving closer to his son, the young man stepped back. 

“I love you Nix… I.. I’m so sorry.” Walking back to the floo, he disappeared in the green flames. 

He fell out of the floo into his husband’s arms, Remus looked down at him. 

“He hates me… Remy he hates me… I lost him… I lost my son...”  


~End Flashback~ 



Phoenix only left his bed to take Aria out for a walk and to play with Isabella. She seems to be the only one that could make him smile. It’s been 3 weeks since the fight. The only time he has been home, is when he knew no one was going to be there. He packed some things and his instruments. Reg and Severus didn’t bother him, they just let him do his own thing. The manor was big enough that they can have their own space. Bill has sent him owls every day. Each letter was the same thing, he was sorry and then there were song lyrics.  

It still feels like our first night together 
Feels like the first kiss. 

Still holding on 
You're still the one 
First time our eyes met 
Same feeling I get 
Only feels much stronger 
I want to love you longer 

You're still number one 
I remember the smell of your skin 
I remember everything 
I remember all your moves 
I remember you yeah 
I remember the nights, you know I still do 

Please forgive me, if I need you like I do 
Please believe me, every word I say is true 
Please forgive me, I can't stop loving you 


It didn’t matter, nothing did. Phoenix loves Bill he does, which makes what he kept from him hurt more. Hearing a knock on the door, he looks up from the letter, wiping his eyes, and with a flick of his wrist the door opens.  

“Nixy!” In runs his favorite little girl. “Daddy made lunch! You come eat with me!” Picking her up in his arms, he kissed her cheeks.  Noticing Reg in the doorway he smiled a watery smile at him. 

“Okay my beautiful girl, I will.” Setting the girl down, she runs out of the room.  

“There is something I want to talk to you about before we go downstairs.” His Uncle said with a smile. Nodding he sat back down on his bed and the older man followed. “Nix, I think you need to get out of the house... I know you don’t want too but you can’t just stay locked in your room... I know that you're hurting, I know that you are going to have to go over there and work with your students soon... But I think you should perform... I.. I actually talked to Tonks. They are doing this Anti-Valentine’s music show. There is going to be more than just you performing. But you would be the head liner... I was thinking about going... Sev would stay with Bella. Come on, it will be fun. Phoenix Black and Reg Black a night on the town.”   

He knew that he should get out of this house, he did miss performing. That is one thing he knows that is truly him. “Okay... I’ll do it... Let Tonks know.” As soon as he said that, he was pulled into his Uncle’s arms. 

“I’m so glad Phoenix. Now, come on, before Bella comes running back in here.” Nodding, he stood up and followed him out the room. Thinking about the letter again, alone on Valentine's day... He couldn’t forgive him... None of them... Not yet... 


Like most nights lately, Remus pulled Siri to bed drunk. He doesn’t know how much more he can take with his husband acting this way. Yes, he was hurt too because Phoenix was not there. Gods, does he miss his son. His misses his laughter and the music that played at all hours.  

“Come on Pads. Work with me.” The werewolf said, as he pulled the shoes off his drunk husband. 

“Oo Moony, are you going to make love to me... Getting me naked...” The older animagus slurred. To be honest, he hasn’t wanted to do much of anything with his husband. Remus hated the fact that they hid it from Phoenix for so long.  

“No Siri, I'm not making love to you, I'm trying to get you into the bloody bed. You know what, forget it.” With a wave of his wand, the clothes were removed from his mate. “I can’t do this tonight Sirius. I can’t, I am hurting too, but do you see me running to the bottle?! No, I have to be the responsible one as always. I’m the one doing all the work at the pub while you drink. I’m the one who cleans and cooks and does everything right now. Bill is even doing more than you and he doesn’t even live here. He lost his mate, just as we lost our son... I know it is not the same Sirius, I know, but how would you feel if you lost me... If I didn’t talk to you... Because right now, I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t want to be around you.” Hearing snoring, Remus growls, bloody git couldn’t even stay awake long enough for him to yell at him. 

Grabbing his pillow, he walks out of the room, going to go into Phoenix’s music room. It still smells of him and he wants to be close to his son. 

Walking into the room he stopped, when he saw Bill curled up on the couch with a blanket. Wondering why he wasn’t in their room. Phoenix didn’t spend much time there, so his scent must have not been as strong. Sighing, he turns back around, he will just go to the spare bedroom. 

“Rem.” He heard the younger werewolf croak. Turning around, he saw a tear stained face.  

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you... I was just missing him tonight and I wanted to, I don’t know, feel him... I hate the fact I know where he is, and he won’t talk to me...” Remus ran his hands through his sandy brown hair. 

“I know the feeling, I miss him so much... I can only imagine what you are feeling, but I miss my mate Rem, I miss him so much.” The red head ran into his arms, almost knocking him over. He could smell fire whiskey on his breath. What is it with these two? Thankfully, Phoenix didn’t drink when he was upset. Patting Bill’s back, he walked the younger man over to the couch and laid him down.  

“Get some sleep Bill, things will be better in the morning.” Summoning a hangover potion, he placed it on the table. 

Tomorrow he will write Phoenix and see if he could at least get him to come to lunch. Just him... he knows that he is not ready to talk to anyone else. Hopefully he will talk to him.  


Sev still made time to go to lunch with Phoenix once a week, not that he looked forward to it... Which he did... but he would tell anyone that... 

Sitting in a pub in muggle London, the potions master felt nervous... Remus flooed him last night, telling him everything... He didn’t want to talk to the werewolf but seeing how horrible he looked and after the begging, he gave in and allowed the man over. After their conversation, Severus promised that he would try to get Phoenix to at least write him back. The werewolf wanted to tell Phoenix everything since he was old enough. Knowing how Sirius acts when he doesn’t get his way, he understood why Remus didn’t just go against his husband and tell their son.   

Severus has tried to talk about the young man’s birth parents, about his dearest friend Lilly. Phoenix just shakes his head. Saying that he felt bad for being the reason that they passed away and was grateful for them sacrificing their lives for his, but his parents were Remus and Sirius.  

“Uncle Sev,” The animagus said bringing, him out of his thoughts. Taking a sip of his tea, he nods. 

“Yes brat?” Trying to make it seem like he was listening to whatever he was talking about. 

Phoenix sighed, “I said, why are you acting so weird today? Did something happen?” Severus knows he is worried about his parents. This is the longest the younger wizard has been away from his family.  

“Nothing happened... I just was thinking that you should probably call your Dad....” Before he could be interrupted, he raises his potion stained hands. “I talked to him last night, from what I can tell, which your Dad has never lied to me...” 

“That makes one of us.” Phoenix quips. Huffing, Severus continues, Cheeky brat. 

“As I was saying, your Dad has wanted to tell you for a long time... Sirius didn’t agree with it. You know that your Dad would do anything for that mutt, which I don’t see why... I’m getting off topic... Call Remus... if you don’t want to call him, at least write him. His wolf looks like he has been punishing him... I had to give him a couple of potions and salves to mend him.” Seeing pain and hurt in his nephew's eyes, he reaches over and squeezes his hands. “He will be fine in a couple of days... He would be even better if you wrote him.”  He watches Phoenix contemplating about what he said.  

“Uncle Sev, I... I just don’t know if I am able to forgive them yet. I mean, what would you have done, if you found out that you are not who you thought you were....” If only Severus had the love that Phoenix has had.  

“To be honest with you Phoenix.... and I don’t really like sharing my past.... but because for some reason I have a soft spot for you, I would have killed at your age to have the love and the supportive parents that you have... My mum had no backbone and my father was a drunk, who would take out his aggression on his wife, and then, when I was old enough, he took it out on me.” Seeing the pity in the younger man’s face, Severus shook his head. 

“Don’t you dare pity my life.... I have a wonderful life now. I have a loving husband, a home, a business, an annoying nephew that I wouldn’t trade and a beautiful little girl who will be loved. We will stop talking about it... I just want you to think about it, okay... Phoenix, please promise me, you will at least think about it...” he finished watching the animagus nod slightly. 

“I would never pity you Uncle Sev... I’ll think about it... I will, maybe I will talk to my Dad, but I’m not ready to talk to Papa yet... Or Bill....” Bill was still a sore subject for him... If the werewolf knew, why didn’t he say something... Maybe he knew all along and that was just his way of getting in with the famous Harry Potter.... As much as Severus wanted to believe that, he couldn’t.... That Werewolf truly loves Phoenix... 

“That’s all I ask... Now, tell me about what songs are you going to play this weekend....” he saw the younger man’s face change into a smile that didn’t quiet reach his eyes, but it’s the best it’s been.  



Dear Fluffy, 

I know that I am taking a big risk here thinking that you will actually read this letter. I am not sure if I would, if it were me. But, you have always had a big heart, so I'm hoping that you will.  

First of all, I would like to say that I miss you terribly. We all do Phoenix, Papa, Bill and I. I know that we did this ourselves. We should have been completely honest with you about everything. 

I want to say to you, that I know, that there is nothing in this world that would change or help the fact that we hid something from you. We do not deserve your forgiveness. But there is nothing in this world that I love more than you. 

You are my Son, my Fluffy, my little Rockstar. I have always wanted to be your protector, always... particularly from the wizarding world. But what I should have been protecting you from was your parents.  

Bill only found out right before Christmas, he picked up a book and connected the dots. It was me that asked him not to tell you. Please don’t be too upset with him. I know that he loves you... YOU, Phoenix James Lupin Black... I know that you love him.  

Please if you could find it in your heart to reply back to this letter. I don’t care if it is to tell me to ‘Sod Off’    

I love you, 



Phoenix re-read the letter a thousand times. Seeing his Dad’s handwriting he could almost hear his voice as he read the words. Gods, does he miss them, but he wasn’t ready to forgive them yet. Placing it on top of his nightstand, he looks down at himself. Making sure he looked okay, he was playing at Tonks’ tonight for the Anti-Valentine’s party. 

Donned in all black, the animagus wore a black button up with his black leather jacket, tight black jeans with rips at the knees, and black motorbike boots. His long black hair pulled up out of his face, with only a few hairs falling to frame his face. He made sure his glamour was up, the purple-black dark circles under his eyes were something that he didn’t want everyone to know about. 

Jogging down the stairs, he notices that his Bella was still awake, seeing as she rushed to his side. 

“Nixy! You look pretty!” Laughing, he picks up the little girl, who was wearing her ‘princess’ night gown.  

“Not as pretty as you... I’m sure you are supposed to be in bed...” he said, nuzzling into the squirming toddler’s cheek. 

“That she is.” Hearing Sev’s voice, he turns around and hands his cousin to him. “Come princess, let’s get you to bed. Phoenix have fun tonight...” The potions master said, as he carried his daughter up the stairs to bed. 

“Wow look at you... Now that is the Phoenix Black we all know and love... Come on... Let’s get this going! Reg and Nix a night out... Watch out fella and ladies... I know you may swoon at our beauty, just look and no touch!” Laughing at his Uncles statement, he just shakes his head, patting his pockets to make sure he has everything that he needs tonight. 

“Okay, calm down Uncle Reg...” Laughing, the older man pops away, Phoenix following him. 


Once he arrived at Tonks’, he had an arm full of the pink haired metamorphmagus. 

“Phoenix! Where have you been! I have been wanting you to play the past couple of weekends. The people want their Phoenix Lupin Black!” He was thankful that no one has told her what was going on.  

“I’m sorry, I've just been really busy, and I have been kind of on a holiday of sorts. Been staying with Reg here. Helping out with Bella so... I think I am just going to go get ready....” Before Tonks could say anything, he was gone.  

There was already a band playing, a song was just finishing up and Phoenix looked at who was playing.  

It was a typical band, oh gods, the blond git that he met the first time he played here was the guitar player... a woman with black hair was playing the piano, another man with curly brown hair played the bass and there was a chubbier man playing the drums. Before he could get a good look at the lead singer, the music started again.  

The piano started as this voice filled the room. 

If you're gonna tell them everything 
Tell 'em I'm a good kisser 
Tell 'em all the things you told me 
In your desperate whisper 
If you're gonna tell them everything 
Don't leave out the good part 
Tell 'em the way that you broke my heart 
When you told me that you missed her 

Tell 'em I'm a good kisser 
Tell 'em I'm a good kisser 


Merlin that voice, it was so rich and warm. The lead singer was a tall man with black hair, that was curled and faded on the sides, he had beautiful dark brown eyes, with a cut in one of his eyebrows and was wearing a pair of tight black slacks, a white button up shirt rolled at the sleeved a vest and a green and silver tie.  

They were good, it’s been a while since Phoenix has heard a band this good. Most of the time it was just amateurs that didn’t know what they were doing. Plus, even though Phoenix loved his red head there was something about this man. It could have been his confidence and stage presence.  

You know I'm not proud of the thing that we did 
Didn't work out, just the way that you wanted it 
After it all, I stood up tall 
I kept my mouth shut so you wouldn't fall 
Now everybody's talking 'bout me 
'Cause you would dirty me up just to get yourself clean 
Get yourself clean 

If you're gonna tell them everything 
Tell 'em I'm a good kisser 
Tell 'em all the things you told me 
In your desperate whisper 
If you're gonna tell them everything 

Still standing and looking at the man who just finished up the song, he winked at Phoenix and he felt himself blush. Gods, this is not good... He has a mate... ‘that kept something from you’ his mind supplies.  


Getting himself ready, he hears his cousin on the mic. “Oi, everyone quiet down! Okay, so I know you have been asking about this next singer... I frankly, am so excited to have him back… Please welcome my family, Phoenix James Lupin Black!” The pub cheered and just like that Phoenix was back... Even if only for a little while. 

Walking up to the mic with his guitar in his hand, he smiles at the crowd. “Happy Anti-Valentine’s day! I would like to thank you for spending the night with us! My cousin’s Pub is the best, isn’t it?” The pub yelled and whistled. Smirking, he strummed his guitar. 

“Let’s get this party started.” Strumming, he starts to sing. 


This was all you, none of it me 
You put your hands all over my body and told me, umm 
You told me you were ready 
For the big one, for the big jump 
I'd be your last love everlasting you and me 
That was what you told me 

I'm giving you up 
I've forgiven it all 
You set me free, oh 

Feeling those eyes on him, he looks around for that mystery lead singer of the blond gits band and there he was, at the front table nursing a fire whiskey, smirking up at him. Feeling guilt in his stomach he looks to find his Uncle who is sitting at the bar with a drink in his hand, with an older woman sitting next to him. She doesn’t look like she would be in a pub like this.  

Send my love to your new lover 
Treat her better 
We've gotta let go of all of our ghosts 
We both know we ain't kids no more 
Send my love to your new lover 
Treat her better 
We've gotta let go of all of our ghosts 
We both know we ain't kids no more 

I was too strong you were trembling 
You couldn't handle the hot heat rising, umm 
Baby I'm so rising 
I was running, you were walking 
You couldn't keep up, you were falling down, umm 
There's only one way down 

I'm giving you up 
I've forgiven it all 
You set me free, oh 

Send my love to your new lover 
Treat her better 
We gotta let go of all of our ghosts 
We've both know we ain't kids no more 
Send my love to your new lover 
Treat her better 
We've gotta let go of all of our ghosts 
We both know we ain't kids no more 

If you're ready, if you're ready 
If you're ready, I am ready 
If you're ready, if you're ready 
We both know we ain't kids no more 
No, we ain't kids no more 


Phoenix smiles into the mic. “You guys are being awesome tonight... When I was getting ready for this show, I was sitting and thinking what songs should I sing... I mean, there are so many roads you can go down... You have the Fuck You songs, you have the I'm Better Off Alone songs... The I Got A Better Version song... The I'm So Fucking Broken-Hearted songs... So, I have a little bit of all... I hope you enjoy!”  

“I won’t break your heart!” A girl shouts from the audience. Laughing he shakes his head... 

“Oh love, I know you probably wouldn’t, but unless you are hiding something between your legs, I'm afraid that I would break yours, but I still love you! Can I tell you guys something...?” he thought, strumming his guitar, he probably shouldn’t be going into this, but he doesn’t care. This was much better than therapy or talking to Uncle Sev. 

The crowed echoed ‘Yes’. “My boyfriend... well maybe not boyfriend anymore... He kept something from me... I’m not one to just talk about my feelings, so you guys should feel special... Anyways... If you decide to get into another relationship...  Which I am not sure why anyone would...  Don’t hide shit from them....” 

A bunch of ‘aww’ filled the room. “Enough with this sappy shit...”  


I'm gonna make you bend and break 

 Say a prayer but let the good times roll 

 In case God doesn't show 


And I want these words to make things right 

 But it's the wrongs that make the words come to life 

 "Who does he think he is?" 

 If that's the worst you got 

 Better put your fingers back to the keys 


One night and one more time 

 Thanks for the memories 

 Even though they weren't so great 

 "He tastes like you only sweeter, " 

 One night, yeah, and one more time 

 Thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories 

 "See, he tastes like you only sweeter." 


Been looking forward to the future 

 But my eyesight is going bad 

 And this crystal ball 

 Is always cloudy except for  

 When you look into the past  

 One night stand  


One night and one more time 

 Thanks for the memories 

 Even though they weren't so great 

 "He tastes like you only sweeter." 

 One night, yeah, and one more time 

 Thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories 

 "See, he tastes like you only sweeter." 


They say I only think in the form of crunching numbers 

 In hotel rooms collecting page six lovers 

 Get me out of my mind and get you out of those clothes 

 I'm a liner away from getting you into the mood, whoa 


One night and one more time 

 Thanks for the memories 

 Even though they weren't so great 

 "He tastes like you only sweeter." 

 One night, yeah, and one more time 

 Thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories 

 "See, he tastes like you only sweeter." 


Reg sat with Minerva at the bar, Merlin knows why she is here. This is not the place that he thought he would ever meet the professor.  

“So that is your nephew? Sirius and Remus' boy?” The older witch asked as she took a sip of her elf made wine. Seeing a questionable look in her eyes, after knowing who Phoenix is, Reg is on high alert. This is the last thing he would want to get out. Not knowing who would want to hurt him if they found the boy who took down the Dark Lord. Remus and Sirius would kill them if something were to happen to their son. Just like he would kill anyone that would harm Isabella. 

“Yes, that’s our Phoenix. He is almost as talented as me and as good looking.” Minerva snickered.  

“Yes, he is very talented... Has he always been that powerful? I mean he didn’t go to Hogwarts... So who taught him to control all of his power? I don’t think I have seen someone so young be able to do wordless and wandless magic like he does.”  Of course she would want to know more about Nix. Like she said, no one his age can do what he does. 

“Remus actually homed schooled him. He is special, he is an animagus... A wolf, if you could believe it... I mean seeing as his Dad is Remus...” Seeing that sparkle again he should stop talking about Phoenix... Maybe he should change the subject... 

“Would you like to see Isabella’s newest pictures?” Pulling out the moving photos from his pockets, he pushes them towards the older witch... Hoping she would leave before Phoenix finishes. 


After finishing up his last song, Phoenix walks off the stage, still feeling that high from performing. If only he could bottle this up, so he could feel this good all the time. Feeling a pair of eyes on him, he slowly turns around noticing the singer looking at him. 

The animagus couldn’t help but smile at him... Why was he smiling at him? You have a mate... ‘A mate that kept things from you’... and, yes, he has sent letters, ‘but why hasn’t he tried to come over and demand to see you.’ Why is his wolf allowing him to just sit...? If it were Phoenix, he would give Bill space yes... but then he would show. This is a big mess, he wants Bill to be there one minute and then the next he doesn’t want to see him...  

The good looking singer walks up to him, he felt rooted to the spot. He couldn’t have moved if he wanted too, and no there was no magic involved. 

“Hi,” The singer’s rich chocolaty voice said.  

“Hi, you guys were good up there...I was nervous having to follow. I did enjoy that song... That’s one thing that people never say when they break up and talk about....” Yep, he is not good at talking to people... How did he have Drew and Bill if he didn’t know what to say to someone... ‘It’s because you are not supposed to be talking to him... he is not your mate.’ His wolf side growls out... ‘Bill is not on our side right now... he hid things from us remember?’ Why is he having a conversation with himself....  

“Yeah... That’s true... I know my ex wouldn’t say anything like that... I’m Blaise...” Taking the slender hand that was offered, Phoenix smirks, come on be you Papa’s son. 

“Phoenix...” Blaise takes his and places a soft kiss on the back of it...  

“Phoenix... Yes, I say that is right... You are fiery and beautiful...” Feeling the warmth in his cheeks, he bites his lips to stop himself from saying something he didn’t mean... 

“Thank you... I have been told... I have a set of twins that call me their Fiery Phoenix... I’m actually their partner...” An elegant eyebrow was raised. “Business partner... I don’t think my Ma... I mean, my boyfriend, would like that... Seeing as they are his brothers...” okay, he should never talk to people, how can he have so much confindence and then act like this…  

“My band and I were actually thinking about going back to this club... I think you would fit in there perfectly...” Phoenix never had to deal with this before, he didn’t date or go to bars and if he did, he had a boyfriend... He still has a boyfriend... maybe...  

Maybe he should go... what is the harm, he could just tell Reg that he is going out... They wanted him to go out more anyways... Then before he could say anything, the blond walks up to them.  

“Blaise, are you ready to go?” The blond git said in a bored tone. Phoenix couldn’t help but roll his eyes.  

“Yes, Phoenix you coming? It will be fun... I’ll even buy you a drink... Come on, you can’t pass down free drinks...” Those deep brown eyes twinkle at him, he knows that he should say no... but then the wizard smirked at him and it was too late. 

“Yes” It just fell out, guess he can’t back out of it now.  “I’ll just tell my Uncle that I am leaving...”  

“Aww, do you always go out with your family?” Draco sneered. 

“Draco, shut up, family is important... Isn’t your Father around here somewhere...”  Blaise said winking at him. 

“I’ll meet you by the door.” Phoenix said with a chuckle. 


Quickly walking over to the bar, he wraps his arm around the older man’s shoulder.  

“Uncle Reg, I'm going to leave... I have actually been invited to hang out at a club... Don’t wait up.” Squeezing the older man, he quickly walked over to the door where Blaise was waiting with the woman from his band. 

“Okay, I'm ready to go.” Placing his hands in his pockets, he feels the taller man’s hand on the small of his back. 

“Well, let’s go beautiful, this gorgeous woman next to me is Pansy, Pansy this is Phoenix...” The witch's dark hair hooked was behind her ears and she smiled, but it didn’t reach her eyes. 

“Nice to meet you Phoenix... I must say, you are more attractive than his normal type... He likes pale and either blond or red headed.” He wanted to laugh, because at least they had that in common. Well, if anything, they could be friends, but with the way that his hand lingers at his back, he thinks that Blaise might want to be more than that, and that couldn’t happen....  

“Like I said, I have a boyfriend, we are just... going through some things.” He looked down at the ground as he walked. A boyfriend, who would hate him going out... It didn’t matter... 

“I’m sure you are love... Come on, let’s hurry, I need another drink... and to find a sexy blonde...” The dark haired woman said as they walk down the path. 

“Hello, I'm standing right here.” Draco said with a smirk, pulling Pansy into his arms, kissing her loudly on her cheek. 

“Draco darling, you and I both know that we are each other's type. It’s that pesky thing in your pants... that I don’t have... So, you know it wouldn’t work out.” Pecking him on the lips, Phoenix just watched them exchange banter back and forth. 

“Ignore them... I do most of the time... So, I can tell with your accent you are not from around here... Ireland?” Blaise asked, as they walked up to the club.  

“Yep, Ireland... My parents are British.” He looked up at the building, The Glittery Cauldron. This is either going to really brilliant or completely rubbish... 

“Come on, let’s go in! It’s bloody freezing out here.” Draco whined as he and Pansy walked towards the door. 

“Draco is a pain in my arse, but to know him is to love him... Come on, let me buy you a drink. Blaise grabs his hand and pulls him into the small club. It was, he was guessing, like a muggle club. He has never visited one, besides his parents pub.  

Fairy lights blink all around in neon colors. Music bumps through the club, witches and wizards everywhere. There is a bar with shirtless men serving drinks, beautiful women walking around with shots. He could feel the beat in his chest, as he is pulled more into the club. It was definitely bigger on the inside than on the outside. Finally listening to the lyrics, he noticed it was muggle music. Well, this is not what he was expecting. Feeling a pair of lips near his ear, he shivers. 

“Come on, let’s get that drink.” Nodding, he lets the taller man pull him to the bar. He couldn’t hear what Blaise orders, but as soon as he got the drink, it was neon blue. When he took a sip, it didn’t taste like any alcohol that he has had before. It tasted like candy. It worked fast too, the nervousness that he felt before walking in, was quickly disappearing. His eyes go to the dance floor, where he sees women on women, men on women, men on men, it didn’t matter. Then he saw Pansy had her hands around a beautiful blonde’s hips. Then there was Draco with two drinks in his hands, grinding onto a beautiful dark-haired man. Feeling himself blush, Phoenix looks away. 

The younger man’s hips start moving to the music, damn body has a mind of its own. Phoenix wasn’t much of a dancer... I mean if he wanted to grind up on a man, he could, but he wasn’t that drunk yet. He was okay just watching, Blaise walked away for a minute when he saw a friend.  

“Black!” Draco yelled over the music. Making him look up, Phoenix raises an eyebrow as he finishes his second drink. 

“Wha?” The blond pulls him towards the floor. Trying to pull away, but he gives in. Why not... this is the best he has felt since everything happened. It didn’t matter, nothing mattered, the music was playing, and everyone was having a good time. Draco was actually not being a huge prick, so he went with it.  

“Dance with me Phoenix.” Draco said as he put his arms around his neck, grabbing the other man’s hips they started to sway together.  

“Like this?” The animagus screamed over the music and Draco nodded. Closing his eyes his lets the music take control. Soon, his dance partner turned around as the song changed, he gripped the blonde’s hips as he grinds up on him. Phoenix is not a prude, but he has never done anything like this. Not that it felt bad, it actually felt really good. 

Opening his eyes, he smiled, as he saw Blaise walk up to them, blushing under his gaze. Pulling something out of his pocket, he runs his fingers through Draco’s blond hair and he whispered something in his ear that made the man open his mouth. The taller man placed something in the blonde’s mouth then pressed a chaste kiss on his lips.  

Blinking, he felt someone behind him and a pair of hands on his hips. Looking back, it was Blaise smirking down at him, leaning down he whispers in his ear. 

“Do you wanna forget Phoenix? Do you want to feel better and forget?” Phoenix was confused about the question. Why was he asking him right now? Just nodding, he felt lips against his ear... “Open up.”  Watching him place something in his mouth, he quickly swallows.  “Now Phoenix, just feel...”  Blaise does the same thing to him that he did to Draco, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips. It felt wrong, it wasn’t his mate kissing him, but right now, he really didn’t care.  


Phoenix didn’t know how long he had been dancing. Draco left with a guy during the 2nd song.... was it the second song? How many songs has it been? All he could feel was Blaise’s hands, looking back he saw that wasn’t Blaise. Quickly pulling away, he shook his head, trying to find Draco or Pansy or Blaise...  

Colors, smells, lights were overwhelming, it was like right before the moon but much worse... This is probably what Bill felt like... Bill... his mate... He missed his mate... but his mate lied to him... 

Toilet, a toilet, would be good right now... Trying to make his way through the crowd, he kept getting stopped by people dancing with him or groping him as he walked by. Finally, reaching the loo, he opened the door, the lights flickering, once it closed the beat wasn’t pulsing through his body. Taking a deep breath, he tries to walk to a toilet, but is pulled into someone arms. 

“You have been dancing up on me all night... I figured you would want to meet in here.” Turning around quickly, he looks up at a sweaty man with dirty blond hair and blood shot blue eyes. He tried to push him away, but his body didn’t want to listen to him. 

“Please... Don’t....” The man laughs in his face, leaning closer Phoenix turns his head. Not wanting to kiss him, he didn’t want to do anything with him. He tried to do something with his magic, but it was on delay...  

The door slams open, Phoenix looks over towards the door and in walks four red heads... or is it two?  The two (or four) red heads have their wands out pointed at the man. 

“I’ll give you to the count of three to step away from him. 1” The first twin said moving over to Phoenix. 

“2, you should be moving now...” The second twin said scarier, Phoenix felt as if he was going to sick up everywhere. 

“3” The sweaty man Popped away quickly; Phoenix felt himself starting to fall, when the twins caught him. 

“What is our Fiery Phoenix doing in a place like this...”  

“All alone, without our dear brother.”  

The Animagus already felt dizzy, and the twins were making him feel worse.  

“Please... Can... Can you just take me home...” Closing his eyes, he willed the room to stop spinning.  

“Well Nixikins we are not sure where you live and you are not up for apparating, we will just take you to our flat... Come on.” Feeling the familiar pull, they was gone. 


Fred and George sat on the chairs as they watched their brother’s boyfriend sleep on the couch. Once they got him back to their place, Phoenix nearly got sick everywhere. The twins had to clean him up. They were almost ready to go to bed when they noticed the birthmark. 

They couldn’t believe it... Everyone knew the story of Harry Potter, and what he did as a baby... Hell, they even learned about it at Hogwarts. The, not even 2 year old, killing the Dark Lord Voldemort. Even though Phoenix didn’t have emerald green eyes like Lilly or look much like James.  

“I can’t believe our brother is dating” 

“Harry Potter! I know... I mean we could be wrong.” George looks at Fred, who raises an eyebrow.  

“When are we ever wrong?” They both laughed out loud. They know they are not wrong. 

“You are right, we are never wrong... Do you think he knows he is Harry Potter?” As Fred goes to answer their floo goes off. 

“Fred, George!” That was Bill’s voice coming through. Both of their eyes widen...  

“Well, it looks like our brother found his Phoenix...” Nodding they both walk over to the floo, bending down they smiled at their older brother. 

“Yes William?” George said with a smile. 

“What do we owe this pleasu...”  Bill cut them off quickly. 

“Phoenix is missing... he didn’t come home last night... Reg said he went out with that git Draco and his band... Please... Please tell me you have seen him... I know you guys go to that club often...” They have never seen their brother this upset before... Looking at each other and then back at the fire...  

“We have seen him...” Fred said in a serious tone.  

“Last night at the club someone tried to...” George’s voice wavers a little bit, not knowing how his werewolf brother was going to react. Hearing a low growl from the fire, they both jump. 

“We got there just in time...”  

“Phoenix is here with us... He is asleep on the couch...” They saw the look of relief on Bill’s face and then anger... 

“Move, I'm coming through.” Neither wanted to be in the way of their scary older brother. Jumping up they move out of the way...  


Stepping through the floo, Bill walks over to the couch, where he sees his mate sleeping peacefully. His wolf was whining, he missed his mate... It’s been too long... he shouldn’t be here, he shouldn’t, but now that he is, he couldn't help but want to stay here. Running his hand through his hair, he pulls hard. This is stupid, he is just going to leave, Phoenix wouldn’t want to talk to him.  

Turning around he walks back over to the fireplace. “Bill?” Phoenix’s voice barely reaches his ears, if it wasn’t for his amplified hearing, he wouldn’t have heard it. Slowly spinning around he saw those beautiful hazel eyes open.  

“I’m sorry... I was just leaving... Your Uncles were worried, because you didn’t come home last night... You left and went to a club with Malfoy and his band...” He tried to keep the jealousy out of his voice, but he couldn’t. How could his mate go to the club with someone else? Yes, they had a fight, but they are mates...  

“It... it was a stupid mistake.... It was all my fault... I went there... I took something... and I have no clue what it did to me...” Hearing and smelling the fear and guilt pouring off of his mate was almost too much to bear, all he wanted to do was go over there and pull him in to a hug. Knowing that is not what Nix would want, he just listens...  

“I was so mad, and lonely Bill... You... You sent me letters everyday... but you never once came and saw me... If you missed me that much, why didn’t you come... I waited everyday... for something.... Yes, I have all the letters and saw where you had cried writing them... but you know what, I cried reading them... Wondering when you were going to come get me...” Cocking his head to the side, Bill was confused.... Phoenix told him he didn’t want to see him... He was giving him space... if he wanted, him to be there, why didn’t he say? 

Feeling himself pace, he looked over at his mate and then shook his head. 

“I gave you space Phoenix! I gave you space, because I knew you needed it... I kept something from you... You had every right to be upset....  BUT! You wouldn’t write me back... I put my fucking heart out there to get stomped on. I love you Phoenix James Lupin Black.” 

The smaller man stands up and crosses his arms. “Do you love me... or do you love Harry Potter? Daddy said that you didn’t find out until right before Christmas, was that before or after you confessed your love to me? I never thought that I would love again Bill and I did... do… I mean I love you... I still do. I just... Do you love me... for me? Don’t lie to me Bill... I can smell it on you just like you can smell it on me...” Bill stopped in front of his mate... How could he ask that? Then he stops to think... wouldn’t you think that way....  

Moving slowly towards the smaller man, wishing that he wouldn’t move away, which he didn’t, the animagus just looked up at him with unshed tears in his eyes. 

“I love you, just you. Just Phoenix... not Harry Potter... I don’t even know who that is... The man I love, loves his family more than anything, the man I love can play any instrument, can sing better than anyone on the radio... The man I love hogs the covers every night, but then if he is really cold, he just climbs on top of me. The man I love is standing right in front of me... I hope the man that I love can please just come home... Forgive me and his parents...”  


Phoenix just stood there, smelling and making sure that the sincerity in his mate's voice was real. Which, it was, everything he was saying was the truth... Bill loves him, just him... Could he forgive his parents right now? He doesn’t know but he wants to go home and try... At least talk... He just needs a few days to get the courage... 

Shaking hands move to the red heads cheeks, feeling the warmth under his fingertips and how his mate leans into his touch, Phoenix sobs out and pulls him into a kiss. Pouring all the love and heartbreak that they had to deal with for the past few weeks now disappear with the kiss... Then it hits him... What he did last night.  

Quickly he pulls away. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have kissed you... I... We didn’t even talk about last night... Bill... I...” 

“Phoenix... it doesn’t matter what you did... I love you...” Holding up his hands, he shook his head. 

“I love you too Bill, but…. I took something and I didn’t know what it was... Blaise asked me if I wanted to forget... and I did... I wanted to forget... I told him I had a boyfriend and he didn’t try anything but... he did kiss me....” he heard a growl, like he knew he would. Moving away, he knew that Bill wouldn’t want anything to do with him now. Then he felt his body being crushed into Bill’s. 

“I don’t like that he kissed you, but Phoenix... You tried something that everyone tries... There was a time that I did drugs... Not because I was hurting, but because I wanted too... I wanted to just feel high.... Now, I just need to kiss you and I get all the things that a pill or potion would do...” Wanting to laugh or cry at how corny and wonderful that sounded. 

“Bill...” Tears are falling from his eyes now. “You...” 

He was hushed with another kiss.... “I love you; it was a mistake... We have a lot to talk about... But there is time... I want you to lie back down, you look exhausted... Then take a couple of days... Pack your things and then come home... I will tell your parents, so they won't worry... and Sev and Reg...  

“I love you too...” Phoenix’s heart hurt thinking that Bill was leaving him... Right now, he just wants to be in his arms. “I don’t want you to go yet...” He whispered. Seeing a small smile appear on Bill’s lips, he takes out his wand, making the couch bigger so they both could lie down on it.  

Pulling his mate over to the couch, Phoenix curled up next to Bill, taking in his scent and his heartbeat as he feels fingers glide through his hair.  

“I’m sorry Phoenix.... Never again will I hide things from you.” Bill pressed a kiss on top of his head.  

“I’m sorry Bill. I will always talk to you if I'm upset about something and try not to run away....”  Letting the gentle beat of his mate’s heart gently lull him to sleep, he hears.  

“I love you...” 

“Love you...”