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The Last Marauders: Part Three Moony, Padfoot, Fluffy and Sparky?

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31 of October 1999  

Phoenix’s fingers glided over the ivory key’s on the piano, as he starts to sing.  

Well, it's a marvelous night for a Moondance
With the stars up above in your eyes
A fantabulous night to make romance
'Neath the cover of October skies
And all the leaves on the trees are falling
To the sound of the breezes that blow
And I'm trying to please to the calling
Of your heart-strings that play soft and low
And all the night's magic seems to whisper and hush
And all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush

Can I just have one a' more Moondance with you, my love
Can I just make some more romance with a-you, my love


This was the last song of the night. After he was finished there would be the costume contest and then dancing. This Halloween, he let his Papa talk him into wearing a family theme costume. He was a Werewolf, Sirius was Dracula, and Remus was Frankenstein's Monster. It could have been worse.  

Phoenix may have used magic to make him look completely authentic. He was more of the 1980’s Werewolf from that Teenwolf movie. Finishing up his song Phoenix bows.   

“Thank you everyone! Now up next will be the costume contest. Make sure that you are taking care of your waitresses and waiters they are looking great tonight and I know that they are taking care of you!” Hearing someone scream from the crowd.  

“I love you Phoenix!”  The animagus couldn’t help but blush. Trying to look out into the crowd to see who said that.   

“I love you too!” Feeling his heart in his chest, this is what he has always wanted. To be an artist and have people love his songs and his voice.   

“Encore... Encore... Encore...” The crowd start to chant... Phoenix looks for his parents who were standing back by the bar.  His Papa’s smile was huge as he looks at him, and his Dad was nodding giving him the thumbs up.   

Placing his fingers back on the keys it started to play. Hearing the cheers from the crowd he took a deep breath and started to sing.   

I put a spell on you  
Because you're mine 
Stop the things you do 
Watch out 
I ain't lyin' 

Yeah, I can't stand 
No runnin' around 
I can't stand 
No put me down 
I put a spell on you  
Because you're mine, ohh yeah 

Stop the things you do 
Watch out 
I ain't lyin' 

I love you 
I love you 
I love you, anyhow 
I don't care if you don't want me 
I'm yours right now 
I put a spell on you 
Because you're mine 
Mine, mine, au wuh yeah, uh, oh, you're mine 

Feeling the energy of the crowd almost felt like a high. He has been doing this for a year now and never has he felt this amazing after playing. Life actually in the past year has been better for the teenager.   

Phoenix has a good job, he does private lessons for piano, guitar and drums. He has about 20 students which is more than he thought that he would have. He helps his parents with the pubs and every Saturday night he plays at the pub.   

His Uncle Reg and Uncle Sev have tried to get him to start playing pubs in the wizarding world but as respect to his Papa. They did have a talk about it but he knew that his parents had a thing about him going to the wizarding world. Maybe it is because of his biological parents but he didn’t really care. He was playing at Moony and Padfoot's and that is all that matters.   

Getting high fives and hugs as he walks back to the bar he sees his parents smile at him. His Papa pulls him into a hug. Hating to admit it his Papa looked good as a vampire, his black curly hair styled perfectly, his teeth where glamoured to look like fangs and his make up looked perfect.   

“Look at my Little Rock star. I told you Remy my son would be a Rock star ! Soon he will have groupies, the women and men love him...But he is a Black so who wouldn’t want a piece of him.” Sirius said in a horrible Dracula accent.  

“Fluffy you did a great job!” Now being pulled into his Dad’s arms who was painted green, his scars on his face actually making the costume look ever more wonderful. They relationship has been still a little off since the whole Dad helping the new werewolf.   

They had a row a couple of days ago because Remus invited the new werewolf to spend some time with them...   


Flash back  

“Are you serious Dad! You asked him to stay here... in our house?! Why doesn’t he just stay with his family?” Crossing his arms like a child, it’s not that he didn’t want the man to stay it wasn’t the big of deal. It’s just that why would his parents want someone from their old life here. They didn’t want him to go towards the wizarding world yet they invite someone from there into their home?  

Remus ran his fingers through his hair, sighing. “Phoenix, he needs a place to go to get away. It has been a lot for him. He is still young he is not used to all of this. He wasn’t turned as young as I was. He has a life, a fiancé, now he is on a holiday from work because that is all he has been doing and the healers put him on medical leave. Bill needs a break from everything and we as good people need to be able to help him. I know I raised you that way Phoenix James Lupin Black!”  Hearing that voice that his Dad only used when he was really upset at his Papa. Never has his Dad used that voice on him.   

Biting his lip Phoenix shook his head and accio his keys.  “I’m going for a ride. I’ll be home for dinner.” Storming off he slams the door as he jumps on his bike. With a few revs of the engine he was gone.   


“Thanks Dad...” Nuzzling into his Dad’s neck taking in his scent. He has missed his Dad, wishing that they could just go back to normal. “I’m sorry Dad... I hate it when we fight.” Feeling a kiss in his hair.   

“I’m sorry too.. I know it might seem confusing to you Fluffy. We just need to be able to help okay... Now I want you to be on your best behavior he is going to be here tonight. Now Papa and I have to go judge the costume contest.”   

Sirius smiles at him, “I will keep out for good looking men for you Nix... I already have a couple phone numbers for you. You know back in the day it was me that would get all the attention. I guess it is time for me to pass the torch. I will keep my eyes open for attractive red heads... I know that is your preference.” His Papa winks at him.   

“It is a torch that I will hold properly Papa... I doubt though you will find a good looking red head that was as good looking as Drew...” Seeing his parents smile cloud with concern, he shakes his head. “I’m fine... I told you my therapist and Severus have helped me so much... I have thought about going on dates... So that means something right... Now go and judge the contest. I’m going to get a pint.”  Walking behind the bar he picks up a mug and starts filling it up.   

Once he is finished, he slowly makes his way outside to he could sneak a smoke. Of course, his Papa knew that he smoked because they have smoked together. His Dad on the other hand didn’t know that he did and he was going to keep it that way.   

The air hit him as he walked outside. Looking around to see if anyone was there, he cast a quick warming charm as he lit his cigarette. Closing his eyes, he takes a sip of his beer.   

Taking a hit off of his cigarette he heard a noise. Standing up he doesn’t go for his wand he didn’t want to draw attention to himself. Knowing he really didn’t need it, his wandless magic was stronger than all of the wizards his knows. Now that only being 4 wizards that is not a lot but still.   

Still looking around he saw a person walking down the alley way. As the figure got closer Phoenix felt something familiar... When the person got into the light his breath caught. There stood a good looking red head, better than good looking he was drop dead gorgeous. The stranger had beautiful long red hair that was tucked behind his ears, deep blue eyes, and he was taller than Phoenix. Probably a few years older than him but that’s what made him even more attractive.  

The beautiful stranger came closer and finally stopped in front of Phoenix. His head was cocked to the side as he stood and looked at Phoenix, like he was looking straight through him. Almost like he knew him, but Phoenix felt the same way... Forgetting he looks like a werewolf he feels himself blush. The red headed stranger, was wearing a leather jacket, tight denim, with boots.

“Erm. Hullo.” The animagus stammered through quickly taking a drink before he said anything else. The red head runs his fingers through his hair biting his bottom lips making Phoenix choke on his drink. 

“Yeah, I’m looking for Moony and Padfoot's. I’m supposed to meet someone and I don’t know if I am at the right place. The directions weren’t too clear and I'm not from around here.” Smiling Phoenix could tell he wasn’t from around here because of the English accent. Now that he is close god he is more attractive.  

“You are actually at the right place. You can just go through that door.” He pointed with his chin towards the door. The red head smiles at him, it didn’t reach his eyes.   

“Thanks...” He pauses and looks at him, “do you think I could bum one of your cigs?” Smiling Phoenix pulls out his pack and hands one over to the red head.  

“Here ya go, what brings you to Ireland to our small town?” Taking another drag of his cigarette as he focuses on the lips of the other man as he places his cigarette in between his lips.   

“I’m actually on holiday, I just needed to get away from everything. So a small town like this is probably going to just what the heal.. Erm I mean the doctor ordered.”  Not really paying attention to what he was saying he was just too busy getting lost into those blue eyes.   

“This would be the best place just to relax. Come on in I will get you a drink, I know the owners.” Phoenix chuckles. “It’s on me, so you can start your holiday off right with a free drink.”   

Watching the red head smile he throws his bud on the ground as he ushers the bar. “A free drink huh... I’m not used to that... I’m sure you are used to getting free drinks.” The stranger said with a smile. He was about to say something until hearing his Papa’s voice boom through the mic.   

“Oi, quiet down! We are going to announce the winners of the contest. The scarcest costume goes to the realistic zombie, come on up to get your trophy and head to the bar to get your free drink. The sexiest couple costume goes to Little Red Riding Hood and Her Big Bad Wolf...” Seeing his Papa raise his eyebrows up and down he shakes his head.   

“It is always this busy?” The red head asks as he looks around the pub. Phoenix nods as he walks behind the bar. Motioning the stranger to sit.  

“Yeah, the owners do a great job with the holidays but Halloween has always been big for them. Now what can I get you to drink?”  Watching him sit down on the stool licking his lips the man said whiskey. “Coming up!”   

“Now ghost and ghouls, we are going to turn on the music so you guys can dance. Thanks again for coming to Moony and Padfoot's . Happy Halloween!” His Dad said as he wraps his arm around his Papa’s shoulders.   

“Do you see who you are supposed to meet?” Phoenix said as he hands him the whiskey. Hopefully not, he doesn’t want this man to go anywhere...”  Watching him look around he shakes his head.   

“Well that means we can talk a little bit longer. So what’s your name?” He asks as he pours more beer into his mug. Not paying attention to what's going on around him he feels an arm around his shoulder making him jump.  

“Hey Nix... who is your friend.” Groaning he looks over to see his Papa winking at him. Of course, he would come up right now. Rolling his eyes, he looks back at the stranger.  

“I was actually just asking him his name...” The older man leans in and whispers in his ear.   

“I thought you said there wouldn’t be any attractive red heads.” Elbowing him softly he looks back at the stranger.  

“Bill!” Hearing that name the red head turns around quickly. Standing his Dad pulls Bill into a hug.  

“Remus!” Phoenix looked over at his Papa. Knowing that he was just as in the dark as him.   

“I see that you have already met my family. Bill this is my husband Sirius, I know that you met a long time ago the last time he saw you, you were a kid.” Bill stuck out his hand to the older animagus who took it and smiled.   

“Yes! It’s so good to see you again! You have certainly grown up!” Looking back over at him, Phoenix sits down his mug. Wanting to get away from here, of course Bill would be extremely attractive, and completely his type.   

“This is my son Phoenix.” Bill smiles and holds out his hand. Phoenix could only just stare at him.  

“You’re Bill, of course you’re Bill.” Phoenix growled out, and stormed off.  


Sirius just stood at the bar looking at his husband then over to the younger werewolf.  He could tell that Phoenix liked the red head; it was written all over his face. Of course, he couldn’t show that though because he is stubborn just like him. Which was good, he knew that he said that he was okay with Phoenix going into the wizarding world but deep down he knows that he isn’t ready for Phoenix to go there.  

“I’m sorry about him.” Remus said as he pats Bill on the back. “He hasn’t been himself for a while.”   

“I know how it is to not feel like yourself Remus. It’s not a problem. His eyes look so  familiar. I know that I haven’t met him before though... I’m sure I would remember him...I know it’s crazy but I have felt his magic before. Something is familiar about it.”   

Looking up at Remus, he tries to remain calm. The only time he was around Phoenix was at Harry’s Funeral. He wouldn’t know that Phoenix was Fluffy.   

“Phoenix has never been to the wizarding world. He keeps to himself.” Watching the red head as he downs the rest of his beer. “You are probably exhausted ; you have been working yourself so hard.” Nodding Bill looks down at his glass.  

“Rem why don’t you go ahead and take him to the house and get him settled and I will close up here with Phoenix.” Trying to keep those two away from each other, it should be easy because how Phoenix acted. Knowing that one day this will probably blow up in his face. Hopefully his son will be forgiving, he was too deep in it now to just let it go.   

“I don’t want to be a bother I can just wait till you close up?”  Watching the red head fumble with the empty glass.   

“Nonsense! Go ahead, make yourself at home the guest room is all set up for you.” Remus pats the younger werewolf on the back.  

“Come on Bill I'll make you a cup of tea once you are settled.” Leaning over the werewolf presses a kiss on his husband's lips.  

“I’ll see you at home. Love you.” Remus kisses him one last time. Walking the younger werewolf back into the alley way knowing that was a good place to apparate home.  

“Love you...” Now off to find his son.   


Seeing him in the office sulking. Gods he was so much like Sirius it wasn’t funny.  

“You know, just because you look like me doesn’t me you have to act just like me.” Sirius jokes as he leans on the door frame. His son looks up at him with tears in his eyes, which made him feel like an arsehole.  

“Oh Fluff.” Walking over he pulls him into his arms. “What’s wrong?” Feeling his son nuzzle into him, smiling lightly knowing that has always calmed him since they adopted him. Forgetting sometimes that the older he gets the more wolf like he is.   

“For the first time since Drew I felt attracted to a guy, and it had to be the guy that I have fought Dad over. I mean Papa, seriously why didn’t Dad say hey by the way the werewolf I'm asking to stay with us is drop dead gorgeous, plus he is your type. Then it’s the whole not comfortable in my own skin. Papa there is no way I can deal with someone who doesn’t like their true self...” Shaking his head Sirius pulls away from his son. 

“I’m not saying that you have to hang out with him.. Just be civil with him. It’s only for a little bit. I know it must be scary to put yourself out there with people who don’t like themselves. So just try to be nice and then don’t spend much time with him. Then he will go back home and you will have your Dad back...” Seeing his son’s eyes widen.   

“Don’t act so shocked, I know you don’t like to share your Dad... I’m the same way, the only other person I like to share your Dad with is with you. Everyone else that I have had to share him with took a lot. It was easy with you because of your cute face.” Knowing his son felt silly feeling jealous.   

“I just like how we are Papa, just us three... I was okay sharing with Drew because I loved him... and I know that you loved him too. Plus he didn’t know about our magic. So it was still something that we had together... Bill knows... I.. I just don’t know why I feel this way.”  Pressing a kiss to his son’s forehead Sirius nods.  

“I know, but it’s okay to feel this way... You just can’t act like me and be a spoiled brat. You have some of your Dad’s good traits... You need to pull those out and be more like him than me... This is probably the first time I will ever tell you not to act too much like me because you know we are Lord and Heir Black. We are perfect just the way that we are but...”  

“I know I know.... I’ll try..” The teenager wipes his nose with his sleeve.  

“That’s all that I could ask...” Hugging his son they made their way back into the bar. Making sure everything else went smoothly. Thankful for magic so they could quickly clean up the bar after everyone left. Finally getting out of there by 3am.   

Climbing into his bed Sirius was pulled into strong arms.  

“How is our son?” The older werewolf asked in a husky voice.  

“I hate to admit it, but I think that he is smitten, and jealous and all over the place.”  Feeling the rumble of a laugh.  

“I should have known. Bill is a red head.... That is something that he gets from James huh...” Sirius felt a pang of jealousy and guilt, not that he hates the fact that Phoenix was like his biological parents it’s just that it’s been 18 years now... Phoenix was his son, and sometimes to think that he wasn’t truly his biological parent hurts.  

“It’s true, he does get his love for red heads from James.” It was like Remus knew how he was feeling.   

“He is like his Papa too... Don’t feel jealous and guilty. You remember what they wrote in the letter. They wanted you to take care of their child... and you have... perfectly.” Snuggling into the warmth of the werewolf Sirius sighs.   

“You’re right love... Goodnight happy 18 years as a family..”  

“Goodnight Siri, to another 18 years and more.” Feeling a couple more kisses on his neck Sirius fell asleep. Dreaming of all of the past Halloweens since they adopted Phoenix.   



Bill woke up with a start the next morning. Groaning he heard music playing, looking over at the clock on the night stand it read 6:30am. Who in their right mind would play music that early in the morning. Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep he get ups. Throwing on his robe he pads out of his room towards the guest bathroom.  

Once he finished with the bathroom he follows the music that was getting louder as he walks down the stairs. Noticing it wasn’t coming from a radio. Walking back until he found where it was coming from. There at the piano sat Phoenix. The song coming from it happy, and quick. How could someone move their fingers so quickly and noticing that the man was playing with his eyes closed. Wondering why there wasn’t anyone else awake with how loud he was playing. Thinking about it though if this was something that the man did often his parents probably put a silencing charm so they didn’t have to hear him.   

There was something about the man, and how passionate he was playing the piano. It made Bill want to get to know him. He was cute last night, and he knew that he was flirting with him. Then he just left.... Bill has never had a problem men or women not like him. His ex-practically threw herself at him... well that was until the accident.  

Hearing the song come to an end he couldn’t help himself so he clapped. “Wow... umm that was amazing. I have never heard anyone play anything like that before.” Watching a blush creep onto the younger man’s face, he couldn’t help but smile.. Maybe he still likes you.  

“Uh thanks, sorry if I woke you... Normally my parents have up a silencing charm , and I don’t have to worry about waking them. I guess now you know to put one up. When I can’t sleep , I play. I didn’t know it was so late.. I mean early...” Phoenix pulls up his curly black hair into a bun and stands up from the piano.  

Not wanting him to leave Bill tries to keep him to stay. “Umm What was that piece called I don’t think I have ever heard it?” Hopefully he will get him to stay by talking about music.   

“That was Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin. I'm sure you never heard of it, he was a muggle.” Watching Phoenix leave the room, he didn’t want him to go.  

“Well whatever it was you played it brilliantly.” The man stops walking. Bill held his breath. Seeing him blush, that’s a good thing... he doesn’t hate you that much. He thought to himself.  

“Thank you, tonight you might want to cast that charm so I won’t wake you.” With that Phoenix walked away into the kitchen. Sighing he shakes his head, well you tried. Looking around the room he sees a drum set, several different black cases which probably had more instruments in. Then there were 4 guitars, two electric ones, and two acoustic. One acoustic, stood out to him. It looked different than the other ones. This one looks barely touched.   

Bill loved music... he wasn’t anywhere near as good as Phoenix, but he does love to play the guitar. It was something he learned, just to be more of a rockstar. Not that his Mum wanted him too, and it’s not like they had the money for lessons. So , Bill saved up and got a guitar and taught himself. He still had it until his parents needed money so he sold some of his things and that was one of them.   

Bills fingers were itching to touch the guitar. Looking around he was still alone, reaching out his fingers strum the strings. He could tell that at least it was in tune, so it may not get played much but it was well taken care of.   

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” A voice yell from the door way. Jumping Bill steps away from the guitar.   

“Sorry, I was just looking I play the guitar too and I just touched it for a second I'm sorry I should have asked.” Noticing the pure look of anger in the shorter man’s face.   

“You shouldn’t touch things that don’t belong to you... I’m not sure who you think you are. You can’t just come into someone's home and touch things that don’t belong to you. Get out. My Dad may have invited you to stay here, but you are to not come in this room ever. Now leave!” Feeling the magic crackle around the air, Bill rushes away.  

“I’m sorry.” He mumbles walking out of the room. Wow he has never felt that much power before. Hearing the door slam behind him Bill walks towards the kitchen hopefully he could get some tea.   

Seeing the older couple standing in the kitchen, Bill freezes. They probably heard what just happened.   

“Good morning Bill!” Remus said with a smile, the other man Sirius just looks at him.   

“Good morning Remus, Sirius. Thanks again for letting me stay... but maybe I should just go I don’t want to cause any trouble. I don’t think Phoenix likes me being here.” Bill sees the look on their faces.   

“Absolutely not! You are not leaving” Remus said then pulls his husband into his arms. “Our son has had a hard year but we didn’t raise a brat. He will get over it... I won’t tell you why he is but. He will come around, you are not leaving...” It looks like the other man wanted to say something but the older werewolf wasn’t backing down.   

“If... if you insist.”  

“Now let me make you some tea, I was about to make breakfast.” Nodding Bill sat down at the kitchen table.   


Sirius sat in the library reading the same page over and over. Looking up his husband walks in holding two glasses filled with an amber liquid.  

“I figured you would need this.” Taking the glass from the werewolf he takes a sip, feeling the liquid burn his throat.  

“What do you know that I don’t know Remy?” His husband throws his arm around his shoulders. Pulling him in close, pressing a kiss on his temple.   

“Bill is a good guy, who has gone through something horrible. Phoenix has been through horrible things too. They could help each other, as friends Sirius before you even say anything. Like I would want my 18-year-old to date. I mean I never had wanted him to date.” Sirius didn’t like this, but he knew how it was going to end. Either Bill and Phoenix killing each other or them falling deeply in love. Hoping that it was not the latter, not that he didn’t want his son to be in love. He just didn’t want he son to be taken away, knowing if he fell for Bill he would lose him.  

“I just hope you know what you are doing.” Feeling the werewolf’s lips on his neck he leans into his touch.   

“I know what I want to do...” Remus growls lowly into his ear, sending a shiver down his spine.   

“We have a sulking teenager and a sad werewolf in our house and you are going to try this?” Feeling teeth scrape his ear lobe he was fighting a losing battle. He might as well just give in.  

“Come on Siri, I know you love this... It makes it hotter. Now how about we make it an early night.” Without answering him he wraps his arms around his huband’s neck and apparates them into their bedroom.   


Phoenix finally makes his way out of the music room, missing lunch and dinner he was starving. It had to be late, the house was too quiet. Walking into the kitchen he saw the person he was hiding from. There was something wrong though, he heard sniffing, and was that a sob.  

Phoenix coughed to let himself be known. Bill’s head pops up, he could see his eyes were red and swollen. The sight tugged at the teenagers heart strings. Gods he looks good even after he has been crying... Don’t think like that.... You can be friend... possibly, but nothing more.  

“Oh, I'm sorry I thought everyone was asleep.” The red head wipes his eyes with the back of his hand. “I’ll just go to bed.” Phoenix felt bad for him, after yelling at him for touching Drew’s guitar. He couldn’t have known who it belongs too.   

“Fancy a sandwich, I missed dinner... maybe have a drink. I know where my Papa hides the good fire whiskey.” Giving the red head a small smile, he feels bad that he caught him crying. There have been many nights that he sat in that same spot and cried. “Come on, I make a really good sandwich, and I believe we have crisps around here if Papa didn’t eat them all.”   

Bill looks at him and nods. “I’m sorry if I offended you in some way today. I didn’t mean to touch your things. I tried to learn to play, I mean I'm not very good. I’ll never be as good as you.”  Seeing him blush did something to Phoenix that he hasn’t felt in a while. Trying to shake it off he sighs.   

“It’s okay, it’s just been a hard year... I... I lost someone that I love. Anyways, sometimes I just blow up.” He said as he walks towards icebox. “Do you want turkey, ham or both?”  Holding out the meat so he could see.  

“Both please, and I know how it is losing someone you love, but I guess she really didn’t love me. After... never mind I doubt that you would want to hear that story.” Watching the red head look down at his hands. You don’t want to be with someone who is broken Phoenix, they will just end up hurting you. He thinks to himself, then thinking of what his Dad would do.   

“I wouldn’t mind hearing it... If you want to share, I'm a good listener. I’m sorry I can’t talk about mine yet.” Bill looks up at him and smiles a watery smile.  

“Thanks Phoenix, if and when you ever want to talk about it... Y.. You can talk to me...” Nodding Phoenix continues to make their sandwiches.   

“I was dating this girl, we were engaged to be married. Well that... that was until my accident. Afterwards she said that it didn’t matter, that she would love me no matter what.” Hearing a sad laugh the red head continues. “Then when I was still in the hospital, she came to me and said that she couldn’t do this. That it would be too much for her, having a husband that would turn into a werewolf. How would it affect our children, so she left me.”    

Growling Phoenix slammed the mustard down on the counter. “Are you fucking kidding me right? How it would be too much for her? Does she not know what you go through every full moon How your body feels, how your instincts are high, how your senses are on over drive. I mean I am not a full wolf I don’t change but still have all of those feelings. I’m sorry but she seems like a right bitch.” Seeing the surprised look on the other man’s face, he sighs.   

“Sorry, after the stories my Dad told me how he was treated by everyone. It makes me sick that people hate because they are different.” Phoenix hands him the sandwich as he flicks his wrist as a bottle of fire whiskey and two glasses come towards them. The red head eyes pop. Cocking his head to the side Phoenix pops a crisp into his mouth.   

“Wha?” Grabbing the glasses and bottle out of the air Phoenix pours them a drink.  

“I knew you were powerful. I could feel it, but never have I seen someone have that much power to just summon something wordless and wandless .” Feeling his cheeks redden, he knows that his Dad always said that he was powerful, and his Papa would brag to his Uncles. Just hearing it from someone who wasn’t his family was flattering.   

“There has never been a time that I haven’t been able to do that. I changed into a wolf the first full moon I had with my parents.”  

“You were an animagus as a baby ?! That is amazing Phoenix... Wow...” Not that Phoenix didn’t like the look that Bill was giving him, he just didn’t like the feelings that were coming with it.   

“It’s not that big of deal. I don’t really use magic that often. Sometimes I just use it when I perform but besides that I just use it around the house when I am lazy. My Dad was a wonderful teacher, he could probably be one at your school that you went too Hogwarts. My Uncle said that he hated it there.” Pouring them a glass of whiskey Phoenix smiled at he watched the werewolf eat his sandwich. There was something about this man that was so familiar, his magic he could feel it. It reminded him of something that made his insides warm and happy.  

“I liked Hogwarts, but I had a good experience. I was made prefect and then head boy. My Mum was so proud, so was my Dad... Being the oldest of 7 it made it easy to be a leader.” Choking on his sandwich Phoenix couldn’t believe that someone would have 7 children. Not that he didn’t want a sibling when he was younger, he just couldn't imagine the house being so loud.   

“Wow 6 brothers and sisters. It must be fun when you guys get together. It’s just been us three since I was adopted.” They sat in silence for a few moments nothing awkward but just taking in all the information.  Bill was the first to speak again.  

“It’s not that I hate myself ya know. It’s just the people that I thought were going to stay with me they didn’t. I mean my family is most important and they are there for me. I have twin brothers who are actually jealous of it.” He laughs and shakes his head. “My brother who is Dragon trainer is the one I’m closes too and he is always busy with work so I feel bad talking to him about it. Then there is my brother who is a ministry worker, he is too stuck up his own arse to worry about it. My youngest brother who is your age is too in love to care. Then there is my sister who is still in school and too young to deal with any of this. Then I am rambling to you a complete stranger who probably hates me. I’m a mess...”   

Watching the red head hook his hair behind his ears Phoenix couldn’t help but stare. He is a beautiful mess if he is a mess at all. Don’t! This will not end well for you Phoenix.  

“If you are a mess then I am a disaster.” Looking over at the clock he noticed that he has been awake for over 24 hours. Remembering that he has lunch with Uncle Sev he should get to bed but he doesn’t want to leave Bill alone.   

“To being a mess then.” Bill held out his glass of whiskey and smiling Phoenix clinked their glasses together.   

“To being a mess.”