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Richard Clayton was walking through the beastmen’s quarter of his city, whistling. Although it was evening, there were still carts being pulled, blacksmiths were still hammering, and cobblers were still cleaning shoes. Richard weaved his way through them all, largely being ignored. He was well-known in this part of town. He loved to stroll the market during the day and buy the unusual wares offered by the different races. He was also a frequent visitor of the local pub, where he occasionally sought people for his work. As he passed by said tavern, one of the beastmen familiar with him hailed him from one of the tables outside.

“Rich!” a wolfman said, lifting a tankard of ale. “Got any more work for me? Y’know, with your jewelry work? Wink wink?” Richard scoffed and shook his head. Wolfmen were usually the most agreeable of all the beast folk, and the most like humans. They had dog ears on top of their heads and a furry tail. Other than that, they appeared perfectly human, at least the city folk did. Some of the ones that lived deep in forest still had furry bodies, and there were even legends of some with dog faces. These kind were never seen in any city quarter however.

“Not today, Marl!” Richard chided. “Don’t be giving away my trade secrets!”

“I won’t!” Marl replied. He turned back to his group, another wolfman and a deerman. “He’ll pay you ten silvers to try out his jewelry!”

“Marl!” Richard shouted, walking by.

“Kidding!” Marl cried, laughing. He whirled back to his friends and whispered. “I’m not kidding!”

Richard rolled his eyes. Marl could never keep his mouth shut, but he brought in plenty of people for Richard to work with. That included beastmen of all varieties, wolfmen, deermen, foxmen, catmen, rabbitmen, cowmen, and even mousekin (because “mousemen” sounded kind of silly). Each of them had tried on Richard’s “jewelry,” and it had worked on all of them. He continued on his way, still whistling.

He began marching towards the housing district, a place humans ordinarily don’t go. Occasionally beastmen of both genders would give him odd looks, but no one attempted to stop him. After weaving through the streets for quite some time, he finally found a particular house, decorated with red flowers. He took a deep breath and gazed at the sun, measuring what time of day it was. The sun almost fallen to the top of the castle’s tallest towner. He glanced up and down the street. This house was a distance down a dead-end road. There were no people currently around. Richard took a deep breath and walked up to the house. He knocked on the door a few times and waited patiently.

The door opened and a young catmen female opened the door. Like most of her people, she had cat ears, a tail, paw-like hands, and claws. Unlike the city wolfmen however, the cat variety had fur all over their body up to their neck, where their faces were more human. This particular woman was covered in pink fur. Even the hair on her head was pink. Most of the deep pink was covered by her black dress, which went down the ground, was laced up on the front, and sported huge sleeve opening that dangled from her wrists. Her bright green eyes widened in surprise.

“Mr. Clayton! What a surprise!” she said.

“Good evening Tael,” Richard said with a pleasant smile. “I hope I’m not disturbing you, but is Chell home?”

“Mom?” Tael began. “No, she and dad went out to see Mrs. Figar. She’s been sick lately.”

“Ah! She’s such a good, old woman! She always tries to give me free pies when I come to the market. “Generosity is the way of the cowmen,” she would always tell me.”

“Oh yes, I do hope she gets better,” Tael added. “Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Well, it was your eighteenth birthday a few weeks ago, wasn’t it?”

Tael’s eyes brightened in surprise again. “You…knew about that?” Richard could tell she was a little off-put by that. That was an oddly specific thing to remember about someone you rarely meet. The human just gave a gentle smile.

“Your mother, my oldest friend you know, told me all about it at the market, more than once!”

Tael rolled her eyes and sighed. Richard couldn’t help but notice that she looked a lot like her mother when she did that, an awful lot.

“That sounds like her,” the young woman complained.

“I got you a gift, that’s why I’m here.”

“Oh my! You didn’t have to do that! Mom and dad got me a jeweled tiara, that was more than enough!”

“I won’t hear any of that!” Richard began rummaging around in his leather bag at his side. “You’re at the age when it’s time to find a good catman and start a family. It’s something to celebrate.” He lifted out a necklace, and not just any ordinary one. It was a solid ring, silver in color and decorated to look like wings. In the center was a bright red jewel, shaped like a heart.

“Oh Mr. Clayton! That looks expensive!”

“It’s wasn’t really. I work with jewelry, and I just had some extra lying around. It’s one of those choker necklaces that’s so popular with young human girls lately. I wasn’t entirely sure if the women here in the quarter have picked up on it yet…”

“I’ve been seeing them lately, yes. Are those wings silver?”

“Just scrap silver, no need to feel imposed. It’s the least I could do for my oldest friend. It’s thanks to you mother I have so many connections in the quarter in the first place. Besides, I hear catmen really like the color red.”

“They certainly do, that’s why they all love my mom!” Tael laughed, a soft, bubbling sound. Chell, Tael’s mother, had crimson red fur that glowed in the sunlight like a warm fire. Richard had seen all of it once when they had gone swimming together in a pond. The drops of water on the crimson hair made her glitter like rubies.

“Honestly Mr. Clayton, I don’t know if I can accept such a thing,” Tael said politely.

“Oh, I insist Tael!” Richard said, with a friendly smile. “I worked quite hard in making it, and I would be insulted if you don’t take it.” Tael’s eyes drifted between his smiling face and the necklace. It was clear she wanted to take it and was only refusing on principle.

“Well, I don’t want to be rude,” she finally relented. She gracefully took the bracelet from his hand. She marveled at it for a moment before pulling it open. One of the wings had a hinge that allowed the ring choker to open completely. “Do I just snap it closed?”

“Yes, and it should pop back open easily,” Richard explained. “If the latch ever stops working correctly, you can just come back to me and I’ll fix it for free. I hope it’s the right size. I used your mother for reference.”

“Thank you, Mr. Clayton. It’s beautiful.” Tael put one end of the circlet on her neck and brought the hinged section to a close. She had some little trouble getting it to snap closed and grumbled for a moment. Richard stood as still as a statue, not daring to move a single muscle. Finally, with a hollow pop, the choker closed. It fit her perfectly, sitting at the bottom of her neck.

“There we go!” Tael said, feeling the jewel with her padded fingers. “How does it-” Abruptly, her green eyes became unfocused. Her limbs were suddenly heavy, and there was no strength in her body. She found herself swaying back and forth, her knees failing. She could feel Richard hold her, keeping her from falling.

“Shhhh,” he cooed into her ear. “It’s okay, just relax.”

“Mr. Clayton…” she said in a weak voice. “What’s happening…?”

“You have nothing to worry about,” he said. She abruptly felt a sharp sting on her neck. She whined, but was unable to do anything. Richard continued to whisper soothing words into the ears on her head as her vision clouded and then went black.

Richard held the limp girl in his arms and craned his neck around. He stuffed the syringe he had used back into his bag, as if hiding evidence. If anyone saw him now, the needle wouldn’t be needed to tell something was wrong. He had spent an awful long time being polite and friendly. It was past time for his ride to have arrived. Fortunately, after only a few moments of waiting, a cart came trotting down the street. The driver, covered by a hood and cloak, was a human. He was a perfidious beast who did the dirty work for the local lords. He was well-suited for this situation. Richard motioned desperately towards the man, who grabbed a large bag from the cart and ran over.

“You’re late!” Richard hissed.

“Apologies,” the man in the hood replied. “There was a lot of traffic in the quarter.”

“Just get her in the bag, quickly!” Richard said. With the two of them, they stuffed the unconscious Tael into the large bag. The two of them hauled her to the cart, which was stacked with sacks of grain. They rearranged them, put her in the middle, and then covered her. For all intents and purposes, she was invisible. Richard hopped back out of the cart and began straightening his clothes.

“Take her to my house, use the back entrance,” Richard ordered.

“It will be done sir,” the man in the hood replied. He hopped back onto the cart and set off, turning his horse tightly around the dead-end and trotting back out into the common streets. Richard took a moment to collect himself. He smoothed out his hair, took a few deep breaths, and returned his face to its usual demeanor. He then began walking down the street again, whistling.


The beastmen had been a part of the human cities for many centuries. They had traditionally lived among the wild lands, those humans either would not, or could not, live in. Most of the ones in these wild placed still had more animalistic aspects to them. They had fur all over their bodies, fangs, and even animal faces. Some of the cowmen are even said to resemble a minotaur, rather than just being very curvy humans with horns. The longer they lived with humans, however, the more human they became, including in appearance.

The reason for this was not lost on the communities. Over time beastmen had either married humans, or wives had cheated on their spouses. The more human-like traits didn’t happen all at once, but over time. It was subtle enough for people to get away with it. Now the only ones with fur still commonly on their bodies were the catmen. About a century ago, the beastmen congress made a harsh and radical decision: complete separation.

Beastmen were much stronger than humans, even those that had become more human-like. The only exception were the mouskin, who were noticeably smaller and weaker. Some also had more animal-like senses and dexterity. This allowed them to be more skilled at certain crafts, including jewel cutting and blacksmithing. Because of this, the beastmen quarters of cities were always swarming with merchant activity. In order to help regulate this mass of trade and keep the peace, the beastmen in the cities formed a country-wide congress where elected representatives from said communities met every few months. A century ago this elected body, fearing the loss of their special skills through generations of breeding with humans (and perhaps not wanting to lose their racial identity) passed a ban against marrying or even engaging in sexual relations with humans. This ban was enforced harshly by the communities, with those that were guilty, even if they were already married to said humans, were exiled from the communities. Offenders were also shunned from any business in the quarter, sending many of them to poverty. Generations of beastmen grew up with this ban until it became part of the culture. Becoming friends with humans and doing business was one thing, but to lay with them became abhorrent. It got so bad that doing so was treated like it was disease, and the very thought of it disgusted them. So it had been for a century, and the beastmen quarters remained as they were. Although, none of the beastmen had taken into consideration the consequences of such actions.


Tael slowly began waking up. Her head was swimming in darkness and disorientation. She groaned as she peeled her eyes open. She saw a wooden roof she didn’t recognize, further confusing her. She slowly sat up, her body feeling heavy. She was on a bed in a dark room with very few decorations. There was a heavy wood door and blank walls. There were some tables around with normal items and a large armchair in the center of the room. Seated in that chair was Richard Clayton, lounging comfortably.

“Mr. Clayton?” Tael said groggily. That was when she realized something alarming. Her fur felt exposed. When she gazed down, she saw that she was only wearing her underwear, a bra and panties. She abruptly shrieked and covered herself. “Wha…! What’s the meaning of this!?”

Richard clicked his tongue on the roof of his mouth. “I apologize for doing this so suddenly, but I had run out of time. Honestly, I was divided between doing this to your mother or you, but after seeing you like this, I’m glad you answered the door. You are incredibly beautiful, more petite than your mother, but I somehow I find even more attractive.”

“You pig!” Tael cried. She grabbed the sheets from the bed to shield her body from him. “Where am I? Take me back home this instant!”

“I’m not going to do that, I’m afraid.” Richard leaned forward in his armchair. He laced his hands together in front of him. “Would you like to hear a little story?”


“It will help you understand what’s happening. You see, your mother and I aren’t just old friends. We were best friends, inseparable you might say. My family lived at a house literally next to the quarter’s wall, and your mother was rambunctious in her childhood. She would climb over the quarter’s walls just to fight with human boys. She was a force to be reckoned with. She would face down the neighborhood bullies without fear. Her bright red fur matched her fiery personality. She defended me from the other boys, and we became the best of friends.

“We did everything together. She even stayed at my house when she had fights with her parents. I can’t tell you how many days we spent playing, laughing, and having fun. When she grew into a teenager, her beauty exploded out of control. One of my most cherished memories is when we snuck out of the city and went swimming together. I didn’t know anything could be as beautiful as your mother was that day, wet and dripping in the sun. I was madly in love with her, and when she came of age, I told her as much. I even offered for us to run away together away from his city that would judge us.”

Richard held his arms open, as if in a giant shrug. “What was her reaction? “No. Absolutely not.” We were friends, but that was all we could be. Apparently she had felt that way the whole time. Suggesting that we could be more made her look at me as if I were a lunatic. A human and a catman together? Ridiculous. They would shun her from the quarter. She wouldn’t be able to do business there. She even told me that being with me would corrupt her, defile her so she couldn’t be a beastman anymore. I begged her to listen to me, but she wouldn’t hear of it. When I asked her why she simply said, “this is the way beastmen are. That’s the way things are Richard.” When I heard she was getting married I desperately tried to stop her. I even begged her on my knees, but she just got increasingly furious at me. This was what catmen women did when they reached a certain age, she said, and since I was acting like this, we couldn’t be friends anymore. It took me a long time to get back in her good graces. I managed to convince her that what I was actually worried about was that if she got married. If she were busy being married, we couldn’t work together in business. I wanted to be a jeweler and I needed connections in the beastmen quarter. She seemed to believe that, and we managed to be friends. She couldn’t comprehend love with a human, but business? My money? She was all over that. Still, it was never the same as it once was. I was on her periphery now, someone she met every once in a while on the street. “How are you? How’s business? Have you gotten married yet? Are you going to be a bachelor forever?” That kind of thing. Her words stabbed my heart, every day of my life.”

The human began pointing at Tael, his eyes narrowing. The woman began to feel fear creep up inside of her. There was something angry in his eyes, something hurt.

“Do you want to know the worst part, though?” he began, bitterly. “It was the look in her eyes when I told her that I loved her. We spent countless days together, knew everything about each other, and when I told her I loved her she looked as if I said something disgusting. It didn’t even occur to her to think about it. All that time, all those experiences, and she couldn’t even give it a moment’s consideration. She would lost her status in the quarter. That’s the thing with the beastmen. Your people have beat in the idea of being separate for so long that it’s ingrained within you. You’ve built walls not just around your quarter, but also in your minds. It’s amazing, really. So, after your mother got married, over twenty years ago now, I set about my work. I made it as if I wanted to be a jeweler. I began trading with the beastmen crafters, so it wouldn’t be odd to see me walking among them. In reality, I was studying magic. I wanted a way to remove your people’s strength so you wouldn’t have an advantage over us. I spent twenty years working. In the meantime however, you were born. You, a constant reminder of what I couldn’t have. Little did I know you would grow up to be so beautiful, just like your mother.”

“I’ve heard enough!” Tael cried. Her strength had returned to her after he had droned on and on. He was made about something from twenty years ago? It had nothing to with her! She jumped out of the bed and ran over to the large, wooden door. Wood would be no problem for a beastman, even one as young as her. She charged at the door and rammed her shoulder into it. The wood didn’t give way, and instead she went reeling backwards. She collapsed onto the ground, groaning and rubbing her shoulder. That didn’t make any sense! She had snapped metal spoons with her bare hands before! She suddenly saw a shadow looming over her. She turned her head slowly, her green eyes wide with fear.

“You weren’t listening closely enough,” Richard chided her. He leaned down and picked her up, holding her like one a wife over a threshold. Tael squirmed and tried to punch and kick him. Much to her shock and horror, it had no effect. It was like she were just a baby, with no strength at all. Richard easily carried her over to the bed and laid her upon it. He then crawled on top of her, hovering over her. She cringed, terrified.

“I said,” Richard continued. “I had been working on a way to take away your people’s strength. I took nearly twenty years, but I figured it out. There’s a special magic in your blood. It’s what grants you all your special abilities. I figured out a way to suppress it, by casting a spell on a piece of metal and enclosing it around your body.”

Tael gasped and reached up to her neck. The choker necklace was still there. She grabbed it with her furry paws and attempted to pull it apart, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Don’t bother,” Richard said, amused. “It’s enchanted to be unbreakable. You’re stuck that way, maybe forever.”

“Why are you doing this?” Tael demanded. “I have nothing to do with any of that!”

Richard lifted his hand towards her face. Tael cringed, expecting him to strike her. Instead he caressed her cheek, which in truth was almost worse.

“As I watched you grow into a beautiful young woman,” Richard began, softly. “I began to feel affection for you as well. I’m not sure if it’s because you resemble your mother so much, your youthful beauty, or your affectionate personality, and quite frankly I no longer care why. If standing by and watching you be handed off to some man was even a tenth as painful as it was when your mother did the same, I refuse to let it happen. So, I decided to save you.”

“Save me!?” Tael demanded. “Save me from wha-” Before she could finish, Richard shoved his face into hers and pressing their lips together. The cat girl attempted to twist herself away or push him off, but he was now far too strong. He easily pinned her arms down and forced her lips to stay. Tael squirmed helplessly as he happily cavorted against her mouth. His tongue pierced through her lips and wiggled around inside. Whether out of surprise or weakness, she didn’t bite it. She could feel his muscle coax around her own, as if enticing it to join it. She did her best to ignore the weirdly sensual sensation. When he separated from her, she snarled at him.

“I won’t give you what you want!” she said.

Richard only chuckled. He released one of her arms, which she attempted to use to push him off. It was ineffectual, and his hand drifted to her bra. It easily slipped underneath the cloth and touched her furry mounds. Tael blushed and tried squirming out of his grip. He was now too strong and too heavy.

“You’ll give it easily enough,” Richard whispered. “That’s the thing about you beastmen isn’t it? Once you start getting aroused, you’re like a tidal wave. You can’t be stopped. You’ll get horny whether you like it or not. Sex always leads to a climax, even for the women. That’s why your kinds are always in demand at brothels. I know, because I practiced plenty with those beastmen your people exiled. All you have to do is not get aroused, and I won’t get any pleasure out of this. Easy enough, right?” His fingers crawled all around her breast. They tested the elasticity and softness of her flesh. Her skin caved around his rampant touching, burying them in her warm fur. He could feel his erection become rock hard and throbbing in a matter of seconds. The sensation of her flesh was better than he ever could have imagined. His fingers closed around her peak and gently pinched. Tael let out a little whimper at the sharp sensation. Richard rolled the nub around between his index and thumb. He could feel it harden under his touch. He began panting with excitement, unable to contain himself. He used his other hand and seized her bra roughly. He ripped it apart easily, as if desperate. Tael attempted to use both of her hands to push him off now, but much to her dismay it was just as useless.

Richard lowered his head to her chest and enveloped his mouth around one of her ample mounds. Tael shrieked again, trying to push his head away. She could feel her fur beginning to stand up. The sensation of his hot mouth on her nipple was sending shivers down her body. She grit her teeth and tried to stuff it down. What Richard had said was correct, much to her consternation. If she got turned on, she wouldn’t be able to stop it. I was biological, for all beastmen. It would just build until she couldn’t stand it anymore, and she would be putty in his hands. Normally, beastmen were too strong to be assaulted by humans, but now? She had to stop it, but she was too weak to do anything. Richard began running his tongue over her sensitive peak. He could feel her sharp nub and bristling fur against his muscle. He loved the sensation. He greedily teased the sensitive flesh, causing the girl beneath him to whine and squirm harder. She was getting closer, closer to the moment where she would simply give in.

Richard abruptly switched breasts, closing his lips around the other nipple and suckling. Tael shrieked and her back arched, the sound was sweet music to Richard’s ears. He gently bit down on the nub and tugged it gently. He could feel Tael’s paws and claws crawling all over his head, unknown if they wanted to push him away or encourage him to keep going. Feeling what little strength she had sapping away, his hands made their way down her body. His fingers rifled across her short, pink fur, down her stomach and hips. He reached around her body and seized her two ass cheeks. They were just as plump as her breasts, his fingers sinking into the flesh.

“Stop it!” Tael whined. “Please!” She grabbed his shoulders and tried to push. She knew where he was heading, her tail. A beastman’s tail was a sensitive and private extension. Only the closest people, parents and spouses, could touch it. To have this man violate her by handling it would be a disgrace. As he suckled at her breasts, his hands crawled up her butt cheeks to her lower spine. He moaned a little with perverse pleasure as his fingers curled around her furry tail. Tael growled through her teeth and blushed almost as red as her fur. He caressed the bony extension, enjoying the feeling of it vibrating through her fur.

“I’ll never give in!” Tael cried. “Never!” Abruptly, he released her breast and tail. Initially confused, Tael tensed up when she saw that he was in her face again, grinning.

“Are you sure?” Richard asked with a smile. She could feel his fingers skating past the hem of her panties, reaching past her fur to her lower lips.

“No! Don’t!” Tael shrieked, grabbing his arm to stop him. She pulled with all of her might, but it accomplished nothing. Instead his fingers found her slit and probed around her entrance. She squeezed her eyes tightly in humiliation as Richard laughed.

“You’re already wet!” he said happily.

“It’s not like that!” she tried to say.

“It’s not is it?” he asked. One of his fingers entered her slit. Tael’s legs and hips twitched as he tested her hot depths. Her insides coiled around his finger, making his digit slick. He entered up to his second joint and began wiggling back and forth. Tael whined and attempted to push him away…but her pushes were now even weaker. This only emboldened Richard. He shuffled his way down her body, until his head was near her crotch. She made attempts to try and escape, but they were increasingly ineffectual. His ripped her panties away so he could see her pussy for himself.

It was a glorious sight for him. Her pink fur was a little lighter around the slit, likely to allow easier access for a male. The little hair was there was wet and clung to her skin. Her juices glistened in the faint light of the room. Completely thrilled, Richard reached up with his fingers and spread her open. Her insides were a deep pink as well, almost like her fur. The flesh was wet and throbbing, eager for attention. He was happy to oblige, as he leaned forward and placed his lips on her sensitive organ.

Tael arched her back and covered her mouth. She could feel streaks of pleasure shoot up her body as his mouth went to work on her pussy. Either he was incredibly skilled, or she was incredibly sensitive. Whatever it was, her entire body was heating up and her brain was getting fuzzy. She knew what this was. Her body was taking over. Her tail was twitching against the sheets, a sign that she was now officially horny. She was being thrown in heat and was helpless to stop it. Richard extended his tongue and began lapping at her flesh and juices. Tael whined against her hand and her hips bucked. Her fur was standing straight up at this point, as if enjoying what was happening. Her pussy fed his tongue with coat after coat of her juices, as her body was officially in control. Her face was now stuck at a blush, so she covered her eyes with her arm, completely humiliated.

Richard then noticed that her clit had emerged from its hood. He took it as a sign that he had officially won. She was completely aroused. To celebrate his victory, he pulled his mouth from her folds and brought his tongue to the sensitive button. The moment his muscle made contact, her hips pushed forward and her whole body jerked. A sharp bolt of pleasure rocked her body at the sharp attack. She screamed against her hand, unable to handle the stimulation. Enjoying her reaction, Richard mercilessly attacked the nub with his tongue, alternating between flicking and smothering it with his whole muscle. Two of his fingers found their way back to her slit, which were now soaked. They easily slipped inside and began pumping back and forth. Tael shook her head furiously as sensations assaulted her body. Her body was surrendering to the pleasure this man was giving her, a man as old as her father! Her mind was now completely clouded. Her insides were throbbing and beginning to itch, desperate for stimulation. His fingers weren’t enough, and they didn’t fill her up near enough. She needed more! She needed something to extinguish this fire!

Then Richard stopped. Just as Tael was reaching the heights of pleasure, he pulled himself away. For a moment, Tael waited, expecting his next action of pleasure to come. It didn’t. She slowly pulled her arms away from her face. She was a mess, covered in sweat and spit. In that state, however, Richard found her even more beautiful. He just hovered over her, a wicked grin on his face. He had taken off his pants, and his dick was poking towards her. It was big, even for a human. Still, he didn’t move, his erection throbbing at the air. Tael knew what he wanted, and some part of her that still had reason screamed at her not to give it to him. Richard wanted her to ask for it, to beg. It would give him the ultimate gratification. He would get everything he wanted. Even worse, Tael would have had sex with a human! That was the ultimate crime for a beastman. It meant exile from the community and the refusal to do business. She would have no choice but to marry a human and live with her sin, or worse become a prostitute. She would be corrupted, diseased, and without right to call herself a beastman. She fought against the desire with all of her might, biting her lip to the point of pain to try and restore her sanity. It did her no good. The boulder had started rolling down the hill. With his tongue no longer pleasing her, the throbbing and itching was increasing by the second. In fact, Richard was enjoying the sight of her pussy, which was throbbing open and closed, as if pleading for him. He was actually enjoying watching her wage a war against her body. Tael’s thoughts became cloudy and murky. Her insides felt like they were crawling with the itchiest thing imaginable. Her fluids were oozing out of her folds, dribbling down onto the sheets. Finally, her reasoning melted away. She couldn’t take it, not for another moment!

“Please!” she cried, tears going down her eyes. “Please put it in me! I can’t take it anymore! I want something, anything, in me! Please! I beg you! Don’t do this to me anymore!”

Richard’s eyes softened and he almost looked as if he pitied her. He leaned over her body and began stroking her head, like one would a pet. He delicately kissed her on the lips, a sentiment she now returned, eagerly.

“Alright, my love,” he said sweetly. “I didn’t mean to tease you so hard. Get on all fours, I’ve always wanted to do that.” Tael quickly obeyed, flipping onto her back and propping herself up. Her tail stood straight up, giving him easy access. She also spread her hips apart, her juices dribbling down her legs and soaking her pink fur. Richard marveled at the sight for a moment, enjoying the beauty of it. Then he got on his knees behind her. Tael whined, wagging her butt back and forth. The feeling inside of her was unbearable, like a thousand feathers tickling her all at once while her insides squeezed around them. Richard ran his hands over her amble butt for a moment, enjoying the feeling of her fur one more time. Then he brought the head of his dick to her folds. He rubbed them around the entrance, coating in her scent. Tael only whined, pushing back on his hands and trying to shove him inside. Richard chuckled for a moment, took a deep breath, and began shoving his dick inside of her, destroying her right to be a beastman.

The moment his hot rod reached the end of her canal, Tael practically bellowed. Her voice slowly lowered to a quiet groan as her eyes rolled and her body twitched. She finally had sweet relief, as the crazy, aching sensations were replaced by soft pleasure. Richard, despite his joy at finally being inside of her, held himself still. He could feel her canal clamp on him several times, as if trying to pull him deeper. He let her bask in the glow of finally having his shaft in her folds.

“Do you like it, my love?” he asked sweetly.

“Yes…” Tael whined, dreamily.

“It’s only going to get better.” Richard pulled his dick back and slammed it forward. Tael shrieked and her claws gripped at the bedding. Rampant sparks of pleasure shot across her body. Her tail was practically vibrating, as if enticing her mate to continue. Richard was happy to oblige, pumping his hips. Her fluids coated his dick with every thrust, making her insides slicker by the second. Each time their hips met, she pushed back against him, encouraging him to go deeper and harder. Richard loved the sights and sounds in front of him. When their flesh met, there was a pleasant, wet slapping noise that echoed around the room. Her ass also jiggled through her fur with the vibration, which he found adorable. He began pounding into her harder, just to get them to shake more.

Tael’s tail vibrated in his face, as if to tease him into going faster. Richard initially batted it away, but got an idea. He pulled it against his body and began to stroke it as he drilled into her. The moment he did, Tael began to groan toward the ceiling. Her sensitive tail was even more moreso in her current state. Coupled with his merciless pounding of her pussy, it was making her addled brain even more overwhelmed. Drool began to escape her mouth as her eyes widened.

“No! I can’t take it!” she screamed. “Not my tail! Please, it’s too much!”

“It’s okay,” Richard said. “Go crazy. Just let it all out.” The waves of pleasure across Tael’s body increased to a fever pitch. Her pussy tingled and clamped as she went stiff. Her tail went stiff in Richard’s hand as her hips quivered. Then, with a scream and an arch of her back, her canal convulsed on Richard’s shaft. Her fluids gushed around his girth as stars exploded in her brain. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over her as her natural instincts that he started rolling finally coalesced around her peak. She bucked and twitched against Richard for several more moments, trying to extend her outburst. Then she finally let go, her upper body resting against the bed as she panted for breath.

Richard was far from over, however. She could feel his body lay across hers. One of his hands went to her breast, which he lovingly kneaded. The other stayed on her tail, which he continued to stroke. She could feel his teeth biting down gently on one of her ears, another sensitive area. Then he began pumping his hips once again. The moment he did, Tael’s body instantly began throwing streaks of pleasure back to her brain. She began shrieked, having not recovered from her last peak.

“Please, wait!” she whined. “It’s too much! No more! No more!”

“I told you,” Richard said through his teeth as they delicately grinded against her ear. “You can go crazy. I want to see it.” His entire body grinded against her, pierced her, and stroked her. Tael’s natural instincts went into overdrive and were overwhelming her brain. She felt as if she were drowning, as her entire body assaulted her with sensation. She couldn’t think and she could barely breathe. All she could do was moan and shriek, more animal than man. Her pussy poured fluids and tightened around Richard’s dick once again. The man himself was in heaven. The feel of her hot canal tightening around him, her fur against his skin, and her sweet moans drove him mad. He knew he couldn’t last much longer, but he had hoped to drive her to another peak before then. He increased all of his movements even harder, practically jerking off her tail in the process. Tael bit onto the sheets with her teeth and screamed. Her feet pushed against the bed and her nails were tearing apart the fabric. Then in one glorious moment, all of Richard’s caressing movements pushed her over the edge. She went rigid and arched her back like last time, but Richard held her in place. He felt her body bow with every gush of her pussy. He listened to her heavenly screams as she clamped around his dick like a vice. He could feel his balls begin to twitch and his legs shake. He desperately fucked her choking pussy, trying to reach his own eruption.

For several moments, Tael forgot everything; what was happening, where she was, or even who she was. Her mind whited out as her body crawled with hyper-sensitive pleasure. This was the effect of someone who knew how to use beastmen’s natural instincts. Someone who had practiced how to manipulate them and knew how to wring every possible drop of pleasure out of their bodies. Tael was completely lost in pleasure, as every gush of her fluids caused her body to convulse and her brain to blank out. When her senses returned, she was laying on the bed flat on her stomach. She could feel that her legs were still spread, and someone was still pounding into her pussy. It took a few moments to gather her wits, but once she had them, she got a rude awakening.

“I’m cumming!” Richard groaned. The way he was moving it was clear he had no intention of stopping. Tael’s eyes shot open in panic. She tried to move, but her body was completely limp and unresponsive. She had no strength left.

“No…don’t….” she groaned weakly. She was ignored. Richard slammed against her and groaned. In her ultra-sensitive state, she could feel it, every movement every nerve. His dick slammed deep into her. It swelled and twitched. Then, in a horrifying moment, something warm gush inside of her. Richard bucked his hips against her and moaned into her ear. Thick globs of his seed poured into her like a fountain, as if he had been backed up for years. Tael squeezed her eyes shut and cried as she felt her insides fill to the brim with his warm essence. It oozed around where they met, joining her fluids in soaking the bed sheets. Richard pumped his dick back and forth a few times after that, getting a lasting feeling of the pussy he had just seeded. Finally, he pulled himself free. The worst part of it all, was that Tael shivered as he did so. It felt good. Having his warm semen inside of her felt good. Richard leaned down and placed loving kisses on her neck and nuzzled one of her ears.

“That felt amazing, my love,” he cooed. “I can’t wait to do it again.” He then got off the bed. Tael laid there for a while, crying. It hadn’t been a bad experience, far from it was the most pleasurable she ever had. She was more terrified of the implications. She was no longer welcome in the beastman’s quarter. If she got pregnant that was even worse. Everywhere she went she would be labeled a whore for being an unwed mother. She would have no choice but to be a prostitute! He had doomed her. Richard had ruined her. Tired of just laying there and feeling his semen leak out of her, she sat up and wiped her eyes. She saw that Richard and put his clothes back on. He was also combing his hair, as if making himself presentable again. Tael glared daggers at him and covered herself with the soiled sheets.

“They’ll come for me!” she said. Richard turned towards her, staring wordlessly. “Even if I can’t be a beastman anymore, my parents will come for me! They’ll kill you for what you’ve done!”

Richard clicked his tongue on the roof of his mouth again. “I had hoped our love would have softened you a bit.”

“There is no love! You forced this on me!” Tael accused.

Richard sighed and shook his head. He laid the brush on the table and walked back to the bed. Tael scuttled backwards, but he only sat on the edge.

“Tael,” he began, almost sounding solemn. “when I said I saved you, I meant it.”

“What nonsense is that? You didn’t save me! You kidnapped me!”

“To save you. I could only save one.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Look around you,” Richard motioned at the walls and ceiling. “This is a huge room of a huge house. I told you I’ve been working on those collars for twenty years. How do you think I afforded this house?”

“You…bought and sold jewels…”

“No, I just bought them. I was working on enchanting them, which I succeeded in doing, by the way. I was being funded, my love.”

She wanted to snap at him for calling her that, but fear was creeping up in her.


“I’m not the only one who had a problem with the beastmen. Your kind have long skirted tax laws, cornered entire industries, and refused to play ball with humans. What race are the nobility of this country? Humans. Humans occupy all the positions of power. They had a vested interest in seeing beastmen put in their place. They funded my research, and when I started getting results, they showered me with silver and I even bought this house. Once I succeeded fully, they offered me a lordship. I’m going to be an earl soon, with a manor out in the country. It’s a lovely place. It will have plenty of space for us.”

“This is insane, I’m not going with you! My people will not stand for these collars! Once we see what you’re making-”

“We’ve already made them,” Richard interrupted.


“We’ve been planning this for years now. The nobles have been making these collars in secret by the tens of thousands. They’ve also pressured the king to look the other way while they do it. All the cities are going to coordinate and they’re going to attack the districts. When your people separated yourselves and built up your walls, you also prevented yourselves from having powerful friends. That was the mistake you made. You’re alone, and you never even noticed the people conspiring against you. Because of all my efforts, they allowed me to go into the district early and get someone out, the day before all of the cities seize them. I’m actually glad. You’re a beautiful girl, and you’ll make a wonderful wife.”

“I’ll never…! You bastard!” Tael screamed angrily. “I’ll get out of here before tomorrow! I’ll tell everyone!”

Pity filled Richard’s eyes. He reached over and patted her clenched hands, almost sweetly.

“Oh my sweet Tael,” he began. “You’ve been asleep for a long time.”

“Wh…what?” Her eyes widened and the breath left her body.

“It’s already tomorrow. It’s been tomorrow for a while now. Getting to be with you was a reward for myself for the operation starting.”

Tael went pale as the blanket dropped from her body. Abruptly she felt lightheaded and her heart pounded in her ears.

“You…can’t…slavery is illegal!”

“Not as of today. The nobles involved in this are powerful. They pressured the king to make an edict this morning. Beastmen are now property.”

Tael felt sick to her stomach. She lifted her hand to her face and covered her mouth. He had to be lying…it had to be a trick! Richard sighed again and pat her hand again, as if placating a child. He stood up and walked to the wooden door. He took a key from his pocket and unlocked it. He partially opened it before turning back.

“I realize this must be a shock, but everything will be fine. I’m going to take good care of you, my love. Although technically a slave, you’re really my wife and I’ll treat you like one. It’ll take a while to get used to, but you’ll adjust. I’ll just leave you with your thoughts for now. I’ll be back with food later. Until then, get some rest.” He went through the doorway and shut it behind him, locking it. Tael was too shocked to attempt an escape. Tears went down her face as she curled up into a ball. There was nothing she could do. She was completely helpless, and there was nothing she could do to stop what was happening. It was just as Richard had felt when her mother married someone else.

Richard walked the streets of his city, whistling. The place was deserted, with all the people having been told to stay inside. Richard took a necklace from his pocked and put it on. He then strolled towards the beastmen quarter, or what used to be. As he approached the entrance, he saw an entire battalion of soldiers. They were arranged in a square in the doorway, shields out. It was a shield square, in case any tried to escape from inside. They didn’t look as if they had seen any action. Richard casually approached the entrance until one of the soldiers noticed him. He alerted some of the others and in a flash, three spears were pointed at him.

“Back into your house, sir!” one of the soldiers cried. “No one is allowed on the streets or in the beastmen’s quarter! By order of the duke!” Richard looked a little annoyed and lifted the necklace he was wearing. There was a golden symbol on the end. The guard instantly flinched and lowered his spear. “Forgive me, sir! I didn’t see it! Would you like entry?” Richard nodded. The soldier motioned for the others to part. One of his comrades looked confused.

“Why does he get to go in?” he asked.

“He’s one of the duke’s chosen! That’s why he has the necklace! He gets to go where he wants! Now get out of the way!” The soldiers parted their formation and allowed Richard passage. They then resumed the square once he was through.

Richard scanned the area. Most of the work was clearly done. A few of the houses were on fire, but not many. Armored knights were swarming the area, leading beastmen by chains. Most of them were wearing bracelets and not necklaces. Richard had figured that the wrists would be easier to get to than the neck. It looked as if hundreds had already been rounded up in the square. They were either crying, laying stupefied, or passed out from the effects of Richard’s magic. As his eyes drank up the scene, he spotted a familiar person…or rather a body. He sighed and walked over, squatting.

It was Marl, the wolfman from the bar. He was lying in the square, his head had been split wide open. He never even got a bracelet or necklace on him. He had died fighting, which Richard found noble in a way, but also sad because it was futile. Marl had been the first live beastman he had experimented on. The wolfman would try on the bracelet and then test his strength to show Richard’s results. The human would then pay him some silver and the beastman would be on his way, back to the bar. It took a lot of years for Richard to finally start getting the spell right. He had told Marl that it was for prisoners or the insane, to allay suspicion. They would never use it on regular people, Richard assured him. The wolfman had trusted Richard, which made the human pity the wolfman. Marl even brought other beastmen of different species to try the magic out, to see if it worked on all of them. The wolfman had unwittingly been helping Richard subdue his species. The human supposed it was the least Marl could do, to die fighting that is. With heavy sigh, Richard reached over and closed Marl’s eyes, letting him rest. Once he stood back up, he heard hoofbeats behind him. He turned around to see a man on said horse, dressed in elaborate armor.

“Richard, so happy you could join us, finally!” the man in the armor cried. He laughed at his own words and wrangled his horse. Richard returned the laugh and bowed.

“I’m happy to see everything went to plan, my liege,” he replied. “This quarter will now go back to you, my duke, as it should be.”

The duke laughed again and turned his head towards the district. Most of the area had been cleared, although there were still a few holdouts. The first few hundred were in the square, but thousands more still had to be moved out.

“I must say,” the duke began, turning back to Richard. “this is going swimmingly, thanks to you work.”

“I live to serve at your leisure.” Richard replied with a smile.

“And my silver, no doubt!” the duke chided. Both of them laughed again.

“Yes, well the title didn’t hurt either, my lord.” Richard added.

“You’ve earned it. That lands been in limbo for years anyway, I was tired of dealing with it. I’ll get way more in my pocket from this area now that these beasts have been subdued. Although…” The duke cast a glance toward Richard, kind of accusatory. “I was actually kind of surprised you went along with this. You’ve been around beastmen your whole life. You’ve done work with them, eaten with them, drank with them, yet you made all of this possible, why?”

Richard sighed for a moment, as if weighing his answer. “I just came to a realization long ago.”

“And what’s that?”

Their conversation was interrupted. A woman broke away from the group being brought into the square. She was still cuffed with Richard’s bracelet, but managed to outrun the armored knight. She didn’t run for the gate. Instead she made directly for Richard. When she stopped in front of him, Richard flinched. It was Chell, tearstains running down her cheek.

“Richard!” she cried. “Richard please! Help us!” The knight who was leading her seized her chain and jerked.

“Wait,” Richard ordered. The knight glanced up at the duke, who held his hand in assent, and everyone stayed.

“Tael went missing last night!” Chell sobbed. “It was before the knights came! We searched for her everywhere, and couldn’t find her! You have to find her! Please, you have to help us! Plead on our behalf to the duke, I beg of you!”

Richard stared at her for a long time. Her fiery red fur was now muted, likely from ashes and dirt. She appeared about a decade younger than him, in her thirties, thanks to the longer beastmen lifespan…but all the same she had started to age. Maybe it was because Richard had just spent an amazing day with her younger, beautiful, more nubile daughter that he noticed her aging. Lines were beginning to form on Chell’s mouth and eyes. For some odd reason, Richard resented those forming wrinkles. His mother, before she died, had told him that lines on the face of the one you loved were important. They were the history of their life together. Each line represented the years you had spent together as a couple. Those lines were precious. The lines on Chell’s face? They represented the time she spent apart from him. The time she spent with her husband who was chosen for her. The person she barely knew that she chose to be with rather than him. Perhaps that was why he felt so cold in that moment, why he hated those lines.

Richard clicked his tongue on the roof of his mouth and took a step away from her. “I’m sorry Chell, no. Absolutely not. This is the way beastmen are. That’s just how things are.” Her face fell and her eyes widened. He could tell…she knew where he got those words, and what they meant. For a few brief moments, he stared at her coldly, enjoying her expression. Then he waved at the knight, who jerked her chain and dragged her back to the others. Richard watched her solemnly walk for a few moments, before turning back to the duke, who was grinning.

“That feel good?” the noble asked.

“Very,” Richard replied. “To answer your question, I just realized that life is something you take. You don’t get rich by accident, you don’t end up with your wife by accident, and you don’t end up happy by accident. Letting things just pass you by only means you missed moments of your life you could have taken ahold of. I saw my opportunity to get something I wanted, money, titles…a woman, and I took it.” He motioned towards the beastmen. “All of them be damned. They would do the same. They did the same. A beastman woman won’t marry a human because that wouldn’t get her what she wanted. I just took what I wanted when I could. It’s that easy.”

The duke let out yet another laugh and lowered the visor on his helmet. “You’ll make a good earle Richard!” He motioned with his sword in the air. “Let’s get these beasts moving! We have to make room for the others before we start selling!”

Richard simply turned his back to them and walked away, back towards the human side of the city. He was no soldier. He couldn’t help with this, and the duke knew that and let him go. What Richad did was cold-blooded, even he knew that. Still, he didn’t feel bad it, not really. He felt bad for some people though. He felt bad for Marl, a simple man he used and got killed. He felt bad for Tael, who will mourn the mother and father she will likely never see again. He also felt bad for the old and the sick in town, who were likely killed because they were useless. He had pity for them, but as for starting this whole thing? He didn’t feel bad at all. He saw what he wanted, and he got the opportunity to take it. The duke, and lords all over the country, saw their opportunity to get what they wanted, and they took it. Some people had to suffer, but that’s always the case, isn’t it? Chell wanted to maintain her status in the quarter and rejected him. She wanted it, she took it, and he suffered. Now the shoe was on the other foot. It wasn’t any different, not really.

As Richard walked back to his house, he whistled through the empty streets. They would likely be a lot busier soon, as new jewelers, blacksmiths, and other craftsmen would pop up to fill the void. Maybe they would even buy some of the beastmen and put them to work. Either way, Richard wouldn’t be around to see it. He would retire to his manor in the country, with his new, stunning wife Tael. The ugly chapter that defined the past twenty years of his life finally over.