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A Lifetime With You

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The first time I met him, he was six and I was seven years old.

It was a boring school day, everyone was still struggling with reading the sad story of ''The Nightingale and the Rose''. It was a stupid story where a bird sacrificed himself to make a white rose become red for his human friend. Who desperately wanted a red rose to give to his crush.

Quite a brutal story for first graders, but it was interesting.

''Are you done reading the story, Sasuke-kun?'' Sakura smiled sweetly at him. Of all people, he had to be sitting next to her.  

He only nodded in response.

‘’Then can you help me read it? There is this part-’’ She trailed off as the classroom door swung open, hitting the wall with a loud bang.

Just like that, Sasuke's peaceful, calm world shattered within seconds as a young boy stepped into the classroom. Bright sunshine hair, shocking orange shirt, and a wide grin was spread on his glowing face as he introduced himself loudly.

''I'm Uzumaki Naruto! I'm smarter than all of you!'' He declared. 

Everyone was stunned at the sudden thunder that broke the peace. 

Ugh , was my first thought. He's going to be annoying. Really annoying. And loud.

''Well, Naruto, what a very...interesting introduction. yYou can sit there.'' Kakashi, their teacher, motioned to the empty chair in front of Sasuke's.

Oh great, I will have this bright ball of energy in front of me for the whole year.

He really felt like punching him. He didn’t know why.

He just really, really hoped this Norato or something did not turn around and try to talk to him-

''Hey! I'm Naruto, what's yours?'' Naruto grinned, big enough to show all his wobbly and missing teeth.

Curse you, mother nature. 

Sasuke barely stopped himself from gagging. He decided the best course of action is to pretend to not have heard him.

''Hello??'' Naruto waved a hand in front of his face.

Sasuke exhaled and finally decided to meet the boy’s eyes for the first time.

Black met stunning blue.

For a moment, he couldn't conjure a smart sentence and sat there like an idiot. Then Sakura's voice broke him of his trance and he mentally slapped himself.

''Sasuke-kun?'' She said worriedly.

What was that?

Composing himself for a second, he stated coldly, ''I don't care who you are, nor do I wish to be friends.'' Maybe a little too coldly. He looked at the boy and watched as his grin slowly vanished.

A very tiny part of him regretted that. But he pushed it away. He didn’t need friends. All he needed were his studies, that’s it.

''Is that a challenge?''

''Huh?'' Sasuke narrowed his eyes when he saw that Naruto was smiling again, determined.

Is he an idiot?

''Then I'll become your friend no matter what!'' Naruto declared, throwing his finger up in the air.

Did I just...dig my own grave?

And that’s how Naruto and Sasuke met.