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Out Of the Ashes

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Two weeks.

It has been two weeks since Rachel and Oliver had gone to Cambridge to visit their old family and no one has heard a word from them since. It was driving Magnus insane. He was worried for his adopted sister and he had half a mind to portal to the Institute himself and demand to see her. Alec quickly convinced him otherwise and had left the house this morning with a promise to contact the Head there and see how they were doing.

Alec left for work approximately five hours and thirty seven minutes ago, taking the boys with him to drop off at the Alicante academy for school. With everyone gone Magnus had no one to distract him from his thoughts. He paced around the house, repeatedly running his hands nervously through his hair, not caring that he was ruining his perfectly styled spikes.

What if something bad happened to them? The Cambridge Institute would have contacted Isabelle if something did. Right? It was Cambridge’s duty to contact a Shadowhunters current Head of any health changes or injuries and Isabelle would have called him or Alec if that were the case. That did not stop him from worrying, though.

A loud whooshing sound was heard behind him and he quickly shot his arm up to catch the fire message in his hand. He brought it down and noticed Alec’s familiar handwriting.

Come to my office. Quickly.

Feeling his stomach dropping, Magnus summoned a portal and ran through it to come out in front of Alec’s office door. Without even a second thought, he burst through the door to see Alec sitting on the edge of his desk, in front of two figures that were sitting in his guest chairs. They turned and Magnus let out a relieved sigh when he saw both Rachel and Oliver safe and sound.

“Magnus!” Rachel cried and ran to him, wrapping her arms tightly around his waist.

Magnus squeezed her back just as tightly and pressed his cheek against the top of her head. “I was so worried about you, saudara.”

Rachel leaned back and opened her mouth to say something, but stopped when Magnus gasped and took her face in his hands. She had a large, dark, black and blue over her right eye. A large bruised welt on her forehead and a split lip.

“What the fuck?” Magnus growled and looked over her shoulder at Oliver to see him in a similar beat up state. “What the hell happened?”

Alec sighed and raised his hand to beckon the warlock closer. Rachel pulled away and took her seat next to Oliver while Magnus went into his husbands arms. Together, they faced the two young shadowhunters.

“Izzy called me today because she could not get in contact with the Cambridge institute and Lydia was not able to contact anyone there either, so I was about to go and see what was happening when these two showed up here,” Alec informed Magnus, who nodded.

“What happened?” Magnus demanded to know who hurt his family so he could hurt them.

“It was all fine at first,” Oliver began. “My family was behaving pretty decently, even though they refused to apologize for anything. They kept trying to give us reasons on why we should come back and that they would forgive us for what we had done and that we could put it all behind us.”

Rachel crossed her arms and rolled her eyes.

“It was Jack who was the issue. He kept shoving us into walls and going to far during sparing.”

“It wasn’t just us either,” Rachel chimed in. “I was talking to a lot of people and apparently he’s been nasty to almost everyone there the past couple years and it’s only been getting worse. He’s even formed his own group inside the institute that follow behind him like lap dogs. We tried to tell Arthur about it, but he dismissed us. Everyone says he’s in denial about what’s been going on in his institute.”

Magnus had a bad feeling in his gut. Something was telling him that this was not right, that there was something going on behind the scenes in that institute. “I don’t like this.”

Shaking his head, Alec agreed. “I think I’m going to pay Arthur a visit and see what’s going on there myself. I did not have much authority when Jack was sent back, so I just asked that he had an eye kept on him, but now. . . now I’m gonna get to the bottom of this and put a stop to whatever is going on.”

Oliver shifted uncomfortably in his chair and leaned his elbow on the arm. “Something is wrong there. The way people kept looking at us, looking at each other. There’s something going on that we were not in on and I’m afraid that it has something to do with my family and that scares me.”

Rachel reached out and took his hand in hers. It pained them that the family they grew up with was changing, that they were possibly involved in something that they should not be. “It will be okay, Ollie.”

Alec nodded. “Okay, why don’t you two go home, get something to eat and check in with Izzy. She’s been worried sick about you.”

They nodded and stood, taking the time to hug the older men before they made their way towards the door. They could feel the tension in the young couple and they swore that they would do whatever they could to put them at ease.

“Let us know if you find out anything, Alec,” Rachel asked. “Please.”

“Of course. As soon as I find anything out I’ll let you know.”

They watched the two walk hand in hand to the permanent portals and disappear into the one leading to New York. Sighing, Alec made his way back into the office, Magnus shutting the door behind them as he followed behind. He watched his husband make his way over to couches and flop down hard on top of the leather, hands coming up to rub over his face.

Magnus smiled sadly and went over to join him. “We knew it was a bad idea to let them go in the first place,” he commented as he crawled on top of his husband and buried his face in his neck.

Alec’a arms came down to wrap around the older man and squeezed him tightly. “Was I to lenient on Jack when he was in New York?”

Magnus hummed and kissed his neck. “Maybe. He was young and you were giving him the benefit of the doubt. You wanted to give him a chance and he did not take it. That’s on him, not you. He’s an adult now and whatever repercussions he gets he deserves. You’ll figure it out, my love.”

“I hope so. I just hate seeing those two constantly in pain over this.”

Magnus could not help but agree. Oliver and Rachel have been mentally abused almost their whole lives and, now that they finally got out, they were still getting backlashes from the family they left behind. This was why Magnus did not want them to leave. He wanted them to stay as far away from that institute and those in it for the rest of their lives.

“I’m going to Cambridge tomorrow,” Alec whispered, closing his eyes. “I need to figure this out as soon as I can. For Oliver and Rachel’s sake if nothing else.”

Magnus agreed. Oliver and Rachel were their family now. It was their responsible and their need to protect them.

And they will. Whatever it takes.