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The morning was colder than usual, maybe it was Lan WangJi's heart that was being reflected. He put his brush down like was doing for countless times previously and crumpled the paper, he has made a mistake again. Sighing he got out of the library, his mood was not only gloomy but prickly as well. 

Today Wei WuXian leaves. 

It's been a year since he came here, a year since their engagement, the year when Lan WangJi has been the happiest. As he walked outside he felt his pheromones getting out of control causing people around him to flinch, he quickly walked towards the garden where he put his rabbits. 

The morning classes were just over, the farewell arrangements of the guest disciples were just about done. After the final announcement of results, they will leave. Lan WangJi huffed, but his annoyance melted away as soon as the figure lying on the grass. Wei WuXian was sleeping peacefully under the Mongolia tree, the leaves created a veil stopping the sunlight to reach his eyelids but highlighted his lips, his neck, the edge of his robe and his fingertips. Lan WangJi sighed, his chest felt tight. Today was the last day he will see him like this, in his house relaxed content like this. The alpha sat down and Wei WuXian's nose twitched, his eyelids fluttered and he smiled when he saw Lan WangJi, "Lan Zhan!" His voice was raspy. Then titled his head, "Why are you so distressed?" His betrothed asked. Lan WangJi's ears burned, this was stupid. Getting all bothered because Wei WuXian will leave, they are engaged already to be married. It's not like Wei WuXian will never return, Sect Leader Jiang said they both will visit Lotus Pier and Cloud recesses in every occasion as they did in last new year but Lan WangJi's heart was still wrenching whenever he thought about not seeing Wei WuXian every day, like this. 

"Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan please don't feel sad" Wei WuXian gripped his hand, he was sitting up, "We will visit each other and exchange letters I promise!" Wei WuXian swore holding up three fingers. "But if you make that face I won't be able to leave with ease." Wei WuXian's eyes were full of sorrow. Lan WangJi nodded, Wei WuXian flashed a smile that made his heart stutter and circled his arms around Lan WangJi's middle. They cuddled till Jiang WanYin called Wei WuXian back to pack his things. 


"Let me help" Lan XiChen looked up. Jiang WanYin was standing with his hand outstretched, for a second Lan XiChen was confused before the other alpha titled his head towards the heavy boxes of food and sweets he was about to pick up. "No no it is alright Young Master Jiang." Lan XiChen smiled, "It is not heavy at all." Jiang WanYin frowned, "This is a mountain of boxes how come?" Lan XiChen grimaced, now how he was supposed to explain about the headstands he and his brother did as punishment. Jiang WanYin, however, didn't look convinced he still look the boxes and winced, "Older Lan this is really heavy, why were you lying? Isn't it forbidden?" Jiang WanYin's words look him off guard for some reason. "Ah actually to me it is not heavy at all" He picked up twice of Jiang WanYin's boxes and the other man gaped, "Wow Gusu Lan sect sure feed their heirs some tonic or something." He murmured. 

They walked in silence till Lan XiChen opened his mouth, "WangJi was sulking all day" He said, Jiang WanYin scoffed, "My brother isn't any better, he cannot show it because he has an image to keep but as soon as we will reach lotus pier he will be back causing mischief." Lan XiChen's eyes widened, "Young Master Wei causing mischief?" His voice was laced with surprised, Jiang WanYin rolled his eyes, "He isn't a pretty and docile omega like he makes everyone think he is." Lan XiChen shook his head, "Well I am aware he is not he is really admirable but you said he is mischievous that is hard to imagine." Jiang WanYin was now giving a huge grin, " Well you can come to lotus pier unannounced one day and see by yourself." Lan XiChen laughed, "Then it's a deal." Jiang WanYin nodded, "Deal". 


The Jiang sect arrived after Nie sect bid their goodbyes, Nie Mingjue relatively satisfied with Nie Huaisang's results but whacked a slap behind his brother's head when he heard Wei WuXian was among top three. "Learn a thing or two something from him." He had said, Jiang Cheng had laughed his ass off silently but Wei WuXian just smiled uneasily and bowed back. Lan Qiren was very very satisfied with his progress, per se. He ranked second, right after Lan WangJi, something that was expected from GusuLan's future bride. Even though he broke some rules, the old man ignored everything and boasted to his uncle that how much of a capable -not only cultivator- but an omega he was. Wei WuXian could see pride blooming in his uncle's eyes, "Jiang WanYin is right after his older brother." Wei WuXian grabbed his brother's hand from beside him. His brother has ranked third right after him and he feared that this might open new anxiety in his brother's heart. Jiang Cheng just gave him a squeeze, "Even though they master in different skill and it will be such an unfair comparison, I must say from what Lan XiChen's report has described Jiang WanYin has full potential and it is showing now." At the end Sect Leader, Jiang Fengmian left with his heart swelled by the pride of his two son's praise that Wei WuXian feared that he might burst.

After the students have their final meals together, then the farewell, then the two engaged family's meal, it was finally time to depart. There was a lump in his throat whenever he saw Lan WangJi, the alpha was not any better while eating a meal he had desperately gripped his fingers intertwining them together under the table. Even though his face didn't betray anything Wei WuXian knew he was sulking, the picking of food with the chopsticks was the proof. Finally when he retreated in his room to put his luggage outside so that someone will take them Jiang Cheng came in and pulled him again, this time he didn't ask. This time he wasn't needed to be guided, as soon as he saw the man standing right there, repeating the actions from their engagement night, this time with less uncertainty in his eyes, his legs moved on his own. 

Arms wrapped around his waist as he pressed his nose in the crook of his neck. The smell of sandalwood, the rapid heartbeat made him sob in despair. Silent tears flowed from his eyes as he scented the man again and again. It's stupid to any rational brain, they were engaged to be married, they were not runaway lovers who were supposed to hide their affection, they can write letters, visit each other, no one will stop them. Yet right now his world was shattering with the mere thought of not seeing Lan WangJi anymore, that he won't see him in class anymore, he won't see him meditate in the garden anymore, he won't see him copying scripts in the library anymore. His heart was clenching. "Wei Ying" Lan WangJi called him, he will miss this voice as well. Lan WangJi tried to put distance enough to look at his face but Wei WuXian refused to let go, "Wei Ying." Lan WangJi tried again, this time Wei WuXian obliged. When they looked at each other's eyes, the sorrow reflected. "Don't cry." Lan WangJi caressed his cheek with his thumb, "Write to me." Wei WuXian said in a tearful voice, Lan WangJi nodded, "A letter every month." He said again, the alpha hummed and gathered his palms in his hands, "Promise to me, Lan Zhan." His voice was close to whining but he didn't care, "Promise." Lan WangJi said as he kissed his palms again. 


"Didi" Lan XiChen put his hand over his shoulder. The Jiang Sect had long left, the figures riding on the sword has disappeared from being a dot in the sky. "Let's go." He heard his brother say. He couldn't say it out loud, but the half of his heart has also left today with the dot.