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Three Knocks and a Ding of a Bell

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"Uncle Jin." Jin cooed to the baby, "Say Uncle Jin. Can you say Uncle Jin?" 

"Jin, he's only 6 months old! The most he can say right now is gah," His sister said, glancing over to Jin who was playing with her son on the floor. 

"Gah-ncle Jin," Jin cooed in response, "Say Gah-ncle Jin." 

"You're ridiculous," His sister mumbled, shaking her head fondly. 

"When do you leave?" Jin said, dangling the toy in front of Jungkook who was on his tummy, laughing at the noises it made. 

"Around 7 tonight? Depending on what time Hyunwook gets home from work," She replied, folding the baby onesie in front of her and putting it down neatly on the pile of clean laundry. 

"You sure you don't want any help?" Jin asked. 

"Don't you have exams soon?" 

"Next week." Jin said with a sigh, looking back at Jungkook who was trying to roll on the soft mat, before cooing out, "And I'm not ready for it. Not one bit. No I'm not." 

"Your baby voice is weird," She commented. 

"And your baby is the cutest. Yes he is. Yes he is." 

"You're giving me a headache." 

Jin carried Jungkook onto his lap, the baby cooing and gurgling on him, "Mommy's mean isn't she?" 

"Don't turn my sweet baby against me!" She said with a laugh, the laundry forgotten on the floor as she made her way to her brother and baby, "You love me don't you baby?" 

"One of these days I'm going to take him home," Jin joked. 

She tensed up visibly, arms frozen, outstretched to reach to Jungkook. 

"What's wrong?" Jin asked her, eyebrows furrowed in concentration. 

"Jin, Hyunwook and I wanted to talk to you," She said, reaching over and pulling Jungkook into her lap, who was suddenly fascinated by his mom's hair. He grabbed a fistful and started tugging on it. 

"What's up? Everything okay?" Jin asked, suddenly worried. 

"Not now," She said, shaking her head, a smile forcing its way back onto her face, "I'm sure we won't even need it, but we just made some changes to our will and all and Hyunwook and I wanted to tell you about it." 

"Will? What-" 

"It's nothing! Don't worry," She said quickly, to try and reassure Jin, "It's just that you know, Jungkook is growing up now and we wanted some contingency plans just in case something happened-" 

"Something happens? What's happening? Is everything oka-" 

"Hey, hey, look at me," She said, one hand holding her baby and the other, cupping her baby brother's cheek, "Nothing's going to happen to us. We're fine. This is just in case." 

Jin had a frantic look in his eye, "I'm only 20, Ji Hye. I don't know anything about babies, about taking care of one! Hell I can barely take care of myself! I don't-" 

"Jin, you're getting worked up over nothing," Ji Hye laughed, "Nothing's going to happen to me and nothing's going to happen to Hyunwook either." 

Jin let out a staggered breath, panic still filled in him, "You're right. Yeah, you're right. I just..." 

"I know," She said nodding in understanding. She understood him perfectly. She understood exactly how the panic built up slowly, almost like filling in a balloon. It enters you bit by bit, taking up in the space in your lungs until you feel like you can't breath. It consumes you, almost entirely and you don't even realise what's happening until it's too late and all you can think about are dark thoughts in this panic filled bubble. She understood it so well because she went through the exact same thing when she was doing up her will with her husband and the lawyer present. 

She was holding Jungkook in her arms, bouncing him up and down on her knee as her lawyer explained what a Guardianship Clause was. All she could think about as the lawyer spoke, trying to make them understand, was about the little bundle of joy in her arms. If something happened to her the minute they walked out of this firm, she wouldn't be able to hug him anymore. She wouldn't be able to hear his first words, to see his first steps, to hear his little giggle through the baby monitors early in the morning. She wouldn't watch him go to school, she wouldn't see him grow up. She wouldn't be a part of his life anymore. How was a mother supposed to live knowing that at any day now, her entire future could be ripped from her hands? The worst part of her going wouldn't even be that she wouldn't get to watch Jungkook grow up, it would be that Jungkook wouldn't grow up with a mother. He would never feel a mother's love. He would never get to experience her cooking. He would never know what it means to have a mother's loving touch. And yeah, Ji Hye could admit that it was selfish to only think about her right now, but she couldn't help it. Here she was, with her beautiful baby boy who was looking at her with his wide doe brown bambi eyes, drooling on his favourite rattle on her knee. How could she not think about what this clause in her last will and testament actually meant. How could she not picture it? 

"I know exactly what you're going through," Ji Hye said to Jin with a small smile on her face as she looked down at Jungkook who was looking at his rattle with amazement, shaking it and giggling to himself. 

"Just in case..." Jin said, more so to himself, to try and console himself. 

"If something does happen to us, God forbid," Ji Hye said, mumbling the last bit before she looked over at Jin, "You'll be the only family that Jungkook has." 

"Ji Hye nothing-" 

"No, Jin, please, let me talk," She said, knowing that as much as it physically hurt her to think about it, this was a very real possibility, and no matter what, she wanted Jungkook to be safe. She wanted him to grow up loved. She wanted Jungkook to be the best version of himself. Whether or not she would be there to witness it. 

Jin just nodded, feeling his eyes prick with tears, mouth go dry, at the thought of losing his sister and his brother in law. 

"If...If something were to happen to Hyunwook, or to me, you'll be the only family that Jungkook has." She said, "I've seen you with him, Jinnie. You're an amazing uncle, and if something were to happen to us, I know that you'll take care of him. And that you'll make sure that he grows up so, so loved." 

She placed a kiss onto Jungkook's soft, smooth baby haired head. 

"Promise me, Jin? Promise me that you'll look after him and make sure that he's loved." She said, looking up with glossy eyes. 

"I promise," Jin said, eyes on Jungkook who was none the wiser, giggling to himself in his own world as he gurgled noises. 



It had been a couple of days since Jin's conversation with his sister, and he still couldn't get it out of his head. 

He was sitting in his dorm room, leaned back onto the cheap black chair, fidgeting around with his pencil and his notes laid down in front of him but was unable to concentrate. There was this part of him that kept thinking about the what if's of the situation. 

What if something happened to his sister? 
What if he was solely responsible for Jungkook? 

What kind of life would Jin, a 20 year old, be able to provide for him? He was a college student halfway through his studies with huge plans. And a baby would not fit in his world. Not now at least. 

Right now, he wanted to be a normal college student. He wanted to just get through his exams, to party the night away and get black out drunk after and then spend the next three days after that curing his hangover with empty promises never to touch alcohol again, only to repeat the cycle. 

Sure, Jin had plans for himself, big plans in fact, and a kid was a part of that plan, but just not now. He wanted to graduate college, and then get a shitty job somewhere before quitting that and moving onto a better company. From there, he would rise in the ranks, maybe even meet someone and fall in love. Get married, and then only have a kid. 

That's always been his plan for the longest time. 

Jin shook his head, as if that would make all of these thoughts go away. He was overthinking. This was a 'just in case' clause. No one ever had to use it. He would be fine. Life would go according to his 10 year plan. He knew this. 

Jin couldn't keep thinking about these situations that would never become a reality. He had to focus on the upcoming exams. God knows his sister would kill him if he didn't get good results. He wouldn't complain though. He knew that she just wanted the best for him. His sister had taken many roles, and worn many hats over the years. She wasn't just his sister. She was his mom, his best friend, his confidante and at time, his dad too. She was the only family Jin had. 

Jin put his head down, rereading the notes that he had taken only a couple of hours ago. 

His eyes scanned over the page, mumbling the notes out loud over and over again trying to commit it to memory. 

Knock knock knock

Jin practically leaped out of his chair by the unexpected noise. He glanced down to his watch to look at the time - 10:54pm

He looked at the door with furrowed eyebrows. He wasn't expecting anyone so late at night. As far as he was concerned, there wasn't even a party today so he knew it couldn't be any of his friends. 

Ding Dong. 

The doorbell? 

Jin got out of his chair, walking towards the door. He unlocked it and pulled it open. 

"Kim Seokjin?" 

"Yes?" He answered, crossing his arms over his chest, the wind blowing cool and harsh on his skin and he wasn't dressed for the weather. All he was wearing was an oversized shirt and some boxers. No one dresses up to study. 

The man at the door looked at him with sad eyes. Jin blinked a couple of times, letting his eyes get used to the lack of lighting outside. 

"Of-Officer?" Jin stuttered out, taking in the blue official uniform of the man. Jin could feel a pit growing in his stomach. He knew that nothing about this visit was about to be nice. 

"My name is Lee Jaehwan." The officer stated.

"Is..Is there a problem, officer?" 

Jaehwan reached up and took his hat off, tucking it underneath his armpit. 

The pit in Jin's stomach grew, and grew and only got bigger. It felt like all of the air was being snatched out of Jin's lungs. Jin prayed to every deity in existence from every religion he could think of at that very moment that the officer in front of him would say literally anything else other than what he was thinking about. 

"Of-Officer?" Jin stuttered out, through the ever growing lump in his throat, mouth going dry. 

"I am so sorry for your loss, Mr Kim." 

"Of-Officer?" Was all Jin could get out, his eyes glossing up with tears, already knowing what was coming next.

"At 8.50pm, when your sister Ji Hye and her husband Hyunwook were travelling back, they got into an accident on the highway. Their son, Jungkook, was also in the car with them. The three of them were taken to the hospital." 

Jin let a wrecked sob travel through his body, his knees growing weak, the only support he had was from holding onto the door. Tears streamed down his face, but he tried to keep a level head. He needed to listen to the officer. He was an adult. He could do this. 

"Unfortunately, Mr Kim, both Ji Hye and Hyunwook succumbed to their injuries during the surgery and we...there was nothing we could do." The officer explained, his heart clenching at the sight of the boy in front of him. 

"J-Jungkook?" Jin stuttered, head snapping up, eyes frantic and searching the police officers face for any further information he could find. Trying to decipher the information with just one look. 

"Jungkook had minor cuts and bruises," The officer told him, "He survived and according to the last will and testament of both Ji Hye and Hyunwook-" 

"I'm the legal guardian." Jin finished for the officer. 

"My partner is bringing out Jungkook from the police car right now," The officer explained. 

Another officer, with the same sympathetic look walked up with a car seat and a sleeping Jungkook. Jin felt his knees go weak, the reminder of his sister and her husband right in front of him. 

"Again, we are so sorry for your loss, Mr Kim." The officer said, passing the car seat with the baby to Jin. 

Jin signed a couple of papers and promised to be at the hospital in a few days to get the other paperwork done. He bid farewell to the officers and walked into his rented college house with a sleeping baby that was now legally his. 

He stood in the middle of the room, completely overwhelmed. He didn't have time to mourn his sisters passing, nor did he even have time to mourn his brother in laws passing. All he had right now, was a sleeping baby, a car seat, and no supplies. He didn't know how to take care of a baby! He was meant to be studying for his exams. 

His entire life had just been changed with three knocks, and a ding of a bell. 


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4 Years Later.


Jin's body clock woke him up before the alarm on his phone could even start blaring. He stretched on the bed, letting out a groan, one hand rubbing the sleep out of his eye and the other outstretched as far as it would let him. He blinked himself awake, pushing up on the bed, blindly reaching over to the bedside table and pulling out the phone charger from his phone, the bright screen hurting his eyes, but he didn't care. 


He still had 3 minutes left before his alarm would ring, and he had to wake Jungkook up as well. 

It was routine now; something that he's become so familiar with that he could function on just muscle memory and nothing else. He would be lying if he said that any of this was easy - Raising a child. But he would also be lying if he said that he didn't enjoy it. 

Jin walked into Jungkook's room, a smile immediately gracing his face as he saw the child hugging his Iron Man plushie close to him, a little pout forming on his face as he cuddled under the blanket, his mouth sucking on his chubby thumb, a habit that Jin was trying to rid him off. 

Jin always made sure to wake Jungkook up 10 minutes earlier than he actually needed to be up because of Jungkook's habit of clinging to him like a koala. Jin walked over to his bed, sitting down on the edge of it, carding his fingers gently through the child's dark brown hair. 

"Kookie baby," Jin said, "It's time to get up." 

Jungkook whined, burying his head further into the red Iron Man plushie. Jin remembered how the obsession even started. Yoongi had come over and they were about to binge all of the Avengers before the last movie came out. They had a bowl of popcorn between the two of them and Jungkook was colouring on the floor, eyebrows furrowed deep in concentration. There was a loud explosion on the screen which made him look up and immediately his eyes doubled in size. His crayons were long forgotten and the rest of the fight scene was spent with his eyes on the Red superhero. The rest was history.

"It's time for Kindergarten sweetheart," Jin said, "You have to get up now." 

Jungkook whined higher now, pushing the blanket and his Iron Man plushie and climbed on top of Jin, his hands wrapping around his neck, nuzzling his head into the crook of Jin's neck, sticking his thumb into his mouth as Jin stroked his back with a smile on his face. Call Jin selfish all you want, these 10 minutes in the morning with Jungkook clinging onto him melted away all his stress and reminded him of all the good things in his life. Jungkook being on top of that list.

He placed a kiss on top of Jungkook's head, checking the time on Jungkook's Avengers clock that he insisted on having even though he didn't know how to read numbers past 12 yet. But Jin could never say no to Jungkook's pout and doe eyed bambi brown eyes. 

"Ready for breakfast, Kookie?" Jin asked him as he felt Jungkook's thumb come out of his mouth. 

Jungkook pulled away from Jin's neck, a bright smile on his face, "Goo' Mornin' Daddy." 

"Good morning sweetheart." Jin said, leaning down and kissing Jungkook on the cheek making the child giggle. 

"Daddy 'm hungry." 

Jin put Jungkook down on the floor and turned on the lights, "Can you brush your teeth by yourself or do you want daddy to help you?" 

"Kookie's a big boy." Jungkook insisted, waddling over to the bathroom while Jin smiled to himself, wondering where exactly the time had gone. It felt like just yesterday he was being handed the baby in a car seat and now here he was, in an apartment that he rented by himself with Jungkook. 

Jin walked to the kitchen, his mind racing with thoughts at a million miles per hour. 

It wasn't easy raising a child. It especially wasn't easy raising a child that wasn't yours while you were in college and only a few days shy from your exams. It was hard. Jin didn't know what he was doing and he was doing it all alone. He didn't know the legalities, or even the first thing about childcare. Hell, he didn't even get a chance to mourn his sister because he was so busy trying to figure out what the hell was going on. One second he was buried in his books and the next he had a crying baby in his arms while tears ran down his own cheeks. 

The first thing he did was go out and get some things for Jungkook like diapers, and baby formula, and some clothes. Then he went to the hospital and then the police station. And in both places, they asked him the same thing - Are you sure you want to keep the baby? There's always the choice of adoption. But Jin was firm. His sister and his brother in law entrusted him with Jungkook in case anything happened and he wasn't about to let them down. Not when they needed him the most.

Jin learnt the hard way that having a child meant that there would be a lot of sacrifices that he had to make. His dreams being one of them. He was lucky that the teachers understood his situation and told him that he could take the exams along with the resitters and that it would still be counted as his first attempt. Jin felt like he could breathe a sigh of relief. There were two months till those exams and he thought that he would be okay by then. 

He wasn't. 

Every single day was a challenge and it was made worse by the fact that no matter what he did, he just couldn't be a good carer for Jungkook. He felt like he was drowning more and more every single day and he didn't know who to lean to or who could even help him. It pained him to say it, but for the first time in his life, Jin felt like he was truly alone. He had no one by his side. Even worse, there was a part of him that was contemplating just giving up and putting Jungkook up for adoption. But just as quickly as the thought came, it went away. It was his darkest of thoughts and he would never let anyone hear it. He felt ashamed just thinking about it. 

He was at his lowest, believing that no one cared for him and trying to get used to only having Jungkook and no one else in his life. What's the point os getting anyone to stick around anyway? Everyone he loved died. That was all Jin believed he was good for. Destruction. 

And he could still remember how just as he was about to give up, his doorbell rang. 


Ding Dong 

Jin froze on the spot. He had just put Jungkook down for a nap and if the baby heard the doorbell, he wasn't going to go back to sleep. He waited for a couple of seconds, and breathed a sigh of relief when he realised that Jungkook was truly down for the count. 

He could feel the tidal wave of exhaustion hit him all at once. He couldn't remember the last time he had more than a couple of hours of sleep. Taking care of a child was hard and he was beginning to form a whole new respect for parents everywhere, single parents especially. 

Knock knock knock

"Jin I know you're in there! Open up!" 

Jin walked over to the front door, opening the door up slowly, just in case.


Yoongi pushed the door open, practically barrelling past Jin and into the house uninvited, "Where have you been? No one's seen you in-" 

"Shh, shh, Yoongi please," Jin nearly begged, tired tears pooling in his eyes at the mere thought of Jungkook screaming his head off if Yoongi woke him up, "I just got Jungkook down for a nap and I can't-" 

"So, it's true?" Yoongi breathed out, "You have a kid now?' 

Jin sighed. He knew people would ostracise him if they found out, but he couldn't hide it any longer. 

"Long story short - Yes."

"How did-" 

"Yoongi if you're here to judge me or I don't know like scream at me for missing parties and shit then can you just go? I'm running on no sleep, I can't remember the last time I ate, and I'm fucking tired, okay? I can't deal with anything else right now." Jin told him, his head pounding, chest heavy, and eyes pricking with tears he would later shed in private. 

Yoongi stood in the middle of the living room, taking a good look at Jin for the first time since he set foot in the house. His hair was matted on his forehead, mussy and messy. He had dark circles under his eyes that practically covered half his face and his eyebags had eyebags. Yoongi had never seen Jin this bad, even when he had pulled a week's worth of all nighters to finish studying for exams. The person in front of him was just a shell of the person that he used to know. Something more was happening behind the scenes and Yoongi was going to help him. After all, they were friends, and helping each other is what friendship is all about. 

"Can I meet him?" Yoongi asked, "Your son. Jun-Uhh what was his name again?" 

"Jungkook." Jin answered immediately, "And uhh, he's not my son. I mean biologically. But technically, umm, yeah it's complicated." 

"How about you tell me over lunch, alright? I'll cook you something." Yoongi said, walking straight into the kitchen, "Are the pots and pans still on the third cupboard by the left?" 


"Daddy Daddy! Look! I did it all by myself!" Jungkook screamed out excitedly, running out of his bedroom with his clean toothbrush and hair bouncing all over the place, pulling Jin out of his reverie. 

"Don't run in the house, Kookie," Jin reminded him, pulling out the cereal boxes from the cupboard. 

"Look, daddy!" Jungkook said, not slowing down as he walked up to Jin opening his mouth wide, "Nhsdk sdkh msdeld." 

"Baby, I can't understand you if you're mouth is open," Jin told him with a fond smile on his face. 

"I brushed all by myself! I even did the water and I put the water in the sink and then I washed my bunny toothbrush and then I came here and then I show you. Daddy lookie!" Jungkook babbled on excitedly, tumbling over his words and giggling at the end. 

"I'm very proud of you," Jin told him, leaning down and placing a kiss on Jungkook's hair, "Now can you go put your bunny toothbrush back in your special glass and come have breakfast with daddy?" 

"I go now." Jungkook said running to his room. 

"Kookie, no runn-" Jin tried to tell him but sighed, knowing that Jungkook wouldn't listen when he was excited. 

Jin checked his watch - 7.30am He was still on schedule. He had enough time to make breakfast for the both of them, get them changed and even drop Jungkook off to Kindergarten and make it just in time for office.  

"Hungy!" Jungkook whined as he pitter pattered his chubby feet all the way back to the breakfast counter, heaving himself up using the chair. 

"Do you want the Pirate cereal or the Tiger cereal today?" Jin asked, placing the Captain Crunch box and the Frosties box in front of Jungkook, letting him choose. 

Jungkook stared hard at both boxes, eyebrows furrowed in concentration, a pout forming on his little lips, cheeks chubbing up as he contemplated hard on what he wanted for breakfast. With a firm nod he pointed at the blue Frosties box. 

"Tiger." He said, "And can I have chocky milk too?" 

"What's the magic word?" Jin reminded him. 


"Please." Jin corrected but walked over to the fridge to get the chocolate milk, taking out Jungkook's red cup that he insisted on getting because it was the same colour as Iron Man. 

Jin poured some cereal into the bowl, along with some fresh milk and passed it to Jungkook. 

"What do we say when someone gives us something, Jungkook?" 

"Tank you." Jungkook answered, proud of himself for remembering. 

"And what should daddy say after you thank him?" Jin tested. 

"You well-cah."

"You're welcome." Jin corrected, ruffling Jungkook's hair. 

"Daddy what you eating?" Jungkook asked, spooning some milk into his mouth messily, the milk dripping down the sides of his mouth, splatters getting on his cheeks. Jin wanted to pinch his chubby cheeks, it was his second favourite feature on Jungkook, the first being his wide, doe brown bambi eyes. It resembled his mothers. 

"Daddy's having toast, sweetie," Jin said, showing him the toasted bread with garlic butter. 

Jungkook opened his mouth, waiting for Jin to give him a bite. 

"What do we say, Jungkook?" Jin reminded, cocking an eyebrow. He had been trying to teach Jungkook over the last couple of weeks to share and to be polite, and while Jungkook was a good kid most of the time, at the end of the day, he was still a child and had some moments where he had to be reminded. 

"Peas." Jungkook said, blinking his doe brown eyes up at Jin. 

"Good boy." Jin praised, letting Jungkook take a bite. 

Jungkook scrunched his face. 

"Do you not like it, Kookie?" 

"Hard." Jungkook said, "Owie in my teeth." 

"Eat your cereal, bub," Jin said with a smile, "Daddy will eat this, okay?" 

"No owie for daddy?" Jungkook asked. 

"No owie." Jin said, shaking his head, "You know why? Because daddy drinks his milk everyday so his teeth are big and strong." 

"Just like Iron Man!" Jungkook announced, lifting his spoon up in the air, splattering milk all over the place. 

"Yeah baby, just like Iron Man." Jin laughed, "Now hurry up and finish your breakfast so we can go to Kindergarten and you can see all your friends!" 



Jin held Jungkook's little hand in his as they walked to Jungkook's Kindergarten. 

"Daddy do you think Taetae will come today?" He asked, looking up at his father. 

"I don't know baby, we have to go and check if he's in school today," Jin answered, keeping a firm grip on Jungkook's hand as they crossed the road. 

"Taetae didnt go yesterday." Jungkook said. 

"If he's in today you can ask him why he didn't come okay?" Jin said, as they turned on the corner of Jungkook's Kindergarten. 

"That's my Kindygarden!" Jungkook said excitedly, pointing it out at Jin as they kept walking. 

Jin laughed and nodded. Jungkook was an easy child. He got excited over the smallest of things and rarely ever threw tantrums. Jin was scared when he first enrolled Jungkook into a Kindergarten. He didn't know if Jungkook would make friends, or even be able to talk to other children. Every time he brought Jungkook to a park, the kid would always play by himself. He seemed content just like that. But after the first day, Jungkook walked out hand in hand with this child that he dubbed 'Taetae' and ever since then they've been inseparable. 

"Daddy! Look, look!" Jungkook said, pulling Jin's hand to get his attention, practically running forward trying to get to the gate of the Kindergarten faster. 

"Kookie, don't run," Jin warned, walking a little faster. 

"You're gonna miss him! Fast!" Jungkook whined, pulling Jin. 

"What is it?" Jin said as they reached the gate. 

Jungkook snatched his hand away from Jin and ran to the gate as fast as he could, his bag jumping all over his back as he waddled to the gate, pushing it with all his might. 

"Taetae!" He screamed with glee, running over to Taehyung

"Kookoo!" Taehyung screamed back, running to Jungkook with a wide, boxy grin, tiny arms outstretched in front of him. 

Jin walked over to the gate of the Kindergarten with a smile on his face, trying to suppress a chuckle that was threatening to come out at the dramatic scene in front of him. 

"I've never seen a cuter friendship," The man who dropped Taehyung off said to Jin. 

"Movies are far less dramatic," Jin said, a chuckle tumbling from his lips. 

"Are you Kookoo's father?" He asked, looking at Jin. 

"Jungkook." Jin corrected, extending his hand to shake, "And yes I am. My name's Jin. Kim Seokjin." 

"Nice to meet you." 

"Are you Taetae's father?" He asked, an amused smile playing on his lips. 

"Taehyung." The man corrected, "And no. I'm not. I'm his nanny. His father is a busy man, so I help him out. I'm Jimin. Park Jimin." 

"Well, it's very nice to meet you, Jimin," Jin said, shaking Jimin's hand, "I'm glad they found each other. I was honestly very scared that Jungkook wouldn't make any friends, but Taehyung seems to have brought him out of his shell in a short time." 

"Taehyung is incredibly outgoing and likes to make friends wherever he can," Jimin said proudly, "Honestly, all I've heard at home is about this boy named Kookoo and their adventures in Kindergarten." 

"Same here," Jin said with a nod, waving goodbye to Jungkook who had taken Taehyung's hand in his chubby little hand, "Bye Kookie. Be good! Have a nice day!" 

"Bye daddy! I see you later." Jungkook said, waving back excitedly to his dad. 

Jin looked back at Jimin, "I was thinking about organising a playdate with Taehyung, if that's okay?" 

"I would have to check with his dad, but I don't see why that would be a problem," Jimin said. 

"Perfect!" Jin said with a smile, taking his phone out, "Could I get your number so I could text you the details and then maybe we can coordinate it?" 

Jimin took his own phone out, giving it to Jin so that he could do the same.

"Here you go," Jin said, saving his number and passing the phone back to Jimin. 

"And here's mine!" Jimin said with a smile, passing Jin's phone back to him. 

"I'll text you the details." Jin told him, "It was nice meeting you Jimin." 

"You too, Jin." 




"Hey Jin!" Yoongi said, walking into his office, and sitting down on the chair in front of him.

"Did I say you could come in?" Jin said playfully, cocking an eyebrow at Yoongi, placing his black pen down. 

"How's my little Kookie?" Yoongi asked, ignoring Jin's quip. 

"He's good," Jin nodded, "I dropped him off at Kindergarten just now and he reenacted a movie scene with Taehyung. They acted like they haven't seen each other in years when really it's just been a day." 

"I wish I could have seen that," Yoongi said with a grin.

"He was asking about his Uncle Yoo yesterday." Jin told him, "You should come over for dinner tonight. He really misses you." 

"If this stupid job wasn't keeping me busy, I would come over all the time," Yoongi sighed. 

"Did you sort out the Veristas Contract issue yet?" Jin asked. 

"By these eyebags under my eyes, do you think I've sorted it out?" Yoongi grumbled. 

"Do you want some help?" 

Yoongi sighed, "You have enough on your plate. I'll get it sorted. I have a meeting with one of their managers today over lunch anyway."

"I have some time right now if you want me to look over the contract? I could maybe find something in there to give you some leverage?" Jin offered. 

"Tell me again why you quit law school?" 

Jin sighed, "Yoongi..." 

"You could have made it you know," Yoongi said, voice softer now, "I was right there and-" 

"Jungkook's more important." Jin said with finality, "You know that. I could have never done both. I had to make a choice and I did. I'm fine where I am." 

"As long as you're happy," Yoongi said. 

A beat of silence passed before Jin asked again. 

"Do you want me to look over the contract?" Jin asked him. 

"Nah, I'm good. I'm sure I'll be fine," Yoongi said, looking at his watch, before looking up at Jin, "I'm going to go over some notes for the meeting, but I'll see you later? Maybe we can pick Jungkook up together." 

"Sounds good." Jin nodded. 

Just as Yoongi was leaving, he looked back at Jin, "You know if you ever wanted to go back to law sch-" 

"Yoongi...We talked about this," Jin sighed, "Jungkook now more than ever needs me. I'm not going to leave him. Plus, this job is safe. I have a steady income. I work 9 to 5. There are hardly any overtimes...." 

"All I'm saying is that, just because you have Jungkook, it doesn't mean you can't be happy or follow your dreams. They aren't mutually exclusive. You're allowed to do it all." 

"I know that, Yoongs and I appreciate it, really I do," Jin told him, "I just... I've tried to do both, and you more than anyone, saw how that turned out. I almost lost Jungkook once, I'm never going to let it happen again." 



Jin was packing up for the day, almost frantically. If he left any later, he would be late to pick Jungkook up and he didn't want Jungkook to be waiting for him alone in the Kindergarten. 

There was a knock at his office door. 

"Come in!" He said as he stood up, grabbing his coat off the back of the chair. 

"Jin? The boss wants to see you." 

"What?" Jin asked, looking like a deer in headlights, "Right now?" 

"Yes. He asked for you specifically." His secretary said. 

"I'll be right there," Jin sighed, running a hand over his face, "Wait. Do you know if this would take long?" 

"I'm really not sure," She answered with a sympathetic smile before exiting the room. 

Jin reached in and got his phone out, dialling Yoongi's number. 

"Come on. Pick up, pick up, pick up." Jin muttered to the incessant ringing, praying to every deity he could think of. But all Jin was met with was the dialtone. 

"Goddammit." He cursed, thinking about who he could call or what he could do. 

Jimin. He remembered that he got Jimin's number and hopefully Jimin could help him. 

He scrolled down in his contact list and clicked on Jimin's name, praying that he would pick up. 

"Hello?" Jimin answered. 

"Oh thank god," Jin mumbled, "Hey Jimin, it's Jin. We met this morning?" 

"Yeah, I remember. What's up?" 

"I'm so sorry to do this and I swear, I usually don't do this at all. It's just that something came up at work and I know we don't really know each other well enough for me to ask favours but it's an emergency and the thing-" Jin rambled, getting more and more frantic with each syllable that tumbled out of his mouth. He was tripping over his words and could feel his chest constricting, that familiar weight on it again. 

"Hey, hey, Jin," Jimin interjected, "Breathe. It's okay. It's alright. What happened?" 

"Have you picked Taehyung up yet?"

"No. I'm on my way right now." Jimin said, "Do you need me to pick Jungkook up as well? I can take Jungkook back to Taehyung's house and send you the address if you want?" 

"Would you, please? " Jin said, breathing a sigh of relief, the weight on his chest lesser now, "I'm so sorry Jimin. I swear, I usually don't do this. I'm always there on time for Jungkook but today I just-" 

"Jin. it's alright. Honestly. You don't have to justify yourself. I completely understand," Jimin reassured in a calm, gentle tone.

"Thank you, Jimin. Really, I owe you one," Jin breathed out. 

"I'll text you the address," Jimin said, "Take your time, alright? Jungkook's safe with me." 

Jin thanked Jimin profusely once again before hanging up the line. He finally felt like he could breathe again. He grabbed his coat, putting his briefcase back down in his office and walked over to the bosses office. 

Knock knock

"Come in." A strong, low voice boomed from the other side of the door. 

"You wanted to see me, sir?" Jin said as he entered the office, closing the door behind him. 

"Kim Seokjin, right?"

"Yes sir." 

"I'm Kim Namjoon." He introduced, stretching his hand out and shaking Jin's, "I just took over from Mr Hwan last week and I was just familiarising myself with some of the active contracts we have, and I happened to notice that you recently handled the Ng case." 

"I did." Jin confirmed with a nod. 

"I was quite impressed by how you handled it and how you managed to close it quite quickly," Namjoon commented. 

"Thank you, sir." 

"Personally, I think that your talents are being wasted where you are right now," Namjoon said, leaning back in his chair, "I was thinking, and of course only if you're on board with this, I would promote you. Give you better cases where you can work more personally with the management and myself. This would come with a significant pay raise as well. 

"I'm assuming that this also means no more traditional 9 to 5?" Jin asked. 

"The contracts would be more time demanding, yes," Namjoon said with a nod. 

"Right..." Jin muttered, trailing off. 

"Would you need some time to think it over?" 

"Yes sir. It's a big decision." Jin said with a polite smile. 

"You know, most people would be jumping at this chance," Namjoon said with a teasing smirk. 

"I'm sure they would sir. It is a very generous offer." 

"Could I have an answer by the end of the week?" Namjoon asked. 

"Of course." 

Namjoon stood up, making Jin stand up as well. 

"It was nice meeting you, Jin." 

"You too, sir."




To: Jimin

From: Jin 

Hey Jimin. I'm so sorry once again. I'm on my way to pick Jungkook up right now! 

I should be there in the next 10 minutes or so! 

Sorry again! And thank you for everything! 





Jin was stuck in the subway, cursing the fact that he didn't choose to drive today. He usually did, but the weather was so nice and the Kindergarten wasn't far away from his house or work either. Usually. But of course, the universe was punishing him for reasons unbeknownst to him, because it chose now of all times to rain. And now Jin was stuck in the subway, following Google's directions to wherever this place that Jimin's boss lived. 

As soon as the doors opened, Jin was practically rushing out of the subway, running up the stairs onto the pavement, uncaring that he was getting wet. He looked down at his phone and started following the directions to wherever this apartment was. He tried to go in the shade as much as possible but by the time he reached the apartment, Jin was practically dripping all over the sleek marble flooring of the fancy apartment lobby. He received death glares from the doorman and the concierge. 

Jin paid them no heed as he walked over to the elevators, pressing the button for the penthouse. 

"Kook sure knows how to pick his friends," Jin muttered to himself. 

He looked in the mirror and hated what was staring back at him. He looked frantic and panicked. He looked like he used to look when he first got Jungkook. 

He was drenched from head to toe in rain water. His hair was falling all over his eyes, his shirt was sticking to his body and his briefcase had droplets of rainwater falling from it. He ran his hands through his hair, trying to get some of the water out, but the elevator dinged, announcing the penthouse floor and the doors opened up. 

He walked out of the elevator, hoping that Jimin wouldn't judge him too much. It had just been a very long day and Jin wanted nothing more than to take a shower, cuddle with Jungkook and sleep. 

He rang the doorbell and waited outside. He could faintly hear excited, muffled screams of children and immediately a smile graced his face. 

The door opened and the first thing he heard was, "Is it KooKoo's daddy?" 

"I don't know baby, I have to open and check." A low, almost familiar voice rang out. 

"Hi. I'm so sorry but-" 

"Kim Seokjin?" 

"Sir?" Jin said, surprised, mouth agape. 

"You're Jungkook's father?"

"And you're Taehyung's father..." Jin said with a nod. 

"Small world." Namjoon commented. 

"It is." Jin said, awkwardly standing outside his house, "Umm, I just wanted to say sorry. I didn't know that Jimin was your nanny and I was late to picking up Jungkook today and-" 

"Why don't you come in," Namjoon said, moving to one side, opening the door wider. 

"Oh no sir, I couldn't possibly-I mean it's not you-I just don't-" Jin stuttered in surprise, tumbling over his words, unsure of what the right protocol was in this scenario. 

"You're drenched, Seokjin. Come in, dry off and then we'll talk," Namjoon said with a polite smile. 

"Th-Thank you, sir," Jin said, clearing his throat, walking into his house. 

"Daddy! Daddy! I missed you!" Jungkook said, running up to Jin but stopping right in front of him, "Daddy did you shower?" 

"No baby, daddy walked in the rain and got all wet." Jin explained. 

"Daddy you're gonna get an owie and have to see the doctor and take yucky mecine." 

"It's medicine, Kookie," Jin corrected with a smile, leaning down and kissing Jungkook's forehead, "And daddy missed you too." 

Namjoon walked out of a room and passed Jin a big, white fluffy towel along with some sweatpants and a shirt, "I didn't know what size you were but this seems about right." 

"Sir, you really don't have to-" 

"It's Namjoon." 

"Sorry?" Jin asked, eyes going wide. 

"We're not at work anymore, Seokjin," Namjoon said with a smile, "Your kid is at my house and he's friends with my kid. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of each other, so, it's not sir; It's Namjoon." 

"O-Oh." Jin said, nodding, "Uhh. Thank you, Na-Namjoon." 

"The bathroom is over there. Second door to your right." 

Jin just nodded, his legs taking over as if having a mind of his own. 

After getting changed, drying his hair, and putting his clothes in the plastic bag that Namjoon provided, Jin walked out to see Jungkook and Taehyung sitting down on the floor with a plate of chips on one side and a bunch of lego's on the floor. 

"Thank you, Namjoon," Jin said again as he approached him. 

"No problem at all," He said with a smile, "Honestly, you would have done the same." 

"I'll just take Jungkook and we'll get out of your hair." Jin said, feeling like he overstayed his welcome. 

"Jin, can I ask you something?" Namjoon said just as Jin grabbed his briefcase off the floor. 

"Yes, sir? Uhh, I mean, yes Namjoon, sir." 

Namjoon smiled. 

"Is Jungkook the reason you're hesitating on taking the job?" Namjoon asked, glancing over at Jungkook who was holding up a red lego to Taehyung. 

"Honestly," Jin said, "Yes. I can't work long hours. You saw what happened today. I can't leave him. He's all I have and I'm all he has. I don't have enough money for a nanny, or a babysitter even." 

"Jimin can help, you know?" 

"Why are you pushing so hard on this?" Jin asked, "I'm sure anyone else in the office would be glad to take on the extra work. All I'd be is a burden to the team. I won't be able to give it my all and it'll be detrimental to everyone involved." 

"I'm pushing hard because I know you can do it. I've seen the contracts you've taken on and I even looked at your resume. You went to law school!" 

"I dropped out of law school." Jin corrected. 

"You had a perfect score up till final year." Namjoon said. 

"Up till I got Jungkook," Jin whispered, "Look, I've tried to have it all and it didn't work. I'm fine where I am-" 

"But are you happy?" 

"Excuse me?" 

"Are you happy where you are?" Namjoon asked, eyes soft. 

"With all due respect, sir, we don't know each other well enough to be having this conversation." Jin said, walking over to Jungkook, "Come on, Kookie. Get your backpack. It's time to go home." 

"But daddy, Taetae and I are building a rocket!" Jungkook whined. 

"Jungkook." Jin said, tone harsh and low like a warning, "We're going home." 

Jungkook pouted, bottom lip trembling slightly but he knew this tone well enough to know that it meant that Jin's decision was final. 

"Thank you for everything, sir." Jin said, "And I'm sorry for the trouble. I'll see you at work tomorrow." 

With the plastic bag and briefcase in one hand, and Jungkook's tiny, chubby hand in another, Jin walked out of Namjoon's house. 

"He sure is a stubborn one." Namjoon muttered to himself. 

"Papa." Taetae called out, holding out a green lego to Namjoon, a silent invitation to play with him. 

"What are we building, buddy?" 

"Rocket." Taehyung said, looking for other pieces in the pile on the floor. 

"Jungkook's a nice boy." Namjoon commented. 

"His daddy is like you papa." Taehyung said. 

"What do you mean?" Namjoon asked. 

"KooKoo only has a daddy." Taehyung said looking at Namjoon, a small lego person in his chubby hold, "Just like how Taetae only has papa." 


Chapter Text

Jin was late. 

That was the only way to explain it. His routine that he cultivated, and perfected over the last two years was ruined in the span of one night, and all because of one Kim Namjoon, CEO of the company that he worked in.  

Even though he was awake before his alarm was supposed to ring at 6.55am, he couldn't get out of bed. He physically, could not get out of bed. He didn't want to go to work. He didn't want to walk into that office and have to see Namjoon. He didn't think he could handle it. He didn't want to see his face, he didn't want to have to pretend like he didn't know he was his son's best friends dad. He didn't want to have to pretend like he didn't know what the inside of his house looked like, that he didn't know what his towels felt like, like he didn't know what the feel of his clothes felt like on his skin, or how they smelt freshly laundered or even how deep his dimples were. 

He didn't have the energy to pretend. 

Jin just wanted to get through the day at work so that he could pick up his son from Kindergarten and go home and watch cartoons with him and cook him dinner and cuddle as Jungkook fell asleep on him. 

He wanted his day to be normal again. But somehow, he got the feeling that after meeting Kim Namjoon, things were going to change, and for his sake, he really hoped he was wrong. 

And that's how Kim Seokjin ended up strapping Jungkook into the car and driving him to Kindergarten. Because they were off schedule and wouldn't make it in time if they had walked like Jin usually liked to do. 

It was all Kim Namjoon's fault. Jin already hated that guy and his stupid lavender smelling soft, oversized sweater that Jin had already washed and folded neatly in a paper bag that he was going to return to Namjoon. 

"Iron man save me!" Jungkook said in a high pitched voice from the carseat at the back with his Iron Man action figure as high as he can hold it, "Iron Man is coming! Boom! Poosh! Boom, boom! Night night bad guy!" 

Jungkook imitated loud explosions making his little action figure fly around him, diving down before flying up and diving again. 

Jin snuck a glance from the rear view mirror, smiling, as he kept driving. 

"Wow, Kookie," Jin said, "Iron Man sure is busy today. First the saved the pirate cereal from the milk monster and now he's saving someone else from explosions?!" 

"Is not a exploshun daddy!" Jungkook was quick to correct, "Is a big fire! It go everywhere!" 

"Big fire," Jin repeated, trying to stifle a chuckle, "Where's Iron Man going now?" 

"To Kindygarten with me!" 

"Are you sure you want to take your favourite Iron Man toy with you, baby? You're going to have to take extra good care of it," Jin warned him as he pulled over, turning the engine off. 

"I do!" Jungkook said, holding the toy close to his chest, "TaeTae said he want to see Iron Man and I said okay 'cause we're bess friends!" Jungkook told him, doe brown eyes sparkling. 

Jin started to unstrap Jungkook from the carseat, "You have to make sure you don't lose Iron Man okay? Daddy's not going to buy you another one." 

"KooKoo promise!" Jungkook said, holding up his chubby pinky finger to his dad. 

Jin didn't know when it began, but one day when he asked Jungkook something and made him promise, Jungkook stuck out his pinky finger and with his wide, doe brown eyes and a small pout he said, in the cutest little voice, "Kookoo pwomise." And ever since then, Jungkook has done a Kookoo promise whenever Jin has asked him to be careful of something. And every single time he did it, Jin melted a little on the inside, and could never even attempt to get stern with him. 

"Okay baby," Jin said, kissing Jungkook's chubby, slightly pink cheeks as he carried him from the carseat into his arms. Jungkook looped his arms around Jin's neck, hitting him with the Iron Man action figure, but Jin was used to it. He just reached slightly into the car and got Jungkook's bag pack out, making sure that his bottle and snacks were inside before shutting the door and setting Jungkook down on the ground. 

"Want daddy to carry your bag, or do you want to do it yourself?" Jin asked, locking the car door. 

"Kookoo can do it! I'm a big boy now daddy!" 

"Yes you are, baby," Jin said, putting the bag pack on Jungkook. "Hold daddy's hand, okay? No running like you did yesterday." 

Jungkook nodded, holding Iron Man tighter in one hand and Jin's big hand in his other. 


"Yes Kookie?" 

"I'm gonna show Taetae Iron Man today and then Taetae and I will play Avengers like we did with Taetae's Papa and ChimChim too! And then Taetae and I will have Oreos and then I will play with Taetae Hulk toy and then we will go to Taetae's house again!" Jungkook said all in one breath, tumbling over his excited words, jumping around as he told Jin what his plans were. 

Jin could barely keep up with Jungkook's excited ramblings but he caught a couple of words here and there. 

"Baby, who's ChimChim?" Jin asked. 

"ChimChim!" Jungkook said, pointing his chubby finger that was holding Iron Man out. 

"Good morning Jin!" Jimin greeted, bright and smiley, with Taehyung's hand in his. 

Jungkook squirmed out of Jin's hold, and ran as fast as his chubby legs would carry him over to Taehyung screaming about the Iron Man toy in his grasp. 

"Morning ChimChim," Jin said as he walked closer to Jimin, "Hey, listen, about yesterday-" 

"Don't even think about apologising or thanking me, or I swear-" Jimin threatened emptily, with crescented eyes and a dimpled smile. 

"Let me buy you coffee or something then," Jin said, "It's the least I could do as a good friend."

"I'd like that," Jimin told him. 

"Daddy lookie! Taetae brought Hulk!" Jungkook marvelled, waddling over to Jin, one hand gripping Iron Man, and the other Hulk.

"Wow, Kookie! You're going to have so much fun today, aren't you?" Jin said, leaning down and kissing Jungkook's chubby cheek. He would never get enough of peppering Jungkook with kisses. It was his favourite thing to do, second only to cuddling a sleepy Koala Jungkook in the morning. 

The warning bell rang and Jungkook let out a gasp as his teacher walked out. 

"Say goodbye to your parents everyone! It's circle time!" 

"Good to see you Teacher Jung!" Jin called out with a wave. 

"Dinner with Yoon soon, Jin?" Hoseok asked. 

"Can't argue with the teacher now can I?" Jin said with a laugh. 

"Bye daddy!" Jungkook said quickly, as Hoseok called him over. 

"Have fun today, Kookie! Daddy will be right here after Kindergarten okay?" 

"Love you daddy!" Jungkook waved, walking into the classroom. 

"He's a cute kid," Jimin said, with a soft smile. 

"He is." Jin said proudly. 

"I didn't know that you knew the teacher," Jimin commented, absentmindedly playing with the leaves near the gate of the Kindergarten. 

"Oh, Hoseok?" Jin said, "Yeah, we go way back! Him, me and my best friend Yoongi were in college together. They actually dated for a bit before they realised they were better off as friends. You'd like Yoongi actually. He's...Yoongi."

"Descriptive," Jimin said with a laugh. 

"We should do coffee together! Trust me, it's impossible not to like Yoongi." Jin said, "Trust me. I've tried." 

"Name the time and place, and I'll be there," Jimin said with a smile. 



Jin sat in his car, sighing as he tried to hype himself up to go to work. 

"You can do this, Kim Seokjin," He said to himself, hands gripping the steering wheel tight until his knuckles went white, "You're a 24 year old man who's had this job for years! You are not about to let someone younger than you make you feel like crap about your perfectly normal desk job!

Jin leaned back, letting go of the steering wheel.

"There's no harm in quitting right? I mean, quitting means I get to spend more time with Jungkook, and play with him! Oh my god, if I quit, I get to sleep in!" Jin thought out loud before groaning, "But if I quit, then who the hell is going to earn money? I can't live off Yoongi. Unless..." 

He shook his head adamantly, "Nope. Nope. No! I cannot live off Yoongi!" 

He ran his hands over his face. 

"I need to work," He sighed, "I made a promise to Ji Hye and I can't just...Okay no, it won't be that bad. I can do this! All I have to do is ignore my boss and pretend he doesn't exist.I need this job. I need the money. Jungkook needs food and water and ice cream and Iron Man and I am not about to be the worlds worst father because I can't put up with some stupid punk who has the softest goddamn towels in the whole wide world! How the hell does he get his towels so goddamn soft?! Is it fabric softener!?" 

He turned the engine off, and took the keys out, reaching over to the passengers seat to grab his briefcase. 

"You got this. You got this. You can do this." He kept muttering to himself as he got out of the car and locked it, walking over to the lift near the car park. 


He wasn't late. He could still clock in by 9am. All he had to do was survive for 8 hours and 2 minutes. He could totally survive for 8 hours and 2 minutes. 

The lift dinged and opened its metal doors. Jin got in, pressing the 8th floor before pressing the close button. Just before 

"Hold the lift!" 

Jin pressed the close button repeatedly, hoping that the lift would listen to him and actually close so he could avoid any contact whatsoever. 

"Thanks!" Namjoon said as he slid in, standing next to Jin, "Do you mind pressing-" 

Before Namjoon could even finish, Jin pressed the button for the 10th floor wordlessly, taking an unconscious step away from Namjoon. 

"Good morning, Jin." 

Jin stuck his tongue into the side of his cheek, wondering when exactly he made the transition from Seokjin to Jin. He didn't remember giving permission to Namjoon to call him that. 

With a forced smile and a very strained voice he greeted Namjoon, for the sake of his job.

"Good morning Mr. Kim." 

"Did you get home alright last night? The rain was horrible." Namjoon said, making small talk,enjoying the way Jin tried to remain pleasant. 

"I did. Thank you." 

"And what about Jungkook-" 

"He's good too. Got home alright." Jin answered, looking at the numbers go up on the lift, trying to mentally ascertain how long this conversation would have to continue. 

"He had fun at mine with Taehyung last night," Namjoon said, "We should organise a-" 

The lift dinged and announced the floor. 

"Excuse me." Jin said quickly and exited the lift as soon as he could, walking fast to his office, closing the door harshly behind him. 

He dropped his briefcase and let out a huge sigh of relief. 


Only 7 hours and 59 minutes left. 

Jin already wanted to give up. How was this meant to get any easier? 




Namjoon wasn't an idiot. He knew that Jin was avoiding him. He couldn't help but feel guilty that he was. 

It was Namjoon's fault, really. He shouldn't have been so inappropriate. He was trying to be a gracious host but Namjoon, again, just had this problem where he can't keep his mouth shut, especially when he sees wasted potential. And that's exactly what he saw in Jin. 

He saw this amazing, bright, kind and caring guy who was stuck in a job that was so clearly beneath him, and he couldn't for the life of him, figure out why. He read over Jin's folder again and again wondering who the hell hired him in such a crappy job! The pay wasn't that great, his hours were stunted and all he was doing was looking over contracts and trying to get people to sign them. Jin could do so much more and Namjoon knew that he could! All he needed was a little push and Namjoon was going to be the one to do it. 

But after yesterday, and seeing Jin hesitate after Namjoon told him about the extended, unfixed hours, he knew that, Jin was going to turn his down. And for the life of him, he couldn't understand why! The promotion was offering a bigger office! A fatter paycheck! Endless opportunities! Hell, Jin was going to move an entire floor up! How could he say no?! Namjoon just didn't understand it. He thought about it the whole way home, and even while he was playing with Taehyung and his new friend. He kept asking himself what part of this entire offer didn't appeal to Jin. Was it the way he put the hours across? Was it the fear that was taking Jin over? Did he need more encouragement? 

And then he saw it. 


He was the reason Jin was saying no. It was a completely valid reason and Namjoon understood completely. He saw the eyebags under Jin's eyes. He saw the tense shoulders and the frantic, panicked look in his eyes. He also saw the smile on his face the second he saw Jungkook. He saw the fond look, and the love in his eyes. He saw the soft kisses and the ruffles of hair. He saw just how much Jin cared for the kid. 

And Namjoon understood completely. 

How could he not? Namjoon had Taehyung. And just like Jungkook was to Jin, Taehyung was to Namjoon - Everything. He was his everything and he knew it was the other way around too. 

But somehow, Namjoon could sense that there was more to this than just a job. It wasn't just a way to make money for Jungkook and him. He could sense that Jin wasn't completely happy and he didn't know why. Was it the job? Was it the fact that just like Namjoon, Jin knew he too could be doing better and he too could be climbing the corporate world. That he was meant for this, and yet he didn't want to try. 

Namjoon couldn't quite place his finger on it. And that's why he asked the question. 

"Are you happy?" 

If Namjoon blinked, he would have missed the way Jin's face went from blank, to understanding, to surprise and then sadness. It wasn't the sadness you felt just because you were sad. It was deeper than that. It was as if something in Jin's life was missing and he didn't want to admit it. And then it went blank again. All in the span of a couple of seconds.

The next thing he knew, Jin walked out the door. 

And now here he was, standing near the lift of the 8th floor, trying to pretend like he wasn't waiting for Jin to walk out of his office. 


It was pathetic that he's been waiting for a couple of minutes already, pretending like he was doing random rounds to try and get to know more people in the office seeing as how he just took over the job, but something in his gut was telling him that Jin was worth the trouble. And his gut has never been wrong before. 

He heard a shut of the door followed by shuffle of footsteps before the button to the lift turned bright red with a soft beep. 

"Ah, Jin," Namjoon said, walking to the lift, "Going down too?" 

"Yes sir." He gritted out trying not to roll his eyes. 

Namjoon couldn't help but smile at this little push and pull game they were doing. 

"Have an answer for me yet?" Namjoon asked him. 

"It's only Tuesday, sir." Jin said, putting on his best poker face, "I have till the end of the week." 

"That you do," Namjoon said with a nod, pushing his thick black glasses up the bridge of his nose, "You know, Jin, I just realised that I offered you the position without showing you exactly what you'd be doing." 

"Sir?' Jin asked, confused, eyebrows furrowing, making a wrinkle appear on his forehead, that Namjoon found himself wanting to make disappear.

He shook his head. He couldn't be caught being so unprofessional, especially in the workplace! He was the boss for god's sake!

"Tomorrow at 11." Namjoon said with a smile, "Meet me in my office. I hope you don't have lunch plans." 

Jin just blinked at him, staring blankly at Namjoon as if wondering what just happened.

"Your lift is here." Namjoon said with a cocky smirk, backing away from the lift, "I'll see you tomorrow, Jin." 

Namjoon turned on his heel and walked the other way, feeling Jin's eyes bore into his back, following his movement as the lift door closed, leaving him behind.


"Stupid, cocky, designer suit wearing, fake glasses having piece of sh-" 

"Daddy! Daddy!" Jungkook screamed in glee as he door to the Kindergarten opened and a flood of kids rushed out, waiting to see if their parents were waiting for them behind the gates. 

"Kookie!" Jin said, anger melting away as he saw Jungkook and his giant backpack running towards him. 

"Daddy, I mithed you!" Jungkook said, running into Jin's arms as Jin hugged him tight, placing kisses on his chubby cheeks. 

"I missed you too, sweetie!" 

Jungkook pulled back from the hug and launched off into all of the details that he did in Kindergarten, as Jin strapped him up into the carseat.

"And then, and then, and then, Teacher Jung tolded us to count to 5 and I did, daddy! I went one, two, tree, pour, fhive!" Jungkook said, voice going higher as he stuck his fingers out counting slowly, "And then, and then, Teacher Jung said I did good! And then he gave me one whole gold star, daddy! He said I did good! And then daddy I counteded more! I went six, seven, ate, nine, and then I said ten! And daddy, it was Kookie and TaeTae that kepted on counting! Me and TaeTae got a whole two stars on the star chart daddy!"

"Wow Kookie!" Jin exclaimed, sneaking a glance through the rearview mirror at Jungkook who was practically shaking with excitement, "Two stars on the star chart! I'm so proud of you baby!" 

And he was. Jin really, and truly was. To be honest, Jin wasn't very confident in his parenting skills. He didn't know if he was built to be a father or not. All this time, even after all of the parenting classes that he took, dragging Yoongi along with him, even after reading all of those books and watching YouTube videos, hoping to find answers, scouring through almost every single parenting blog or website that there was; Jin still didn't know what he was doing. He was winging everything. Yoongi had said that no one actually knew what they were doing. Parenting doesn't really come with a manual. It comes with love, and affection, and a natural gut instinct that leads us through it. But Jin still didn't know. He didn't know if he had that feeling or not. But he did know one thing - That he would never stop trying. He loved Jungkook, since day one. He was there when Jungkook was born, waiting right outside. And he was sure that he would do everything in his power to be there for Jungkook every step of the way. 

"Daddy, 'm hungry." Jungkook complained with a pout, swinging his little chubby legs. 

"What does my precious two star gold collecting baby want for snacks, hmm?" Jin asked, parking the car, turning around to look at Jungkook. 

"Chocky milk!" Jungkook declared with a grin, "And Oreos too!" 

Jin looked at him, expectantly. 

"Peas!" Jungkook said, smiling widely, cheeks chubbing up, doe brown eyes wide, sparkling with innocence. 

Jin could've sworn that he melted right there and then. Saying no to this kid would always be hard. 

"Come on baby, I'll get you some snacks." Jin said, turning the engine off as he exited the car, going to unstrap his son from the carseat. 

He didn't know what was going to happen tomorrow with Namjoon, or even what Namjoon wanted to show him. But there was no way that Jin was giving this up. Any of this! 

He wasn't about to give up waking up early in the morning just so Jungkook had extra cuddle time. He wasn't going to give up watching Jungkook try and decide between the same two cereals in the morning, always ending up picking the same thing anyway. He wasn't going to give up reminding Jungkook about his 'please' and 'thank yous'. He wasn't going to give up taking him to Kindergarten and watching him wave goodbye with excited, sparkling eyes. He wasn't going to give up picking Jungkook up, with those exact same eyes greeting him, or when Jungkook rambled on excitedly about his day, stumbling over his words because he couldn't talk fast enough to match his excitement. He wasn't going to give up chocolate milk and oreos and hugs and kisses. 

Because taking that job meant working more, which meant that he would have to change his entire schedule to accommodate his job, and not Jungkook. Jungkook was and always will be his number one priority, and no amount of money, or person, could ever change that. 

Jin didn't care if he was happy or not. All he cared about was that Jungkook was happy, and healthy and loved. 




"He wants what?" Yoongi asked him, taking a sip from his beer bottle while Jungkook coloured in the living room with the television playing in the background. 

"Wants me to meet him at 11 at his office tomorrow." Jin mumbled, "I don't even know what he wants! Or why he can't leave me alone!" 

"It's obvious, isn't it? He wants you to take that damn promotion!" Yoongi answered. 

"It's not that simple, Yoongs," Jin sighed, "This isn't just my decision to make-" 

"I know, Jin," Yoongi cut him off before he could even say anything, "I know that you have Kook to think about and I know that you only want to put him first, but god, it's a damn good offer! Think about it! You'd be earning more! You'd have a good-" 

"Money isn't everything." 

"Money is what keeps this roof over your head." Yoongi deadpanned, "There's only so long an insurance payout can last, Jin." 

"I'm doing fine!" Jin hissed out. 

"When's the last time you got laid, huh?" 

"That has nothing to do-" 

"Fuc-" Yoongi started but cut himself off, taking a quick glance at Jungkook who was humming, oblivious in his own world, trying to stay inside the lines as he coloured the cloud red, "Firetruck hell, Jin! You can't keep being miserable forever!" 

"Why does everyone think I'm unhappy?! I'm fine! I'm happy! I have Jungkook! I have you! I don't need anyone else!" Jin yelled out, slamming his beer bottle down onto the counter a little louder than necessary. 

"Who's everyone?" Yoongi asked. 


"You said everyone thinks you're unhappy. Who's everyone?" Yoongi repeated.

"Namjoon asked me last night if I was happy..." Jin admitted, taking a large swig from the neck of the beer bottle, the burn hardly affecting him anymore. 

"And when exactly did Mr Kim say that?" 

"When I was picking up Jungkook from his house." Jin admitted, "Surprise, surprise! He's the infamous TaeTae's father. Wohoo. The universe really firetrucking hates me, doesn't it?" 

"Do you believe in fate, Jin? Maybe even destiny?' 

"Oh shut the firetruck up." Jin muttered out, rolling his eyes.

"All I'm saying," Yoongi said, "Is to hear him out with an open mind." 

"Yoongi, you saw what happened the last time-" Jin said, eyes pricking with tears from the memory that still haunted him to this day, that still caused him to lie awake at night, to want so badly to turn back time and redo everything. 

"You can't keep punishing yourself for that, Jin," Yoongi said, sympathy filling his eyes, "You're not the same person you were back then. And look at him, Jin. Look at Jungkook! He's a happy kid! He's healthy! But most importantly, he's right here. In front of us." 

As if on cue, Jungkook set his crayon down, grabbing the paper and running over to Yoongi with bright eyes and a giggle. 

"Uncle Yoo! Uncle Yoo!" Jungkook called out. 

"There's my little Iron Man!" Yoongi said with affection lacing his every syllable. 

"Lookie! I maded you this!" 

"You did?" Yoongi said with a gasp, taking the paper from Jungkook's outstretched hands, marvelling at it as if it were the Mona Lisa itself, "Woah! This is the bestestest drawing I have ever seen in my whole life! Oh my god! Our little Jungkookie Iron Man is a painter!" 

Jungkook giggled, eyes crescenting. 

"Jin, you better call the newspapers! Look how amazing this drawing is! Everyone should see it! You should hang it up on the fridge, Jin!" Yoongi said. 

Jungkook gasped, "Daddy, are you and Uncle Yoo really gonna put the drawing I maded on there?" 

"Of course sweetie," Jin said, taking the drawing from Yoongi's hands and the magnet that was hanging on the fridge, "Everyone needs to see how amazing our little KooKoo bear is and how well you can draw, right?" 

Jungkook just nodded, still in disbelief that his drawing was on the fridge. 

"Tell you what, Kookie," Yoongi said, leaning down and picking him up in his arms, "If you finish all of your veggies for dinner today, Uncle Yoo will take you out for ice cream. Can you do that for me?" 

"With sprinkles?!" Jungkook asked excitedly. 

"Anything you want, kiddo." Yoongi promised. 

"I want sprinkles, Uncle Yoo!" Jungkook asked, putting his chubby fingers on Yoongi's cheeks, "Peas." 

"Promise." Yoongi said, practically melting on the spot. Truth be told, this kid could ask Yoongi for the moon and he would still find a way to get it for him. He was truly wrapped around his chubby little finger, and has been ever since the first night he saw him sleeping in his crib after Jin introduced him. 

"Daddy! Uncle Yoo said that Kookie could have ice cweam with sprinkles!" Jungkook told his dad, eyes blooming with excitement. 

"I heard," Jin said with a strained smile on his face, knowing how much sugar Jungkook already had today. 

"What?" Yoongi said, shrugging, "Don't look at me like that! I said ice cream after dinner and veggies!" 

Jin just glared deeper at Yoongi. 

"You try saying no to the kid, you monster!" Yoongi grumbled. 

"Don't worry Uncle Yoo! Iron Man save you from monster!" Jungkook said, gasping at the 'm' word, squirming to get off Yoongi's lap, to get his Iron Man action figure from the table he was colouring on. 

"You hear that, Jin? Iron Man's coming!" Yoongi said, cocking an eyebrow at Jin, "He'll protect me from your monster glare." 


 Jin loved Jungkook, he really did, with all of his heart and soul, Jin loved his son. But it was times like these where he wondered just how much he loved Jungkook. 

"Baby shark dodododododo. Baby shark dododododo, baby shark dododododo." Jungkook sang over and over from the carseat, making his Iron Man action figure dance along to his off beat rendition of Baby Shark.

"Kookie, sweetheart," Jin said in a sweet voice, cringing at how irritating that song truly was. He wanted to strangle whoever made it. 

"Yes daddy?" Jungkook asked brightly, smiling, eyes rounded and sparkling. 

"Baby, do you want to try singing another song? Any other song?" Jin nearly begged.

Jungkook thought about it for a second and then shook his head, "No tank ewe." 

He took a deep breath and kept singing the same line over, and over, and over, and over again. 

"Baby shark dododododo. Baby shark dododododo. Baby shark doododododo. Baby shark dodododododo."

Jin wanted to be mad, he really did, but he couldn't. Jungkook was just too polite. 

When they reached the Kindergarten, Jin parked the car and turned the engine off, before walking to unstrap Jungkook from his carseat.


"Yeah, baby?" Jin asked, undoing the straps.

"TaeTae said he would play Avengers with me today." Jungkook told him. 

"Really? Are you excited?" 

"TaeTae said he would be Hulk and I would be Iron Man," Jungkook said, fiddling with his Iron Man toy. 

"Wow! Are you going to save the world like Iron Man does?" 

"I like Iron Man," Jungkook said, looping his arms around Jin's neck as Jin carried him from the seat, reaching over to get his backpack, "Daddy, do you like Iron Man?" 

"I like Iron Man, but you know who I love?" Jin asked. 

"Who, daddy?" 

"I love you!" Jin said, peppering Jungkook's chubby, slightly flushed cheeks with kisses as Jungkook giggled loudly, squirming in Jin's hold. 

"Stop! Daddy stop!" Jungkook giggled, trying to push away from the kiss attack. 

"Ready for Kindergarten, baby?" Jin asked, putting Jungkook down, looping his backpack on. 

"Daddy will I get a gold star today?" 

"If you're a good boy I'm sure Teacher Jung will give you a gold star." 

"Does Teacher Jung like Iron Man?" Jungkook asked, eyes wide with curiosity. 

"Let's ask Teacher Jung, okay?" Jin said, pushing the gate open, walking hand in hand with Jungkook. 

"Good morning Jungkook! Are you ready to say hello to the day?" Hoseok asked with a wide grin. 

"Good morning Teacher Jung! I'm ready to say hello to the day!" Jungkook cheered along to their morning song. 

"Hey Hobi," Jin greeted. 

"Hey Jinnie," Hoseok said with a smile, "No Yoongi today?" 

"He's on some big case, didn't really sleep the night," Jin explained. 

"Heard you have a meeting today with a certain CEO," Hoseok said, wagging his eyebrows. 

"It's nothing like that," Jin told him rolling his eyes, "It's just that he's such a di-" 

"Daddy, daddy! Ask Teacher Jung!" Jungkook said, pulling on Jin's trousers. 

"Ask Teacher Jung what, Jungkookie?" Hoseok said, crouching down to eye level. 

"Do you like Iron Man?" Jungkook asked, thrusting out his Iron Man action figure.

"I do like Iron Man!" Hoseok said with a bright nod. 

"Is he your fa-your favo-uhh.." Jungkook said, seemingly stuck at the word. He looked up at Jin with wide eyes and a pout that was only growing deeper. 

"Favourite." Jin corrected with a fond look in his eyes as he broke the word down for Jungkook to follow, "Fa-vou-ri-te." 

Jungkook looked up at Jin and then nodded furiously, "Is Iron Man your bestestest superhero?!" 

"Iron Man is my second bestestest superhero!" Hoseok told him, "I like Captain America." 

"Daddy!" Jungkook pouted. 

"People are allowed to like different hero's Kookie. You like Iron Man, TaeTae likes Hulk and Teacher Jung likes Captain America," Jin said, "Isn't that nice, Jungkook? How everyone likes different things?" 

"Daddy, who do you like?" Jungkook asked. 

"I like Jungkook the bestestestest!" Jin said, ruffling Jungkook's hair, "He's my favourite superhero!" 

"Daddy's silly," Jungkook said with a giggle, holding his Iron Man close to him.

"Good morning everyone," Jimin greeted as he held walked in holding Taehyung's hand. 

"Taetae!" Jungkook said excitedly, running up to him and hugging him. 

"KooKoo!" Taehyung mimicked his excitement, hugging him equally tight, his Hulk action figure against Jungkook's back. 

"Good morning Taehyung! Are you ready to say hello to the day?" Hoseok greeted with a bright smile. 

"Good morning Teacher Jung! I'm ready to say hello to the day!" Taehyung replied with a wide, boxy grin. 

"ChimChim?" Jungkook asked, pulling away from Taehyung. 

"Yes Kookie?" 

"ChimChim do you like Iron Man the bestestest?" Jungkook asked, sticking out his action figure at him. 

"No! ChimChim like Hulk the bestestest!" Taehyung demanded. 

"No! ChimChim like Iron Man!" Jungkook said, frown growing deeper. 

"Taehyung. Jungkook." Hoseok warned in a low, authoritative voice. 

Jimin crouched down to eye level and pushed them apart subtly, "I like Iron Man, and I like Hulk too." 

"But which one do you like bestestest?" Jungkook demanded. 

"I like Thor bestestest." Jimin answered. 

"Oh." Jungkook said, mouth almost as round as his eyes were, "Okay." 

"Say goodbye to Jimin and daddy you two," Hoseok said, "We're about to start circle time!" 

"Come here, Kookie," Jin said, crouching down to hug Jungkook. 

"Daddy will you see TaeTae's papa?" Jungkook asked him as he waddled over to Jin. 

"I will," Jin said, wanting to groan at the reminder. He had nearly forgot. 

"Can you ask TaeTae's papa if he likes Iron Man the bestestest?" Jungkook asked as he hugged Jin goodbye. 

"I will try." 

Jungkook took Jin's cheeks in his chubby little hands and squished them hard, looking serious, "No try, daddy. Do." 

"Okay, I will ask him," Jin said with a nod, trying to hold back a hug, "Now give daddy a kiss before daddy goes to work." 

"I love you, daddy," Jungkook said, placing a wet kiss on Jin's cheek. 

"I love you too, sweetheart." 



Jin stood outside Namjoon's office at 10.57am, waiting for the okay from his secretary to go into the room. He had been dreading this ever since Namjoon fixed the meeting between them. He had wanted nothing more than to leave, or to run away, or literally do anything that did not require him to be here right now. 

"Mr Kim?" His secretary said, putting the phone down, "He's ready for you now." 

"You watched 50 shades again last night, didn't you?" Jin teased.

"Twice." She said with a grin. 

Jin shook his head as he knocked the door. 


Jin opened the door, stepping in before shutting it behind him. 

"Good morning sir." Jin greeted. 

"Morning," Namjoon said with a smile, "Please, sit down." 

Jin took a seat opposite Namjoon who pushed up his thick black glasses, laying a file on the table as he straightened his red tie, and leaned back against the chair, making sure not to mess his perfectly styled hair up. 

"There's a client coming into the office today with his lawyer because he wants to terminate his contract with us," Namjoon said, placing his hands in front of him, "That's their file. I want you to look through it and familiarise yourself with it, because you're going to help me with this meeting." 

"With all due respect sir, isn't this the legal team's problem? I don't see why I should get involved..." Jin trailed off, glancing down at the file as if it would burn if he even went near it. 

"It's strategy, Jin," Namjoon said, leaning further back into the expensive black leather clad chair, "If I brought in the legal team, they would immediately get hostile and there would be no saving the deal at all. But if I brought you in, someone who they already have dealt with in the past, and have been happy with, there's more chance that I can save the deal and this business relationship." 

"I've dealt with them before?" Jin asked, eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he picked the brown file up, flipping through it, eyes skimming the words on the page. 

Namjoon smiled, knowing that Jin's curiosity would get the best of him, and that it would bring one layer of his guard down around him.

"Park Do Hyun." Namjoon said, "You worked closely with him on the-" 

"Audacae contract." Jin answered, "I remember. I didn't know he moved to a different company though." 

"He got a better offer, got promoted, higher salary, company card benefits..." Namjoon listed out, "You know. The works." 

Jin took a couple of minutes to skim over the file, taking in important details, especially of the terms of the contract that they weren't agreeable to, and terms that Namjoon wanted to keep in. 

"So, what do you want me to do?" Jin asked, looking up briefly at Namjoon before putting his head down and reading the file again. 

"Make sure they don't terminate." Was all Namjoon said. 

"What time are they coming?" Jin said, "I need to know if I have enough time to look this over properly and maybe make some notes." 

"You have an hour." Namjoon said with a nod, "Conference Room 3. I'll get someone to call you once they're here." 

"Thank you, sir." Jin said, grabbing the folder and walking out the door, feeling some sort of excitement that he would never admit. 




Do Hyun, his lawyer and Namjoon were sat in the conference room, on opposite sides of each other with some paper in front of them, and pens laid neatly down next to it. 

There was a knock on the door followed by Jin walking in, closing the door behind him.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting," Jin apologised politely. 

"Kim Seokjin..." Do Hyun said with a smile on his face, "They brought out the big guns today, huh?" 

"It's nice to see you again Do Hyun. I trust you've been well, especially with your new job," Jin said with an equally polite smile, placing the brown manilla folder down in front of him as he sat next to Namjoon. 

Do Hyun laughed, "It's been a step up from the last company I can tell you that." 

"Speaking of company's, what this I hear about you wanting to end things with ours?" Jin segued, taking a copy that he made of the previous contract out, placing it down in front of him. 

"Look Jin, you were amazing with the last deal I did with you and the company but I don't think this one is going to work out. The terms just aren't suitable to us anymore and there is no way that we can fix it without terminating the entire contract." Do Hyun said with a sigh. 

"You do realise that if you terminate, the damages that you would pay for the breach, and the losses that you would incur would be higher than the actual project, right?" Jin said, smiling politely, but the punch behind the words were harsh. 

"We have 60 days before the contract takes force. We are well within our time-" The lawyer started to say but Jin cut him off. 

"You had 60 days." Jin corrected, "Those 60 days ended yesterday. If you terminate the contract with us, you would be in breach of a fundamental term thus triggering the repudiation contract clause on page 14, clause 11.6, stating that the breach is entirely your fault and the damages that you would pay would be double, including but not limited to the 8 percent interest per annum for every year that you delay." 

Namjoon couldn't help but look on at Jin with pride in his eyes. He knew that he was so much better than just a desk jockey. If Jin could do all of this in one hour, Namjoon couldn't help but wonder just how far Jin could soar. 

"The way I see it, we have three options," Jin said, leaning back, "The first is that you terminate the contract, and trigger the repudiation clause, which will not only cause you losses, but will damage your reputation, and knowing how sensitive the stock market is, you would lose shares, and who knows, maybe we'd even start winding up proceedings to try and get the money that you would not be able to pay back. The second option is to continue with the contract as it is." 

"Both of those options are undesirable." The lawyer said through gritted teeth, trying to keep his cool. 

"I'm aware." Jin said cockily, leaning back further in his chair, "Do Hyun, your relationship to me, business and otherwise, is important. Which is why I'm giving you a third option. Something I wouldn't have given anyone else. But because it's you, I'm willing to compromise." 

"How so?" Do Hyun asked, intrigued. 

"A supplementary agreement." Jin said, "We draft up a supplementary agreement with mutually agreed clauses, including but not limited to, prices, instalment payments, dates, times, so on and so forth. I'm sure you get the gist of what I'm saying." 

Do Hyun looked over to the lawyer, trying to figure out if it was a good legal move for them. 

"You're suggesting a collateral contract?" The lawyer asked. 

"I'm offering." Jin clarified, "It's a contract that will run side by side with this main one right here. We will state, in this collateral contract that unless otherwise stipulated, the contract remains the same. Whatever is in the collateral contract will be the only changes. That way you're happy, and we're happy, and most importantly our relationship continues. Don't you agree, Do Hyun?" 

Do Hyun nodded, clearly impressed with the way Jin handled this, "We won't terminate on one condition." 

"Go on." Namjoon said, leaning forward. 

"I want Jin to personally handle the contract and anything else that comes along with it," Do Hyun said. 

Jin tried to keep his poker face, but was surprised with the condition that Do Hyun had attached. He was sure that it was going to be a money clause or something that reduced the amount that they had to pay. 

"Done." Namjoon said immediately. 

Do Hyun stood up, followed by his lawyer and then Namjoon and Jin. He stuck his hand out to Namjoon, waiting for the other to accept it. 

"You have a keeper here, Mr Kim," Do Hyun said, "I suggest keeping him tight in your fist, otherwise I might just come out and take him from you." 

"Oh trust me, Mr. Do," Namjoon said, looking at Jin, "I'll do everything in my power to make sure he doesn't go anywhere." 

"Let me show you out, Do Hyun," Jin said, trying to hide the flush in his cheeks. 

"Jin, if you ever want to leave-" Do Hyun started. 

Jin laughed, "We've been over this Do Hyun, I'm fine where I am. I'm not moving jobs." 

"It was just a suggestion," Do Hyun said, shrugging as he left the room. 

Jin walked back in and closed the door behind him, walking over to the table to attempt to clean up the mess of papers left behind. 

"You were amazing!" Namjoon complimented immediately, "The way you basically laid down the facts and tried to make it seem like you were giving them a choice when really you picked for them." 

"Thank you," Jin said, eyes unmoving from the papers that he stacked back neatly in the manilla folder. 

"Tell me you didn't enjoy that," Namjoon almost challenged. 

"It was nice." 

"God Jin, you would be so amazing with this promotion and this is just a slice of what you'd be doing! Jin if you-" 

"Mr. Kim," Jin interrupted, voice dropping down to just over a whisper as he said, "Please. I have till the end of the week to decide."

"I know." Namjoon said, "I just can't help but know that you would be amazing in any job that you take up. I saw you just now. I saw the way your eyes lit up and the way you shined, and how you knew that everyone was hanging off every single word that you said. You had power and you weren't afraid to use it. Jin, trust me, if you just say yes, I promise that I will make this so, so worth it." 

"I have a lot to think about," Jin said, feeling his heart beat faster and faster, the adrenaline rush he got from the meeting not wearing off yet. 

"If there's anything I can do, anything at all to even sway your decision-" 

"Mr. Kim." 

"Yes, Jin?" 

"Do you like Iron Man?" Jin asked, lifting his eyes and looking at Namjoon, his eyes bright and shining as he looked at Jin, glasses slipping down the bridge of his nose, his white shirt slightly crumpled, tie still neatly in place. 


"Do you like him? Iron Man, that is..." Jin said, "Is he your favourite Avenger?" 

Namjoon smiled, soft and big, dimples deepening with every passing second as he said, "Don't tell Taehyung, but Iron Man is my favourite Avenger. Honestly, no other Avenger comes close."

Jin nodded, as he grabbed the brown folder off the table, turning on his heel, smile unconsciously growing bigger and bigger as he left the room.

Chapter Text

Jin was in the middle of washing dishes, paying attention to the sounds in the background. He couldn't leave Jungkook unattended for too long. Jungkook was a fairly independent child, but he was mischievous and as much as Jin loved that, he also worried that Jungkook would get into some trouble when he wasn't looking. 

He heard the television playing in the background and nodded to himself, focusing back on the dishes.

"'Cause the drinks bring back all the memories and the memories bring back, memories bring back you," Jin sang softly to himself, rinsing the soapy, sudsy plate, putting it to one side before moving onto the next one. 

He heard pitter patter of little feet followed by a small grunting sound. Jin smiled to himself as he turned only his head around to see Jungkook trying to reach for the cookie jar, attempting to climb the marble counter from the chair. 

"My, my, I'm so lucky to have such a good son like Jungkook who will always listen to me," Jin said loudly so that Jungkook could hear him, "Jungkook is such a good little boy who will never take a cookie from the cookie jar without asking me first." 

"Oh." He heard Jungkook say from behind him before Jungkook asked loudly, "Daddy, can I ask you a quesh-teaon?" 

"Here's my good little boy," Jin said with a grin, "You can ask me anything sweetheart." 

"Daddy, can I have a cookie peas?" Jungkook asked him, lips jutted out in a pout, eyes rounded, doe brown, as he blinked, smiling up at Jin. 

"You just had dinner, baby," Jin told him.

"Peas daddy!" Jungkook asked again.

"Kookie, you just had dinner and you had a lot of snacks before dinner too." Jin told him, "You can get another cookie tomorrow, okay?" 

"I want it now!" Jungkook screamed, hitting his hand on the table, bottom lip trembling, eyes watering at his dad. 

"Jungkook." Jin warned. 

"Now! I want it now! I want cookie! I want it!" Jungkook started to scream, slumping down into the chair as he started kicking, building up into a full blown tantrum. 

Jin sighed. He rinsed his hands, and dried it off, the remainder of the dishes soaking in the sink. 

He walked to Jungkook who was getting increasingly uneasy, turning red from his tantrum, kicking and screaming as he cried. Jin crouched down to the chair and carried the crying child into his arms as he walked into Jungkook's room.

"No! No! No! I want cookie! Want! Now! No!" Jungkook kept crying and screaming, squirming and kicking in Jin's hold.

Jin put Jungkook on the bed and crouched down to eye level in front of him. Jin said nothing as he watched Jungkook ride his tantrum out. He said nothing as Jungkook screamed and yelled, and cried and pouted, occasionally stomping and kicking his feet. 

Jin still remembered the first time Jungkook had a full blown tantrum. Needless to say, he wasn't ready for it in the least. Jin genuinely didn't know what to do. What made matters worse was the fact that they were in public. Jin was in the middle of a grocery store and Jungkook, who was 2 years old at the time, was in the trolley as Jin was passing by the candy aisle and Jungkook kept reaching out to pick things off the shelf. Jin told him that he couldn't do it and that Jungkook couldn't just pick  things off the shelf as he liked. He told him that it wasn't polite. The next thing he knew, Jungkook's bottom lip was trembling and in a split second, he was screaming with all of his might. People stopped and stared at Jin. He could feel their judgemental stares, their little whispers about how badly behaved Jungkook was, and that this was what happened when you let someone's 'brother' take care of a child. There were snarky comments and weird stares sent his way. Jin couldn't take it. He couldn't take the judgement and on top of that, he couldn't take the screaming and the crying and he was lost on what to do. So, he grabbed Jungkook out of the cart, leaving all of the groceries in the cart and left the store. 

Jin told himself that he would never let something like that ever happen again. After a long, crying phone call with Yoongi who dropped everything to come to Jin and 2 year old Jungkook's aid, Jin and Yoongi managed to calm Jungkook down. They spent hours and hours afterwards searching the internet and watching Youtube videos, reading excerpts online from whatever parenting book they could find, scoured pages after pages of Google to find parenting blogs on how to calm toddler tantrums and what the best ways were. Jin had a lot of trial and error after that, but he finally found a method that worked. 

And here Jin was on, in front of Jungkook, waiting patiently for the tantrum to subside. Jungkook wasn't a bad kid, in fact, Jin got lucky because Jungkook was a pretty easy kid to love and take care of. But at the end of the day, Jungkook was still a child. And every single child had their moments where they were sad, or angry, or overwhelmed and tired, and they were allowed to act out. They are still children, and Jin wasn't going to punish Jungkook for trying to figure out  a healthy way to deal with his emotions. 

A couple of minutes later, Jungkook had stopped kicking, and a few minutes after that, the screaming subsided, and Jungkook was sat on the edge of his bed, thumb in his mouth as he hiccuped, still trying to calm down from his harsh tantrum.

"Are you feeling better, Kookie?" Jin asked softly. 

Jungkook nodded slowly, a stray tear falling down his rounded eyes. He brought his hand up and wiped it away, hiccuping against his thumb. 

"Were you sad you couldn't get a cookie?"

Jungkook nodded again, hiccuping again, sucking his thumb. 

"I know you were sad you couldn't get a cookie. I would be sad too, but Kookie, you know that daddy wants the best for you, right, baby?" Jin said slowly, "Daddy didn't give you the cookie because you already had a lot of Oreos before dinner, remember? And you also had chocolate milk with the Oreos." 

"Bu-But I wanted co-cookie." Jungkook sobbed around his thumb, big fat tears gathering around the rims of his eyes as he blinked with his long lashes. 

"I know baby. I know you did." Jin said, carding his fingers through Jungkook's hair, "But you had a lot of cookies today, and too much sugar isn't good for you or your little tummy. You don't want your tumtum to hurt, right, baby?" 

"N-No da-daddy," Jungkook said, shaking his head, words muffling against his thumb. 

"Good boy, Kookie," Jin said, leaning forward and kissing Jungkook's forehead.


"Yes baby?" Jin said, standing up. 

"Do...Do you still luhbe me? Kookie was bad." Jungkook said softly, huge doe brown eyes staring at Jin, scared.

"Oh, my sweet, sweet baby," Jin said, sitting next to Jungkook, carrying the 4 year old in his arms and placing him on Jin's lap, facing Jin, "Kookie, listen to daddy very, very carefully okay? There is nothing you can do or say that will make daddy love you any less. Daddy loves you more than anything in the world!" 

"Anything?" Jungkook asked, unsure. 

"Anything and everything!" Jin said with a smile. 

"Ev-Even more than cereal, daddy?" 

"Even more than Iron Man," Jin told him. 

"Woah," Jungkook said, eyes growing in size, "Daddy that's a lot." 

"Daddy loves you a million billion trillion bajillion!" Jin said in a funny voice.

"Kookoo promise, daddy?" Jungkook asked, holding out his chubby pinky.

"Promise, baby," Jin said, linking his pinky with Jungkook leaning down and peppering kisses all over Jungkook's wet, salty cheeks and forehead.

"Daddy stop! Stop! I bee-leave you!" Jungkook giggled, squirming away from Jin's kisses.

"I love you very, very much Jungkook," Jin said, hugging Jungkook close to him, "And I will always love you no matter what."

"You're the best daddy, daddy," Jungkook said, hugging Jin back, nuzzling his drying face into Jin's neck, "Even when you don't give me cookies."

Jin laughed, "Thank you, baby." 

Jin pulled away, taking Jungkook into his arms and walking into the bathroom, "Let's get you into a bath, okay? We're going to get you squeaky clean and then I will give you a nice glass of milk and you can go to sleep." 

"Can I have my duckies, daddy?"

"Do you want your Octopus too?"

"Yes peas." Jungkook said excitedly, practically bouncing in Jin's arms, the smile returning on his face, any trace of the tantrum wiped away.



"You look like shit." Was the first thing Yoongi said to Jin as he walked in, passing him a cup of coffee, sitting down in his office on the chair opposite him. 

"Thanks." Jin said, grabbing the cup and immediately taking a sip, hissing out in pain as the hot liquid burned his tongue.

"Oh yeah, careful, it's hot." Yoongi said belatedly, smirking at the withering look that Jin sent his way, "What's got you in a shit mood anyway?"

Jin sighed, leaning back in his chair, "It was just a rough night, that's all." 

"What happened? Is everything okay? Is Jungkook okay? Is he sick? Did some-" Yoongi launched into all of  the questions that came into his mind. 

"He's fine. He's alright," Jin quickly reassured knowing that Yoongi cared about Jungkook like he was his own son. He practically raised him with Jin. "He just threw a tantrum. And I thought that I had it until control, until he asked me if I still loved him because 'Kookie was bad.' I don't know where he ever got the idea that I could ever love him less."

"What was the tantrum about?" Yoongi asked.

"He wanted a cookie after dinner and I said no because he already had a lot of sugar during the day," Jin said, "I think he must have been overtired or like I don't know, but all of a sudden he just started screaming and yelling and kicking and I did the usual things! I carried him and took him into his room and closed the door so he could self soothe himself out of it. I sat there and listened to him cry and scream until he stopped. I acknowledged his feelings just like the books said! I talked to him calmly and explained why he couldn't get a cookie and god, Yoongi, you should have seen his face...I'm clearly doing something wrong if my own son thinks that I don't love him."

"Jin, do you remember in college how you were one of the most popular people? You were at every single party, and how you knew anyone and everyone; and the people you didn't know, you'd make it a point to go up to them, introduce yourself and make them your friend. Not just that, god, Jin, you were top of your class! You had everything going for you! Do you remember that?" Yoongi said. 

"Yoongi..." Jin sighed, trailing off, "What does any of this have to do-" 

"You had all of that and then one day, seemingly out of the blue, you dropped off the face of the Earth. You didn't come to class, you didn't answer your phone, no one saw you at any parties, and you even skipped exams. No one could reach you...People kept asking me about where you were and what happened to you, but even me, your best friend, knew nothing." Yoongi said, "And then I came over, and I got my answer. You got Jungkook. You dropped everything to take care of him. You sacrificed everything for him! You lost friends, and had to drop out of law school, and yet you didn't blame him. You gave that kid everything that he needed and made sure that he wanted for nothing. I've seen you at your worst with him, and still, you had all the love in the world to give him. You knew nothing about caring for a baby, but you still didn't let that stop you. You did your research, endured the judgment, and put up with the stares and whispers and the rumours that went around. You attended classes on childcare, read blogs, bought books, made sure that you were doing everything right."

Jin felt his breath hitch in his throat, tears pricking his eyes at the sincerity of Yoongi's words. 

"You're not just a good dad, Jin. You're the best dad, and I can say that without a hint of biasness, because I was there through it all," Yoongi said, leaning over and placing a supporting hand on Jin's hand, "And I know that Jungkook knows this too. He won't admit it, but I'm pretty sure he loves you more than he loves Iron Man."

"I believed you until you said that he loves me more than Iron Man," Jin laughed, wet, as he tried to blink away the tears. 

They laughed, the heavy atmosphere leaking out of the cracks in the door. 

When the laughter subsided, Yoongi leaned back in his chair and with a small smile and a sip from his cup of coffee, he said, "You're a good father, Jin. You're just too harsh on yourself. This parenting thing doesn't have a strict set of rules. You can only figure out with lots of trial and error. And so far, you're doing a damn good job and if you don't believe me, just look at the evidence. Look how happy and polite and good Jungkook's turned out."

"I'm scared all the time, Yoongi," Jin admitted, voice barely over a whisper as if someone would overhear.

"And that's okay, Jin," Yoongi told him, "It's called being a parent." 

"One day, he's going to grow up and ask me where his mother is, and what do I tell him then?" 

"The truth." 

"I'm scared, Yoongs. I'm so so scared," Jin said, running his hands over his face. 

"I know," He said. "All you can is do your best and you're clearly doing that." 

"I don't even know what to do about the job offer...." Jin sighed, feeling a weight on his chest, getting heavier every passing second. 

"Did you enjoy the meeting yesterday?" Yoongi asked. 

"Yoongi, my happiness doesn't matter here! It's Jungkook! If I take that job-" 

"Wait, wait, rewind!" Yoongi said, "What do you mean your happiness doesn't matter?" 

"It doesn't." Jin said, "Look, all I care about is Jungkook and his happiness and taking this job means that I would be spending less time with him and the entire routine that we created-" 

"Jungkook can only be happy if you're happy." Yoongi said, firmly, "If you're not happy, he'll sense that and that would only create tension and unhappiness in the house and we all know hoe they went last time." 

Jin felt the blow of Yoongi's words straight to his chest, "Yoongi. That wasn't fair." 

"It's true, Jin! You and I both know it." 

"I can't take it." 

"You have to stop letting fear control you, Jin. This job opportunity will make you happy! It'll give you a bigger, better office. Your talents will finally be shown. You'll finally have a challenge that isn't this stupid desk job that a goddamn monkey could do! More than that, you'll have a better salary." Yoongi said and in a softer voice, he added, "Insurance payouts don't last forever, Jin. Sooner or later, we're going to have to figure out something else." 

"I budget." 

"Jungkook's growing up." Yoongi said, "He's going to need more things. School, college, new clothes, books...Insurance can't cover everything."

"The hours are going to be longer...I might not be able to be there for Jungkook all the time and I don't like that." Jin sighed.

"We'll figure it out, Jin. We always do. You're not alone in this, you know that. We can do this together." Yoongi comforted. 

"I really want the job, Yoongi..." Jin sighed, "And I know it isn't right that I feel guilty about it, but sitting in that meeting yesterday, I can't explain it, but I got this rush and I could feel myself shine, you know? I loved it. I loved every second of it." 

Yoongi stood up with a knowing smile on his face, "I think you know what you have to do, Jin. I can't make this decision for you, but whatever you choose, I'll be right there, supporting you." 



"Kookie," Jin called out as soon as he put the leftovers from dinner away into the fridge. 

"Yes daddy?" Jungkook said, little feet pitter pattering from his room into the kitchen, looking up at his father as he clutched the Iron Man plushie close to him. 

"Come here baby, daddy wants to talk to you," Jin said, carrying Jungkook into his arms, walking out into the living room to sit on the couch. 

"Am I in twouble, daddy?" Jungkook asked, rounded eyes growing as he tried to think back on what he did. 

"No baby you're not," Jin said, placing a soft kiss on Jungkook's forehead, "You're my good boy. You're not in trouble." 

"Then?" Jungkook asked as Jin sat down on the couch, putting Jungkook on his lap, carding his fingers softly through Jungkook's dark brown hair. 

"Daddy just wants to talk to you about something." 

"Is daddy in twouble? Daddy did you not do your homework? Teacher Jung said we must always finish our homework otherwise we no get a gold star," Jungkook said seriously to Jin. 

"I did all my homework, Kookie," Jin said with a laugh, "Daddy did all of his homework so well that my boss actually wants to give me more work and put me in a higher class!"

Jungkook thought seriously about this and then said, "I no want to do homework if it means more homework." 

Jin laughed, throwing his head back into the soft pillows of the couch, "You must always do your homework, Kookie, okay?"

"Okay, daddy." Jungkook said with a long, drawn out sigh. "I will do my homework." 

"That's my good boy," Jin said, ruffling Jungkook's hair as Jungkook smiled at him, bunny teeth on display, eyes crinkling in happiness, "Now listen to daddy very carefully okay, because daddy wants your opinion on this." 

Jungkook scrunched his nose in thought and then stuttered out, "What is op-op-"

He huffed in frustration before asking Jin, "Daddy what is onion?" 

Jin chuckled. HIs favourite thing about Jungkook was his curiosity and how he would ask Jin a million questions until he was satisfied with his answer. 

"It's opinion, Kookie. Not onion. Opinion. Op-in-e-on." 

"Op. In. Eeee. On." Jungkook repeated slowly and then tried it again, "Onion." 

"Opinion." Jin corrected. His original plan was to talk to Jungkook about how the kid would feel about Jin's new job, but kids being kids would not stay in a straight line. Jin couldn't blame Jungkook. He was young and didn't really have much of an attention span. If there was one thing that really changed about Jin since getting Jungkook - it would be how much patience he has gained. Jin used to huff and puff and get angry when a certain webpage of the internet wouldn't load in 3 seconds. And now he could endure getting asked the same question over and over and over and over and over again, and still answer it with the same smile that he had the first time the question was asked. 

"Onion." Jungkook said with a firm nod, thinking that he had said the word correctly. 

"An opinion, kookie, is when someone asks you for your thoughts, like if I asked you what you thought about Iron Man, I would be asking you for an opinion." Jin explained to Jungkook, "Understand, baby?"

"I like Iron Man, daddy! He's my bestestest Avenger! Iron Man is strong and red and that's my bestestest colour!" Jungkook said quickly. "Is that my onion daddy?" 

"Yes baby, that's your opinion," Jin laughed. 

"Can we do another onion?" Jungkook said, practically bouncing on Jin's lap from excitement.

"Okay Kookie, this is a very important onion-I mean opinion, okay? So really, really think about it. We have to put our thinking caps on and really really think hard okay?" Jin told him, readjusting Jungkook on his lap as he leaned back into the sofa.

Jungkook pretended to put a hat on and then nodded at Jin, "My cap is on, daddy. Kookie's ready to think!"

"Here's the question," Jin said, "What if daddy went to the class and got more homework from my teacher? See, if daddy went to the higher class instead of staying in the class now, daddy would have to spend more time in the office, because daddy would have more homework, which means that daddy may not be able to be with you all the time. But daddy would still spend a lot of time with you, just not as much as daddy is spending now." 

"Because of the homework?" Jungkook asked, pout forming on his lips.

"Yeah baby, because of the homework." Jin almost sighed, deciding that he couldn't stand the look of sadness on Jungkook's face.

He wouldn't take the job.
He couldn't. Not when he knew that Jungkook wouldn't be happy. What's the point of all of this if Jungkook wasn't happy. 

"Do you like homework, daddy?" Jungkook asked him, leaning forward on Jin's lap. 

"I do." Jin said with a nod, "I like this homework very much." 

"But you would have more homework? And daddy you always say that no play time until all homework is finished, 'memmember?" Jungkook said, stumbling over the word 'remember'. 

"That's right baby, no play time until all homework is finished, which is why I might not be able to play with you all the time." Jin explained.

"But we still play some time?" Jungkook asked him, tilting his head slightly.

"We'll still play. Promise." 

"Kookoo promise?" Jungkook said excitedly, holding his pinky up. 

Jin wrapped his big pinky over Jungkook's little one, leaning down and kissing their intertwined finger, "Promise, darling." 


"Yes, baby?" 

"Will you be happy if you do more homework?" Jungkook asked him. 

"I think so, Kookie." Jin answered. 

Jungkook climbed onto his chest and kissed his cheek, "I want you to be happy, daddy, because you're the bestestest!" 

It was times like these that Jin remembered what him and Yoongi came up with. They called it 'Picture Perfect Parent Moments.' It was the kind of moments that you couldn't get on camera, because even that wouldn't capture the essence of it correctly. It was the kind of moments you kept locked up in your mind, constantly going back on it whenever things felt like they would never be alright again. They were the moments that could never be recreated, but would always be special.

The first time it happened, Jin and Yoongi were exhausted and Jungkook was 14 months old. He was beginning to teeth and had spent the entire night wailing, screaming and sobbing in pain and nothing that they did helped. They followed every single blog to a T and still nothing helped. They put numbing gel on his gums, they gave him a cold teether toy to bite on, they fed him, they changed him, they gave him a normal teether toy to bite on,  they gave him baby ibuprofen that they knew was safe because Jungkook's pediatrician recommended it. They did everything and yet, Jungkook kept on screaming and crying and nothing worked! 

When Jin had finally gotten him to calm down and was rocking him in his arms, Jungkook pulled away from his shoulder, and took his thumb out of him mouth and placed his hand on Jin's cheek and in the softest baby babble, he said, "Dada." 

"Yeah baby," Jin replied, tears in his eyes as he nodded, "I'm your dada."

 And this was one of them. With Jungkook lying on Jin's chest as Jin softly patted his back, feeling Jungkook drift off to sleep, hugging both Jin and his Iron Man plushie close to him, sticking his thumb in his mouth, eyes droopy and heavy, but for some reason, he tried to stay awake, Jin thought to himself that he couldn't lose this. He didn't want to. Jungkook was too important to him. 

"Da-daddy?" Jungkook said, drawled out, exhaustion lacing his voice. 

"You should be sleeping, Kookie," Jin said, still patting his back, knowing that it soothed Jungkook. 

"'M not sleepy," Jungkook said, against his thumb. 

"Close your eyes sweetheart," Jin said, "It's sleepy time. You need your sleep so you can have so much energy to play tomorrow." 

"Will daddy pway with me too?" Jungkook asked, snuggling up closer against Jin, eyes fighting to stay open.

"Of course baby! Daddy will always play with you. Maybe we can see if Uncle Yoo can play too, okay? But you have to sleep first before we can play." Jin told him, feeling Jungkook shift on his chest and pull his legs up slightly, turning his head against Jin's shoulder.

"Na night, daddy," Jungkook said, sucking his thumb, "I love you." 

"I love you too baby," Jin said, placing a kiss on Jungkook's hair, "Forever and always." 

"'Eber and all-ways." Jungkook repeated, eyes fluttering shut, sucking on his thumb. 

And Jin knew that tonight would be another memory to add to his bank of 'Picture Perfect Parent Moments.' 



Jin held Jungkook's hand as they walked out of the subway station to walk to Jungkook's Kindergarten. It was a nice day and he honestly didn't feel like driving, plus they were way ahead of schedule today since Jungkook had slept early the night before. 

Jungkook stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and Jin turned to look at him. 

With his doe brown wide, bambi eyes, rounded, doubled in size and a small pout, Jungkook held both his hands up, and in the softest voice, he said, "Up." 

"You don't want to walk?" Jin asked him. 

"Daddy, up." Jungkook said again, pout deepening, eyes big and round. 

Jin could resist many, many things in life, but Jungkook's pout and round eyes were not one of them. 

He lifted Jungkook in his arms, and continued to walk while Jungkook fiddled with his Iron Man action figure in Jin's arms, safe and warm against the slightly cool breeze blowing the morning. 

"Daddy, look! Iron Man is flying! Whooosh!" Jungkook said, moving and squirming as he made his action figure fly. 

"Jungkook, don't do that. Daddy's trying to cross the road and it's dangerous." Jin warned, waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green. 

"Whoosh! Whoosh!" Jungkook said, not listening to Jin, as he played with his action figure. 

"Jungkook, it's dangerous and you could hurt someone. Stop." Jin warned again, lowering his voice so that Jungkook knew he wasn't playing. 

"Iron Man fly!" 

"Jungkook. Enough!" Jin said, putting Jungkook down on the sidewalk, moving slightly so that people could cross. "What did daddy just say?" 

Jungkook put his action figure down, knowing that he was in trouble and pouted. 

"What did daddy say?" Jin asked again. 

"Not to play. It danje-rose." Jungkook answered, pouting. 

"And what did you do?" 

"Not listen." 

"And is not listening the right thing to do?" Jin asked him. 

"No. It bad." Jungkook said, looking at the floor. 

"And what do we do when we do a bad thing?" Jin prompted. 

"Say sowwy." Jungkook said, looking back up at Jin with his wide eyes, "Kookie sowwy, daddy." 

"That's okay sweetie." Jin said, placing a kiss on his forehead, "Daddy's not scolding you because he's mad. He's scolding you because he wants you to learn. When you play on the road without looking, it's dangerous not only for you, but for daddy, and the cars, and the drivers of the cars and the other people on the road too." 

Jungkook nodded and stood next to Jin as they waited for the crosswalk sign to turn green again. Just before it did, Jungkook pulled on Jin's trousers. 

"Yes, Kookie?" Jin said, looking down at him. 

Wordlessly, Jungkook held out his arms again to be carried by Jin and with a smile, Jin leaned down and took Jungkook into his arms and placed a kiss on his chubby, pink cheek, holding him against his hip. 

"We wait to play, okay Iron Man?" Jungkook said to his action figure as he looped his arm around Jin's neck, but accidentally hitting him in the face with the Iron Man action figure. 

"Ouch!" Jin hissed out, one hand instinctively going to touch his cheek where he was hit. 

Jungkook's bottom lip trembled, immediately knowing that he was the one who caused his dad to get hurt. 

"No!" Jungkook said, tears pooling in his eyes, "Daddy, owie?" 

"Daddy's okay, Kookie. Don't worry, baby. Daddy's okay," Jin said, moving to cross the road as Jungkook just stared at the slightly red mark on his cheek. 

"Kookie's bad." Jungkook said as he burst into tears, wailing and crying. 

"No, no, baby, shhh, shh, it's okay," Jin said, patting Jungkook's back as he kept walking, bouncing him slightly in his hold as Jungkook cried against him, holding his action figure tightly in his grasp as big fat tears rolled down his cheek, onto Jin's neck and shirt. 

"Ko-Kookie ba-bad." Jungkook kept repeating against Jin's shirt, as sobs wrecked through his little body.

Jin opened the gate to the Kindergarten and immediately saw Hoseok. 

"Hey, Jin are you-oh." Hoseok said, stopping in the middle of his sentence, surprised to see Jungkook crying, "What happened?" 

"He's s-a-d because he accidentally h-i-t me with his t-o-y." Jin spelt out, patting Jungkook's back as the little one kept crying and crying. 

"Why don't you set him down and we'll see if we can cheer out little KooKoo bun up, hmm?" Hoseok said, crouching down as Jin set Jungkook on the floor.

Jungkook kept hugging Jin, not wanting to let go of him, cries getting louder when he felt Jin pull away from him. 

"Shh, baby, daddy's right here. He's not going anywhere, sweetheart." Jin comforted softly, carding his fingers through Jungkook's hair, "Why don't you let daddy see your handsome face, hmm? Don't you want to show daddy your handsome face?" 

Jungkook shook his head, sniffling, calming down a little.

"Daddy's not mad at you, baby. It's okay. Everything's okay," Jin whispered words of comfort as he stroked Jungkook's back slightly. 

"Kookie, do you want to tell Teacher Jung why you're crying?" Hoseok asked softly, putting his hand on Jungkook's back. 

"I-I-I," Jungkook stammered, sobbing and hiccuping. 

"Take your time," Hoseok encouraged with a smile. 

"Kook-kookie was bad." Was all Jungkook said.

"How?" Hoseok asked, wanting to encourage Jungkook to open up to him.

"K-Kookie no li-listen to da-daddy, the-then Koo-Kookie maked daddy have an owie." Jungkook explained and burst into fresh new tears, hugging Jin tightly around the neck as he threw his Iron Man to one side. 

"Jungkook, you threw your Iron Man," Hoseok gasped, reaching over to grab the action figure. 

"Ir-Iron Man bad. I-I-I bad" Jungkook declared, burying his face in Jin's neck once again, sniffling as Jin patted his back, trying to get Jungkook to calm down.

"KooKoo!" .

"Look Jungkook, Taehyung is here!" Jin said, voice upbeat, "Don't you want to say hi, baby?" 

"Maded TaeTae get owie too. I bad." Jungkook said, shaking his head. 

Jin's heart broke in his chest. Jungkook was beating himself up and Jin didn't know what to say to make him feel better. Jungkook's never been so harsh on himself before. 

"Good morning Taehyung! Are you ready to say hello to the day?" Hoseok greeted with a bright smile. 

"Good morning! I'm ready to say hello to the day!" Taehyung said with a boxy grin before he set eyes on Jungkook, hiccuping and sobbing into his father's shirt, "Mister KooKoo's daddy?" 

"Yes Taehyung?" Jin answered with a smile. 

"Why is KooKoo crying?" Taehyung asked, "Is he sad?" 

"Kookie, do you want to talk to Taehyung? He'll make you feel better, baby," Jin said. 

"N-No." Jungkook said, hiccuping. "I maked him owie like-like-like daddy." 

"Jungkook," Jin sighed, "I'm really okay. I didn't get an owie. You're not a bad boy, baby. You're daddy's good boy, remember? You're my little angel." 

"No!" Jungkook said, shaking his head, "Kookie bad. Bad. Bad." 


"Mr. Kim? Sir?" Jin said, surprise lacing his voice, "Uhh, what are you doing here?" 

"Jimin has an exam this morning so I'm dropping Taehyung off before work," Namjoon answered, eyes landing on a hiccuping Jungkook who was resting against Jin, "Is he alright?" 

"He accidentally h-i-t me with his t-o-y and now thinks that he's b-a-d and won't stop c-r-y-i-n-g." Jin spelt out, shooting him a small smile. 

"May I?" Namjoon asked, pointing at Jungkook as he crouched down to eye level, "Hey Kookie bun, do you remember me?" 

"TaeTae papa." Jungkook answered with a small sob. 

"That's right! You're so smart," Namjoon praised, "But I'm not very smart, and I forgot how you look like. Can I see your handsome face?" 

Jungkook sniffled, and pulled away slightly from Jin's neck, sniffling again. 

"There my handsome boy is," Jin praised, brushing Jungkook's hair away from his face. 

"Wow! Jungkook you've gotten so, so handsome since I saw you," Namjoon said with an exaggerated gasp. 

Jungkook kept his grip on Jin's shirt, looking down on the ground. 

"So," Namjoon said, "I heard you made a little boo-boo." 

"Kookie maded daddy owie." Jungkook said, not moving his eyes from the floor, thinking that he would get a big scolding from everyone. He didn't even touch his Iron Man toy. 

"Did you say sorry?" Namjoon asked. 

Jungkook nodded. 

"And you don't feel good about giving daddy an owie, right?" Namjoon said, reaching out for the Iron Man that was in Hoseok's grip. 

Jungkook shook his head, pout forming on his face that Namjoon wanted to pinch. He was adorable. Namjoon couldn't help but wonder how Jin ever said no to this kid. 

"See Kookie, that already makes you such a good person!" Namjoon told him, "You know why? Because bad people don't feel sad about giving other people boo-boo and owies." 

"They no feel bad?" Jungkook asked, eyes wide. 

"No, they don't and that's what makes them bad," Namjoon explained, and then he held up the iron Man toy, "But you want to know a secret?"

"What?" Jungkook asked, mouth rounded, eyes fixated on Namjoon and the Iron Man toy. 

"Superhero's like Iron Man and Hulk, they feel bad for giving people owies! And they want to teach the bad people that it's bad also. But sometimes, they make mistakes too," Namjoon said, "And when they make mistakes, they say sorry and they learn from those mistakes. You made a mistake today too, right? You did a boo boo?" 

Jungkook nodded. 

"And you learnt from that mistake, right? " Namjoon said, You now know to be gentle when playing with Iron Man, right?"

Jungkook nodded fiercely now, letting go of Jin's shirt, walking towards Namjoon. 

"See, Kookie! You're not bad at all. You're a good boy!" Namjoon said with a grin, handing him his Iron Man toy, "And Iron Man can learn from you because Iron Man also makes boo boo's sometimes." 

"I'm good boy?" Jungkook asked, taking Iron Man from Namjoon, looking around. 

"You're my bestestest boy," Jin said with a smile, heart melting at how Namjoon handled that. He had to tear his eyes away from him to look back at Jungkook who was waddling towards him. 

"Daddy, I sowwy," Jungkook said, putting his Iron Man toy on the ground before hugging Jin. 

Jin's heart clenched at the sight. He hugged Jungkook tightly and placed kisses on his hair, and forehead and cheek. "My bestest boy. Daddy loves you very, very much." 

"Kookoo promise?" 

"Forever and always." Jin said, linking his pinky with Jungkook's smaller one. 

"Eber and all-ways." Jungkook said placing a wet kiss on Taehyung's cheek. 

"I'll clean him up," Hoseok said, standing up and walking over to Jungkook. "So, my little KooKoo bun, are you ready to say hello to the day?" 

Jungkook giggled, picking Iron Man up from the ground and holding him close, "Good morning Teacher Jung! I am ready to say hello to the day." 

"Say bye to your dads boys!" Hoseok prompted making the two boys wave to their fathers. 

"Bye!" Jin said, watching Jungkook walk into class before clearing his throat and standing up. 

He didn't think about what kind of an impression that whole scene would leave on Namjoon. First Namjoon saw him drenched in the rain, late to pick his son up, and now Namjoon was seeing him, shirt wet and full of snot, as his kid had an entire breakdown on him. What kind of father did Namjoon think he was? 

"He's a good kid." Namjoon said as they walked out of the gate together. 

"Yeah. He is." Jin said, nodding, before trying to stammer out an excuse, "Umm, I just...We're not usually this-I mean-You seem to always catch us at a bad time, not that it's your fault or anything. It's just, he's a kid and he's temperamental- Not that it's his fault. Wait, uhh, I just meant-"

"Jin, it's okay," Namjoon interrupted, shaking his head, "I get it. Trust me. I'm a single father too. I know how hard it is."

"Right, yeah, uhh, thanks." Jin said, clearing his throat. 

Jin processed his words before his head snapped up to Namjoon. Single father too? Oh. 

"How did you get here?" Namjoon asked. 


"Did you drive?" He asked, looking around for a car. 

"Uhh, no," Jin said, "I was going to take the subway to work." 

"Come on. I'll drop you." Namjoon said, already walking to his car. 

"Oh, umm, no. That's okay. I was just going to-" Jin said, pointing to the back as if the subway station was right there and not a block and a half away. 

"It doesn't make sense for you to take the subway, Jin," Namjoon told him with a smile, "Come on, we're both going to one place anyway. We're saving the environment."

They walked to the car and wordlessly got in. Namjoon started driving with the radio playing softly in the background. 

The silence wasn't exactly awkward, but it wasn't the most comfortable either. 

"Thank you." Jin said, "For what you did back there. Really, I just- He's a good kid, like a really good kid, and it's...He means a lot to me and it's not that I can't handle him or anything because I can but it's just-" 

"Jin." Namjoon stopped him, "You're an amazing father, and please don't think that you're anything but that. I understand how kids are, and as far as they go, Jungkook is honestly one of the best. When he was at my house, he was nothing but polite, and clean, and he didn't throw a tantrum or anything like that. He is a really, really good kid and I can see so much of you in him." 

"Oh." Was all Jin could manage. 

"I understand why you're hesitant," Namjoon said softly, "I was too. I was scared that Taehyung would grow up without a father. I mean, he didn't have a mother, so can you imagine if I started working long hours too? I wouldn't be able to watch him grow up, or spend as much time with him than I did before. But I decided to take a risk. I mean, this wouldn't just be benefitting me. Tae would have a brighter future too. I'm not going to lie and say everything worked out immediately, because it didn't. There was a lot of readjusting that went on, but at the end of the day, he's a happy kid. And isn't that all that matters?" 

"I didn't know you were a single father," Jin said softly, as if he was crossing some kind of line. 

"Now you do." Namjoon said, stealing a glance and shooting him a smile. 

"Taehyung's a good kid too, you know," Jin said, "Caring and kind, and he honestly has the biggest, most beautiful smile I have ever seen on a child." 

"His smile gets me through most of my days," Namjoon said with a fond look and love in his eyes. 

Jin paused as Namjoon pulled into the carpark. 

At the start of today, Jin was going to turn down Namjoon's offer for the new job. His original plan was to march into his office and tell him that he couldn't do it. He was going to say that Do Hyun's contract was going to be the last case he did of that calibre and that he was happy at his desk jockey job, working normal hours with a normal work load and an average salary. But then he saw the way that Namjoon was with Jungkook. He saw the way that Namjoon smiled at him, softly; spoke to him like an adult, while also treating him like a normal 4 year old who had their occasional breakdowns. He saw the way that adoration immediately seeped into his eyes, and how gentle he was treating Jungkook and immediately, Jin began to trust him. There was something about Namjoon's interaction with Jungkook that pierced his heart in the best possible way, and left him with an emotion that Jin didn't quite recognise. 

"If I do this," Jin said as soon as Namjoon lifted the handbrake, "I have some conditions." 

"I would be surprised if you didn't." Namjoon smiled softly at him, leaning back, eyes trained on Jin as he listened intently.

"Firstly," Jin started, "Jungkook comes first. I know it's unprofessional of me to say that, but he does. He's my entire life and I'm all he has. So, if he's sick, I'm not coming in. If he has recitals or parent teacher meetings, or anything of importance, I'm either not coming in or coming in late."

"Done." Namjoon said, no arguments.

"Secondly," Jin said, feeling the weight come off his chest, something different settling there just with the way Namjoon was looking at him, "This is a trial. I don't want to be chained down by a full drawn out contract yet. I don't know how this would work and how Jungkook would take the difference yet, so give me a couple of months. That way, if it doesn't work out at the end, I won't be liable and you won't be disappointed because at least we gave it a shot." 

"I agree." 

"Third." Jin stated out, "I'll draw up the contract myself. I will draft it out by noon and have it sent to you for approval. If you want any amendments that haven't been discussed, we can arrange a meeting."

"I have a couple." Namjoon said, a smirk almost settling on his face. 

"What are they?" Jin asked. 

"Your pay." 

"What about it?" 

"Your starting pay for the trial will be double of what you're currently earning not including bonuses and commissions from contracts," Namjoon said.

Jin tried not to let his mouth drop. That was way more than what he was originally expecting. He was expecting a 10% rise, not double his pay! 

"Non negotiable." Namjoon said.

"Ag-Agreed." Jin stuttered out , cursing himself for not being able to maintain a poker face.

"Last condition." Namjoon said. 

"What is it?" 

"I want you to work with me." He said, "Closely. Just like we did on the Do Hyun contract." 

Before a beat of silence could even pass, Jin found himself speaking without thinking, heart beating faster in his chest.

As if on instinct, he said, "Agreed." 

Namjoon broke out into a smile, wide and bright, and said, "I'm looking forward to working with you, Jin."

"Me too, Mr. Kim."

Chapter Text

Namjoon's glasses were on the bridge of his nose, paperwork sprawled out on the brown mahogany office desk in his apartment. A black pen was on his ear, chin jutted out in concentration as he looked over the latest contract that he was going to present with their new client along with Jin tomorrow. He was used to working late, especially after he had put Taehyung in bed. He had created a professional environment in this office too. It helped him concentrate. The only difference between the office at home and the office at work, was the dress code. At home, Namjoon could wear whatever he wanted, and that usually consisted of a tank top and sweatpants, which was a huge difference compared to the white buttoned down shirt, with cufflinks and an expensive watch that he didn't need, paired with black trousers and a blazer. 

"Shall pay for services in a lump sum upon satisfactory completion..." Namjoon read, and paused, "No, that could be a point of contention later. What does satisfactory even mean..." 

He grabbed a highlighter and highlighted the entire clause and started writing in the margin. He reached over the desk and grabbed a sticky tab, placing it at the end of the page, reminding himself that he would need to discuss this tomorrow with Jin. 

"Papa?" He heard from outside his door. 

"Tae?" Namjoon said, head immediately snapping up, looking at the clock on the wall. 

It was almost 11pm! What was he doing awake?! 

Namjoon leaped up, scrambling to get the door, opening it and looking down at his son who was rubbing his eye with the back of his hand, clutching his T-rex plush toy tight in his grasp. 

"Hey buddy," Namjoon said, leaning down and picking him up, putting him on his hip, "What's wrong? Why are you awake? Why aren't you sleeping?"

"Papa, had bad dream," Taehyung said, voice wobbly, nuzzling his face into Namjoon's neck, seeking comfort, "Scary monster. Bad." 

"Aww," Namjoon cooed, stroking Taehyung's hair, holding him close, "Do you want papa to stay with you until you fall asleep?" 

Taehyung shook his head, nuzzling himself deeper into Namjoon, the plushie toy on the ground now, "Sleep papa."

"You want to sleep with papa?" Namjoon asked, bending down slowly to pick the plushie up in hand before walking over to the master bedroom, "Okay TaeTae, you can sleep with papa tonight." 

"Rex." Taehyung said, making grabby hands at the toy as Namjoon put him down on the soft mattress. 

"Here sweetie," Namjoon said, placing the plushie on the bed beside Taehyung who immediately cuddled up to it. 

Namjoon pulled the blanket back and tucked Taehyung in, getting up to turn the light off. 

"Papa! No! Scary monster come back! Papa no leave!" Taehyung started to whine, voice shaky and full of fear as he scrambled to get out of bed.

"Shh baby, papa isn't going anywhere. I just want to turn the light off. I'll be right next to you, okay? Count to ten, just like I taught you," Namjoon said, staying in place so Taehyung could see that he wasn't going anywhere.

He saw Taehyung nod and clutch his T-Rex toy just a little closer, cuddling up to it for comfort. 

"Start counting, TaeTae," Namjoon said, counting along with him, "One, two..." 

"Twee, Four," Taehyung counted, talking into the cotton of the plushie. 

Namjoon took a large step to the wall. 

"Five, six," Taehyung counted, keeping his eyes on his dad. 

Namjoon turned the light off, plunging the room in darkness. 

"Papa! Papa! Dark!" Taehyung screamed in fear. 

"I'm right here, baby. Keep counting!" Namjoon said, practically running to the bed. "Seven." 

"Eig-Eight," Taehyung stuttered, voice shaky, near tears. 

"Nine," Namjoon counted, turning the lamp beside the bed on. 

"Ten!" Taehyung finished, looking at Namjoon with big, wide eyes, full of fear. 

"My brave, brave, baby," Namjoon cooed, getting under the blankets. Taehyung immediately cuddled up close to him, pulling the green plushie close to him, hugging both the soft cotton dinosaur and his dad, finally feeling safe. 


"Yes, sweetheart?" Namjoon answered, carding his hair through Taehyung's soft, dark, raven locks gently, thinking to himself that he needed to get Taehyung's hair cut soon. As much as he loved the shaggy hairdo, he saw how Taehyung kept trying to push his hair out of his eyes.

"Will the monsters come now?" 

"As long as papa is here, nothing will ever hurt you, Taehyung," Namjoon said, pulling Taehyung closer to his chest, "I'm always going to protect you, baby. I promise I won't let anything hurt you."

"Papa, you're like a superhewo! Just like Hulk," Taehyung said, eyes droopy.

Namjoon leaned down and placed a kiss on Taehyung's forehead, running his fingers through his hair, like he knew Taehyung liked. Things may have been rocky in the start, but he knew now more than ever, that not only would he die for his son; he would kill for him too. 

"Goodnight my little angel," Namjoon said, pulling the blanket up the both of them, reaching over to the bedside table and turning the light off.




"Goodnight stars. Goodnight air. Goodnight noises everywhere." Jin read, closing the book after he finished the last sentence. 

He looked down at Jungkook who was sleeping soundly, his lips forming a pout around the thumb that was in his mouth, his dark brown hair falling over his eyes as he curled up around his Iron Man plushie. Jin reached down and pushed Jungkook's hair out of his face before he leaned down and placed a kiss on his forehead. 

"Goodnight bun," Jin said softly, pulling his starry blanket up and tucking Jungkook in.

"He down for the night?" Yoongi asked as Jin exited the room softly, closing the door behind him. 

"Out for the count," Jin answered, flopping down onto the couch, letting out a huge breath as he settled down into the soft cushions. 

Yoongi wordlessly handed him a can of beer. 

"Thanks." Jin said, taking a long gulp from it, letting the amber liquid burn his throat on the way down, waiting for it to take effect. 

"How's the new job?" Yoongi asked, "It's been, what, like two weeks now?" 

"Work wise it's been alright," Jin answered, "I don't know about Kook though...I don't know if he's taking it well or not. Yeah sure i still pick him up from school, but when I come home it's been all about work and we have this huge contract thing tomorrow and I don't even know if the contract has been drafted out well and I just-It's a lot, Yoongs." 

"You've been doing your best and that's all that matters, Jin," Yoongi said, "Jungkook took a while to get used to the schedule last time too, remember? None of this is going to happen overnight. You have to stop worrying about disappointing everyone and just live." 

Jin sighed, "I don't know..." 

"Can I make a suggestion?" 

"I don't trust your suggestions," Jin teased, cocking an eyebrow, "Remember what happened in college?" 

"It wasn't my fault that stupid asshole actually put a firework in his butt!"

"Yoongi you told him to," Jin said. 

"Didn't think he would actually listen..." Yoongi muttered, bringing the beer can to his lips. 

"Yeah, I'm not listening to you." Jin said, leaning back on the cushion.

"College me and me right now aren't the same person! I'm not going to tell you to put a firework up your ass," Yoongi said. 

"Fine. What do you want? What's your suggestion?" 

"Let me set you up with someone," Yoongi suggested, "There's this guy who saw you with me the other day when we were at the coffee shop by Jungkook's kindergarten and he's been begging me to set you two up-"

"I'd rather put a firework up my ass," Jin deadpanned, cutting him off.

"It's not a firework I'm trying to get in your ass, Jin," Yoongi said suggestively, bringing the can of beer up to his lips. 

"I'm fine! I don't need a date right now!" Jin told him, scoffing.

"When's the last time you got laid?" 


"Fine, forget sex for a second. When's the last time you actually went out with someone that wasn't for Jungkook or for work?" Yoongi said. 

Jin couldn't even remember the last time he went out with someone. 

"You know how much I admire you, and how amazing of a father I think you are. But god, Jin, for once, I just want you to do something for yourself! I just want you to put your happiness first." Yoongi said, putting the finished can of beer on the table, "i'm not saying that I want an answer right now... All I'm saying is that, you deserve to be happy too." 

A beat of silence passed between them as Yoongi put his finished can of beer down on the coffee table, the condensation from the cold can running down the side, catching on the black coaster.

Yoongi stood up, grabbing his keys from the coffee table and gave Jin a little wave. 

"Yoongi?" Jin called out just as Yoongi was about to reach the front door. 


"Can you babysit Jungkook. I don't know the exact date yet but," Jin asked, pausing in between, deciding that he would take a chance, "I think I have a date?" 




It had been two weeks since Jin accepted the promotion, or well, 16 work days to be exact, but who was counting. 

Things had been different. Very, very different. 

16 days ago, Jin packed his stuff from his office on the eighth floor, and walked all the way to the elevator and pressed the button for the ninth floor. He moved in, but still, it didn't feel like his office yet. It felt like he was trespassing in a way; like he wasn't meant to be here. These four walls were much, much bigger than his office downstairs, and yet he felt suffocated. There were folders after folders of yellow manilla just piled up on his desk, begging for attention, but Jin couldn't bring himself to do anything. 

This didn' didn't feel right. He thought that he would like it and enjoy working these big cases like he did with Do Hyun's case, yet, something about this new job wasn't clicking. Was it the fact that he felt distant? Was it that he wasn't good enough? That he was major unqualified? That he could feel angry, envious stares on his back every single time he walked over to Namjoon's office to work with him on a case? 

Whatever it was, Jin wasn't comfortable. He felt like a stranger in his own office. 

The shrill ringtone of the phone broke him out of his thoughts. Unconsciously he hung his head, letting out a sigh as he watched the phone rang, wanting it to end. Reluctantly he picked the phone up. 

Before he could even say a word, the voice on the other end said, "Jin. Mr. Kim wants to see you in his office now." 

And then all he heard was the dial tone.

Jin sat in his chair for a second, just to gather himself and put on a professional face. He had to remind himself that none of this was going to be easy. He was so used to doing just the bare minimum because his old job in the eighth floor was basic work that he could do with his eyes closed. But here, he was being challenged, and as much as he loved it, it was hard. He was doing four times as much work, not counting the endless amount of meetings and pitches and presentations and drafting of contracts and meeting of clients and- 

Just as he was about to spiral again, his eyes caught the wooden picture frame that was on his desk. He couldn't help the smile that spread on his face when he saw it. Jungkook. This picture of him was always Jin's favourite. Jungkook had his dark brown hair flopping on his forehead, lips upturned to the biggest grin that he had ever seen as he looked at Jin, holding out his vanilla ice cream cone to him. Melted ice cream was all over his face and Jin was trying to clean him up, smiling down at his son, adoration and fondness shining through his eyes. They were happy and that's all that mattered. That's why he doing this. He was going through all of this stress to give him a better life and make sure that he wants for nothing, and has every single thing that his heart desires. 

Jin grabbed the manilla folders necessary for the meeting and walked over to Namjoon's office, smiling at the secretary as he knocked on the door twice. It was his standard procedure now. 

"Come in." He heard from behind the door. 

He turned the doorknob and entered Namjoon's room, muttering a greeting as he shut the door and placed the folders down onto the expensive wooden table. 

Jin didn't bother with pleasantries and shot straight into the details, checking off the pointers in his head as he started. 

"Do Hyun's contract has been drafted and I emailed you the first draft, after highlighting all of the amendments that we had talked about in the meeting with him and the ones you mentioned to me three days ago. Here's a physical copy if you need it. I highlighted it here as well. Other than clause 4.4, I don't see a reason why we shouldn't have the full and final signed copy by the end of this week," Jin said, passing him the highlighted copy from the first manilla folder before moving onto the second one, "As for the Trinatas contract, I looked over the facts and figures and I don't think that we should accept such a small amount for a risk that big. Sure, they might be independent contractors and usually liability, if any, wouldn't fall on us, but it's a dangerous job and as the law states, that is an exception to the general rule. I calculated the figure and I think this is the amount we should be aiming for. Nothing lower than 10% of this, or we cancel the contract." 

Jin passed Namjoon the figures along with the calculations and cases that he found on the law, just in case Namjoon wanted it. 

Namjoon looked incredibly impressed and watched as Jin moved the second folder aside before opening the third one and taking out some more paper. 

"And for the Polygrant contract about the satisfactory clause," Jin started, moving some papers around, "I think instead of satisfactory we should go for mutually agreed. I've looked over some of their contracts in the past with different companies and they've all had problems with Polygrant especially when it comes to payment, so just to be safe and protect us from all sides, along with the mutually agreed clause, we should add a 'time is of the essence' clause. That way, if anything goes wrong, we can invoke this and get pecuniary damages along with some other form of protection. I drafted out a couple of clauses here. The one on top is for the mutually agreed, to replace the satisfactory clause, and the ones on the second sheet are for time is of the essence." 

Namjoon took the papers from Jin, skimming over them and set them to one side. 


"And for the Lib-" Jin started off again, eyebrows furrowed in concentration, wrinkles forming on his head, mouth downturned into a frown. 

"Jin!" Namjoon interrupted, wanting nothing more than for all the stress to go off Jin's face. He didn't like seeing him like this. Something in Namjoon's gut wanted to take all these folders and throw them away. He could see that Jin was anything but happy. This wasn't how this was meant to go. Jin was incredibly smart and hardworking and Namjoon appreciated the honest work that he was doing, as well as the lengths that Jin was going to, but he could just tell that he wasn't enjoying it. Namjoon wanted to see the Jin that he saw that day in the conference room with Do Hyun. That was the Jin that he was expecting. Not this one. 

"Sir?" Jin said, snapping his head up to meet Namjoon's eyes. Did he do something wrong?

"It's going to be 5." Namjoon said, "Do you want a lift to the Kindergarten?" 

"Oh but sir, we still have 3 more to get through and-" Jin said, pointing to the manilla folders on the desk. 

"We've done enough for today, don't you think?" Namjoon said with a smile, taking his car keys out from the drawer, "I think we deserve to see our kids."

"Is Jimin not..." Jin said, trailing off. 

"He has an early morning exam tomorrow so I told him to take a day off," Namjoon said, "Do you need a ride? I notice that you didn't bring your car in with you today."

"Oh, uhh, no that's okay. I think I'm just going to stay and-" 

"Jin. I'm telling you this as your boss," Namjoon said, voice dropping an octave, "You've done enough for today. Now, I don't want to see you in your office till tomorrow. You're going to go pick your son up from school and spoil him rotten." 

"Oh." Was all Jin could manage. 

"Leave these files here, we can deal with them tomorrow morning." Namjoon said, picking his blazer up from the coat rack, "Come on. I'll drive us." 

Wordlessly, Jin got up, knowing that it wasn't worth the argument. Anyway, what was he meant to argue? He didn't want to stay at the office any longer. He wanted to see Jungkook. Plus, he was getting a free ride, so really, shouldn't he be happy? 

They entered the lift and Jin could feel the awkwardness ooze off of them. Namjoon reached forward and pressed the button for the basement before settling back in place. Just as he was about to say something, the door to the lifts opened up at the eighth floor and Yoongi walked in, shooting Namjoon a small smile and then lighting up when he saw Jin. 

"Hey," Yoongi said. 

"Hey. You done for the day?" Jin asked. 

"Just one more meeting," Yoongi said, typing furiously on the phone before looking up, "Oh that reminds me. I can come babysit Jungkook tonight after this meeting." 

"Babysit? What for?" Jin asked, cocking an eyebrow in confusion. 

"Did I not send you Henry's number?" 

"Who's Henry?" Jin asked, even more confused. 

"The guy who wants to take you out on a date!" Yoongi said, about to go into it when the lift dinged at the ground floor, "I'll text you everything! He wants to meet at Checkers at Oak Street today at 8! I'll text you everything. Don't be late!" 

"But Yoongi we didn-" Jin started to say but the doors closed. He let out a huge sigh and hung his head. 

"Date, huh?" Namjoon said, suddenly feeling this pit at the bottom of his stomach, but he decided to ignore it. 

"Oh, umm," Jin stuttered, "I guess? Yoongi's been trying to set me up forever and I mean...I might as well give it a shot right? I haven't dated in a while and..." 

"I know the feeling." Namjoon said, holding the lift door open for Jin as it dinged. He led Jin out, walking to where the car was parked, "I haven't dated in a while too. I mean it's hard enough to get a date, but add a kid into the mix and it gets damn near impossible to find someone. Plus, when you find the right person, you have to think about how your kid would take having to share you and it's a nightmare in itself."

"I'm sure there's many girls who want to date you," Jin said,  buckling his seatbelt.

"Trust me, there aren't many girls or guys who want to," Namjoon said with a little laugh . 

Jin had to try to keep his poker face on after hearing that Namjoon was bi. He never really thought of Namjoon as being anything but straight, but maybe that was just his prejudice against him, which now, Jin was feeling guilty about. 

"We don't really get much time for ourselves, you know?" Namjoon said, cruising on the freeway, eyes on the road, "I'm working day in and day out. On top of that, I have to get Taehyung ready for school, or I'm cooking, or cleaning or doing paperwork. When Tae's back then it's onto making him a snack, or helping him with homework and making sure that everything is okay. And whatever little time I do get myself, I'm not thinking about spending it on me. I'm thinking about Taehyung." 

Jin looked at him and the first thing that came to mind was - Someone finally gets it

"Yoongi doesn't get it when I say this and maybe its degrading or self depreciating in a way, but," Jin said and paused, unsure of whether or not to go on. He's never really opened up to anyone other than Yoongi. 

"But?" Namjoon asked, turning to look at him with an encouraging dimpled smile and a look in his eyes that Jin couldn't quite put his finger on, but all he knew was that it made him feel safe.

"But my happiness doesn't matter," Jin said, "And I know it sounds terrible, but, for me, as long as Jungkook is happy and healthy, I don't really care about anything else. Is that weird?" 

"No," Namjoon said, shaking his head, "I get it. I completely do. I feel the same way sometimes. It's like you look at your kid and you're just thinking to yourself that,  I don't care what happens with me, but if I can keep you happy, and healthy and safe, I'll do whatever the hell I need to." 

"It's exactly that," Jin said with a sort of fascination lacing his voice.

He didn't really think that anyone else thought the way that he did. But then again, the only person he's ever talked to, or even remotely opened up to was Yoongi. Jin didn't have many friends. He never had the time to. In college, he was one of the most popular people around, and then Jungkook came. He wasn't blaming Jungkook in the slightest. It was just that, with a child, especially one that wasn't yours, more so, one that you had no idea how to take care of, there wasn't much time to do anything else. That's why he dropped out of law school. It was a decision that he had come to terms with. He didn't have any major regrets over it, and anytime that he did, all he needed was one look at Jungkook's smiling face, and everything else would just melt away.

And now here he was, with someone who shared the same thought pattern as him. What was more surprising was that this person was Kim Namjoon. Someone he thought of as nothing more than a boss. And even with the knowledge that the man sitting beside him right now was his sons best friends father, to Jin, he was still Mr Kim Namjoon. CEO. 

"We're here." Namjoon said, parking the car and turning the engine off, "Right on time too." 

"Thank you for the ride," Jin said politely, stepping out of the car and onto the sidewalk, waiting for Jungkook to come out.

Namjoon locked the car and walked to stand next to Jin. 

"So, uhh," Namjoon said, clearing his throat, "You excited about the date?" 

"More nervous than excited," Jin said with a small smile, trying to squirm out of the conversation. 


"I'm a little out of practice with this whole dating thing," Jin told him, willing Jungkook to come out faster so that they could leave. There was this pit growing in the bottom of his gut that he wanted to get rid of and something told him that it was partially because of this conversation.

"You're going to be fine," Namjoon reassured, "Something tells me that whoever comes tonight, will be the luckiest person on the planet to even be able to get dinner with you." 

"Oh." Jin said, warmth blooming in his chest, "Th-Thank you, sir." 


Namjoon unconsciously took a step back, remembering who he was to Jin and how inappropriate it was that he had just said that to him. What was going on with him? First there was this pit that seemingly out of nowhere just kept blooming at the bottom of his stomach, but that immediately disappeared when he started talking to Jin and it replaced itself with this heat...growing in his chest and now all he felt were these cold pricks, washing over him. Was it the weather? Maybe he was coming down with something... 

"Right uhh," Namjoon said, clearing his throat again, "I just meant because you're incredibly smart you know? And umm, this great dad and whoever is-" 

"Daddy! Daddy!" Jungkook screamed, interrupting Namjoon as he waddled out of class, backpack hitting his back with each step that he took, huge grin on his face and a paper in his hand that was bring slightly crumpled with the sheer force that he was holding it with. 

"There's my Kookie," Jin said, crouching down and holding his arms open for Jungkook to run into. 

"Papa!" Taehyung called out, grabbing a piece of paper from his bag before running to Namjoon with a wide, boxy grin on his face, "Look, look!" 

Namjoon had never been more glad to have a child interrupt him than right now.

"TaeTae, did you show your papa yet?!" Jungkook asked excitedly, paper in his hand. 

"No, KooKoo," Taehyung said shaking his head, "Gonna show now!" 

"Me too! Me too!" Jungkook said excitedly, turning around to Jin, 

"What do you want to show daddy?" Jin asked, carding his fingers through Jungkook's dark brown hair. Jin might just get his hair cut. 

"Today Teacher Jung said that we have to do a pa-pa-a drawring and that we no use brushies but we use our fingers," Jungkook explained, wiggling his fingers in front of Jin to show the leftover paint that was on there. 

"Wow, Kookie! You did finger painting today?" Jin exclaimed dramatically. 

"Yuh huh," Jungkook nodded furiously, "Daddy I got the red paint on this fingy and then the green one here and the blue one felled on my clothes but Teacher Jung put big plastic on us so I didn't get my clothes dirty." 

"Remind me to thank Teacher Jung for that," Jin said with a laugh, "So baby, what did you paint today?" 

"Daddy lookie!" Jungkook said, shoving the painting into Jin's face proudly showing it off. 

"Wow Kookie, this is amazing! I love it!" Jin complimented immediately, "My baby is so talented."

The painting was random blobs of colour all over the paper, one small red handprint in the middle and a blue line right next to the pinky of the red handprint. 

"Guess what is! Guess! Guess!" Jungkook said, bouncing up and down excitedly. 

"Oh, uhh," Jin said, clearing his throat, unsure of what the painting might actually be, but he did know that it would make for amazing abstract art. 

He glanced over at Namjoon, as if he could help out in any way. 

"Tae, your cat that you and Jungkook both drew look amazing! Da Vinci would be so jealous of you," Namjoon said loudly, glancing back at Jin with a knowing smile. 

"Papa do you really like it?" Taehyung asked, eyes blooming wide in anticipation. 

"I really, really, really, love it," Namjoon said, holding the painting and looking over it with Taehyung. 

"It's a cat, isn't it, Kookie?" Jin said, shooting a grateful glance at Namjoon. 

"Yeah, yeah!" Jungkook said, "Do you like it, daddy? TaeTae and me both maded cat drawrings!" 

"Drawings, baby." Jin corrected, "And I love it! I'm going to put it on the fridge when we get home." 

"Woah!" Jungkook gasped in amazement, "Daddy love it that much?" 

"Hmm, you're right Kookie. The fridge won't be enough," Jin said, humming in contemplation, "Should I put it in every newspaper all over the whole world?!"

Jungkook giggled, hiding his face behind his chubby little hands, "Daddy silly." 

Jin stood up, holding the drawing in one hand, and put his other hand on Jungkook's bagpack adorned back, "Say bye, sweetie. We need to go home." 

"Tae and I were planning on going to the park if you want to come?" Namjoon said. 

Jungkook's head immediately snapped to Jin, small pout forming on his lips, eyes wide and round, "Daddy! Peas!" 

"Maybe some other time," Jin said, before turning to Jungkook, "Uncle Yoo is waiting for us at home, and you know how Uncle Yoo gets when he waits, don't you, baby?" 

Jungkook nodded at Taehyung, "Uncle Yoo goes grrr when he wait a long, long time." 

"Grr like tiger or grr like lion?" Taehyung asked. 

"Grr like angry lion at angry tiger," Jungkook said. 

"That's very grr," Taehyung gasped. 

"It's okay! Uncle Yoo just needs a big bear hug." Jungkook said, "Then he no grr anymore." 

"Thank you for the ride, Mr. Kim," Jin said, taking Jungkook's hand in his, "I'll see you tomorrow morning." 

"I can drop you if you like," Namjoon offered. 

"That's very kind, sir, but its okay. I think you have a very eager kid to take to the park," Jin said. 

"Oh but-" 

"Thank you Mr Kim," Jin said, "Have a good day." 

Namjoon watched Jin walk away with something of a heavy heart and a growing pit in his stomach. 

"Papa, park!" Taehyung said, tugging his hand. 

"Yeah Tae, let's go to the park." Namjoon said, stealing another glance at Jin and the bouncing, bubble kid hanging off his arm. 




Jin came out of his room for the third time, "Okay, how about now?" 

Yoongi looked up from the floor where he was playing with Jungkook and gave Jin a once over. 

"See, I told you that the black silk would make your shoulders look bigger," Yoongi told him, going back to playing with the blocks on the floor. 

"Isn't it a bit too much for a first?" Jin asked, "I haven't done this in a while and I just don't want-" 

"Jin," Yoongi said, "If he cares more about the clothes on your body than he does what you have to say, then he's not worth it. The only reason you're getting dressed up isn't for him; it's for yourself. You haven't taken a break in a while. You deserve this. You deserve to be wined and dined and taken out somewhere else talking about whatever the hell you want to." 

"Forget Henry, maybe I should date you instead," Jin joked, grabbing his wallet from the table. 

"I'd rather fu-" Yoongi started to say but remembered that Jungkook was right next to him, "I'd rather firetruck a lit firework." 

"Anything's a d-i-l-d-o if you try hard enough," Jin said, winking at him. 

Yoongi rolled his eyes, "You remember which restaurant, right?" 

"Checkers at Oak Street," Jin said, "He's meant to be there by 8, right?" 

"Yup! So go, go, go," Yoongi said, shooing him away while Jungkook stacked up blocks, "You don't want to be late." 

"Alright, alright," Jin said, "Kookie, come give daddy a hug before he goes." 

Jungkook looked up at Jin with wide rounded eyes, "Daddy where go?" 

"Daddy's going out for dinner." 

"Kookie come!" Jungkook said and stood up, waddling over to Jin. 

"Aww baby, I would love for you to come but it's going to be a boring adult dinner and you wouldn't like it," Jin said, crouching down and petting Jungkook's hair, "Now, give daddy a kiss before he goes." 

"No! Kookie want come!" Jungkook said, pouting. 

"But Kookie if you go then who's going to help Uncle Yoo build a castle?" Jin said, "You have to stay here and take care of Uncle Yoo, okay? Make sure he eats dinner and drinks lot of water."

"I take care Uncle Yoo?" Jungkook asked, tilting his head slightly. 

"Oh no, Kookie, the castle is going to fall, what do I do?" Yoongi said dramatically, "Help me!" 

"No! Uncle Yoo! No fall!" Jungkook said, running over to the blocks. 

"Kookie, give me a hug and kiss before I go," Jin said with a laugh. 

Jungkook looked between the blocks and Jin, utterly confused about what he should do first - Save the castle or say bye to his father? 

Jin laughed, standing up, "Okay fine save your castle. Daddy will be back soon okay? Be good!" 

He was just about to reach for the doorknob to leave the house when he heard pitter patter of feet running towards him. He turned around and saw the blocks fall over as Jungkook ran to him, hugging his leg. 

"Bye bye daddy. Love you," Jungkook said, while hugging his jean clad leg tight,  looking up at him with a wide smile and big, doe brown bambi eyes. 

He met Yoongi's eyes and they were both thinking the same thing - This was another picture perfect parent moment. 




"Would you like another glass of wine, sir?" The waitress asked as she came over, holding the menus close to her, sympathy flashing in her eyes.

Jin sighed, looking down at his watch - 8.27pm. 

"Sure," He said, shooting her a small smile, humiliation settling down in his stomach. He knew this was a bad idea. He didn't know why he had been excited as well as nervous on his way to the restaurant, or why he had stopped doors away to check if he was actually well dressed, and that no hair was out of place... He just thought it would be a fun dinner. 

He didn't think for a second that he would be stood up at all. 

Henry didn't show.He didn't call or text or even pick up his phone when Jin had called him. Jin tried texting, but there was no response.

This was a bad idea. He wasn't meant for happiness. He didn't know why he thought otherwise, even for a second. He was just going to drink his last glass of wine, and then go home. His first date in years and it wasn't even a real date. 

The waitress came over with a cold glass of white wine and placed it in front of him, shooting him another sympathetic smile. 

"Third glass' the charm, right," Jin said with a small smile, bringing the glass close to him by the stem and took a long sip as she walked away. 

Dating wasn't for him, and he had come to terms with that a long time ago. He didn't know why he let his hopes soar. He blinked back tears of humiliation, telling himself that there's no reason to be embarrassed even in the slightest. What's the point? This moment won't matter tomorrow. It's just sad right now. He was fine. He wasn't sad. What's there to be sad about? It was just meant to be a small little date. It wasn't even going to progress further. Or maybe it was....He didn't know. Well, he wouldn't get a chance to anyway. Henry had stood him up. 

He shook his head, and told himself that after this glass empties out, he would go home. He let himself take another sip, hoping that the alcohol would finally take effect, even after 2 glasses, and yet he felt nothing. 


His head snapped up and he hoped and prayed with all his might that the person in front of him was nothing more than an illusion, a drunken image. 

"Are you okay?" 

"Mr. Kim." Jin breathed out, letting out a humourless laugh, "Somehow you always manage to catch me at my worst. First with the rain, then with Jungkook and now this."

"Is.." Namjoon said, treading carefully, "Is everything okay?" 

"I'm sitting here alone, with my third glass of wine, when I'm meant to be on a date," Jin said, scoffing, "Everything's great!"

Namjoon frowned. 

"I'm sorry," Jin said immediately, pinching the bridge of his nose, "I'm sorry, really. I don't mean to be rude, it's just..It's been a long night and I just- Yeah, I'm going to go home." 

"Have you eaten yet?" Namjoon asked, sliding into the seat opposite him. 


"Have you had your dinner yet?" Namjoon asked again, flagging down a waitress and getting two menu's. 

"Sir, what are you doing?" Jin asked as he slid a menu across the table to him. 



"We're not at work. I'm just Namjoon," He said smiling at Jin, "Can I get you another glass of wine." 

"What are you doing?" 

"Getting dinner with a friend," Namjoon answered, pushing his black glasses up his nose. 

"We're friends?" 

"After this dinner we will be," Namjoon said with conviction as he skimmed over the menu, "Oh the black pepper chicken looks great. 

"With all due respect sir-" 

"Namjoon." He corrected immediately. 

"With all due respect, I know what you're trying to do," Jin said, through gritted teeth, "And as much as I appreciate it, I don't need a sympathy dinner, neither do I need whatever this is. I honestly just want-" 

"I'm not really in a chicken chop mood," Namjoon said, ignoring Jin's statement, "The pork steak though, wow!"

"Are you just ignoring me or like..." Jin said, getting increasingly annoyed. 

"Honestly by sitting here, you're doing me a favour more than the other way around," Namjoon told him, looking over the menu rather than at Jin. 

"Sure, the guy who got stood up is doing you a favour by sitting here," Jin scoffed, glaring at the menu since he couldn't see Namjoon's face. 

"You are," Namjoon said, finally putting the menu down to look at Jin. He finally understood the meaning of 'if looks could kill.' 

"How so?" Jin said, hostile.

"The two weeks since we've been working together, you've done more than literally any other employee has in a month. Not only have we gotten more clients, but they're bringing in their friends and recommending us to many, many people." Namjoon said, "If anything, you're the one helping me. Not the other way around. Think of this as one of your thank you presents." 

"Fine." Jin said, picking the menu up, "But only because I'm hungry." 

"Of course," Namjoon said with a dimpled smile, glancing down at his glass, "Your wine is almost finished. Do you want another?" 

Jin looked over at the little wine that was in his glass. He told himself that he was going to leave once it was empty...He could get up right now and go. But he found himself looking for excuses to stay. He didn't know if it was because of the alcohol, or the free dinner, or...Or maybe it was the company. All he knew was that he wanted to stay. 

"Yeah. That would be nice," Jin said with a small smile. 

Progress. Was all Namjoon thought as he flagged down the waitress and ordered both of them a glass of white wine each. 

They placed their orders and gave the menus back. 

Jin looked at his now full glass of wine, swirling around the glass, "Why are you here?" 

"Excuse me?" Namjoon asked, placing his wine glass on the table. 

"I meant, how did you come here? Like why are you in this part of town? Your house is all the way on the other side." Jin said, almost suspicious. 

"Well, I had a business meeting at this coffee shop down the road and since I hardly ever come here, I decided to take a walk and explore the area. I was walking when I saw you through the window and I wanted to come say hi," Namjoon said. 

He wasn't lying. He really did have a meeting here. He actually scheduled it when Taehyung was playing in the park. He didn't know why he did, but he did. All he knew was that he wanted to see who the guy Jin was on a date with was. Ever since he saw Jin in action at Do Hyun's meeting, there had been this feeling of warmth that kept blooming in his chest when he was with him. Electricity shot through his skin every time their hands brushed each other, or when Jin would open up to him. And earlier in the car, when Jin looked at him like Namjoon was the only person in the world, Namjoon couldn't help the dusting of pink that bloomed on his cheeks, or the way that he wanted the feeling to never end. 

His heart broke when he saw Jin sitting all alone on the table. There was this look in his eyes that Namjoon never wanted to see again. He could physically see Jin going down a rabbit hole of dark thoughts and without thinking, Namjoon stormed in the restaurant. He wanted to scream at Jin, tell him that he was worth more love than there was stars in the sky. But one look at him, and that resolve crumbled. All he wanted to do now was to show him how he's meant to be treated, and spoiled, and wined and dined. If anyone was deserving of love and riches in this world - It was Jin. 

"Maybe he took one look at me through the window and left," Jin scoffed, bringing the wine glass to his lips and took a large swig of it. 

"Can you blame him? He knew he could never compare to you," Namjoon said, turning the self depreciating words into positive ones, "I mean look at you! You're handsome, smart, caring, kind, have the cutest son, and not to mention is the most amazing father." 

Jin shook his head, "You can't get that from just one look." 

"Then how do you know he took a look and left?" Namjoon said, "It's his loss." 

"Doubt that." 

"Do you always think this lowly of yourself, or is today a special occasion?" Namjoon asked, cocking an eyebrow.

Jin brought the wine glass up to his lips again, not knowing how to respond to that. 

"You know, I learnt very early on in life that the mind is pliable. It listens to what we say and then moulds itself to it. The more we think lowly of ourselves, the more we will believe it and the more we think that we're undeserving of love. When we say good things, and compliment ourselves, and are kind and forgiving, we're happier, because our mind believes that we're deserving of all good things." Namjoon said with a smile. 

"You should be on Ted Talk," Jin told him. 

"Fine, let me explain this another way," Namjoon said, sitting up straighter now, "If Jungkook were to say what you just told me - If he were to say that he was ugly, or that he didn't believe he was worthy of love, would you let him?" 

Jin frowned. 

"Then why would you say those things about yourself? Why would you let yourself believe that you're worth nothing?" Namjoon said, leaning forward, "Your happiness matters too, Jin. You're allowed to have a life outside of Jungkook. You're allowed to fall in love, to be wined and dined, to be shown that you're so much more than you think of yourself." 

Jin smiled at him, true and genuine, and Namjoon swore that his heart skipped a beat. 

"Are you always this wise, or is today a special occasion?" He mimicked Namjoon. 

"It's the wine," Namjoon said as he brought his wine glass to his lips. 

"Pork steak and Chicken burger?" The waitress said, holding two plates, making them lean away from the table. 

Jin cleared his throat, and finished what was left in his wine glass. He didn't realise how much he was leaning in until the waitress came. 

"Thank you," Namjoon thanked the waitress before she left. "Dig in." 

"So, where's Taehyung tonight?" Jin asked as he bit on a french fry. 

"With his grandmother," Namjoon answered. 

"Must be nice having grandparents around," Jin muttered. 

Namjoon paused for a second before asking, "Jin, can I ask how.." 

"How I got Jungkook?" Jin finished for him. 

"Yeah. I mean, you don't have to tell me, but-" 

Normally, Jin would have snapped. He would have said that it was none of Namjoon's business. He's snapped a bunch of times. He's told people not to pry, that it was none of their concern how he had his son. But strangely enough, he felt himself wanting to open up. He felt himself closer to Namjoon than Namjoon just being his boss... 

"It's okay," Jin said, shaking his head. 

"Are you sure?" Namjoon asked. 

Jin nodded. 

"Jungkook is my sister's son." Jin started off, "I grew up with just my sister. My dad was never in the picture, and my mom died when I was 12 or 13. She was perfectly healthy one day, and the next she just had a heart attack and...and she died. I never felt like I didn't have a mom though. My sister was everything to me. She was my best friend, my rock, my confidante, my mom, and my dad, and she was just always there for me. She got married to this amazing guy and I visited literally every weekend. One day she told me that she was pregnant and I remember that we just sat there, and cried together, and then ate a bunch of waffles until the cafe threw us out. Nine months later, Jungkook was born. He was the cutest little baby and I remember being in the hospital, waiting outside, until the doctor came out and brought me in and let me hold him... Jungkook had just turned 6 months old when they were going to go visit my brother in law's parents. On the way back, they had an accident. No one but Jungkook survived. I've been taking care of him ever since."

"You were 20 when you got him?" 

"Going on 21, yeah," Jin answered, taking a bite of his burger, willing the tears to go away. He's always been emotional when it came to talking about his sister. She was everything to him.

"You're amazing, Jin," Namjoon said, "Any other person in your shoes would have given Jungkook away. But you...You put your entire life on hold to take care of him. You dropped out of law school, and learnt how to take care of a child even when you were 20! You sacrificed so much. And look at how that paid off. He's happy! He's literally the happiest, most polite and content kid I've ever seen."

"I'd do anything for him," Jin said, "He's my son." 

"He's lucky to have you," Namjoon said, genuine and sincere. 

"Can I ask..." Jin said, not finishing his sentence. 

"It's only fair isn't it?" Namjoon told him with a smile. 

"Don't know if you've noticed, but I'm kind of the CEO of the company-" Namjoon started out with a laugh. 

"I've noticed, sir." Jin said with a smile. 

"It's Namjoon." He corrected. 

Jin just smiled, taking another bite of his french fry. 

"Having that title, inheriting it the way that I did...It came with a lot of expectations, and conditions, I guess you would call it,"Namjoon said, eyebrows furrowing as he tried searching for the right word, "I wouldn't say that my parents were homophobic, but they did care a lot about what other people would say. My dad more than my mom. I came out to them as bisexual, just as college was starting. I thought they had accepted it because they didn't really say anything. But it turns out, they didn't care because it meant that I still liked girls. When I came back with my first boyfriend, that's when my dad really couldn't handle it. He made me break up with him. Told me that people would talk too much and if I really cared for him, I would marry a girl and give him an heir to the business." 

"You're married?" 

"I was." Namjoon said, "We were both forced into it. It was a merger of our companies. Neither of us wanted any part of it, but we both knew that we had 'duties' to carry out. When we were both 21 - She gave birth to Taehyung and I started training for the takeover. My dad died a year later. The first thing we did after the funeral was talk about a divorce. With my dad gone, there was no one to impress anymore. My mom knew how miserable we were and never wanted this marriage for us in the first place, and neither did we. We knew that we didn't want this. She never wanted to be a mother and told me to put Taehyung up for adoption. But I couldn't do it. I took one look at his boxy smile that he had, and his eyes, and I knew that I would do anything for him. She left, and ever since then, it's been just me and Taehyung." 

"What if she comes back?" Jin asked. 

"She won't," Namjoon said with a shake of his head, "We came up with a contract. I told her that she wouldn't be able to get custody if she left, and she agreed. She did say that she would want to meet him one day when he was a little older, but I said that it would be up to Taehyung if he ever wanted to meet her or not. Neither of us except him would have that option of forcing him." 

"Those are good terms," Jin said with a nod. 

"I thought you might agree," Namjoon said, "You have a good eye for contracts."

"Tae's a great kid," Jin said, "Honestly is. He's one of the most sensitive kid's I've ever met and he has this smile that's just...contagious." 

"It's my favourite thing about him," Namjoon confessed, "it's gotten me through some of the worst days."

"Kids have a way of doing that," Jin said, wiping his hands with the tissue in front of him. 

"I know it was hard in the beginning, but I honestly can't see my life without Taehyung," Namjoon said, "Raising him alone was hard...harder than anything I ever did." 

"But it's rewarding," Jin finished for him, "Like seeing his first steps, or hearing his first words-" 

"Or when you're having a bad day and somehow they just sense it, so they come up to you, tell you that they love you and give you this big hug, and suddenly you can't remember what you were ever angry about in the first place," Namjoon said. 

"We have a phrase for that at home," Jin said, "We call it Picture Perfect Parent Moments. It's the kind of moment that can't be captured on camera but the kind that you keep in your memory to think back on. It's like those perfect moments you want to savour and play again and again and again." 

"Picture Perfect Parent Moment," Namjoon repeated, testing the weight of the word on his tongue. "I like it." 

"Excuse me sirs, the kitchen is about to close. Would you like to make your last order?" The waitress asked politely. 

"Could we just get the bill, please?" Jin asked with a smile.

"Was the food good?" Namjoon asked as she walked away. 

"Thank you for dinner. Honestly, you turned my whole evening around." Jin said gratefully. 

"It was more the other way, trust me," Namjoon said with a smile as he looked over the bill.

Namjoon placed some notes on the table and they exited the restaurant.

"This dinner went by quickly," Namjoon said with a laugh. 

"Time flies," Jin replied with a smile. 

"I had a good time," Namjoon said. 

"So did I." 

"I'm sorry about your date..." Namjoon said, trailing off. 

Jin looked at him with a smile on his face and said, "I'm not."

"I'll see you tomorrow, Jin," Namjoon said with a smile. 

"Goodnight Namjoon." 

Chapter Text

Ahh the weekend. 

Jin loved the weekend. It meant that he could sleep in and wake up later than 6.55am like he had to do for the weekdays. Jungkook knew that Saturdays and Sundays were days that he could sleep in as well, and in the occasion that he woke up before Jin, which he almost always did, he could sit in front of the television and watch it until Jin woke up, which was usually an hour or so after him. It was routine; and Jin had their routines down to a T for the last couple of years. Sure, he had to change it a little after Jungkook got into Kindergarten, and then again when Jin accepted the promotion from Namjoon two weeks ago, but it wasn't a radical change, and the weekend schedules remained the same. 

Jin was snuggled comfortably under his blanket that was pulled up to his neck, and was hugging a pillow like he always did, deep in sleep when he suddenly heard a loud clanging from outside followed by a soft, "Owie." 

Immediately, he jumped up from the bed, pushing everything aside, grabbing his glasses and putting it on his face as he exited the room.

"Jungkook?" Jin called out, looking around the seemingly empty apartment. The first thing he checked was the door which still had the locks on them and were closed shut. He breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that Jungkook was still in the apartment, "Kookie!"

He saw Jungkook's room door wide open, Iron Man Plushie on the foot of his bed. He darted to the kitchen where the noise came from and found Jungkook with a frown on his face, chubby little hands covering his ears, surrounded by pots and pans, cupboard door opened. 

"Hey baby," Jin said, eyes immediately searching the floor to see if anything broke or that there were any sharp objects around.

There were none. There were a couple of pots and pans on the floor, but nothing dangerous. 

"Hey sweetie. You're okay," Jin said softly, walking over to Jungkook and kneeling down in front of him, gently moving his hands from his ears, "What happened, Kookie?" 

With a frown on his face, and doe brown eyes, Jungkook said, "Was trying to makeded brekky for Daddy like Daddy makeded for Kookie but big owie." 

"Are you hurt, sweetie? Did anything fall on you?" Jin asked, thumb gently rubbing the apple of Jungkook's cheeks as he checked his son for injuries. 

"Owie in my ears," Jungkook pouted, pointing to his ears. 

"Did the noise scare you, baby?" Jin asked softly, "It was too loud, wasn't it?"

Jungkook nodded, pout only growing bigger. 

Jin leaned down and placed a kiss on Jungkook's right ear. 

"Daddy here too." Jungkook said, pointing to his left one. 

Jin smiled as he leaned to place a kiss on Jungkook's left ear. 

"All better?" 

"Butter." Jungkook said with a wide smile and a nod. 

"Better." Jin corrected.


"Bet-tuh-r." Jin sounded out. 

"Bet.tuhr." Jungkook repeated.


"Butter." Jungkook nodded, proud of himself. 

Jin laughed, placing a kiss on Jungkook's forehead, "You hungry, sweetie?" 

Jungkook nodded furiously watching Jin pick the pots and pans up from the floor. 

"Kookie make brekky." Jungkook said. 

"You want to help daddy make breakfast today?" 

"No! No! Kookie make," Jungkook whined.

"You want to make breakfast today?" Jin asked. 

Jungkook nodded with a smile on his face. 

"What do you want to make?" Jin asked him. 

"Pancake!" Jungkook said excitedly. 

"Pancakes it is!" Jin said, grabbing the pots and pans from the floor. 

"Daddy, here," Jungkook said, holding a pot with both his hands, almost struggling with the weight of it. 

"Thank you, baby," Jin said, proud of how helpful Jungkook was. 

"Daddy, pancake!" Jungkook reminded as he stood next to him, too short to reach the kitchen island. 

"How about you go sit over there and daddy will bring the ingredients we need, okay?" Jin told him, "And then you can stir it up and make the pancakes." 

"Kookie do." Jungkook said. 

"Yeah Jungkook, you'll do everything. But can I help you? Can I be your assistant?" Jin asked him. 

Jungkook gave it a thought for a couple of seconds before he nodded, "Daddy can help." 

"Thank you, baby," Jin said, "Now can you go sit over there while Daddy gets everything you need to make the pancakes?" 

Jin got out the flour, baking powder, butter, milk, eggs, sugar and salt and placed them on the island before moving to get the mixing bowl so that they could mix all of them in. 

"Can you measure out one cup of flour?" Jin said, handing Jungkook the cup and the open packet of flour. 

Jungkook nodded and kneeled on the high chair. 

"Kookie, careful on the chair," Jin warned him. 

Jungkook took the packet of flour and the cup and brought it close to him, a little dusting of flour escaping the packet. 

"Slowly with the flour okay," Jin told him gently. 

Jungkook's eyebrows were furrowed in concentration, his little tongue poking out of his mouth as he slowly poured the flour with little spillage into the metal measuring cup. 

"Daddy lookie! I did it! I did it!" Jungkook said. 

"Well done, Kookie. My little chef is so good," Jin complimented, and then said, "Can you measure out half a cup of flour into this cup?" 

Jin kept handing over ingredients for Jungkook to measure out and put into the bowl and Jungkook did it with a lot of concentration and some spillage, which Jin wasn't very fussed about. Jungkook kept looking over at Jin with a wide grin on his face every time he poured something out, and Jin would smile back and tell him how amazing he was as a chef and how lucky Jin was to be able to help him. 

"Eat?" Jungkook asked once all the ingredients were mixed together to make batter. 

"Not yet baby, Daddy has to cook these now in this pan," Jin said, turning the stove on. 

"Kookie do! Kookie do!" Jungkook said, climbing on top of the island. 

"Jungkook, no climbing on the kitchen top," Jin warned. 

"Kookie wanna do!" Jungkook whined, stepping down onto the chair. 

"Baby, I want you to do this as well but it's hot and you don't want to get another owie, right?" Jin explained as he poured out batter onto the pan. 


"The fire is hot and if you're not careful you'll get an owie and then we'll have to go to the hospital," Jin told him. 

"Hostipal?! With the doctors, daddy?" Jungkook asked with wide, fearful eyes. 

"Yeah," Jin nodded, "But you can be a good chef and get two plates for daddy to put the pancakes in." 

"I go now," Jungkook said, climbing down carefully from the chair, his small, chubby feet pitter pattering into the kitchen to grab a plate. He walked over to Jin and pulled on his pajama bottoms, passing him the plate before he ran to repeat the process. 

"Kookie, do you want syrup?" Jin asked as he placed a hot pancake onto the plate, moving it to the other side of the kitchen island. 

"Chocky syrup peas," Jungkook said, huffing as he climbed back onto the tall chair. 

Jin spooned another ladle of batter on the pan before getting out the chocolate and maple syrup along with a can of whipped cream. 

"Daddy what that?" Jungkook asked, pointing at the can. 

"This baby," Jin said, spraying some whipped cream in the form on a smile on Jungkook's pancake, "Is whipped cream. Here, try it with your chocolate sauce." 

"Daddy issa smile!" Jungkook squealed excitedly, imitating the smile,  eyes crescenting and a toothy smile gracing his face.

"It is a smile!" Jin said, copying the same excited tone. 

Jungkook scooped up some whipped cream and chocolate sauce with his finger and stuck it in his mouth, "Yummy!" 

"Use a fork please, Kookie," Jin told him as he flipped the pancake over. 

Jungkook grabbed his fork and struggled with cutting up the pieces of his pancake. 

"Do you want Daddy to help you cut your pancake for you, baby?" Jin asked. 

Jungkook nodded and slid his plate over to Jin. 


"Yes sweetie?" Jin said, looking up at Jungkook.

"Can I have more?" 

"You want another pancake?"

"With chocky and whippy cream," Jungkook asked with wide eyes and a smile on his face. 

Jin knew he was feeding Jungkook too much sugar, but it was the weekend and he deserved a treat too. 

"What do we say when we want something?" Jin reminded him. 

"Peas!" Jungkook said, leaning forward with a pout. 

"Sure baby, I'll make you another pancake okay?" 

"With a smiley?" 

"With a smiley and a heart!" Jin declared grabbing the whipped cream as Jungkook giggled in front of him.

Weekends with Jungkook really were the best, even if he didn't get to sleep in.



"Iz a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, come inside iz fun inside! Iz a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," Jungkook sang along, sitting cross legged on the floor, intently watching the television while Jin was sitting on the couch, leaned back, going through some work emails. 

"Do Hyun should have gotten back to me by yesterday..." He said to himself, opening up a new email to write to Do Hyun and his lawyers. 

"Roll call!" Jungkook shouted, throwing his hands up in the air, calling out the names along with the television, "Donald! Daisy! Goofy! Pluto! Minnie! And Mickey!" 

Jungkook looked back at Jin, pulling his pajama bottom that Jin never bothered to change out of even after he took a shower, "Daddy! Daddy! Lookie! It's Mickey Mouse!" 

"Wow Kookie," Jin said, gasping at the television when it showed Mickey, "Are you going to go on another adventure with him." 

"Yuh huh, I said Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse and the clubhouse was there!" Jungkook said excitedly, "See Daddy! Iz Minnie and Mickey and the doggy and Goofy and Donald Duckie!" 

"Hi everybody! Welcome to our Clubhouse!" The television sounded, "Wanna play along with us?"

"I do! I do!" Jungkook answered to the television, grinning, eyes growing double in size. 

Jin smiled, ruffling Jungkook's hair before concentrating back onto his laptop, drafting out the email and reattaching a copy of the collateral contract for them to sign. 

Just as he was about to press send, Jin's phone rang. 

"Hello?" He answered, pushing the phone against his shoulder so he had both his hands free. 

"Hello? Jin?" 

"Oh hi!" He said, "I was actually just about to CC you into this email that I was going to send to Do Hyun and his lawyer about the-" 

"Jin, it's the weekend. I don't work on the weekends," Namjoon said, and Jin could swear that he could hear the smile growing on his face. 

"Right, uhh sorry," Jin said, pressing send on the email anyway, "I'm sure you called for something that isn't work." 

"I was actually going to take Taehyung to the park today and he kept asking for Jungkook, so I was wondering if maybe you and Jungkook wanted to join us? There's, uhh, there's a coffee shop like right next to the park so maybe we could grab coffee while the kids play?" Namjoon asked, a hint of nervousness in his voice. 

"I'd like that," Jin said, a smile unconsciously growing on his face. 

"Really? Uhh, I mean, yeah, sure, yeah that's great! I'll text you the address and meet you there in about an hour?" 

"I'll see you there, Namjoon," Jin said and hung up the phone. 

"Daddy, who that on the phone?" Jungkook asked, looking up at Jin. 

"That was Taehyung's papa," Jin answered, "Do you want to play with Taehyung today at the park?" 

"Yes peas!" Jungkook said, jumping up from his spot, the television adventure long forgotten about. 

"Turn off the tv and then we'll go change and we'll go, okay?" Jin said gently while shutting his laptop, keeping it on the side table. 

"Daddy, I want to wear my blue Avengers shirt," Jungkook told him. 

"Sure, sweetheart," Jin said, "But turn the television off first, please." 

Jungkook reached over for the remote and turned the television off and then grabbed onto Jin's hand and dragged him to his room. 

"What do you want to wear with your blue shirt?" Jin asked as he took the shirt out of the closet. 

"Jeans." Jungkook said pointing to the black jeans on the side. 

"Will you be able to play in the park with jeans on?" Jin asked, as he took the jeans out. 

"Uh huh." Jungkook said, nodding. 

"Do you want to change by yourself or should Daddy help you?" Jin asked as he laid both articles of clothing on the bed. 

"Kookie can do it! Kookie's a big boy!" Jungkook declared with his chubby fist in the air. 

"My big boy," Jin said, can't help resisting placing a kiss on Jungkook's hair, "Daddy's going to go change now, okay? Call me if you need any help." 

"Daddy go! We gonna be late to play!" Jungkook whined. 

"I'm going! I'm going!" Jin laughed as he exited the room, leaving the door just a little open so he could hear if Jungkook needed him or not.




"And then Kookie's gonna show TaeTae my Iron Man toy and my Spideyman toy and then, and then, and then we gonna play in the sand box and then TaeTae gonna bring Hulk-oh wait," Jungkook said, gripping the two toys firmly in his hand, "Daddy is TaeTae gonna bring Hulk?" 

"I don't know, baby, we have to wait and see," Jin said, glancing in the rearview mirror at Jungkook in the carseat. 

"Oh no what if TaeTae don't bring Hulk..." Jungkook said like it was the biggest crisis in his life. 

"Kookie, you have two toys," Jin pointed out, "Why don't you let Taehyung play with one?" 

"But Daddy, this Kookie's toys." Jungkook said. 

"But if Taehyung doesn't bring a toy, and you have two toys, isn't it right to give him one so you can share and both of you will be happy playing with toys?" Jin said, "It won't be very nice if you're the only one playing, will it, Kookie? Isn't it fun playing with someone with one toy than by yourself with two toys?" 

Jungkook pouted, gripping the toys harder in his tiny hold, "But it's Kookie's toys." 

"I know sweetheart," Jin said gently, trying to get him to understand, "But Taehyung lets you play with his toys, right? Remember how he let you play with Hulk?" 

Jungkook nodded. 

"Wasn't that fun playing with him and his toys?" Jin asked him. 

"It was fun." 

"Wasn't it nice that Taehyung let you play with his toys too?" Jin said. 

"It was, Daddy," Jungkook answered. 

"See how fun and nice it is to share, Kookie?" Jin said, "I'm sure Taehyung would think it was nice and fun that you would let him play with your toys too, right? Will my best boy share his toys?" 

"Kookie will share," Jungkook said with a nod, rambling on excitedly, "TaeTae and me will have so much fun playing Avengers today! And in the sandbox and Daddy I will build a sandcastle for me and TaeTae and Hulk and Iron Man and Spideyman and we will live happily eber after!" 

"What about Daddy? Where will Daddy live?" Jin asked as he parked the car.

"At home with Kookie," Jungkook answered. 

"But if Kookie lives in the sandcastle, then you won't be at home with Daddy," Jin explained as he unbuckled Jungkook from the carseat. 

"Daddy can live with TaeTae's Papa," Jungkook said. 

Jin's hands froze. "What?" 

"'Cause Daddy will miss Kookie and TaeTae's Papa will miss TaeTae. So Daddy can live with TaeTae's Papa." Jungkook said as if it were as simple as that. 

"Or, Kookie can live with Daddy and never go anywhere because Daddy will miss you too much," Jin said, placing a kiss on Jungkook's chubby cheek. 

Jungkook held out his hands that were clutching the toys, "Daddy, up." 

"Let's go, baby," Jin said as he picked Jungkook up slowly, not wanting a repeat of the meltdown Jungkook had a couple of weeks back, and locked the car once he had everything, before walking towards the park. 

"Jin! Over here!" He heard. 

"Down! Daddy! Down, down!" Jungkook said, squirming in his arms excitedly. 

"Okay, Kookie, one second sweetie," Jin said, laughing at his excitement as Jin put him down and watched him as he ran to Taehyung, hugging him as if he hadn't seen him in years when really it had barely been 24 hours. 

"They're excited," Namjoon said, meeting Jin halfway, both of them keeping a close eye on the kids. 

"Thank you for the invite," Jin said, "It's nice to be out on a Saturday. We usually stay in, watch some tv, and catch up on sleep." 

"Those are the best kinds of days," Namjoon said, "But I get it. Saturdays for us involve Taehyung watching tv while I attempt to catch up on some work. At night, we try to play some games together or even have a movie night." 

"Would it be wrong of me to talk about work right now?" Jin said with a cheeky smile. 

"On the weekends, I'm unemployed." Namjoon said with a laugh. 

Jin laughed, "I totally under- Jungkook! Be careful up there! Don't run on the slide stairs!" 

"Parenting's a never-ending job, isn't it?" Namjoon said, glancing over at Taehyung. 

"It's one that I don't mind," Jin smiled at him. 

"Can I get you some coffee? One of us should be here to keep an eye on the kids," Namjoon said. 

"I wouldn't mind an iced latte," Jin said, reaching for his wallet. 

"Don't." Namjoon said, placing a hand on Jin's wrist, "This one's on me." 

"But you already paid for the dinner that day. The least I could do-" 

"It's on me." Namjoon said, cutting him off with a blinding smile before turning around and walking away. 

Jin's wrist suddenly felt cold, and lifeless, not like it did a second ago when there was electricity coursing through his veins, wrist warm in the best way possible. There was something about the way Namjoon just took charge that made his heart skip a beat. But he would never admit it out loud. 

He sat watching the kids clamber up the stairs of the slide, Taehyung with his Hulk toy in one hand and Jungkook's Iron Man toy in the other giggle as he slid down the slide with Jungkook close behind him. 

"'Gain! 'Gain!" Jungkook said while laughing, pulling Taehyung up and back to the stairs of the slide.

"Iced Latte?" Namjoon said, sitting down next to Jin, passing him his drink. 

"Thank you." 

"They having fun?" Namjoon asked, nodding to the kids. 

"Lots," Jin said with a smile, sipping on his straw, "Back in the car, I was teaching Jungkook about the importance of sharing." 

"That's a battle," Namjoon said with a laugh, "I remember when I talked to Taehyung about that and how sharing was important, he screamed his head off when I tried to get him to share his favourite ice cream with me." 

"I thought I was going to have to have another talk with Jungkook, but when I looked over, I saw Taehyung holding Jungkook's favourite Iron Man toy, and now I don't think I have to anymore," Jin said with a proud smile. 

"He's a good kid." 

"So is Taehyung." 

"We're doing an okay job, I would say so myself," Namjoon told him with a laugh. 

"More than okay," Jin said, bumping his shoulder with Namjoon, "I mean look at them. They're sharing, they're happy, healthy, just overall really good kids."

"We're killing the parenting game." 

Jin looked over at Namjoon with a bright smile and a twinkle in his eyes. All Jin could think while looking at him was - Were his eyes always this shade of brown?  Jin swore that he could see something close to fondness when Namjoon smiled back at him, dimpled and deep, gentle...It was just so Namjoon that Jin couldn't explain it. But he was coming to like it. 

Jin could feel his cheeks tint pink, so he looked away, taking another sip of coffee, eyes trained on the boys who were now bored of the slide and was walking to the sandbox. 

"So, uhh," Jin said, clearing his throat, "What coffee did you get?"

"Oh." Namjoon said, as if embarrassed. He cleared his throat, and moved his drink so that it was out of view from Jin, "I uhh, I mean, I got a drink. I mean of course, you know it's a drink. It can't not be a drink because I'm drinking it. It's a nice drink! It may not be coffee, but it's not like I don't like coffee, because I do. Coffee's great! I drink coffee on the weekdays, because well, doesn't everyone? Not like i follow trends or anything, because that would be - wait no, it wouldn't be bad. I mean- Wait, what was the question?" 

Jin smiled fondly, tilting his head slightly as he listened to Namjoon nervously rambling, "What drink did you get?" 

Pink dusted Namjoon's cheeks as he softly answered, "Caramel twist without the coffee." 

"Cute." Jin mumbled as he took a sip from his coffee, "You have a sweet tooth." 

"Sometimes I think I have a bigger sweet tooth than my own son," Namjoon said, leaning down to bring the straw into his mouth. 

"Can you keep a secret?" Jin asked turning to look at Namjoon with a mischievous glint in his eyes, "Sometimes when Jungkook's asleep, I take cookies from the cookie jar." 

"Thief!" Namjoon gasped exaggeratedly. 

"I only feel guilty about it when I don't let him have a cookie on that day. Sometimes he just has way too much sugar and I have to stop him from having more," Jin said. 

"I don't know how you say no to that kid," Namjoon said, "I take one look at his big eyes and I'm melting." 

"It takes a lot of will power," Jin joked, "He has these huge, devastating puppy dog eyes and I have to remind myself that I'm the adult and that I'm allowed to say no to him." 

"Sucks when you have to be both good cop and bad cop, huh?" Namjoon sighed. 

"Sometimes." Jin echoed, leaning back on the bench, eyes following Jungkook as he scooped up sand, getting it all over his jeans and shoes. 

"Do you ever wish there was someone else?" Namjoon asked. 

"On certain days I do," Jin said, "The days where everything seems to be going wrong, and nothing is going according to plan...Those days are the hardest. It's not like I can't raise him on my own, because I can, and I have been since the day he came to me. But sometimes, especially at night, you kind of just want someone there, you know? You want to be able to rant, and scream and cry and at the end of it all, you just want some comfort."

"I know exactly what you mean," Namjoon sighed, trying to push the picture of him cuddled up next to Jin out of his mind, "The nights are always the worst. The bed is too big for one." 

"Daddy! Daddy! Lookie!" Jungkook shouted from the sandbox, pointing to the crumbling sandcastle with a leaf on top. 

"Wow, Kookie! That looks amazing!" Jin complimented with a smile on his face, "Is that where Iron Man's going to live?" 

"Iron Man and Spideyman and Hulk and TaeTae and Kookie!" Jungkook listed excitedly, bringing all his toys to the sandcastle. 

"KooKoo make bigger!" Taehyung ordered, pulling his sleeve to get his attention. 

"We make bigger than the playground TaeTae," Jungkook said, grabbing more sand. 

"Jin." Namjoon called out, setting his coffee down beside him. 


"Do you regret that your date didn't show up that day?" Namjoon asked him.  

Jin's eyebrows furrowed and a frown settled on his face . Namjoon almost scrambled to apologise when Jin suddenly spoke, "Honestly? No." 


"I don't think I can date, in all honesty." Jin said, "And I'm okay with that. I've made peace with that fact a long time ago. Not to say I didn't try it, because I did, a long time back, and it just didn't work out. I'm not bitter about it. I'm okay with not dating. In my situation, when I meet someone, it's not just about me and that person getting along, it's about Jungkook, that person and me getting along, and people my age just aren't ready to date someone with a child. And I get it. I really do. I can't handle the whole getting to know someone, courting them or vice versa and then being ghosted the second they know that I have Jungkook." 

"Not everyone-" Namjoon started to say. 

"I know not everyone is like that," Jin said with a nod, "But most of them are, and I"m just not willing to take that chance. I don't have time right now to pretend to even have the energy to date. That day was a blessing in disguise, really. I'm kind of glad he didn't show up... Plus, I had fun at the end of the day anyway."

Namjoon immediately perked up, "You did?" 

"I really did," Jin said with a smile, "It's nice to sit with someone who gets it, you know? Someone where you don't have to pretend that you're the perfect parent, or that you know what you're doing all the time." 

"Even if that someone is your boss?" Namjoon joked. 

"Oh. I kind of forgot about that for a second," Jin said, pausing and then bursting out into a laugh. 

"For what it's worth, Jin," Namjoon said, looking deep into Jin's eyes, the rest of the world fading away into nothingness, "I think that he missed out on someone really special. There's no one like you, and there's no one like Jungkook either. Honestly, I'm kind of glad he didn't come too. It gave me a chance to get to know you better." 

Jin smiled, cheek dusted with the slightest twinge of pink, "I'm glad he didn't come either." 

"Daddy! Daddy!" Jungkook said, running over to Jin, cheeks pink from all the activities that he did, "Come push on the swing!"

"You and Tae want to swing?" Jin said, getting up, throwing his empty coffee cup into the trashcan beside the park bench. 

"Yeah! Come push!" Taehyung said, sweaty hair matted on his forehead.

"What do we say?" Jin reminded Jungkook as he pulled Jin.

"Peas push," Jungkook said, pulling Jin by his hand. 

"I think we're needed," Jin said, looking back at Namjoon who smiled at the two of them, dimpled and deep, while being lead by Taehyung.

It was becoming Jin's favourite thing about Namjoon, second to how good of a father he was. 




"This was fun," Jin said, genuinely, carrying a tired Jungkook in his arms, "We should do it more often." 

"It really was,"  Namjoon replied, smiling, Taehyung holding onto his hand, leaning against his leg, eyes drooping, "I think we tired these two out." 

"Makes bedtime a little easier, doesn't it?" Jin laughed, feeling Jungkook yawn against his neck. 

"I've got to get him home before he sleeps on me," Namjoon said, reaching down and carrying Taehyung into his arms, "Say bye, Tae."

"Bye bye KooKoo and KooKoo daddy," Taehyung said, words slurred, sleepy, the back of his little hand rubbing his eyes. 

"Say bye, Kookie," Jin prompted Jungkook, patting his back gently. 

Jungkook waved at Taehyung and Namjoon, eyes droopy, barely able to keep them open. 

"I'll see you on Monday, Jin," Namjoon said. 

"Monday it is, si-Namjoon." Jin said, but corrected himself quickly. 

Namjoon couldn't keep the smile off his face as he walked away with Taehyung in his arms, who was falling asleep with every step that they took together. 

Jin was strapping Jungkook in his carseat, the child, already sticking his thumb into his mouth. Jin slowly pulled his thumb out of his mouth, needing to break the habit no matter how cute it was.

"Daddy, sleep," Jungkook whined out. 

"We're going home soon, baby, we'll sleep then, okay?" Jin said softly, pressing a kiss to Jungkook's forehead before walking over to the driver's seat of the car. 

Jin kept glancing at the rearview mirror, and smiling at his sleepy son. Jungkook had his thumb in his mouth, his cheeks flushed pink, pout forming around his thumb and a peaceful expression. He was the cutest kid and Jin couldn't help but coo. 

The light turned green the same time his phone started to ring, connected via bluetooth to the car system. He pressed the answer button from the steering wheel. 


"Hey! Where are you guys? I tried calling home but no one was answering," Yoongi said, voice crackling. 

"We're on the way back from the park. Jungkook's asleep and I'm driving." 

"The park? You went to the park on a Saturday?" Yoongi said, surprised. 

"Namjoon asked if we wanted to go to the park with him and Taehyung and you know how Jungkook's best friend is Taehyung, so I figured that-" 

"Wait, wait, wait," Yoongi said, interrupting Jin, "Namjoon? As in Mr. Kim, Namjoon? The same firetruck suit wearing Namjoon that you couldn't stand?" 

Jin paused for a second, feeling heat rise on his cheeks, and sheepishly he answered, "Yeah that one."

"Since when were you on a first name basis with him?" Yoongi asked him. Jin could practically hear the shit-eating grin that was growing on his face. 

"Since Wednesday," Jin said, without a thought. 

"Wednesday? As in the same day as your date, Wednesday?" Yoongi asked. 

Jin stiffened. He hadn't told Yoongi about Henry not showing up and standing him up on Wednesday. When Yoongi asked how his night was when he came home, Jin had replied with a smile that it went better than he thought. Jin told him that he genuinely had a nice time and that the food was actually really nice. Jin didn't mention any names, neither did he say that it was Henry he was with. 

"Jin?" Yoongi said when he didn't receive a response. 

"Im here." 

"What happened on Wednesday that made you get so close to him?" Yoongi asked. 

"Before I say anything, I just want to remind you that you're on speaker and Jungkook is asleep in the backseat," Jin said. 

"What happened on Wednesday?" Yoongi repeated. 

"No screaming, or shouting or swearing," Jin told him. 

"No promises." Yoongi deadpanned.

"Before you say anything just remember what I said on Wednesday - I did have a good time and I'm fine!" Jin said as a disclaimer, rambling on to try and calm Yoongi down, "I mean sure, at the time I wasn't feeling great, but then again who would. But I'm fine now and that's all that matt-" 

"Jin." Yoongi said through gritted teeth, patience wearing thin. 

Jin sighed, knowing that he would have to tell Yoongi sooner rather than later, "Henry didn't show on Wednesday." 

"What do you mean he didn't show?" Yoongi nearly yelled, controlling his voice, venom seeping into his words. 

"He stood me up." Jin said and then quickly added, "But, Namjoon happened to be passing by the store and he saw me and came in and made the entire night better. He bought me dinner and we talked, and talked, and talked until they practically kicked us out of the restaurant." 

"He stood you up." Yoongi repeated, and Jin could practically see the fire of rage stoked in Yoongi's eyes. He could tell that his tongue was poking the side of his cheek, a telltale sign that Yoongi was growing increasingly mad. He could see the furrow of his eyebrows, and the way his fist was clenched. Jin knew Yoongi too well. 

"Yoongi, stop," Jin said gently, "Honestly, I'm kind of glad he didn't show. It was nice not to have to pretend for a change." 

"What do you mean?" 

"I mean that, Namjoon gets it. He gets that parenting isn't a science, and that mistakes have to be made. He understands the whole dating thing, and how it's particularly hard. We both had kids at a young age and..." Jin said trailing off, not knowing how to put his thoughts in words, "And he gets me in a way that I think no one ever would."

Yoongi paused for a second, "I'm going to kill Henry." 

"I know." Jin said, parking his car. 

"I'm also going to keep my eye on Namjoon." 

"I know that too, Yoongi," Jin said with an affectionate smile.

Jin could feel Yoongi hesitate before he asked in a soft voice, "Are you really okay?" 

Jin leaned back against the seat of his car, eyes unconsciously glancing to rearview mirror, seeing Jungkook in his carseat, peacefully asleep, "I really, really am, Yoongi. I'm okay. Better than ever actually."



Jin's narrow black tie was slightly loosened around his neck, hair mussy from running his fingers through it all day, eyes tired, white shirt slightly crumpled but still neatly tucked into his black trousers as he sat next to Namjoon who, despite the long day didn't have a single hair out of place, nor was his blazer or shirts crumpled in any way shape or form. The only sign that Monday had been a long day, nearing to its end, despite most of the office already gone, was his tired eyes hidden behind his black glasses that was now on the bridge of his nose. 

Had this been last week, Jin would have been cursing Namjoon in his mind for making him work overtime, he would made a snide comment about the starch in his clothes and how it was like his personality. But things were different now and they both could feel it. They were sitting in close proximity, something that the Jin from last week couldn't even fathom. 

The Jin from last week would have felt out of place, and nervous, and like he didn't belong here. But the Jin right now was organised, comfortable, and dare he say, even more confident than he was in the Do Hyun appointment from weeks ago. His office didn't feel foreign to him anymore. But Namjoon's office felt right. It felt like he was meant to be here. 

"I think we should pass the Lindon folder over to the legal team," Jin said, handing Namjoon the folder to look over, "They're not responding to any of my emails, or calls, and I heard from someone on the inside that they were thinking of going to court." 

"Court? Why?" Namjoon said, pushing his glasses higher, eyes quickly skimming over the words, "It doesn't look like we've done anything wrong. The contract seems standard, and from these delivery order slips, it looks like we delivered well within time." 

"They're contention is that we delivered the items late even though we did warn them three weeks before delivery that there was a problem and that we could only deliver a week after the estimated delivery date," Jin said, "The emails we sent are in the pink tab." 

"Did they refuse delivery?" Namjoon asked. 

"They didn't respond, so we took that as an okay to continue." Jin said, "We delivered a month before their event date, so I don't see why they're creating such a fuss now. They emailed us 3 days after we delivered saying that they didn't want to pay the full amount because we delivered late. But the weird thing is that within the week that we were meant to deliver, they didn't call or email, or even text anyone."

Namjoon closed the folder, and placed it on the table, leaning forward slightly as he asked, "What do you think we should do?" 

"From a legal perspective," Jin said, eyebrows furrowed in concentration, frowning slightly as he thought about the situation deeply, "I don't think we did anything wrong. There was no time is of the essence clause in the contract if I remember it correctly, and even if there was, we did email them weeks in advance which would have given them plenty of time to repudiate the contract or try to negotiate new terms based on our breach,; but they didn't. We delivered the items well before their event, so that's a point in our favour as well. Also, the day of delivery, they could have refused to accept the goods and they wouldn't have incurred any extra costs, nor would they have breached the contract - but they didn't. They accepted it. They only reached out to us once the full itemised invoice was sent, and that too, 3 days after delivery. I think we have a good case on our hands." 

Namjoon smiled at Jin, proud. "Do you want to handle this case?" 

"What?" Jin asked, mouth agape in surprise. 

"If I can get a representative from Lindon to come in, do you want to handle it?" Namjoon asked him. 

"Uhh, I'm not a-I mean- I think you should get someone from legal," Jin stuttered, stumbling over his words, "I don't think-" 

"I think you're perfect," Namjoon said, cutting him off, quickly realising what he said and then added, "I mean uhh, perfect for this job. You know your stuff and I can see the fire in you, just like there was back in the conference room with Do Hyun. I think you can do it by yourself." 

"I might mess up." 

"I don't think you will," Namjoon told him with soft eyes and a gentle smile, "You're going to do amazingly. I have full faith in you."

Jin returned the smile, twinkle in his eyes and he nodded, "Okay. I'll give it a go." 

"Anything else to get through today?" Namjoon asked, shifting closer to Jin. 

"Do Hyun's lawyer hasn't signed the collateral contract yet and it's been three weeks since the meeting," Jin said, looking over the cream manilla folder with Do Hyun's name in it, "I've emailed him, called him and still - Nothing." 

"Hmm.." Namjoon hummed, thinking of a recourse, "Have you tried calling Do Hyun?" 

"I haven't. I thought it wouldn't be professional," Jin said, "But I have emailed him along with his lawyer." 

"If you can't reach either of them by noon tomorrow, tell me and I'll call them myself." Namjoon said, taking the folder from Jin and placing it on his desk. 

"I think that's all the updates for now." Jin said, going through the mental checklist in his mind, trying to picture all the folders he had been working on. 

"If you didn't stop, I would have stopped you," Namjoon joked, "You work too hard." 

"Would you like me to slow down?" Jin said with a cheeky smile, "I mean, I could. I would be like everyone else out there, working one case a week, if you're lucky, I might even work two!" 

"You're perfect as you are," Namjoon said, words holding a heavier meaning and they both knew it. 

Jin cleared his throat, feeling his cheeks heat up slightly, but he chalked it up to the air conditioning being faulty. 

Namjoon looked at his Rolex watch, "It's getting late. We should probably get home to our kids." 

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow then," Jin said standing up reluctantly. 

"We can go down together? I think I saw your car today," Namjoon said, straightening his tie as he stood up, pocketing his phone. 

"Yeah," Jin said with a nod, "I drove today so..." 

They walked slowly to the lift, pressing the down button. 

"Wow, everyone really did leave," Jin said, looking at the empty office floor. 

"It's nearly 9pm," Namjoon said.

"Is Jimin taking care of Taehyung?" Jin asked. 

"Yeah. He doesn't have exams till next week and he said Taehyung is a good stress reliever," Namjoon said with a laugh. 

"He really is," Jin said with a smile. 

"What about Jungkook? Yoongi with him?" Namjoon asked, watching the numbers on the lift go up as it approached their floor. 

"Yes." Jin answered, "Yoongi's probably feeding him ice cream with sprinkles even though  I said no sugar because I know Jungkook will ask for oreos and chocolate milk for a snack; and Yoongi being Yoongi would give into every whim of that kid. He's weak, honestly." 

"I couldn't say no to him," Namjoon said, stepping into the open lift, "He has those puppy dog eyes and this pout and I just really want to squish his cheeks." 

"I have a hard time saying no too," Jin said with a laugh, standing beside him in the lift.

"Saturday was fun," Namjoon commented, as the doors closed slowly, "I'm sorry that was random. It's just that you mentioned Taehyung and I mentioned Jungkook and I couldn't help but think-" 

"Wednesday was fun too," Jin said, leaning forward and pressing the floor for the basement parking, "Wednesday was...It was amazing." 

Namjoon stepped closer to Jin, "You think so?" 

"Next time, dinner's on me," Jin told him slowly, as if he was scared that he was crossing a line and reading the signals wrongly.

"Next time?" Namjoon asked, taking another step closer towards him, cocking an eyebrow, smile growing on his face. 

"It's only fair I return the favour," Jin told him, taking an unconscious step back. 

"Are you doing it to return the favour or do you want to go out because you enjoyed the night?" Namjoon asked. 

"What do you think?" Jin said, cheeks dusting pink. 

Namjoon leaned down slowly, giving Jin a chance to move back if he didn't want this. But Jin didn't. His eyes fluttered shut, lips almost pouting, waiting for Namjoon. 

"I think," Namjoon said, ghosting his lips over Jin's, "That you want me as much as I want you." 

"Prove it." Jin said against his lips. 

Namjoon pulled Jin closer by his narrow black tie, hanging loosely around his shirt, crashing their lips together. Nothing about the kiss was what Jin expected. From Namjoon's personality, he expected him to be stiff, to be vanilla and boring. But it was the complete opposite. 

The kiss was hot and heavy. Namjoon pushed Jin to the metal all of the elevator, pressing him up against it, making a groan escape Jin's throat that he swallowed, He pushed his lips languidly over Jin's, and they flowed like water. It was like they didn't even need to experiment with the pace, or getting to know each other. Once their lips were over one another, something just took over and they moved in sync. Jin slid his hands up to Namjoon's hair, fisting it, pushing him closer if it were even possible. But he didn't care. He wanted to feel as much of him as possible. Their kiss was like fire and water in how it burned him, how it heated him up. He could feel Namjoon pushing against him, rolling his hips softly, gently, experimentally. They moved smoothly together. Jin could feel Namjoon's hands grip his waist so tight, he was sure there would be bruises in the morning, and yet he wanted more. 

The lift dinged, and they jumped apart, both smoothening their clothes, running their fingers through their hair as if it would make them look more presentable. 

Jin cleared his throat, cheeks flushed, lips swollen and tingling from their kiss, "I'll see you tomorrow Mr.K-uhh, sir-I mean, Namjoo- Uhh." 

Jin stuttered, stumbling over his words, still dazed from the kiss. 

Namjoon chuckled, low and deep, and Jin swore that his dick twitched at the low rumbling sound. 

"I'll see you tomorrow, bright and early in my office, Jin." Namjoon said, walking out of the lift to his car. 

The doors to the lift closed slowly, and JIn was left leaning against the cool metal wall of the lift, breathless, wanting nothing more than to pull Namjoon back in and continue their little make out session like horny teenagers. 

A minute passed before Jin realised, 

"Oh shit that was my floor too!" 

Chapter Text

Jin looked over to the Iron Man clock that was perched on Jungkook's side table. 


Jungkook was still clinging to him like a koala, sucking on his thumb as he laid down on Jin's chest with his tiny, chubby arms around his neck. Jin stroked his back lovingly and placed a kiss on his forehead. 

"Are you ready to get ready, Kookie?" Jin asked, trying to pull Jungkook away from him so that he could bring him to the bathroom. 

Jungkook shook his head and nuzzled closer to Jin, muttering against his thumb, "Don' wanna go." 

Jin furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. What was going on with Jungkook? He loved Kindergarten. 

"Don't you want to see Taehyung and all your friends? And teacher Jung? And get gold stars, and play in the playground?" Jin said, excitedly, trying to hype Jungkook up. 

Jungkook just whined and tried to push himself closer to Jin, nuzzling his head into the crook of Jin's neck. Jin could feel Jungkook's pout against his skin as Jungkook shook his head fervently, "Dun wanna go, daddy. Wanna stay here." 

Jin pulled back slightly, ignoring the whine and the tremble of Jungkook's bottom lip. 

"Baby, what's going on?" Jin asked, carding his fingers softly through Jungkook's hair, "Did something happen at Kindergarten yesterday?" 

Jungkook shook his head, pout only growing against his thumb as he sucked it for comfort. 

"Did you have a fight with Taehyung?"

Jungkook shook his head again, trying to get closer to Jin, but Jin held him in place. 

"What's wrong, Kookie? What happened? Why don't you want to go to Kindergarten today?"

Jungkook's whine only grew louder. 

"Are you sleepy, baby? Is that it? Are you tired?" Jin asked, trying to figure out what was happening with his son.

Jungkook shook his head, thumb still in his mouth, eyes welling with tears. 

"Daddy can only help you if you tell him what's happening, baby," Jin said, gently reaching and taking Jungkook's thumb out of his mouth, "Tell daddy what's happening, sweetheart. Hmm.. What's bothering my little Iron Man."

"Daddy no go." Jungkook said. 

"Daddy's not going anywhere, baby. Tell me what's wrong," Jin said, pushing Jungkook's hair from his forehead to one side. 

"No! No!" Jungkook whined, petulant, tears glossing up in his big eyes.

"Shh, baby, shh," Jin said, taking him into his arms and getting up. He turned the light in Jungkook's room on. 

Jungkook whined against Jin's neck, crying about 'daddy no go.' 

Jin walked Jungkook around the room and soothingly patted his back, trying to get his 4 year old to calm down. He glanced over at the clock and knew that there was no way he could get to work today, or even get Jungkook to Kindergarten. He had to call into both places and take a day off. 

Jin sat Jungkook back down on the bed. Jungkook whined, making grabby hands at Jin. 

"Shh, baby," Jin said, wiping the tears away from Jungkook's cheek, "Listen to daddy, okay? You and me are going to stay at home and have a Kookie-Daddy day, okay?" 

"K-Koo-Kookie d-daddy day?" Jungkook managed to hiccup out, wiping his tears away with his small, chubby hand. 

"Yeah, baby," Jin told him with a smile, "We're going to make breakfast, have a nice long shower, watch movies, read books and eat some popcorn! We can even play with all your toys! Would you like that?"

Jungkook nodded, moving to suck on his thumb again but Jin gently moved his hand away from his mouth. 

"First, can you tell daddy what's wrong?" Jin said softly, "Tell daddy why his bestest boy in the whole world is crying today? What's bothering my baby?" 

Jungkook pouted, bottom lip trembling again, "Daddy no go." 

"We're not going anywhere baby, don't worry." Jin said, reassuringly.

"No! No! Daddy go and- and-" Jungkook said, hiccuping, stumbling over his words. 

"And what?" Jin prodded gently, stroking the apple of Jungkook's cheek with this thumb 

"And daddy don't come home." Jungkook said, "Kookie alone."

Jin's hand dropped from Jungkook's face, feeling like someone had just punched him in the heart. Jin almost stumbled back, falling on the floor. 

"What?" He managed to get out. 

"Daddy leave Kookie and Kookie alone." Jungkook said, thumb slipping into his mouth as he sucked against it. 

Jin had to take a shaky breath in to calm himself down. He couldn't show how badly it hurt him that Jungkook said that. He never in a million years wanted Jungkook to feel anything but loved, and happy. While he was out last night kissing Namjoon in the elevator, his son was back at home, waiting for him, thinking that he had left him all alone. He knew that taking this job would mean more hours and he did try to explain to Jungkook, but...He didn't think either of them realised how many hours and late nights it would be. As much as Jungkook loved his Uncle Yoo, he loved his daddy too and he missed him. Jin was just now realising how much this job was taking away from him being with Jungkook. After all, they only had each other. 

Jin sat down on the bed, and picked Jungkook up, putting him on his lap with a smile plastered on his face. 

"No go." Jungkook said against his thumb. 

Jin gently pulled Jungkook's thumb out of his mouth and shook his head. 

"How could my bestest boy think that his daddy would ever, ever leave him, hmm?" Jin said. 

"Kookie bestest boy?" Jungkook asked, doe brown eyes wide and rounded.

"My favourite, most bestestest boy in the whole universe!" Jin said, "Better than Iron Man." 

Jungkook gasped, mouth rounding almost as big as his eyes, "Betterer than Iron Man?" 

"Million, trillion, bajillion times better than Iron Man," Jin said, fake smile melting away, being replaced slowly with a real one.

Jin carded his fingers slowly through Jungkook's dark brown hair. 

"Listen to me, baby," Jin said, more serious now, "Remember how daddy was telling you about the homework that daddy gets? Lots and lots of homework because daddy's in a higher class now?" 

Jungkook nodded slowly. 

"And daddy said how daddy might not be able to play all the time, because of all that homework?" 

Jungkook nodded again. 

"Daddy goes to work because daddy needs to do the homework so my little Kookie can get all the ice cream and chocky milk he wants." Jin explained to Jungkook, "Daddy loves you very, very much baby, but daddy needs to work and that means that sometimes Daddy won't be home on time, but that doesn't mean he loves you any less." 

"But Daddy," Jungkook said, "I mith you." 

Jin brought Jungkook into a hug, trying not to think about whether taking this job was a mistake. Trying not to think about just how much he had come to love this job...

Trying not to think about the kiss he shared with Namjoon yesterday. 

"Daddy's not going anywhere, baby," Jin said, gently stroking Jungkook's back. 


"Yes, sweetheart?" Jin said, pulling Jungkook away and sitting him back down on Jin's lap.

"Are you doing more homework?" Jungkook asked him. 

"Kookie, daddy's going to ask you something okay? And you have to tell daddy the truth." Jin said. 

"No lie. Lie is bad." Jungkook said sternly, repeating words he had heard a hundred times before.

"Good boy." Jin said, praising him. 

"What quesh-teon?" Jungkook asked.

"Do you want daddy to not get so much homework? Do you want to go back to last time?" Jin asked him.

Jungkook shook his head, "I just wan daddy to read me bedtime stowies like last time." 

"So no late nights then," Jin said to himself. 

"And play." Jungkook added quickly.

"I'll always play with you, baby," Jin said, "Daddy's not going anywhere, okay?" 

"Ma-Maybe we can do homework together gether, daddy," Jungkook said quickly, noticing the frown on Jin's face. 

Jin smiled down at him, "I'd like that very much, sweetie." 

"Daddy no sad." 

"I'm not sad," Jin said, plastering a smile on his face, "How can I be sad when I have you."

"Kookie don't wanna make daddy sad. Kookie just mith daddy but now daddy's here and Kookie's happy!" Jungkook said with a smile, launching himself into Jin's arms. 

Jin laughed, hugging Jungkook tightly, peppering kisses all over his chubby cheeks. 

"Da-daddy stop!" Jungkook giggled, squirming in Jin's hold, trying to get away.

"But I can't help it. The kissy monster is here and he loves big big cheeks and loves giving kisses," Jin said, kissing Jungkook more. 

"No! Kissy monster!" Jungkook giggled, pushing Jin away. 

Jin put Jungkook down with one last kiss to his forehead. 

"Can you be a big boy for me and go brush your teeth while daddy calls Teacher Jung to tell him you're not going to Kindergarten today?" Jin said. 

"Kookie big boy!" Jungkook declared, running into the bathroom. 

"Baby, no running!" Jin called out after him, as he watched Jungkook go into the bathroom and climb up his step stool, reaching over to his bunny toothbrush.

Jin's smile fell, as he ran his fingers through his hair, wondering just how long he had let Jungkook feel neglected for. He walked over to his room and sent a message to Hoseok letting him know that Jungkook couldn't make it today. He sent another incredibly professional message to Namjoon telling him that Jungkook wasn't feeling very well and that he was taking a day off. And he sent a message to Yoongi...telling him that he needed to talk as soon as possible, and to come over because he was turning his phone off.

"Daddy! Lookie! I did it! I did it!" Jungkook shouted from the bathroom. 

"Coming!" Jin said, putting his phone on silent and down on his bed.

Today was his and Jungkook's day and nothing was going to get in the way of that.





From: Jin 

Good Morning Mr Kim. I'm sorry for the short notice but Jungkook isn't feeling well today and as such I will not be coming into work today. If there is anything that needs urgent attention, please do email me and I will attend to it as soon as possible. See you tomorrow morning, sir.


It was 11am and Namjoon still couldn't decipher Jin's message. It was just so..formal. 

Not even 14 hours ago, they were up against each other in the lift, furiously making out with each other, and now, Jin was avoiding him and being so formal. What happened? Did Namjoon read the signs wrongly? Was he taking advantage of the power imbalance that existed between them? No. That couldn't be. Namjoon had never once treated Jin like anything other than his equal. Maybe he was reading too much into this. Maybe Jungkook was actually sick and Jin needed to take care of him. But then why did he call Namjoon Mr Kim? After last night, Namjoon was sure that things were going to change between them. Maybe not right away, but he at least didn't want the formalities to exist.

They had just started to find their groove. They had just started to feel comfortable with each other. Namjoon could see that Jin's walls that were once built so high and out of metal rather than brick, was starting to lower now. He often stole glances at Jin while he worked. Occasionally, he would smile at a contract when it was well drafted. He always did appreciate a challenge. When Jin found something confusing, or legally ambiguous, his eyebrows would furrow as he gnawed on his bottom lip, twirling his pencil around while he tried to figure out what the words meant. And when he did, you could pinpoint the moment where the light bulb almost goes off in his head. He would lean forward and start jotting down notes. Jin loved a challenge. He loved to look over contracts, and documents and try to come up with arguments that suited them. The way his eyes sparkle, the way every word that comes out of his mouth is well thought out, the way he makes arguments for both sides before coming to a conclusion was fascinating. 

Namjoon liked him. He really, really liked him. But he could also tell that there was more to Jin that meets the eye. There was more than just his sisters death, or raising Jungkook alone. There was something eating away at Jin that made him think that he couldn't be happy, and Namjoon wanted to find out. He needed to. If not for anything, then at least for Jin. He just wanted to see him happy; even if that meant that he wasn't happy with him. 

Namjoon's office line beeped. 

"Yes?" He called out as he pressed the button. 

"Mr Kim, Mr Min Yoongi is here to see you." His secretary said. 

"Send him in." 

Namjoon begrudgingly put his phone face down on the table as Yoongi walked in, closing the door behind him with a stack of papers in his hand. 

"Good morning, Mr Kim." Yoongi said as he walked up to the table, standing in front of it. 

"Morning, Yoongi," Namjoon said with a smile, pushing his black glasses up the bridge of his nose, "Please, sit down." 

"Thank you sir." 

"What can I do for you today?" He asked. 

Yoongi put the contract down in front of Namjoon, "This is the contract for the Veristas folder. Usually, I would get Jin to look it over but he isn't in today. I would have gone to the legal team but apparently they're on some team building retreat. So I was wondering if you could maybe look at it for me? I made some amendments to it after the meeting with the heads of the departments. Those amendments are tabbed with the pink notes, and those tabbed with the green ones are all pre-approved." 

Namjoon nodded along Yoongi's explanation, flipping briefly through the contract. 

"If everything is alright, I can courier this out today and we should have the fully signed contract by Friday," Yoongi said, "I can register the contract by Monday and we can officially start on the project by Wednesday. 

"I can get this back to you after lunch," Namjoon said, placing the contract on his desk. 

"Thank you, sir." Yoongi said, getting up. 

"I hope Jungkook gets better," Namjoon said, knowing how close Yoongi and Jin are. 

"Jungkook?" Yoongi looked at him quizzically, before a slight panic settled on his face. 

"Jin said that Jungkook wasn't feeling so well which is why he didn't come today?" Namjoon asked more than he said, as if needing some reassurance that he wasn't just overthinking. Judging by Yoongi's reaction, maybe his thought process wasn't so farfetched. 

Yoongi pursed his lips, standing in Namjoon's office, looking like he wanted to say something but then thought the better of it. 

"Well then..." Namjoon said, trailing off, "I guess I'll just see him tomorrow."

Yoongi opened his mouth but quickly closed it, choosing to just nod at Namjoon instead. 

"I'll get this back to you after lunch." Namjoon said, grabbing a pen and an empty piece of paper. 

Yoongi started to walk to the door, hand on the doorknob, ready to go out before he sighed. 

"Sir." Yoongi said,

"Yes?" Namjoon answered, looking up from the stack of papers that littered his desk. 

"May I be a little blunt?" Yoongi asked politely. 

"Excuse me?" 

"I mean, can I speak to you as Min Yoongi, Jin's friend, and not Min Yoongi, your employee?" 

Namjoon looked at him with furrowed eyebrows but nodded anyway. 

Yoongi took a couple of steps towards Namjoons desk, dropping his hand to rest on his sides as he nervously played with the frayed threads of his blazer. 

"I've known Jin a long time; since college actually. We've been best friends ever since. i've seen him when he was incredibly popular, and when everyone wanted to be him and be friends with him, when he was at the top, constantly number one, while also being at every party and social event. And I've also seen him when he dropped off the face of the Earth. I've been with him through it all," Yoongi said, "Jin is one of the most selfless people I know. He's been through so much for someone who's only 25. Jungkook is the most important person to him. He will put that boy above anything and everything else, including himself. He wants nothing more than for Jungkook to be happy, and I'm sure he's mentioned it every chance that he can get. But, I don't think you realise the extent he will go to, to make sure that happens. Jin's had a bad experience, and it's not my place to tell, but it's the entire reason that he thinks that he's unworthy of love and happiness. Just...I don't know what's happening between you two...But, he's, for lack of better word, fragile. And he scares easily."

Yoongi stepped closer to the door, "Please, just, be patient with him. He really is worth all the love in the world. He, more than anyone else, deserves to happy after everything that's happened." 





Jungkook stood on his tippy toes, glancing over at Jin as he tried to sneak in a packet of marshmallows into the shopping cart. He moved slowly but deftly, trying not to get caught. 

"Don't even think about it, Kim Jungkook," Jin said, not even looking back as he scanned the shelf for sugar. 

Jungkook gasped, "Daddy, you have superpowers like the Avengers!" 

"I have eyes everywhere," Jin said with a smile on his face grabbing the sugar from the third shelf, and putting it in the cart.

Jungkook just looked at him as he held out the colourful packet of marshmallows with big, brown rounded eyes and a small pout on his face, and in the softest voice, he said, "Peas." 

"Baby, you tried the same thing with the gummy worms and I already let you have that," Jin said, looking at Jungkook with an amused expression. 

"But-But daddy, that's the gummies! This iz marshymellow. They are not the same, daddy." Jungkook said, making a very strong case. He inched the packet closer to the cart, pout only growing on his face. 

Jin sighed and nodded. He always was a sucker for Jungkook's pout. 

"Yay!" Jungkook cheered, standing on his tippy toes as he placed the marshmallow packet on top of the gummies. 

"But that's the last one, Kook." Jin said, getting behind the trolley to push it, "Come on, we have to get a lot more items. Stay close." 

Jin went through the list, walking from aisle to aisle, picking things up and placing it back in the cart, having to tell Jungkook more than once that he had enough sweets and didn't need anymore. He was at the dairy aisle which was his last stop before checking out. 

"Full cream milk, semi skimmed milk," He said to himself, putting both in the cart, "And chocolate milk for Kookie. Jungkook, do you want the cow one or the one with the bunny on it?" 

Jin turned around for Jungkook's answer but couldn't find him. 

"Jungkook?" He called out, turning his head to see if he was nearby.

But Jin couldn't spot him.

Panic started to rise up in his chest. He practically dumped the two jugs of chocolate milk back at the aisle and started walking around the grocery shop. 

"Jungkook! Kookie?!" Jin called out, fear and panic filling him, a cold shiver running down his back at the millions of unthinkable thoughts running through his head. "Jungkook, where are you?" 

Jin was frantic at this point, almost running around the entire grocery store when his phone started to ring. 

He picked it up without looking at the screen, sniffling as he did, "Look, this isn't a good time-" 


"I can't-" Jin started to say, panic filling his chest, constricting it until he almost couldn't breathe. 

"Jungkook's with me." 

Jin pulled his phone away from his ear to look at the contact, "W-What?" 

"Aisle 7 by the detergents." 

"Stay right there." Jin said, hanging up, sprinting to the aisle, ignoring the dirty looks and the muttering of curses by everyone he nearly bumped into. 

"And-and-and then, daddy and i watcheded a movie! There was Iron Man and then the Hulk and then the wizard with the hand circles and then there was Groot! But Groot was a baby and he was like a sticky and daddy said that the big groot had to go to heaven where the angels and the stars are-" Jungkook rambled on excitedly, "And then daddy makeded pop pop with butter and we haded mac and cheese!" 

"That's very nice, Jungkook. What else did you do?" 

"Daddy and I played with crayons!" Jungkook said excitedly, chubby little hand in a fist as he started to explain his drawing. 

"Jungkook!" Jin breathed out in relief, running to him, kneeling down slightly, pulling him into a hug. He breathed in his scent, feeling himself get calmer and calmer by the second by just holding him. 

"Daddy lookie who I saw!" Jungkook said, not realising what he did. 

Jin pulled away with a stern look, anger flooding the places that panic and fear used to once live, "Don't you ever, ever do that again! Do you know how worried I was?! You cannot walk away from daddy without telling me where you went! You could have gotten lost and then I would never see you again! Is that what you want, Jungkook?" 

Jungkook recoiled slightly from the scolding, frowning, bottom lip trembling as he was getting scolded. 

Jin sighed, rubbing his hand over his face. He knew he shouldn't have yelled at Jungkook like that, but he was scared and Jungkook needed to know that what he did was wrong. 

"Listen baby," Jin said, softer, gentler now, "You cannot just run off like that. It's dangerous, and you would get hurt and daddy would be very, very sad if something happened to you. Can you promise you'll never go anywhere without telling me first?" 

Jungkook nodded, a small pout on his face, knowing he did something wrong. 

"Kookie sowwy." Jungkook said, looking down on the floor. 

"Come here, baby," Jin said, pulling him in for another hug, closing his eyes, relief washing over him. 

"Sowwy daddy." Jungkook said against Jin's neck. 

"It's okay sweetheart. I know you didn't mean it. You're my good boy. My bestest boy." Jin said as he picked Jungkook up, settling him on his hip. 

Jin finally looked up, "Thank you."

"It was nothing," He said, hand settling deep into his pocket. 

"If it wasn't you he ran into, I don't know where-" 

"Don't." He said quickly, cutting Jin off before he could say anything else, "He's here and he's safe. That's all that matters, right? He knows now not to run off like that." 

Jin nodded, not knowing what else to say. He wasn't prepared to meet him here. 

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow Mr-" 

"Namjoon." Namjoon corrected. "It's Namjoon." 

"Right." Jin said, feeling that awkwardness he thought he would never feel again around him. 

A beat of silence passed before Jin spoke up again. 

"About yesterday-" 

Namjoon shook his head, "It's okay. We don't have to speak about it if you don't want to. We never have to bring it up if you're so uncomfortable about it." 

"it's not that.." Jin said, not knowing what else to say. 

Namjoon stepped forward slightly, "Jin, it's okay. I understand what it's like. You have a kid. I'm your boss, who also has a kid that your child's best friend. Our situation isn't like most, wouldn't you agree?" 

"It's more than just that." Jin said, unconsciously stroking Jungkook's back, "I just..." 

"Need some time to figure it out?" Namjoon finished for him. 

"Just a bit." 

"Take as much time as you need," Namjoon said with a dimpled smile and crescented eyes behind his thick black glasses, "I'm not going anywhere." 

Jin couldn't help but think about everyone else who left him. 

He just hoped that Namjoon wouldn't be one of them. 




The next few days at work were awkward for Jin. He didn't realise how accustomed he had gotten to working beside Namjoon, both physically and otherwise. He hadn't realised how often he was at Namjoon's office and not his own. Being in his own office, only ever seeing Namjoon when it was incredibly necessary, and only talking to him over the phone or over emails, was surprisingly harder than Jin was expecting. He didn't realise how empty his office was, or how he much rather be working beside Namjoon, and seeing dimples grow wider with his smile, deeper, when he was happy with something that Jin did, or he did. He didn't realise how much he had wanted to see Namjoon push up his glasses when he was done reading a page, or how he had gotten so used to Namjoon fidgeting with his tie when he was frustrated, or how he would much rather with a pencil than a pen. Or how when he was particularly annoyed, he would huff, look up at the picture he had of Taehyung and him smiling wide and goofy at the camera, and how his stress would immediately melt away. 

He had grown so fond of Namjoon, and he didn't even know when it started. And the worst part wasn't that Jin was beginning to fall, but it was that he ended it before he even had the chance to. 

It was the weekend now, and Jin couldn't be more relieved. He needed some space to work his thoughts out, and he definitely needed to give Jungkook more attention. So he dedicated the whole weekend to his little Kookie.

Jin was crouched down near the fridge, trying to find some ingredients to bake with. He had found the butter, sugar and eggs and all that was left was to find some flour and chocolate chips. He was rummaging around when he heard the soft pitter patter of Jungkook's feet against the floor. 

"Shh, Iron Man," Jungkook said, although he thought that he had whispered it, "We gonna scare daddy." 

Jin smiled against the cool air of the fridge. 

He heard Jungkook creep up and with an exaggerated sigh, Jin said, "I sure hope no one scares me. If anyone did, I would be too scared to bake the cookies I wanted to bake." 

The footsteps stopped, and Jin heard Jungkook pipe up. 

"What kinda cookies, daddy?" 

"Ahhh!" Jin said, pretending to be scared, scrambling and then dramatically falling on his butt against the tiles of the kitchen.

Jungkook giggled. 

"Oh no! You scared me! Now I can't make any cookies!" Jin said. 

"What kinda cookies making?" Jungkook asked.

"Well, I was going to make chocolate chip cookies..." Jin said, trailing off. 

"Those are my bestestest cookies, daddy!" Jungkook said, running up to Jin with his Iron Man toy excitedly, "Geddup Geddup! We gots to make the cookies!" 

"No! I can't!" Jin said dramatically against the floor, "I'm too scared to make the cookies." 

"No, no! Daddy! Geddup! Kookie help make cookies," Jungkook asid, trying to pull Jin up but only managing to lift his hand.

"The cure to being scared is one hug and two kisses," Jin said.

Jungkook practically jumped on Jin and gave him a huge hug and then pulled away and kissed his right cheek twice, "Muah!"

Jin tapped his left cheek with a smile on his face and Jungkook gave him another small kiss to his cheek, "Two!" 

"Iron Man Kookie saved me!" Jin said, holding Jungkook tightly as he stood up, "Kookie is a superhero!" 

"Iron Man!" Jungkook giggled excitedly, holding up both his hands as if he were flying. 

Jin settled a giggly Jungkook on his hips and placed a kiss on his chubby, slightly pink cheek, "Shall we bake some cookies now, baby?" 

Jungkook clapped his hands together once, "Peas."

"Let's go!" Jin said, placing Jungkook on the chair, "Stay here while daddy gets all the ingredients, okay?"


"Yes baby?" Jin said, placing the butter, sugar, eggs, and flour on the table before looking for the baking powder and vanilla extract. 

"What's ingrebibiens?" Jungkook asked, trying to pronounce ingredients, feeling proud when he got the word out.

"Ingredients." Jin corrected on instinct. 

"In-Bi-bi-ants." Jungkook said, dragging the Iron Man action figure across the table. 

"Ing. Gree. Dee. Ents." Jin sounded out placing the last of the ingredients on the table. 

"Bi bi ants." Jungkook said, not wanting to try anymore, more curious about what it was than the pronunciation, "Daddy, what is it?" 

"Ingredients are the things you need to make something," Jin explained, getting the mixing bowl and the whisk out, "Like these are the ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies." 

"But daddy why not we just get a cookie and put chocky chippies in it?" Jungkook asked, eyes rounded with childhood innocence, curious. 

"We could do that," Jin said, "But we're going to make it from scratch!" 

"Daddy, don't hurt the cookies." Jungkook gasped out, "Iz not nice to scratch." 

"No-Well yes, you should never hurt anyone, Kookie," Jin said, "But making something from scratch means to make it all yourself from the beginning." 

"No hurty the cookie?" Jungkook asked. 

"No, baby, we would never hurt anything, right?" 

"Hurt people make them have an owie." Jungkook said. 

"Good boy." Jin said, reaching over and ruffling Jungkook's hair, "Ready to start?" 

"Yes peas!" Jungkook said excitedly, putting his Iron Man down beside him. 

"Can you measure out one cup of brown sugar in this cup over here?" Jin said, passing Jungkook the opened packet of sugar and a metal measuring cup, "Be gentle, okay?" 

"Kookie can do it!" Jungkook said, pulling the packet towards him, slowly pouring out the sugar into the cup. 

Jin kept glancing over to him as he cut up the butter into squares. 

"All done!" Jungkook announced, proud of himself as he looked up to Jin with a grin on his face and excitement in his eyes. 

"Well done, my little baker," Jin said, pushing the metal bowl towards Jungkook, "Can you pour the sugar, very gently, into this bowl?" 

Jungkook nodded furiously, moving to kneel on the chair. 

"Jungkook, wait." Jin said, walking to Jungkook's chair, "Come here, baby." 

He carried him and placed Jungkook on the counter so that he wouldn't fall trying to kneel unstably on the chair. 

"Don't move towards the edge, okay?"

"I won't." Jungkook promised, "Put sugar now?" 

"Yes please," Jin said, reminding Jungkook, "Slowly, baby." 

Jungkook stuck his tongue out, furrowing his eyebrows in concentration as he poured the granulated sugar slowly into the bowl that already held unsalted butter in it. "Daddy! Daddy!  I did it all by myself!" 

"You did!" Jin said excitedly. 

"Kookie scratching cookies!" He said with a toothy grin, nose scrunched up as he crescented his eyes in happiness.

Jin laughed, "Sure baby." 

"What now?" 

"Can you pour just a little bit of white sugar into this small cup?"  Jin said, putting the small packet of white sugar and the small measuring cup in front of Jungkook before moving the brown sugar to the side to avoid any spillage. 

Jin mixed the ingredients in the bowl while Jungkook poured them out into the measuring cup, occasionally spilling some on the countertop. Everytime Jungkook would spill, he would gasp softly and mutter out a little, "Oopsies." Jin would smile at him, and tell him that he's doing an amazing job, and that spillage is part and parcel of baking. 

"Can I pour the chocky chips yet?" Jungkook asked, pulling the bag towards him. 

"Almost, baby." Jin said, whisking the ingredients together, having to only add the egg and the chocolate chips now, "Do you want to taste some?"

Jungkook nodded and opened his mouth, waiting.

"Here." Jin said, "Dip your finger in the spoon." 

"Mmm." Jungkook said against his fingers, "Nyunny." 

"Nyummy right?" Jin said with a smile, cracking an egg into the batter, and then pushing a metal measuring cup towards Jungkook, "Can you pour out one cup of chocolate chips in this, please?" 

As Jin was mixing the batter, the doorbell rang. 

"Daddy, bell." Jungkook said, concentrating on pouring out the chocolate chips into the cup.

"Can you stay here while daddy goes to answer the door? Don't move, okay? Daddy will be right back." Jin said, putting the whisk down as he walked to the door, keeping his ears out for any sound in the kitchen, just in case. 

"Hey." Jin said immediately, as he opened the door, "Come in, come in. I left Jungkook in the kitchen so I can't stay here long." 

"What's he doing in the kitchen?" Yoongi asked, walking with Jin. 

"He's on the counter top." Jin answered, "We're baking." 


"Yoongs, he's fine!" Jin insisted, rolling his eyes at how protective Yoongi was being, "Kookie, look who came to visit you! It's Uncle-What are you doing?"

"Nuffin'." Jungkook said, quickly shutting his mouth, looking at the two adults with a smile and an overly innocent expression. 

"Are you eating the chocolate chips?" Jin asked, hand on his hip. 

Jungkook shook his head, remnants of the chocolate chips on his top lip. 

"Are you lying to daddy?" Jin asked, cocking an eyebrow. 

"Iron Man said I could!" Jungkook said, pointing to his Iron Man action figure beside him. 

Yoongi laughed beside Jin, "Are you having fun, Kookie?" 

"Hi Uncle Yoo! We scratch cookies." Jungkook said, holding up a small fistful of chocolate chips. 

"You're what?" Yoongi said, walking to stand in front of Jungkook's side of the countertop. 

"Making cookies from scratch," Jin answered, walking back to the mixing bowl, "No more chocolate chips for you, mister." 

"But daddy," Jungkook said, pouting, eyes growing double in size as Jin took the chocolate chips from his squeezed fist, "Chocky chips."

"You're going to have the chocolate chip cookies later, baby," Jin explained softly, "You cannot fill up on chocolate chips now." 

Jungkook turned to Yoongi with his bottom lip jutted out in a pout and wide, rounded, doe brown eyes, "Uncle Yoo...Peas." 

"Jin-" Yoongi started to say. 


"But Jin-" 

"You're weak." Jin said as he whisked the batter. 

"He said please!" Yoongi argued. 

"He's had enough." 

"Daddy, peas." Jungkook asked again, "Just one." 

Jin sighed, "One." 

"Yay!" Jungkook celebrated as he took one chocolate chip and put it in his mouth, "Nyummy." 

"Who's weak now, huh?" Yoongi said with a smirk. 

"Firetruck you." Jin muttered under his breath. 

"I like chocky chip!" Jungkook said with a nod and a grin, turning around to face Yoongi.

"It's yummy, huh?" Yoongi said with a gummy smile, practically melting on the spot.

"Okay Kookie bun. This is our last step," Jin said, "Can you show Uncle Yoo how good of a baker you are and pour the chocolate chips into the bowl?"  

"Uncle Yoo, lookie," Jungkook said, looking over to Yoongi to see if he was looking. 

"I'm looking," Yoongi said, with a nod, reassuring Jungkook. 

Jungkook poured the chocolate chips into the bowl with no spillage and excitedly looked around to the two adults for praise, "Did you see?" 

"Wow! Jungkook is the bestest baker around! Where are the newspapers?! Everyone must know how amazing our little Kookie baker is!" Yoongi complimented immediately, reaching out to pat Jungkook's head. 

"Well done, baby," Jin said, whisking the ingredients together. 

"Eat now?" Jungkook asked.

"We have to put this in the oven to bake, but after that we'll eat it, okay?" Jin said, taking out the baking tray, "Do you want to go play?" 

"Play." Jungkook said, grabbing his Iron Man toy from the countertop and holding out both his hands, "Uncle Yoo, down." 

"Aren't you forgetting something, Jungkook?" Jin reminded in a stern voice. 

"Down peas." Jungkook said, smiling at Yoongi. 

Yoongi carried him and put him on the floor, sneaking Jungkook some chocolate chips and put his finger over his mouth to keep it a secret. 

"Tank you." Jungkook said with an excited grin as he put the chocolate chips in his mouth and ran off to his room to eat it without getting caught by Jin, who was smiling at them. 

"You spoil him," Jin said, shaking his head as he formed balls with two spoons, placing it on the baking tray. 

"I'm his uncle. It's practically law that I do." 

"Are you staying for dinner?" Jin asked as he put the baking tray full of cookie dough into the oven. 

"I could." Yoongi said with a shrug. 

"Spoon?" Jin offered the spoon with leftover batter.

Yoongi accepted it and started eating cookie dough straight off the spoon, "We're going to get salmonella." 

"I have an extensive health insurance plan," Jin said. 

"Courtesy of one Kim Namjoon." Yoongi said as he ate a leftover chocolate chip from the spoon. 

Jin stiffened at the name, but continued to eat the leftover dough anyway. 

"Are you going to talk about why exactly it is that you're making chocolate chip cookies or am I going to have to extract it out of you?" Yoongi said, glancing up from his almost clean spoon. 

"What are you talking about?" Jin asked, confused. 

"Chocolate chip cookies are your go to when you're confused about something," Yoongi said, "And judging from the last week and how you practically looked panicked when I mentioned his name two seconds ago, I'm going to go ahead and say that these cookies are because of Kim Namjoon." 

"No." Jin answered immediately. 

"I'm a genius." Yoongi said proudly, reaching over and dropping his now clean spoon into the sink. 

Jin continued to lick his spoon despite the fact that it was clean. 

"What's going on?" Yoongi asked, pinching the spoon out of Jin's grasp and putting it into the sink with a clang.

"We kissed." Jin muttered under his breath.

"You what?" Yoongi asked, mouth falling open, "What? How? When?"

"It was on Monday-" 

"You made me babysit while you were out getting mega dic-" Yoongi teased, before cutting himself off and looking around, "Mega dinner."

"Nice save," Jin said with a laugh. 

"How did it happen?" Yoongi asked. 

"I don't know. I mean one second we were talking in the elevator and the next thing I know I was pushed up against the wall with him on top of me doing that thing with his hips..." Jin explained, unconsciously biting his bottom lip. 

"Don't get a boner. There's a child in the house and that would be a hard one to explain," Yoongi said, and with a smirk, he added, "Pun completely intended." 

"Daddy?" Jungkook called out from his room. 

"Yes, baby?" Jin answered. 

"Cookie peas." 

"It's not done yet, baby," Jin answered. 

"Oh, okay."

A beat of silence passed as the two adults waited to see if Jungkook wanted anything else. 

"Do you regret it?" Yoongi asked, "The kiss between you. Do you regret it?" 

With a sigh, Jin answered, "It's not that simple."

"It's a yes or not question," Yoongi said, "It's literally simpler than multiple choice. There are two answers here. Pick one." 


"What is it, Jin? Why aren't you allowing yourself to be happy?" Yoongi said, "Why are you overcomplicating things? You clearly like him, he clearly likes you. What's the problem here?" 

"Do you remember the day I didn't come to work?" Jin said, "Do you know why I didn't come?" 

"Jungkook wasn't feeling well." Yoongi said with a shrug. 

"No. It was because told me that he was feeling alone. He literally said, 'Kookie alone.' and that I left him alone. That happened the morning after the kiss." Jin deadpanned, "Do you know what that's like? My own son thinks I don't spend enough time with him. While he was feeling neglected, and alone, I was out there making out in an elevator like some teenager with my boss!"

"Jin you-" 

"Don't." Jin said, voice dripping with venom, eyes dangerous and low, "Don't feed me some bullshit about how I deserve to be happy and all of that crap! You've been here since day one, haven't you? You saw what happened the last time I thought I could be happy. And you saw what just happened when I tried to be happy now...He told me he was lonely, Yoongi. What kind of shit father am I that I let my own son feel that way? How long has he been feeling this way? How did I let it get so..." 

"You're not a bad father," Yoongi said, placing a comforting hand on Jin's shoulder, "You know I don't sugarcoat anything, especially if it's about Jungkook. He's a kid, Jin. He's just a child. He-" 

"Daddy!" Jungkook called out again, running towards his room door, opening it. 

Jin sniffled, plastering a smile on his face, looking at Jungkook as he stepped out with a Spiderman action figure in one hand and an Iron Man action figure in the other. 

"Yes, baby?" Jin answered. 

"Spideyman say he want cookie." Jungkook said, holding out his action figure for proof. 

"Well, you can tell Spiderman that the cookie's aren't ready yet," Jin answered, the fake smile slowly being replaced with a real one. Jungkook just had that effect on him. 

"No ready yet, Spideyman. Must wait." Jungkook said sternly to the action figure. "Iron Man ask me to ask daddy when can eat cookies."

"Yoongi, what's the time?" Jin asked him.

"Nearly 6."

"When the Iron Man clock in your room shows you the numbers 6, 3 and 0, then we can eat the cookies, okay?" Jin said, "Can you show me which number is 6?" 

Jungkook put both his toys on the floor gently, and held up six fingers. 

"That's right, baby!" Jin said with a beaming, proud smile, "Now, show Uncle Yoo which number is 3." 

Jungkook looked at his fingers for a second and put one hand down and held up three fingers.

"Kookie's a little genius, isn't he?" Yoongi said with a gummy smile. 

"Tank you." Jungkook said with a big smile, the apples of his cheeks puffing up. 

"Now show us which number is 0." 

"Zero means no number." Jungkook said, "Iz zero, one, two, tree, pour, and then its fhive." 

"Well done, baby!" Jin said, "Now you know which numbers the cookies will be ready, right?" 

"Six, tree and zero." Jungkook said, picking his toys from the floor. 

"Do you want to play here or in your room?" Jin asked him. 

"In my room, peas." 

"Okay baby. Go play." Jin said, watching Jungkook leave the room with his toys. 

"Look at him and tell me that he's lonely and sad." Yoongi said. 

"I didn't say it, Yoongi. He did. He was the one who told me that he was." Jin said. 

"With us here-" 

"I almost lost him once, Yoongi! He was literally almost ripped from my arms!" Jin nearly screamed. Tears welled up in his eyes at the mere memory of it, "I can't go through that again, Yoongi. I can't. He means everything to me." 

"I know." Yoongi said, "I know, Jin. But that isn't going to happen again. Look, you have a house, you're paying rent early every month, you have a stable job, Jungkook is healthy, and happy, and he's in a good school.. What happened last time isn't going to happen again." 

"I can't take the chance." Jin said, "After the probationary period, I'm going back to my old office. I can't be in the same room as him." 

"You're making a mistake." Yoongi said. 

"It's my mistake to make."

"Are you ever going to let yourself be happy?" Yoongi said, feeling bad more than angry. 

"I can't." Jin said, a small, sad smile on his face, "Bad things happen when I'm happy." 

Chapter Text

The door opened up with a slight squeak, the light shining in, chasing the dark out almost immediately. 

Jin groaned, and rubbed the sleep from his eyes, glancing over at his bedroom door at the tiny silhouette. 

"Kookie?" Jin said, groggy, voice low and hoarse from sleep.

"Daddy," Jungkook pouted, small and scared, clutching his Iron Man plushie close to his chest like a shield. 

"Sweetheart, what's wrong?" Jin asked, eyes immediately snapping open, pushing his blanket off his body, ignoring the goosebumps from the cold air as he walked over to Jungkook. 

"Bad dream." Jungkook said with a pout, burying his face in the soft cotton of his Iron Man plushie. 

"Aww, my darling," Jin said, pushing Jungkook's hair away from his eyes, swooping it to one side, "Do you want daddy to come to your room and wait till you fall asleep?"

Jungkook shook his head adamantly. 

Jin glanced over at the digital clock, screaming the time in bright red numbers. 


"Do you want to stay with daddy in his room?" Jin asked, watching Jungkook lift his head from the plushie, "Yeah? Do you want to cuddle with daddy tonight?"

Jungkook nodded, holding his hands up for Jin to carry him. 

"Come here, baby," Jin said, carrying Jungkook. He closed the door with his foot and walked the both of them to Jin's bed, placing a kiss on his forehead as he set him down onto the bed, getting in himself. 

"Daddy?" Jungkook called out, voice tired and scared. 

"Yes, Kookie?" Jin asked, hand reaching over to Jungkook, slowly patting his back for comfort. 

"Will the monsters come here too?"

"Of course not, baby," Jin said, "You know why?" 


"Because you have superheroes here to protect you." 

"The Avengers are here, daddy?" Jungkook gasped out in excitement. 

"These superheroes are better than the Avengers!" Jin said. 

"Betterer than the Avengers?" Jungkook said in disbelief, gasping, holding onto his Iron Man plushie tight. 

"You want to know who they are?" 

"Yes, yes, yes," Jungkook said excitedly. 

"There are three of them!" Jin said, "One is your Iron Man plushie who has special powers even Iron Man doesn't have. He can keep all the monsters away! All the monsters are scared of him."

"But daddy Iron Man was with me just now and monsters came," Jungkook said with a pout, the fear returning in his voice. He moved away from the edge and further into Jin's touch. 

"Some monsters are just a little bit stronger than the others, which is why you have the second superhero!" Jin told him, carding his fingers through Jungkook's soft hair, thinking to himself that he really, really needs to get his hair cut. 

"Who is it, daddy?" 

"The second superhero is me!" Jin said with a grin on his face, "No monster can ever defeat me! I'm SuperDaddy!"

Jungkook giggled, the laugh tumbling out of his lips, high pitched and slightly muffled as he moved to cuddle more into Jin's side. 

"Daddy silly." Jungkook said as he leaned into Jin's chest. 

"You want to know the third superhero, baby?" Jin said, slowly patting Jungkook's back as he snuggled into Jin's side, eyes droopy. 

"Wha's'it?" Jungkook barely managed to get out. 

"The third and bestestestest superhero, is you, Jungkook." Jin said, leaning down and placing a kiss into Jungkook's hair, "My bestest boy who is so, so brave. No monsters will ever hurt you, baby."

"Kookie superhero." Jungkook mumbled out, bringing his thumb into his mouth in a pout as his eyes drooped down from sleep. 

"My favourite superhero." 




"And then, and then, and then Iron Man went Boom! Blam! to the bad guy," Jungkook said with his mouth slightly full as he chewed while he ate his breakfast. 

"That's nice sweetie, but you shouldn't speak with your mouth full. It's bad manners," Jin said, leaning against the counter, waiting for his coffee. 

Jungkook attempted to chew faster to finish telling Jin his story. 

"Jungkook." Jin warned, shooting him a look. 

He slowed down, chewing slower now. 

"Good boy." Jin said with a smile. He was lucky to have such a good kid. 

"And then," Jungkook started back up and Jin laughed. 

"And then what happened?" Jin asked, turning around, pouring the coffee from the jug into his mug. 

"And then daddy Iron Man said that I could help him with the bad guys. So then I went punch! Kick! Boom! And then, and then- Daddy, you're not lish-ening!" Jungkook said with a whine, and from the kitchen counter, Jin could practically see his little pout. 

"Daddy's listening baby," Jin said, "I'm just pouring some milk into my coffee." 

"Chocky milk?" Jungkook gasped out. 

"No baby, normal milk." Jin said, turning around, paying full attention to Jungkook, "What happened after you punched and kicked the bad guys?" 

"Boom!" Jungkook said, lifting his chubby little fists over his head, sending sprinkles of milk all over himself and the kitchen table, "And then, and then there was a big explo-shun, daddy! The big fire go everywhere!" 

"Oh no! And then what happened?" Jin asked, blowing on his hot mug of coffee. 

"Then Iron Man and Kookie go save everyone, daddy. Iron Man say Kookie best superhero." Jungkook explained with a proud smile on his face. 

"Kookie's the bestestest superhero! Better than Iron Man," Jin said, leaning forward and ruffling his hair. 

Jungkook giggled, his tiny dimples appearing on his cheek as he spooned more cereal and milk into his mouth. 

"What do you want for dinner tonight, sweetie?" Jin asked, taking a sip from his coffee. 

Jungkook chewed slightly faster to answer Jin's question. 


"Spaghetti?" Jin asked. 

"With sausage, peas," Jungkook said with a smile. 

"Spaghetti it is," Jin said, "And thank you for using please. I'm proud of you." 

"Well-cah." Jungkook said with a happy smile, spooning another bite into his small mouth. 

Jungkook finished his breakfast and pushed the bowl closer towards Jin, shimmying off the tall chair and jumping off. 

"Don't forget to get your school bag too, Jungkook." Jin called out as he placed the dirty dishes into the sink. 

Jungkook ran back outside to the living room with his big bag hitting his back with every step. 

"Kookie, no running in the house." Jin reminded him, sounding like a broken record at this point.


"Yes, baby?" 

"Daddy, can I ask you a quesh-teon?" Jungkook said, looking up at Jin. 

"Of course," Jin said, rinsing off the soap off Jungkook's Avengers cereal bowl.

"Is there anymore chocky chippy cookies?" 

"Yes there are, Kookie. But you cannot have chocolate chip cookies so early in the morning," Jin told him, "You can have them as a snack when you come back from Kindergarten, alright?" 

"S'not for me, daddy," Jungkook said, shaking his head adamantly, "I wanna give it to Teacher Jung and TaeTae and ChimChim and TaeTae papa. 'Cause, cause, chocky chippy cookie makeded Kookie and daddy happy and if Kookie share then my fwens would be happy too." 

Jin smiled as he pat Jungkook's hair gently, smiling proudly, "That's right, baby. Sharing makes everyone happy. Daddy will pack the cookies now and you can give them out when we see them, okay?" 

"Daddy! Give Uncle Yoo too!" Jungkook said, trodding along behind Jin as he got the cookies out. 

"Do you want daddy to give the cookies to Uncle Yoo or do you want to do it?" Jin asked as he divided up the cookies, "I can give them to him today when I see him in the office or you can give them to him when he comes over next." 

"Kookie give," Jungkook said, watching Jin pack the cookies. 

"Turn around sweetie. Let me put these in your bag and then we can leave for Kindergarten, okay?" Jin said. 

"Kookie makeded the chocky chip cookies." Jungkook said proudly, a bright smile on his face, accompanied by his wide, doe brown eyes sparkling with excitement. 

"Yes you did," Jin said, zipping the bag up and stretching his hand for Jungkook to take, "And you can tell everyone there that you made the cookies and give it to them, okay?" 

"Daddy let's go, let's go! We're gonna be late for Kindygarden!" Jungkook said, pulling Jin to the front door. 



"Teacher Jung! Teacher Jung!" Jungkook called out, running as fast as his little legs would take him as soon as Jin set him on the ground. 

"Kookie, don't run!" Jin said, quickly locking the door, eyes on Jungkook the entire time before running behind him. 

Hoseok watched with a toothy grin as the child ran up to him. 

"Good morning Jungkook. Are you ready to say hello to the day?" Hoseok greeted, kneeling down in front of him. 

"Good morning Teacher Jung!" Jungkook said with an excited smile, "I'm ready to say hello to the day." 

"Jungkook, what have I said about running away from daddy?" Jin chastised. 

"Sowwy daddy," Jungkook apologised, pouting at Jin. 

Jin patted his head, knowing that Jungkook was just excited. 

"Do you want to give Teacher Jung the present?" Jin asked. 

"Yes peas!" Jungkook said, clapping his little hands as Jin opened his bag. 

"You got me a present?" Hoseok gasped out. 

"Kookie makeded it myself," Jungkook said, nodding proudly. 

"Wow! I can't wait!" 

"Close eyes peas." Jungkook said before Jin could take out the little packet of 2 cookies for Hoseok. 

Hoseok closed his eyes and extended his hands. 

"Ta da!" Jungkook said placing the small packet into Hoseok's hands. 

"Wow Jungkook. Thank you so much! I love it!" Hoseok said, genuinely touched, "Chocolate chip cookies are my favourite cookies." 

"Kookie makeded!" Jungkook said proudly, hands clasped together, slight pink flush on his chubby cheeks. 

"And here we are TaeTae," They heard Jimin say followed by a squeak from the gate, "Safe at school." 

"ChimChim come?" 

"I'll be right here when you finish, okay?" Jimin said. 

"TaeTae!" Jungkook shouted, running up to him. 

"KooKoo!" Taehyung said, matching his excited tone, holding his arms out to hug as much of him as possible with his short, chubby arms and Jungkook's giant bag still on him.

"I goteded you a present," Jungkook said. 

"Prezzie for me?" 

"I makeded all by myself," Jungkook said, shrugging his bag off, "Close eyes peas." 

Taehyung shut his eyes tightly. 

"No peekie." Jungkook said, bending down to see if Taehyung was peeking

"No peekie." Taehyung repeated, eyes screwed tightly. 

"Ta da!" Jungkook said holding out the packet of cookies for Taehyung. 

"Cookies!" Taehyung said, taking the packet from Jungkook with a grin on his face, "Tank you, KooKoo!" 

"Well-cah!" Jungkook said, teeth on display with his grin. 

"You have one more packet to give, Kookie," Jin reminded him, a big, proud smile on his face. 

"Oopsies I forgot," Jungkook said, walking up to Jimin, "ChimChim, close eyes peas." 

"Hmm I wonder what Kookie will give me," Jimin said. 

"No peekie." Jungkook said, taking the packet of chips out and placing it on Jimin's outstretched hands, "Okay open eyes now." 

"Thank you so much Kookie," Jimin said, bringing Jungkook in for a hug. 

"Kookie makeded!" Jungkook proclaimed proudly. 

"I bet these are the best cookies in the world!" Jimin said. 

"Teacher Jung, open," Taehyung said, holding the cookies out to Hoseok.

"We can have these for snack time, okay?" Hoseok said, "Now say bye boys. It's circle time." 

"Give daddy a hug, sweetie," Jin said, kneeling down with his arms open as Jungkook hugged him. 

"Bye bye daddy," He said in the sweetest, softest voice, kissing Jin on the cheek. 

"Bye baby." 

"Daddy don't forget to give TaeTae papa the cookies, okay?" Jungkook said, "And tell TaeTae papa to close eyes peas and no peekie." 

"I'll try, Kookie." 

Jungkook put both his small, chubby hands on both of Jin's cheeks and stared him down as he said, "No try, daddy. Do." 




Jin's eyebrows were furrowed, eyes trained on the screen, occasionally glancing down at the keyboard as he typed, concentrating on the task at hand. 

He was so concentrated that the knock on his office door startled him, causing him to jump slightly. He composed himself just as quickly, before saying, "Come in." 

"Hey. Sorry I didn't mean to bother you-" 

"Mr Kim?" Jin said, surprised, "Is everything alright?"

"Yeah," Namjoon said with a nod, closing the door behind him, "Why wouldn't it be?" 

"Oh. It's just that you're here, in my office...Usually you call me up to yours..." Jin said, awkwardly.

"Just needed a change of scenery, I guess," Namjoon said with an almost shy smile and a crinkle of his eyes behind his glasses.

Jin smiled at him, genuine and real, "You're welcome here anytime." 

"What are you working on?" Namjoon asked. 

"A letter of demand for the MBF Builders folder," Jin said, eyes scanning over the words, "They've been dodging our calls, ignoring emails and requests to meet even though they took the deposit we sent them to start the work. They maybe completed just the foundation and then abandoned the work completely. So I'm sending a letter detailing all of this and informing them that if they either don't return us the deposit including cost of products and the loss we incurred from their negligence, or they have the other option of continuing the project while reimbursing us for the loss of time. If they don't do either of this, we're suing them in court and we're going to claim double damages. I'm also sneakily incorporating how we are mitigating our damages so that if we do end up in court we won't be seen as trying to unjustly enrich ourselves with the damages that we're claiming for. What do you thin-oh."

Jin finally looked up from his screen after passionately explaining what he was thinking about doing. He didn't expect Namjoon to be so close to him. 

Namjoon was leaning forward on the desk, resting his weight on his palms, black narrow tie hanging off his shirt, towards the desk, smile on his face as he listened to Jin talk on and on about law. Jin couldn't help the hitch of breath at the sight of Namjoon's lust blown eyes. He swallowed harshly, tongue darting out to lick his lips as his eyes scanned Namjoon's face. He felt himself leaning in slowly, wanting nothing more than to repeat what happened in the lift the other day. He wanted to feel Namjoon's plump lips against his, taking him, grabbing him, making Jin swoon. He wanted to feel Namjoon grind his hips against Jin's, feeling his own cock chub up with every press of his hips. 

He wanted to feel Namjoon again. 

"Si-Sir." Jin couldn't help but stutter out, feeling his cheeks flush pink.

"Jin." Namjoon said in a low, hoarse voice that made Jin swallow harshly. 

Namjoon leaned forward, making Jin do the same. Namjoon smiled, watching Jin flutter his eyes shut, leaning forward, waiting for Namjoon to do something. Namjoon ghosted his lips over Jin's once, twice and then a third time. 

"Please." Jin breathed out against Namjoon's lips. 

And all at once, there was nothing but cold air against Jin's lips. 

Jin snapped his eyes open and watched as Namjoon straightened up, fiddling with his tie with a shit eating grin on his face, smiling at Jin, "The letter sound good, Jin. Email it over to me once you're done and I'll sign it and have my secretary post it over." 

"But-I-What?" Jin stuttered out, stumbling over his words. 

Namjoon just smirked at him and walked out of Jin's office, leaving him breathless in his chair. 

Jin leaned back against the black leather, chest heaving up and down, pants uncomfortably tight as he tried to think back to what the hell just happened in his office. 

His eye caught the small packet of chocolate chip cookies on his desk and he groaned. 




"Twee! Two! One! Go!" Jin heard Jungkook say from his room before an excited, "Whoosh! Spideyman run first then Iron Man and Iron Man win! Yay!" 

"Kookie," Jin called out from the living room. 

"Wait here, Spideyman. Iron Man and Kookie have to go," Jin heard Jungkook say in a serious tone before Jungkook pitter pattered his way from the room into the living room with the Iron Man action figure in his hand, "Yes Daddy?" 

"Did you take your snacks into your room?" Jin asked with a cocked eyebrow.

"Just a little bit," Jungkook said, knowing he was wrong, "Little bit only. Kookie was care-pull. I no spill anywhere." 

"Baby, you know you can't eat in your room," Jin said, "If there are any crumbs anywhere, the room will be full of ants and rats. You don't want to sleep with ants and rats, do you?" 

"No daddy. Yucky." Jungkook said, shaking his head. 

"No more eating in your room, okay?" Jin said. 

"Not-Not even one chocky chip?" Jungkook said more than he asked, eyes wide, lips forming into a pout, "Kookie won't drop. KooKoo promise." 

"Kim Jungkook." Jin warned, reminding himself that he was the adult and as cute as Jungkook was, he could not give in to his every whim. 

"But Iron Man said-" 

"Jungkook. No more eating in your room or else daddy won't give you anymore Oreos for snack time." Jin said, tone firm and hard. 

Jungkook pouted, mouth downturned into a frown as he looked at the floor, dejected because of his scolding. 

Jin sighed and stood up from where he was sitting, kneeling in front of Jungkook. He pushed his hair out of his eyes, and said, "Daddy's not scolding you, baby." 

"Daddy scold."

"No sweetheart. I'm not scolding you. You're my bestest boy and sometimes daddy has to tell you things. But when you don't listen, daddy has to get you to listen, right?" Jin explained. 

"No more eating in Kookie's room." Jungkook said. 

"Good boy." Jin said, placing a kiss into Jungkook's hair, "Now, can you go get your bag and homework diary. It's homework time." 

"I go now." Jungkook said, gripping his Iron Man toy harder in his chubby little fist as he ran into his room.

"Kookie, no running in the- Why do I bother?"  

Jungkook dragged his bag into the dining room where Jin was sat and rummaged through it until he found his little pink homework diary and handed it to Jin. Their homework diary was where Hoseok got the kids to paste or occasionally write down what their homework was, or any other important information that he needed the parents to know about the kids or the school. 

"Math and English," Jin said, "We can do that, right?" 

"Yes we can." Jungkook said, settling into the chair with Iron Man on the table next to him. 

Jin reached out to get Jungkook's blue math book with the worksheet already pasted into it. 

"Where's your pencil box, baby?" JIn asked him. 

"In my room." 

"Go get it, please." Jin said as he flipped through Jungkook's math book, noticing that he was having trouble with subtraction. 

"Here it is!" Jungkook said, running back into the dining room. 

"Good boy," Jin said, "Come sit here. We're going to do this together, okay?" 

"Ready!" Jungkook said with a pencil in his hand. 

"The first problem is five minus two," Jin said, pointing it out on the worksheet, "What do you think the answer is?" 

"Phive rockets take away two rockets," Jungkook muttered to himself, "Twee?" 

"Good job, baby," Jin said, "Can you write out three in the little box?" 

With his tongue poking out and his eyebrows scrunched in concentration, Jungkook drew out a wobbly big three in the box. 

"Try this next one," Jin said, "Eight take away one." 

Jungkook looked at the problem and frowned. He scratched his head a little and pouted at the question as if the answer would suddenly strike him. With a small unsure voice, he looked at Jin and softly said, "Six?" 

"Good try, baby. But that's not quite the answer," Jin said, "Daddy will help okay?" 

Jungkook nodded, gripping his pencil and looking at Jin. 

"If daddy holds up eight fingers," Jin said, holding up eight fingers and then taking one away, "And I put one finger down. How many fingers do I have?" 

"One, two, tree, pour, fhive, six, seven." Jungkook counted slowly, "Seven! Daddy, has seven fingies!" 

"Well done baby," Jin said, "Can you write seven down in that little box in your best handwriting." 

Jungkook gripped the pencil tightly and pressed down on the piece of paper, his hair falling over his eyes, tongue darting out as he focused on getting the number into the box. 

"Only three more problems and then we move on to shapes and then English, okay?" Jin said, reading out the next question.






Namjoon knocked twice on Jin's office door, walking in, eyes scanning the documents in the cream manilla folder he was holding in his hands as he walked in. 

"Jin about the contract in the Swant Builders folder-" Namjoon said as he walked in, "Oh. You're not Jin." 

"No, TaeTae Papa. My name is Kim Jungkook." Jungkook said with a bright smile as he waved at Namjoon from the big leather chair in Jin's office. 

"Hi Jungkook." Namjoon said, smile immediately appearing on his face, "Where's your daddy?"

"Daddy's said to not tell anyone he went to make coffee. He said that if anyone came in the office that Kookie should say he was doing impotent docky-mans." 

Namjoon struggled to stifle his laugh, "Impotent docky-mans." 

"Yes Taetae Papa," Jungkook said with a nod as he sat in Jin's black leather chair behind the desk, practically being engulfed by the leather. 

"Did Jin say when he was coming back?" Namjoon asked. 

"After making his coffee and getting snacks for Kookie," Jungkook said, holding out his Iron Man, "Do you want to see my Iron Man?" 

"I would love to see your Iron Man," Namjoon said, closing up the folder and walking to the desk with a smile on his face towards an excited Jungkook. 

"Iron Man can go whoosh and boom boom punch and-and-and that day when I had a bad dream about big scary monsters, Daddy said that Iron Man and Kookie are superheroes! And that superheroes can punch the monsters away so no scared no more!" Jungkook said excitedly as made his action figure fly as high as his hand would take it.

"Can I tell you a secret, Jungkook?" Namjoon said, leaning in. 

"Kookie likes secrets!" Jungkook said, leaning forward as much as he could.

Namjoon dropped his voice to a whisper as he leaned in, "This is a very, very important secret. You cannot tell anyone." 

Jungkook gasped and covered Iron Man's ears, dropping his voice to a whisper too, "What is it, TaeTae Papa?" 

Namjoon looked around the empty office for added dramatic effect and whispered to Jungkook, "Your daddy is actually a superhero." 

"My daddy?!" Jungkook gasped.

"Shhh," Namjoon said, looking around as if someone had heard it, "He's a superhero and he's the best superhero there is. He's always making sure that you're safe and that no monsters will ever harm you."

Jungkook looked at Iron Man and then back at Namjoon, "Superhero just like Iron man?" 

"And Spiderman and Hulk and all of the Avengers." 

"Daddy Avenger?" Jungkook asked, mouth agape.

"He's better than the Avengers," Namjoon said, "The Avengers go to your daddy for help."

"Daddy knows Iron Man?!" 

"Your dad is a very, very special superhero, Jungkook," Namjoon said, patting Jungkook's head gently, "Anyone who gets to know him is lucky." 

"TaeTae papa?" 

"Yes darling?" 

"You know daddy," Jungkook said, "You lucky too like Iron Man?"

"The luckiest, Jungkook," Namjoon said with a fond smile. 

"Daddy's sorry for leaving you for so long baby, but daddy's got your favourite chocolate chip cookies and- Mr Kim!" Jin said, eyes practically bulging out of his eyes, "I can explain."

"Daddy! TaeTae Papa and I have fun!" Jungkook said, jumping out of the black leather chair onto the ground, his Iron Man toy on Jin's desk as he bounded up to Jin. 

"I'm glad, baby," Jin said with a small smile, snacks still in hand. 

"He's really a joy to talk to," Namjoon said, can't help but smile when he saw them. 

"Mr Kim, I know it's unprofessional of me but I couldn't help it. Jungkook didn't tell me that there was no Kindergarten today because he thought that if he didn't tell me, the Kindergarten would go on as normal and I didn't have time to find a babysitter. I promise he's a good kid and won't cause any trouble." Jin quickly said as Jungkook bit off a chocolate chip from the cookie, happily swinging his legs from the black leather chair, "It's just for today and I-" 

"I think our kids planned this," Namjoon said, cutting him off. 


"I was in charge of dropping Taehyung off today because Jimin has a presentation until lunch, and Taehyung didn't tell me about Kindergarten being on holiday today." Namjoon said, "He's up in my office right now." 

"Oh." Was all Jin could manage out. 

"Jimin's coming to pick him up when he finishes his presentation," Namjoon said, "He could take Jungkook back home too and I could give you a lift back, if you'd like." 

"That's very kind but-" 

"It would give Jungkook a chance to play with Tae too. You know, so he's not bored in this office all day," Namjoon said. 

Jin looked over at Jungkook who was swinging his legs from the chair, crumbs all over his mouth, looking around the office, not having anything to do. 

"I could take care of Jungkook and Taehyung now, and Jimin can look after them later," Jin said with a smile.

"I'll bring Taehyung down," Namjoon said with a nod and a smile. 

Just as Namjoon was about to leave, Jin said, "Umm, sir?" 

Namjoon ignored the way his dick twitched at the way Jin said that word. 


"Was there a reason you came down to see me?" Jin asked. 

"We can talk about that once the kids are gone, Jin." 

Jin smiled at Namjoon, cheeks dusting pink. 

Namjoon smirked at Jin and closed the door behind him. 

"Daddy. Why are you all smiley?" 

"Because Daddy really likes doing his homework," Jin said as he walked towards his desk, brushing the crumbs off. 

"I like TaeTae papa," Jungkook said.

"Yeah? What did you guys talk about?" Jin asked, carrying Jungkook off the chair and onto his lap. 

"I told him that you said you were doing impotent docky-mans," Jungkook said with a firm and proud nod. 

Jin laughed, "I'm sure he loved that." 

"And he told me a secret." 

"Oh yeah? What did he say?" Jin asked. 

"Can't tell you, daddy. Issa secret." Jungkook said, keeping a hand over his mouth. 

"What about if I give you whipped cream and chocolate syrup pancakes for a snack today? Daddy will even put sprinkles on it." 

Jungkook contemplated it for a second, deep in thought before he shook his head, "No, no. Issa secret." 

"Wow, it must be a very important secret if even chocolate syrup won't make you tell me." 

"Impotent secret," Jungkook said with a dimpled smile. 

Jin couldn't help but lean down and give Jungkook's chubby little cheek a kiss, before he said, "Do you want to help daddy do his homework?" 

"Yes peas." Jungkook said. 

"Can you get out your colouring pencils from your bag, baby? There's a very, very important picture I need you to colour for me." Jin said, putting Jungkook down on the floor before searching the internet for 2 colouring pictures - One for Jungkook and one for Taehyung. "I also have a very important person coming to help you." 

"Who coming, daddy?" 

"It's a secret." Jin said with a smile. 


The office was quiet now that Taehyung and Jungkook were gone, and Jin hated it. It was so quiet that his thoughts were all over the place and he couldn't concentrate. He missed the kids and he wanted them back here giggling, laughing while debating what colour the sky should be, or if Iron Man's belt was black or blue, or if Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse were better than Goofy and Pluto. He needed some kind of noise that wasn't just the tip tapping of his pencil against the desk, or the clicking of the mouse, or the sound of his keyboard every time he pressed a key down.

There was a rap to his door. 

"Mr Kim." Jin said, nearly breathing in relief . He needed the distraction, and, weirdly enough, found himself welcoming Namjoon as a much needed one. 

"Jin." He greeted with a smile, two cream folders in his hands as he walked to sit down. "Busy?" 

"Trying to be," Jin said with a little, awkward laugh, "The office is so quiet not without them." 

"I know what you mean," Namjoon said, "I felt the same way after I dropped Taehyung off down here. Could barely concentrate without the background noise." 

"What can I help you with, Mr Kim?" Jin said, with a smile, pulling himself forward closer to the desk. 

"Swant Builders." Namjoon said, pushing the case folder towards him, "He bought a piece of land from us solely through the emails that we sent back and forth. We were meant to draw up a whole contract and have it signed before we sold the land but due to some oversight by someone who has now been fired for stealing data from the company, we didn't have a fully drawn up contract. The deposit has been paid and title has even been transferred to him, but now he's refusing to pay the rest of the money." 

Jin scanned through the folder as well as the emails, "From a first glance, I can tell you that generally, there is no sale without a contract. Especially for land. But, these emails are pretty detailed and they do provide for a full contract, which is bad for us because the other side can argue that there is a contract and therefore the sale is valid and the land is legally his. The fact that he paid the deposit could also be a factor here. Our biggest point that we're going to fight on would be the fact that if he wanted the property so badly, and even paid a deposit for it, he should be paying the full amount as well. If he goes to court at all, he would be the one in the wrong. He can't ask for any equitable remedies, nor would he get any. I think we have a good case in hand. I say we send him a letter of demand to get the ball rolling and then we can go straight to a summary judgment. It would barely incur us any cost and we can get a good, hefty sum over and above the price of the land. What do you think, Mr-Oh."

Deja vu hit Jin almost immediately as soon as he set down the folder and saw Namjoon leaning in. 

"Si-Sir?" Jin stuttered out, shifting in his seat, wanting to lean forward but not wanting to get teased again. 

"God, I love when you call me that," Namjoon muttered. 

"Are you actually going to do something this time or are you just going to tease me again?" Jin said, swallowing harshly, the confidence he had to ask that question slowly dissipating. 

"I want to. I really, really, want to,"Namjoon said. 

"I sense a but coming," Jin mumbled under his breath, eyes never leaving Namjoon's. 

"But I want to do this right," Namjoon said. 

"What does that mean?" 

"It means that I don't just want stolen kisses in elevators, or stolen glances pretending that I don't want you. Because I do. I really, really do." Namjoon said, "So I want to do all of this right. I want to take you out, Jin. On a real date." 

"We had a date," Jin said. 

"We didn't." Namjoon said, shaking his head, "I want a real date. It doesn't even have to be just me and you. Our situations aren't like most, wouldn't you agree?"

"You want a family date?" Jin asked, mouth dropping slightly. 

"I don't care what you call it, Jin," Namjoon said, "I want you and Jungkook, both, in my life." 

"You do realise what you're asking for, right?" Jin warned him, "If you think I'm a lot, then when you get me with Jungkook it's-"

"Perfect." Namjoon interrupted, "Both of you are." 

Jin sunk back down in his seat, all of this becoming too real. 

"So, Kim Seokjin," Namjoon said with a smile, "Will you go on a date with me?" 


Chapter Text

Jin walked out of the shop with a little ding of the bell and Jungkook's tiny hand in his, and Yoongi in tow.

"Thank you." Jin called out before the door shut. 

Jungkook held onto Jin's hand in one hand and in the other, he clutched the lollipop like his life belonged in it. 

"Do you like your new haircut, Kookie?" Jin asked, smiling down at his son who had a huge smile on his face.

"Daddy, lolly!" Jungkook said, holding out the lollipop for Jin to see. 

"Wow, Kookie! You got a lollipop for being such a good boy on the chair, didn't you, sweetie? You didn't cry even once," Jin said, resisting the urge to ruffle his newly styled hair. 

"Kookie big boy," Jungkook said, happily, gripping harder onto the lollipop as if someone was going to take it.

"Have you given him an answer yet?" Yoongi asked Jin. 

"What am I meant to answer to Jungkook declaring himself to be a big boy?" Jin asked with furrowed eyebrows. 

"That's not what I meant and you know it," Yoongi said, cocking an eyebrow at Jin. 

"I know," Jin sighed. 

"You can't leave him hanging, Jin," Yoongi told him, "It's not nice and you know it." 

"I know."

"I still don't understand why you didn't say yes right away. You already know that you like him, and clearly, he likes you too." Yoongi said with a shake of his head. 

"Daddy open." Jungkook said, thrusting out the lollipop from his hand. 

"We're going to eat now, Kookie. How about we have the lolly afterwards, okay?" Jin said. 

"No want now." Jungkook said, frowning deeply. 

Jin reached down and picked Jungkook up, hoisting him up on his hip. He thought that Jungkook might be a little cranky today given that he had missed his nap to get his haircut.

"We're going to eat now, darling. We can have chicken nuggets and fries," Jin said, "We can have the lolly after that, okay?" 

"Uncle Yoo will even get you ice cream after," Yoongi said, gummy smile on display as Jungkook's eyes widened and an excited expression replaced the frown. 

"Ice cweam?!" Jungkook said with his mouth agape, "With spwinkles and chocky cream?" 

"Whatever you want, Kookie," Yoongi said, brushing his thumb against the child's chubby cheeks. 

"Daddy, daddy, Kookie get ice cweam!" Jungkook said, looking at his dad. 

With a strained smile Jin nodded, "I heard, darling." 

"Lolly after." Jungkook said, holding the green lollipop in his hand. 

Jin shot a glare at Yoongi. 

"What?!" Yoongi asked with a scoff. 

"Don't make me take away your buying privileges, Yoongi," Jin threatened. 

"I didn't do anything!" Yoongi declared. 

"You have got to stop buying him i-c-e c-r-e-a-m." Jin spelt out, "He can't be having it every night, Yoongs!" 

"It's still daytime," Yoongi deadpanned. 

"I swear to god, Yoongi, I will firetruck you up if you give it to him one more time," Jin said with a glare.

"Fine, fine, no more for a while," Yoongi said, holding his hands up in surrender. 

"Daddy lookie!" Jungkook said, pointing over his shoulder, "One doggie. Two doggie. Three doggie." 

Jin and Yoongi turned around to see the mural of the dogs on the wall. 

"There are three doggies," Jin said, putting Jungkook down because he was squirming, "Do you want a picture with the doggies?"

Jungkook nodded fervently, and walked to the wall, standing right in the middle of the dogs with a huge grin and a vice like grip on his lollipop. 

Yoongi and Jin coo over him, taking a couple of shots.

"Kookie, baby, are you hungry?" Jin asked him as they start to walk again, Jin holding onto his hand. 


Jin felt his hand get sticky from Jungkook's hand that he's holding the lollipop in. 

"Baby, can daddy hold the lollipop for you while we walk?" 

"No, no," Jungkook pouted, "Kookie's lolly." 

Jin sighed. He would just have to get their hands washed in the restaurant before they eat. 

"You know, you still haven't answered my question," Yoongi pointed out as they entered the restaurant. 

"And what question would that be?" Jin asked as he settled Jungkook down in between them. 

"Why you didn't say yes to going out with Namjoon," Yoongi said, looking over the menu. 

"There are various reasons." Jin said, trying to push the topic aside. 

"Name one."

"Jungkook." Jin answered immediately. 

"Yes daddy?" Jungkook said, looking at Jin. 

"Do you want macaroni and cheese or chicken strips and fries?" Jin asked, showing Jungkook the pictures on the menu. 

"Macca cheese." Jungkook answered, pointing to the picture. 

"What are you getting Yoongi?" Jin asked. 

"I want answers, for one," Yoongi commented snidely, "But I think I'll go for their Chicken Burger."

"I gave you an answer." Jin said, "I'll go for their Lamb Chops." 

"No crayon?" Jungkook asked, tugging on Jin's shirt. 

"I'll see if they have something for you, sweetie," Jin said, "Come, we need to wash your hands. Yoongi can you order?" 

"No dirty, daddy," Jungkook said, showing Jin his sticky hands that still had a grip on the sticky, nearly melted lollipop. 

"Daddy's hands are dirty," Jin said, pulling Jungkook out of the booth, "Can you help me wash them?" 

"Uncle Yoo?" Jungkook asked as Yoongi waved to them with a tense smile on his face.

"He's going to order and then he'll wash his hands too," Jin told Jungkook who was waving to Uncle Yoo. 

"Kookie come back soon!" Jungkook screamed over to Yoongi while waving with a smile on his face.

"Time to wash our hands," Jin said as they entered the bathroom. He hoisted Jungkook up on the counter, putting soap in his hands and letting him foam it up before running them under water. 

"Wet," Jungkook said as he shook his hands, trying to get the water off of him. 

"Dry your hands with this while daddy washes his hands, okay?" 

Jungkook took the tissue, wet pieces of the tissue sticking on his hands, "Daddy, tissue broken." 

"What?" Jin asked, shaking the water off his hands, reaching for tissue himself. 

"Kookie broken the tissue," Jungkook said, holding up the wet tissue to Jin. "Kookie sowwy." 

Jin looked down at Jungkook who was pouting and frowning at the torn tissue in his hands. 

"Oh no, baby," Jin said, kneeling in front of him, "The tissue is flimsy and very thin so when it catches water, it tears easily. See?" 

Jin showed Jungkook his own slightly torn and wet tissue. 

"Filmy?" Jungkook said, questioningly, inspecting the tissue in his hands.

"Flimsy." Jin corrected, tearing the tissue some more in his hands. 

"Filmy," Jungkook said with a nod, looking back up at Jin, "Kookie not in twouble?" 

"No baby," Jin told him with a shake of his head, "You're my bestest boy. You're not in trouble."

"Kookie good boy," Jungkook said, passing Jin his torn pieces of tissue.

"Bestest boy." Jin said, placing a kiss on his freshly cut hair before standing up and throwing the tissue in the dustbin, "Let's go back to Uncle Yoo." 

"Daddy, hungy," Jungkook whined as they exited the bathroom.

"The food's coming soon, darling," Jin said, leading Jungkook back to the booth. 

"Kookie, look what Uncle Yoo got you," Yoongi said with a huge smile as Jungkook climbed in the middle of the booth. 

"Present?" Jungkook asked, wide eyed, excited. 

"Crayons and a colouring sheet!" Yoongi said, passing Jungkook the red and green crayons and a kids colouring sheet.

"What do we say, Jungkook?" Jin prompted. 

"Thank you, Uncle Yoo!" Jungkook beamed, pulling the sheet closer to him, choosing to use the red crayon first as he coloured the tail of the dragon. 

"Did you order yet?" Jin asked. 

"Yeah they came over a couple of minutes ago," Yoongi said with a nod, "What took so long in the bathroom?" 

"Jungkook thought he broke the tissue. I had to explain how flimsy tissue is," Jin said with a fond smile as he looked down at him.

"It's him, isn't it?" Yoongi said, "The reason you haven't said yes yet."

Jin sighed, "Yoongi, can we just-" 

"No we can't." Yoongi said immediately, cutting Jin off, a stern tone in his voice, "I'm sick of you self sabotaging yourself. I'm sick of hearing you say that you don't deserve happiness, and I'm sick of you blaming it on the kid. Namjoon is a good guy, and I know you like him. You can't even use your usual excuse of him not getting it, because he does. And you said it yourself - He understands. He knows what it's like to raise a child on your own, and he doesn't judge you... He's a good guy, Jin. I have a good feeling about him, and I know you do too."

"Lamb chop, Chicken burger," The waitress said, putting the plates down in front of them, "And for the little one - Mac and cheese. Enjoy, boys." 

"Thank you," Jin said, with a strained smile, Yoongi's lingering words, shooting through his heart.

Yoongi pulled the plate closer to him with one hand, reaching over to grab cutlery with the other, "I'm not saying this to hurt you. But you need a reality check, Jin. I've been with you since college, and we've been best friends for the longest time. We've seen each other at our lowest, and cheered each other on at our highest...But I can't see you do this to yourself anymore. I can't see you say that you're not worth happiness, and I can't see you say that it's because of Jungkook." 

"Yoongi I-" 

"I don't want to hear anymore excuses, Jin!" Yoongi said firmly, "Enough is enough. I've seen you wallow in self pity too many times and I've allowed it too many times. Go out with Namjoon. I'm not saying that you have to fall in love with him and live happily ever after. All I'm saying is to give him a chance. If not boyfriends, maybe you'll even be good friends. Lord knows we could use some more friends." 

"Macca cheese!" Jungkook said, sauce all over his mouth, chomping down on his food with a smile on his face.

"Is it good, baby?" Jin asked with a small smile. 

Jungkook scooped up some macaroni and held his spoon out as far as his little arm would take it, "Nyummy." 

Jin took a bite and nodded, "Nyummy."

"Can Uncle Yoo have some too, Kookie?" 

Jungkook nodded and scooped up some more macaroni, holding it out to Yoongi. 

"Yummy." Yoongi said with a nod.

"Daddy can I have a fry," Jungkook said, pointing to the french fries on Jin's plate.

"What do we say?" Jin prompted, cocking an eyebrow. 

"Peas!" Jungkook said, perking up immediately, eyes rounded, doe brown and so innocent. 

"Good boy." Jin said, pushing his plate closer to Jungkook so that he could take the fries. 

They ate mostly in silence other than Jungkook talking here and there, with Jin having to remind him that it's not polite to talk with his mouth full. 

"What if we work?" Jin said out of the blue. 


"Namjoon and I," Jin said, voice dropping barely over a whisper as he set his half eaten burger down onto the plate, wiping his hands with the tissue, "What if we work?" 

"I'm not seeing a problem here? If you work, then you work," Yoongi said, shrugging his shoulders. 

"He has a kid. And if you haven't noticed, so do I."

Yoongi's eyes widened in realisation, "That's what's stopping you isn't it? It's not the fact that you won't work...It's the fact that there's a very real chance that you will. And you're scared." 

"Of course I'm scared, Yoongi!" Jin said, raising his voice suddenly, before lowering it again, "Of course I'm scared. He's serious about this. He knows about Jungkook and I know about Tae. Our kids gel, and we...well we have something and I just...I don't know what's going to happen."

"What do you want to happen?" Yoongi asked. 

"I don't know." 

"You're lying," Yoongi said immediately, "You do know." 

"I don't know!" Jin insisted. 

"What is it, Jin? Why are you scared? What do you want to happen?" Yoongi asked, 

"Daddy, full." Jungkook said, pushing his plate away. 

"Just three more bites, sweetie," Jin said, taking his spoon and feeding him.

"You can't hide behind Jungkook forever, Jin," Yoongi said, taking a bite of his chicken, "Sooner or later, you're going to have to face your own fears." 

"I'm fine." Jin insisted.

"No more, daddy," Jungkook whined, turning his head away from the spoon. 

"Just two more bites," Jin said, bringing the spoon up to Jungkook's mouth. 

"You're scared it's going to work." Yoongi said, "You're scared that this may actually lead somewhere and you'll have someone to turn to. You're scared that you're going to fall and-" 

"No, no, no" Jungkook whined, pouting, turning his head away from the spoon. 

"Last bite." Jin said, "Say ahh." 

"No!" Jungkook pouted, hiding his face behind his hands.

"And you're scared that you'll be the only one falling." Yoongi said finally. 

Jin nearly dropped the spoon. 

"You're scared that you're not going to be the only one attached. Sure, Jungkook will get attached, but he's a child. He might not even remember all of this. But you're not." Yoongi said, taking his last bite of chicken, "And you'll remember." 

"What do you want from me, Yoongi?" Jin asked, tired. 

"I want you to take a leap of faith." Yoongi answered, "And I want you to stop feeling so scared. We've figured it all out up till now, haven't we? We'll figure it out in the future too. Maybe this time, we won't be so alone." 

Jin hung his head. 

"I don't want to lose him." Jin said, voice quiet.

"Namjoon or Jungkook?" 

He didn't even hesitate before he answered, "Both." 

"To lose something, you have to have it first, Jin." 

"I can't handle another loss, Yoongi," Jin said, shaking his head, "I can't go through that again." 

"You haven't even given him a chance yet." 

"I don't know if I can-" 

"Try, Jin," Yoongi said, placing a comforting hand over Jin's hand, "You have to try."







Jin was on his laptop, tabs and tabs opened and yet he couldn't concentrate on anything. His mind was somewhere else. 

He could hear Jungkook on the couch next to him, singing along to whatever television show was on. 

"Kookie?" Jin called out, shutting his laptop and setting it on the coffee table in front of him. 

"Yes daddy?" Jungkook answered with a smile, turning to face Jin. 

"Are you busy, darling? Can daddy talk to you?" Jin asked. 

Jungkook contemplated it for a second and shook his head, "No busy." 

"Come here, my darling boy," Jin said, holding his arms out so Jungkook could crawl into his lap.

Jungkook faced Jin in his lap, leaning back against his propped up legs.

"Hi daddy!" Jungkook greeted with a giggle. 

"Hi Kookie," Jin said, carding his fingers through Jungkook's shorter hair, "It's time for a Kookie-Daddy talk."

"Am I in twouble?" Jungkook asked. 

"No baby, you're my good boy," Jin said, "You're not in trouble."

"Then we can talk!" Jungkook said with a nod. 

"Daddy wants your opinion on something," Jin told him.

"Onion on homework like last time, daddy?"

"Something like that, sweetie," Jin said. 

"What onion now?" Jungkook asked, tilting his head slightly as he looked at Jin. 

"What do you think of TaeTae's Papa?" Jin asked slowly, trying to gauge Jungkook's reaction.

"I like TaeTae papa!" Jungkook said immediately, a grin breaking out on his face, "He listen to my Iron Man and he tell me impotent secret! He say he lucky to know daddy and, and, and that Kookie good boy and, and he have TaeTae and I like TaeTae! TaeTae is my bess fwen and, and, and he nice, daddy." 

"Wait, Kookie," Jin said, trying to focus, "What did he say about daddy?" 

"He say that people who know daddy are lucky and, and, and that he luckiestest." Jungkook said with a smile. 

"He said that?" 

"He say to Kookie," Jungkook nodded. 

"Is that the important secret he told you?" 

"No daddy," Jungkook said, shaking his head, "Kookie can't tell you. Issa secret." 

"Okay, baby," Jin said, stroking Jungkook's hair, "What if...What if TaeTae and his Papa were around us more like Uncle Yoo is? Would you like that?" 

"Yes peas!" Jungkook said, fervently nodding his head. 

"Okay." Jin said, letting out a shuddering breath, "Yeah, okay. I guess that answers it then." 


"Yes darling?" 

"Are you lucky like TaeTae's Papa too?" Jungkook asked. 

"I don't know, Jungkook." Jin said, leaning back against the soft cushions of the couch.

"Daddy, Kookie lucky!" Jungkook said, perking up, practically bouncing from excitement. 

"Oh yeah? Why's that?" Jin asked with a smile on his face. 

"'Cause Jungkook got you as a daddy!" Jungkook said, launching forward, wrapping his arms around Jin's chest as he hugged him, giggling. 

Jin couldn't help but smile, placing a kiss on Jungkook's hair, cuddling him close. This was another Picture Perfect Parent Moment, one that Jin would savour and keep forever with him in his heart. He needed this reminder that no matter what happened, or would happen in the future, he always had Jungkook. 

"I love you, baby," Jin said, kissing his chubby, lightly dusted pink cheeks. 

"Eber and All-ways?" 

"Forever and always."




The phone was right in front of him. All he had to do was pick it up, unlock it, press the phone icon, click on recents, and press Namjoon's name. It was that simple. All in all would probably take 5 seconds, 10 seconds maximum, and yet, Jin didn't have the courage to do it. So there he was, sat on his bed, staring at the white Iphone, contrasting against the blue bedsheets, waiting. At this point, he didn't even know what he was waiting for. Was it courage? Was it the 10% chance that Namjoon might actually call him? Was it that someone would come in here, unlock his phone for him, dial Namjoon's number give him a pat on the head and walk right back out? 

He didn't know. 

So he just kept staring at the phone. 

"What am I doing? Seriously, what am I doing?" Jin muttered to himself, standing up from the bed, leaving his phone there. 

He went to Jungkook's room, to check on him. 

He opened the door slowly, and saw Jungkook with his thumb in his mouth, sucking on it lightly, cuddling up to his Iron Man Plushie, blanket kicked off. 

Jin walked up to the bed and pulled the blanket up, tucking Jungkook in. He leaned down, brushing his hair to one side and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead. 

"Sleep well, baby." 

He exited the room, making sure that the pale blue night light was on and left the door open slightly before walking to the fridge and getting a bottle of beer out. 

He walked back to his room and grabbed his phone, not bothering to look at it as he placed it down on the coffee table. He opened the bottle and chugged it a couple of times, wincing slightly at the burn, but knowing that he would need the liquid courage. He didn't know when, but fear started to become him. He'd been feeling scared for a long time; he just never wanted to admit it before a few nights ago when Yoongi forced him too. He should be angry with him. But he wasn't. Yoongi was his best friend, and if his best friend couldn't tell him the truth, then who could? It wasn't like Jin had anyone else he could count on. There was Jungkook, but then again, he was 4. All he knows to do is how to eat, use his eyes to get what he wanted, say please and thank you, and love Iron Man. 

"Okay. Let's do this." Jin said once he felt the warm burn settle in his stomach, and convinced himself that the alcohol was working.

He reached over the coffee table and grabbed his phone. He unlocked it, and clicked on the green phone button on the bottom of his screen. He clicked on recents and didn't even have to scroll down before he found Namjoon's name. 

He took a deep breath and pressed the contact and watched as the screen changed before he heard the dial tone. 

Ring Ring

This was a bad idea. Jin wanted to turn the phone off.

Ring Ring

What if he didn't pick up? 

Ring Ring

What if he changed his mind and didn't want to be with Jin anymore? Wait that's a dumb thought. Jin wasn't even with him. They hadn't even gone out on a date yet. What if he- 

"Hello?" A hoarse, low voice answered on the other side. 

"Hey," Jin said, clearing his throat. 

"Jin? Is everything okay?" Namjoon asked immediately. 

"Yeah, no, everything's great! It's fine! Perfect- Well I mean, it's been pretty humid over the weekend and you know, humidity causes, uhh, sweat?" Jin rambled on, wincing at his word vomit. 

"Sweat?" Namjoon asked, clearly amused. 

"I uhh, sorry, I don't-um," Jin said, stumbling over his words, wanting the Earth to swallow him whole. 

"Is everything okay?" Namjoon asked again. 

"I wanted to answer your question," Jin said, "You know the one you asked me that day." 

"I've asked you many questions over many, many days," Namjoon teased, "You might just have to refresh my memory."

"Are you really going to make me say it?" Jin asked, cheeks dusting pink. 

"Yes I am."

"You realise I can change my mind and hang up, right?" 

"If you wanted to change your mind, you wouldn't have called me," Namjoon said, and Jin could practically feel his smug smirk on the phone, "And if you wanted to hang up, you would have already." 

Jin sighed. 

"I'm waiting," Namjoon singsonged. 

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Jin said, can't help but smile.


"Is this your revenge for me keeping you waiting?" Jin asked. 

"Oh no, baby, that'll come later," Namjoon said. 

Jin nearly spat out his beer. His pants suddenly felt incredibly tight. 

"O-Oh." Was all he could manage. 

"So, what was the question you had an answer to again?" Namjoon asked, smugly. 

"The, uhh, the date." Jin said. 

"What date, Jin?" Namjoon teased.

"Namjoon, you know what date." Jin sighed. 

"I know," He said with a chuckle, "I just wanted to tease you. You're cute when you're flustered." 

"I must be goddamn adorable right now then," Jin muttered.

"What was that, babe?" 

"No-Nothing," Jin stuttered. 

"So, Jin, what's your answer to me asking you out?" Namjoon asked him. 

"I called you first, and am enduring this conversation," Jin deadpanned, "What do you think?"

Namjoon lowered his voice, gruff, hoarse, and said, "I think that you want me just as much as I want you."

Memories of the lift flooded back to Jin and he felt his pants tighten even further. He shifted his hips, trying to get more comfortable, to ease the pressure he was feeling in his crotch. His breathing got heavier, and he tried hard to swallow. But all he could imagine was Namjoon pushing him to the cool wall of the lift. He could practically feel Namjoon's lips all over him, could feel the way he shoved him in that elevator, could feel his hips grinding down on Jin's. 

"You're thinking about it, aren't you?" Namjoon teased, voice low. 

"You are too," Jin countered, practically breathless.

"Say it, Jin." Namjoon ordered, "Say you'll go out with me." 

"I'll go out with you," Jin said, liquid courage fully taking effect now, "And maybe, if you're lucky enough, we can continue where we left off in the lift." 

Namjoon's breath hitched. 

"Goodnight, Namjoon," Jin said, smirking, knowing that he had the same effect on Namjoon like Namjoon had on him. 

"I'll see you soon, Jin." 




"Ready?" Yoongi asked as Jin stepped out for the fifth time out of his room, with another changed shirt. 

"No." Jin answered, giving himself a once over before walking back to the room. 

"Jin." Yoongi groaned, grabbing his arm, "For the last time, you could wear a goddamn trash bag and Mr Kim wouldn't care." 

"He's probably wearing Armani or some shit like that-" 

"Daddy!" Jungkook gasped out, looking up from his blocks, "No use no no word."

"You're right. Daddy's sorry baby," Jin apologised. 

"Bad daddy. No cookie for two days." Jungkook said with a frown and furrowed eyebrows, waving a block in the air as he scolded Jin. 

"Two days?!" Jin groaned, "But it was just one word." 

"No no word." Jungkook said, "No cookies." 

"You do realise that you're the adult here right? His bedtime is like 7 in the evening..." Yoongi said, "Just how out of it are you?"

"I don't know!" Jin groaned, "He's wearing designer and the closest I've gotten to designer is on Spotify!" 

"He's a good rapper," Yoongi nodded in agreement. 

"Help me!" 

"You look fine," Yoongi said. "Focus less about what's on your body and more about what's in your heart." 

"Dr Phil?" 

"Oprah. Reruns." Yoongi admitted sheepishly. 

"You sure you're going to be okay babysitting two kids?" Jin asked. 

"I'll be fine. Don't worry about me," Yoongi waved off. 

"What if it-" Jin started but Yoongi stopped him. 

"Don't think with your head," Yoongi said, shaking his head, "Think with your heart and let your head follow through."

"But Yoongi-" 

"No, Jin." Yoongi said, grabbing his wrists, "Enough with trying to stop this before it happens. You're going to go out with him, and just talk. You had fun with him in the park, in the restaurant, hell even at the office. Why is today going to be any different? A label doesn't change anything. It's just a few words. Don't let that intimidate you." 

Jin heard a pitter patter over the wooden floor before he felt the tug from his pants. 

"Here daddy," Jungkook said, holding out a cookie. 

"How did you-" 

"We're definitely going to have to change where we keep the cookie jar," Yoongi said. 

"What's this for, baby?" Jin asked, taking the cookie from Jungkook. 

"Daddy look sad. Cookies make Kookie happy, so cookie can make daddy happy too, right?" Jungkook said with a bright smile. 

"But I thought I'm not allowed cookies because daddy said a no no word?" Jin said, his anxiety melting away. 

"Is okay, daddy! Kookie makes mish-takes too. Just say sowwy and no do again," Jungkook said, hugging Jin's leg. 

"Thank you, baby," Jin said, breaking the cookie in half and giving it to Jungkook. 

"Here Uncle Yoo!" Jungkook said, giving his half to Yoongi.

"Thank you, Kookie," Yoongi said, tearing up slightly. 

"Are you-" Jin started to ask, a teasing smile on his face. 

"Don't make me firetruck you up." Yoongi muttered loud enough for only Jin to hear. 

"Daddy no sad now?" Jungkook asked, wide eyes rounded, filled with worry. 

"How can daddy be sad when he has the bestest boy in the world with him?" Jin said, leaning down and breaking the cookie in half. 

Jungkook giggled at the praise, taking half of the cookie offered to him. 

"Thank you for making daddy happy," Jin said, placing a gentle kiss on Jungkook's forehead. 

"Kookie happy cause of daddy," Jungkook said with his mouth full, but Jin let it go this one time. 

"Picture perfect parent moment," Yoongi said, biting into his cookie. 

"You going to cry about it?" Jin teased as he stood up. 

"Shut th-" 

"Uncle Yoo happy too?" Jungkook asked, worry in his big eyes now replaced with excitement. 

"Happy three!" Yoongi said, passing Jungkook the rest of his cookie. 

"Thank you." Jungkook said, his free hand reaching out to grab the cookie. 

Knock knock knock.

"Daddy, door!" Jungkook said excitedly, stuffing the cookie in his mouth. 

"Jungkook, eat slowly, please," Jin warned. 

"Dishd dkkjsd dojsd," Jungkook attempted to say with his full mouth. 

"Jungkook." Jin warned again. 

Jungkook ran up to the door, chewing while jumping up and down, Jin trailing behind him.

Jin opened the door.

"TaeTae!" Jungkook said, running to hug him. 

"Oh, Jimin?" Jin said, surprised, looking around to see if anyone else had come. 

"He's downstairs parking the car," Jimin answered with a smile, even before he greeted Jin, "I'm sorry, I don't mean to intrude but Taehyung wouldn't leave without me and Namjoon was in a hurry to come so I just-"

"No, no, don't be silly," Jin said, "Please come in. You're always welcome. You can stay for as long as you like. My best friend Yoongi was going to babysit them, but he could use another hand." 

"Thank you," Jimin said, walking through, "Is this the infamous Yoongi I'm always hearing so much about?" 

"That would be the one," Jin said, looking at the closed door as if it would knock at any time.

"He's coming," Jimin said with a high pitched giggle. 

"What? No! I wasn't-" Jin said quickly, trying to explain himself.

"Oh hey, am I babysitting you too?" Yoongi asked as soon as he saw Jimin with Jin. 

"I'm 22." Jimin deadpanned. 

"Oh." Was all Yoongi could manage. 

"I'm Jimin." Jimin introduced, "I'm Taehyung's nanny."

"Nanny," Yoongi repeated. 

"And you must be Yoongi," Jimin said.

"I am." Yoongi said. 

"Hmm," Jimin said, a bitter taste in his mouth, "So the saying about stories being fabricated to make people look good is true then." 

"What is this high schooler's problem?" Yoongi scoffed out. 

"This high schooler is taller than you, grandpa." Jimin spat out. 

"What'd you say to me, kid?" Yoongi said, taking a step forward. 

"Hey! Hey! Break it up you two!" Jin said, getting in the middle of them, "The both of you are here for the kids."

"I'm here for the kids, and that includes you too," Yoongi said to Jimin, glaring at him.

"Isn't it past your bedtime, grandpa? Would you like some prune juice too?" 

"Jin, move I swear to god, this kid is about to-" 

Ding Dong. 

"Play nice." Jin warned, "I swear if I come back and see fighting, I'm putting the both of you in separate corners in a time out." 

"We're not 12." Jimin said. 

"I know I'm not," Yoongi said, "Can't say the same for you, though."

"For fu-" 

"Enough!" Jin spat out, "Last warning, for the both of you. Play. Nice." 

Jin walked to the door, and took a deep breath. He smoothed out his pale blue dress shirt, and combed his hair down before opening up the door with a smile. 

"He- What's that?" Jin said, smile falling as he was greeted with a huge bouquet of flowers instead of Namjoon's face. 

Namjoon lowered the bouquet of flowers, with a huge grin on his face, "I wanted to do this right; cliches and all. Flowers on the first date is a must."

Jin couldn't help the slight dusting of pink on his cheeks as he smiled, "I love it." 

"Roses are cliche, right?" Namjoon said as he handed the bouquet over to Jin.

"The most cliche flower," Jin said as he held the bouquet, cheeks hurting from how much he was smiling. He's never gotten flowers from anyone before. He couldn't stop smelling them and holding them.

He felt special. 

"You look amazing," Namjoon said. 

"Thank you." Jin said, "You look very handsome too, Namjoon." 

"I like it when you say my name," Namjoon told him, leaning against the wall of the foyer. 

"Oh? So you don't like it when I call you sir?" Jin teased. 

Namjoon's eyes burned with the same fire that Jin saw the other day at the office, "I do. But in a different way."

"The kids are here," Jin reminded him, a teasing glint in his eye as he clutched the bouquet closer to chest.

"Guess we have to take this somewhere else then," Namjoon said, grin growing. 

"Let me put this in a vase and say goodbye to the kids," Jin said, walking through the foyer to the kitchen. 

When he came out to set the vase down somewhere where Jungkook couldn't knock it down and hurt himself by accident, he stopped in his tracks. He was gone for literally a couple of minutes and came back to Taehyung clutching onto Jimin's leg, trying to pull him back, Namjoon in the middle of Yoongi and Jimin, and Jungkook grabbing onto Yoongi's hand, pulling him back away from Jimin.

"Say that to my face, short stack!" Jimin yelled out. 

"We're the same height, blind bat!" Yoongi growled out, keeping his curses to a minimum since there were children present. 

"Guys, enough!" Namjoon muttered, pushing their chests away from each other. 

"What are you two doing?!" Jin demanded as soon as he entered the living room, making everyone stop. 

"Jin, I-" Yoongi tried but shut his mouth when he saw Jin's glare. 

"I don't want to hear it." Jin said, sternly. 

"Uh oh." Jungkook said, turning to Taehyung. In a soft voice he said, "That's daddy's grr voice. This is not gonna be pretty."

"Now if you two cannot get along then both of you need to leave, right now! You're here to help us, not to give us more reason to worry." Jin chastised, "Do I have to get the kids to look after the both of you instead? Would you like that? Or should I give you a time out so you learn?" 

"No." Jimin said, looking down at the floor.

"No," Yoongi repeated.

"Then behave like adults!" Jin told them, "Get along for one night. I'm sure you can do that much, can't you?"

"Yes..." They said in unison. 

"Jungkook, Taehyung," Jin said, leaning down and looking at both of them, "I need you two to be in charge today, okay? Make sure ChimChim and Uncle Yoo get along and become friends. Can you do this very important mission for me, okay?" 

"We can do it!" Taehyung said enthusiastically, looking over at Jungkook who was nodding fervently. 

"We make ChimChim and Uncle Yoo bess fwens like, like, like TaeTae and KooKoo!" Jungkook declared. 

"Good boys," Jin said, ruffling their hair. 

"We'll see you when we come home after dinner, okay?" Namjoon said, leaning down and kissing Taehyung's head.

"Bye papa!" Taehyung said as he waved.

"Bye daddy!" Jungkook did the same. 

"Bye boys! Be good," Jin told them as he walked out of the house.

"They'll be fine, right?" Namjoon asked as they waited for the lift. 

"Jungkook and Taehyung? Yeah, of course they will," Jin said, "They're good-" 

"No. I mean Yoongi and Jimin," Namjoon said, "They seemed like they didn't get along. I don't want to come back to a murder scene."

"You know how people usually gush about love at first sight?" Jin said, "Theirs was hate at first sight." 

"Next thing we know they're going to be dating," Namjoon said, holding the lift open for Jin to enter. 

"Them? No way!" Jin scoffed. 




Jimin and Yoongi were sat on the couch as far apart as they could get from each other while Jungkook and Taehyung were pacing in front of them, noses held high as they walked a couple of steps before pivoting on their foot and walking the other side. 

"Daddy left us in charge!" Jungkook said, trying not to bump into Taehyung as they paced slowly along the imaginary line they drew in the carpet. 

"Yeah!" Taehyung said. 

"And cause KooKoo and TaeTae are the boss," Jungkook said, switching to pace the other way, "We need some rules."

"Rules." Taehyung nodded. 

"Numbah one rule," Jungkook said, holding up his finger, "No fighting." 

Taehyung stopped and looked at Jungkook, "But KooKoo if we no fight then no play Avengers."

"Oh." Jungkook said, taking in this new information. He stopped in his place and started to think very hard. 

Yoongi had to stifle a laugh, hiding his smile behind his hand. He looked over at Jimin who had an incredibly fond look in his eyes. Yoongi didn't notice his own smile growing. 

"I know!" Jungkook said, grinning, "No fighting for Uncle Yoo and ChimChim. Only fight for Avengers."

"Yes, yes, yes," Taehyung said, nodding fervently. 

"Rule numbah two." Jungkook said, holding up two fingers. 

"Cookies all night!" Taehyung jumped. 

"And chocky milk!" 

"And ice cweam!" 

"With sprinkles!" Jungkook added, jumping up and down with Taehyung. 

"And, and, umm," Taehyung said, trying to think, "And I got nuffin."

Jimin leaned closer to Yoongi who was eyeing him suspiciously.

"How long do we keep them going until we tell them that they're not getting anything," Jimin whispered to Yoongi.

"I was thinking until they get bored," Yoongi whispered back, "It's free entertainment, its tires them out, plus they're practicing math." 

"Oh, smart." Jimin nodded.

"It's the age, kid." Yoongi teased with a smirk. 

Jimin glared. 

"Numbah pour!" Jungkook said. 

"Wait, what's number three?" Yoongi asked. 

Jungkook pouted, eyes growing wide and glossy as he looked at Yoongi, "Uncle Yoo no listen?" 

"Oh no, no, baby I was listening," Yoongi said quickly, guilt filling him, "I was just trying to remember and I forgot. Can you tell me again?"

"Weak." Jimin said, disguising the insult in a cough. 

"ChimChim tell Uncle Yoo," Taehyung said, "ChimChim listen, right?"

"R-Right." Jimin stuttered, "Umm, Taehyung you say it so much better though. Why don't you tell him?" 

"No, thank you," Taehyung said, "ChimChim say." 

"I forgot." Jimin lied, "Can you please tell it again?" 

Taehyung frowned, and in a small, almost broken and sad voice, said, "ChimChim no listen to TaeTae?" 

"I did baby, I really did," Jimin said, "But you know how i sometimes forget to colour the sky purple like you like? I forgot this too. Can you please say it again?"

"Who's weak now, kid?" Yoongi scoffed. 

"You try saying you weren't listening to that kid," Jimin muttered loud enough for only Yoongi to hear. 

Through all of this, neither Yoongi nor Jimin realised exactly how close they were seated to each other. Their thighs were nearly touching, and if they moved any closer, they would practically be sitting on each other's lap.

Both Taehyung and Jungkook had matching pouts as they frowned at the two adults. 

"What about if we gave you one chocolate each for telling us what number three on the list of rules is?" Yoongi offered. 

"Sugar rush." Jimin hissed out in warning. 

"You try saying no to their faces!" Yoongi said, elbowing Jimin slightly. 

"Numbah twee!" Taehyung said quickly, smile returning to his face. 

"Nevah say no to KooKoo or TaeTae." Jungkook finished. 

"We're going to regret that chocolate, aren't we?" Yoongi sighed out.


"You're young and have energy," Yoongi said, "You can deal with them." 

"You're older and wiser, you deal with them." Jimin retorted. 

"According to you, I'm a grandpa." Yoongi told him, "You deal with them." 

"Well, according to you, I'm a high schooler so you should be babysitting me too, right?" Jimin said, cocking an eyebrow. 

"Well," Yoongi echoed, "You were the one who-" 

"Numbah phive!" Jungkook declared, turning to pace again, Taehyung behind him, keeping a one foot distance. 

"Shiitake mushrooms, what was number four?" Yoongi swore under his breath, loud enough for only Jimin to hear. 

"What in God's name is shiitake mushrooms?" Jimin scoffed.

"I can't exactly say the first syllable can I, genius? It's a no no word!" 

"Shi-Oh." Jimin said, eyes widening in realisation. 

"Numbah six!" Taehyung said. 

"Wait, what was number five?" Jimin asked.






"This place is nice," Jin said, looking around the restaurant. 

Jin was expecting Namjoon to go somewhere expensive where he needed to Google what words meant, and had a menu that didn't have prices listed, because it was that type of restaurant. But he was pleasantly surprised to see Namjoon bring them somewhere normal. Normal for him was a nice diner that had comfort food and reasonable prices within his budget. They had stains on the menu, and character in the restaurant. They had families in here, no one dressed fancily, and a warmth that only this type of restaurant could have. Jin didn't have to pretend to be someone he wasn't in here. He didn't need to know what fork to use during each course, because there was only one type of fork in here. He didn't need to worry about talking too loud, or even laughing, because his laugh wasn't the 'fancy' type. It was loud, and if people didn't know him, then it would be deemed as 'weird'. But here, Jin could talk as loud as he want, laugh unabashedly, throw his head back, if he found something something funny. 

"I thought you might like it," Namjoon said with a warm smile, looking over the menu. 

"Think about me a lot, Kim?" Jin said, teasing and mischievous glint in his eye. 

"Yeah," Namjoon admitted, looking up from his menu. 


"Surprised, Kim?" Namjoon said, cocking an eyebrow. 

"Uhh, yes, actually," Jin said, clearing his throat, bringing the menu up higher, to block his embarrassed flush.

"Cute." Namjoon said, grin on his face.

"Hi. Can I take your order?" The waitress said, coming up to them with a smile on her face and a notepad in hand. 

"I'll get the Cajun Penne Pasta please with shrimp," Jin said. 

"I'll take the Herb Crusted Pork Chop please," Namjoon said, closing his menu. 

"Any drinks?" She asked.

"Would you like some wine?" Namjoon asked Jin. 

"Only if you're going to," Jin said.

"We'll get two Sauvignon Blanc, 2014, from Australia if you have any, otherwise anywhere from Italy will do." 

Jin raised his eyebrows, impressed with the way that Namjoon ordered the wine. Honestly, Jin would just gone for their shitty house pouring wine and still been okay with it. But then again, Namjoon was a CEO, and Jin was just...Well, he was Jin, and to him, that was explanation enough for the difference between them. 

"You know your way around wine," Jin commented once the waitress walked away from the table. 

"Well, when you grow up the way I did, you don't really have a choice but to know your way around drinks," Namjoon said, "My dad made it a point for me to know the differences between the types of wines. whiskeys, beer , and how the grapes are grown and fermented, or how the malt is made and curated. He always said that the difference between a good business deal and a great business deal, is the kind of alcohol you serve.

"Did you like it?" Jin asked. 

"It was..." Namjoon said, trailing off, trying to find the right word for it, "A good learning experience." 

"How old were you when you first started to learn?" 

"16." Namjoon answered, "He took me to Italy first. The legal drinking age there is 16. I learnt everything about wines there. I still remember having to taste different kinds of wine. I even had a test after. I hated it at first. Hated the way the wine tasted like ink, or how bitter and dry it was. But, it was a part of my soon to be future. So I sucked it up."

"Were.." Jin said but stopped himself.

"What?" Namjoon asked. 

"I might be crossing a line here," Jin warned. 

"Cross it." 

"Were you and your father close?" Jin asked him, cautiously, treading on imaginary eggshells.

"No." Namjoon answered, "He provided for me. Made sure I had clothes on my back, food on the table, the best education money could buy..He was a father, but he was never a dad. I think that will always be my biggest regret in life - That I never got to make amends with him." 

Jin reached out and placed his hand on Namjoon's, and in a soft, gentle and soothing voice, he said, "He may not have been the father that you always wanted, but you learnt from that. I've seen you with Taehyung and I can say wholeheartedly, that you, Namjoon, are the most amazing dad I have ever seen, and Taehyung is the nicest, sweetest, kindest and warmest child I have ever met. I don't think I've ever seen him without a smile on his face." 

Namjoon couldn't stop staring into Jin's eyes. He had never seen so much warmth and sincerity ever before in his life. All he had was orders, and business deals and people leeching onto him for money, or perks that they thought that they would get just because Namjoon was rich. But Jin, he wasn't like any of them. Namjoon has seen how Jin worked harder than anyone in the office. He's seen how seriously Jin takes his work, and has seen the countless hours he puts in, always making sure to do more than necessary, going out of his way to actually make sure that their cases were air tight, and that they had contingency plan after contingency plan just in case something went wrong.

Jin was different.

"It's weird being out and not ordering chicken strips," Jin said, laughing. 

"I thought the same thing," Namjoon said, smile returning on his face, grateful that the topic had changed, "Taehyung always orders fish and chips, or fish fingers." 

"Yoongi, Jungkook and I were out the other day, and he had 'Macca Cheese'," Jin said, giggling at the memory, "It was the cutest thing." 

"We have good kids," Namjoon said. 

"The best." 

"You know, I didn't think people were serious when they said this, but genuinely, I don't remember what my life was like before Taehyung," Namjoon said, hand still underneath Jin's.

"I remember bits and pieces of mine," Jin said, "Especially the college parties, but other than that, I really don't remember much." 

"Do you miss it?" Namjoon asked. 

"Miss what?" 

"The parties? The freedom?" 

Jin let out a shuddering breath, "I don't know. I feel like I should, but I don't know. Jungkook isn't just a part of my life. He is my life. Everything I do is for him, and because of him." 

"Is that why you won't go back to law school?" 

"What?" Jin asked, retracting his hand from Namjoon's as if it burnt to touch him.

"Here we go," The waitress said, setting the plates down in front of them, "Cajun Shrimp Pasta for you and Pork Chop for you. Enjoy!" 

"Thank you," Jin said, reaching for his wine glass, taking a large sip from it.

"Every time I talk about law school, you tense up," Namjoon commented. 

"It should give you a pretty good indication that I don't want to talk about it then," Jin muttered, poking his fork into a piece of shrimp harshly, bringing it up to his mouth.

"I just think that you'd make an amazing lawyer. Wait, no, I don't think that. I know that you will. I mean, you're basically handling most of the Legal Departments cases anyway, and you're amazing at the business part of it too." Namjoon said. 

"You're biased." 

"I told you this the first day I met you as well, and that was when I didn't know you," Namjoon told him, "And now I know you, and I can say with a million percent certainty that I know you'll be amazing at it. If you want, the company is willing to sponsor you to go back to Law School." 

"Now you're just using the company's resources inappropriately," Jin said, shaking his head, wanting nothing more than to move on from this topic of conversation. 

"I'm not. I'm speaking as the CEO, not just as Namjoon who's your date," Namjoon said, "It'd be an asset to the company. You're already indispensable, can you imagine the amount of power you'd have if you have a law degree in your hands?"

"I'll think about it," Jin said non committedly. 

"Jin I just-" 

"I can't think about myself, Namjoon," Jin said, cutting him off, looking him in the eye, "Jungkook won't be able to handle it. He can barely handle me doing overtime. I can't go back to Law School right now." 

"What about going back part time?" Namjoon suggested.

"I can't." Jin said in a strained voice, "The assignments, the late night classes, the having to give up my weekends to go to class...I can't juggle having a job, having to study, and having Jungkook and making sure he has everything he needs. It's too much." 

"But Jin-" 

"Look, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but I just can't," Jin said shaking his head, "I've already tried to do everything once and it almost cost me Jungkook...I'm never going to try again." 

Namjoon wanted to ask. His curiosity was begging him to ask. But then he saw the far away, despair in Jin's eyes, and pushed it away. He never wanted to see that look in his eyes again.

"Did you know that the hashtag symbol is actually called an octothorpe," Namjoon said, reaching out and pulling the wine glass closer to him. 

"Octothorpe," Jin repeated, testing the weight of the word on his tongue. 

"Octothorpe." Namjoon nodded. 

"And how do you know this?" 

"I am a man of much knowledge, Mr Kim," Namjoon teased. 

"Hmmm, it's weird." Jin said, smiling, the sadness disappearing from his eyes like it never existed in the first place, "I'm usually the one calling you Mr Kim." 

"I like it better when you say my actual name." 


"It sounds right," Namjoon couldn't help but comment. 

"Not sir?" Jin teased. 

Namjoon's eyes darkened, a smirk finding his way to his face, "Not in public." 

Jin smiled shyly, looking at his pasta, "So, what other knowledge do you wield, Namjoon?"




They were waiting for the lift up to Jin's apartment, just standing in the lobby, wishing that the lift was just a little slower. 

"I had a really good time tonight," Jin said. 

"Really?" Namjoon asked, eyes wide, crinkling by its sides as he smiled, dimpled and deep.

"Yeah, of course I did," He said, entering the lift, reaching over and pressing the button for his floor. 

"Ah, I just thought that , umm," Namjoon said, scratching the back of his neck, "You know the whole law school thing..." 

"Namjoon, it's not like we don't know each other at all. I know you, and you know, we're kind of close and we work together and..yeah...I mean..umm," Jin said, stuttering, stumbling over his words. "I guess what I'm trying to say is that, if I can't talk to you about it then really who can I talk to. Maybe I'm not ready to fully open up yet, but a little patient with me."

"I don't know if you've noticed yet, Kim Seokjin, but I like you. A lot." Namjoon said, stepping closer to him, "I'm willing to wait years, decades even." 

Jin reached over and pulled Namjoon towards him by his shirt. 

"Are we going to have a repeat of the lift incident?" Namjoon teased, pushing Jin back towards the wall of the lift. 

"Depends," Jin said, shrugging his shoulders as he reached up, snaking his arms around Namjoon's neck, gently playing with the strands of hair at the nape of his neck. 

"On what?" 

"Whether or not you do something about it." Jin challenged, smirking. 

Namjoon crashed his lips against Jin's, one hand on his waist and the other next to his head against the cool metal of the lift wall, caging him in. Jin keened. He had been thinking abut this, dreaming about it, wanting a replay so badly. He pushed his hips up to meet Namjoon's, pulling him closer by the neck, needing to feel him. 

The lift door dinged and immediately they separated, breathing heavily, grinning at each other. 

"You know, we could go back down, and come up again," Namjoon suggested.

Jin seriously thought about it for a second. 

The doors were closing, but Namjoon pushed the open button and pulled Jin out. 

"I thought we were going back down," Jin pouted, letting himself be pulled by Namjoon. 

"Next date," Namjoon said. 

"You're confident you're getting another one?" Jin teased, as they ambled along the corridor, finding their way to Jin's place. 

"I have a feeling I will," Namjoon said.

"I really did have a good time today, Namjoon," Jin said as they approached his apartment. 

"So did I." Namjoon said with a dimpled smile. 

Jin leaned up slightly, placing a kiss on Namjoon's right dimple. 

"What was that for?" Namjoon asked, cheeks dusting pink. 

"For being patient with me." 

"I told you," Namjoon said, "I'll wait for you. As long as it takes." 

Jin cupped Namjoon's cheeks, leaning up and placing a gentle kiss on his lips. It didn't even take a second before Namjoon was reciprocating, moving their lips together, gently, languidly, like they had all the time in the world to just memorise the feeling of their lips sliding against one another. 

Namjoon pulled back first, soft smile on his face, content. 

"I like you too, Kim Namjoon." Jin confessed, "I like you a lot. But being in a relationship scares me." 

"Take a chance," Namjoon said, "Take a chance on me; on us." 

"If we don't work-" 

"Why are you breaking us up before we even start?" 

"Namjoon.." Jin sighed. 

"You like me, I like you, and our kids clearly like each other," Namjoon said, "Nothing's stopping us but our own fears." 

Jin leaned back against the wall, sighing.

Namjoon brought his hand up and intertwined their fingers together, "Take a leap of faith, Jin. Trust in us. Believe in us the way I do."

"What if we don't work?" Jin said, fear becoming him. 

"And what if we do?"

"There's so much about me that you don't know, Namjoon," Jin warned him. 

"I'll take my time learning everything about you."

"You're not going to let up, are you?" Jin said, kicking himself off the wall.

"Not for you." Namjoon said with a smile, "I know you're worth it, and I know that we will be too. If you need time, then take however long you need, You already know I'm not going anywhere." 

Chapter Text

"Where's Kookie?" Jin said in a singsong voice as he scanned the room, ignoring the moving lump on the couch, "Where is my bestest boy?" 

Jungkook's giggle echoed through the living room as Jin moved around. 

"Is he under this glass?" Jin said loudly, picking the glass up and checking under it, "Oh no he's not. Where could my Jungkookie be?" 

Jungkook giggled loudly.

"Is he under this cushion?" Jin said, checking the cushion next to him, ignoring the blanketed lump that was squirming, "No he's not here either. Hmm...Where could Kookie be hiding?"

Jin walked around the couch, poking and prodding at it, "He doesn't seem to be on this couch either. Where is he hiding?" 

Jin walked over to the curtains, "He must be here!" 

He pulled the curtains opened.

"I'm not there," Jungkook said, squirming around the couch, giggling to himself as he pulled the blanket closer to him. 

"Where did that noise come from?!" Jin said, looking around, "Hmm...I can't find Jungkook. Oh no! I'm going to lose again." 

Jin sat down on the couch next to Jungkook who was still hiding and giggling to himself, "Oh well, now what am I going to do? I'm never going to find my Kookie again. Maybe I should take a nap and I'll find him after." 

Jin lay down, his head resting on the moving blanket, "When did my couch get so lumpy?" 

"Daddy!" Jungkook giggled, squirming underneath Jin's head, trying to get him off. 

"Could it be....?" Jin gasped loudly as he pulled the blanket off Jungkook's body, "I found you!"

Jungkook shut his eyes, placing his hands over them, "No you didn't." 

Jin smiled fondly at Jungkook, "Baby, we've been over this. Just because you can't see daddy, doesn't mean daddy can't see you." 

"But daddy, if Kookie can't see you then you cannot find Kookie." Jungkook said, the logic seeming perfectly sound to him. 

"I can see you, baby," Jin said, carding his fingers through Jungkook's soft. brown hair. 

"No you can't," Jungkook said, shaking his head. 

"Well, I guess if I can't find my Kookie," Jin said, getting off the couch, and taking a step away from it, "I just have to go to the store and buy a new Kim Jungkook." 

"No, daddy!" Jungkook whined, pouting as he took his hands off his eyes and ran to Jin, clinging onto his leg, "No daddy! My daddy! No other Kookie."

Jin laughed, picking Jungkook up as he whined into Jin's neck, clinging onto him, not wanting to let go, "How can I replace my bestest boy, hmm? There's only one Kookie for me." 

"Daddy, no go store," Jungkook said, shaking his head into Jin's neck. 

"I was joking, darling. Daddy could never find another Jungkook." Jin said, kissing Jungkook's chubby cheek, "Daddy was joking, okay?" 

"No funny." Jungkook said, eyebrows furrowed together as he pouted at Jin, cheeks chubbing up as he glared at him. 

"Sorry, baby," Jin said smiling as he pressed another kiss into Jungkook's slightly pink cheek. 

"No." Jungkook said, still pouting. 

"How about if Daddy gives you hot milk and then we can go to bed, okay?" Jin said, carrying Jungkook into the kitchen.

"Chocky milk?" Jungkook said, perking up in Jin's arms. 

"No, baby. It's bedtime, you know you can't have chocolate milk when it's bedtime," Jin said, setting Jungkook on the floor as he walked to the fridge. 

"Nana milk?" Jungkook asked.

"Not banana milk either, baby," Jin said. 

"St-Stwawbewwy milk?" Jungkook asked, bending down when Jin bent down to get the milk from the fridge. 

"No, Kookie," Jin said patiently.

"I got nuffin'." Jungkook huffed, all out of guesses. 

"You know the milk we use for cereal in the morning?" Jin asked, taking out the carton and showing it to Jungkook. 

"Ahh," Jungkook said, nodding, finally understanding. 

"Do you want to go sit down while daddy heats this up for you?" Jin said, as he took out a glass from the cupboard.

Jungkook heaved himself up on the tall barstool chair, wobbly, before he sat down and swung his legs, and waited patiently for his milk as he watched the glass go round and round in the microwave. 

Jin transferred the warm milk into a plastic cup and checked that it wasn't too hot before passing it to Jungkook. 

"What do we say?" Jin asked him, cocking an eyebrow, keeping a firm hold on the cup. 

"Thank you, daddy," Jungkook said with a bright smile. 

"Good boy." Jin said, patting his head lovingly. 

Jungkook brought the red plastic cup to his mouth, eyes going wide as he drank the milk, swallowing and gulping loudly. He put the cup down, and licked his lips. 

"Hello, Santa Claus," Jin teased. 

"Santa Claws coming now, daddy?" Jungkook asked, eyes widening as he gasped, twinkling with excitement.

"No, baby. Santa isn't coming yet," Jin said, shaking his head, "Daddy only said that because you have a milk moustache."

"No Santa?" Jungkook asked again, eyes wider as he pouted, blinking up at Jin.

"Not yet. He's getting ready to come at Christmas," Jin said, putting the empty glasses in the sink.

"No prezzie for Kookie?" Jungkook said, lower lip wobbling, eyes glossy over with tears. 

"Of course you get a present, baby," Jin said as he picked Jungkook up, settling him on his hip. 

"Prezzie peas." Jungkook said, closing his eyes and holding out one hand, "Kookie pwomise no peekie." 

Jin cooed. He honestly had the cutest baby. 

"Here's your special prezzie that no one but Kookie can have," Jin said. 

"KooKoo pwomise no peekie, daddy," Jungkook said. 

"One, two, three!" Jin said and planted three kisses on Jungkook's cheeks and forehead. 

Jungkook giggled as he tried to squirm away, high pitched, Santa all forgotten about. "Daddy, stop!" 

"Is my baby ready for bed now?" Jin asked as he walked them to his room. 

"Kookie no sleepy, daddy. See!" Jungkook said, shutting his eyes for two seconds and then opening them again, "See, daddy. No sleepy. Let's play!" 

"No, baby, it's time for bed," Jin said, laying Jungkook down, passing him his Iron Man plushie. 

"But daddy, no tired!" Jungkook whined, squirming under the blanket, wanting to play. 

"What about if daddy read you a story?" Jin said, laying down next to Jungkook. 

"What stowy?" 

"Do you want Goodnight Moon?" Jin asked, reaching over to grab the book. 

"No, no."

"Hmm..Winnie the Pooh?" 

"No." Jungkook said, shaking his head. 

"What if Daddy told you a story?" 

"Yes peas!" Jungkook said, perking up. 

"Okay baby, lay your head down and close your eyes." Jin said, moving to get comfortable as Jungkook laid down, hugging his plushie tightly. 

"Reddy!" Jungkook said, scrunching his eyes shut. 

"Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a handsome, smart prince called Kim Jungkook." Jin started. 

"Daddy, that's my name!" Jungkook said, eyes snapping open in excitement. 

"It is, baby." 

"Daddy, Kookie prince?" 

"The handsomestest prince in all the land," Jin said, fond smile on his face, adoration and love in his eyes as he carded his fingers through Jungkook's hair.

"What the prince do, daddy?" Jungkook asked, engrossed in the story as he looked at Jin.

"Well, the prince had a lot of responsibilities-" 

"Daddy, what's-what's spo-uhh-ponbilities?" Jungkook said, stuttering over the word. 

"Responsibilities." Jin said. 

"Sponsibilititties." Jungkook garbled out. 

"Res.Pon.Si.Bi.Li.Ties." Jin broke the word up for Jungkook to follow. 

"Sponsitties." Jungkook nodded. 

"Responsibilities means that you have a lot of decisions to make, and that people trust you to make the right decisions. It means making right choices, but also making mistakes and owning up to those mistakes," Jin explained, "Understand, Kookie?" 

"Like, like, like when Kookie dropped the glass and say sowwy?" Jungkook asked, wide doe brown eyes sparkling with childhood curiosity. 

"Yeah, baby, exactly like that," Jin said, "It felt good to say sorry, right?" 

"Kookie big boy and big boy say sowwy because of sponsilititties." 

Jin laughed, "Daddy's very proud of you baby." 

"What happen to the prince, daddy?" Jungkook asked, moving closer to Jin to snuggle up to his warmth. 

"Jungkook, the prince, had a lot of responsibilities and everyone in the kingdom was counting on him. And one day, a giant came to the castle. He went 'Fee, Fi, Fo Fum. I have come to take all your cookies away! Grrr!' and everyone ran to the prince. They said 'Prince Jungkook, the bestestest prince, please help us! A giant is scaring us'. And then Jungkook ran with his sword and Iron Man to the giant. And what do you think he did?" Jin said.

"Kookie give the giant a cookie," Jungkook said with a bright grin. 


"The giant sad and cookie makes Kookie happy, so cookie make Giant happy too, daddy," Jungkook explained, "Daddy say share make people happy." 

Jin smiled, "You're right, baby. Daddy's very proud of you." 

"And then what happen with the Giant, daddy?" Jungkook asked, wide eyed, excited to see where the story led.

"Prince Jungkook shared the cookies with the Giant, and then the Giant stopped being angry and sad. The Giant thanked Jungkook for being so amazing and said that Prince Jungkook was the bestestestest prince in the whole wide world." 

Jungkook giggled and hid behind his Iron Man plushie. 

"And then Prince Jungkook, the Giant and everyone in the Kingdom lived..." Jin said, waiting for Jungkook to finish the sentence. 

"Happiwly eber after!" Jungkook said, holding his plushie high up in the air. 

"That's right, baby," Jin said, getting off the bed and readjusting the blankets around Jungkook, "Now, it's time to close your eyes and go to sleep." 

"Okay, daddy," Jungkook said, shutting his eyes. 

"Goodnight, baby," Jin said, leaning down and pressing a kiss into Jungkook's forehead, "I love you, Kookie." 

"Eber and All-ways?" 

"Forever and always," Jin said, turning the light off, and shutting the door, but not all the way, just in case Jungkook needed him at night. 




Knock Knock


"Come in." Jin said, not bothering to look up as he penned notes down onto the margins of the document. 

"Hey. Am I bothering you?" 

"Never." Jin said, a smile immediately gracing his face, all stress melting away, "You're a welcomed distraction." 

"If I knew any better, I would say you're flirting with your boss, Kim," Namjoon said with a teasing smile as he shut the door behind him, "Does HR need to hear about this?"

"Hmm, would HR like to see the tapes from the lift too, Mr Kim?" Jin said, playing along, a mischievous glint in his eyes. 

"I think we'll keep between us for now," Namjoon said, taking a seat in front of Jin. 

"What's up?" Jin said, noticing the manilla folder in his hands. 

"We have a slight problem," Namjoon said, sliding the folder across the table.

"That's how we make money," Jin said, picking the folder up with a sigh. 

"We can always do this tomorrow," Namjoon suggested, noticing the tired sighs and furrow of eyebrows. 

"You know me," Jin said, as he opened the folder and begun scanning the words, "I'll just be stressing about this all night. I might as well do it now." 

"It's almost 5," Namjoon pointed out. 

"Yoongi's picking Jungkook up today," Jin hummed in response. 

"Oh, so we're alone," Namjoon said, leaning back in his chair, eyeing Jin up and down, tongue darting out to lick his lips.

Jin looked up from the papers, a smile playing on his face as he said, "Mr Kim, we are in an office environment, and need I remind you that you're my boss."

"No need, baby, I get reminded every time I hear you call me sir," Namjoon smirked. 

Jin's cheeks flushed pink, "So, the case..."

"Flustered, baby?"

"Joon!" Jin said, looking down at the folder, hoping the heat in his cheeks wasn't as noticeable as he felt it to be. 

"Joon?" Namjoon repeated, pleasantly surprised.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I just-" 

"Don't." Namjoon said, smile on his face, dimples on display, "I like it." 

Jin smiled at him, eyes crinkling in its corners. He felt like here, right now, they were in this perfect bubble. One where problems didn't exist, and there was no stress. One where fear wasn't even a word in their dictionary. One where it didn't matter that Jin didn't define their relationship, or put a label on it. 

One where they were happy with no boundaries or time limits. 

One where they were them, and that was more than enough. 

"So," Namjoon said, leaning forward in his chair, nodding to the folder in Jin's hand, "What do you think?" 

"Oh, right! The case," Jin said, clearing his throat, focusing back onto the case at hand. "Hmm..." 

"The legal team is 50/50 on it. They can't decide what to do," Namjoon told him. 

"I'm not a part of legal though," Jin reminded him. 

"But your opinion matters most to me," Namjoon told him, "You're the one I trust the most. And I'm not saying this as Namjoon, the guy who's head over heels for you, I'm saying this as Namjoon, CEO of this company." 

"There's so much to unpack in that sentence," Jin thought out loud, "But, thank you, both professionally, and personally."

Namjoon smiled at him, "Anytime." 

"So the case," Jin said, looking down at it, "It seems to be your normal Joint Venture agreement for land." 

"The legal team kept saying that as if I would know what it was," Namjoon muttered, a little embarrassed. 

Jin smiled fondly at him, "So a Joint Venture agreement is when two people come together and make an agreement together. In this case, there are two people - one with land, but with no expertise, and the other with expertise and with no land. It's practically a match made in heaven. So, they come together and decide to start a business together involving property on that piece of land. They can either do one of two things - decide to split the profits 50/50, or they could divide up the property equally and decide what to do with their side of the property while having no claim or say in the other side of the property." 

"Okay, I think I got it." Namjoon said with a nod.

"So in this case," Jin said, looking over the folder one more time just to check his facts, "The client entered into a Joint Venture Agreement and the other side lodged a private caveat. So he basically wants to take the caveat out, and he wants to see if we can do it or not." 

"Yes, totally, private caveat." Namjoon said, nodding along. 

"A caveat is a restriction on the interest in the land," Jin explained, "When someone lodges a caveat it means that they are protecting their own interest in land and making sure no one else can do anything with the land. Because this is lodged by a person, it's called a private caveat."

"You're amazing." Namjoon said, placing his hand on Jin's, "The legal team just kept spewing up all these words and I didn't understand any of it. I'm a business person! Not a legal person! And yet it was like they expected me to know every single thing, and I just nodded along like i understood it, but with you...With you I don't have to pretend to be someone I'm not." 

"You never have to pretend with me," Jin told him, sincerity shining in his eyes, warm honey dripping from his words. 

Namjoon's thumb slowly stroked the back of Jin's hand as they sat there, staring into each other's eyes, smiling, heat flooding their cheeks, feeling warm and safe in the bubble they created. 

"Right, so the caveat removal," Jin said, shaking his head, trying to remind himself that this was a professional work place setting. 

"Can he do it?" Namjoon asked, reluctantly moving his hand away from Jin's, already feeling the loss of warmth, "Can he remove the caveat?"

"Well, the Joint Venture Agreement here is for land. And because business wise, it's a partnership, it doesn't matter whose land it is, even if the land belongs to our client. What matters here, is how the Joint Venture Agreement is contracted. If it's contracted for the profits to be split in half, then there is no caveatable interest, which basically means that there is no interest to protect, because the agreement is for money, not for land or property. But, if it's for the property to be shared equally, then there is a caveatable interest which would make it harder to remove the caveat," Jin explained. 

"And? How is this agreement structured?" Namjoon asked. 

"From what I read, it's structured for the profits, which means that the caveat would be easily removed," Jin told him. 

"But the legal team was saying something about a term in the contract stating that this interest would be caveatable?" Namjoon said, trailing off. 

"Oh that," Jin said, waving it off, "We have so many case laws to back us up. A simple term in a contract isn't enough to contract out of an Act of Parliament. Don't worry, we have court precedent as well. This should all be administrative work. Plus, the burden of proving that there is a caveatable interest is all on them, not us. We should have this caveat out in two months, three maximum." 

Jin shut the case and slid it back to Namjoon, a proud, smug smirk on his face. 

"You're amazing." Namjoon said, in awe. 

"I've been told,"

"I guess, I'll leave you to finish up your work then," Namjoon said, not wanting to go, but knowing that he had to. 

"Umm, Namjoon," Jin said as soon as Namjoon stood up. 


Jin didn't want to look up, for fear of seeing Namjoon's disappointed face, "I haven't given you an answer yet." 

"I told you," Namjoon said, gently, "I'm not going to rush you. What I feel for you isn't fleeting. And if it means waiting, then I'll wait. As long as it takes." 

"And if I never give you an answer?" 

"Then I'll be happy just getting to know you. As much as you'll let me." 

Jin took a deep breath, "I think I want to." 


"Soon." Jin said, slowly, like he was scared of Namjoon leaving. 

Namjoon bent down on the table, leaning forward, taking a risk by cupping one hand to Jin's cheek, "I'll wait for you. I don't care how many times I have to say it, Jin. I"ll wait for you. Forever and a day if that's what it takes." 

Jin swallowed harshly, nodding, trying to absorb Namjoon's words. 

"Maybe...Maybe we should try that family date now," Jin suggested. 

"Where were you thinking?" Namjoon said, smiling as he felt Jin lean into his touch, stroking the supple skin of his cheek beneath his thumb, wanting nothing more than to lean down and take his lips between his.

"How does Taehyung feel about fish?" 



Yoongi parked his car by the side of the road, and saw moms picking their kids up, and some dads too. He couldn't help but sigh as he leaned back in the seat. He still had a few minutes before Jungkook's class let out. So, he sat in the car and waited. 

A pang of jealousy shot through his heart as he watched a father wait by the gate as his daughter ran up to him, giggling and smiling. He caught her in his arms and held her high, planting kisses all over her face. 

He wanted that. 

He wanted a family of his own. But there was always this niggling feeling and thought in his mind that told him he would never have one. Yoongi was gay. He knew that, and he also knew that society was changing every single day, and that people were becoming more and more accepting. But there were still some people who had an old way of thinking; who were backward, and who wouldn't want a gay, single man, to raise a child. 

For now, he would push these thoughts away, and be happy that at least he had Jungkook, who loved and looked up to him. Jin and Jungkook were family, and Yoongi was content for now, being a part of this little family. 

Yoongi got out of his car and walked to the gate, waiting for Jungkook. 

"But ChimChim, KooKoo's daddy not here yet," Taehyung said as he held Jungkook's hand tightly in his, and his Hulk action figure in the other.

"Don't worry Taehyung, we'll wait until his dad comes, okay?" Jimin told them. 

Jungkook held Taehyung's hand in his and looked around the gate, waiting for his daddy to come. He jumped and down in excitement when he spotted Yoongi walking towards the gate. 

"Uncle Yoo! Uncle Yoo!" Jungkook shouted, squirming from Taehyung's grip as he ran excitedly to Yoongi, bag hitting his back with every step he took. 

"There's my little Iron Man," Yoongi said, gummy smile on show as he bent down to pick Jungkook up, hoisting him on his hip. 

Jungkook giggled against Yoongi, "No Iron Man, Uncle Yoo! My name is Kim Jungkook." 

"Kim Jungkook Iron Man," Yoongi said. 

"Lookie drawring I maded in class today," Jungkook said, holding up the paper with various colours of scribbles on it. 

"Wow, Iron Man, you made that in class? It belongs in a museum! Everyone should see your amazing drawing!" Yoongi complimented. 

Jungkook giggled, and hid behind his hands, nestling himself into Yoongi's shoulder. 

"Come on, Taehyung," Jimin said, holding Taehyung's hand, "It's time to go home." 

"I didn't realise that they let children leave unsupervised now," Yoong quipped. 

"I didn't realise that you had enough energy to even climb up the curb, grandpa," Jimin said, eyes narrowed as he glared at Yoongi. 

"No fight! No fight!" Taehyung said quickly, pulling on Jimin's hand. 

"Uncle Yoo! No fightie!" Jungkook scolded. 

"We're not fighting, Kookie," Yoongi said quickly, "We're just...talking." 

"Surprised you could even do that," Jimin said, "New dentures, I'm assuming." 

"Listen kid, you're barely tall enough to ride a rollercoaster, don't even try coming at me," Yoongi said quickly. 

"I'm taller than you!" Jimin said, taking a step forward to Yoongi, getting up in his face. 

"You're the size of a toothpick!" 

"And what does that make you?! A twig?!" 

"Break it up, you two!" Hoseok said, stepping out of the gate and in the middle of the two adults. 

"He started it," Jimin said quickly, 

"Teacher's pet," Yoongi scoffed out. 

"Better than being-" 

"I said, enough!" Hoseok almost yelled, glaring at both of them, "Both of you, go inside, right now!" 

"What? Why?" Yoongi said. 

"If you're going to fight like children, then you're going to be treated like children," Hoseok told them, holding the gate open and letting them inside, "Jungkook and Taehyung are going to show you what happens in this Kindergarten when two kids fight. Can you do that for me boys?" 

"Yes we can," Jungkook said, nodding eagerly as he stepped into his classroom, pulling Yoongi along. 

"Sit please, ChimChim," Taehyung said, pointing to a purple chair. 

Jimin sat down with a sigh, waiting patiently for his next instructions. 

Jungkook dragged a green chair opposite the purple one and pointed at it. 

"I won't fit in there." Yoongi said. 

"Yoongi." Hoseok warned. 

"Uncle Yoo, sit." Jungkook said pointing to the chair. 

"No." Yoongi said, rolling his eyes, "This is dumb, Hobi! We're adults! I'm not about to sit here and conform to some Kindergarten-" 

Jungkook's lower lip wobbled as he stared at Yoongi with wide, doe brown, bambi eyes, glossing up with tears, "Peas." 

Yoongi took one look at the child and immediately sat down in the seat. 

Jimin scoffed, "Weak." 

"I'll show you weak, you firetrucking toothpick," Yoongi mumbled under his breath loud enough for only Jimin to hear. 


"I can't exactly say the real word now can I, smart donkey?" 

"Donkey?" Jimin asked, cocking his head. 

"What's another word for donkey?" Yoongi asked him, rolling his eyes. 


"Jungkook, Taehyung," Hoseok called out as he stood towering over the two adults with a scowl on his face and his hands folded across the chest, "Why don't we show Uncle Yoo and ChimChim how we make up after fights here, okay?"

Jungkook and Taehyung nodded fervently, standing next to them, opposite each other. 

"Uncle Yoo, lookie, lookie!" Jungkook said.

"I'm looking, darling," Yoongi said gently, eyes fond. 

Jimin softened, looking at how Yoongi treated Jungkook, but he would never admit it out loud. After that night, Jimin officially declared Yoongi to be his arch nemesis, and you could never go soft for your arch nemesis. 

"ChimChim, pay tenten," Taehyung said. 

"Pay attention, Taehyung," Hoseok corrected immediately. 

"Yes, Teacher Jung?" Taehyung asked, eyes wide as he looked at Hoseok, thinking he was in trouble. 

Hoseok laughed, "No darling, the saying is, pay attention, not tenten." 

"Oh," Taehyung said, nodding. It took a few seconds for him to digest this information before he said, "ChimChim, listen!"

"I'm listening, Tae," Jimin reassured him with a smile. 

"Show them, boys," Hoseok instructed. 

"Numbah one," Jungkook said, grinning  at Taehyung who was opposite him, "Hold hands." 

"Hi KooKoo!" Taehyung said, giggling as they held both their hands together. 

"Tell ChimChim and Uncle Yoo numbah two, TaeTae," Jungkook said, bouncing excitedly. 

"Numbah two!" Taehyung declared, "Say sowwy." 

"KooKoo sowwy, TaeTae," Jungkook said. 

"But KooKoo dindn't make TaeTae sad," Taehyung said quickly with a shake of his head. 

"Iz just pretend, silly like with Avengers fight, 'memmber," Jungkook said in a loud whisper.

"Oh," Taehyung said, nodding, drawled out and long before bursting out into giggles. 

"And what's the final step?" Hoseok prompted. 

"Huggies!" Jungkook cheered,  jumping forward and hugging a giggling, laughing Taehyung tightly. 

"Bess fwen hugs are the best huggies!" Taehyung said, hugging Jungkook.

Yoongi was grinning from ear to ear, gummy smile on show as he looked at the two children, childlike innocence on display, where everything was easy and the hardest thing they probably had to do was simple math. If Yoongi looked just a little to his right, he would have seen Jimin looking at him, deep in thought, unconsciously biting his lip. But he didn't.

"And now, you two," Hoseok said, pointing at them, "Let's see if they're doing it well, shall we, boys?" 

Yoongi's smile fell. He was so caught up in the cuteness of the kids that he forgot what the entire demonstration was for - To teach them, the adults, what to do in cases of dispute as a Kindergartener. 

"You want us, adults, to do what these four year olds do when they fight over a crayon?" Yoongi deadpanned. 

"You want to act like children, then you're going to get treated as children." Hoseok said, completely serious. 

"We definitely aren't doing that," Jimin said, crossing his arms over his chest. 

"As I see it right now, you have two options." Hoseok said, holding up his finger as he began listing it out for them, "You can either do this, apologise to each other, and leave. Or, I do what I would do any other other misbehaving child when they refuse to cooperate - I'll call your parents."

"You want to call my mother, who lives in a completely different city to complain that her grown, adult son, wouldn't hug and say sorry to a child?" Yoongi scoffed. 

"Who're you calling child, huh grandpa? You practically have one foot in the grave!" Jimin sniped back. 

"Teacher Jung, ChimChim and Uncle Yoo fight 'gain," Jungkook pouted, eyes glossy. 

"No, no, Kookie, we aren't fighting," Yoongi said, quick to reassure him, "We're playing." 

"No play loud," Jungkook said, leaning into Taehyung, pout still on his face. 

"Don't worry, Jungkook. Teacher Jung is going to make them say sorry," Hoseok reassured the 4 year old. 

"This is a waste of time-" Yoongi said, standing up. 

"I didn't mean that I would call your mother, Yoongi," Hoseok said with a mischievous glint in his eye and an almost evil smile growing on his face, "I would call Jin and Namjoon. I'm sure they would love to hear about how their grown children are misbehaving."

"Oh for firetruck's sake!" Yoongi cursed under his breath, "Fine, whatever. We'll do the d-u-m-b thing. Get up toddler." 

"You're literally deteriorating in front of me," Jimin spat out as he stood up. 

"Now, now, children. Don't make me call your parents." Hoseok said, sickly sweet. 

"We're doing it, aren't we?!" Yoongi snapped. 

"Your heart isn't in it." 

"That's going to be impossible for him then," Jimin said, "Grandpa over here has a pacemaker instead of his heart." 

"Listen here you little-" 

"Uncle Yoo!" Jungkook whined.

Yoongi sighed. 

"Just give me your tiny hands and let get this over with," Yoongi said, holding out his hands. 

"They aren't tiny! Yours are just freakishly large," Jimin mumbled under his breath. 

"Now say you're sorry to each other," Hoseok instructed. 

"Sorry." Yoongi mumbled out, looking at the wall rather than at Jimin.

"Yoongi." Hoseok warned.

"Jesus fri-" Yoongi swore under his breath, "I'm sorry, Jimin. Happy now?" 

"Immensely." Hoseok deadpanned, nudging Jimin, "Now you."

"I'm sorry, Yoongi." 

"Cool. We're done! Let's go, Jungkook." Yoongi said, snatching his hands out of Jimin's. 

"Don't even think about it." Hoseok said, catching his wrist, "You have one more step. Doesn't he, boys?" 

"Huggies!" Taehyung said, taking Jungkook into another hug, making him giggle as he squirmed in Taehyung's arms. 

"We're adults-" 

"Not you." Yoongi said.

"I will make you do this again, Min Yoongi. Don't test me." Hoseok warned.

Yoongi held his hands up in surrender.

"The faster we do this, the faster we can get away from each other," Jimin said through gritted teeth, eyebrows furrowed. 

"Ten seconds." Hoseok said. 

"Firetrucking hell," Yoongi grumbled, "Fine, whatever. Come here." 

Yoongi took one step forward and pulled Jimin close to him, trying not to think about how warm Jimin was, or how he smelt really, really good. Yoongi wanted nothing more than to turn his head and breathe Jimin's scent in. 

"Five, four," He heard Jimin count beside his ear, hot breath fanning over his neck as Jimin begun releasing Yoongi. 

Yoongi released Jimin as soon as he heard him say 'one.' He took a huge step back and swallowed harshly before he set his eyes in a glare and turned to Hoseok who was smirking. 

"Can we leave now, Your Highness," Yoongi grumbled out, trying to get his emotions in check. 

"You may." Hoseok said, "But if I catch you two fighting again-" 

"It won't happen." Yoongi said, snatching Jungkook's bag off the floor, "Let's go Kookie." 

"Bye TaeTae! Bye Teacher Jung! Bye bye ChimChim!" Jungkook said, calling out goodbye's and waving, as Yoongi scooped him up and carried him out of class, trying to pretend that he didn't want to purposely get caught arguing by Hoseok again. 




"Daddy," Jungkook said, looking down at Jin's hand buttoning up his shirt.

"Yes, baby?" Jin asked, deftly buttoning up Jungkook's shirt, trying to get him ready in time so that Jin could change too.

"Where go?" Jungkook asked, looking up at Jin with wide questioning eyes, blinking. 

"We, my baby, are going somewhere special," Jin said. 

"Spesh-shell?" Jungkook asked, tilting his head slightly. 

"Daddy has a big surprise for you," Jin said, doing the last button of his pale blue dress shirt before reaching over the bed for Jungkook's light brown pants. 

Jungkook closed his eyes and held his hands out, "Ready for prezzie, daddy."

"It's not that kind of surprise, Kookie," Jin said, incredibly endeared, "This is the kind of surprise you have to go to and see for yourself." 

"Big surprise, daddy?" Jungkook said, holding his hands as wide as it would go. 

"Bigger," Jin told him with an exaggerated gasp. 


"Much, much bigger," Jin said, "And there's special people coming with us too?" 

"Uncle Yoo?" 

"No baby," Jin said, shaking his head, "Someone else."

Jungkook frowned slightly, seeming to be in deep thought as Jin put his trousers on him. Jungkook sighed and said, "I got nuffin'. I dunno who coming daddy." 

"You'll find out soon, darling," Jin said, buttoning up his pants and placing a kiss on the top of Jungkook's head, "All done!" 

"Done!" Jungkook repeated with a smile. 

"My handsome boy," Jin said with a smile. 

"That's me, daddy!" 

"It is! You're my handsome little baby," Jin said, snuggling Jungkook, "Can my handsome baby go watch some cartoons so daddy can get ready too?" 

"Snack?" Jungkook asked with a grin.

"Do you want some biscuits?" 

"And chocky milk!" 

"And what do we say when we want something?" Jin prompted. 

"Peas!" Jungkook said with a little clap of his hands, and a wide smile. 

"Good boy." 

"Hand-dome too!" Jungkook said as he walked out of the door, trailing behind Jin. 




"Daddy!" Jungkook whined, tugging on Jin's jeans to get his attention. 

"One second, sweetie," Jin said, looking down at Jungkook while talking on the phone, "Sorry, what was that?" 

"I'm like a second away-Oh wait I see you!" 

"Daddy! Where's the prezzie?" Jungkook whined with a frown that was only growing deeper, impatient. 

"Count to ten for daddy, Kookie," Jin said, smoothening Jungkook's hair out, "It's almost here." 

Jungkook sighed, deep and long , but started counting anyway, "One. Two."

Jin could see Namjoon holding Taehyung's hand as they started walking up the sidewalk. 

"Twee. Pour." Jungkook said, kicking the ground. 

From here, Jin could see Namjoon's dimples getting deeper and deeper as he approached Jin. Jin couldn't help his own smile that broke out, could feel the nervousness seep into his skin, mixed with the excitement. If today went the way Jin was hoping it did...He really hoped that it would. He had a plan in mind and he realised how badly he needed today to go well, or else nothing would fall in place. 

Jin really liked Namjoon; that wasn't a secret. They both knew of their mutual attraction to one another, but, Jin also had fear, deep and dark, hidden inside him, constantly threatening to bubble over. 

"Five. Six." Jungkook counted. 

Namjoon was crossing the road, wanting to walk faster but had to be mindful of Taehyung's little legs. 

"Seven. Ate. Nine." Jungkook counted, a little faster now, still oblivious to what was happening. 

"What's the last number, baby?" Jin said as Namjoon was just a few feet away, practically close enough to touch. 

"It's ten, daddy." Jungkook told him. 

"Ready for your surprise?" Jin asked him.

"Yes, peas! Kookie wait and count to ten like daddy say!" Jungkook told Jin.

"Who's that over there?" Jin said, pointing to Taehyung. 

"It TaeTae!" Jungkook said, excitedly, jumping up and down, squirming in Jin's hold, wanting to run and hug Taehyung. 

"KooKoo!" Taehyung said with just as much excitement, running as fast as his little chubby legs would allow him to, towards Jungkook. 

"Hey," Namjoon said, as the children hugged and giggled at each other. 

"Hey yourself," Jin said, eyeing Namjoon up and down, unconsciously biting his lip. 

Namjoon brought his hand up to Jin's chin and tugged on his bottom lip, pulling it out, "There are children present, Jin., Let's not be a tease, yeah?" 

"And what if I am, sir?" Jin said, cocking his eyebrow.

"Isn't this meant to be a family date?" Namjoon asked, fire burning in his eyes. 

"So the dad's can't have any fun on this trip?" Jin teased.

"Let's get the kids to bed first," Namjoon said with a subtle wink. 

Jin laughed, "You look really nice, Joon." 

"I like when you call me that," Namjoon admitted, a little shyly, dimpled smile on show, "And you look very handsome, Jin." 

"Daddy wore pour shirts today, TaeTae Papa." Jungkook told him. 

"What? No, I didn't!" Jin said, pulling Jungkook's towards him, praying that Jungkook wouldn't say anything else. 

"Oh, is that right?" Namjoon said, cocky smirk on his face. 

"Weally?" Taehyung said, "Papa wore very many clothes before this one." 

"Why?" Jungkook asked. 

"I dunno," Taehyung said, shrugging. 

"Guess I wasn't the only one, huh, Namjoon?" Jin said, cocking an eyebrow. 

"Shall we go?" Namjoon said, walking ahead with Taehyung's hand in his, "Yeah, we should go." 

"Daddy, where go?" Jungkook asked, looking up at Jin. 

"We're going to a very special place that I know my little Kookie will love," Jin told him. 

"Iron Man house, daddy?" Jungkook asked, jumping over the curb. 

"Better!" Jin gasped dramatically. 

"Betterer than Iron Man house?!" Jungkook gasped, as he entered the entrance. 

"We're at the aquarium!" Jin said as they approached the sign, getting in line immediately. 

"With the fishies and the sharkies and the dolp-dol-umm." Jungkook said, stumbling over the last word. 

"Dolphins." Jin guided as they moved in line. 

Jungkook nodded vehemently, "Dolly-pins." 

Jin ruffled his head, endeared. 

"Mister KooKoo daddy?" Taehyung said, pulling on the end of Jin's shirt. 

"Yes Namjoon's little TaeTae?" Jin said, playing along. 

Taehyung giggled behind his hand, hair flopping over his eyes, "Are we gonna see sharkies too? And pancakes?" 

"Pancakes?" Jin asked. 

"The stingy pancakes," Taehyung said, drawing an oval in thin air. 

"Stingrays, Tae?" Namjoon said. 

"Yes papa, the taily, stingy pancakes!" Taehyung explained. 

"They're called stingrays, honey," Namjoon said, "And yes we will see them. You can also touch them." 

"Daddy," Jungkook said.

"Yes, darling?" 

"Will Spongebob be there with Patrick?" Jungkook asked seriously.

Jin laughed, "No baby. Spongebob isn't going to be here." 

"Hmm." Jungkook said, seriously. 

"It okay, KooKoo! We get stingy pancakes." Taehyung said, patting Jungkook's shoulder. 

"No Spongebob, TaeTae." Jungkook said, frowning, eyebrows furrowing as he pouted his lips, hands on his hips. 

"We get sharkies and, and, and Nemo and Dory, right Papa?" Taehyung asked, blinking up at Namjoon with big, hopeful eyes, and an excited boxy smile on his face.

"There will be sharks!" Namjoon said. 

"And Nemo and Dory too?" Taehyung asked, bouncing up and down. 

"Yeah, baby, and Nemo and Dory too." Namjoon said with a nod. 

"See, KooKoo! We no need Spongebob and Patrick," Taehyung told him, taking his hand. 

"Yeah! No need." Jungkook said, nodding, frown disappearing from his face, replaced with a smile that was only growing.

"Got the tickets!" Jin said, holding up four tickets, while pocketing his wallet. 

"You really didn't have to pay," Namjoon told him. 

"You paid for coffee and the last two dates. This is the least-" 

"One date." Namjoon corrected him, "We've only had one date. This is our second." 

"And the first time?" Jin asked. 

"That was you doing me a favour by eating dinner with me." 

"After being stood up." Jin reminded him.

"Remind me to find this Henry guy, punch him, and then thank him." Namjoon said, as they passed their tickets along to the collector before walking in. 

"Thank him? What for?" JIn asked, cocking an eyebrow. 

"Without him, we wouldn't be here right now." Namjoon said with a smile as Taehyung ran to the glass pointing out the fish he saw. 

Jin thought back as far as he could, trying to remember when the turning point was exactly that he had started to fall for Namjoon as the children ran to different parts of the first aquarium exhibit. 

"Deep in thought?" Namjoon commented, keeping an eye on the children. 

"I just realised that you're right," Jin said, "That night was the day it started for me." 

"What did?" 

"My feelings for you started to grow," Jin told him, "It was easy, you know? I didn't  have to pretend with you. You understood the fact that I had Jungkook, and that it was hard for me. You could understand the darkest parts of me that even my best friend can't. That you could be there with me, sitting in the quiet, and that we didn't have to fill it. That somehow, at one of my most humiliating parts of my life, you managed to make me smile, even when I thought that I wouldn't for a while." 

Namjoon cupped Jin's cheek, stroking it softly with the pad of his thumb, "I must be the luckiest person in the universe to be alive, and even just existing in the same space and time as you. To actually be here with you, right here, right now, holding your hand, liking you, is the biggest blessing I could ever dream of."

Jin's cheek dusted pink, as he smiled shyly at Namjoon, trying to look away from his intense gaze, wanting nothing more than to kiss him.

"You, Mr Kim, are cheesy." Jin said, hand coming up to cover Namjoon's on his cheek. 

"And you, Mr Kim, love it," Namjoon said.

"I do." Jin told him, "I really, really do." 

"Daddy! Daddy! Come on!" Jungkook said, tugging at Jin's pants as he pulled, "We gots to go to the other 'quim."

"Aquarium, baby," Jin corrected. 

"Gots to go! Gots to go!" Jungkook said, Taehyung in front of him, pulling Jin with all his might to where he wanted him to be.

Jin smiled at Namjoon, holding out his hand, "We gots to go, Joon." 

Namjoon took Jin's hand, intertwining their fingers together as he let himself be dragged along, happily.

"Daddy, what that?" Jungkook said, not giving Jin any time to answer before he dragged him to the tank. 

"This, Kookie, is called a Touch Tank," Jin explained, "People put their hands in and they can the fish. See this fish right here is a stingray, and that one on the rock is a starfish."

"Can touch?" Jungkook asked, big, doe brown eyes, lit up with hopeful excitement. 

"Yeah you can," Jin smiled and nodded. 

Jungkook put his hand in just on the surface and jumped back. He hid his face in his Jin's pants, shaking his head. 

"Hey, hey, what happened?" Jin asked, slowly stroking his hair. 

"Wet." Jungkook pouted, "Scawy. Fishy was moving."

"Do you want daddy to help you?" Jin said, stepping forward, coaxing Jungkook out of his pants, "Come on, we'll do this together, okay?" 

Beside him, Namjoon was explaining the fish to Taehyung who was leaning over to get a better look, with Namjoon's hand securely around his waist. 

"Papa, look! Das Patrick!" Taehyung said excitedly, turning to make sure that Namjoon was looking, "And das a pancake, papa!" 

"Let's go slowly, Kookie," Jin said, holding Jungkook's hand in his.

"Scawy," Jungkook frowned. 

"Daddy's here, baby," Jin said, just touching their hands to the surface of the water, "See, nothing to be scared of." 

"No owie?" Jungkook asked, eyes wide with fear, glossy and big as he looked at Jin for reassurance.

"Daddy's right here, Kookie. Nothing can ever hurt you." Jin said, pressing a kiss onto Jungkook's head, and gently pulling him closer to the Touch Tank. 

Jin slowly lowered their hands into the water, letting Jungkook get used to the feeling of the water first. He could hear giggling and talking excitedly beside them as Namjoon helped him touch the animals. Jin spotted a stingray coming their way and slowly lowered Jungkook's hand with his so they could just brush against the back of the fish. 

"Daddy, daddy, the pancake is here!" Jungkook said excitedly, squirming around as he tried to get closer to the Touch Tank.

"Want to touch it again, baby?" Jin asked. 

"Yes, yes," Jungkook said, nodding, leaning over the Touch Tank. Jin's arm was around his waist to keep him from falling into the tank. 

"Gently, okay?" Jin said, "Like when you touch a puppy in the park." 

"Gentle." Jungkook repeated, eyes on the water, watching the fish swim around. 

Jin lowered their hands again, touching and stroking the stingrays back gently as it swam around the tank. 

"Again! Again!" Jungkook giggled, his two front teeth on display as he grinned, leaning against the barrier on the Touch Tank. 




"And then, and then, and then, the fishie go whoosh on my hand and I touch it! But gently 'cause daddy say so," Jungkook said as he stuffed a fry into his mouth. 

"Eat slowly, darling," Jin said, making Jungkook sit down properly in the booth, but knowing that it wouldn't be of any use. The kids were just too excited, and Jin could let it go this one time. 

"The sharkie too! The sharkie go grr to the fishies and the fishies run and hide!" Taehyung said, nearly jumping on the cushion of the booth. 

"Sit properly, Tae." Namjoon said, pulling Taehyung down. 

"But papa-" 

"Taehyung." Namjoon warned, "You cannot jump on the chair, sweetie, you'll hurt yourself. Now, can you eat, please." 

"Daddy, daddy, will we see more fishies today?" Jungkook asked, hopeful. 

"They're all gone," Jin said. 

"All gone?" Jungkook asked with a pout,  lifting his hands up to look at them as if the fish would reappear, "Go where, daddy?" 

"The fishies went back home to sleep," Jin told them, "They had so much fun with you two that they needed to go home and nap like you have to." 

"When they come back to see Kookie and TaeTae, daddy?" Jungkook asked. 

"Very soon, darling," Jin said, carding his fingers through Jungkook's hair, "Can you finish your chicken and fries before we have to go home?"

"But don't wanna go, daddy," Jungkook said, shaking his head, "Wanna play with TaeTae." 

"You can play after you eat," Jin said, feeding Jungkook a fry, "See Taehyung is eating too, Kookie."

"Taetae wan fry?" Jungkook asked, holding out a fry to Taehyung.

"Thank you." Taehyung said, adding Jungkook's fry to his pile of fries before offering Jungkook another fry, "KooKoo wan fry too?" 

"Thank you." Jungkook said, taking the fry, dipping it in ketchup and eating it. 

"I would have thought that the aquarium would have tuckered them out," Namjoon said, twirling the pasta onto his fork. 

"Honestly, same," Jin sighed, "They have a lot of energy." 

"Can't decide if that's a good thing or not," Namjoon said as he took a bite of his food. 

"We just have very, very active children." 

"But the best," Namjoon added. 

"The best." Jin agreed with a fond smile and affection in his eyes.

"Did you enjoy the day?" 

"Enjoyed the company more," Jin said, smiling at Namjoon, wanting to reach out and hold his hand, but with the children in the middle he couldn't reach that far. So he settled for smiling at him.

"Trying to woo me, Mr Kim?" Namjoon teased, dimples on show. 

"You could say that," Jin said, teasing, before adding, "Sir."

"The kids are still here." Namjoon reminded him. 

"They are, aren't they," Jin said, giggling. 

They settled into a silence, listening to the kids play and babble on about the fish they saw and asking each other if they wanted more fries, even though they both ordered the same thing. 

"This is nice." Jin said. 

"I was thinking the same thing," Namjoon said, leaning back into the red leather of the booth. 



"What if.." Jin said, trailing off, trying to find the right words to say what he wanted to say. What he's been wanting to say. What he hoped would be the right thing to say. 


"What if we kept doing this.." Jin said, "Hanging out, and going on dates, even taking our children along..." 

Namjoon smiled, "What are you trying to say, Jin?" 

"You know," Jin said, shy, pink dusting his cheeks. 

"Enlighten me." 

"You're going to make me say it, aren't you?" 

"Definitely," Namjoon said with a smirk. "I need to hear the words." 

"Oh my god, I'm changing my mind right now." Jin complained, rolling his eyes. 

"You know you aren't, baby," Namjoon said. 

Jin's cheeks flood with colour, as he cleared his throat, "Anyway-" 

"Say it." 

"Kim Namjoon, you exhausting, amazing man-" 

"I'm ignoring the exhausting part, but continue," Namjoon commented. 

"Will you-" 

"Wait, no!" Namjoon said quickly. 

"What?" Jin asked, face falling. 

"I want to be the one to do it," Namjoon said. 

"Remember what I said about exhausting?" Jin joked, relief flooding his chest.

"Kim Seokjin," Namjoon started. 

"Why do I feel like you're going to get on one knee and propose?" Jin joked. 

"Give it some time, baby, I'll do that too," Namjoon said, winking at him. 

"And here I thought I'd be on my knees for you," Jin teased. 

"Don't test me, baby, especially in front of the kids." Namjoon said, voice low.

"Fine, fine," Jin said, laughing, loud and unabashed, "Please, continue, Mr Kim." 

"Kim Seokjin, will you do me the utmost honour and be my boyfriend?" Namjoon asked. 

"If I say yes, you're going to be stuck with me forever." Jin warned him, a mix of joking and a little bit of fear, "Are you sure you can handle that? I have a lot of baggage." 

"I'll help you carry it," Namjoon said, sincerity shining in his eyes, warmth dripping from his words as he stared in Jin's eyes.

"I'm yours if you're mine, Joon." Jin said, eyes crinkling by its side as he smiled from across the booth at Namjoon. 

"I'm  yours,  Jin. I've been yours for a long time now," Namjoon said, hands itching to touch Jin. 

Jin laughed, "You know, I had this whole thing planned."


"If the family date went well, I had this entire speech prepared and at the end I was going to ask you to be my boyfriend. I rehearsed it like a million times to myself in front of the mirror," Jin laughed, "I was going to tell you all these cheesy things, and then ask you to be my boyfriend." 

"This wasn't what you were expecting, was it?" Namjoon said with a laugh. 

"Not at all," Jin said, shaking his head, "But it's better."

"Is it?" 

"Papa! Papa!" Taehyung called out, tugging at Namjoon's sleeve, two fries hanging from his mouth like a walrus, "I'm a fishie, papa! Look! Look!" 

"Woah, daddy," Jungkook said, looking at Taehyung, eyes wide with awe, "Daddy, TaeTae fishie! Kookie wanna be fishie too!"

This is better, Jin thought to himself. This is much better than anything he could have imagined saying or doing. 

He smiled at Namjoon, stealing a glance for himself, and knew that he wasn't alone anymore. He didn't have to pretend anymore. He could actually be happy and not be scared that something would happen. 

Jin could be happy again. Bad things wouldn't happen this time. He was sure of it.

Chapter Text

Jin was cleaning up the kitchen, humming to himself, occasionally listening out for Jungkook who was watching Youtube on his iPad in his own room. Jin could hear his little giggles, and excited voice as he answered back to the characters sometimes, and without even noticing, Jin would smile, big and wide, look at the door and then go back to cleaning up. 

Four years ago, he was sure that he would never even reach beyond the point of holding a screaming, crying baby, and now here he was - A father to a very, very happy and healthy 4 , going onto 5 year old. 

He didn't know how he did it, but he did. Throughout the screaming, crying nights, to the nights where he couldn't fall asleep at all, to some, where Jungkook was incredibly sick, to some where he wouldn't hear a peep from Jungkook other than soft snores on his chest. Jin survived it all. He was pretty proud of himself.

He turned around to clean the marble counter and saw the Cookie Jar slightly opened with crumbs and pieces of chocolate chip surrounding it. He pulled the jar closer to him and opened the lid up, finding it completely empty, which is where he assumed the crumbs and pieces of chocolate chips on the counter were from. 

"Jungkook." Jin called out as he shaked his head. 

He heard the video stop and a little, "Uh oh, Iron Man-" coming from Jungkook's room. 

"Kim Jungkook! Come to the kitchen please," Jin said, cookie jar in hand as he waited for Jungkook to make his way to him.

Jungkook peeked his head out of his room and made sure that Iron Man's head was peeking out too before he said, in a small voice, as though he knew he was in trouble, "Hi, daddy."

"Come closer, baby," Jin said, a small smile growing on his face.

Jungkook looked at his Iron Man action figure and then back at Jin, and took one step out of his room. He looked back at Jin with wide, doe brown eyes, big and rounded and said, "Is close now, daddy."

"Come here, Jungkook." Jin said, trying to remain stoic, but can't help the smile that was growing on his face from Jungkook's antics. 

Jungkook hugged his Iron Man action figure closer to him and walked to the kitchen, making sure to leave some space between Jin and him. He looked up at Jin with rounded, wide, innocent eyes, blinking, as he said, in a little voice, "Hi, daddy." 

"Hi baby," Jin said, "Kookie?" 

"Yes, daddy?" 

"Do you know what happened to all the cookies?" Jin asked, holding the empty jar upside down, shaking it for emphasis. 

"No, daddy." Jungkook said, vehemently shaking his head, the little pieces of crumbs around his mouth, along with smeared, melted chocolate.

"Are you lying?" Jin asked, cocking an eyebrow. 

"Yes, daddy." Jungkook said, nodding, crumbs from his mouth falling onto the ground. 

"And is lying a good thing?" Jin asked. 

"No, no, no."

"So, Jungkook," Jin said, setting the cookie jar down onto the marble table top, "What happened to the cookies?" 

"Umm..." Jungkook said, looking at the wall, and then at the floor as he clutched his Iron Man action figure to him, before he thrusted it out to Jin, "Iron Man did it, daddy." 

"Iron Man did it?" 

"Iron Man eateded all the cookies from the cookie jar, daddy. I saw him! I saw him!" Jungkook insisted. 

"Oh he did, did he?" Jin said. 

"He eateded the cookies, daddy." Jungkook nodded, shaking his Iron Man. 

"Well, that's very bad." Jin said, taking Iron Man from Jungkook as he walked to the living room. 

"Daddy, where go?" Jungkook whined, trailing along behind Jin. 

"Iron Man needs to be punished, Kookie," Jin said, placing the action figure in one corner of the room, "Iron Man didn't tell daddy the truth, and he lied. So, Iron Man deserves a time out to learn that lying is very bad."

"No time out for eateded the cookie, daddy?" Jungkook asked, eyes glossing over as he watched Iron Man being placed, facing the wall, in a time out. 

"Iron Man wouldn't have gotten a time out if he told daddy the truth," Jin said, crouching down to Jungkook's level, "Because it's never okay to lie. Sometimes, we make mistakes, and we have to face them when we do. But, the punishments become way worse when we lie. That's why Iron Man is in the time out." 

"Kookie no time out?" Jungkook asked, pout growing deeper as he looked at Iron Man, guiltily. 

"Kookie didn't lie to daddy, right?" Jin asked, "So, no time out for Kookie."

"How long time out for Iron Man, daddy?" Jungkook asked, eyes not leaving the red superhero action figure. 

"Ten minutes." 

"That's a long time." 

"Iron Man gets extra because he lied twice to daddy." Jin told Jungkook as he sat down on the couch, watching Jungkook look at his Iron Man, "But Jungkook you shouldn't feel bad, because you didn't lie to daddy, right? You're daddy's bestest boy, and bestest boys don't lie." 

"Right..." Jungkook said, looking at the floor, pouting, eyes rounded, slightly glossy as he looked back at Iron Man. 

Two minutes had passed, and Jin was starting to get worried that his strategy of putting Iron Man in one corner to get Jungkook to confess wasn't working. But, on the other hand, he also had faith that Jungkook wouldn't actually lie to him. He just had to wait it out. 

Three minutes had passed and Jungkook was still standing at the end of the couch, watching Iron Man face the wall. 

Four minutes had passed and suddenly Jungkook ran to Jin, hugging his leg. 

"Kookie, baby?" Jin asked, carrying Jungkook on his lap, as Jungkook pushed his face closer to Jin's chest. 

"It was me, daddy! Kookie eateded all the cookies! Iron Man no eateded!" Jungkook said, eyes glossing over with tears, sob threatening to break out from his wavering voice.

"Shh, baby, shh," Jin said, smile breaking out on his face. He knew Jungkook would confess sooner or later. After all, Jin was the one who raised him. 

"Daddy, Kookie e-e-eateded cookies!" Jungkook said, face in Jin's chest, arms around his waist.

Jin gently pulled Jungkook back so that he could see him, "My bestest boy." 

"Bu-But Kookie no tell truth," Jungkook said with a pout, his lower lip wobbling. He looked down, pouting, tears threatening to spill, "Kookie get time out?" 

"Daddy didn't like the fact that you lied to him," Jin said, rubbing Jungkook's back, "But you told me the truth, and that's all that matters. You didn't feel good about lying, did you?" 

Jungkook shook his head, pout growing deeper as he fisted the material of Jin's shirt. 

"And you won't lie again, will you?" 

Jungkook shook his head again. 

"Promise?" Jin asked, holding out his pinky, his other hand on Jungkook's back, securing him so he doesn't fall off Jin's back. 

"KooKoo pwomise." Jungkook said, linking his tiny pinky to Jin's big one. 

Jin placed a kiss on Jungkook's forehead, "My bestest boy." 

"No time out?" Jungkook asked. 

"No time out." Jin said, "You can go play now." 

Jungkook giggled as he climbed off Jin's lap and went to get Iron Man from one corner. 

"Kookie sowwy," Jungkook said to Iron Man, placing a kiss on his little red head before waddling off to his room. 

Jin smiled as he watched Jungkook go to his room. He sighed as he got off the couch, getting ready to clean the rest of the kitchen when Jungkook peeked his head out of his room, cheeky smile on his face coupled with a mischievous glint in his eyes that Jin was too familiar with. 


"Yes, darling?" Jin said. 

"Can I have a cookie?" 




"And then I put Iron Man in the corner," Jin said, laptop resting on his lap as he scrolled through work emails while talking to Namjoon on the phone, back resting against the headboard of his bed. 

Namjoon gasped dramatically, "You didn't?!"

"I did," Jin giggled. 

"I hope you apologised," Namjoon said. 


"The Avengers are not going to be happy with you." 

"I think I can live with that," Jin said, as he deleted the email. 

"Did Jungkook own up to it?" Namjoon asked. 

"Took him a couple of minutes of him staring at Iron Man guiltily, but he did in the end," Jin said. 

"He's a good kid," Namjoon complimented, and Jin could hear the adoration and warmth in his voice, dripping like honey even through the phone.

"He is." 

"What're you doing?" Namjoon asked. 

"Going through some work emails," He answered, as he typed a reply. 

"It's 10pm on a Tuesday!" Namjoon said as if Jin didn't know, "You should be kicking your feet back and having a couple of beers while you lounge around watching dumb shows on Netflix. What are you doing answering emails?" 

Jin giggled, "Is that what you're doing? Watching some dumb show on Netflix with beer?" 

"I paused my show, and I'm having wine thank you very much," Namjoon said, "The question is - Why aren't you?! You shouldn't be working right now. You're not even going to get overtime." 

Jin skimmed the email from Do Hyun before clicking away from it, "My boss is very strict." 

"I'm sure he won't mind if you slack off a little. After all, you are the most hardworking one in that office," Namjoon told him, teasingly. 

"Hmm," Jin said, "I don't know about that. He'll probably corner me in the lift and give me a stern talking to." 

"You better not be getting in any lifts alone with people from now on, baby," Namjoon said, voice dropping an octave. 

"And why is that Mr. Kim?" Jin asked, looking at his phone as though he could see Namjoon through it.

"Meet me alone in a lift and I'll show you, baby." 

"I would, but I'm busy with my boss all day," Jin teased, smiling down at his phone.

"I'm sure he can show you a few things too," Namjoon said cockily, and Jin could practically hear him smirking from here. 

"Actually, Joon, I kind of wanted to talk to you about something," Jin said, suddenly remembering, shifting in his bed, tense. 

"What is it?" Namjoon asked, all traces of mischief and teasing gone. 

"You know...It's just that, uhh, well I don't want you to take this the wrong way. But I uhh, umm.." Jin said, stumbling and fumbling to get the right words. 

"Hey, hey," Namjoon said, sensing Jin's hesitance, "It's just you and me, Jin. It's just us. You can tell me anything; you know that. I won't ever judge you."

"Yeah, no, I get that. It's just that-" Jin said, cutting himself off. 

In a soft, gentle voice, Namjoon asked, "What is it, baby?"

"Joon, you know that I like you, and I love the fact that we're trying-" 

"Are you breaking up with me?" Namjoon asked immediately. 

"What? No!" Jin said immediately, staring down incredulously at the phone. 

"Oh thank god," Namjoon breathed a sigh of relief. 

"Seriously, Joon?!" 

"It sounded like a break up speech!" Namjoon said in his defence. 

"Why would I break up with you after I just told you about my day, flirted with you and on the phone! I wouldn't do that!" Jin said. 

"It sounded like a break up speech!" Namjoon repeated, "What was I supposed to think?!" 

"We just started dating!" 

"I can't help it! My mind just went there! I got scared..." Namjoon said, voice dropping to barely over a whisper.

"Well, this makes what I'm about to say way better then," Jin muttered. 

"What were you going to say?" 

"I was going to say that we needed some rules." 

"Rules?" Namjoon asked. 

"I mean, we work together and as much fun as the lift was, or flirting in my office is, I think that we need to be professional," Jin said, "I just don't want people thinking that the only reason I got promoted is because I'm sleeping with you." 

"But you didn't." Namjoon said, reminding him, "You got promoted because you're amazing at your job, Way better than some actual CEO's and managers that I work with." 

"I know," Jin said with a smile, "But I just don't want rumours to start spreading, you know?" 

"Okay, yeah," Namjoon said. 

"Yeah?" Jin asked, smiling down at the phone. 

"Professional." Namjoon repeated, "We can definitely do that."





Namjoon lifted Jin onto the desk, already panting, not caring about any of the documents on it. Jin pulled Namjoon's black narrow tie, bringing his lips down and crashing them together, wrapping his long legs around his waist, pulling him closer and closer, needing to feel more of him even though he was flush against Jin's chest. Jin snaked his arms around Namjoon's neck, lips gliding over one another before he felt Namjoon's tongue lick his bottom lip, asking for entrance as he pushed Jin further into the desk, practically towering over him.

Jin moaned, low, from the back of his throat, and Namjoon took this opportunity to slip his tongue in between his lips as Jin tangled his fingers in Namjoon's hair, pulling him closer to him. 

More. More. More. More. Was all that was going through Jin's mind as he bucked his hips up, feeling his dick harden against Namjoon's thigh. 

"Shit, Jin," Namjoon hissed out, as Jin grinded up against him. 

"Please, Joon," Jin whispered desperately, burying his face in Namjoon's chest, feeling the tie against his cheek. 

Namjoon moved his thigh in speed with Jin's thrusts, Jin was practically riding his thigh while Namjoon watched, biting his bottom lip, tongue darting out to wet his already swollen lips.

"Fuck, come on baby, grind on my thigh," Namjoon said, voice low and authoritative, "Show me how good I make you feel." 

Jin keened, muffling his moans against Namjoon's chest, not wanting anyone to know what they were up to in Jin's locked office,

Ring ring ring

Jin pulled back, sighing as he looked at his phone on the desk.

"Ignore it." Namjoon said, lips pressing kisses on Jin's neck. 

Ring Ring Ring

Namjoon groaned and pulled back, glaring at the phone, "Why is Do Hyun calling you? We closed his contract a week ago?" 

Jin sighed and leaned back, "He's been emailing and calling, but I've been ignoring it." 

"Why?" Namjoon asked, cocking an eyebrow. 

"He wants to offer me a job working with him," Jin said. 

"When did this start?" Namjoon asked, jaw locked and hard. 

Ring Ring Ring

"Answer it." Namjoon demanded. 

"Joon.." Jin sighed, leaning back, running a hand through his hair. 

Namjoon reached over and answered the call, passing it to Jin. 

"Hello?" Jin said, rolling his eyes as Namjoon settled back in between his legs. 

"Jin! Hey! I've been trying to get a hold of you," Do Hyun said on the other side. 

"Yeah, sorry. I've been meaning to call you back, but it's been such a crazy week!" Jin lied.

"Did you get a chance to read my email I sent you?" Do Hyun asked.

"Uhh," Jin said, eyeing Namjoon suspiciously. He recognised that mischievous glint in his eye; Namjoon was planning something and Jin didn't like it. 

"Jin?" Do Hyun asked. 

"Yeah, I'm here." Jin said, shaking his head, focusing back on the conversation, "Right...Your email. Uhh, I didn't really get a chance to look it over, but I will-"

"Well, I mean, I have you on the line. I might as well explain," Do Hyun said, too eager. 

Namjoon moved forward, leaning in, ignoring Jin's eyes as he dropped his head to Jin's neck, moving the collar. 

Jin moved the phone away from his mouth, and whispered harshly to Namjoon, "What are you doing?" 

"Shh, baby," Namjoon said, placing a kiss right below his right ear, "You have to attend to a phone call." 

"Jin? Jin?" He heard from the phone. 

"I-I'm here," Jin stuttered out, swallowing back a moan as Namjoon sucked and scraped his teeth along Jin's sensitive skin just below his white collar. 

"So, as I was saying about the pay raise-" 

Jin threw his head back, his Adam's apple bobbing as he sucked in a breath, giving Namjoon more room to work with. Namjoon settled down in between Jin's legs, picking up bits and pieces of his conversation with Do Hyun. The offer was attractive, Namjoon wasn't going to lie; He just wanted to remind Jin about why his company was better. Both literally, and professionally. 

"Uhuh. Mhmm. Oh okay." Jin said absentmindedly as Namjoon sucked another hickey into his neck. He couldn't help but buck his hips upward, trying his hardest not to moan out at the pleasure that Namjoon was giving him. 

"Hang up." Namjoon whispered roughly, lowly, against Jin's right ear before placing a kiss right below it, scraping his teeth lightly against his skin. 

"Do Hyun, I'm really sorry, but can I call you back?" Jin said immediately, not bothering to wait for an answer. 

"But I haven't told you about the fringe benefits-"

"I'll call you back." Jin said and then hung up. 

He threw his phone carelessly somewhere and pulled Namjoon down to his lips, crashing them together, gliding them against one another. It was rough, and needy. A mix of tongues and moans and clacking of teeth, but neither of them cared. It was messy and hot, and exactly what they wanted. 

"He could have heard us," Jin panted against Namjoon. 

"You liked it," Namjoon said, moving down to Jin's jaw, peppering kisses over every expanse of skin that he could find. 

"You're jealous." Jin said, pulling back, wanting to look into Namjoon's eyes. 

"What? No!" Namjoon denied immediately, chest heaving, as he ran his fingers through his already messy hair. 

"Oh my god, you're jealous!" Jin said, grinning.

"I am not!" Namjoon spluttered, stepping back, "You're jealous!" 

"I'm jealous of Do Hyun offering me a job at his company?" Jin said, smirking. 

"Yeah huh," Namjoon said, knowing that it made no sense. 

"Come here," Jin said gently, pulling Namjoon in with his legs, wrapping them around his waist.

"What?" Namjoon said, pushing his glasses up, looking everywhere but at Jin. 

Jin gently cupped his hand to Namjoon's cheek, making him look into his eyes, "Do Hyun's been trying to recruit me for ages. I'm not going to lie and say that I haven't thought about it before. I have. But ever since a while ago, I stopped having a reason to even think about leaving." 

"He's offering you twice the pay." Namjoon told Jin, as if he didn't know.

"i know." Jin said, thumb gently rubbing the apple of Namjoon's cheek. 

"You'll get a better office." 

"I know." 

"And more fringe benefits..." Namjoon said, resolve crumbling. 

"Do Hyun could offer me the entire company and more, and I still wouldn't say yes," Jin told him. 


Jin smiled at him and leaned up, placing a gentle, soft, and chaste kiss on Namjoon's lips, "Because of this." 

"So much for acting professionally, huh," Namjoon teased. 

"Does your secretary still think I'm being scolded?" Jin asked him. 

"It's been an hour," Namjoon said with a grin, "I don't think any scolding lasts for an hour. I might have to think of a new excuse."

"When you leave," Jin said, reaching behind him and grabbing a random file, "You might want to use this. Namjoon Jr says hi." 

Namjoon looked down at the tent in his pants and groaned. He grabbed the file and tried to subtly hide his boner. "Is it obvious?" 

"Not to anyone that isn't me," Jin said as he fixed Namjoon's tie. 

Namjoon couldn't help but smile as he clutched the file closer to him, watching Jin retie his tie and button up his collar, "This is nice." 

"Hmm? What is?" Jin asked as he straightened Namjoon's tie and brought the collar down, smoothening it over. 

"This. It's domestic," Namjoon said, can't help the giggle that tumbled out of his mouth. 

Jin smiled, a slight tinge of pink tinting his cheeks, "I didn't realise it, but yeah, you're right. Making out in my office is incredibly domestic." 

"Not that part," Namjoon said, "The tying the tie, making sure I'm presentable part."

"You'd do the same for me," Jin said, placing a chaste kiss on Namjoon's lips, unable to get enough of him.

"I wanted to ask you something." 

"What is it?" Jin asked. 

"I want to have a family dinner," Namjoon said. 

"With Tae and Kook?" 

"And Yoongi, and Jimin," Namjoon said, "They're family too." 

"I'd love that," Jin said, genuine and warm, "Can I invite someone else too? He's kind of an extension of my family." 

"Who is it?" 

"Jung Hoseok." 

"Teacher Jung?" Namjoon asked.

"Yoongi, Hoseok and I are close. Like really, really close," Jin explained, "I'm sure they'll tell you the story during dinner." 

"I'd love that," Namjoon said, "Invite whoever you want."

"I think that just the 7 of us will be perfect." 

Namjoon was scared, and almost hesitant to say what he was really thinking - It's kind of like our little family, isn't it? 

So, he settled for smiling at Jin instead. 

"Oh!" Jin said, perking up with an idea, "We can make it into a potluck! It'll be fun! I'll host!" 

Namjoon swore that he would go around the world a million times over if it would make Jin smile the way that he was now. 





"Twinkle twinkle liddle stah. Howya wondah whatchu ahre!" Jungkook sang loudly as Jin set the table for the dinner tonight, "Uppa..hmmm..Uppa...uhh...Daddy!" 

"Up above the wor-" Jin begun to sing, placing the forks and spoons down on the placemat. 

"No! No! Kookie sing!" Jungkook whined, wanting to be the one to sing. 

"Go ahead, darling," Jin said, fond smile on his face as he walked back into the kitchen to grab the glasses. 

"Uppa bode the world so high! Licka- Licka..Hmm...Licka what daddy?" Jungkook huffed 

"Like a diamond-" Jin corrected, placing the plates on the mat.

"Kookie do!" Jungkook whined and then started to sing again like he didn't forget the words at all, "Licka diamond in the sky! Twinkle twinkle liddah star. Howya wondah whatchu ahre." Jungkook finished, clapping for himself. 

"Well done, baby," Jin complimented, "You did a very good job. Daddy's very proud of you."

Jungkook giggled, clapping for himself again before standing up and running over to Jin who was walking into the kitchen to grab the children's plates and cutlery to put on the table. 

"Daddy what do?" Jungkook asked, on his tippy toes trying to see what Jin was doing. 

"We have people coming over for dinner today, Kookie," Jin told him, "Daddy's setting the table. Want to help?" 

"Yes peas!" Jungkook said, jumping up to see the counter. 

"Here, darling, take this," Jin said, passing him the red and green plastic plates.

"Daddy, iz red like Iron Man! And red is Kookie's bestestest colour and-and-and this one is gween like TaeTae bestestest colour be-because Hulk is gween so TaeTae like gween," Jungkook said excitedly, waving the plates around. 

"Wow! Really?!" Jin gasped as he guided Jungkook to the dining table, "Can you put those plates right here for daddy?"

"Kookie do!" Jungkook said, reaching up and setting the plates down right next to each other, "Lookie! Kookie do!" 

"Well done baby," Jin said, "Can you go grab two of your special glasses too, so you and TaeTae can share?"

"Kookie wan red," Jungkook said. 

"Don't forget to get one for Taehyung," Jin called out behind him as he straightened up the plates that Jungkook laid down. 

"Daddy, we got a uh oh," Jungkook said with a little gasp.

"What's wrong, baby?" Jin asked as he walked to the kitchen. 

"There no gween cups, daddy," Jungkook said, eyes widening as he realised the disaster in front of him, "TaeTae like gween and we no have gween." 

"We have red, and blue, and even brown," Jin said, pointing them out, "Pick one of this. I'm sure Tae will like it." 

"No daddy. TaeTae like gween! This no gween," Jungkook said, pointing to the colours. 

"What if you take blue and Tae takes red? That way you'll be the Avengers colours!" Jin said. 

Jungkook thought it over with a hum, lips pouting as he thought, and thought, and thought. Finally he nodded, "TaeTae like Avengers. Kookie like Avengers too." 

"Here you go," Jin said, passing him the blue cup, "Can you go put that with your special plates please?"

Jungkook's feet pitter pattered along the floor as he made his way to the dining table. He put the plastic cups on the seat before heaving himself up on the chair. He took the cups and studied the table

"Kookie red cup." He said as he put the cup next to his red plate and then moved over to the green plate, "TaeTae blue cup." 

Ding Dong

"Door! Door!" Jungkook said excitedly as he climbed down the chair and ran to the door, "Daddy, door!" 

"Kookie! No running in the house," Jin reminded him, knowing it was futile. 

"Open! Open!" Jungkook said, pointing at the door, "Daddy! Hurry!"

"Coming, baby," Jin said, wiping his hands on his jeans before opening the door.


"Uncle Yoo!" Jungkook said, jumping up and down as Yoongi walked through the front door, one arm carrying a wine bottle, and the other carrying a plastic bag from the supermarket.

"Careful, Kookie. Uncle Yoo is carrying a lot of things," Jin warned. 

"Iron Man!" Yoongi said, perking up immediately, fond smile on his face.

Jungkook giggled and hugged Yoongi's legs, "No, no, Uncle Yoo. I, Kim Jungkook."

"Are you sure?" Yoongi asked the child, "Because I'm pretty sure you're Iron Man." 

"No!" Jungkook giggled into his pant leg, "I, Kim Jungkook."

"Well, Iron Man Jungkook," Yoongi said, "I got you a little present."

"Prezzie?" Jungkook said, perking up, jumping up and down, pulling Yoongi's pants as he did. 

"Kookie, don't do that," Jin warned, pulling him back a little.

"Daddy, Kookie get prezzie," Jungkook said, excitedly, his wide eyes shining with glee, grinning from ear to ear. 

"I heard, darling," Jin said, pulling Jungkook away gently so that Yoongi could walk into the house rather than stay at the foyer with a child stuck to his leg, although it wouldn't be the first time, not that Yoongi minded. He was whipped for the kid, and everyone knew it. 

"Prezzie, Uncle Yoo!" Jungkook said, trailing behind him. 

"Close your eyes," Yoong said as he set the plastic down on the kitchen counter.

"Kookie, no peekie," Jungkook said as he closed his eyes and held out both his hands.

"It better not be ice cream, Yoongs," Jin hissed out, loud enough for only Yoongi to hear. 

"It's not," Yoongi told him, "I'm not going to carry melted ice cream all the way here. I'll buy it for the kids later." 


Yoongi put the box in Jungkook's hand quickly before saying, "Okay. Open!" 

"Wow!" Jungkook said, eyes rounded and wide as he smiled down at his present. 

"What do we say, Kookie?" Jin prompted. 

"Tank you! Tank you!" Jungkook said as he ran to Yoongi and hugged his legs, "I love nana milk!" 

"Anytime, Iron Man," Yoongi said, bending down and hugging Jungkook, "Can Uncle Yoo have a kissie please?" 

Jungkook placed a wet and loud kiss on Yoongi's cheeks before giggling and clutching the boxed banana milk close to his chest. 

"I brought banana milk for him and some grape milk for us big boys," Yoongi said, winking at Jin. 

"Uncle Yoo, open." Jungkook said, tugging on Yoongi's pants.

"After dinner, baby," Jin said. 

Jungkook pouted and held up the boxed drink for one of the adults to open, eyes wide and rounded, big and doe brown, "Peas."

Ding Dong 

"After dinner." Jin said again, "Now wait here while daddy goes to open the door, okay? Be a good boy." 

Jin walked to the door and before opening it, he ran his fingers through his hair and smoothened over any creases on his shirt. Looking down at his shirt now, he wishes that he had changed clothes. Maybe green wasn't his colour. He had a really nice blue-

Ding Dong

"Jin! Open the door!" He heard Yoongi scream from the kitchen. 

Jin unlocked the deadbolt and opened the door.

"Hello Mister KooKoo's daddy!" Taehyung greeted with a wide boxy grin, "Papa say I give you this." 

"Why thank you very much, Taehyung," Jin said, taking the brown bag from Taehyung's outstretched hand, "Why don't you guys come in?"

Taehyung ran past Jin's legs, leaving Jimin and Namjoon behind. 

Jin looked at Namjoon, a smile growing on his face as he bit down on his bottom lip. Namjoon couldn't help the dimpled smile that was on his face too. They didn't need words anymore. They had their own private smiles for each other. It was intimate in a way that neither of them understood, but they loved it anyway. They didn't have the awkwardness of starting out in a relationship. They sort of just fell into place with each other; found their footing fast, and held each other's hand throughout.

It was perfect. They were happy.

"Hey Jin!" Jimin greeted, pulling them away from their little moment. 

"Oh, hey Jimin," Jin said, shaking his head, tearing his eyes away from Namjoon. 

Jimin shook his head and rolled his eyes playfully, "Did you even notice that I was standing here?" 

"Yeah! Definitely!" Jin lied.

"I'm definitely not going to feel bad about opening this then," Jimin said as he passed Jin the bottle of white wine. 

"Thank you," Jin said and graciously accepted it, "We just opened a bottle if you want a glass?"

"I'd need some to survive whatever-" Jimin joked, gesturing at the two of them, "This is." 

"Yoongi's pouring," Jin said and ushered Jimin in, ignoring his protests.

Namjoon leaned against the doorframe, hand immediately finding Jin's waist, "Hey." 

"Hi," Jin said, leaning in with a smile on his face as he immediately placed a kiss on Namjoon's lips, smiling into it. 

Namjoon pulled away first, placing a kiss on Jin's cheek, "You look gorgeous tonight." 

"You look better." 

"I should feel bad about interrupting this moment, but weirdly enough, I don't," They heard from the side. 

"Oh, Hobi!" Jin said, stepping back. 

"I brought wine, if that's any consolation," Hoseok said, holding up two bottles of wine - One red and one white. 

"Hoseok, you know Namjoon, right?" Jin introduced them.

"Taehyung's dad." Hoseok said, passing a bottle to Jin and then outstretching his hand. 

"Nice to see you, Hoseok." 

"You too, Namjoon." 

"Well, this has been..." Jin said, clearing his throat and stepping aside, "Yoongi's got a bottle open. Shall we?" 

"This should be fun!" Hoseok said, smiling widely as he entered the house. 

"Are we telling them that we're..." Namjoon said, trailing off. 

"I think everyone knows, Joonie," Jin said, as he closed the door behind them. 

"The kids?" 

"Maybe later?" Jin said, "Let's just wait before we tell them." 

"Yeah, we can do that," Namjoon said, wiping his hands on his jeans.


"What? Why would I be nervous?" Namjoon whispered out, nervously. 

"I don't know." Jin said, "But I think I'm nervous." 

"Me too." Namjoon said, hand on Jin's waist. 

Jin turned around to face Namjoon, "It's just us and our closest friends. We can do this. It's just dinner with friends." 

"And our kids." 

"And our kids." Jin repeated. 

"We're adults." Namjoon said, unsure as to why, but he just needed that information out there. 

"And there will be alcohol." 

"We'll be fine," Namjoon said, nodding, "If it all goes to shit today, we can blame it on the alcohol."

"Good plan." Jin said, "Ready?"

"Let's go." Namjoon said with a nod, a guiding hand on Jin's back as they walked into the kitchen. 

"Hi daddy!" Jungkook greeted with a bright smile and his mouth around a straw. 

"Didn't I say you could only have banana milk after dinner," Jin told him, immediately glaring at Yoongi. 

"He said please!" Yoongi said as a defence, "He did the eyes and the pout and he was polite, Jin! What do you expect me to do? Say no? To that face?" 

Jin looked back at Jungkook who was sitting beside Taehyung, swinging his legs slowly on the tall bar chairs, giggling at each other with their mouths around straws. Jungkook waved at his dad with a wide grin. 

"Just this once." Jin sighed, shaking his head. 

"White or red?" Jimin asked as they neared the table. 

"White please," Jin said. 

"Take your pick. We have 2 white bottles," Jimin giggled. 

"You guys do realise that when I say potluck, you have to bring a food and not just wine," Jin told them with no real malice in his voice. It was teasing and light. 

"Knowing you, you would have already predicted this," Yoongi said, taking a sip from his red wine. 

"I did."  Jin said, taking his white wine from Jimin's outstretched hand. 

"And?" Hoseok asked, "Did you cook?" 

"For seven of us? No way!" Jin scoffed, "I ordered pizza."

"Pizza and wine is the perfect night," Hoseok said with a grin.

"If there was a game on tonight, it would be the perfect night," Yoongi sighed. 

"Is it not bingo night tonight, grandpa?" Jimin said, sipping on his wine. 

"Shouldn't you be drinking banana milk with the kids over there," Yoongi spat back, glaring at Jimin. 

"Don't make me get the boys to teach you how to apologise again, you two!" Hoseok warned.

"What?" Jin asked, swallowing the wine in his mouth. 

Hoseok looked at Jimin and Yoongi with a cocky smirk, "Oh, they didn't tell you?"

"Shut it, Seok! We had an agreement." Yoongi hissed out. 

"We did the thing and you said you wouldn't say anything," Jimin said, a little sheepishly. 

"What are you guys talking about?" Namjoon asked, looking between the three of them.

"Nothing!" Yoongi and Jimin said in unison before glaring at each other.

"Fine, I won't say anything," Hoseok said, smirking as he realised he truly held some power here, "But one more time and I swear I'll spill everything and I mean everything." 

Ding Dong 

"Door! Daddy! Door!"  Jungkook said excitedly, jumping down from his seat running to the kitchen with the straw in his mouth. 

"Thank you darling," Jin said, setting his wine glass down.

"You well-cah." Jungkook said, walking back to his seat next to Taehyung who was still sipping on his banana milk. 

"It's probably the pizza," Jin said, wiping his hands as he moved to answer the door. 

"Yoongi and Jimin will do it," Hoseok said as he sipped his wine, evil smirk on his face. 

"What? Jin said, cocking his eyebrow. 

"It's just pizza, Seok." Yoongi said, glaring at Hoseok.

"If it's just pizza, then I'm sure you and Jimin would be happy to get it," Hoseok told them.

Ding Dong

"This is silly." Jin said, taking a step. 

"Jin, I'm sure when you come back, you'd love to hear the story about Yoongi and Jimin when the-" 

"Come on kid, we have pizza to get." Yoongi grumbled, practically slamming his wine glass down as he walked to the door. 

"What do you have on them?" Namjoon asked, curious. 

"I'm sure I'll have plenty of chances to tell you tonight." Hoseok said, downing his wine, "I'm getting a refill. Want some?"

"I'm good." Namjoon waved off, watching Hoseok walk to the kitchen to get more wine. 

"What do you think he has on them?" Jin asked. 

"Something big, probably." 

"Do you think something happened between Jimin and Yoongi?" Jin asked. 

"Them? No way! They hate each other," Namjoon scoffed out. 

"Yeah, you're right," Jin said, shaking his head, "There's no way that's ever going to happen. I mean, we literally walked in on them two seconds away from killing each other the other day."

"Daddy," Jungkook whined as he walked over to Jin, pout on his face, downcase. 

"What's wrong, baby?" Jin asked, holding out his arms as Jungkook made their way into them, pout only growing deeper. 

"Hungy." Jungkook complained. 

"Are you still hungry after your banana milk?" 

Jungkook nodded, eyes big and rounded, accompanies by a pout of his lips, chubby cheeks slightly flushed, "Hungy, daddy." 

"Uncle Yoo and ChimChim went to go get the pizza. They should be back any second now, Kookie." Jin said, placing a kiss on Jungkook's hair.

"Pizza?!" Jungkook said, immediately perking up, all traces of sadness wiped off from his face, bright eyed and smiling. 


"No 'colli today, daddy?" Jungkook asked, scrunching his face up at the mention of the word. 

"Colli?" Namjoon asked, endeared as he held Taehyung in his hands who was still drinking his banana milk slowly. 

"Broccoli," Jin said. 

"No 'colli?" Jungkook asked again. 

"Not tonight, baby," Jin said. 

"Yay!" Jungkook nearly screamed, gleefully, clapping his hands together. 

"Pizza's here!" Yoongi announced as he walked in with three big boxes in his hand. 

"No thanks to you," Jimin scoffed out. 

"If it wasn't for me, we wouldn't have the pizza in the first place, squirt," Yoongi said through gritted teeth as he set the boxes of pizza on the table. 

"You?!" Jimin scoffed out, "What the hell did you do? You just stood there -" 

"Come talk to me when you don't have to ask your mother for allowance money anymore." Yoongi scoffed, rolling his eyes. 

"Is this fighting I hear?" Hoseok said, cocking an eyebrow as everyone made their way to the table. 

"Uncle Yoo and ChimChim fight again," Jungkook pouted. 

"Do we need to remind them what we do when we fight, boys?" Hoseok said, smirking.

"No!" Yoongi and Jimin protested in unison.

"I feel like we're missing something," Jin thought out loud.

"It's nothing!" Yoongi hissed out, glaring at Hoseok.

"Uncle Yoo, no be mean." Jungkook said, bottom lip jutting out as he looked at Yoongi. 

Yoongi's eyes softened immediately, "Uncle Yoo's just playing, darling." 

Jimin couldn't keep his eyes off Yoongi, taking in the way his eyes went from glaring and cold to warm and huge as soon as Jungkook called out his name. Jimin had a feeling that Yoongi wasn't the facade that he liked to show the world. Something about the way Yoongi interacted with the people he cared about the most showed Jimin that there was more than the cold person that Yoongi was trying so hard to portray. He didn't know why Yoongi wanted everyone to think that he was some impenetrable metal wall; when in reality he was so much more than that.

"No play like that. It mean." Jungkook scolded, wagging his finger. 

Yoongi smiled at Jungkook, soft, gentle, unaware that Jimin was memorising the way his eyes crinkled by its side, and the way his cheeks would chub up, the way he smiled with his gums first, and the way his features were always the softest when he thought no one was looking.

"Who wants pizza?" Jin said, punctuating his sentence with a clap, bringing all the attention on him.



Jin pat Jungkook's back softly as he fell asleep on Jin's chest, thumb in between his lips, mouth forming a pout around the finger as his chest rose and fell with every pat. 

"They're both out, huh?" Jimin asked as he made his way back to the living room.

"Jungkook was out like a light," Jin said, "I think Taehyung just fell asleep." 

Namjoon looked down his lap, and saw his son curled up like a ball, hugging one of Jungkook's plushies around him, burying his head into the soft cotton, hair falling over his eyes.

"Yeah," Namjoon said, carding his fingers gently through Taehyung's hair, pushing it away from his eyes, "He's out too."

"Don't tell anyone, but they're my favourite students," Hoseok said, with a fond smile. 

"They love you, you know?" Jin said, "The first thing I hear everyday about school is how much Jungkook leaves his class and his amazing Teacher Jung." 

"Same here," Namjoon said, "Especially how generous you are with your gold stars."

"I find any excuse I can to give them extra," Hoseok admitted, face slightly flushed pink from the wine, "They have the best smiles and I just need an excuse to see it." 

"They're good kids." Jimin couldn't help but say, "They're raised amazingly well." 

"Yeah well, it wasn't easy," Jin said, with an almost humourless laugh, "I wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for Yoongi." 

"Jin...Come on, we both know that isn't true." Yoongi said. 

"You saw me when I was all alone, Yoongs. You saw how much of a mess I was! You've been there through everything..." Jin said, voice suddenly going soft, "This wasn't something i did alone. Raising Jungkook isn't something I did by myself. We both played a part in this." 

"You're his father, Jin," Yoongi reminded him. 

"Not by blood." Jin deadpanned. 

Silence descended the room, enveloping them in a shroud of tension and awkwardness, and a certain sadness. What do you say to something like that? How would you comfort someone who felt so...unworthy of love, praise and happiness? 

"Look, guys I-" Jin started to say but Namjoon cut him off. 

"Blood doesn't make a relationship, Jin," Namjoon said, gently, "It doesn't define anything."

Jin sighed, tired, "Yeah, no, I know that. It's just-"

"No." Namjoon said, shaking his head, not letting Jin finish. He didn't want to see Jin degrade himself further. He didn't want to see Jin think so lowly of himself and belittle his own efforts like that. Namjoon wouldn't let that happen. 

"No?" Jin asked, taken aback. 

"I'm not going to let you think that about yourself. Not on my watch," Namjoon said, "Jin, you already know what my relationship with my father was like. It was all blood, and nothing else. All I was to him was an heir to the company, and nothing else. If blood really did make a good father, then where was mine? Jin, blood doesn't make a relationship. Neither does it define one." 

"Blood's thicker than water, Joon." 

"That's not the full saying, baby," Namjoon said with a smile, "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb. Relationships built by choice, is stronger than ones of blood. You're not a father, Jin. Not at all. You're a dad and a great, brilliant one at that. Jungkook is a healthy, happy, polite, smart and well mannered child. And he's yours." 

Jin blinked back the tears and looked at Jungkook on his chest. 

"You may have been alone at first, but look around you now, baby," Namjoon said with nothing but love, affection and warmth in his heart, "You're not alone anymore." 

"Yeah..." Jin said smiling at his friends around him, "Yeah, you're right. I'm not alone anymore."

Jin didn't hold back his smile now.

"I have a family again. A family I found all by myself." 

"We're never going anywhere, Jin," Hoseok said with a warm smile. 

"You're kind of stuck with us now," Jimin added. 

"Better rethink your decision, Jin," Yoongi said. 

Jin smiled at them, "I'm sticking with it." 

"With us?" Namjoon asked. 

With a bright smile, and warmth lacing his every word, Jin said, "Forever and always." 

Chapter Text

"Splash!" Jungkook yelled in excitement as he ran to the pool. 

"Oh no you don't." Jin said, jogging and picking Jungkook up under his armpits and walking him over to the table by the side of the pool. 

"Splaaash." Jungkook whined, kicking his feet in the air, squirming in Jin's arms, trying to get out of his arms and into the water. 

"What did daddy tell you before we came in?" Jin reminded him as he sat them both down on the chair, under the big umbrella. 

"No go into water without daddy or TaeTae Papa," Jungkook pouted, looking longingly at the water. 

"You can't go in alone, baby," Jin said as he set down the backpack he packed full of snacks, sunblock, some toys, and two pairs of extra clothes. 

"But I like splash, daddy," Jungkook said, eyes rounded and wide as he looked back from the pool to Jin. 

"I know baby," Jin said as he took out the sunblock, "We can go swimming soon, okay? Daddy just has to put some sunblock on you and get your floaties on." 

"Summock?" Jungkook asked, tilting his head slightly as he looked up at Jin with big, curious doe brown eyes. 

"Sun. Block." Jin corrected immediately, before turning to Namjoon, "Joonie, can you blow up the floaties? I'll get the sunblock on the kids." 

"Sure, baby," Namjoon said, reaching into Jin's bag and getting out the two pairs of floaties, one pair for each kid, "Tae, go to Jin and he'll get sunblock on you, okay? Then we can go swimming!" 

"Papa come?" Taehyung asked, hair falling in his eyes.

"We'll go together," Namjoon said with a bright smile, dimples on show as he swept Taehyung's hair to one side.

"Why put summock, daddy?" Jungkook asked as he watched Jin cover his arm in white sunblock and then rub it in until it was no longer visible. 

"You know how the sun is very hot, baby?" Jin said as he dolloped some sunblock on his hands to cover Jungkook's feet, "Well, our skin is very special and it needs to be protected so that we won't burn." 

"Like toast." Jungkook said with a nod. 

Jin laughed, "Like toast." 

Jungkook scrunched his face up as Jin put the sunblock on his face. 

"All done!" Jin said, and then turned to Namjoon whose face was slightly red as he blew into the floaties, "You doing alright, babe?" 

Namjoon panted as he pulled the floatie away from his face, "A-All go-good." 

"Want to switch?" Jin offered. 

"Wh-What?" He panted, out of breath, "N-No. I'm go-good."

"Kookie, go help him," Jin said.

"Kookie help!" Jungkook said excitedly as he ran to Namjoon. 

"Come here, Tae," Jin said softly.

"Hello, Mister KooKoo's Daddy," Taehyung greeted, standing in front of him, waiting for his sunscreen. 

"You can call me Uncle Jin, you know," Jin said, spreading the sunscreen on Taehyung's exposed arm, rubbing it in gently until it all of it was massaged in. 

"Can I, papa?" Taehyung asked, turning to face Namjoon who was still red and out of breath, leaning back against the seat, trying to catch his breath.

Namjoon looked at Jin. 

"We're going to have to tell them sooner or later, right? Might as well get them used to the idea of being together all the time," Jin said almost sheepishly, "Plus, 'Mister KooKoo's Daddy' ix more than a mouthful for a 4 year old."

"Uncle Jin it is," Namjoon said with a smile.

He looked down at Jungkook who was fiddling with the already blown floatie in his hands. 

"Jungkook?" Namjoon said. 

"Yes, TaeTae papa?" Jungkook responded, looking up at Namjoon, blinking his doe brown eyes as he waited for the elder to speak. 

"Call me Uncle Namjoon, okay?" He said, ruffling the child's hair. 

"Like Uncle Yoo?" 

"Yeah," Namjoon said with a nod. 

"Okay, Uncle Namu," Jungkook said, looking back down at the floatie, pressing it to see it go down and up. 

"Namu," Namjoon repeated softly, looking up at Jin who was applying sunscreen on Taehyung.

Jin rubbed the sunscreen gently in and went to get another dollop. He put his index finger in and put it on Taehyung's nose with a little 'boop'. Taehyung giggled, high pitched as he tried wiping off the sunscreen. Jin booped another dot onto his nose and smiled when Taehyung giggled again. The wide, boxy smile stayed on his face even as Jin was rubbing the sunscreen in. 

"All done, TaeTae," Jin said, bringing him into a hug and placing a kiss on his head. 

"Thank you, Uncle Jin." 

"You're welcome darling," Jin said, "Go to Papa and get your floaties on, okay? We'll go swimming after your floaties are on." 

Namjoon's heart warmed with the domesticity, and how easy all of this seemed. They fell into a routine without even realising it. Their kids got along extremely well, and even with the other adults. There was no animosity, neither was there any awkwardness. Namjoon could get used to this. He could already picture getting ready in the mornings together. He could picture waking their kids up with kisses, and dividing the chores - One of them would get the kids ready, while the other would get breakfast. He could smell the coffee and the pancakes. He could hear the singing and playing in the car while they dropped their kids off at the daycare. He could feel the morning kisses and hear the flirty giggles as they drove into work together. He could picture their life together, with their kids and a house.

It was perfect.

"Daddy, toys?" Jungkook asked as Namjoon put the his arm through the floaties.

"Ducky and octopus?" Jin asked as he rummaged around in his bag to get the toys. 

"Yes peas." Jungkook said with a wide, toothy smile. Jungkook turned to look at Namjoon, "All done?" 

"One more floatie, sweetie," Namjoon said, picking the floatie up from the table, "Other side, please." 

"This my arm, Uncle Namu." Jungkook said, lifting his arm up. 

"It is your arm." Namjoon said as he put Jungkook's arm through the floatie. 

"I have two arms." Jungkook informed him. 

"Wow, you do?" 

"Woah!" Taehyung gasped in awe, "I got two arms too." 

"And two legs." Jungkook added. 

"And two eyes," Taehyung said, pointing to his eyes. 

"And two ears," Jungkook continued. 

"I got no more two." Taehyung pouted.

Jungkook pointed to the floaties, "TaeTae got two floatie!" 

"I do! I do!" Taehyung said, bouncing excitedly. 

"You will," Namjoon said, "Come here, Tae bear." 

"Hi papa," Taehyung giggled as Namjoon pulled him closer. 

Namjoon picked up the inflated floatie from the table and started to slip it up Taehyung's arm, "Ready to go swimming?" 

Taehyung nodded excitedly, "KooKoo and I will play duckies." 

"Can Papa join?" Namjoon asked as he picked the other floatie up. 

"Yes!" Taehyung said, flapping his arms, not being able to move them much because of the floaties on them. 

"Ready, kids?" Jin said, pulling his shirt off and putting it down on the table. 

"Oh." Was all Namjoon could say, mouth going dry as his eyes drank in the sight of a half naked Jin. 

"Papa, your mouth is open," Taehyung pointed out, jumping to close it but only reaching up to Namjoon's navel.

"He's having a moment, Tae," Jin said, amused, but also proud that he could make Namjoon feel this way. 


"Words, babe," Jin said, taking a step towards Namjoon, finger on his jaw as he pushed up, "And you might want to shut that. You're going to catch flies."

Namjoon's hand found Jin's waist, pulling him closer to him, "You're gorgeous."

"The kids are here," Jin reminded him gently, hand on Namjoon's chest. 

"Daddy! Splash!" Jungkook whined, pointing at the pool. 

"Splash," Jin repeated, more for Namjoon's benefit than anything as he stepped back, "Are you coming in?" 

Namjoon practically ripped his shirt off, ready to go. 

Jin smirked, his own eyes dropping to Namjoon's bare torso, "Who's the gorgeous one now?'

"Still you, baby," Namjoon said, resisting the urge to plant a kiss on Jin's lips. They still hadn't told their kids, and they wanted to give them some time to adjust to this situation before telling their kids anything.

"Splash," Jungkook said, voice bordering on a whine as he tugged Jin's hand towards the pool. 

"Wait, wait," Jin said, holding both of the boys' hand as he bent down to look at them, "What are the rules?" 

"Numbah one," Jungkook said, "No splash without Uncle Namu or daddy." 

"Very good," Jin said, "What else?" 

"No run in water," Taehyung said. 

"No running," Jin nodded, "What else?" 

"No off floatie," Jungkook said, impatient, wanting to go into the water. 

"No taking off your floaties," Jin said, "What else?" 

"Uhh, umm," Taehyung said, thinking, and then started bouncing on his feet excitedly when he figured it out, "No pushing." 

"Well done, boys," Jin said, ruffling their hairs as he stood up, "Ready to play?" 

"Yes!" They shouted in unison - Jungkook holding the rubber duck and Taehyung holding the purple rubber octopus, almost as big as his floaties. 

"I'll go in first," Namjoon said, entering the pool. 

Everything seemed to move in slow motion for Jin. He watched as Namjoon entered the pool, and hissed slightly at the cold. He then dunked his entire body in the pool and when he resurfaced, he pushed his now wet hair back, droplets of water falling off his bare chest slowly. All Jin wanted to do was go in the pool himself and kiss each water droplet off his body before begging Namjoon to ravage him. But, he had kids with him. So for now, he'd push that to the top of his wishlist and tell Namjoon later, when they're alone. Very, very alone. 

"Baby?" Namjoon called out, "You good?" 

Jin didn't trust his voice, so he just nodded. 

Namjoon caught on quickly, and couldn't help his smile from spreading, his cheeks tinting a slight pink, dimples on display and eyes scrunched up. 

"Daddy! Splash!" Jungkook whined, tugging on Jin's hand that was covering his. 

"Oh right," Jin said, shaking his head, "Here, Tae, you go first."

Taehyung took a tentative step forward, toe just touching the water that splashed over the pool and immediately stepped back to Jin. 

"What's wrong, darling?" Jin said softly. 

"I dun wanna fall, Uncle Jin," Taehyung said, eyes wide and glossed over as he hung on to Jin's leg. 

"How about you and I go in together?" Jin said to him, "Hmm, would you like that? We can go in together and make big splashies with octopus and duckie." 

"Okay," Taehyung said with a nod, hanging on to Jin's leg. 

"Okay, baby." Jin said, carding his fingers through his soft hair, "Let me get Kookie in the pool and then we'll go together, alright?"

"Dun go wihout me," Taehyung said, eyes glossy, rounded and big. 

"Never," Jin said, "How could I leave my little TaeTae here?"

"TaeTae, splish splash not scwary," Jungkook said from the side, "Is like big bath." 

"Big," Taehyung said. 

"We go together gether?" Jungkook said, reaching his hand out. 

"No," Taehyung said, shaking his head, "KooKoo go first." 

"Watch me, TaeTae!" Jungkook said, excitedly, as he stepped forward. Namjoon was waiting at the edge for Jungkook and Jin was right behind him, just in case.

Jungkook jumped straight into Namjoon's arms, into the water, his floaties keeping him from going too deep.

"Splash!" Jungkook said with a giggle as he flapped his arms up and down, splashing water all over him and Namjoon. 

"Ready, Tae?" Jin asked gently when he felt Taehyung let his leg go, looking at Namjoon and Jungkook intently. 

"Uncle Jin won't let go?" Taehyung asked. 

"Not even if Hulk asked me to," Jin said, hand in his hair, waiting for Taehyung to give him the all okay to go into the water.

"TaeTae, are you coming?" Namjoon asked from the water, Jungkook giggling in his arms as he tried to scoop up the water. 

Taehyung nodded slowly, still unsure. 

"How about we go slow?" Jin said, "Let's just dip our feet in first, okay?" 

"Just feet?" Taehyung said, letting Jin's leg go completely. 

"You can even put just one foot in," Jin said, walking slowly to the edge of the pool with Taehyung. 

Taehyung sat down and waited for Jin to do the same. 

"It's okay," Jin said gently, as he held Taehyung's hand.

Jin went first. He slowly dipped one foot in, and then dipped the other in, showing Taehyung that it was okay and not scary.

"Want to try?" Jin asked. 

Taehyung nodded. 

"Go on," Jin encouraged, kicking his feet in the water a little, making little droplets of water splash everywhere. 

Taehyung giggled, squirming on the edge of the pool. Jin tightened his grasp on his waist, just in case. 

Taehyung put one toe in the water, and looked over at Jin who was smiling encouragingly at him. He then dipped another toe and then his entire left foot in the water.

"Well done, TaeTae!" Jin said. 

"Kookie, let's clap for Tae," Namjoon said with Jungkook in his arms. 

"Yay, TaeTae!" Jungkook said, splashing the water all over him and Namjoon instead of clapping. 

"Having fun, Kookie?" Jin asked from where he was sitting. 

"Splash splash, daddy," Jungkook said, squirming and splashing around in Namjoon's hands. 

"Ready to splash, Tae?" Jin turned to ask Taehyung.

"Don't let go," Taehyung said as Jin got in the water. 

Jin held his hands out to him, "I'm never going to let go, okay?" 

"Pwomise?" Taehyung asked, eyeing the water suspiciously. 

"Pinky promise," Jin said, holding his pinky out to Taehyung, linking them together, "Ready?" 

Taehyung held out his arms and shut his eyes, anticipating the cold splash of the water.

Jin brought Taehyung into the water slowly, dipping his feet in, then his hips, then his chest and then his hands. 

"See, Tae," He said gently, hearing Jungkook's excited babbling at the back, "That wasn't so scary, was it?" 

"No scary," Taehyung said, shaking his still dry head, holding the rubber octopus close to him. 

"Ready to dip your head in?" Jin asked. 

"No. Wanna play with Papa and KooKoo," Taehyung said, pointing at the two who were splashing around in the pool, both drenched.

"Come on, Tae, let's go play," Jin said, wading his way to Namjoon and Jungkook who were more than excited to see them.

They played together, sometimes letting the floaties do the work, but they were always there with their hands ready as the kids floated and squealed in excitement, giggly, with a lot of energy to burn off.

"I think we're ready for some snacks," Jin said, holding Jungkook in his hands, "Yeah? You guys want something to eat?" 

"No wanna play," Jungkook whined, squirming in Jin's hold. 

"You're getting all wrinkly," Jin said, holding Jungkook's hand in his, turning his palm up, "See, baby. That means its break and snack time." 

"Is licka bath, daddy," Jungkook said, admiring his wrinkly hands. 

"Playing in the pool is like a giant bath, isn't it, baby," Jin said, fond smile on his face. 

"I'll go out first," Namjoon said, with Taehyung in his hands as he waded to the edge of the pool, turning around to face Jin, "You going to be okay with both of them for a minute." 

"They're fine, Joonie," Jin said, "They've got their floaties on, and we're right here." 

Namjoon rolled his eyes playfully and got out of the pool, making Jin swallow harshly as he eyed the droplets of water on Namjoon's golden brown skin. His tongue darted out to wet his lips, biting them gently, using all of his will power to resist the urge to run his hands all over Namjoon's body. 

"Taehyung." Namjoon called out, reaching out his arms to take Taehyung from the pool. 

"Coldddd," Taehyung complained. 

"One second, sweetie. Papa will get you a towel. Let me just get Kookie from the pool," Namjoon said as he reached down for Jungkook, taking him out of the pool and placing him next to Namjoon. 

"Is cold," Jungkook said, shaking from side to side, water falling all over the place. 

Jin got himself out while Namjoon brought the two towels over. He tossed one over to Jin, who wrapped it over Jungkook while Namjoon helped Taehyung. 

"Big towel, daddy," Jungkook said, giggling as Jin got the towel wrapped over him twice. 

"Big towel for my Little Kookie," Jin said.

"Kookie big boy!" Jungkook pouted.

"My little big boy," Jin said, placing a kiss on his chlorined hair, "Ready for a snack?"

"Cookies and chocky milk, daddy?" Jungkook asked with wide, hope filled eyes. 

"No chocky milk, but I did get cookies," Jin said, "And some other things too." 

"Hungy." Jungkook whined, nuzzling further into the big, white fluffy blanket. 

"Let's get some snacks into both of you." Jin said, leading them to their table where their bags and food were kept. 

"Up, boys," Namjoon said, helping both of them into individual seats and immediately reaching in to check his phone. 

"Taehyung, this is for you," Jin said, passing him the small ziplock bag filled with Oreos and a bottle of water.

"What do we say, Tae?" Namjoon prompted, eyes not leaving his phone screen. 

"Thank you, Uncle Jin." Taehyung said, gulping down the water. 

"They have water coolers here, right?" Jin asked Namjoon as he passed Jungkook his snacks and water.

"They probably do," Namjoon said, distracted. 

"Everything okay, babe?" Jin asked, taking a sip from his water bottle, putting Namjoons' bottle in front of him. 

"Just some work stuff." Namjoon said.

"On a Saturday morning?" Jin asked, cocking an eyebrow. 

"It's the America office," Namjoon said, "Something's gone wrong with a million dollar deal and they've been trying to contact me but I wasn't answering."

"Are you going to call them?" Jin asked. 

"They want to do a Skype call in twenty minutes," Namjoon said, looking up at Jin, biting down on his lip, anxiously. 

"Can you get to the office in time?" Jin asked. 

"I could," Namjoon said, thinking of a plan in his head, "I have a blazer in the office and the shirt I'm wearing now is black, so it should be fine. My hair can probably dry in time, so I won't look like a mess..." 

"Go," Jin encouraged, "They need you." 

"Yeah but what about-" 

"The kids will be fine," Jin said, "They have me." 

"But swimming.." 

"Joonie," Jin said, wanting to reach out and kiss his worries away, "They'll be fine! We'll play in the kiddie pool and I'll take them home and give them a nice long bath, some food and then put them down to nap. It'll be okay. Now go!" 

"You sure you're going to be okay?" Namjoon asked one last time. 

"You're wasting time..." Jin said playfully, in a sing song voice, "Now go!" 

"Tae, papa has to go for work, but he'll see you later okay?" Namjoon explained as he gathered his things, "Be good and listen to Uncle Jin."

"Papa come home soon," Taehyung said, mouth full from Oreos. 

Namjoon leaned down and placed a kiss on Taehyung's forehead and blew a kiss to Jin whose cheeks tinged pink. 

"I'll see you soon!" Namjoon called out. 

"Everyone say bye!" Jin said to the boys as he waved to Namjoon who was rushing out. 

"Bye papa!"
"Bye Uncle Namu!" 

"Joonie, don't forget your keys!" Jin called out behind him. 

Namjoon rushed back, grabbed his keys from the table with an embarrassed smile and darted out the door again. 

"Papa silly," Taehyung giggled around his biscuit. 

"Yeah he is," Jin said with a fond smile, shaking his head in adoration.




Yoongi double checked the message that Hoseok sent him on where to meet him and then looked up at the restaurant name. He was at the right place. He walked in, and pocketed his phone, eyes scanning the area for Hoseok. 

Once he spotted him, he gave a little wave and walked towards him. 

"Hey Hose-What are you doing here?" Yoongi said, face falling, mouth immediately falling into a hard line. 

"Me? What are you doing here?!" 

"Hobi invited me." Yoongi said, jaw locked. 

"No! He invited me." 

"Well, would you look at the time," Hoseok said, checking his empty wrist and getting off the chair, "I actually have an appointment to get to, but since both you are here..." 

"What's going on, Hobi?" Yoongi demanded to know, arms crossed over his chest.

"Yeah, Hoseok," Jimin said, frown on his face, "Why did you trick us?"

"Because we're a family," Hoseok said, "And I want us to stop feeling so awkward around each other. We can't keep teetering on the edge and stepping on egg shells around you two. We can't be tense all the time, wondering if its even a good idea to call everyone over because you two can't get along." 

Yoongi's eyes softened, "The gesture's nice, Hobi, but you shouldn't have gone behind our backs like that." 

"Would you have agreed to come had I told you?" Hoseok said, cocking an eyebrow. 

Yoongi and Jimin looked at each other, and then quickly looked away. 

"I rest my case." Hoseok said, grabbing his phone from the table, "Have a nice lunch. I expect updates."

They watched as Hoseok exited the restaurant, throwing one last smile at them before leaving completely. 

"Are you just going to stand there the whole time or..." Jimin said, trailing off, fiddling with his phone, clearly uncomfortable.

Wordlessly, Yoongi sat down opposite Jimin, menu already in front of him. He picked it up and began scanning it, feeling the awkward tension only build between them. 

"Is it too early to drink?" Jimin thought out loud.

"I'm definitely getting one," Yoongi mumbled back.

"Hey," Jimin said, making Yoongi look up from his menu, "Finally, something we agree on." 

Yoongi couldn't help the soft smile that broke out. He could feel the palpable tension fade away, dissipate into thin air.

"Wine?" Jimin asked, eyes going back to the menu. 

"I don't think anything else is socially acceptable for lunch," Yoongi said.

"Screw them." Jimin scoffed. 

"I see you've gone into your teenage rebellion phase," Yoongi said, off handedly. 

Jimin put his menu down and cocked his eyebrow, "You really want to go there, grandpa?"

"Sorry, it's a reflex at this point," Yoongi apologised, smile breaking out on his face.

Jimin looked at him incredulously.

"What?" Yoongi said. 

"I think...I think that's the first time you've said something that wasn't mean to me." Jimin said, surprised. 

"What? No way! I don't believe that for a second," Yoongi said. 

"Think about it," Jimin said, "All of our interactions even from the start, was all...bickering back and forth." 

"I don't think-" 

"Your first words to me was whether or not you were babysitting me as well," Jimin deadpanned. 

Yoongi picked his menu back up while clearing his throat, and said, in a sheepish voice, "You may have a point." 

"I think I'll get their avocado toast." Jimin said with a smirk. 

"Kid, you're begging for me to say something mean right now," Yoongi groaned. 

"Call me kid again and this knife will be in your hip, grandpa." Jimin said with a sickly sweet smile. 

"Are you really getting avocado toast?" Yoongi asked. 

"Ugh, no way!" Jimin said, "I think it's a huge waste of money. They literally get avocado's at 2 dollars and bread for like 3 dollars at best, and then put them together and charge you 20 dollars for two slices of bread and half a sliced avocado. It's stupid and capitalistic." 

Yoongi smiled at him, almost smug. 

"What?" Jimin said, "What's that look for?"

"I just think we might get along better than we think," Yoongi said. 

"Do you have an avocado agenda that I'm not a privy to?" Jimin joked.

"Something like that," Yoongi said. 

The waiter came and took their orders and placed two glasses of wine on the table. 

"So," Jimin said, taking a sip from the wine, "What's the story between you and Hobi?" 

"How do you know about that?" Yoongi asked, cocking his eyebrow. 

"Jin mentioned it a long time back..I think it was around maybe the second or third time that I met him," Jimin said, "Also, Hoseok told me about it a while back." 

"It wasn't really a big deal," Yoongi said, "Jin, Hobi and I have been friends since college. I met Jin before him, and instantly we just clicked. You know those friendships where the second you open your mouth to talk, it's like, instant chemistry. It's like finding your platonic soulmate. Knowing that no matter what happened, you could count on that person and knowing that they would be with you through the thick, and through the thing and everything in between that." 

"So, the opposite of us, then?" Jimin joked. 

"There's an us?" Yoongi said, cocking an eyebrow. 

"Isn't that the whole point of this set up?" Jimin said, smirking back at him, before saying, "Continue with the story. I'm curious." 

"Honestly, I don't know how Hoseok and I became friends, let alone dated. It just suddenly happened. Jin and I were meant to meet at a cafe for lunch and all of a sudden, I see him walking in with someone else and he just joined us. We shouldn't have worked; the friendship I mean. I'm the exact opposite of him. Hoseok's extroverted, bright and cheery, always bringing sunshine with him everywhere he went. And back then, I wasn't I was introverted and spent most of my time locked in my room trying to figure out what to do with myself. I was flitting from one major to another, constantly down on myself. It was like I was carrying this huge grey cloud everywhere I went. It wasn't made any better by the fact that my best friend seemed to have dropped off the face of the Earth, but I later found out it was because Jungkook had come into his life. But the period where I couldn't reach him, and nothing in my life seemed to be going right, Hoseok came. He just...He has this way of squirming his way into your life and brightening everything up without you even noticing. We began spending more and more time together, practically glued at the hip. And one day, I leaned over and kissed him, and he kissed me back."

Their food was placed in front of them and they began to eat. 

"And then what?" Jimin said. 

"What?" Yoongi asked, mid bite.

"What happened after you kissed?" Jimin asked. 

"You're really invested in this story, aren't you?" Yoongi said, more than he asked; amused.

"Can you blame me?" Jimin said, as though that was a sufficient enough excuse. 

"Don't get your hopes too high," Yoongi warned.

"Just tell me what happened!" Jimin all but demanded.

Yoongi laughed, bright, "Well, we dated for about...8 days? 9 if you count the day we broke up." 

"9 days?" Jimin asked, taken aback.

"Why are you so surprised?" Yoongi asked, twirling his fork around the pasta.

"Just thought it would be longer, that's all," Jimin said, shrugging as he took a bite of his food. 

"We realised quickly that it didn't work between us. We were just two lonely people who didn't want to feel so lonely anymore. Hoseok may have this bright disposition,and seems to always be in a cheery mood, but back in college, he was also struggling with a lot; just like I was. He surrounded himself with all these people in the hopes that the small dark cloud following him would go away, but it didn't. At the end of the day, he would come to me, and we would just be together. We didn't have to pretend with each other. We mistook our understanding and friendship as something more when it really wasn't." Yoongi said, "On the day that we broke up, we were watching a movie...And it just happened." 


Hoseok was sitting beside Yoongi, bowl of popcorn in the middle of the, both of them looking at the movie, but not really paying attention. There was something in the air. It wasn't tension, neither was it sadness. It was like an elephant in the room that neither one of them wanted to talk about. 

"Yoongi." Hoseok said.


"It's not working is it?" Hoseok said, more than he asked, not even having to clarify what he was talking about. They both knew. It was almost cynical how relieved he was feeling about not clarifying. 

"No, 'Seok. It's not," Yoongi said, tearing his eyes away from the moving pictures on the screen to look at him. 

"I'm sorry," Hoseok told him, wanting to reach out and grab his hand, but not having the courage to do so. 

"I'm not," Yoongi said, reaching out for Hoseok's hand, "We're friends, Hobi. That's what we do best. We tried this, and it didn't work. Honestly, I don't even care that it didn't. You're one of my best friends, and I know that what we have isn't going away for a long time." 

"Is it wrong to say that I'm not sad that we aren't boyfriends anymore?" Hoseok said, almost treading on eggshells.

"You were terrible at it," Yoongi joked, making the elephant disappear, taking whatever nervousness and tension that Hoseok was feeling along with it. 

"I was a great boyfriend!" 

"You should ask your ex-Oh wait, that's me! And I say you sucked!" Yoongi said playfully, grabbing a couple of kernels of popcorn and throwing it at him. 

"You suck!" Hoseok said, throwing popcorn back at him.


"That's it?" Jimin said, "No fighting? No screaming? No tears?" 

"Nope!" Yoongi said, proud of himself, "We didn't need it. We just knew that it didn't work, and that was that."

"And then what?" 

"And then I went to look for Jin. I had so many plans about what I was going to do. I was going to yell at him for dropping off the face of the Earth, yell at him for not knowing that Hoseok and I dated and broke up." Yoongi said, taking the last bite of pasta before pushing the plate away, "But when I got there...God, Jimin, I can't even tell you how...broken and tired he looked." 

"That's when you decided to help him?" 

"I was going to help him even if he didn't ask," Yoongi said, smile on his face as he the memory played in his head, "I took one look at Jungkook sleeping in the crib, and I knew that I wasn't going anywhere for a long, long time." 

Jimin smiled, almost bashful and shy. 

"What? What's with that look?" Yoongi asked, cocking an eyebrow. 

"I was wrong about you," Jimin said, "You're nothing like I thought you would be." 

"I'm going to take that as a compliment." 

"It is." Jimin said, looking straight into Yoongi's eyes.

"I think this is the longest we've gone without fighting," Yoongi said. 

"It's nice." Jimin said.

"It is," Yoongi echoed, smile growing on his face, and warmth radiating through his chest.




"There we are. All squeaky clean," Jin said as he put a shirt on Taehyung, his hair still wet from the bath. 

Jungkook was already dressed and waiting for Taehyung with his Iron Man action figure in his hand. 

"Squeaky clean," Taehyung repeated as he looked down at his shirt, "KooKoo look! Iron Man and Hulk." 

"And-and-and it's gween," Jungkook said as he marvelled at the shirt Taehyung was wearing, "That's TaeTae's bestestest colour." 

Taehyung giggled, smile wide and boxy as Jin put him in trousers.

"What do my little Avengers want for lunch?" Jin asked as he leaned over and drained the water out of the tub, not bothering to pick up the toys. He would do that later.

"Macca cheese!" Jungkook answered immediately, holding his action figure in the air.

"Mac and cheese?" Jin asked, looking at Taehyung as he gently dried his hair with the towel. 

"Yes please and thank you," Taehyung said, scrunching his face up as Jin dried his hair.

"Mac and cheese it is," Jin said, "Do you boys want to play, or do you want to watch television?" 

"TaeTae, play or watch tv?" Jungkook asked, walking to stand next to Taehyung.

"Uhh, umm," Taehyung said, undecided, "Tv?"

"Lets watch Mickey Mouse!" Jungkook said, holding Taehyung's hand as he dragged him out of the bathroom, waddling over as fast as he can to the tv, "Daddy! Daddy! Mickey Mouse!" 

"I'm coming," Jin said, trailing behind them.

"Mickey! Mickey!" Jungkook demanded. 

"Kookie, what do we say when we want something?" Jin chastised, cocking an eyebrow as he held the television remote in his hand.

"Peas let Kookie and TaeTae see Mickey Mouse." Jungkook asked, sitting on the floor with Taehyung next to him, fiddling with the Iron Man action figure.

"Good boy," Jin said, turning the television on and putting on the first Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode that he saw. 

He checked that the boys were alright before he went to the kitchen to fix them up some food. 

He put the macaroni in boiling water and salted it before he took his phone out. Namjoon hadn't texted or called and it had been hours. 

He decided to text him first. 


To: Namjoon

Hey babe! 

Hope everything's going okay at the office. The kids are bathed and I'm fixing up some lunch for them.

They're watching Mickey Mouse

[image attached] 

I'm making food for us too. Come over when you're done! 

Miss you 


Jin couldn't help but look over the picture he took of their kids, all bright eyed, deep in concentration as they watched Mickey Mouse. Their hair was still damp and cheeks were flushed from the shower, sitting up straight as they watched their show, smiles on their faces. 

They really were lucky that they had the cutest, easiest kids to handle, who just got along well with anyone and everyone that they met. 

All this picture was missing was Namjoon.

Jin almost blanched at the thought. He really had fallen hard, and fast for him. He's gotten so used to Namjoon in his life, and Taehyung too, that he didn't know what Jungkook or him would do without them. They've assimilated so easily into each other's lives, so fast, that pulling away if something went wrong would be hard. But as cynical as Jin was, he couldn't see an end for them. And that scared him the most. It was the fact that he could see himself waking up to Namjoon, he could see himself making coffee in the morning, could see himself and Namjoon with the kids on the weekends, spending time together. Could see them at dinners and lunches, and raising their kids side by side; together, as a team. He saw forever with them. He didn't want it to end, or to go away. 

"Daddy?" He heard Jungkook call out from the living room.

"Yeah, baby?" He answered. 

"Hungy," Jungkook whined. 

"Lunch is almost ready, darling," Jin said, "Can you and TaeTae come help set the table with your special plates and special glasses?" 

"Less go, TaeTae," Jungkook said, "Kookie get red plate and TaeTae get gween. Bestestest colours." 

"I like gween," Taehyung said, 

"I like red." Jungkook giggled out as they walked into the kitchen. 

"Don't forget the fork and spoons," Jin said, ruffling both their hairs, the picture of their future together still in Jin's head. 



"Someone ate my porridge, said Mama Bear, someone ate my porridge too, said Papa bear, and someone ate my porridge too, said Baby Bear, crying," Jin read out, looking over at the kids who were falling asleep, "I think we can continue this tonight." 

He closed the book and placed a soft and gentle kiss on both the boys' head, "Goodnight my little baby bears." 

He turned the light off and was just about to close the door when he heard a little whine and a ruffling of bedsheets. 

"Uncle Jin." 

"What's wrong, baby?" Jin said, walking over to Taehyung who was rubbing his eye, sleepy.

"I can't sleep without Rex," Taehyung pouted. 

"Aww, baby," Jin said, looking around Jungkook's room for another plush toy.

On the corner, by the window, he saw a stuffed elephant. He walked over and grabbed it, bringing it back to Taehyung who was sitting up on the bed, eyes glossed over. 

"What about this?" Jin said, putting the stuffed toy in Taehyung's arms, "It's an Elephant and it'll stomp away all the monsters and bad dreams." 

"Elele?" Taehyung said, snuggling up to the soft, grey fur of the elephant. 

Jin smiled, carding his fingers through Taehyung's hair, "Goodnight, darling." 

"Na night," Taehyung mumbled sleepily, already cuddling the stuffed toy, laying next to Jungkook who was out like a light, sucking on his thumb, face in his Iron Man plushie.

Jin left the room, leaving the door open by just a crack, just in case one of the kids needed him later. 

He plopped himself on the couch and sighed as he rested against it. He grabbed his phone from his pocket and checked it for any messages - But there were none. Where could Namjoon be? He wasn't answering any of his texts, and he even missed lunch and was missing nap time. 

Knock Knock Knock

Jin looked over at the door, as if it would open itself. 

Ding Dong

He got up from the couch, holding his breath just in case one of the kids woke up. But when they didn't, Jin went to the door and opened it. 

"Hey!" He said, surprised, "You didn't answer your texts, or even check in and I was worried-" 

Namjoon didn't say a word. He just leaned his head on Jin's shoulder, breathing him in. He was tired, exhausted even. His mind was empty and he felt nothing but stress. He was tired. So, so tired. He couldn't take this anymore. All he needed was to be in Jin's arms. 

"Joonie?" Jin asked, arms immediately wounding around Namjoon's waist, holding him close, "Baby, what's wrong?" 

"Just.." Was all Namjoon could manage. He didn't want to leave. He felt safe, and warm, and as if everything was going to work itself out. He felt all of this in Jin's arms. He didn't want to face reality again.

"Let's get you changed, and on the couch, okay," Jin spoke gently. 

"I'm tired, Jin," Namjoon said. 

"I know, baby. I know," Jin said, pulling away, hand still on Namjoon's waist as he guided Namjoon into his room, giving him a pair of sweatpants and a shirt.

For the first time since Namjoon knocked at his door, Jin saw him. He saw the dark circles under his eyes, saw the way his hair was mussed up, saw the way he still hadn't changed out of his swimming trunks, saw how his shirt was wrinkled, and crumpled, saw the way that Namjoon just looked exhausted.

"Change and I'll go get you some lunch," Jin said, placing a kiss on Namjoon's cheek, "We're having Macca cheese." 

"Macca cheese?" Namjoon said, a small smile growing on his face. 

"Jungkook can't say Mac and cheese," Jin told him, "Change, baby. I'll get you some food. Do you want wine or beer?" 

"Yes." Namjoon said. 

Jin laughed, "I'll get both then. Wine for me and beer for you, and whenever you want, we can switch." 

"God, how did I get so lucky," Namjoon said, hands on Jin's waist, as he pulled him in for another hug, needing to feel safe and warm again. 

"I'm the one who got lucky," Jin whispered into Namjoon's hair, arms around him, as Namjoon dropped his head to nuzzle Jin's neck, placing soft kisses there.

They stayed that way for a while, just embracing each other, breathing each other in, letting the stress of the day wash away. 

"Get changed," Jin said, pulling away, "I'll put lunch on the table for you. We can even watch tv!" 

"Don't let the kids know," Namjoon said, a tired, small smile on his face. 

Namjoon took his time getting changed, needing some time alone to just breathe and get rid of the exhaustion and stress that had been building up inside. He threw his clothes carelessly to one side, telling himself that he would pick them up later. But for now, he just wanted to be with Jin.

By the time he got out of the room, he could already smell the cheese from the Mac and Cheese. He saw Jin with a wine glass in hand and a beer bottle in another, walking towards the living room, Namjoon's plate already laid out with a fork and spoon on the plate. 

"Ready to eat?" Jin asked, passing him the beer bottle with a smile on his face, "Come on. You must be hungry." 



Namjoon didn't know how much time had passed, but the television was playing in the background, he was on his second beer and Jin was on his third wine glass, and his dirty plate was soaking in the sink.

Jin's hand was carding through Namjoon's hair that was on his lap. 

"Do you want to talk about it?" Jin finally asked, gently and low. 

Namjoon let out a sigh. 

"We don't have to," Jin told him, "We can just sit here until you feel better." 

"I want to," Namjoon said, "God, I want to tell you everything, you have no idea. The entire time in the office, all I kept thinking about was coming home to you and the kids. That's the only way I survived the day." 

"I like the sound of that," Jin said, running his fingers through Namjoon's hair, smiling down at him, even though Namjoon's eyes were closed on his lap. 



Namjoon opened his eyes, hand reaching out to cup Jin's cheek, thumb running small circles on his apple of his cheek, "It's true."

Jin smiled and leaned down to place a kiss on his forehead.  Namjoon whined and pointed to his lips. With a playful roll of his eyes, Jin leaned down again and placed a soft kiss on Namjoon's lips. 

"What happened at work?" Jin asked as he pulled back. 

"They're all idiots!" Namjoon scoffed out. 

Jin had to stifle a laugh. 

"I'm serious!" Namjoon said, and then explained, "They were about to give up on a million dollar deal just because they thought that the laws for the countries weren't harmonised. They're idiots! We've already had meetings over meetings of this! I knew that the laws weren't harmonised, but all the companies that are involved in this deal are all part of WIPO."

The World Intellectual Property Organisation?" Jin clarified. 

"Yeah," Namjoon said, "And that already means that most of our laws are harmonised and are practically the same! WIPO even has their own lawyers if we need any assistance on any law. And yet these idiots want to argue and argue about this. I already told them about WIPO but they didn't want to commit based on that, so we went back and forth on which country's law we should stipulate in the agreement. And guess what?"

"They went with WIPO's law, in the end, didn't they?" Jin said, trying to hide his smile. 

"They did!" Namjoon nearly yelled in frustration, "And the backup law we're going to use is America's."

"DId they sign the contract?" Jin asked. 

"They did," Namjoon sighed, melting in Jin's lap, focusing on the way his hands felt in his hair, focusing on the way his nails were scratching his scalp lightly, focusing on Jin. 

"You never have to deal with them again, Joonie. You did well," Jin said. 

"I could have really used you in there today," Namjoon mumbled, "You always have this way of making people listen to you. The five hour meeting could have been cut down to like twenty minutes with you there." 

Jin hummed, acknowledging Namjoon's words, letting him speak while Jin just listened. 

Namjoon opened his eyes and looked at Jin. 

"What is it?" Jin asked him. 

"Are you sure about law school, Jin?" Namjoon asked, treading on eggshells. 

Jin sighed, "Joon...We've talked about this." 

"A conversation for another day, then," Namjoon said. 


"Papa?" Taehyung said from the door, pulling it open, rubbing his eyes sleepily. 

"Hey, TaeTae," Namjoon said, sitting up from Jin's lap. 

"Papa! You're home!" Taehyung said, excitedly, all traces of sleep gone as he ran into Namjoon's arms, "I missed you!" 

"I missed you too, sweetheart," Namjoon said, peppering kisses all over Taehyung's cheeks, "Were you a good boy for Uncle Jin?" 

"Was I, Uncle Jin?" Taehyung asked, looking over at Jin who was smiling at the sight of both of them. 

"You were the best boy," Jin said, cupping Taehyung's cheeks. 

"Daddy?" Jungkook said, thumb in his mouth, Iron Man plushie in his hand as he stood in the doorway, eyes glossy having just woken up from his nap. 

"Come here, baby," Jin said and Jungkook dropped his plushie on the ground and walked over to Jin.

Jin picked him up and placed a kiss on his cheek, while Jungkook nuzzled his face into Jin's neck, sticking his thumb back in his mouth as he tried to wake up from his nap. 

Jin looked over at Namjoon and smiled. He knew that in the moment, they were both thinking the same thing - This was feeling more and more like home for the both of them. And they could get used to it.




The four of them were watching Finding Nemo. Taehyung and Jungkook insisted on sitting on the floor to pretend that they were under the sea too. They had a small bowl of popcorn in between them and some biscuits on a plate next to them that was quickly forgotten about the second Nemo appeared on the screen. Namjoon and Jin were cuddled up on the couch together with Jin on Namjoon's chest as Namjoon stroked small circles into Jin's arms. 

"All I'm saying is that," Jin whispered to Namjoon, "Marlin was completely right in his fears to not let Nemo go." 

"You're projecting, baby," Namjoon whispered back. 

"Nemo silly," Jungkook giggled. 

"That Stingray teacher is insane! He should not be allowed near those kids at all!" Jin scoffed. 

"He's basically Hobi," Namjoon giggled out. 

"No he's- Oh my god, I see it now," Jin said, "I blame you completely."

"Always happy to help." 

"Stingy pancake! Stingy pancake!" Taehyung said, pointing at the screen, wanting everyone to see. 

"We saw one at the aquarium, remember Tae? You got to touch it and everything," Namjoon said. 

"Feels slimy," Taehyung said, giggling at the memory. 

Namjoon's phone started to ring in his pocket. He pulled away from Jin, smiling at the whines that Jin let out about being cold. 

"I have to take this," Namjoon said, getting off the couch. 

"Who is it?" 

"My secretary," Namjoon said, accepting the call, "I'll be right back." 

Namjoon started to walk into Jin's bedroom, "Hello?" 

He closed the door behind him.

"Mr. Kim," She said, "I'm so sorry for bothering you on a Saturday night. But you told me to call you when the Law School admission forms came in, and they just did." 

"All 4 of them?" Namjoon asked, looking at the door, making sure no one could hear or see him. 

"Yes sir." She answered.

"Can you have them printed, stapled and compiled on my desk first thing Monday morning along with Kim Seokjin's file from HR?" He said. 

"Yes sir," She answered again. 

"Perfect!" He said, "Thank you. Have a good weekend." 

"You too, sir," She said and hung up the phone. 

Namjoon pocketed his phone and walked back to the living room. 

"Everything okay?" Jin asked as he rested his head back onto Namjoon's chest where it belonged. 

"Perfect," Namjoon answered, leaning down and placing a kiss on Jin's head, nuzzling further into his warmth.

Chapter Text

Jungkook climbed out of his bed slowly, looking at Taehyung who was cuddling with Rex and giggled to himself. He could see the door opened slightly and light streaming through it. He picked his Iron Man action figure up from the floor and tip toed to the door. He pulled it opened slowly and peeked his head and Iron Man's head outside. 

He smiled to himself when he saw that the coast was clear. 

"No one here, Iron Man," Jungkook whispered loudly to Iron Man. 

He quickly ran back to Taehyung and started to shake him. 

"TaeTae! Wake up! Wake up!" Jungkook said, shaking him. 

Taehyung whined, and buried his head further into Rex.

Jungkook huffed and pouted. He climbed on top of the bed and started to jump on Taehyung, "Up! Up! Up!" 

"W'as'it KooKoo?" Taehyung groaned, whining from the loss of sleep and the sudden wake up call. 

Jungkook stopped jumping and smiled wide and mischievous, "Wanna do something fun?" 

"What?" Taehyung asked, blinking himself awake, paying more attention now. 

"There's ice cweam in the fridge and daddy and Uncle Namu are sleeping," Jungkook said with a little giggle at his plan, "We can have ice cweam for brekky." 

"Ice cweam for brekky?" Taehyung repeated, not believing it himself, "But..but...Papa never let me have ice cweam for brekky."

"Daddy and Uncle Namu don't have to know," Jungkook said, "Is our secret." 

"I like secrets," Taehyung said. 

"We gotta be real quiet, TaeTae," Jungkook whispered loudly as he climbed off the bed, Iron Man in his strong grip.

"Quiet." Repeated Taehyung as he trailed behind Jungkook on his tippy toes. 

Jungkook stuck his head out and made sure that Iron Man's little red head was also out.

Taehyung bent down and stuck his head out too, looking left and right and then whispered, "Papa and Uncle Jin not here." 

"Less go get ice cweam, TaeTae," Jungkook whispered loudly and tip toed out of his room and into the kitchen, giggling quietly to himself and Taehyung. 

"Now what?" Taehyung asked as they stood in front of the fridge.

"Ice Cweam is up there," Jungkook said, pointing at the freezer.

"I have little hands." Taehyung said, looking at his tiny hands. 

"Me too." 

"I have two hands," Taehyung said, "One. Two." 

"Remmemmember Teacher Jung said we gots two arms and two legs and two eyes and two ears," Jungkook said. 

"And-and-and a head and a shoulders and a knees and a toes." Taehyung said. 

"TaeTae?" Jungkook said.

"Yeah, KooKoo?" 

"I really want ice cweam for brekky." 

"Me too." Taehyung said with a nod. 

"I can't reach!" Jungkook said as he stood on his tiptoes, trying to reach up to the freezer, but not being able to. 

"Jump!" Taehyung said. 

Jungkook jumped once, and then again and again. 

He huffed, frustrated, a pout on his face as he said, "I can't reach!" 

"Hmm." Taehyung said, looking at the fridge, "What if we do like Rugrats!"

"Like-like Tommy and Chuckie?" Jungkook asked, tilting his head a little. 

Taehyung got on his hands and knees in front of the fridge, "Climb on and get ice cweam, KooKoo!" 

"Okay TaeTae!" Jungkook said, putting Iron Man on the floor and climbing on top of Taehyung's back. He was tall enough now to reach the freezer and grab the ice creams.

He opened the freezer door and grabbed two ice creams, "I got it! I got it!" 

"Shh KooKoo," Taehyung whispered loudly, "What if Papa and Uncle Jin wake up?"

Jungkook lowered his voice down to a whisper, "I got it. I got it."

"Ice cweam!" Taehyung giggled excitedly as Jungkook closed the freezer door and jumped down with the two ice creams in his hand. 

He passed one ice cream to Taehyung and they opened it together, occasionally giggling in between tearing the wrapper off the ice cream. 

"TaeTae, less go over there and eat," Jungkook said, pointing to the kitchen cabinet where they kept the pots and pans. 

Taehyung tilted his head as he licked the chocolate ice cream, "Why, KooKoo?" 

"'Cause if Uncle Namu and Daddy wake up," Jungkook said, stopping to lick his ice cream as he tossed the wrapper to the floor, carelessly, "They can't see us and we won't get in twouble." 

"That a good idea," Taehyung nodded, tossing his wrapper on the floor as they sat on the floor with their backs to the cupboards, giggling while eating their ice cream for breakfast. 

"Nyummy," Jungkook said, chocolate cream all over his mouth, droplets of melted, sticky cream falling on his red and white pajamas. 

"I like ice cweam," Taehyung said, chocolate on his nose and cheeks as he kept licking the melting ice cream that was falling over his chubby little hands. 




Jin groaned as he stretched awake, a hand immediately moving from Namjoon's waist to card through his hair. Namjoon sighed against Jin's chest, snuggling up to him further. 

He was getting more and more used to waking up next to Namjoon and his soft features. He loved seeing the sight of him first thing in the morning, especially in his bed.

They didn't know when it started, but sleepovers between them were becoming more and more frequent, so much so, that Taehyung had begun to bring Rex over and Jungkook, his Iron Man plushie when they went over to each others houses. Jin's toothbrush was right next to Namjoon's in both their houses and for once, he wasn't scared at how fast they were moving. Everything felt right. Everything felt perfect. They had begun to set a new routine now.

Jin looked over at his clock - 


"Joonie," Jin said, voice hoarse and raspy from having just woken up.

"Mhmm," Namjoon hummed in acknowledgment, still waking up. 

"It's almost 8.30," Jin said.

"Hmm," He hummed against Jin's chest, snuggling up further into it, sleepy.

Jin smiled down at Namjoon, fingers still running through his hair, "It's almost 8.30 on a Saturday, and the kids haven't jumped on us to wake us up yet." 

"They're probably still sleeping," Namjoon said, voice husky. 

"Our  active kids? Sleeping past 8 in the morning?" Jin laughed, "Impossible." 

"They're fine, baby," Namjoon said, wanting to sleep in longer.

"They're up to something. I just know they are," Jin said, "They're too quiet." 

Namjoon lifted his head reluctantly off Jin's warm and wide chest, blinking himself awake as he paid attention to his surroundings. 

"See!" Jin said, when all they heard was the quiet. 

"They're definitely up to something," Namjoon said, groaning as he stretched and rolled off the bed. 

"Either the apartment is flooded, or the floor is lava, or..." Jin said, as he thought up of scenarios. 

"Or dinosaurs have taken over so all the cushions had to be placed down for protection." Namjoon finished for him.

"Place your bets," Jin said as he opened the door. 

"Both of us would have lost," Namjoon said as they walked out into Jin's spotless apartment, with the kids nowhere in sight. 

"Kookie? TaeTae?" Jin called out as they walked out of Jin's room into the living room, peeking over the couch just in case.

Just as Namjoon was looking into the boys' room, they heard little giggles coming from the kitchen. 

Jin walked into the kitchen with his hands on his hips, looking at the boys with chocolate all over their faces, little pieces of ice cream wrapper scattered all over the floor. He tried to keep the stern look on his face and not let the adoration and fondness for his boys show when they tried to hide the ice cream sticks behind their backs. 

"Goo' mornin' daddy," Jungkook said with a bright, wide smile, accompanied by his sparkling eyes of innocence when he knew he did something wrong. 

"Hi, papa and Uncle Jin," Taehyung greeted, waving the hand with the ice cream stick before realising and hiding his hand behind his back again. 

"Did you boys do something you're not supposed to?" Namjoon asked, cocking an eyebrow. 

Jungkook looked and Taehyung and whispered loudly, "I think daddy and Uncle Namu know." 

"Shh, KooKoo," Taehyung said and shook his head at the adults. 

"We did nuffin'." Jungkook said, punctuating his sentence with a firm nod. 

"Really?" Jin said, bending down to pick up the wrapper of the ice cream, "Because this looks a lot like somebody ate not one, but two ice creams when they know that they're not supposed to."

"Who, daddy?" Jungkook asked. 

"Namjoon, did you eat ice cream?" Jin asked. 

"I didn't," Namjoon said, "Jin, did you eat ice cream?"

"I know I didn't," Jin said, turning to the boys, "Did you two eat ice cream?" 

"We geted time out if we tell a lie," Jungkook whispered to Taehyung.

"I no like time out." Taehyung said back, lips forming a pout. 

"Kookie and TaeTae eateded," Jungkook said, pulling out the ice cream stick from behind his back and showing Jin and Namjoon. 

"Baby, you know you can't eat ice cream for breakfast," Jin said, sighing. 

"Ice cweam nyummy, daddy!" Jungkook said, as if the logic was so sound that it beat all other arguments. 

"It's not breakfast food, Jungkook," Jin scolded.

"Uncle Jin?"

"Yes, darling?" Jin said, as he bent down to pick the wrappers up. 

"KooKoo and TaeTae geted time out?" Taehyung asked, frowning. 

Jin sighed, turning around to look at Namjoon who just smiled and shrugged.

"They were just being kids," Namjoon said. 

Jin smiled back at him, "You're too soft for them." 

"You know you wouldn't have given them a time out either, baby," Namjoon said. 

"No time out, boys," Jin announced.

"Come on little chocolate monsters," Namjoon said, beckoning the two boys over, "It's time for a bath."

"No dirty, Uncle Namu," Jungkook said, following him anyway.

"Tell that to your chocolate covered face and clothes, Kookie," Namjoon said, leading them into the bathroom. 

"Joonie!' Jin called out just before he walked into the room.


"What do you want for breakfast?" Jin asked, throwing the wrappers away.

"I'm okay-" 

"What do you want?" Jin asked again, leaning on the counters with a roll of his eyes, "Name a food this time."

"French toast?" Namjoon suggested. 

"Your wish is my command," Jin said, pushing himself off and walking to the fridge.

"Oh really?" Namjoon said suggestively, cocking an eyebrow. 

"We have two very messy and sticky boys who need a shower," Jin reminded him with a fond smile on his face. 

"To be continued!" Namjoon announced before disappearing into the bathroom.




"One Venti Iced Americano for Yoongi." 

Jimin's head snapped up from his book, highlighter falling out of his hand onto his thick textbook, eyes fixated on Yoongi who thanked the barista and wished her a good day. He was torn between wanting Yoongi to notice him, but also wanting to blend into the background. Brunch that day, while a surprise, was still a one time thing and Jimin didn't know what it meant for them. 


"Hey." Jimin said, awkwardly. 

"What are you doing here?" Yoongi asked, walking closer to the table until he was standing opposite Jimin. 

"Studying," Jimin said quickly, picking his pink highlighter up from the book. 

Yoongi took a sip from his straw and asked, "I thought you were majoring in dance?" 

"You know my major?" Jimin asked, a smile growing on his face.

"I mean..." Yoongi said, clearing his throat. 

"It's more than just dancing," Jimin said with a soft smile, before word vomiting, stuttering and stumbling over his words, "Umm, do you maybe want to- I mean if you aren't busy, I totally get it if you were, but if you weren't...Do you maybe, umm, want to join me?

Yoongi smiled and sat down opposite him without question. 

"Do you like it?" Yoongi asked. 


"Your major," Yoongi said, cocking his head towards the books splayed out in front of Jimin, "Do you like it?" 

"If there was a word for more than loving something..." Jimin said, trailing off as he twirled his highlighter between his fingers, leaning back against the chair, "You know, I never really understood what a passion was before. I mean, I've heard about it, but god, I never understood it you know. I've heard my friends talk about what they loved with this blazing fire in their eyes that only burnt brighter with each word that they spoke, I've seen my friends endlessly study for hours on end until their eyes rimmed red, and not get hours of sleep, yet the smile on their face when they talk about what they were studying never faded away. And I thought to myself that I would never get it; that I would never fully understand what that meant because I didn't have a passion. And then I found dance, and it was like every puzzle piece that I had scattered around just fit together perfectly..." 

Jimin looked up at Yoongi who was rapt in attention, listening and hanging on to Jimin's every word, nodding along with a smile that never faded from his face. His heart soared. Chest bloomed with this warmth that he had never felt before. 

"Do you have that?" Jimin found himself asking, wanting to know every little detail about him, "Do you have something that stokes a fire in you?" 

'I read." Yoongi told him. 

Jimin leaned forward, "What's your favourite quote from all the books that you've read?" 

"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies," Yoongi recited from memory, not even needing a moment to think. 

"George R. R. Martin," Jimin said with a nod. 

"You know the quote?" Yoongi asked, pep in his voice, eyes lit up like a child on Christmas Day. 

"Can I tell you a secret, Yoongi?" Jimin said. 

"You can trust me," Yoongi told him. 

Jimin smiled, knowing that he felt like he really could. 

"I've always wanted to find someone to live those thousands of lives with ," Jimin admitted.

Yoongi smiled, bashful gums and all as he said, "I'd like to see you dance sometime."

"Maybe I'd like that too," Jimin said, smiling at him. 

"So, tell me about it," Yoongi said, "What are you studying right now?" 

"Well," Jimin said, perking up immediately, leaning forward and placing the book in between them so that Yoongi could see, "People think that a dance major is all about dancing, but it's so much more than that! We have to learn about dance theories and dance history and philosophy and criticism..." 



Jin was driving the car with his and Namjoon's intertwined fingers on his lap and the other hand holding the steering wheel firm in place. The kids were playing in their individual car seats at the back. 

"Hulk big and strong!" Taehyung declared as he held the green action figure in the air.

"Hulk no fly," Jungkook said, "Only Iron Man fly! See, he go like this! bududbudbudbudbudbudu." 

"Why Hulk no fly?" Taehyung asked, bringing his Iron Man to the ground while he watched Jungkook make Iron Man fly in the car. 

"Cause he no have suit like Iron Man," Jungkook said. 


"Cause Iron Man only got suit," Jungkook said, "But- But-But we can make a suit for Hulk." 

Namjoon and Jin listened to the conversation, smiling to themselves. Jin could feel Namjoon's thumb slowly rub circles into his skin. 

Jin was happy. He really, truly, honestly was happy. He wasn't content anymore. He wasn't just making it through the day, getting sparks of joy here and there, mostly from Jungkook. Jin couldn't remember the last time he felt this way. His chest bloomed warmth all day long, his smile never leaving his face, heart felt full and his house seemed more and more like home. He finally felt complete; as if he had found the last piece of the puzzle that was missing, and it fit perfectly. 


"Yes, my darling?" Jin answered, pulled out from his reverie, glancing at the rear view mirror to Jungkook who was looking at him. 

"Daddy, we're in a car." Jungkook said. 

"Yes we are." 

"Daddy has a car." Jungkook thought out loud, "Does Uncle Namu have a car?" 

"We have big car!" Taehyung answers on behalf of Namjoon, "Is biggest car! Bigger than aeroplane." 

Namjoon smiled, "I have a car too, Kookie." 

"Daddy has a car. Uncle Namu has a car. Why Kookie and TaeTae no have car?" Jungkook said.

"Well, baby," Jin said as he parked the car, "You have to be a grown up to have a car. Only grown ups can drive." 

"But why?" Jungkook asked, doe brown eyes wide with curiosity. 

Jin got out of the car and circled around to Jungkook while Namjoon helped Taehyung out of his car seat. 

"Because you have to be able to reach your feet alllll the way down to the pedals and be able to see out of the windscreen," Jin explained as he unbuckled Jungkook out of the car seat, "And your feet are too little to reach down there." 

Jungkook pouted, holding his Iron Man action figure closer to him, as Jin lifted him out of the carseat and onto his hip, closing the door behind him.

"But, daddy, Kookie wan a car," Jungkook pouted, eyes rounded and glossy. 

"How about if daddy lets you sit with me and we can drive together one day, okay?" Jin said, walking towards the elevator with Namjoon and Taehyung trailing behind. 

"Now, daddy!" Jungkook said, perking up immediately.

"Later, sweetheart," Jin said, placing a kiss on Jungkook's chubby cheek, "Now, we're going to go see Uncle Yoo." 

"Why?" Jungkook asked, watching in fascination as the elevator doors closed slowly. 

"You and Tae are going to have a playdate with Uncle Yoo," Jin told him. 

"Papa and Uncle Jin come?" Taehyung asked, looking up from his Hulk toy to the two adults. 

"Just for a while and then Papa and Uncle Jin are going for an adult dinner," Namjoon explained. 

"Tae and KooKoo come dinner," Taehyung said.

"Not today, baby," Namjoon said, "It's going to be a boring dinner and there won't even be ice cream." 

"No ice cweam, papa?" Taehyung gasped out, "Adult no eateded ice cweam?" 

"Daddy, Kookie no want be gwown up anymore," Jungkook said, "Kookie like ice cweam." 

"You can stay my little Kookie forever, okay?" Jin said, incredibly endeared. 

"Eber and all-ways?" 

"Forever and always," Jin said, placing a kiss on Jungkook's cheeks, wanting nothing more than to keep this moment forever in his heart and keep Jungkook his little baby. 

The elevator doors opened and they walked out, leading the kids to Yoongi's door. 

Jin placed Jungkook down on the floor.

"Okay boys, on three, knock on Uncle Yoo's door and say 'Uncle Yoo, open!'" Jin instructed, "Got it?" 

"Goddit, daddy," Jungkook said, getting ready. 

"One. Two. Three!" Jin counted.

The boys started knocking furiously, "Uncle Yoo! Open! Uncle Yoo! Open!" 

Jin could hear the muffled sounds of laughter coming from behind the door before it opened up. 

"Hmm, I wonder who it could be?" Yoongi said, as he opened the door slowly, as to not hurt the kids. 

"Hi! Uncle Yoo!" Jungkook said as the door opened fully to reveal Yoongi in grey sweatpants and a white shirt, "It's me. Kim Jungkook." 

"And Kim Taehyung!" Taehyung chimed in. 

"I don't think it's my little Kookie and TaeTae," Yoongi said as he bent down to be at eye-level with the kids, "I think its Iron Man and the Hulk." 

Jungkook giggled, trying to hide behind his Iron Man action figure. 

"It's me! It's me! Kim Taehyung!" Taehyung insisted, hiding his Hulk action figure behind his back, "See!" 

"Oh my god!" Yoongi gasped out dramatically, "Kim Taehyung is the Hulk!" 

Taehyung giggled. 

"I'm Kim Jungkook." Jungkook said.

"No, Mister Iron Man. My little Jungkookie doesn't wear a red suit," Yoongi said, playing along, teasing Jungkook. 

"Is really me, Uncle Yoo!" Jungkook said, putting his Iron Man behind him, "See! Is Kim Jungkook." 

"Iron Man Jungkookie!" Yoongi gasped out, dramatically. 

"Alright Stan Lee. Can we come in now?" Jin said, laughing. 

"Nothing was stopping you before," Yoongi said as the boys pushed their way through, running inside. 

"You were standing in the middle of the doorway!" 

"Well I-" 

"ChimChim!" The boys yelled as they entered the living room.

"ChimChim?" Namjoon repeated. 

"As in Jimin..." Jin thought out loud, looking at Yoongi.

Yoongi cleared his throat, a small tinge of pink on his cheeks as he smiled bashful on the ground, "I needed backup." 

"And you called Jimin? Willingly?" Jin teased.

"He was available," Yoongi said. 

"So is Hobi." Jin teased further. 

"As far as I know, Jimin isn't just available," Namjoon said, teasing tone in his voice and a mischievous glint in his eye, "He's single too." 

"What interesting information, Namjoon," Jin said, "I'm sure Yoongi didn't know that."

"Shut up and get inside," Yoongi said, pushing them towards the living room. 

"Hi Jiminie," Jin greeted, "I heard about you being backup for Yoongi today. Thanks for doing that." 

"Backup?" Jimin asked, confused. 

"Oh?" Jin said, looking over his shoulder at Yoongi who was rubbing the back of his neck, "What an interesting development."

"Come on, baby, let's stop teasing the kids," Namjoon said. 

"For now, I will," Jin said, cocking an eyebrow at Yoongi.

"Okay, kids, you know the rules," Namjoon said, "Be good and listen to Uncle Yoo and ChimChim, okay?" 

"No ice cream!" Jin said firmly to Yoongi. 

"You just teased me for five minutes straight. You don't think I'm going to fuel your kids with so much sugar that they have enough energy to run the world 8 times before getting tired?" Yoongi said. 

"No ice cream!" Jin repeated himself. 

Yoongi grinned, "Fine. No ice cream." 

"That includes chocolates!"

"No chocolate ice cream it is," Yoongi teased back.

Jin rolled his eyes playfully at Yoongi. 

"Have fun tonight!" Yoongi called out as they walked towards the front door.

"Oh, we fully intend to," Jin said, smirking at Namjoon who had the same excited expression as him. 

They closed the door behind them and walked towards the elevator. 

"Jimin and Yoongi.." Jin said as they waited for the elevator. 

"I hate to say I told you so- Actually, no, I love being right," Namjoon said with a dimpled grin. 

"I would have never thought so," Jin said, still reeling from the surprise of it. 

"I thought so," Namjoon said as they entered the lift, "They're kind of similar. Plus, hate kind of always turns into love." 

"Does it?"

"Happened with us, didn't it?"" Namjoon said, bumping his shoulder with Jins. 

"I never hated you," Jin said, rolling his eyes. 

"Of course you did! The first night we met you literally screamed at me in my own house, and then left!" Namjoon reminded him. 

"You were acting like you've known me for years! How did you expect me to react?!" Jin shot back.

"Not to mention you hated being in the same room as me," Namjoon said. 

"We got off on the wrong foot," Jin said as they walked to the car.

"I don't regret anything," Namjoon told him.

"Really?" Jin asked as he got into the car, starting it, "Not even a single moment?" 

"Nothing," Namjoon said, shaking his head. 

"You wouldn't change anything?" Jin asked him as he pulled the seatbelt over him to buckle it.

"Not a single thing," Namjoon told him with a confident, dimpled smile. 

"Why?" Jin asked, "I have so many things I want to change." 

Namjoon reached over the gear box and intertwined his fingers with Jin, "Because everything that we went through - Every fight, every argument, every phone call and kiss, every time we stayed late to work, everything led us to this moment right here. I fell in love with you through all of it, and I wouldn't change it for anything." 

"Fell in-" Jin said, words catching in his throat. 

Namjoon's eyes widened in realisation of what he said. 

"You're in love with me?" Jin asked, eyes doubled in size, mouth agape. 

Namjoon couldn't hide it anymore, "I'm in love with you, Kim Seokjin. I'm in love with everything about you." 

Jin leaned over, his seatbelt straining against his chest, but he didn't care. He grabbed Namjoon by the nape of his neck and crashed his lips down, needy, messily, passionately. 

Namjoon pulled back first, resting his forehead against Jin's panting lightly as they just breathed each other in. They couldn't help but smile, eyes closed as they took the moment in.

"Joonie?" Jin said. 


"I'm in love with you too," Jin said, pulling back to see Namjoon's reaction. 

With a dimpled grin and a tinge of pink on his cheeks, Namjoon said, "Really?" 

"Forever and always, Joon."

"Forever and always," Namjoon replied, smiling shyly at Jin, happy. 


"Yeah, Jin?" 

"How mad would you be if I said that we should just skip on our dinner reservations and go back to my place?" Jin suggested with a cock of his eyebrow. 

Namjoon grinned at him, "Lead the way." 

"Your wish is my command," Jin said as he shifted the gear to drive, and with an almost wicked, teasing smile, he added, "Sir.




Namjoon closed the door with his foot, moving blindly into the apartment, pushing Jin against the wall, capturing his lips into another searing kiss, dropping the keys somewhere on the floor, uncaring about anything else other than the whimpering moans that were coming out of Jin's mouth.

"Joon, please," Jin muttered against his lips, arching his back towards Namjoon, grinding his hips to Namjoons. 

Namjoon groaned, as he kissed down Jin's jaw, moving towards his neck, sucking a mark into his neck. 

"Please," Jin all but begged, throwing his head back to allow Namjoon more access. 

"What, baby?" Namjoon said against his skin. 

"Be-Bedroom," Jin managed to stutter out with a moan. 

Namjoon reluctantly pulled away, pulling Jin to his bedroom quickly, nearly tripping over one of Jungkook's and Taehyung's toys.

Jin was pushed back on the soft mattress before he even knew it. Namjoon didn't bother to close the door as he stalked over to the bed, eyeing Jin like a predator would to a prey. 

Jin squirmed against the sheets, needing friction on his cock more than ever, already feeling his dick harden with just a look from Namjoon. Namjoon climbs on top of the bed, capturing Jin's lips in an open mouthed, hungry and needy kiss. He slips his tongue inside and runs his hands down Jin's body. He leans back and practically rips Jin's shirt off of him. He leans back in for another kiss, heavy, wet and messy, their needs overtaking their every instinct. Jin reaches for Namjoon neck, pulling him closer if it were even possible, needing to feel every ridge, every inch of warmth of him, every dimple, every mole, everything. He wanted to feel everything, 

Jin pulled back and tugged needily, on the hem of Namjoon's shirt, "Off. Want it off." 

Namjoon grinned at him as he pulled his shirt off and threw it carelessly to one side. He ran his lips down Jin's neck, nipping at the warm, flushed skin. He could feel each groan, each moan, the pants that were coming from Jin as he sucked marks on Jin's neck, needing to claim him, needing the world to see that Jin was his and his alone.

"Mine," He growled into Jin's ear, sucking on his earlobe, peppering kisses on his skin. 

"Yours. Yours. Yours. Only Yours." Jin moaned, arching his back off the bed, grinding his hips up into Namjoon's, showing him just how much he needed him. The utter need in his voice, in his cock straining through the rough denim fabric shot straight to Namjoon's lap. Jin reached up, fisting Namjoon's hair, pushing him closer to his neck, wanting to see the purple and blue hickey, wanting to feel it through his day overtaking his senses. 

"Jin," Namjoon moaned against his skin. 

"Please." Jin whispered as Namjoon rested his forehead against Jin's. 

"Tell me what you want." 

"Fuck me, Namjoon. Make me yours." Jin panted, thrusting his hips up, showing Namjoon exactly how much he needed this. 

Namjoon pressed his lips against Jin's again, kissing all the way down his jaw, his neck, his chest. One hand travels up to his nipples, pinching it between his index finger and thumb as he kisses his down his navel to the top of his jeans, watching Jin's dick harden and twitch at the stimulation.

"Fuck, I want to eat you out so badly," Namjoon groaned as he unbuckles Jin's jeans. 

"Please," Jin moaned, needily, brokenly, "Please, please, Na-Namjoon."

"Shit, yeah," Namjoon said, "Lift your hips for me, baby." 

Jin lifted his hips off the bed so that Namjoon could pull down his jeans and underwear. 

"Turn around, ass in the air," Namjoon instructed as he got off the bed, taking his own jeans and underwear off and leaving them on the floor.

He rummaged through Jin's drawer until he found condoms and lube. 

He nearly creamed himself when he saw the sight waiting for him on the bed. Jin was pliant, obedient, practically rutting his hips down on the mattress to get any sort of friction.

Namjoon gets back on the bed, settling himself behind Jin, running his hands down onto Jin's ass, admiring the globes of flesh underneath his fingertips. He couldn't help but bring his palm back and slap it, watching the fat ripple underneath his hand, watching the tinge of pink bloom on the flesh. He watched as it made Jin groan into the pillow and shiver with pleasure. 

"Please," Jin moaned, arching his back, shaking his ass towards Namjoon. 

Namjoon popped the lid off the lube and drizzled some onto his fingers.Namjoon circled Jin's rim with just the tip of his fingers, getting it wet, letting the muscles loosen slightly under his touch. He felt Jin relax as well as he got used to the feeling. Namjoon pushed one of his fingers gently inside the rim, not pushing in deep, but just stretching him enough. He added a second one not long after, gently and slowly stretching Jin, scissoring his fingers just a little, letting Jin get used to the sensation, watching as precome drips down his thighs, his cock begging for attention; angry and red.

Namjoon pulls out his fingers and spreads Jin's cheeks, hearing the breathy sounds of anticipation from Jin. 

He smirks as he leans in, and licks a wet, fat stripe across the rim. He licks over and over, and over again like he would an ice cream. He circles the rim with his tongue, getting the rim wet, practically glistening with saliva before sucking it gently. Jin's keening now, whimpering and moaning, pushing back against Namjoon's mouth. Namjoon's tongue is poking through now, licking, flicking, sucking, and then delving deeper into Jin. He adds one finger, rubbing and twisting, feeling every ridge of Jin's ass with his tongue and finger.

"So good," Jin whimpered out, "So, so good." 

Namjoon pulls back, panting, chest heaving as he drizzles more lube onto his fingers. 

"Joon-Joon, please, need to-please," Jin moaned, pushing back on Namjoon's finger. 

"Almost there. Want you to come from my cock, baby," Namjoon said as he pushed another finger in, feeling Jin stretched out already from his tongue. 

"Another." Jin groaned, demanding, fucking himself back onto Namjoon's fingers. 

Namjoon adds a third thrusting it in and out, loosening Jin up further for his cock, deeper and faster than before, trying to find his prostate. He smirks when Jin lets out a long drawled up moan, knowing that he found it. 

"Need you. Need your dick in me," Jin moaned, "Need to feel it filling me, stretching me. Please, fuck, Joon-"

Namjoon slowly twisted his fingers out, watching as Jin's rim clench and unclench at empty air, begging to be filled. Jin fell back on the bed without Namjoon holding him up and rutted and grinded against the sheets, needing any friction he could get on his leaking, neglected cock. Namjoon watched as Jin desperately searched for any stimulation as he rolled the condom on himself, slicking his hardened length up, stroking himself a couple of times, biting down on his bottom lip at the delicious sight that was a needy, whiny, Jin.

Namjoon couldn't take it anymore. He needed to feel Jin, needed to be in him. With one hand under Jin's hip, supporting him, and another on his own cock, he lined himself up, pushing just the tip in, almost teasingly.

"Fuck, Namjoon," Jin moaned, hot and loud, deliciously as he felt Namjoon wet, slicked up, against his walls, hitting his prostate dead on as he bottomed out. 

Namjoon groaned against Jin's sweaty skin, hearing the lewd squelching sound of the lube mixed with Jin's high pitched moans and screams of faster and harder. Namjoon pistons his hips, hitting Jin's prostate dead on with every stroke. 

"That's it, baby. Scream my name, sweetheart," Namjoon muttered, fucking into Jin's wet heat over and over again, rocking forward, pulling Jin back, his balls slapping his skin with every stroke, "So fucking tight." 

Jin moaned louder, longer now, trying to chase his orgasm, fucking himself back on Namjoon's cock. 

Namjoon started fucking into him faster, harder, feeling Jin's rim clench on his cock, seeing Jin's dick twitch, precome spurting out of his dick. One hand sliding up Jin's back, into his hair, pulling him up from the sheets, facing the headboard as he pounds into him from the back. 

"So cl-close." Jin drawls out, moans filling the room as he fucked his hips back, trying to chase his orgasm.

Namjoon could feel his own heat, tight and heavy in his gut. 

A few more thrusts is all it takes as Jin lets out a long string of lewd moans as he cums all over himself, white, hot, thick spurts hitting his stomach and the base of his chin, face falling into the sheets as Namjoon lets go of his hair, chasing his own high. It didn't take much for Namjoon to cum, the heat of Jin's ass, and the clenching and unclenching of his walls was all it took as he came deep into the condom, stilling himself for a second before riding out both of their orgasms.

It takes a while for either one of them to move, both coming down from their highs, panting over each other. Namjoon moved first, slowly pulling himself out of Jin, rolling the condom off, tying it at the end before throwing it in the dustbin. He walked over to the bathroom and wiped himself off, throwing it to the floor. 

He grabbed a new one from the cupboard just underneath the sink, knowing this house almost as good as his own as he walked over to Jin and slowly wiped him clean, a smile on both of their faces - Jin watching while Namjoon cleaned him off. 

Jin grabbed the towel from Namjoon and threw it on the floor carelessly. 

"C'mere," Jin said, practically pulling Namjoon on the bed with him. 

"Sweaty," Namjoon whined but complied anyway. 

"Don't care," Jin muttered burying his head into Namjoon's neck, snuggling up closer to him.

"How was it?" Namjoon asked as his hand automatically found Jin's hair, running his fingers through it. 

"Perfect." Jin sighed happily, "So, so perfect." 

"I thought so too," Namjoon hummed. 

"I didn't call you sir," Jin teased. 

"Next time," Namjoon said, "Definitely next time." 

"Yes, sir." Jin teased. 

Namjoon growled out playfully, and placed a gentle kiss to Jin's forehead. 




"Goodnight, sweethearts," Yoongi said softly, as he leaned down and placed a kiss on both Taehyung and Jungkook's forehead. 

He pulled the blanket up and tucked them in, walking over to turn on the small night-light he had bought for Jungkook years ago and slowly slinked out of the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

"How are they?" Jimin asked, looking up from his phone as he saw Yoongi make his way back into the living room. 

Yoongi plopped down on the couch, "Sleeping like angels." 

"A total 180 from the screaming and the yelling and the sugar rush," Jimin joked with a laugh. 

Yoongi smiled, fond and affectionate. 

"You really love them, huh?" Jimin observed. 

"I watched Jungkook grow up," Yoongi said, "Been with him almost as long as Jin has, give or take a couple of weeks. And I've just gotten to know Taehyung but I'm falling for him just the same. They're good kids." 

"They are," Jimin echoed. 

"Do you want one?" Yoongi asked, "A kid." 

"Someday," Jimin said, "I want a family. The whole white pickett fence, some cake and cookies in the oven, a dog running around somewhere..."

"The American Dream," Yoongi said with a giggle. 

"Minus the obvious racism and capitalistic propaganda," Jimin said, "But yeah. I want all of that, you know? I don't know if I'm ever going to get it seeing as how homophobic the system is. But I really do want a kid, and everything that comes with it."

"Me too," Yoongi sighed out. 

"You'd make a great father," Jimin said, "I've seen how you are with the kids. They absolutely adore you. They love you and you love them. You're going to make a great father, Yoongi. You're already a brilliant uncle. I can just imagine how loved and whipped you'd be if you were a dad. It'd be quite a scene to see."

Yoongi felt his breath hitch in his throat, not used to compliments, especially from Jimin.

"Do you think we'll ever get that?" Yoongi found himself asking. 

"I don't know," Jimin answered honestly, "I sure hope we do." 

"Yeah," Yoongi said, voice barely over a whisper as he leaned his head back onto the soft couch, looking at the bedroom door, "Yeah, I hope we do too." 

Silence encompassed them, easy and light, comfortable in a way that neither of them had ever felt before. 

"This is nice," Jimin couldn't help himself saying. 

"What is?" 

"This. Us. Not fighting, just kind of..." Jimin said, trailing off, unable to find the words.

"Being?" Yoongi offered.

"We're finishing each other's sentences now?" Jimin teased. 

"I guess we are," Yoongi said, turning his head to find Jimin smiling down at him, cresented eyes and chubby, almost flushed cheeks and a smile so bright, Yoongi could have sworn that he could give the Sun a run for its money. 




Jin was absent mindedly playing with Namjoon's fingers as he laid on his bare chest, basking in the after sex glow.

"Do you think we would have met if we didn't have the kids?" Jin couldn't help but ask. 

"I'd like to think that we would have," Namjoon said, soft and gentle.

"I don't know if we would," Jin said, "I would have finished Law School, gotten my license and become a full fledged lawyer. I don't know if I would have been in this Company.." 

"I don't know what my life would like without Taehyung. I don't think it would have been any different. My father still would have forced my marriage, and I still would have taken over the Company," Namjoon thought out loud.

"Is Taehyung going to take over after you?" Jin asked, tilting his head up slightly to look at Namjoon. 

"If he wants to," Namjoon said, jaw tense, "I'm not going to force his hand about it. I know what it's like to have your dreams ripped away just to please others. I'm not about to do the same thing with my son."

"If you weren't in the Company, what would you have done?" Jin asked him. 

"I don't know," Namjoon admitted, "I haven't really had the chance to think about it. When I was younger, I thought it was unfair how my entire life had been planned out for me - From the school I would go to, to the college that I would have to attend because it was my father's Alma Matter, to where I would work as, to what I would be doing...It wasn't easy but I had to learn how not to be bitter about it. I had to give up dreaming and start to face reality. My reality was that I was born not out of love, but out of obligation so my father would have a son to take over the business."

Jin sat up and cupped Namjoon's cheek, stroking his skin with the pad of his thumb, "You, Kim Namjoon, are so incredibly loved. I don't want you to ever think otherwise. You're made to be extraordinary. You're made to love and be loved. It's okay if you don't have a dream right now; we'll find one together. We'll work on making your dream, no matter how small or big, or ridiculous it may seem, come true. And that's a promise." 

Namjoon couldn't help but smile as he leaned into Jin's touch.

"What if I want to go to the Moon?" He said.

"Then we'll build you a rocket." Jin answered him, smile never wavering.

"What if I want to dig to the core of the Earth?"

"I'll get the shovels." 

"And if I want the galaxy?" 

"Then I'll fly up to space and bring every star down for you," Jin told him, "One by one." 


"Yes, Namjoon?"

"I think I know what my dream is," Namjoon said, swallowing harshly, chest blooming with warmth as he looked into Jin's eyes. 

"What is it?" Jin asked him.

"I want to wake up to the boys jumping on our bed. I want to divide up chores with you. I want to come home knowing that when I open the door, it'll be utter chaos. I want to go to sleep at night knowing that when I wake up, you'll be right there beside me," Namjoon told him, "I want a family with you, Jin."

Jin smiled at him, bright and warm, "We have the same dream then." 

Chapter Text

The first time it happened, Jin didn't realise it until 10 minutes had passed. 

Jin had just woken Jungkook up for Kindergarten and was holding him in his arms as Jungkook sucked on his thumb, blinking himself awake, nuzzling closer into Jin's neck. This was, and forever will be, Jin's favourite part of his day. 

Jin held him in his arms, patting his back softly, nuzzling his face into Jungkook's hair, just holding him, savouring this moment. He turned his head to check the Iron Man clock by Jungkook's bedside table. He still had time. Good, he didn't feel like letting Jungkook go just yet. He leaned back against the headboard and fluttered his eyes shut for a while, taking in the moment, feeling Jungkook's chest rise and fall, hearing the gentle sucking of his thumb and feeling him move slightly against Jin. 

"Daddy?" He heard a gentle, soft, almost sleepy voice say. 

Jin opened his eyes and saw Jungkook staring back at him, "Good morning, my darling. Did you sleep well?" 

"Daddy, where's Papa and TaeTae?" Jungkook against, taking his thumb out of his mouth, wide eyes slightly glossy from just getting up, blinking up at Jin.

"Papa and TaeTae are getting ready for Kindergarten in their home, sweetheart," Jin explained, bringing his hand up to Jungkook's hair, sweeping it to one side. 

"Bu-But they not here," Jungkook said. 

"No, baby. They're at their home." Jin explained. 

"But Daddy, they home is here with Kookie and Daddy," Jungkook said, accompanying the statement with a pout. 

Jin's heart warmed and he smiled at Jungkook, "Why don't we get ready for Kindergarten and when we see Papa and TaeTae, we can tell them that, okay?" 

"Daddy, I gotsta go potty," Jungkook whined, squirming around in Jin's lap. 

Jin laughed and picked Jungkook up, setting him down on the ground, "Let's go get you cleaned up, okay bun?"

"Daddy, can we have pancake with chocky and whippy cream for brekky?" Jungkook asked as they walked to the bathroom together. 

"Sure, baby," Jin said as he helped Jungkook onto the toilet. 

It was only when Jin was giving Jungkook a shower did he realise that Jungkook had called Namjoon 'Papa' instead of 'Uncle Namu.' 


The second time it happened, Jin and Jungkook were with Yoongi.

"I feel like I haven't seen you in ages," Yoongi commented. 

"It has been a while since we've been alone, you and I," Jin said, reaching out and swiping a fry from Yoongi's plate.

"Stop stealing food from my plate!" Yoongi whined, pulling his plate back, "You have your own fries! Why are you taking mine?' 

"Because you get so irritated and they taste better when you're annoyed," Jin teased. 

"This is why I don't hang out with you anymore," Yoongi grumbled, stealing a fry from Jin's plate, pouting as he eats it. 

"You don't hang out with me anymore because I've been replaced," Jin said with a knowing smile.

"Who could possibly replace you?" Yoongi said. 

"Park Jimin seems like he's good at the job," Jin teased, taking a bite from his fry, scrutinising Yoongi's every move.

"Oh." Was all Yoongi said. He cleared his throat and diverted his attention from Jin to the plate of burgers and fries in front of him. He looked away from the plate and at the television that Jungkook was so enraptured by.

"Oh." Jin repeated in the same tone, mocking Yoongi. 

"It's not like that," Yoongi said. 

"I didn't even say what I thought it was," Jin teased further, "What do you think it is, Yoongi?" 

"Stop it!" Yoongi grumbled. 

"He's a nice kid." 

"He's not a kid! Jungkook's a kid." 

"He's a nice person," Jin corrected with a roll of his eyes. 

Yoongi smiled, wide and gummied, "Yeah. Yeah, he really is." 

"And to think you couldn't stand him just a few months ago," Jin said, "Time does fly." 

"I didn't know him then," Yoongi said as a defence. 

"And you do now?" 

"We're getting there," He said. 

Jin put his burger down, wiping his hand with a tissue paper.

"You really like him, huh?" He observed. 

Yoongi's cheeks tinted a light shade of pink, "I might." 

Jin smiled, "Good. You deserve to be happy, Yoongi. You, more than anyone deserve that." 

"I was happy before him too," Yoongi said. 

"I know," Jin said. 

He leaned back against his chair, looking at Yoongi who was right in front of him, and Jungkook who was giggling at the television in the living room behind him. So much had changed in such a little time. Jin couldn't even imagine that just a few months ago, these two people right in front of him were his whole world. They were everything to Jin. And now, they're just a fraction of the people who had taken up space in Jin's heart. 

Before this, Jin was content. He was alright. He was living day to day, taking happiness in short bursts from the things that Jungkook or Yoongi would do, and Jin would be content with that. He didn't imagine a life that was more. He had come to terms with the fact that this was all his life was going to be, and honestly, he was alright with that. It was like Jin was living his world in black and white, seeing little bursts of colour here and there, and then Namjoon came into his life. Jin got scared for a while. He only ever knew a black and white world. But Namjoon persisted' held his hand as they explored their new technicolour world together. And now all he knew was a colourful, love filled world.

Jin didn't know if he could ever go back to a life where everything was black and white again. 

"What are you thinking?" Yoongi asked.

"Our family has grown so much over such a short period of time, hasn't it?" Jin said. 

Yoongi looked at Jin, and then turned to look at Jungkook, "The place doesn't seem so big and lonely anymore." 

"Yoongi." Jin said. 


"I'm in love with him." Jin said. 

Yoongi smiled, "I know." 

"He loves me too." 

"I know." 

"Yoongi," Jin said again. 

"Yeah, Jin?" 

"I'm really, really happy with our lives right now. I'm so happy with the family we found and I can't imagine life any other way," Jin confessed. 

"We never have to," Yoongi said, reaching out and putting a reassuring hand on Jin's, "Our family's bigger now, Jin." 

He knew how insecure Jin could get. It's been just the three of them for so long that letting anyone else in was hard for him. Yoongi knew. Yoongi's been here through everything. He's seen Jin at his highest, and at his lowest. 

Jin smiled at Yoongi and then retracted his hand, "Okay. That's enough emotion for today! Time to get the little one changed." 

"Where are you going?" Yoongi asked. 

"Grocery shopping then I have to get him new shoes and pants. He's outgrown his," Jin said with a sigh, "He's growing up and soon he'll be off to college and then married with kids of his own and I'll be rotting away in some graveyard-" 

"He's 4." Yoongi said, "And you just need to buy shoes one size up. Calm down, he's not going anywhere anytime soon." 

"He better not be," Jin muttered under his breath as he put the dirty dishes in the sink. 

"Jin." Yoongi said. 

"Hmm?" Jin hummed in response as he closed the tupperwares with the leftover food. 

"Your college going boy isn't wearing any pants," Yoongi said with an amused smile as he pointed at Jungkook who was sitting in front of the television with nothing but underwear on, his small clothes strewn on the floor.

Jin sighed. 

"Need back up?" Yoongi asked, knowing how much of a task this was going to be. Honestly, he could get an army of people here and still, it wouldn't be enough to get Jungkook in clothes. 

"Yes please." Jin said with a sigh as he entered Jungkook's bedroom and got him a fresh pair of pants and a red shirt. 

Jin walked out of the room, mentally prepared for the challenge of getting his 4 year old into some clothes. 

"Ready?" He asked Yoongi. 

With a deep breath, having already experienced what it was like, Yoongi nodded. 

"Kookie, baby," Jin called out as he walked towards the living room, slowly. 

Jungkook tore his eyes away from the television and answered his dad with a big smile, "Yes, daddy?" 

"You and I are going to go somewhere," Jin said as he walked forward. 

Jungkook pushed himself off the floor and pulled his underwear slightly higher, "We go now, daddy."

"You can't go like that, baby," Jin said, holding the clothes up in his hand, "You need to put some clothes on first." 

Jungkook pouted and shook his head, "Dun wanna." 

"You have to put clothes on to go outside, Kookie," Jin said again. 

"No!" Jungkook whined, shaking his head more. 

"Jungkook." Jin warned. 

Jungkook broke off into a run. He ran as fast as his little legs would take him away from the living room and right past Jin. 

"No wan clothes! No wan! No! No! No!" Jungkook kept screaming as he ran around the house. 

"Kookie! You need to wear your clothes!" Yoongi shouted as he ran after Jungkook with Jin on his trail. 

"Come on, baby. Don't you want to come with daddy?" Jin said, turning to run after Jungkook who ran past him again. 

Jungkook started squealing and giggling, treating this as a game. 

"No clothes!" Jungkook giggled as he ran into the kitchen. 

"Yoongi! Corner him!" Jin said as they ran into the kitchen. 

They manage to corner Jungkook who was hiding out next to the cupboards. 

"Got you!" Yoongi said as he grabbed Jungkook and started peppering his chubby, slightly pink and flushed cheeks with kisses. 

"No! Uncle Yoo! No wan clothes!" Jungkook squealed, squirming around in his arms. 

"Come here, baby," Jin said as Yoongi put him down. 

"Daddy!" Jungkook whined, squirming as Jin put his red shirt on, "No wan." 

"You need to wear clothes, baby. You can't go outside in just your undies." Jin explained as he pushed Jungkook's arms through the holes of the shirt. 


"Because everyone else is wearing clothes," Jin said, unbuttoning the jeans so that Jungkook could get his legs through them. 

"Even Papa and TaeTae?" Jungkook asked, cocking his head slightly. 

"Even Papa and TaeTae," Jin said with a nod, not even realising that Jungkook had called Namjoon Papa. He was too busy trying to get his jeans on. 

And, if Jin was being honest...It sounded natural. So natural, that he didn't even question it. 

"Papa and TaeTae come?" Jungkook asked as Jin pulled the jeans up Jungkook's legs. 

"No, baby. Not today," Jin said, buttoning the jeans up, "All done!" 

"All done?" Jungkook asked, looking down. 

Jin brought Jungkook in for a hug and a big kiss on his cheek. 

"Daddy, where go?" Jungkook asked. 

"We're going shopping!" 

"New toy?" Jungkook perked up in Jin's arms. 

"If you're a good boy, maybe I'll think about it," Jin teased. 

"Kookie best boy!" Jungkook said. 

"Go get your socks, and we can go, okay?" 

"Kookie go now!" Jungkook said as he ran out of Jin's arms and into his room. 

"Kookie! No running in th- Why do I bother?" Jin said, smiling fondly to himself. 

Yoongi just stared incredulously at Jin. 

"What?" Jin asked, when he noticed the look that Yoongi was giving him. 

"You didn't realise it, did you?" 

"Realise what?" Jin asked, "Did I put his shirt on backwards?" 

"Jin.." Yoongi said, almost worried, "Jin, he called Namjoon 'Papa.'" 

"What?" Jin said, blinking blankly. 

"He called you Daddy, and he called Namjoon Papa." Yoongi told him. 

"Oh." Was all Jin could manage. 

"Daddy! Kookie brought socks for my shoes!" Jungkook said, running back into the kitchen and into Jin's arms. 


The third time it happened, Jin noticed it right away. And this time, he knew that he wanted to hear it more and more. 

"Daddy! Daddy!" Jungkook called out, squealing in happiness as he ran out of the Kindergarten door, bag hitting his back with every step, as he ran to Jin. 

"There's my little baby," Jin said, kneeling down with open arms, engulfing Jungkook in a big hug, kissing his cheek, "I missed you, Kookie." 

"Kookie mithed you too, daddy," Jungkook said, wrapping his little arms around Jin's neck, nuzzling into him. 

"How was Kindergarten today, my darling" Jin said as he picked Jungkook up, hoisting him on his hip, carrying him outside. 

"TaeTae went home early," Jungkook said with a pout. 

"He had to go to his grandma's house, baby. He'll be back soon." Jin said, walking them outside. 

"I makeded a drawring," Jungkook said, paper in his hand. 

"What did my little Picasso draw today, hmm?" Jin said as he unlocked the car. 

Jin put Jungkook down in his carseat, starting to strap him in. 

"Teacher Jung said we haded to makeded a drawring of our family," Jungkook started to say.

"Oh wow! What did you draw, baby?" Jin asked, buckling Jungkook up. 

"I draweded our family, daddy! See!" Jungkook said, holding his picture up, "This one is Daddy. This one is Kookie, and this one is Uncle Yoo, and this one is TaeTae and this one is Papa."


There was that word again. 

Jin caught it this time. He had heard it twice already and still the shock never faded.

Papa. Not Uncle Namu. But Papa. 

Jin should say something. He should correct Jungkook. Tell him that Namjoon was Uncle Namu; not Papa. But he couldn't bring himself to do it. He liked the way it sounded. He loved the way his heart bloomed with warmth, and the way it made it seem like his family was finally complete. Jungkook had a Daddy and he had a Papa. And Jin had Namjoon, Taehyung and Jungkook. He finally felt like the frayed threads in his life were coming together and joining up again. Finally felt his heartstrings pull in the best way possible and all of it happened because of one word - Papa. 

Jin wanted to hear it more. He wanted to hear it when the boys jumped on the bed that Namjoon and him shared together, forcing them awake. He wanted to hear it in the whining when they don't get what they want. Wanted to hear it in the park when Namjoon and Jin take them there to play. Wanted to hear it in the nights, just as their putting their kids to sleep, kissing their foreheads and tucking them in with a bedtime story. 

Jin just wanted to hear it all the time. 

He saw a future here. Saw a future with all 4 of them and the rest of their family. He was hopeful. He was happy. 

He finally felt complete. 

"Daddy? Do you like my drawring?" Jungkook asked him with a wide smile and hopeful doe brown bambi eyes. 

"I have never loved a drawing more, baby," Jin said, leaning down and kissing Jungkook's forehead.



"Daddy," Jungkook said as he held Jin's hand, walking with Jin, "Where go?" 

"We're going somewhere special," Jin said, smiling, knowing that Jungkook would love where he was taking him. 

"Surprise, daddy?" Jungkook said, eyes wide with excitement, bounce in his step. 

"Yes, my darling," Jin said. 

"Biiiig surprise, daddy?" Jungkook said, eyes widening, childhood imagination taking over.

"Very big," Jin told him.

"Aeroplane!" Jungkook guessed. 

"Not quite," Jin answered with a laugh. 

"Hmm...Iron Man!" Jungkook tried again. 

"Maybe," Jin told him. 

Jungkook gasped, "Daddy, two Iron Man?" 

"You're my little Iron Man," Jin said, "Okay, we're here. Let's go." 

"Gots to go! Gots to go!" Jungkook said, trying to push the door with all his might. 

Jin pushed it slowly and Jungkook practically barraged his way into the store. 

"Kookie, no running!" Jin warned. 

"Wow! Daddy! Lookie! Issa big cake and issa small cake and issa chocky chippy cookies and issa red, daddy! Red is Kookie's bestestest colour!" Jungkook rambled on, pointing at different products in the display case, eyes lighting up in excitement. 

"Does my little Iron Man want a cupcake or a cookie or a slice of cake?" Jin asked, standing next to Jungkook. 

"Kookie wan that one!" Jungkook said, pointing to the vanilla cupcake with red frosting. 

"You sure?" Jin asked. 

"That one!" Jungkook said, sticking his chubby finger on the display case, face practically smushed up against it. 

"What do we say?" Jin prompted. 

"Peas!" Jungkook said with a clap of his hands, looking at Jin with a grin and doe brown eyes. 

"Good boy," Jin said, ruffling his hair. 

"Hi! What can I get you, today?" The server asked. 

"Can we get the vanilla cupcake with the red frosting, one cafe latte extra hot, one caramel frappe without the coffee and four waters please?" Jin said. 

The server punched the order into his computer, "Anything else?" 

"That's all for now, thank you," Jin said politely, hand outstretched with the card in his hand. 

"Daddy," Jungkook said, pulling on his pant leg. 

"What is it, Kookie?" Jin asked. 

"Kookie wan pay," Jungkook said with a pout. 

"Come here, baby," Jin said, bending down and taking Jungkook into his arms, hoisting him on his hip. 

"How much money peas?" Jungkook asked the cashier, blinking his bambi eyes at him, card already in his hand.

With a smile on his face and a coo on the tip of his tongue, the cashier answered, "14.80." 

"Daddy this no pourteen," Jungkook said, holding the card in his hand. 

"The money is inside the card," Jin explained. 

Jungkook started to shake the card in his chubby hold, "Daddy no money come out. The card no working." 

"That's because only the machine can get the money out," Jin said, "Give the card to the nice man, baby." 

"Here go." Jungkook said, leaning forward and stretching his hand as far as it can go. 

"Thank you," The cashier said, scanning the card. 

"Well-cah." Jungkook said, turning back to Jin, wide toothy smile on his face, "Kookie pay."

"Yeah, you did! You happy you paid for your cupcakes?" Jin said, bouncing Jungkook on his hip.

"Cuppycake gonna be nyummy, daddy," Jungkook said, nodding his head. 

"It will be once you say thank you," Jin prompted. 

"Thank you for cuppycake. Please make very nyummy," Jungkook said with a toothy smile, his two front teeth on display.

The man couldn't help but coo as he passed the card back to Jin. 

"I'll bring your order over," He told them. 

"Thank you!" Jin said. 

He walked Jungkook and himself to a table and set him down. 

"Big table, daddy," Jungkook admired, tracing his finger over the patterned marble. 

"How many chairs are there, Kookie?" Jin asked him. 

"One chair. Two chair. Tree chair, Pour chair." Jungkook counted one by one, "Pour chairs, daddy!" 

"And how many people are on the table now?" 

"One Kookie. One Daddy." Jungkook said, pointing as he counted, "Two!" 

"Good boy, Kookie," Jin said with a little clap, "So, if there are four chairs, and two people...How many people are left to sit in the chairs?" 

"Two people, Daddy! See - One chair, two chair!" 

"Well done, my little genius," Jin said, ruffling his hair. 

"Daddy, wan water," Jungkook said. 

"Water's coming, baby. It will come with your cupcake." 

"Red cuppycake!" Jungkook said excitedly squirming on the chair. 

Just then, the bell to the front door jingled, and Jin immediately turned around with a smile on his face and hope in his heart.

"Kookie, you ready for your other surprise?" Jin asked. 

"Other surprise?" Jungkook asked, head tilted, curiosity in his voice. 

"Look who came," Jin said, moving a little so Jungkook could see the door. 

"TaeTae!" Jungkook practically squealed, jumping off the chair and running to the door, engulfing Taehyung in a hug. 

"Don't I get the same treatment?" Namjoon asked, looking at Jin with affection in his eyes.

"Hi Joonie," Jin said, getting up and kissing his cheek, "I've missed you." 

"I missed you too, baby," Namjoon said, wrapping his arms around Jin and bringing him in for a hug, nuzzling his neck, and breathing him in. 

"Three days is too long, isn't it?" 

"Honestly felt like forever," Namjoon said, reluctantly letting him go, "Phone calls weren't enough." 

"You're here now," Jin said, guiding him back to the table, "I've ordered you the caramel drink that you like and I got Jungkook a cupcake that I thought the kids could share, but Taehyung can pick whatever he wants if he wants his own cupcake."

"TaeTae, did you hear that?" Namjoon said, hand on Jin's waist, rubbing soft, small circles on his hip.

"No, Papa," Taehyung told him, blinking his innocent eyes up at Namjoon. 

"Do you want to share a cupcake with Jungkook or do you want your own?" 

"KooKoo what cupcake you get?" Taehyung asked. 

"That one! Red! Like Iron Man!" Jungkook said, pointing to the cupcake in the display case. 

"Wow! So many cupcake and cookies, and, and, and, cake," Taehyung said, eyes glued to the display case. 

"Pick whatever you want, TaeTae." Jin said. 

"Weally?" Taehyung asked. 

"Anything you want, sweetheart," Jin said. 

"I want Oreo! That one! That one!" Taehyung said, jumping up and pointing at the cupcake right at the back of the display case, decorated with little biscuit pieces of Oreos on the top of the frosting. 

"Tae, aren't you forgetting something?" Namjoon prompted, cocking his eyebrow. 

"Please, daddy!" Taehyung said with a pout. 

Jin's breath hitched in his throat. He and Namjoon stared at each other with the same shocked expression. 

Jin couldn't explain the way his eyes teared slightly, and how his heart soared with pride. Taehyung saw him as a father figure the same way that Jungkook saw Namjoon as one. They reslly were becoming a family and Jin couldn't be happier. 

Jin smiled at Taehyung and then at Namjoon, eyes crinkles by his sides, nose scrunched up, teeth wide and grinning and adoration and love in his eyes. 

"Go sit down with Papa and Kookie and I'll get it for you, okay?" Jin said as he ruffled his hair. 

"Okay!" Taehyung said, holding Jungkook's hand as they walked with Namjoon to take a seat.

"Can I get the Oreo Cupcake please?" Jin said, reaching into his pocket to get his wallet. 

The man rang his order up with a smile. He took the card from Jin's outstretched hand. 

"You have a wonderful family," He commented as he swiped the card. 

Jin looked at him, and then back at Namjoon and the two boys who were giggling on the table, picture perfect - smiles and all, and he couldn't help but smile back. His heart warmed, and he finally felt like all of the puzzle pieces were in placed. 

"I do." Jin said, looking back at the cashier, "I really do." 

This was his family. And he found it, all on his own. 




Jin leaned his head on Namjoon's chest, with Namjoon's hand around his shoulder, running up and down his arm. A Netflix movie was playing in the background, and neither of them were really paying attention to it. 

"How was your mom's?" Jin asked, eyes fighting to stay open, Namjoon's heartbeat acting like a soothing soft song. 

"It was good." Namjoon said. 

Jin looked up at him, "You sure?" 

Namjoon ran his hand down Jin's arm, absentmindedly playing with his fingers, "I, uhh, I told her about us." 

Jin couldn't help the smile that began to form on his face, "You did?" 

"It was kind of inevitable seeing as how Taehyung would talk about nothing except you and Kookie," Namjoon said with a little laugh, "He even called you Daddy and after that, there really was no choice anymore."

"Did you-Did you want to tell her?" Jin asked. 

"Of course I did!" Namjoon said, "I've been bursting at the seams, wanting to scream it off every building! I don't know if you know this Jin, but you and I, we're in this for this long haul." 

"Forever and always," Jin said, a twinge of pink flushing his face. 

"Forever and always, baby," Namjoon repeated with a crescented eyed smile coupled with two dimples. Jin's favourite smile on him.

"You know, we're going to have to talk about the whole Tae calling you 'daddy' thing," Namjoon said. 

"We will." Jin promised.

Jin leaned up and captured Namjoon's lips for a kiss, soft, gentle and slow.

He pulled back when he heard the creak of the door and then pitter patter of feet. 

"Daddy?" Jungkook said, walking out of his room clutching his Iron Man plushie. 

"Yes, baby?" Jin said, sitting up, still partially lying against Namjoon.

"Can I ask you a queash-tean?" Jungkook said as he walked closer to Jin and Namjoon. 

"Anything, baby," Jin said, smiling in response. 

"Daddy, how come TaeTae has a Nana and Kookie no have?" 

"Oh." Was all Jin could manage, feeling like the wind was knocked out of him. 

Jin sat up immediately, trying not to let his surprise show on his face. He looked over at Namjoon who was staring right back at Jin. 

"Do you want me to..." Namjoon started to say, trailing off. 

"No. I got this." Jin told him, letting out a breath, "Joon, do you mind if we.." 

Namjoon understood immediately. He shot Jin a supportive smile before getting up. 

"I'll be with Tae," He said and walked into Jungkook's room, closing the door behind him with a click. 

"Daddy?" Jungkook asked, not understanding what was going on. 

"Come here, my darling," Jin said, bending down and picking Jungkook up, putting him on his lap. 

"Is here now." Jungkook said, plushie on his lap. 

"Baby, you remember how when we watched the Avengers, the Big Groot went away and he came back as Little Groot?" Jin started to say. 

"Uhuh," Jungkook said, nodding, "He went away to the sky." 

"That's right, Kookie," Jin said, trying to find the words to explain what had happened. 

Jin had years to think of an explanation. He had time, 4 years worth of time, to try and come up with an explanation. But everytime, every single time, he tried..He gave up. He didn't know what to say. How could he tell a child that their entire family was gone? How could he begin to explain that he, the person that Jungkook has been calling Daddy since he's been able to talk, was just his Uncle. His real father and mother died when he was just a baby. How could he tell this to him? How could be even begin? 

This conversation was one that he was hoping he would never have to do.  

And yet here he is. With Jungkook in his lap and tears pricking his eyes. 

"You know how Daddy told you that the stars in the sky are people you love looking over you? How you're never alone because every single night the stars in the sky protect you and keep you safe?" Jin said in a gentle voice. 

Jungkook nodded his head, smile still on his face, Iron Man Plushie still tight in his grip and childhood innocence still shining in his eyes, "Uhuh. Daddy said the stars are shining 'cause of-cause of lotsa love and pro-pro" 

"Protection." Jin finished. 

"That one!" jungkook said with a little bounce. 

"There are angels in heaven right now who are looking over you in the stars baby, and one of them is your Nana," Jin explained. 


"Well baby, remember how Big Groot had to go away? Just like that Nana had to go too," Jin told him softly, gently. And with a deep breath he said, "And your grandpa too." 

"Grandpa and Nana angels, daddy?" Jungkook asked. 

"The best angels, baby." 

"Kookie won't see Nana and grandpa?" 

"You can find them in the stars, darling," Jin said. 

He snuck a peek out the window and decided that it was dark enough. 

"Come here, my darling," Jin said, standing up with Jungkook, holding him on his hip. 

"Daddy, where go?" Jungkook asked, dropping his plushie on the ground. 

"We're going to go see the angels, sweetheart," Jin said, walking them towards the balcony. 

"Angels? Nana and Grandpa?" Jungkook asked with wide eyes. 

"Yes, baby," Jin said, looking up at the sky. 

Jin saw four bright stars in the sky and couldn't help but feel as though his entire family - From his mom, his dad, sister and brother in law were all looking down at him, smiling. He wanted to think that they were happy, healthy and free of pain. He wanted so desperately to believe that they really were looking out for him and Jungkook, and wanted them to be proud of him and how far he's come since the first day that he had Jungkook. 

He held Jungkook tightly, almost showing him off to them. His healthy, happy, inquisitive, mischievous, cookie loving, Iron Man obsessed 4 year old. This was their Jungkook. The one who was so, so loved and protected. 

He wanted them to see that Jungkook and him were alright. They were more than alright, actually. They had an ever growing family. 

Jin wasn't alone anymore, and a part of him wanted to believe that it was because of the 4 bright and twinkling stars in the sky. 

"Do you see those stars right over there, Kookie?" Jin said, pointing at the sky. 

"I do! I do!" Jungkook said, bouncing in Jin's hold. 

Jin tightened his grip on Jungkook, keeping an arm around his waist for extra security, "That right there is your Angel Nana and Angel Grandpa."

"Wow! Daddy, so bright!" Jungkook said, marvelling at the sky, his own eyes twinkling. 

"They are, aren't they?" Jin said, smile growing on his face. 

"Daddy, who angels next to Nana and Grandpa?" Jungkook asked, turning away from the sky and looking at Jin. 

Jin's smile faltered. This was a story he wasn't ready to tell yet. 

"Those are the specialestest angels, baby," Jin said, "I'll tell you their story another day, okay?" 

"Okay, daddy!" Jungkook said.

He turned to the sky and started to wave, "Hi Angel Nana! Hi Angel Grandpa! I, Kim Jungkook!"

"My bestest boy," Jin said, placing a kiss on Jungkook's chubby cheek, "Ready to go back inside?" 

"Can I have a cookie, daddy?" Jungkook asked. 

"Just one, okay?" Jin said as he walked them inside, closing the french doors behind him. 

"And TaeTae?" Jungkook asked. 

"One for you and one for Tae," Jin said, setting Jungkook down. 

"That's two!" Jungkook said, holding up two fingers. 

"You're right, baby," Jin said with a smile that didn't reach his eyes. 

One day, he would have to tell Jungkook the truth about his parents. He just wasn't ready yet. 



"You doing alright?" Namjoon asked as soon as he came out of the kids room. 

"They asleep?" Jin asked, letting out a breath. 

"Out like a light," Namjoon said, walking towards the couch. 

"Good..." Jin said, leaning back against the couch, eyes shutting, tears pricking his eyes. 

"You alright?" Namjoon asked, sitting down beside him. 

"You know," Jin said, sighing, the guilt washing over him, cold and unforgiving, "Sometimes...Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if my sister and brother in law were still alive, or if I hadn't answered the door that day, or if I had been in another country, or-" 

"If you didn't have him," Namjoon finished.

In a small voice, scared to admit it out loud, having only thought it in his darkest of days and never voiced it; not even to Yoongi...Jin answered a meek, "Yes." 

The room went quiet.

The guilt weighed heavy on his chest, suffocating him, reminding him with each rise of his chest how much of a bad person he was for even entertaining the thought, let alone saying it out loud. It was thoughts like this that almost got Jungkook taken away from him that one time.

"You're not a bad person," Namjoon told him, as if able to read his thoughts, "You know that right?" 

"How am I not, Namjoon?!" He scoffed back, "What kind of person wishes that they never had their child? What kind of person envisions a life without their own child?!" 

"Do you regret having him?" Was all Namjoon asked. 

"No! God no! Not even a little." He answered, earnestly, honestly, with every bit of sincerity that he had. 

"I admire you, you know."

Jin simply scoffed, rolling his eyes at what he thought was an empty compliment, "You don't have to lie."

"But I'm not," Namjoon said, shaking his head, warmth and sincerity lacing his every syllable, "I look at you, and all I see is someone I aspire to be." 

"Look you don't have to-"

"I mean you had your entire life set out and planned, and suddenly one day, it was all thrown off course," Namjoon said, ignoring the self depreciating comment that he knew Jin was going to make, "I didn't. I knew that Taehyung was coming, so I could prepare. But you, you had this little baby quite literally dropped at your front step. You didn't have any guidance whatsoever, hell, you didn't even have baby supplies! Yet, you didn't run. You could have given Jungkook away and that would have been the end of it. No one would have questioned you, and you weren't answerable to anyone anyway. You could have given him away and forgotten about the whole thing and never have it mentioned again. But you didn't. You did your research, bought all the supplies, and worked towards becoming a better father and a better person all at the expense of your plans and your dreams." 

Namjoon reached over and took Jin's hand in his, intertwining their fingers together. 

"And now here you are." He said, squeezing lightly, "How am I not supposed to admire you? You did all of that and more! Hell, that little baby in the other room is the luckiest person alive! You never let him experience anything less than love and support and warmth. You became his mother, his father, his best friend and his shoulder to lean on, all without complaining even once. So what if you want to imagine a life where you didn't have him! How does that make you a bad person? All it does is make you human! I imagine a life where I wasn't the heir of a company, where I didn't have Taehyung too, but it doesn't make me less of a father. All it does is show me a fantasy world."


"You know how I know you're a great father?" Namjoon said softly, not bothering to wait for a response, "Because you felt bad for imagining it. Because even in your wildest fantasies, Jungkook was meant to be your son and your son only. Your sister, brother in law and parents are so, so proud of you. You, against all odds, stepped up and learnt what it is to be a dad. You gave up your dreams and focused on Jungkook and look at both of you now! You're happy, and healthy! You have a roof over your head and the most amazing kid, Jin. You're a father! A great one at that."

Jin let a couple of tears drop from the rim of his eye down to his cheeks before a sob wrecked his body. 

"Baby," Namjoon said, immediately bringing Jin in for a hug, letting him sob in his chest. 

Namjoon rub his back, whispering words of reassurance into Jin's neck, kissing the top of his head, hugging him tighter with every sob. 

"H-He-" Jin sobbed out. 

"Shh, baby, shhh," Namjoon whispered into his hair, patting his back. 

He let Jin calm down, before he spoke. 

With red rimmed eyes, tear tracks drying on his face and a pink nose, Jin said, "I told him about his grandparents today. Told him how they lived in the sky as angels and stars..." 

Namjoon rubbed slow, soft gentle circles into Jin's hand. 

"I should have told him about his parents too," Jin said, eyes welling up with tears again, "But I couldn't. I couldn't find the strength to do it." 

"He's only 4, baby," Namjoon said softly, "He wouldn't have been able to understand even if you did try. I think you did the right thing by easing him into it with his grandparents first. Plus, this isn't something that only he has to go through. It's also hard for you. And if you think that you can't handle telling him right now, then don't. And that's fine too." 

"But Namjoon-" 

"Jinnie," Namjoon said, "You're doing an amazing job as a father. There is no manual here. We're all making it up as we go along."

"I know but-" 

"But nothing, Jin," Namjoon said, already expecting a self deprecating comment from him, "If I have to say this every day for the rest of my life, I will - Jin, you're an amazing father! You're doing a wonderful job! I'm so proud of you."

Jin finally smiled, tears practically non existent.

"There's that smile I love," Namjoon said with a dimpled grin. 

Jin leaned into his chest, still calming himself down. 


"Yeah, baby?" 

"He's not going to hate me, is he? For not telling him?" Jin asked, worried.

"There's not a chance in hell." Namjoon said with conviction, wrapping his arms around Jin's waist.

Silence encompassed the room once again, driving all the tension away. 

"Joonie?" Jin mumbled, sleepily. 


"I'm really lucky I have you," Jin said, snuggling further into Namjoon's warmth. 

"Forever and always, baby." 

"Forever and always." 



"Coming!" Yoongi called out as he put his coffee down on the table and walked over to his door. 

Yoongi opened the door and tried not to let his surprise show on his face, "Jimin?" 

"Hi." Jimin said, swallowing harshly, bag slung over his shoulder, knuckles white from the strength that he was gripping the strap with. He looked..rough in a way that Yoongi couldn't quite explain. 

"Are you okay?" Was the first thing he said. 

"Yes-Well, no. I just...It's been-I can't-" Jimin stuttered, stumbling over his words in frustration, tears pricking his eyes, exhaustion lacing his every syllable. 

"Come in," Yoongi said, moving to let Jimin in, "Come on. I'll make you some hot chocolate with those marshmallows that you like."

"I don't want to impose..." Jimin said. 

"You're never an imposition, Minnie. You know that," Yoongi said gently, hand reaching out to lay down reassuringly on Jimin's shoulder. 

Jimin let out a shaky breath and nodded. He walked in Yoongi's apartment, familiar with the surroundings. He put his bag down near the couch and walked to the kitchen where Yoongi was already putting the milk in the saucepan. 

"I thought you didn't drink hot chocolate," Jimin said as he leaned against the counter, watching Yoongi work. 

"I don't," Yoongi said, as he waited for the milk to heat up. 

"Then what's all that," Jimin said, cocking his head towards the box of hot chocolate mix. 

A tinge of pink flushed Yoongi's cheeks, "You like it." 

"Oh." Was all Jimin managed. His heart felt like it was thudding, threatening to burst out of his chest, flooding the rest of his body with warmth that he was beginning to feel more and more every single time he was with Yoongi. The stress of the day felt like it was melting away, practically non existent. 

Jimin watched in silence as Yoongi prepared the hot chocolate and poured it into a mug that he seemed to be getting more and more every time he was at Yoongi's. Jimin felt like it was his mug. He couldn't help the smile that graced his face when he thought of the idea of having something of his in Yoongi's house. It made him feel like he belonged here, like he was making his mark in Yoongi's life in tangible form. It made him feel at home. Like he made a house a home. 

"And for the final touch," Yoongi said with a gummy smile as he sprinkled a couple of tiny marshmallows on top of the whipped cream. 

"That is too cute," Jimin said, giggling as he pulled the mug closer to him. 

"There it is," Yoongi whispered to himself.

Yoongi's own smile grew when he saw the big smile that graced Jimin's face. He was beautiful. 

Jimin took a small sip from the mug, the whipped cream on the tip of his nose, "This is so good!"

Yoongi didn't even realise he was doing it until he saw his finger swipe the whipped cream off Jimin's nose. He brought the whipped cream to his lips and he licked it off his own finger. 

"It is," Yoongi said. 

Jimin's breath hitched in his throat. 

They sat in silence for a couple of heartbeats, both of them in their own thoughts. 

"Jimin," Yoongi said, "Do you want to talk about what happened today?" 

"It's a lot." Jimin warned. 

"I have all the time in the world for you," Yoongi said with a warm smile, his own coffee on the table long forgotten about. 

"It's just one of those days where everything that could have gone wrong, did. I overslept, had no time to eat and had to jump into practice. I got scolded in front of everyone for being late, and then I messed up every single time we did the run, which makes no sense seeing as I could do the entire goddamn routine in my sleep! And I don't even know why I was getting it wrong! And then I had a test right after and I studied so hard, so, so hard and when I looked at the test, I went blank. For one entire hour I just looked at the paper and I didn't know anything...God, how can one person be such a failure! And it's like-" 

"Hey, hey," Yoongi said, hands reaching out to cup Jimin's which was holding the warm mug, "You're not a failure. You're nothing close to a failure. You are the most hardworking and passionate people that I know. What you're not going to do is let one bad day define you. You'e not going to let it diminish all of the hard work that you've put it and you're definitely not going to let it dictate how the rest of your days are going to go. You, Park Jimin, have survived every bad day in your 22 years of your life, and you've survived this one too. You are so strong, and all this bad day is going to do, is make you stronger." 

Jimin's eyes softened, cheeks warmed almost as hot as the mug that he was holding. All he could feel were the warm, sincere words washing over him, the electricity flowing between Yoongi and his hands, a sense of calm, and almost relief. 

He never has to go through a bad day alone again.

"Yoongi..." Jimin said, voice dropping barely over a whisper, the word feeling right and heavy on his tongue, eyes flickering between Yoongi's eyes and his lips, unconsciously leaning forward on the marble counter. 

"Jimin," Yoongi said in the same tone, tongue darting out to lick his lips, eyes fluttering shut as he leaned forward, bending slightly. 

Jimin's lips ghosted over Yoongi's, almost taking the time to breathe each other in, to memorise the heat and the gentleness of this moment. Yoongi closed the gap between their lips. A gasp almost escaped Jimin as their lips moved slowly, languidly, taking each other in, learning their way around each other. Jimin's soft plump lips moving like water over Yoongi's. Jimin's hand reached out to cup Yoongi's cheek, his thumb rubbing the apple of his cheek, softly, gently, just like their kiss. 

Yoongi pulled away first, wanting nothing more than to chase Jimin's lips and feel them against his again. His hand enveloped Jimin's that was on his cheek, and he leaned into the touch, smiling with his eyes.

"I'm glad I came here," Jimin said. 

"So am I," Yoongi said. 

"I don't have to pay for hot chocolate here," Jimin joked, reaching down for his cup and taking a sip, smiling over it at Yoongi. 




Jin was humming in contentment, laid down on Namjoon's chest as Namjoon ran his fingers through Jin's hair, comfortable on Namjoon's bed. The kids were fast asleep in the other room and they were winding down from a busy day both in the office and at home. 

"Are we going to talk about it?" Namjoon asked, almost nervously, as if he had been wanting to bring the topic up for a while, but too scared to. 

"Talk about what, Joonie?" Jin asked, forcing his eyes open, tilting his head up to face Namjoon. 

"How Tae calls you Daddy, and how Jungkook calls me Papa..." Namjoon said, trailing off.  

Jin sat up fully now, crossing his legs and facing Namjoon. This was a milestone in their relationship and he knew they would have to talk about it sooner or later. Honestly, Jin wanted this.He wanted Jungkook to look at Namjoon like his father figure. To Jin, this relationship was everything he had ever wanted. He had someone who was understanding, who respected him professionally, as a friend and romantically. He had Namjoon, this amazing, wonderful, kind person with him who was patient enough to wait for him; and he has been waiting since the day that they met. Jin meant every word when he looked into Namjoon's eyes. He meant every confession of love, every kind word, every compliment, every time Namjoon asked for an opinion. But most of all, Jin meant it when he said - Forever and Always. Because that's how he viewed them. Forever. 

"Joon, you can be honest if you don't-" 

"No, no, no," He said quickly, "Jin, it isn't that at all. God, when I first heard Jungkook call me Papa, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. I didn't even realise that he never used to call me that. I didn't even realise that I wasn't Uncle Namu anymore... Jin, when he called me Papa, I swear that it just..It was like-" 

"Home." Jin finished for him. 

"Exactly," Namjoon said, content smile on his face. 

Namjoon leaned forward and cupped Jin's cheek, "This is home. You, Tae and Jungkook. You're home for me."

Jin leaned into his touch, "I don't want to be anything other than a father to those two boys. They're my sons. They're our sons." 

"Our kids," Namjoon said, heart bursting with joy. 

"Forever and always," Jin said, leaning forward. 

"Forever and always, baby," Namjoon said, closing the gap between their lips. 




"Boys!" Jin called out from the living room. 

He heard the sounds inside Jungkook's room quieten down. 

"Daddy call us?" He heard Jungkook ask. 

"I dunno," Taehyung said in response. 

Jin smiled and tried again, "Jungkook! Taehyung! Come out here please." 

"Oh, Daddy call," Jungkook said, "Come TaeTae."

"Yes, Daddy?" Taehyung said as they walked out of Jungkook's room and in front of Jin. 

"KooKoo and TaeTae in twouble?" Jungkook asked, meekly, pouting. 

"Did you clean up your toys in your room like I asked you to?" Jin asked.

"We did but then we play with toys," Taehyung said.

"We clean a little bit, Daddy," Jungkook said, smiling big and innocent. 

"Boys..." Jin warned. 

Knock Knock Knock

"Door! Daddy! Door!" Jungkook jumped up in excitement, pointing at the door. 

"Nuh uh! Stay!" Jin warned them, "You two know better than to not do something when I tell you to." 

"Sowwy daddy," Jungkook pouted. 

"We sowwy, daddy," Taehyung said, copying Jungkook's pout. 

Ding Dong

"Daddy, door!" Jungkook said, pointing to the door. 

"Stay here. I'm not done with you two yet," Jin said as he wagged his finger.

He walked over to the door, occasionally turning back to see Jungkook and Taehyung still in place, rocking back and forth, whispering to each other. Jin opened the door and smiled. 

"Hey, baby," Namjoon said, carrying a plastic bag in one hand and a stack of letters in the other. 

"Oh good, you're just in time," Jin said.

"For what?" Namjoon asked, kissing his cheek as he walked into the house. 

"The boys didn't clean up their toys when I told them to," Jin filled him in, closing the door behind them. 

"Are my poor babies getting scolded?" Namjoon said, "Can't we go easy-" 

"Joon! This is the third time this week they didn't listen," Jin sighed, "They need to be scolded We can't keep letting them off the hook. That's how kids go to jail." 

"I'm sure it's more than just that," Namjoon said with a laugh as he put both the plastic bag and the letters down on the dining room table, "Let's talk to them." 

Namjoon and Jin walked back to the living room together where Jungkook and Taehyung were looking at the floor with a pout, both knowing that they would be scolded now that both parents are home. 

"Boys," Namjoon started, standing in front of them, with Jin next to him, "What's this I hear about my best boys not listening to their Daddy?" 

"We sowwy," Jungkook said, "We clean up but then we saw toys and we play." 

"I know it's fun to play, sweetheart, but when Daddy or Papa tells you something, you have to listen," Jin said, "You're good boys right? My bestest boys?" 

"We are!" Jungkook said with a nod. 

"KooKoo and TaeTae good boys," Taehyung nodded, wanting to be good.

"And good boys listen to their Daddy's and Papa's, right?" Namjoon continued. 

"So, will my best boys go and clean up their toys in their room, please?" Jin said. 

"We go now!" Jungkook said, holding Taehyung's hand and pulling him into the room. 

"Guess they're not going to jail," Namjoon teased.

Jin nudged his shoulder playfully, "What did you get?" 

"Some groceries from the market down the street and then picked up some of your mail," Namjoon said.

"Can you put away the groceries while I open the mail?" Jin asked, walking to the dining table. 

"Yeah, no problem," Namjoon said, more than happy to help.

They worked alongside each other effortlessly.

"What do you want for dinner?" Namjoon asked, "I could make pasta or we could order from that new chinese place from two streets away. I hear their food is really good! Plus, I could really use some Kung Pao Chicken right about now."

"Hmm? Yeah sure," Jin said, not really paying attention.

He was eyeing this official looking envelope that seemed thick. The last time he saw an envelope like this was just before University at his sisters house. 

"Jin? What's wrong?" Namjoon asked. 

But it couldn't be...

Jin opened up the envelope, and took the letter out. 

Dear Kim SeokJin, 

Congratulations on your early acceptance to the University of Law for the 2020 Fall Semester! 

The academic and personal accomplishments that you have already achieved within your early schooling and with your community truly reflect what we value, respect and expect from and in our students. We are delighted-


"Jin?" Namjoon asked again. 

"This can't be right," Jin muttered out loud, eyes raking over the acceptance letter again and again. 

He got accepted into Law School without even applying? This doesn't make any sense! 

"Jin? What's going on?" Namjoon asked, holding his forearm. 

"Joon, I-" Was all he could manage. 

Namjoon gently plucked the letter out of his hand and started to read it. 

Early acceptance. 

Namjoon wasn't expecting that. He thought that he had much more time to talk to Jin about this. After all, he was the one who put in the applications in the first place. He didn't want Jin to find out like this. He wanted to tell him in due time! He didn't realise that Jin's resume and application would be so outstanding that the most prestigious university for law would accept him, plus early as well.

"I don't understand," Jin said, raking his hands through his hair, "I didn't even apply! Why are they sending me this? There's probably some mistake somewhere. Let me call them and find-" 

"I applied." Namjoon said, cutting Jin's words off. 

Jin froze. "You what?'

"I applied." Namjoon repeated, "For you." 

Jin felt so many things at once - Hurt, fear, betrayal, shock, surprise, but most of all...Jin felt anger. 

"You..." Was all Jin could manage in his overwhelmed state. 

"Jin, baby-" 

"Don't call me that!" Jin screamed, slamming the empty envelope down onto the table. 

"Jin, please just-" Namjoon tried.

"You knew! You knew how I felt about all of this! About Law School, about wanting to try again, about-" 

"No! No I don't!" Namjoon cut him off, screaming back, "I don't know how you feel because you'll never talk about it! Every time, every single time I try and bring it up, you stop the conversation right there and then and-" 

"And what, Namjoon?! And what? Is that your excuse now? The fact that me stopping the conversation isn't indication enough about how I feel!" Jin shouted back.


Jin's voice softened now. It was less angry and more hurt. Tears pricked his eyes as he began talking and he didn't know if he could stop them from flowing, but he was trying his best, "I thought that you were the one person who I didn't have to be scared would hurt me. I thought that you understood me. I thought that...I thought that you respected me -" 

"i do. Jin, please, believe me. I really do. I love you-" Namjoon said, stepping closer. 

Jin stepped back, putting his hand out, not wanting Namjoon to come any closer. 

"You don't." Jin said, shaking his head, "You don't love me, or respect me. Because someone who does, would have never done this. You knew that I didn't want to talk about Law School, or even entertain the idea about going back, and yet, you didn't respect me or my decision enough, because you went behind my back to apply, not only as me, but for me." 

"Jin, please just let me e-" Namjoon begged. 

"Get out." Jin said, tears falling down his cheek.

"What?" Namjoon said, broken and soft. 

"Take Taehyung and leave." Jin said, pointing to the door. 

"But Jin-" 

"Get out! I said get out!" Jin shouted as loud as he could, tears falling freely down his cheek, voice breaking in the middle of the sentence, pointing harshly at the door.

Namjoon flinched at the sheer volume and at how unsettlingly broken, lost and betrayed Jin looked.

"Daddy?" Jungkook asked, small voiced as he peeked out of his room. 

Jin sniffled, "Go-Go back in your room, sweet-sweetie."

Namjoon walked into the boys room. 

Jin could hear Taehyung crying and sobbing, "No! No! Wan-Wanna stay KooKoo!" 

"Shh, come on, Tae," Namjoon said, carrying Taehyung out of Jungkook's room. 

"TaeTae! No! Daddy! Papa-" 

"He's not your Papa. Not anymore." Jin said, walking to Jungkook and carrying him. 

"Jin-" Namjoon said, voice broken, shaking his head, begging him silently not to do this.

"Leave." Jin ordered, voice steely. 

Jin kept a strong hold on Jungkook who was squirming in Jin's arms, wanting to run to Taehyung and keep playing. Neither of the kids understood what was going on. 

As soon as the door closed behind Namjoon, Jin broke. 

He let Jungkook go and he slid to the floor, sobbing into his hands, all of his emotions crashing down at him all at once. 

"Daddy? Daddy!" Jungkook said, shaking him, voice wobbling, not understanding what was happening or why his father was crying.

Jin tried to slow his sobs, realising that Jungkook couldn't witness any of this. He wiped his face with his shirt and shot Jungkook a smile. 

"Is sad Daddy?" Jungkook asked with his lower lip wobbling. 

"No, baby," Jin lied, putting on a brave face, "Daddy's okay. Daddy's okay." 

"Why TaeTae and Papa-" 

"Uncle Namu." Jin corrected immediately, "He's not your Papa." 

"But Daddy-"

Jin stood up, "Kookie, why don't you go and watch some television for a while. okay? Daddy has to call Uncle Yoo." 

Jungkook looked like he wanted to say something, but just nodded. Even he could tell that Jin wasn't alright. 

Jin walked over to his nightstand shakily dialled Yoongi's number. 

RIng Ring

"Pick up, pick up," He begged silently. 

Ring Ring

"Hello?" Yoongi answered. 

"I need-I need a favour," Jin said, voice broken and shaky, barely holding on. 

"Jin? What's wrong? Is everything okay?" Yoongi asked quickly. Jin could hear the jingle of keys already. 

"C-Can Kookie s-stay with you tonight?" Jin all but begged. 

"What's going on?" 

"I broke up with Namjoon." Jin breathed out, a sob wrecking through him, "An-And I-I'm not okay."

Chapter Text

Jin was just shoving clothes into a bag, knowing that he should really be folding them, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. There were tears in his eyes, unshed, clinging onto his lashes as he sniffled, trying to hold them in. He kept telling himself that it was only for a few more minutes. He told himself that once Yoongi comes to pick Jungkook up, he would finally let himself cry. But for now, especially with Jungkook in the house, Jin needed to be strong. He couldn't let Jungkook see him broken. He would never let Jungkook see any other side to him other than the happy, loving dad that he usually was. 

"Daddy?" Jungkook said, clutching his Iron Man action figure to his chest as he walked up to Jin.

Jin took a deep breath and plastered a teary eyed smile on his face.

He turned around and answered, as upbeat as he could manage to, "Yes, my darling?"

"Daddy, where go?" Jungkook asked, looking at the bag with wide, curious eyes. 

"Well, baby," Jin said in the bubbliest voice he could muster, as he stuffed another one of Jungkook's shirts inside, "Uncle Yoo called daddy and said that he was missing you lots and lots, so he's coming over so that you can spend and Uncle Yoo and Kookie day together! Isn't that fun, sweetheart? You're going to sleepover and Uncle Yoo's house!"  

"Wow! Really, daddy?" Jungkook said with a wide grin on his face, "Daddy, Kookie wanna take Iron Man and col-colouring books and Kookie's pencils and crayons and-and-and then Uncle Yoo and Kookie can do colouring!" 

Jin nodded along, trying to focus on the task at hand.

"Daddy, TaeTae come?" Jungkook asked as he climbed the bed to see what Jin was packing.

Tears pricked Jin's eyes once again, lump growing in his throat, "N-No. It's a Kookie and Uncle Yoo day, baby. Taehyung isn't coming."

Ding Dong 

Jin let out a breath of relief, tired from having to pretend like he was okay when all he wanted to do was cry and curl in a ball.

"Uncle Yoo! Is Uncle Yoo! Daddy! Door, door, daddy!" Jungkook exclaimed excitedly, bouncing up and down on the bed. 

"Thank you, baby," Jin muttered as he zipped up the bag and carried it out, "Come on, Kookie." 

Jin opened the door, and immediately Jungkook started to scream in excitement. He ran up to Yoongi and hugged his leg, clutching on as he smiled up at him with a toothy smile and wide doe brown bambi eyes. 

"Iron Man Kookie!" Yoongi said, ruffling his hair. 

Jungkook giggled, "Uncle Yoo!" 

Jin pretended not to notice Yoongi looking at him, almost taking him in with sympathy in his eyes.

"Hey, Yoongs," Jin said, voice heavy, low, filled with more than just sadness and exhaustion. 

Yoongi's never seen Jin like this. He's seen Jin at his highest, in a sea of people surrounding him, cheering him on as he chugged beer on a tabletop. He's seen Jin focused, with his eyebrows furrowed, muttering to himself as he wrote notes and studied day and night, only ever taking breaks to sip on his water or go to the bathroom. He's seen Jin hungover, clutching his head and making empty promises never to touch alcohol again only to find themselves at another party the next day. He's seen Jin stressed out, with a crying baby in one hand and finals rearing its ugly head on the other. He's seen Jin on the verge of giving up, sobbing on the floor with his head in between his knees, Jungkook sleeping in the other room, when he thought that his whole life was falling apart. 

Yoongi has seen every side of Jin possible, but he's never seen Jin heartbroken and lost. He has never seen eyes so puffy and red rimmed, another wave of tears threatening to hit at anytime. He's never seen Jin try so hard to look so put together when it was so obvious that he was tearing at the seams, that he was trying to keep a smile on his face for Jungkook's sake. That he was at his breaking point. 

"Kookie, go check if you left anything okay?" Yoongi said, nudging him to his room. 

Jungkook gasped as if suddenly remembering, "Iron Man! Kookie coming! Don't worry!" 

Yoongi waited until Jungkook was out of earshot before he said, "Jin-" 

"Don't." Jin said quickly, voice teetering, wavering as if he was going to break if Yoongi said anything else, "Please, Yoongi. Don't."

"Okay, Jin," Yoongi told him, "But you know that I'm right here, don't you? I'm right here, Jin. I'm not going anywhere, ever."

Jin pursed his lips, blinking back the obvious tears, trying to keep himself whole when he could feel himself breaking slowly. He couldn't do much else except nod at Yoongi and offer him, what he hoped was a smile, trying to assure him that he would be okay. 

"If you need to talk..." Yoongi said, trailing off.

Jin nodded again. 

"I got it! I got it!" Jungkook exclaimed from his room, his little pitter pattering of feet leading him back to the adults who were still standing by the door. 

"Ready to go, Iron Man?" Yoongi asked, bringing the excitement back into his voice. 

"Daddy not ready," Jungkook said, looking at Jin, holding his Iron Man action figure, blinking up at him, his little head tilted slightly as if knowing that something was wrong.

"Daddy's not coming, Kookie," Yoongi said, "It's a Kookie and Uncle Yoo day." 

"Daddy come," Jungkook said, holding onto Jin's pant leg, not wanting to let go.

Jin tried to steady himself, and put a smile on his face as he pulled Jungkook away from him gently, "Daddy'll come soon, okay? Go have fun with Uncle Yoo." 

Jungkook pouted, eyes doubling in size as he looked at Jin, "Daddy no leave Kookie?" 

"How can daddy leave his bestest boy, hmm?" Jin said cupping Jungkook's face gently, "Daddy will never leave you. It's just a sleepover, darling. I'll be with you tomorrow." 

Jungkook pulled at Jin's pants gently, "Daddy, come here." 

Jin bent down, "What is it, baby?" 

"Kookie hassa secret," Jungkook whispered. 

Jin cupped his hand over his ear, "Tell daddy." 

Jungkook whispered loudly, "Daddy no sad. Daddy has Kookie and Kookie loves daddy very many." 

Jungkook leaned in and kissed Jin's cheek and then threw his arms around Jin and hugged him tightly. 

Jin looked up at Yoongi, tears welling in his eyes. He hugged his little boy close and tightly around him, trying his hardest to keep his tears back, wanting nothing more than to break right here and right now. But he couldn't. This was Jungkook, and he had to be strong. This was his little boy. This was someone he tried so hard to keep sheltered and loved and away from everything bad, including Jin's stress and sadness. To hear that Jungkook still saw it, and could see it right now was like a punch to the chest. He didn't know what hurt worse - The fact that he didn't hide his sadness away from Jungkook, or the fact that Jungkook knew and was trying to cheer him up.

"Daddy loves you too, Kookie," Jin said, leaning back and placing a kiss on Jungkook's hair.

"Eber and all-ways?"

The lump grew in Jin's throat as the memories started flashing one by one of Jin promising that to Namjoon. Their intertwined fingers, the stolen kisses and little glances. The private smiles and inside jokes. The way his skin seared and burned with every touch. The way every little shattered piece of his heart was still yearning for Namjoon...

The way Jin knew that this heartbreak would last a long time.

In a broken, almost strained voice, Jin struggled, but still said, "Forever and always, baby." 

Jungkook pulled back with a wide smile, "No sad, daddy."

Jin tried his best to smile, "I'm never sad with you, Kookie. You're my happy little pill."

"Come on, Kookie. We can go get ice cream. Say bye to Daddy." Yoongi urged, a pang of hurt going straight through his chest, knowing that his little family was hurting and he was helpless. He didn't know what he could do. 

"Ice cweam!" Jungkook said, excitedly, grinning up at his dad, "Kookie wan chocky chippies and spwinkles and-and chocky sauce!" 

Jin placed a kiss on Jungkook's forehead. "Bye, Kookie. Daddy will see you tomorrow, okay? Be good for Uncle Yoo." 

"Bye bye daddy!" Jungkook said, waving as he held Yoongi's hand. 

Jungkook made sure to wave the entire walk between their apartment door and the lift, looking back to see if Jin was still there. And he was. Jin waved along and waited until Jungkook and Yoongi got in the lift and the lift door closed. 

Jin shut the door behind him. The second he heard the click of the door, he fell to the ground, a sob wrecking through him. 

He felt it from his stomach all the way to his throat. Tears streamed down his face as he cried. 


This was exactly why Jin didn't trust himself to be happy. Bad things happen when Jin's happy. 



"Kookie!" Yoongi called out as he walked out of his kitchen, drying his hands on his pants, "Jungkook? Where are you?" 

He heard Jungkook's little giggles but couldn't see him anywhere. 

"Hmm, I wonder where my little Iron Man Kookie is..." Yoongi said, playing along to Jungkook's game.

"Find me, Uncle Yoo!" Jungkook said, giggling to himself. 

Yoongi scoped out the living room and saw a little pair of feet behind the curtain. He smiled to himself. Jungkook really was the sweetest bundle of joy. 

"Is my little Kookie under the couch?" Yoongi said, pulling the cushions to himself, dramatically exaggerating his actions and words for Jungkook's benefit, "Oh no! Jungkook isn't here. Hmm, where is he hiding?" 

Yoongi walked to the table and dragged the chairs across the floor, hearing Jungkook laughing louder now. 

"Not there, Uncle Yoo!" He said, pulling the curtains closer to him. 

Yoongi gasped dramatically, "Where did that noise come from?" 

Jungkook ripped the curtain away from him and excitedly screamed, "Here I am!" 

"My Iron Man Kookie!" Yoongi exclaimed, fondness in his eyes. 

Jungkook giggled as he ran into Yoongi's arms, jumping up and hugging him. 

Yoongi placed a kiss on his chubby, pink tinged cheek and hugged him close. He understood now why Jin was so insistent on keeping Jungkook in the dark about his sadness. Jungkook, in a selfish way, was Jin's escape from everything bad in the world. This little boy was his joy. He had this ability to suck up every negative thought in your head, had the ability to make you smile when he smiled, and laugh when he laughed. Had the ability to make you forget that the word stress even existed. 

"It's time for bed, sweetheart," Yoongi said, walking them to the bedroom, with Jungkook hoisted on his hip in Yoongi's arms.

"No sleepy, Uncle Yoo. See!" Jungkook said, shutting his eyes for two seconds and promptly opening them up again, "See, Uncle Yoo! Kookie no sleepy." 

Yoongi decided to indulge him, "What do you want to do if you don't want to sleep?"

"See Nana and Grandpa!" Jungkook said, bouncing in his arms, pointing outside.

Yoongi's eyes doubled in size, "What?" 

"Daddy say Nana and Grandpa angels and-and-and that Nana and Grandpa love Kookie," Jungkook said, fiddling with the arms of his Iron Man action figure in his hands, "Daddy say they in stars hiiigh up in the sky." 

Yoongi smiled, "Let's go see the stars then."

"Twinkle twinkle." Jungkook said as Yoongi opened the French window to the balcony.

He immediately tightened his grip on Jungkook, keeping another hand on his waist as they stepped out. 

"Wow!" Jungkook gasped out as he looked at the stars, "Many stars, Uncle Yoo!"

"See those stars right there, Jungkook? Those four bright stars right there?" Yoongi said, pointing to the sky, "Those are the specialestest stars." 

"Nana and Grandpa?" Jungkook asked immediately. 

"Yeah, baby," Yoongi said with a nod. 

"Hello Nana and Grandpa! I, Kim Jungkook!" Jungkook said, waving his hand in big motions. 

"Do you know why stars are so special, Kookie?" Yoongi said. 

"Angels?" Jungkook asked with a little tilt of his head, blinking his wide, doe brown eyes filled with childlike curiosity up at Yoongi.

"Very, very special Angels. There are angels in the stars that grant you wishes," Yoongi said, "When you wish upon a star, Jungkook, every wish you make will come true."

"Wow, Uncle Yoo! Weally? Alllll the wishies?" Jungkook gasped out, mouth rounded, eyes doubled in size as if he couldn't believe it. 

"You have to close your eyes really, really tight and wish wish all your heart," Yoongi told him, "And then your wish will come true." 

"Kookie wan do! Kookie wan do!" Jungkook said, practically bouncing with excitement. 

"Okay, baby," Yoongi said and then said, "You've got to close your eyes really tight and wish it with all your heart, okay? Say the words 'I wish' and then say what you want. It can be anything you want." 

Jungkook screwed his eyes shut really hard, mouth forming a little pout, chubbing his cheeks up further. 


"Ready, Uncle Yoo." Jungkook said. 

"Say, 'I wish' and then make your wish, Kookie." 

"I wish Daddy happy, Kookie happy, Uncle Yoo happy, Teacher Jung happy, ChimChim happy, TaeTae happy and Papa happy. Eber and all-ways." Jungkook said, eyes shut so tightly, words said with as much conviction as a 4 year old could muster. 

Yoongi's heart soared, pride and warmth filling him up as he clutched Jungkook tighter against him. 

Jungkook opened his eyes, a big toothy smile already on his face.

"What else, baby?" Yoongi said gently. 

"Oh and," Jungkook said, closing his eyes again, "Peas." 

Yoongi laughed, "No more wishes?" 

"No more wishies," Jungkook said, shaking his head, his little hand rubbing his eye.

"Ready for bed?" Yoongi said. 

"Kookie no say bye bye," Jungkook said, pointing to the sky, eyes growing heavier.

"Wave bye bye to the stars," Yoongi said, bouncing Jungkook gently. 

"Bye bye Nana. Bye bye Grandpa. Peas make wishies true," Jungkook said, waving his chubby fist at the sky as he rested his head against Yoongi's shoulder, fighting a losing battle with his droopy eyes. 




Jin walked out of his room in his work clothes, tie slightly crooked, dress shirt tucked into his black slacks as he made his way to the kitchen to get breakfast.

A big part of him wished that he had Jungkook this morning. He wanted to hold him in his arms for those ten minutes and feel the sadness dissipating into thin air. He wanted to hear Jungkook say 'Goo' Mornin' Daddy' with his wide, bright, doe brown bambi eyes and a grin on his face. He wanted Jungkook's wet cheek kisses and his excited smile when he brushed his teeth all by himself. He wanted to hear his giggle when Jin made him a mohawk in the shower using shampoo.

He wanted everything to go back to the way that it used to be without this hole in his heart. He wanted the pain to go away. The shattered pieces of his heart were piercing every inch of skin that it could find. The pain was a constant reminder that Jin had lost something. He'd never felt this way before. He's never felt a longing so bad, a yearning for a touch, a kiss, a dimpled smile. 

He took a deep breath and pushed away the thoughts. He couldn't think of him anymore. He knew what would happen if he did. He's seen how heartbreak could affect him. Jin knew what he looked like. He wanted to avoid mirrors for this exact reason but couldn't. He saw the red rims of his eyes. Saw the dark purple eyebags, saw the way his eyes looked lifeless, saw the paleness of his skin, saw the way that the once happy glow that he possessed drained out of him.

He knew he looked broken. As much as he tried to hide it, he knew he couldn't. 

Jin walked to the kitchen, turning his coffee maker on. While waiting, he got out a mug, not having any appetite to eat, but needing to look awake. Hence, the coffee. He put the mug on the table and moved to the fridge. Just as he was going to open it, his eyes landed on the latest drawing that was hanging by a magnet of the letter K on the fridge. His eyes welled with tears, fingers coming up to almost ghost over the drawing, feeling the lines of the crayons and colour pencils that were used to colour it in. 

It was the drawing Jungkook made of his family. There were four stick line people on the page, two big ones and two little ones. They were standing outside of a square like house, underneath the bright yellow sun that was drawn in the corner of the sheet. The sky was blue with white clouds and there were two flowers on the green grass that was drawn on the paper. In shaky letters, the words 'papa' and 'daddy' were written on each one of the big stick figures' shirt. 


The word still seems so natural to him. It shouldn't after everything that happened that last; but it did. Jin really did think that they would last a long time. Jin was picturing moving in together, intertwining their lives more than it already was. It had only been a day, yet when Jin was in bed last night, he couldn't help but miss the warmth next to him. It was too cold. His bed was too big for one, and almost too small for two. But whenever Namjoon was in it, the bed felt just right. He could picture laying on Namjoon's chest, soft, gentle fingers carding through his hair. He could almost hear Namjoon talking about his day, or the interesting documentary that he had watched, or the news that he had read. He could hear his low voice in his ears, could feel fingers dancing on his hip, could feel his heartbeat under him, each thud, thud, thud, reminding Jin that this was real, that he was real.

And then Jin opened his eyes and everything was gone. The prickling feeling demanding to be felt at the epicentre of his chest hurt with each breath that he took. It wasn't real. It was over. 

They were over.




"So, as I was saying, this case clearly shows signs of fraud and misrepresentation," Jin explained to the two members of the legal team in front of him, "You can see that the Loan Agreement that she said that came from the bank were faked. The Loan came from a moneylender that was unlicensed. And over here where our client said that he signed, differs from the original signature on the sale and purchase contract. See the difference between the two? We can use non est factum which is the defence of not my signature. We can also use-" 

Knock knock knock

Jin's heart stopped. His breath hitched in throat as his eyes snapped up to his office door. 

All he kept thinking to himself was how he hoped that the person behind the door would be anyone else except for who he was thinking of. 

"Co-Come in." He stuttered out, clearing his throat. 


"Na Eun," Jin almost breathed a sigh of relief.

"Mr Kim would like to see you," She said with a polite smile. 

"I'm in a meeting right now. I'll come after this," Jin said, voice steely, as if he had been expecting something like this. 

"Alright. I'll let him know. Thanks Jin!" She said cheerfully and then shut the door.

"We can go if-" One of the men in front of him said. 

"No!" Jin almost screamed desperately, eyes pricking with tears threatening to shed, but Jin blinked them away. He cleared his throat and tried again, "I mean, let's just finish this. Mr Kim can wait. I'm sure it's nothing important anyway." 

"We were talking about possible defences?" The man prompted and began discussing the possible scenarios and how the opposition might argue it. 

Jin tried his best to listen, but his mind was preoccupied. He didn't want to see Namjoon. Not yet anyway. It was still too soon and the hurt was still so prevalent. The betrayal and anger were still looming over him. He didn't know how he could talk to him without blowing up. 

Before work, Jin sat in his car, he waited for the last possible second before going in. He couldn't muster up the courage to walk into the building. He didn't know what he would do if he saw him. He didn't know what to say. Didn't know how to act. There was so many doubts, thoughts, unsaid words, unsaid feelings, hurt feelings...There was just so much going on that Jin even contemplated not coming into work. But he wouldn't do that. Not without reason anyway. 

They made a pact, didn't they, the both of them? Be professional. 

He chose to ignore the fact that the day after they made that promise to each other, Jin was propped up against his desk and Namjoon was sucking purple hickeys into his skin. 

Jin watched the two men walk out of his office, thinking of ways that he could keep them here for longer so that he wouldn't have to see Namjoon. But he drew a blank. 

He took a deep, steadying and calming breath and picked up the phone. He dialled the extension for Namjoon's office.

"Good afternoon! Mr Kim's office, Na Eun speaking. How may I help?"

"Hey, Na Eun. It's Jin. Can you patch me through to Mr Kim?" Jin said, trying to steady his voice. 

"One second." She said. 

Before the hold music could even begin playing, the phone was picked up. 

"Jin," Namjoon breathed out, voice hoarse and low, almost relieved. 

Jin's breath hitched in his throat. A lump began to grow, almost making it's permanent place in Jin's throat. Jin took in a shaky, shuddering breath, ignoring the goosebumps that had begun to fill his skin. 

"Is this work related?" Was all Jin said, wanting nothing more than to hang up and be alone. 

"Jin, please, just-"

"Is it work related, or not?!" He demanded to know, voice steely, but still shaky. 

"No, but-" 

Jin didn't bother to wait for the rest of the sentence. He practically slammed the phone down and just stared at it. A part of him wished that Namjoon wouldn't take no for an answer. A part of him wanted the phone to ring again. He wanted to hear what Namjoon had to say to him. He wanted to know why he did it. Wanted to know if Namjoon regretted it. 

But a bigger part of him, the angrier one, the hurt one, the one that spent the night crying, the one that felt utterly betrayed and in pain, didn't want it. He didn't even want to see Namjoon, let alone hear his voice. He didn't want to be reminded that Namjoon didn't respect him, or trust him. 

Jin didn't know what he wanted right now. But he knew how he felt, and hurt didn't even begin to cover it.




"Iron Man go pshtttt! Now Spideyman go vroooom!" Jungkook said, animated as he ran around the house, racing his action figures around. 

"Kookie, don't run, sweetheart," Jin reminded him, getting dinner ready as he dumped the garlic and onions into the pot, stirring them. 

"Daddy!" Jungkook called out, excitedly.

"Hmm?" Jin responded glancing back at Jungkook to show that he was listening and then turning his attention back to the stove.

"Daddy!" Jungkook whined. 

"What is it, sweetheart?" Jin said, turning to Jungkook, "Daddy's cooking."

"Today in c-class, Teacher Jung teach us song!" Jungkook said excitedly. 

"Really?" Jin said, copying Jungkook's excited tone.

"Yeah! Daddy wan hear?" Jungkook said, bouncing excitedly, beside Jin. 

"Show me, baby," Jin said, smiling at Jungkook while stirring his mixture, pouring some ginger and soy sauce in the pan, making it hiss. 

"The wheel on the bus go round and round round and round, round and round," Jungkook sang, swaying side to side as he sang, "The wheel on the bus go round and round, allllll day long."

"Wow, Kookie! I love that song!" Jin said, smile on his face. 

"Daddy, Teacher Jung sing song long time! Got swish swish, and beep beep too!" Jungkook told him. 

"Really? Shall we Youtube it later and see the whole song?" Jin asked him. 

"Yes peas!" Jungkook said, jumping excitedly, up and down. 

"Do you want to go play while daddy gets dinner ready?" Jin asked him. 

"What eat?" Jungkook asked, tippytoeing to get a better look at the stove.

"Chicken curry, vegetables and rice," Jin answered. 

"I like chicken, daddy," Jungkook said with an approving nod, as if he had a say in the menu, "Chicken nyummy, daddy." 

"It is, isn't it, Kookie," Jin said, smile on his face, "This will take a while, why don't you go and play and daddy will call you once dinner is ready, darling."

"Play Avengers!" Jungkook said, holding up his Spiderman and Iron Man action figures before shimmying off the chair. 

"No running in the house, sweetheart," Jin reminded him as he poured coconut milk into the pot.

"Whoosh!" Jungkook said as he made his action figures fly.

Jin glanced back at Jungkook who was just making his action figures fly in the air, barely out of reach of him. 

Jin looked back at his pot and concentrated on cooking as he poured the curry powder in. 

He could hear Jungkook in the background as he stirred the curry powder into the mix, making sure that the curry powder dissolved in the mixture. 

'Iron Man go whooosh! Spideyman go bam bam! Night night bad guy!" He heard Jungkook yell in excitement, acting out a scene, "Oh no! Big exploshun! 'Iron Man Kookie! Help me!' Kookie coming! Go whoosh! Go punch punch! Bam! Kerplow! Kookie coming, wait, wait! Kookie go-oh."

Suddenly there was a thud on the floor followed by a little declaration of 'Owie.'

Jin instinctively turned around to see Jungkook on his knees, on the floor, staring at the ground. He didn't think much about it until he heard Jungkook wail, the sound of tears hitting him immediately. Jin didn't think twice before he turned the stove off, not even looking back at his food. Jin rushed over to Jungkook who was crying on the floor, having slipped and fallen on his knees. Jin scooped him up and held him up against his chest, rocking him, shushing him lightly. 

"What happened, sweetie? Why is my bestest boy crying?" Jin whispered to him, bouncing him up and down on his knee as he tried to console a crying Jungkook.

"Ow-Ow-Owie, d-daddy," Jungkook sobbed against Jin's chest, big fat tears falling down his cheeks, staining Jin's shirt as he fisted Jin's shirt, shaking against Jin.

"My sweet, sweet, baby," Jin said, holding a crying Jungkook against him, patting his back gently as he tried to console him. 

He sat down on the ground and patted Jungkook's back as he cried against his chest. 

"Where did the floor hurt you?" Jin asked him. 

"Th-There." Jungkook said, big, fat tears falling from his eyes. 

"Here?" Jin said, hand flat against the brown wood.

Jungkook nodded, sure that, that was the spot that he fallen on the floor on. He sniffled, before bawling more against Jin's chest, hand brushing against the knee he fell on the floor, scraping against the hard wood. 

Jin hit the floor lightly, making a show of it, "Bad floor! Bad floor! How could you hurt my darling Kookie?" 

Jungkook sniffled, watching Jin hit the wood, "Bad wood?" 

"Anything that hurts my baby Kookie is bad," Jin said, hitting the floor again, "Don't give my Kookie an owie." 

"Kookie got owie on knee, daddy," Jungkook sniffled, the cries dying down to just a couple of tears. 

"Where did my baby get an owie?" Jin asked, as he carried Jungkook on his hip, setting him down on the kitchen counter. 

"Here, daddy," Jungkook said, pointing to his knee as he sniffled, a stray tear dropping from his right eye. He wiped the tear away using his small, chubby hand. He pointed at his knee that was slightly scraped, just a little bit of blood surfacing on the skin. 

"My brave, darling boy," Jin said as he blew softly against the wound, dabbing it with an antiseptic cotton pad, lightly pressing against the wound. 

Jungkook sniffled, a fresh batch of tears falling down his face, "Daddy, owie."

"Almost done, baby," Jin encouraged, getting his Winnie The Pooh plasters out of the drawer, 'You're my brave, baby."

"Ko-Kookie, br-brave?" Jungkook sniffled, words getting caught in his throat. 

"My bravest boy." Jin said as he put the plaster on the barely bleeding wound, carrying Jungkook in his arms. 

"No run, daddy," Jungkook hiccuped against Jin's neck. 

"My strong boy. My brave boy," Jin whispered against Jungkook's skin, bouncing him on his hip as he tried putting Jungkook to sleep. 

"Owie, daddy," Jungkook sobbed against Jin. 

Jin kept bouncing him on his hip. 

"Daddy," Jungkook sobbed. 

"Shh, darling. My brave boy," Jin shushed, bouncing him.

"Da-Daddy!" Jungkook sobbed again, fresh tears falling down his cheeks.

"What is it, baby? What happened? Why is my bestest boy crying, hmm?"

"Daddy! Want Papa!" Jungkook sobbed, fresh tears escaping him. 

"Shh, baby. You're my strong boy. You're my brave boy. My little Iron Man Jungkookie." Jin whispered against Jungkook's skin, bouncing him in his arms, calming him down before he fell asleep.

Jin didn't show how much Jungkook's words affected him. How he imagined Namjoon beside him. How he imagined Namjoon taking Jungkook from his arms. How he imagined Namjoon rocking him, whispering words of comfort as he got Jungkook to sleep. He always was the best at it. He could always get Jungkook to sleep in a matter of minutes. Jin always wanted to learn how Namjoon could do it, but he never bothered to. He always imagined that Namjoon would be right beside him as he tried to get Jungkook and Taehyung to sleep.

Once again, Jin was wrong. 

At least, Jungkook was sleeping this time. He tried to ignore the drying up tear tracks on Jungkook's face. 

He will get it right next time; after all, that's what he's been doing all 4 years of Jungkook's life. A couple of months meant nothing to Jin. He's been doing all the work, all this while. He wasn't going to share credit to someone who wasn't going to stick around. 

He put Jungkook down to bed. Jungkook immediately cuddled up against his Iron Man plushie, thumb in his mouth as he sucked, his mouth forming a pout, eyes closed, tear stains dried up against his face. He was sound asleep. 

Jin could smell his dinner, almost burning against the stove, but he didn't care. Jungkook was sound asleep. 

Jin was tired. Just so, so tired. He didn't even have the energy to eat. He put Jungkook down and gathered up his food off the stove and put it in Tupperwares, storing them in the fridge. 

Jin grabbed his phone and walked to his room, not bothering to change before he scrolled through social media, and a few hours later, fell asleep without charging his phone, screen unlocked and the picture of the four of them set as his background.




Jin walked into the apartment building, holding Jungkook's hand as Jungkook licked his ice cream, the vanilla all over his mouth, some dripping down onto his hand.

"Wait Kookie, daddy wants to go check his mail. We have to go this way," Jin said as he lead them over to the mailbox. 

"My spwinkles all gone, daddy," Jungkook said with a pout as he looked at his plain vanilla cone. 

"That's because you ate them all, sweetie," Jin said, letting Jungkook's hand go as he fished for his mailbox key from his pocket. 

"No more spwinkles," Jungkook said, pout growing bigger, his ice cream dripping further, eyes wide and rounded as he looked up at Jin. 

"Daddy will put some when we go upstairs, okay?" Jin said, falling trap to Jungkook's puppy dog eyes and pout. 

"Yay!" Jungkook celebrated and went back to licking his ice cream. 

Jin grabbed all of his mail, not bothering to look at any of them now, and closed his mailbox again. 

"Come on, baby," Jin said, holding out his hand for Jungkook to take, "Let's go home." 

"Can Kookie have whippy sauce and spwinkles too, daddy?" Jungkook asked as they walked into the elevator. 

"You can't have both," Jin said, pressing the button for their floor.

"Peas," Jungkook said, mouth forming a pout again. 

"Jungkook," Jin sighed. 

Jungkook pointed at his Winnie the Pooh plaster on his knee, "Kookie got owie, daddy. Must have whippy sauce and spwinkles." 

"Baby, you said the same thing to get me to buy you that ice cream," Jin said, amused. 

"Peas, daddy!" Jungkook begged with a little bounce, coupled with his pout.

"Just this once," Jin said, "But no more after this, okay?"

"Yay! I love you, daddy," Jungkook said, licking his ice cream again, biting off a little bit of the cone this time.

Jin shook his head in fondness, leading them into the house. 

"No running, okay?" Jin said as they entered the house. 

Jungkook toed off his shoes, and walked into the kitchen with Jin trailing behind him. 

"After you finish your ice cream, I want you to put your shoes back properly," Jin said, opening the fridge door. 

"'Kay daddy," Jungkook said, licking his ice cream. 

"Give me your cone, please," Jin said, shaking up the whipped cream. 

"Whippy sauce," Jungkook said excitedly.

Jin squeezed some whipping cream on the ice cream, making sure that it wasn't a lot and then gave Jungkook back the ice cream. 

"Spwinkles, daddy!" Jungkook said. 

Jin got out the sprinkles from the cupboard and sprinkled some on top of the whipped cream. 

"Rainbow! Rainbow!" Jungkook pointed out at the long multicoloured sprinkles. 

"It has a lot of colours, doesn't it, Kookie?" Jin said, putting the sprinkles back on the shelf. 

Got red and lellow and boo and-and-and gween, daddy! Gween is TaeTae's bestestest colour!" Jungkook said excitedly, looking at the sprinkles.

"Why don't you go eat your ice cream in front of the tv?" Jin said, pang of hurt shooting through his chest from the mere mention of Taehyung, who he used to think of as a son.

"Pooh." Jungkook said, licking the whipped cream off, some cream on his nose. 

"You need a bath after this," Jin commented as he turned the television on. 

"No dirty, daddy," Jungkook said, shaking his head. 

He turned the channel to Winnie the Pooh and kissed Jungkook's hair. He walked over to the table where he set the letters down and started going through them. 

Bill. Bill. Insurance Premium payment. Bill. Letter from a university. Bill. 

His hands froze. 

Letter from a university? 

Jin grabbed the letter, practically throwing the rest on the table. He didn't notice how shaky his hands were. 

Memories of that night  last week flooded him. The anger, the hurt, the betrayal... 

With shaky hands and laboured breath, Jin tore open the envelope. He reached in and grabbed the letter, unfolding it slowly, almost not wanting this to be real. 


Dear Kim Seokjin, 

We have reviewed your application and all supporting documents and am pleased to congratulate you on your acceptance at the University of Rou for the Law Program. This program is world renowned and is recognised in-


Another acceptance. 

Did Namjoon do this too? Just how many applications did he fill in on behalf of Jin? How many times did he read the same forms over and over again? He had so many chances to talk to Jin about this, but he didn't. He knew exactly how Jin felt about going back to school, and yet, he went behind his back and sent out the applications anyway. 

"Daddy, ice cweam fall on Kookie's shirt," Jungkook said. 

"Coming, baby!" Jin sighed, slamming the letter down on the table. 

Jin wasn't going to stand for this. He wasn't going to sit idly by anymore. 




Jin didn't even bother to knock. He walked straight past Na Eun and threw the door open. 

"Jin, you can't-" 

"It's fine, Na Eun," Namjoon said, immediately standing up when he saw Jin standing in front of him, jaw locked, crumpling a piece of paper in his hand. 

"But Mr Kim, your 9am-" Na Eun said. 

"Reschedule it." Namjoon told her, not taking his eyes off Jin. 

Na Eun wasn't oblivious to the obvious tension in the room. Her eyes flitted between Jin and Namjoon. She walked out and closed the door on the way out, deciding to put her headphones on. 

Namjoon couldn't take his eyes off of Jin. He knew he missed him, but up till seeing him right here in front of him, he didn't really understand how much. He wanted to tell Jin how much he missed him. Wanted to hold him in his arms and breathe his scent in. Wanted to feel that warmth against him. He wanted to tell him how empty his life felt, how much his heart mourned him when he saw the left side of the bed empty, when he saw Jin's toothbrush in his bathroom, his spare products on the counter, his leftover cooking in the fridge. Wanted to say that his family felt incomplete. 

He wanted to tell him how much Taehyung missed him too. Wanted to say that Taehyung asked for Jin everyday, from the moment he woke up to the moment he fell asleep. He wouldn't stop calling Jin daddy; wouldn't stop asking him when his daddy was coming him to TaeTae and Papa. 

Namjoon knew that Jin was avoiding him. He knew that Jin wouldn't come out of his office for fear of seeing him, knew that Jin needed that space to process everything. So he gave it to him. He let Jin be, and waited until Jin came to him first. 

Standing here, in front of him, looking at Jin who looked beyond angry, rage in his eyes, locked jaw and clenched fists, he knew that this wasn't going to be a pretty conversation. But he wasn't going to give up. He wasn't going to let Jin go so easily. He found more than love and family in him; he found his soulmate, someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Someone he wanted to grow grey with. 

Jin walked up to his desk and slammed the piece of paper down, the sound reverberating around the room, a loud thud, making Namjoon flinch. 

"How many?" Jin asked, voice steely. 

"How many what?" Namjoon said, not taking his off of him. 

"How many fucking applications did you put in?" Jin said through gritted teeth. 

Namjoon looked down. The letterhead was blue and white, printed off on paper with the University's sigil on it. All he saw was the word Congratulations through the crumpled ridges of the paper. 

"You got in," Namjoon said. 

"That isn't the point here!" Jin yelled, "How many applications did you put in?! How many times while filling out my name on the paper did you not stop and think that maybe, just maybe, this wasn't a good idea!" 

"You got in, Jin," Namjoon said, softer now, "Aren't you happy?"

"No I'm not, Mr Kim!" Jin yelled, "I'm not fucking happy! I'm livid!"

"Namjoon." He corrected him, "Not Mr-" 

"You lost that privilege the second you filled out my name on the application." Jin spat.

Namjoon felt his heart break all over again. 

"I can't believe you..." Jin barely whispered out, taking a step back, "You're not sorry, are you?"

"I have nothing to be sorry for, Jin," Namjoon said, "Given the chance, I would do it again."

Jin's face fell. His eyes bloomed with tears that he was trying so desperately to blink back. 

With a shuddering, shaky breath, and a strained voice, he said, "Knowing that it would break us...That it would ruin whatever we had. Would you still...?" 

Namjoon said nothing. 

"I can't," Jin said, shaking his head, taking another step back, "I can't do this anymore." 


"No!" Jin yelled out, eyes glossy, fists clenched by his side, "No! Don't! This was a mistake. We were a mistake. I should have never listened to Yoongi when he said to give you a chance, to give us a chance. Fuck! I can't believe I actually fell for you! Shit!" 

"You don't mean that," Namjoon said, face falling, each word more cutting than the last. 

"What the fuck would you know, Mr Kim?" Jin spat out. 

"That's the thing, Jin! I don't know anything because you'd never fucking talk to me! You'd never-" 

"Never what, huh? Me constantly telling you that I didn't want to go to Law School wasn't indication enough that you shouldn't have put in those applications?" Jin yelled. 

"You never want to talk about it! Every single goddamn time that I would bring it up, you'd close yourself off! What am I supposed to think?" 

"You're supposed to respect my decision! You're supposed to respect the fact that it's personal to me and that I have good enough reasons to not want to talk about it! But clearly you don't..." Jin said, trailing off, voice lower now, tears of frustration, of hurt, of sadness falling down his cheeks, "You don't respect me. You hurt me. Fuck, Namjoon, I loved you. I loved you so goddamn much. I trusted you enough to let you into my life, into Jungkook's life...The first time he called you Papa, I didn't even realise it because it sounded so natural, so real...I believed that we were a family and I really believed that we would last, and that one day, we'd move in together, raise our kids and once they go off to college, we'd, fuck, I don't know like go on cruises and be that couple..." 

Jin wiped away his tears, "I let you in, against my better judgments, I really let you into my heart. I told you things I would never tell anyone, shared secrets with you, imagined us growing old together. And for you to turn around and tell me that you don't respect me enough, or trust me enough to make my own decisions...For you to go behind my back and send it applications on my behalf, hiding all of this from me...Who even are you right now? You're not the person I fell in love with, Namjoon. You're not the person I thought you were. I don't think we can ever fix this." 

"Jin please, just hear me out.." Namjoon begged.

"What? What could you possibly say to make all of this better?!" Jin said, "I'd love to hear it because I don't see any possible outcome where we go back to the way things used to be." 

"I love you," Namjoon said. 

Jin shook his head, "You don't. If you loved me, you would have listened to me. You wouldn't have gone behind my back. You would have respected me. You would have talked to me-" 

"I want to! Fuck, I have tried to talk to you so many times. But you never want to talk about Law School! I thought I was doing the right thing by applying for you. At least you'd have the option of going! God, I don't even know why you don't want to go back! How do you expect me to-"

"I don't want to go back because the last time I tried, I almost got Jungkook ripped away from me." Jin deadpanned.

Namjoon blanched. He didn't know what to say to that. 


"Now you know." Jin told him.

He reached into his suit pocket and pulled out an envelope. He walked over to Namjoon's desk and placed the envelope on the wood, sliding it across to Namjoon. 

"What's this?" Namjoon asked, just staring at the white envelope.

"You did what you thought was right and I'm doing what I think is right." Jin said, stoic as he stared right at Namjoon, no emotion behind his eyes and none in his voice, "It's my letter of resignation, Mr Kim. Effective immediately." 

"What are you doing? What is this?" Namjoon said, refusing to accept it. 

"My letter of resignation. I quit." 

Namjoon shook his head, "Don't do this, Jin. If you want to hate me, go ahead! But don't quit...You love this job." 

Jin said nothing. 

"How could you do this?! Think about Jungkook, think about the things you love in this office-" 

"Don't.' Jin said, voice steely, "Don't pretend to care now, Mr Kim. I won't fall for it. Not this time."

Namjoon glared at the letter, "I won't accept this." 

"Then don't," Jin said, scoffing, "I don't care whether or not you accept it. It's still valid. As of right now, I don't work for you." 

Namjoon let out a shaky breath, "Why are you doing this, Jin?" 

"Hurts doesn't it when someone you trust does something like this? You're trying to understand where they're coming from and why they did it. You try and get in their head and wonder what's going on and why they would turn around and stab you in the back..." Jin said, trailing off, words holding a deeper meaning and they both knew it. 

"Are you doing this to spite me?" Namjoon asked. 

"No." Jin said, "Contrary to your beliefs, not everything revolves around you." 

Namjoon tried to ignore the cutting feeling of his words, "Then why?" 

"Because after I walk out that door, I never want to see you again. After I walk out that door, whatever relationship we had, be it romantic or professional would have ended," Jin said, ignoring the lump growing in his throat. 

Jin didn't wait for Namjoon to say something this time. He just walked to the door, almost hesitating as he took the handle in his hand.

"You said forever and always," Namjoon said, voice breaking in the middle. 

"I also said that I trusted you," Jin said, tightening his grip on the handle, "And look what that got me." 

Jin opened the door and stormed off. He walked right past Na Eun and pressed the button for the lift. He didn't even have to wait before the lift door opened up. He walked in and pressed the floor for the Basement and then smashed the button to close the life door. 

The lift opened up to the parking lot and Jin practically ran out, gasping for breath, trying to stop the tears that were already coming out. He clutched at his chest, the ache and pain growing, spreading, holding him hostage in its brutal and harsh hold, unforgiving as it made Jin feel nothing but pain to the point where it was almost blinding. 

"You're okay. You're okay. You're okay. This was the right decision." Jin muttered to himself as he tried to calm down. 

Jin walked to his car, and unlocked it. He got in and grabbed a tissue from the tissue box. He spent a couple of minutes calming himself down, cleaning himself up and trying to take deep, long breaths to ease the ache in his chest.

He started the car and before he drove off, he picked up his phone. 

This was his backup plan. He knew what he was doing. 

He was going to be okay. 

He dialled the number and waited for the ringing to stop.

"Hello?" The voice on the other line said.

"Hello? Do Hyun? It's Jin," He said, "I'd like to accept your job offer." 

Chapter Text

"No, ChimChim!" Taehyung said, taking the block out of his hand before he could set it down, "Boo no go there! Boo go here." 

"The blue goes there?" Jimin said, endeared, pointing at the stack of blocks. 

"Yes. See!" Taehyung said, and very carefully, with his tongue sticking out of his mouth, eyebrows furrowed in concentration, set down the blue block on top of the yellow block. 

"Wow! You're such a good builder, TaeTae," Jimin complimented, ruffling his hair. 

"Thank you," Taehyung replied with a wide boxy smile.

Taehyung handed Jimin a green block. 

"ChimChim try," He said, blinking his wide, expectant eyes at Jimin. 

"Should I try?" Jimin said, examining the stacked up blocks on the floor, "Hmm, where should I put this green block?" 

"Here!" Taehyung said, pointing at the red block, "KooKoo say red is bestestest colour and TaeTae bestestest colour is gween! KooKoo and TaeTae together gether." 

Jimin shot him a small smile, almost painful in the way his heart clenched, "Yeah, Tae. Kookie and Tae are always together." 

"Put block here, ChimChim," Taehyung said, waiting for Jimin. 

Jimin gently tried to place the block down on top of the red block. As soon as he placed the block down, his hand caught on another block and the entire tower came crashing down. 

"Oh no!" Jimin said, "I'm sorry, TaeTae. I didn't mean to make it fall." 

"Is okay, ChimChim," Taehyung said, not worried at all, "Can do again. Make bigger and stronger." 

Jimin could only muster a small smile as he helped Taehyung gather up the blocks to build a new structure.

"Boo go here," Taehyung said, gathering all the blue blocks to one side.

"What about this one?" Jimin asked, holding up a long purple block. 

"That no blue," Taehyung said, shaking his head, "That purple." 

"Well done, TaeTae," Jimin complimented, putting the block to one side, and handing Taehyung a smaller blue block to put in the pile.

"Taehyung? Jimin?" 

"TaeTae, look who came," Jimin said.

Taehyung looked up, mouth agape as he tried to figure out who was calling his name. 

"Where's my little TaeTae?" 

"Papa!" Taehyung said, jumping up, blocks all forgotten about, as he ran to hug Namjoon.

"There's my baby!" Namjoon said, dropping his bag, kneeling down to catch Taehyung in his arms. 

Taehyung jumped up in Namjoon's arms with a giggle and Namjoon began peppering kisses all over Taehyung's chubby cheeks. 

"Papa, stop!" Taehyung giggled, squirming in his arms. 

"I missed you, TaeTae," Namjoon said, planting another kiss to Taehyung's cheek. 

Taehyung looked over Namjoon's shoulder, staring at the door as if it would open again.

"What is it, buddy? What are you looking for?" Namjoon asked, bouncing Taehyung a little. 

"Daddy come." Taehyung answered, staring expectantly at the door, waiting. 

Namjoon's face fell. 

It had been two weeks since they broke up, and a week since Jin quit. Namjoon hasn't seen him since. He knew that this was over, that they were over. But a part of him hoped that it wasn't. A part of him wanted it to not be true. A part of him didn't want to accept that those couple of months that they had spent, intertwining their lives together, making memories, and plans, and building a life together was over. Jin, unknowingly, had become such a huge part of his life, and Taehyung's too. 

Namjoon didn't know how to explain that there was a very good chance that the person Taehyung considered his Daddy, wasn't ever going to walk through that door ever again. He had been putting it off for so long because his heart still had hope. He just had to wait to see if that hope was well founded or not.

Namjoon walked them away from the door and into the kitchen, "What does my baby want for dinner, hmm?" 

"Dino nuggies!" Taehyung said, perking up immediately.

"That's not dinner food, Tae," Namjoon told him. 

"Dino nuggies! Dino nuggies! Papa, want dino nuggies!" Taehyung said, over and over. 

Namjoon sighed, "You can have dino nuggies only if you promise Papa that you will finish your veggies." 

"What veggie?"

"Green beans, tomato and carrot," Namjoon said. 

"No toe! Toe yucky, papa," Taehyung pouted, shaking his head. 

"No tomato?" Namjoon said, "Okay fine, then...Hmm...Cauliflower?" 

"But dino nuggies?" Taehyung asked. 

"Only if you promise to finish your veggies, okay?" Namjoon said. 

"Okay!" Taehyung cheered, "Dino nuggies! Dino nuggies! ChimChim, TaeTae get Dino nuggies!" 

"Yay! Our little TaeTae loves his dino nuggies, doesn't he?" Jimin said, leaning against the kitchen counter, watching Namjoon and Taehyung with fondness in his eyes. 

"Love dino nuggies," Taehyung said, nodding enthusiastically.

"Go and play while Papa gets dinner ready," Namjoon said, placing a kiss on Taehyung's cheek before setting him down and watching him run to his blocks.

"You okay?" Jimin asked once Taehyung was out of earshot. 

Namjoon just sighed in response. 

"How is it? Being in the office without him? Jimin asked. 

"Weird," Namjoon admitted, as he took the frozen nuggets out of the freezer, "It's been a week and I still can't get used to it. Na Eun, my secretary, has to keep reminding me that he isn't just a walk away. I keep telling her to pass him cases and every single time, it's like a punch to my chest when she says that he isn't here..."

Namjoon placed the vegetables next to the frozen packet of nuggets, and reached into the cupboard to grab a chopping board.

"His office is still empty," Namjoon said, grabbing the covered knife from the overhead cupboard, "I can't bear to give it to anyone else. I don't know what I'm going to do. It's like...It's like there's this hole in my chest, Jimin. I don't know how to explain it, but it's there. I know it is, and no matter what I try to do, it never gets any smaller. I know what I did was wrong, and I can admit that, but shit, did he really have to sever every single connection that we had? I mean, if he would just talk to me....I know that-I just-" 

Namjoon set the knife down, and took a deep breath, steadying himself.

In a broken, almost strained voice, blinking back the tears, he managed to say, "We were supposed to grow old together." 

All Jimin could so was rush forward and hug Namjoon. He hooked his chin over Namjoon's shoulder and stroked his back, hoping that it provided at least a little bit of comfort. Hoping that he reduced the hurt by even 1 percent. He just hoped that it did something! He couldn't stand to see both of his friends in pain. It hurt him. 

"He just needs some time, Joon," Jimin said, voice gentle and soft. 

"I don't think he's ever coming back, Minnie," Namjoon said, words tasting like acid in his mouth, burning, like it wasn't meant to be uttered by Namjoon ever. 

"Don't say that..." Jimin said, trailing off, not knowing what else to say. 

"God, Jimin, if you saw the look in his eyes when he said that he didn't want any relationship with me, whether professional or romantic..." Namjoon said, tears pricking his eyes as his mind conjured up the memory of Jin, looking at him with glossy, narrowed slitted eyes, devoid of any emotion other than anger, and hurt. 

"Everyone processes things differently, Joon," Jimin said, hugging him tighter, "Let him process this too. He'll come back; I know he will."

"Dino nuggie! Nuggie! Dino! Dino nuggie! Di-" Taehyung chanted as he walked into the kitchen with Rex, his stuffed green dinosaur plushie.

He stopped when he saw Jimin hugging a teary eyed Namjoon, not oblivious to the tension in the room.

"Papa sad?" He asked, bottom lip trembling as he lowered his plushie.

"Of course not, Tae," Namjoon said immediately, trying to perk up as he moved away from Jimin.

He pulled away from Jimin and plastered the biggest smile on his face that he could muster.

"How could Papa be sad when he's making Dino Nuggies for his favourite person, hmm?" Namjoon said, and tried to distract Taehyung, "Do you want a snack? Should Papa give you some Oreos?" 

Taehyung tilted his head, "Why Papa sad?"

"Papa's not sad, sweetheart," Namjoon said, forcing his smile wider, subtly looking at Jimin for help. 

"TaeTae, why don't we show Papa what you learnt in Kindergarten today," Jimin said. 

"What did my little TaeTae learn in Kindergarten?" Namjoon asked.

"Show Papa the song," Jimin said, gently. 

"Mawy had a little lam, little lam, little lam. Mawy had a little lam, who geese as white as snow," Taehyung sang, swaying from side to side, clutching Rex close to him, making the plushie dance too.

"Wow! Well done, Tae! That's such a nice song," Namjoon complimented, "Should we play it before bedtime?" 

"Yes!" Taehyung cheered, jumping up and down, "Daddy and Papa sing too!" 

Namjoon's breath hitched in his throat. He forced the smile to stay on and simply nodded, breathing in shakily. 

"TaeTae, why don't we finish building that house you wanted to, and then show Papa, okay?" Jimin said, holding Taehyung's hand and walking them out of the kitchen. 

"Build big house!" Taehyung said, "Got gween and red and boo and yellow and purple and, and-and-umm...Pink!" 

"So many colours, Tae!" Jimin said.

"Rainbow!" Taehyung told him, sitting down on the floor.

Namjoon couldn't help but imagine Jin next to him as they cooked dinner together like they've done a hundred times before. He couldn't help but picture Jungkook sitting next to Taehyung as they played together, their giggles filtering in to the kitchen. He could practically picture Jin's eyes lighting up with fondness and adoration as he chopped, hearing those melodic laughs. He could feel Jin's warmth next to him, as they cooked side by side. They didn't need words, they just moved in sync. They were symbiotic in a way that even they couldn't understand. But they loved it anyway. Treasured it and held it close to their hearts. They would look up from whatever it is they were doing, smile at each other and go right back. They would grab as many stolen kisses as time would allow, and make time for others...

Namjoon was brought back to reality with a fall of the blocks in the living room and with Tae's little, "Oh no." 

He looked around the kitchen and couldn't help but feel colder than he ever did before. 




"And-and-and-" Jungkook stuttered as he held onto Yoongi's hand, dragging him from the foyer, not giving either adult a chance to speak as he led the way, "Kookie fellded right here, Uncle Yoo!" 

"Oh no!" Yoongi said, looking at the floor where Jungkook was pointing, eyes doubling in size, bottom lip jutted out as he frowned at the floor, "Did my little Iron Man Kookie get an owie?" 

"Owie on knee," Jungkook said, lifting up his sleep shorts and pointing at the healing scab on his knee, "Daddy give Kookie Pooh plaster to make owie go away." 

"My brave Iron Man," Yoongi said, ruffling his hair. 

"Okay Kookie, it's time for bed," Jin said, "Say goodnight to Uncle Yoo."

"No wanna," Jungkook pouted, holding on tight to Yoongi's hand, not wanting to let go. 

"Jungkook," Jin warned, "You know it's bedtime. You have Kindergarten tomorrow, baby, you're going to be tired if you don't go to sleep now." 

"But Daddy, Kookie no see Uncle Yoo long time," Jungkook pouted, frowning.

"I'm sorry, darling," Yoongi apologises earnestly, kneeling down to be at eye level with Jungkook, "Uncle Yoo had a lot of homework, that's why he couldn't come see his favourite boy." 

"Uncle Yoo many homework?" Jungkook asked, tilting his head slightly, blinking those doe brown bambi eyes up at Yoongi, then he turned to Jin, "Daddy many homework too?" 

"It's just for a while, baby, until Daddy gets settled into his new job," Jin said. 

"Papa many homework too? Papa no visit Kookie too," Jungkook said, trying to solve it all in his head.

Jin's breath hitched in his throat. He had been hoping that Jungkook would forget about Namjoon soon enough. Ironic considering every single time that Jungkook referred to Namjoon as Papa, Jin never had the heart to correct him. He didn't know if it was self preservation or the fact that a part of Jin hoped that Namjoon would come back. 

"Say goodnight, Kookie," Jin said, picking Jungkook up, hoisting him on his hip, ignoring both the question and Yoongi's eyes. 

Jungkook pouted, not wanting to sleep yet.

"Uncle Yoo will come over tomorrow after Kindergarten, okay? We can play then," Yoongi said, trying to placate the child. 

"KooKoo pwomise?" Jungkook said, holding out his little pinky, waiting for Yoongi's pinky. 

"KooKoo promise, darling," Yoongi said, his big pinky engulfing Jungkook's as he wrapped them around each other, "I'll bring cookies too!" 

"Chocky chippies, Uncle Yoo?" Jungkook asked, grin on his face, bouncing slightly on Jin's hip from the excitement. 

"Every single flavour you can think of!" Yoongi said, excitedly, building up the hype. 

"Chocky chippy! Chocky chippy!" Jungkook chanted, giggling over the thought of having cookies. 

"Say goodnight, baby," Jin said. 

"Na night Uncle Yoo! See you tomorrow!" Jungkook said, waving all the way from the living room to his bedroom. 

Jin laid him down on his bed, tucking him in with his blue and yellow night sky blanket and placed the Iron Man plushie into Jungkook's arms. 

"Daddy, stowy," Jungkook said, shifting on the bed to cuddle up with his plushie, already bringing his thumb into his mouth. 

Jin moved his thumb away from his mouth, needing to break the habit, "What does my little Kookie want to listen to today?" 

"Pooh," Jungkook said, clutching the plushie closer to him. 

Jin reached over to the bookshelf and grabbed the first Winnie the Pooh book that he saw. He settled in next to Jungkook so that he could see the pictures and read along with him. 

Outside, he could hear the soft sounds of the television playing and knew that Yoongi was waiting on him. He had to hold in a sigh. He knew why Yoongi was here, and he didn't want to talk about his feelings. But, he couldn't help it. He'd been avoiding Yoongi and they both knew it.

"Pooh bear!" Jungkook giggled out, reaching out to touch the hardcover of the book.

Jin turned the to the first page. 

"Pooh next to big tree, daddy!" Jungkook said, reaching out and tracing the tree with his finger, reaching forward as much as could.

"What else is Pooh doing, baby?" Jin asked, propping the book up for Jungkook to see. 

"Pooh go licka this," Jungkook said and crossed his arm over his chest, his Iron Man plushie all forgotten about on the side, engrossed in the book. 

"Shall we find out why Pooh is crossing his arms?" Jin asked. 

Jungkook nodded enthusiastically, grabbing his Iron Man plushie from under his arm and cuddling into it, moving closer to Jin.

Jin couldn't help but lean down and press a kiss onto Jungkook's hair, letting both of them settle down before he started. 

"One day Winnie the Pooh was wandering through the woods and he came across a little green caterpillar. All Winnie the Pooh could think about was how pretty it was. He instantly fell in love with it," Jin read out to Jungkook who followed Jin's finger as he read the words out slowly, one by one so that Jungkook could follow. 

"Cat," Jungkook repeated softly, "Meow meow." 

"That's right, baby," Jin said, "But this is a caterpillar. Can you say that with me? Cat-er-pill-er." 

"Catebiblear," Jungkook tried, mumbling the word, unsure. 

"Try again, baby," Jin encouraged softly, "Cat.Er.Pill.Er." 

"Cat.Er. Pill.Er." Jungkook sounded out slowly. 

"Well done, darling. I'm very proud of you," Jin praised.

Jungkook smiled at him, toothy and a little bashful, burrowing closer into Jin, "What that, daddy?" 

"A caterpillar is like a baby butterfly, Kookie. It becomes a caterpillar to eat many, many leaves and then becomes big and strong so that it can go to sleep for a long time and then become a beautiful butterfly," Jin explained. 

"It-It gween, daddy?" Jungkook asked. 

"Most of the time it's green. But it can come in a lot of colours," Jin said. 


"Not purple," Jin said with a shake of his head. 

Jungkook gasped excitedly, "Rainbow!" 

"Not rainbow, either," Jin said, smile on his face. 

"No many colours," Jungkook mumbled, reaching out to turn the page. 

Jungkook gasped out at the new picture, twinkle in his eyes as he got excited over the pages, pointing at the picture, "Winnie and cat-cat-uhh-caterbiblearear fwens, daddy!" 

"They are!" Jin said, nodding, "Do you want to know what happened?" 

Jungkook nodded, finger reaching out to trace the small green caterpillar drawing and Winnie the Pooh's nose. 

"Pooh laughed and played with the caterpillar," Jin read, finger moving across each word, "He loved it so much that he decided to take it with him." 

"Pooh nose," Jungkook said, finger on Winnie the Pooh's nose. 

"That's right, baby," Jin nodded. 

Jungkook turned to Jin, finger reaching out and touching his nose, "Daddy nose." 

Jin laughed and moved Jungkook's finger from his nose, "Is my Kookie being silly? My silly little baby." 

"Kookie nose!" Jungkook said, giggling as he put a finger on his nose.  

"Shall we go to the next page?" Jin asked, "Do you want to turn the page, baby?" 

Jungkook reached over and turned the page. 

He gasped excitedly, "Daddy, wabbit! Is wabbit, daddy! See wabbit's tail!" 



"Goodnight, my darling," Jin said, pulling the blanket up and tucking Jungkook in before placing a kiss on his forehead. 

He turned on the nightlight and shut the door, leaving it just a little bit open just in case Jungkook needed him at night.

Yoongi paused the television as soon as he saw Jin walk out. He leaned over to the table and held out a bottle of beer for him.

"He out?" Yoongi asked as Jin slumped down on the couch, letting out a breath, tired. 

"Down for the night," Jin said, taking a swig of the amber liquid, letting the burn soothe him. 

"What did you read tonight?" 

"Winnie The Pooh and the Green Caterpillar," Jin answered. 

"Oh that's a good one! Did you get to the part about the vegetables yet?"

"No, he fell asleep before that," Jin said, taking another sip. 

They sat in silence for a while, both needing it to think. 

"Are you going to tell me why you've been avoiding me or do I need to force it out of you?" Yoongi deadpanned, turning to face Jin who still wasn't looking at him. 

"Not avoiding you." Jin lied. 

"Want to say that while looking at me?" Yoongi said, cocking an eyebrow.

Jin sighed, "I'm tired, Yoongi." 

"So am I." 

Jin finally looked at him, exhaustion on his face, bags under his eyes, and a certain sadness mixed in with loneliness in his eyes, "What do you want?"

"How was your first week of working with Do Hyun?" Yoongi asked simply. 

Jin furrowed his eyebrows, staring at Yoongi with some suspicion. He wasn't expecting that question. He was expecting something about Namjoon...

"It was fine," Jin said.

"Just fine?" 

"It's a nice office," Jin said, "I get a whole office all to myself! It's bigger than the one I used to have. And the view is amazing! I get to see the skyline and there are people constantly walking in the park nearby which is always nice to see. And I get paid more than I used to! And, and, uhh, and the fringe benefits are great and there's always a -" 

"Are you happy?" Was all Yoongi asked once Jin started to stumble. 


"It's a yes or no question, Jin," He said, and then repeated it, "Are you happy?" 

"Happiness doesn't pay the bills." Jin deadpanned. 

"It may not, but it makes it working for them a hell of a lot easier." Yoongi said. 

"I'm..." Jin trailed off, looking for the right word, "Adjusting." 

"You were happy in that office," Yoongi said, "You were happy with Namjoon." 

"And then he ruined it." 

"Did he?" 

"You're taking his side now?" Jin said, cocking an eyebrow. 

"I'm not taking any sides." Yoongi said, staring at Jin as he said, "Not even yours." 

Jin looked at him incredulously, scoffing as he leaned back in the chair. 

"There's a reason you've been avoiding me, you know," Yoongi told him as he took a swig from his bottle. 

"Oh yeah? And what's that?" 

"Because you know I'll tell you the truth," Yoongi said, "And that's something you don't want to hear right now." 

Jin didn't say anything as he brought the neck of the beer bottle to his lips, taking a rather long gulp. 

"You can't keep going on like this," Yoongi said, stressing his words, needing Jin to listen to him, "It's been two weeks and already you're miserable." 

"You're the one who told me to take a leap of faith! You're the one who told me to go out with him," Jin snarled, "I did! I took the goddamn leap and I fucking fell in love. And now look what happened, Yoongi! Everything's ruined! Jungkook's gotten attached to him! I got attached to Taehyung and now we're broken. And it's all his fault!"

"How is it his fault?' 

"Are you saying it's mine?" Jin asked him, tongue in his cheek as he glared at Yoongi. 

Yoongi reached over to the side of the couch and pulled out an envelope, "I found this in the trash." 

"I threw it away for a reason." Jin told him, not even looking at him. 

"It's a letter from a university." Yoongi said as he looked over the unopened letter. 

"I know." Jin told him, "It's the third one I've gotten." 

"How many did he apply you for?" Yoongi asked. 

"I don't know. He never told me." 

"Open it." Yoongi said, thrusting the letter out. 


"Why not?" Yoongi asked. 

"Why bother? It's not like i'm going to go," Jin scoffed, leaning back, "I already have two other options that I'm turning down. Why bother with a third?" 

"Fine then." Yoongi said, setting his beer bottle down on the coffee table, "I'll open it." 

"Yoongi you can't just-" 

Yoongi ignored him, tearing open the top of the envelope, taking out the letter. 

"Dear Mr. Kim Seokjin," He read aloud, "Thank you for your application for the Law Programme. We regret to inform you that we cannot offer you a place for admissions in the Class of-" 

"Stop." Was all Jin said, eyes clouding over with an emotion that Yoongi could only pinpoint as disappointment. 

"You're disappointed." He said, folding the letter back up and placing it back in the envelope. 

"I'm not," Jin told him, "Why be disappointed about something that I wasn't even looking forward to." 

"Do you know why you're angry, Jin?" Yoongi said. 

"Because he went behind my back! Because despite the amount of times that I told him that I don't want to go-" 

"Did you ever tell him why?" Was all Yoongi said. 


"Did you ever tell Namjoon why you don't want to go back?" He repeated.

"Me saying that I don't want to is enough!" Jin said, "He should respect the fact that I don't want to, and that I told him I don't want to!" 

"You didn't tell him why, Jin. You assumed that he would just understand..." Yoongi said calmly, "If he knew what happened...If he knew that it was because you almost lost Jungkook, do you think he would even bring it up with you? Do you think he wants to hurt you? I've seen you two together. I know that he has nothing but love for you and Jungkook. How could you think that he intentionally ever want to hurt you?"

Jin looked away. He couldn't let Yoongi see the tears pricking his eyes. He knew that whatever Yoongi was saying was true. He just couldn't accept it yet. Jin was still angry. He was still hurt... 

"You know why people are mostly angry, Jin?" Yoongi said, "It's because when you're overwhelmed and flooded with emotion, the easiest one to identify is anger. You're not really angry, are you? You're just feeling angry because it's easier to be angry than to admit what you're really feeling." 

"What am I feeling then?" 

"Fear." Yoongi answered, "You're scared."

"I'm not!" Jin scoffed, weakly, taking a large swig from his beer, hoping that the burn would be convincing enough. 

Yoongi looked at the torn open envelope on the table, "You were disappointed when you heard that you didn't get it, weren't you?"

"No." He lied. 

"I think you're scared," Yoongi said, leaning back, "I think you're scared because this is a real possibility now. You would have never put in those applications yourself. And now that someone has, and you've been accepted into a couple of schools, there's a real possibility of you actually going and properly finishing off this degree so that you become a full fledged lawyer rather than just a paralegal. And you're scared because it's something you want. But you're even more scared because the last time you tried this, you almost lost Jungkook."

"No." Was all Jin could manage, weaker now, barely a squeak.

Yoongi scooted forward, closer to Jin, "It's okay to be sad. It's okay to be scared too. But it's not okay to push away the people who care about you the most." 

"I'm not sad! I'm not scared either!" Jin said, getting off the couch, "I don't care about fucking Law School! Jungkook's the only family I have and I'll be damned if I let something as stupid as Law School break that up." 

Yoongi froze, "Jungkook's the only family you have?" 

Jin realised immediately what he said and wished that he could take it back, "Yoongi, that's not what I meant-" 

He stood up from the couch, "I need to go." 

"Yoongi, that's not what I mean!" Jin repeated, "He's-"

"Stop, Jin." Yoongi said, wiping his hands on his jeans, "Just...I thought we were family too, you know. I mean, after all these years...I thought you considered me a part of this family too." 

"I do! I really do!" 

Yoongi shook his head, "I can't do this right now." 

All Jin could do was watch as Yoongi grabbed his coat and walk out of the door. 

He plopped down on the couch, with his head hung in his hands. Why did he drive away everyone that he loved and cared about? Why was it that every single time Jin was happy, the happiness never seemed to last? Why was it that he could never have a family without him losing them? 

And all he could think of was why he was never built for happiness.



Jimin's head was on Yoongi's chest, fingers intertwined together as he played with them absentmindedly. Yoongi watched, one hand behind his head and the other in Jimin's hand, just feeling his warmth, letting the soothing, random touches distract him from his own head. 

"What are you thinking about?" Jimin asked, soft and gentle, knowing something was wrong but not wanting to force it out of him. 


"Something's bothering you," Jimin said, "Like Shrek said - Better out than in." 

"Did you just quote Shrek to me?" Yoongi asked him, amused. 

"It helped, didn't it?" Jimin said with a little giggle. 

"It did," Yoongi hummed in response. 

Jimin turned his head a little, looking up at Yoongi and gently moved his hand to cup his cheek, "What's going on?"

Yoongi sighed, knowing that this was a losing battle. He couldn't keep it all inside, but he also didn't want to say it out loud. Living it was painful enough.

"I don't think Jin considers me family," Yoongi mumbled, looking at their intertwined fingers, eyes following the way Jimin's fingers fit so perfectly in the spaces between his, not wanting to think about much else, not wanting Jimin to see how much the conversation actually affected him. 

"Why do you say that?" Jimin asked. 

"Because he told me," Yoongi muttered. 

"He said those exact words? That you're not his family?" 

"More or less," Yoongi said. 

"What did he say?" 

"That Jungkook was the only family he had." Yoongi said, swallowing harshly. 

"I don't think he meant to exclude you," Jimin said, dragging his finger over the lines on Yoongi's palm, "If you think about it, he's right. Jungkook is the only connection he has to his family. Jin isn't a stranger to loss. He's lost his mother, his father, sister and brother in law. And Jungkook, he's the only real connection he has to them. Obviously he's going to be a little more protective over that and I think that's what he wanted to say." 

"Jimin-" Yoongi sighed, pang of hurt shooting through his heart. 

"Things said in anger aren't a reflection of how the person actually feels about you or the situation. Things said in anger are said to hurt, or deflect the hurt that they're feeling." Jimin told him, "I think Jin was deflecting here. I think that he's scared, and that he doesn't actually want to admit that he's scared, so he's lashing out, and pushing people away." 

"He's succeeding." Yoongi said softly, like he was ashamed. 

"Right now is when he needs people the most," Jimin said, "He just doesn't know how to ask for help." 

Yoongi paused, unsure if he was even allowed to say what he felt. 

"What?" Jimin asked him, softly, gently coaxing the words out of him. 

"It hurt." Yoongi admitted, "When he said that Jungkook was the only family that he had...It hurt. I just thought that after all these years; after everything that we've gone through...I just thought that he considered me family too." 

Yoongi swallowed harshly against the growing lump in his throat, "My-My parents kicked me out when I came out to them just after entering college. I found Jin when I was at my lowest, and he just took me in, just like that, no questions asked, and with no expectations. Then I found Hoseok and the three of us built on something more than just a friendship. And then Jungkook came into our lives and it changed everything. Jin and I practically raised him together through all of the 3am feedings, and 4am diaper changes, through the teething and the nights where he just wouldn't stop crying. Through his first words and days where he would stop to let anyone else talk.... I was there through all of it, and for Jin to say..." 

"He didn't mean it." Jimin reminded him gently, "He didn't mean to exclude you. Yoongi, he's hurting. Both Namjoon and Jin are hurting very much, and they're not thinking rationally. Everything they say, or do, is all fuelled by this hurt inside of them and neither one wants to admit it." 

Yoongi just nodded, his rational side telling him that whatever Jimin was saying was true, but his emotional side telling him that he couldn't handle it. 

"Babe, I know you, and I know that Jin and Jungkook mean everything to you," Jimin said, "Don't let whatever that was said in anger break this bond that you've worked so hard on these last few years." 

"Yeah, yeah I know," Yoongi said softly, "I just...I need some time." 

"Take all the time you want then. No one's going to stop you," Jimin told him, "Just, don't lament on whatever was said. Sooner or later, you're going to have to talk to Jin about it." 

"I promised Jungkook I would go over with cookies tomorrow because he said that he missed hanging out with me," Yoongi said. 

"Will you be okay by then?"

"I can't disappoint Kookie."

"He'll understand," Jimin said, "He's a smart boy."

"He's been through enough people pulling away from him. I won't be another one." 

"Taehyung's hurting too," Jimin said, "He asks for his Daddy everyday."

"Jungkook asks for Papa." Yoongi said with a sigh.

Jimin paused, "Yoongi?"

"Yeah, baby?" 

"Jin's your best friend, and Namjoon's become a really close friend of mine..." Jimin said, trailing off, hoping that Yoongi would catch onto what he was saying so that he wouldn't have to say the words himself.

Yoongi waited for him to continue. 

"I understand if you don't want to- I don't want you to feel like you have to take sides," Jimin said softly into the night, already scared of something breaking, hoping that it wouldn't be his heart. 

"Baby, what are you talking about?" Yoongi asked. 

"Jin's important to you." 

"So are you." Yoongi told him, reaching down, tilting his chin up so that Jimin would be looking at him, "You're just as important to me as they are. You're becoming my family too. Whatever happens in that relationship isn't going to affect ours. We control what happens with us, no one else will, okay?" 


"But nothing," Yoongi said, dopey smile on his face as he shook his head, "It's you and me, and me and you. No one else." 

Jimin smiled, eyes crescented, cheeks chubby as he said, "Guess age really does make you wiser, huh, old man?" 




Jin had a pile of folders on his desk. It just seemed like every time he would finish with one, ten more would pile up. 

He sighed, and pushed away from his desk, and brought his hands up as far as it would go, stretching, letting out a loud groan as he settled back into the brand new leather of his chair. It had been over a week now, and still he couldn't get used to his new office. It felt like the time that he moved up a floor when he had just accepted the job offer from Namjoon. That same, 'I don't belong here' feeling. Except with Namjoon, the feeling started to dissipate little by little every day. Here, it was he was a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, but from a different box. The humour here was different, the stature of people were different, the way that they had their coffee was different...The people were different. 

But Jin didn't have a choice. He had to fit in. He had to become a new person. 

He couldn't go back. 

He looked over at the picture of Jungkook and him on the table, and a smile immediately graced his face. Jin was holding the camera in one hand and Jungkook in the other. His hand was around Jungkook's waist and he was kissing Jungkook's cheek. Jungkook giggled, trying to squirm around, cheeks slightly flushed pink, his smile toothy and large, eyes closed, small chubby hands over Jin's that rested on his waist. Jin could practically hear the picture. He could hear Jungkook's melodic, high pitched giggle, could hear the way he would scream 'Daddy', could hear how after the picture he asked for water and a snack. 

He sighed. He reminded himself that all of this was for him. For Jungkook. 

Just as his hand reached out to grab another folder, his phone rang. 

"Hobi?" Jin said to himself, looking at the caller id, watching the phone ring in his hand as he checked the time on his watch, "At this hour?"

He picked up and could immediately tell that something was wrong.

"Hello?" Jin answered, hearing his heartbeat in his ears. 


"What's wrong? Is everything okay? Is it Jungkook?" Jin started firing questions.

"Jin, Jin," Hoseok said, trying to calm him down. 

"What happened?" Jin asked. 

"Look, I wanted to make this call myself, okay? Jungkook's not hurt physically but you need to come down to the Kindergarten. It's school policy when one of the kids are in the Principal's office," Hoseok explained. 

"Principal's office? Hobi, what's going on?" Jin said, already up, grabbing his blazer from the back of his chair, walking out of his office.

"Jungkook got in a fight," Hoseok told him.

Jin froze, "Jungkook? My Kookie? The 4 year old?" 

"I'll explain more when you're here, okay?" Hoseok said, "He isn't hurt physically but you still need to come down." 

"I'll be there as soon as I can." Jin said and hung up. 



Jin flew out of the car, putting his blazer on as he rushed through the gates and into the Kindergarten. 

He could hear excited buzzing coming from the different classrooms of the Kindergarten but paid them no heed as he walked straight to the principals office, straightening his tie on the way. The closer he got, the more he could hear sniffling. He practically ran the rest of the way.

He got to the Principals office and immediately saw Jungkook with a tear stricken face, arms crossed over his chest, a mixture of a frown and a pout on his face.

"Kookie?" Jin called out. 

"Daddy!" Jungkook sobbed and ran to Jin, hugging his legs and sobbing into them. 

"Kookie, baby? What happened, sweetheart?" Jin said, reaching down to pick him up. 

Jungkook immediately nuzzled his neck. Jin could feel the tears rolling down his cheeks, wetting Jin's shirt with a mixture of snot, spit and tears. Jin held him close, patting his back softly, heart breaking when he felt sobs wreck through Jungkook. 

"Shh, baby, shh," Jin soothed,  "Shh, Kookie. It's okay. Daddy's got you now. Daddy's here, darling. Shh. It's going to be okay." 

"Ko-Kooki-Kookie bad." Jungkook sobbed. 

"No sweetheart, no. You're my bestest boy. You're not bad." Jin said, bouncing him up and down on his hip. 

Hoseok walked out of the Principal's office, eyebrows furrowed in disappointment. 

"Hey, Hobi!" Jin said, patting Jungkook's back. 

"Hey," Hoseok said, walking towards him. 

"What happened? Jungkook isn't telling me anything," Jin said. 

"Usually, we would resolve this within the class by just asking the kids to apologise to each other, but when this escalated into physical pushing and shoving, that's when we had to call both the parents," Hoseok prefaced, "The other parent is already here but just helping the child clean up." 

"I still can't believe that Jungkook would ever use violence," Jin said, "Are you sure it was him?" 

"I saw him, Jin," Hoseok told him. 

"Who's the other child?"

"There we go, Tae! All cleaned up!" Namjoon said, opening the door, hand in hand with Taehyung who was hiccuping, coming down from a cry, "It's going to be okay, darling. Papa's got you." 

At the mention of Papa, a fresh wave of tears hit Jungkook as he wailed into Jin's neck, arms tightening around him. 

"Shh, Kookie. It's okay, baby. It's okay," Jin tried to comfort, swallowing harshly, turning around to try and avoid the unavoidable. 

"Namjoon, why don't you go into the office while we give Jin and Jungkook a chance to clean up, yeah?" Hoseok suggested, stepping in front of Jin, creating a barrier that although wouldn't help in the long run, will in the short.

Namjoon barely glanced over at Jin as he led Taehyung into the office. 

"Come on, baby. Let's go clean up," Jin said, walking them over to the toilet. 

He set Jungkook down on the counter, having to gently pull Jungkook's arms away from his neck. Jin didn't bother with the wet patches on his work shirt from Jungkook's tears, spit and snot. He wiped away the tears from Jungkook's face and gently removed the thumb that Jungkook was hiccuping against. Jin checked Jungkook for any injuries and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw none.

"Want to tell Daddy what happened?" Jin asked him as he wet a tissue. 

Jungkook shook his head, hiccuping and sniffling, trying to catch his breath from the harsh cry. 

"Daddy's going to find out once I go into the Principal's office," Jin said, gently wiping Jungkook's face with the tissue, "Why don't you tell Daddy what happened?"

"N-No wan," Jungkook said, eyes watering with tears. 

Jin tore off another piece of tissue from the paper towel holder and held it against Jungkook's nose, "Blow." 

Jungkook shut his eyes and blew against the tissue, sniffling as the tissue was thrown away. 

Jin leaned against the counter and hung his head. When did he ever teach Jungkook that it was okay to use violence? He thought that he taught him better than that. 

"Ko-Kookie make daddy sad?" Jungkook asked, bottom lip trembling. 

"Jungkook, did you hit Taehyung?" Was all Jin asked him. 

"Ta-TaeTae hit Kookie too!" 

Jin sighed, "You and I are going to have a talk later."

"Koo-Kookie in twouble, daddy?" Jungkook asked, tremble in his voice, red rimmed eyes doubling in size as he looked up at Jin. 

"Let's go talk to Teacher Jung and your Principal." Jin said curtly, setting Jungkook down on the floor and grabbing his hand as he walked out of the toilet and into the office. 

Namjoon was already sat on one chair, with Taehyung in another,  both across the Principal. 

"Mr. Lee." Jin greeted with a handshake.

He could hear Hoseok shut the door behind them, and could immediately feel the tension that hung in the air. 

"Mr Kim. Wish I could say that we met in a better circumstance," Lee said, shaking his hand before sitting down. 

"Same here, sir," Jin said, sitting down next to Namjoon, not looking at him.

Jungkook sat in the seat beside Jin, practically engulfed by the chair, small and scared. 

"Our school has a zero tolerance policy for violence. While we understand that children will be children, there is a certain decorum that we expect from the kids in our school," Lee started out, "Mr Jung here said that he saw these two young men being violent on the playground during recess. Mr Jung? Care to elaborate?"

"They were by the swing set and-" 

"They were fighting about swings?" Jin said, cocking an eyebrow. 

"We no fight." Taehyung said. 

"TaeTae push me." Jungkook declared.

"No! KooKoo push me!" Taehyung said, pointing a finger at Jungkook.

"You mean," Jungkook told him, crossing his arms over his chest and looking away. 

"You no my fwen no more." Taehyung told him, looking the other way. 

"You no my bess fwen no more!" Jungkook screamed at him.

"You called us here because-" Jin started to say when Taehyung cut him off. 

"Your Daddy make my Papa sad!" Taehyung screamed. 

"Taehyung!" Namjoon gasped out. 

"Your Papa make my Daddy cry!" Jungkook screamed back. 

"Jungkook!" Jin said, surprised, turning to look at him.

"I think there's more here than just a simple fight over a swing set," Lee observed, "Maybe it's best if the children wait outside for a bit."

Hoseok guided the kids outside. Warning them to behave themselves as they walked out. 

As soon as the door closed, the tension got heavier, almost closing around their throats as they stewed in it, suffocating and heady. 

"Look, Mr Lee," Jin said, leaning forward on his chair, "Jungkook and Taehyung are good kids, and I'm sure they didn't mean to get physical. They're still young and they're still learning how to process their emotions. I think I speak for the both of us when I say that we'll talk to them and let them know that this isn't the right way to do things. Violence should never be the first resort, or even the last. It shouldn't even be an option-" 

"Mr Kims," Lee said, interrupting Jin by clearing his throat, "There is no doubt in my mind that both Jungkook and Taehyung are excellent children. I've seen it first hand, and have seen them grow over the course of being here. But, clearly, there's more happening here than just a scuffle over a swing set." 

Jin could feel Namjoon's stare, could feel the heavy eyes boring into the side of his head. 

"We'll talk to them, and make sure this never happens again," Jin said, assuringly. 

"I would appreciate that," Lee told him, standing up, "Why don't you take them back for today. I think they could both use the break."

The two parents nodded and shook Mr Lee's hand.

Lee escorted them out of the office. 

Namjoon and Jin stood awkwardly in the hallway, avoiding each other's gazes. They walked to where the children were sat, looking away from each other a mixture of a frown and a pout on their face, Hoseok in between them, trying to mediate. 

"Come on, you two," Hoseok said, "You're best friends!" 

"No bess fwen with TaeTae." Jungkook said with a pout, turning his head away. 

"Humph." Taehyung said, turning his head away to face the wall. 

"Kookie," Jin called out. 

"Daddy!" Jungkook said, jumping out of the seat and running to him, hugging his leg, "TaeTae mean." 

"What did Mr Lee say?" Hoseok asked, getting up from the seat. 

"We're going to take the boys home for today. Talk to them about how violence isn't a solution," Jin explained. 

"Together?" He asked, looking at both of them who were still standing around awkwardly, not knowing how to act around each other. 

"I mean-" 

"I think we should talk to them together," Namjoon spoke up for the first time, "What's the use of talking to them separately? Our personal issues shouldn't affect their friendship. What kind of parents would we be if we let our kids fight our battles.." 

Jin cleared his throat, feeling Jungkook tighten his arms around his leg, "Yeah. Yeah, you're right." 

"I'll help them pack up," Hoseok said, "Come on boys. Let's go pack our bags." 

"Where go?" Jungkook asked, not wanting to let go of Jin's leg. 

"Go get your stuff, Kookie. We're going home." Jin said, gently prying Jungkook off of him. 

"Kookie in twouble?" Jungkook asked, blinking his wide, doe brown eyes up at Jin. 

"We're just going to talk," Jin explained, "Go on. Go get your stuff." 

"You too, Tae," Namjoon called out at Taehyung who was still pouting with his arms crossed over his chest, staring at a wall.

"No." Taehyung said with a pout. 

Namjoon walked over to Taehyung and kneeled down in front of him, "What's going on, bud? Why aren't you listening to Papa?"

"No wan go with KooKoo." 

"Why not?" 

"We no fwens," Taehyung told him. 

"Can you do it for Papa then?" Namjoon asked, taking Taehyung's small hands in between his. 

Taehyung frowned, "Fine. Go for Papa." 

"Thank you, baby," Namjoon said, kissing his chubby cheek, helping Taehyung down to the ground from the chair, "Go with Teacher Jung. I'll be waiting outside, okay?" 

"Come on TaeTae," Hoseok said, holding out his empty hand, "Hold my hand and we'll go together, okay?" 

Namjoon and Jin were back to standing awkwardly around each other. 

"Umm, we should go outside," Namjoon said, clearing his throat, pushing up his black glasses with his finger. 

Jin nodded and wordlessly trailed behind Namjoon as he led them outside, waiting near the gates for the kids.

"So uhh, I heard you got a new job," Namjoon said. 

"Yeah I did," Jin said, "Umm, it's with Do Hyun." 

Memories of the time that they discussed Do Hyun's job offer flooded them. 

"He's offering you twice the pay." Namjoon told Jin, as if he didn't know.

"i know." Jin said, thumb gently rubbing the apple of Namjoon's cheek. 

"You'll get a better office." 

"I know." 

"And more fringe benefits..." Namjoon said, resolve crumbling. 

"Do Hyun could offer me the entire company and more, and I still wouldn't say yes," Jin told him. 


Jin smiled at him and leaned up, placing a gentle, soft, and chaste kiss on Namjoon's lips, "Because of this." 

"I'm happy for you," Namjoon said, smile on his face as he looked at Jin who wouldn't make eye contact with him. He tried joking,"Is the office twice as big?"

Jin ignored him, feeling his heart clench, "What do you want to do about the kids?"

"We should talk to them." Namjoon said, "Together." 

"Yeah, that's a good idea."

"There's a milkshake shop down the street," Namjoon suggested.

"We're not going to reward them with milkshakes for hitting each other, Joo-Mr Kim." Jin said, stumbling but catching himself. 

"Still going with the whole Mr. Kim thing, huh?" Namjoon said, words cutting, dripping with anger.

"That isn't important right now." Jin said.

"Isn't it?" Namjoon almost growled out, "Our kids are fighting because of us! You don't think that I deserve to at least be called by my name." 

"Mr Kim is your name, isn't it? You can't tell me that nobody calls you that!" 

"After everything that we've been through..." Namjoon said, anger morphing into an almost painful hurt, "Don't I at least deserved to be called by my name?" 

Jin wanted to fight. There was still some anger left in him, but then he thought back to what Yoongi said and how he wasn't actually angry, but he was afraid and hurt, and he decided right there and then, that he wasn't going to be petty anymore. He had set a bad example for Jungkook and he wasn't going to let it continue. He was going to set things right. One step at a time. 

"You're right, Namjoon. You do." He said, calmly, eyes finally picking themselves up to look at Namjoon. 

His Namjoon. Who really wasn't his anymore, but still saying that Namjoon was his, healed him a little. As much as he didn't want to admit it. He could see the exhaustion in his eyes, coupled with bags underneath them. He could see the hurt in his eyes. The slightly mussed up hair from having run his fingers through it one too many times. He could see everything except for one thing - His dimples. His favourite feature on him was missing. 

"There's a diner up the street," Namjoon said, clearing his throat, bringing Jin's attention back onto him, "They've probably missed lunch. We could get some food in them and then talk to them there."

Jin nodded, "Sounds like a plan." 




Jungkook was sat on the inside of the booth with Jin beside him and both of them were opposite Namjoon and Taehyung. They had already ordered and was just waiting on the food.

"Okay boys," Jin said, bringing the attention to him, "We need to talk to you." 

"In twouble, daddy?" Jungkook asked in a small voice. 

"Yes both of you are in trouble." Jin said, looking at Namjoon for confirmation. 

"We didn't like the fact that both of you hit each other." Namjoon said in a stern voice. 

"KooKoo hit first!:" Taehyung said pointing at Jungkook. 

Jungkook pushed his finger away with a frown, "No! TaeTae hit first!" 

"Enough! Both of you!" Jin nearly screamed, "Don't make me put you in a time out." 

"Hmph!" Jungkook said, crossing his arms over his chest, looking out the window.

"Now listen," Jin said softer, gentler, "It's not okay to hit. It is never okay to hit." 

"You may have a fight with a friend, or someone who means more to you than that," Namjoon said, glancing over at Jin, "And sometimes, they may even need more time to come to terms with it, but that doesn't mean that you ever get physical with them. All it takes is to talk it out. Tell the other person what you're feeling and why it is that they made you sad or angry." 

"Sometimes, they might not be ready to talk," Jin said, "And you should respect that."

"And all you can do is wait until they are," Namjoon said softer, looking only at Jin, "Even if it takes years."

Jin tore his eyes away from Namjoon and looked back at the kids, "Do you understand, boys?" 

"No fight." Taehyung said. 

"That's right, Tae," Jin said. 

"Only talk." Jungkook said. 

"Correct!" Namjoon praised.

"Do you have anything you want to say to each other?" Jin asked. 

"TaeTae make Kookie sad when no let me go on swing," Jungkook explained with a pout, eyes glossing over. 

"I sowwy," Taehyung apologised, holding out his hand. 

"Kookie make TaeTae sad?" Jungkook asked, holding Taehyung's hand across the table. 

"A little bit," Taehyung said with a nod, "TaeTae wan play with KooKoo but KooKoo no play in sand with me. So I play on swing." 

"I sowwy too," Jungkook apologised. 


"Bess fwens!" Jungkook said with a giggle, smiling at Taehyung. 

"Dino nuggets and the Gorilla Mac and Cheese?" The waiter came with the food. 

"Dino nuggies!" Taehyung cheered. 

"Macca cheese!" Jungkook said with a the same excitement. 

Jin passed Jungkook a spoon, "Blow on it okay? It's very hot." 

Namjoon cut into the nugget, blowing on the hot food before passing it over to Taehyung so that he could eat himself.

"KooKoo, dino nuggie?" Taehyung asked, holding out his fork. 

"Tank you!" Jungkook said, grabbing the nugget with his hand and taking a bite. 

"TaeTae Macca Cheese?" Jungkook asked, pushing his plate to Taehyung. 

"Yes please," Taehyung said, pulling the plate towards him.

"They made up quickly," Namjoon observed, with a smile on his face, unable to take his eyes off the kids. 

"It's time for us to do the same, don't you think?" Jin said, biting down on his bottom lip, nervously. 

"You sure you ready?" Namjoon asked him. 

"I can't keep holding it in," Jin told him, "We need to talk." 

"How about over coffee?" Namjoon suggested, "I can get Jimin to watch the kids." 

Jin hesitated. His mind went to the worst possible scenario. What if the talk went badly? What if they fought the whole way through? How would he go back and get Jungkook? 

He pushed the thoughts away from his head, having to remind himself that he said that he would try. Trusting in the both of them, and trusting that they wouldn't let anger be the driving force of this discussion. 

Jin nodded. 

"I'll text Jimin now." Namjoon said, shooting Jin a thankful smile as he took his phone out.

"This T-Rex! Roar! Roar!" Taehyung said, playing with his dinosaur shaped nugget before bringing it to his mouth and taking a large bite from the head. 

Jungkook giggled, spooning another bite of macaroni into his mouth, the sauce spreading all over his lips and cheeks.




They sat opposite each other in a quiet coffee shop somewhere in the back, coffees in front of them, almost as cold as the atmosphere they had created. 

All they had between them now were glazed eyes and empty hearts, waiting to be filled once again.

Neither of them knew what to say. I miss you? When I look around, all I see are remnants of you? I can't sleep without your arms around me? My son still calls you his father? When I close my eyes, all I see are the dreams that we built together? 

I still love you? I never stopped? 

"I realised that I never answered your question from the other day," Namjoon said, breaking the silence, "The one about how many applications I put in for you." 

"How many?" Jin asked, eyes never leaving the rim of his still full coffee cup. 

"Four." Namjoon answered. 

"I've heard back from three," Jin said. 


"Two accepted me," Jin told him, "One rejected me." 

"I don't know if I congratulate you or not..." Namjoon admitted. 

"You know, Yoongi told me something the other day when he came over," Jin said, "He said that I wasn't actually angry. I was lashing out because I was overwhelmed and anger is the emotion that's easiest to identify with." 

"So, you're not angry?" 

"I was. I was very angry," He admitted, "But I don't think I'm angry anymore." 

"If you're not angry, then what are you feeling?" Namjoon asked gently. 

And for the first time that day, Jin looked up at him, red rimmed eyes, chapped lips and exhaustion written all over his face, "Scared. I'm scared, Namjoon." 

Namjoon couldn't help but reach out across the table to take Jin's hand. It was almost a reflex, an instinct at this point. Just as quickly as he reached out, he retracted his hands, as if he had been burnt. 

And if Jin noticed, he didn't say anything. 

"Why?" Namjoon asked, "Is it because of what happened last time? The fact that you almost lost Jungkook?" 

"I never told you how I almost lost him, did I?" Jin said.

"You don't have to-"

"If anyone deserves an explanation, it's you," Jin said.

Namjoon wanted to reach out and hold his hand. He wanted to feel Jin's warmth in his again, wanted to remember what it was like to be home and not homesick, wanted to trace the lines on the palm of his hands, wanted to feel his calloused fingers and memorise the way they fit so perfectly in between his. But he couldn't. So, he settled for holding the already cooled down mug of coffee free caramel twist in between his hands instead. 

"I got Jungkook when I was 20 going onto 21. It was a couple of weeks before finals and I..." Jin started, trailing off, trying to find the words, a faraway glazed look in his eyes, "I didn't realise how much paperwork it was when you lost someone, and gained someone else. For my sister and brother in law I had wills to go through, house deeds, insurance paperwork, death certificates...And for Jungkook, I had adoption papers. Except, I couldn't adopt him yet. They wouldn't let me. And in between all of this mess, I had finals." 

Jin paused, reaching down to take a sip from his stone cold coffee. 

"I had a social worker assigned to me. One specially for Jungkook. She...She didn't believe that I could take care of him. Every single time she came over to do these 'random checks', she would try and convince me to give him up for adoption. And every time she came, she always had a set of parents who wanted him. I kept telling her that Jungkook was mine and there was nothing she could say, and no amount of money that she could even attempt to offer me for me. to give him up." Jin explained, "Finals rolled around and I thought that for sure I was going to bomb it. I had Yoongi taking care of Jungkook while I did the exams. I don't know how I managed it, but I passed. Sure, I didn't make the Dean's list like I thought I would, and yeah maybe I didn't get a First Class Honours, but damn it, I passed! And I had my law degree in my hands. And that's when it all started." 

Jin could feel the lump in his throat grow at the memories. 

"I got too cocky. I thought that I did it once, so what's stopping me from doing it again. I applied to Law School to finish my Bar and officially get become a full fledged lawyer rather than just a paralegal. I got in to my dream school! One that my sister and I used to make vision boards about! I can't tell you how excited I was! At this point, even the insurance money came in. I thought that everything was finally working itself out..." Jin said, swallowing harshly, "I got too confident, too cocky. I spent more time studying and partying than I did actually looking after Jungkook. Sometimes Yoongi would stay over and take care of him while I got drunk and came home after Jungkook's fourth feeding of the night, maybe around 5am, and other times, I would just hire a babysitter, promise them some random time, and make them wait it out until I came home...Drunk." 

Jin absentmindedly stirred the spoon in the coffee, not knowing why he did it, but letting the repetitive action calm him down. 

"Did you ever notice the scar on Jungkook's left cheek? Right next to the tiny mole near his nose?" Jin asked, looking up at Namjoon, expecting a look of disgust, or even disappointment, "Did you ever wonder how it came about? How it happened? What must have happened to Jungkook to leave a scar?"

"You'd never hurt him." Namjoon said confidently, voice strong, unwavering. 

"I thought so too." Jin said, memories of the screaming baby in his hands, the smell of rusted iron filling his nose, the dried up blood on his shirt, the blood all over Jungkook's face. 

Namjoon's fingers twitched against the mug, the urge to just hold him, reassure him that it wasn't his fault, that whatever happened in the past made him the father that he is today, growing stronger and stronger.

"It was my fault," Jin said, looking down at the cold brown coffee, spoon sticking out of the mug, "Jungkook was 14 months old, and I was home alone with him. I was hungover from a party and he had just gotten up. It was around 9am and I wanted nothing more than to just sleep, but Jungkook wouldn't stop crying. I had tried everything from feeding him, to changing his diaper, to playing with him, and even tried putting him to sleep. I set him down for one minute and walked to the kitchen to get some aspirin. My hangover was shitty, and he was so loud...The next thing I know, I hear Jungkook screaming even louder. It wasn't a normal scream and I just...I needed a minute to myself. I didn't realise it was so bad! I didn't realise that he had hurt himself! When I went out to the living room, there was just so much blood. Jungkook had somehow stood himself up and he wasn't stable enough and had fallen and hit his cheek on the side of the table and hurt himself. I didn't know what to do! I just...I grabbed him, put pressure on the wound and I managed to hail a cab down. They took me to the nearest hospital and ther were all these questions and everyone thought it was my fault! And shit maybe it was!"

Jin was growing more and more frantic as he told the story, as if reliving it all over again like it was his own personal torture chamber to remind him of how shitty of a parent he was. Jin took a deep breath as he wiped the tears from his face. 

"The doctors took him in and he had to have 2 stitches to his cheek. The nurses called the social worker which must have been the highlight of her day. She'd just been looking for excuses to take Jungkook away from me and I guess she found the one!" Jin scoffed, laughing humourlessly, "The doctor had discharged Jungkook, and he gave me some medicines for the pain. I was literally holding Jungkook in my arms when she came into the ward. She told me that I was incompetent and that she couldn't leave Jungkook in the care of someone who was so irresponsible. She ripped him from my arms...Jungkook was crying so loud, he was wailing and yelling and the woman just didn't care! All she wanted was to take him away from me! I swear, if I hadn't been a Law student, and I hadn't learned about Family Law...I don't think I'd have Jungkook with me today. I told her that legally, Jungkook was mine. He was my son, and if she wanted him, then she was going to have to get a fucking warrant or else I'd sue her for habeas corpus and for negligently carrying out her duties as a public officer. Needless to say, I got Jungkook back...But ever since that day..." 

"Going back to Law School reminds you of the time you almost lost him," Namjoon finished for him.

Jin simply nodded, "I promised myself after that incident that I'd never let anything like that happen again. I was selfish back then. All I was thinking about was my happiness, not Jungkook's. I learnt the hard way that bad things happen when I'm happy."

"So, you're just going to live your life not chasing your own happiness?" 

"I'm going to live my life making sure that Jungkook's happy." Jin said, sniffling a little, "I'm never going to let anyone even attempt to take him away from me again. Ever since that day I always made sure that whatever decision I made, I thought of Jungkook first. I promised that I would be the best dad he could ever dream of. I made sure that I got a stable paying job, I even had multiple bank accounts. I had savings, I even set up a college fund for the future and I even have a Trust set up in Jungkook's name, just in case something happened to me. I made sure that there was never a reason for the social worker to come back. And all these years later, she still hasn't shown up, so clearly, I'm doing something right." 

"I've said it a million times, and I'm going to keep saying it," Namjoon said, not holding back this time. He reached out and put his hand over Jin's engulfing the mug, thumb automatically rubbing circles into Jin's skin like it's done a million times before, "I'm in awe of you, Kim Seokjin. You are strength personified. Everytime I think I can't fall for you more, you prove me wrong. Sure, you made mistakes and you slipped and fell, but you got up! You bettered yourself! You've given up your dreams to become the father that you are today, and you have learnt along the way what it means to be a good father and friend." 

Jin said nothing. He looked at their hands, familiar and warm against the cool mug.

"I know you're scared. But Jin, you're not in the same situation that you were all those years ago. Things have changed," Namjoon said gently, coaxing him, "You're not alone anymore, Jin. You're not that same college student anymore. You have us now. You have a family. You have help! We're here with you." 

Jin was hearing the words, but he wasn't listening. It just wouldn't stick. All he could think of when he heard the words Law School was the blood. It was the way Jungkook was wailing, screaming for him, but Jin didn't listen. It was the way the guilt still ate him up inside. It was the way all he could feel was the sticky blood. It was the way Jin learnt that blood wasn't always red. It was brown when it dried, red when it first washed off, and orange and yellow as it faded from the water, falling into the drain. IT was the way that Jin learnt that blood didn't come off clothes so easily. It was the way Jin knew what stitches looked like on pale, soft skin. It was the way Jin couldn't let Jungkook go for hours as he slept in Jin's arms, both of them locked away from the outside world as Jin sobbed quietly against the door. 

"He still calls you Papa." Jin couldn't help but say, almost whispering the words, as if he was scared that Namjoon would hear him, "And I let him." 

"Taehyung asks about you everyday," Namjoon told him, "Asks when you're coming to see him." 

"We shouldn't have gotten them involved in this," Jin said, "It was our fight. Not theirs."

"We learn from our mistakes." Namjoon said, words holding a deeper meaning, and they both knew it. 

Silence became them as they both just sat in their opposite ends of the booth, taking in the last few hours, letting it seep through skin, etch itself into a memory that they'd both later dissect word by word, second by second. 

"So," Namjoon said, "Now what?"

"I don't know, Joon." Jin said, pushing his cold coffee away from him, letting the mug scrape against the wooden table, "I don't know."

Chapter Text

"Kookie makeded Daddy look pretty," Jungkook said as he played with Jin's hair, sitting on his lap as Jin watched tv, leaning back against the couch, soft, endearing smile on his face. 

"Yeah? What are you going to do to Daddy's hair?" Jin hummed in response, one hand on Jungkook's waist so he doesn't fall off Jin's lap. 

"Give haircut!" Jungkook said as he moved Jin's hair to wherever he wanted it, parting it down the middle.

Jin lay back and let him do whatever he wanted, shutting his eyes as he felt Jungkook move bits and pieces of his hair. 

"Be care-pull! Kookie give Daddy haircut now," Jungkook said, pretending he had scissors in his hand, "Brr Brrr Brr."

Jin let out a breathy laugh, "Baby, what noise is that?"

"The sissaws Daddy! The brr brr sissaws in the haircut shop," Jungkook explained, "It go brrrrrr." 

"The razor?" Jin asked, "The cold one?" 

"Haircut man say no move cause owie if Kookie move." Jungkook said. 

"It's called an electric razor, darling," Jin explained, "The sound is made by little motors inside it that make it move."

"No sissaw?" Jungkook asked, tilting his head in curiosity, eyes doubling in size, childhood innocence shining through, bright and twinkling like a million stars in his doe brown bambi eyes. 

"Scissors," Jin corrected, "The scissors are what you use in arts and crafts baby. It cuts the paper." 

"No cuttie hair?" 

"It can cut hair, but that's a special type of scissors," Jin explained. 

"Kookie give Daddy hand-dome haircut!" Jungkook said, going back to playing with Jin's hair, pretending he was cutting it with scissors for fingers. 

"Thank you, baby," Jin said, smiling, letting Jungkook do whatever he wanted, hand still on his waist, protective, not wanting Jungkook to fall and get hurt.

He loved moments like this. Loved it when it was just them in this little bubble. But, Jin couldn't help but feel incomplete somehow. His heart was close to full, but not just there yet. There was something missing. Someone missing. Jin pretended not to know who it was that his heart was yearning for. He wanted to stay in this bubble just a while longer. It was safe here. Nothing could hurt him, or Jungkook. They were safe. They were warm. 

Back to being content, even though they were once happy. 

Jungkook stopped, and Jin opened his eyes to see Jungkook let out a huge yawn, eyes blinking, drooping heavily. 

"It's bedtime my little Cookie Monster," Jin said, picking Jungkook off his lap, standing up and hoisting him on his hip. 

"No sleepy, Daddy," Jungkook said, resting his heavy head on Jin's broad shoulder, thumb finding its way into Jungkook's mouth. 

"Mhmm, I'm sure you're not," Jin said, shaking his head fondly. 

"No sleep Kookie bed," Jungkook said, squirming in Jin's hold. 

"Why don't you want to sleep in your bed?" Jin asked, "It's your special bed, baby. See it has Iron Man and your new Winnie The Pooh sheets-" 

"No! No wan sleep Kookie bed!" Jungkook whined, shaking his head, pouting against Jin's neck. 

"Tell Daddy why," Jin said, bouncing him slightly, not wanting Jungkook to throw a tantrum. 

"Wan cuddle," Jungkook pouted. 

"You want to cuddle with Daddy in your bed?" 

"Daddy bed," Jungkook said, thumb still in his mouth. 

"Just for tonight, okay?" Jin said. 

He felt Jungkook nod against his neck, felt him get heavier in his arms, knowing that Jungkook was sleepy. 

"Do you want Iron Man?" Jin asked. 

"Wan Daddy," Jungkook said, voice drawled out and sleepy.

"Come on, Kookie. Let's go sleep," Jin said, turning off the lights in Jungkook's room, and in the living room. 

He made his way into his bedroom and didn't bother to turn the light on, going straight to his bed. He set Jungkook down on the bed and tucked him in. 

"Daddy!" Jungkook whined, squirming around. 

"Shh, baby, shh," Jin said softly, carding his fingers through Jungkook's dark brown hair, "Daddy's just tucking you in, darling. I'll be right there to cuddle you, okay?" 

Jin didn't know why Jungkook was being so clingy, but he wasn't going to complain. He loved Koala Jungkook the most. Loved it when Jungkook held on tight to him, nuzzling himself into the crook of Jin's neck, or resting his head on Jin's shoulder. He loved when he felt like Jungkook needed him, because there was this constant fear that somehow, Jungkook will be ripped from his arms once again. There was this constant fear that he'd lose Jungkook and there was nothing he could do about it. 

It was the main reason he didn't want to go back to Law School. After talking to Namjoon, opening up about his deepest, darkest fears...Jin realised that it was more than just that. It was the fact that he knew that he couldn't handle it. With work, there was a set time, always 9 to 5, there were other people you could rely on, there were other people to lean on, more than just your boss or colleagues. There was the fact that he didn't use most of the crap he had learnt in Law School. It was the real world, and there were no tests here. It's win or lose. EIther way, you get paid. 

But Law School, well that was a whole different ball game. It was one thing to go back to Law School, and another to go back when you have a kid to take care of, no help, and you've almost had the kid ripped out from your arms forever. 

Jin didn't think he could do it. He didn't think he could do the assignments, go to class, have to study extra hours at home, have to submit assignments online, typing them out, have them cited and checked, and then rechecked. He didn't think he could pull the all nighters, get lunch and dinner ready, play with Jungkook, make sure he's well fed, make sure he does his homework and go to Kindergarten...There was too much to do in too little time. 

He didn't know if he could pull it off. 

So instead, he pretended that the two acceptance letters in his room didn't exist. It doesn't matter that every time he entered the room, his eyes would immediately be drawn to the first drawer of his table. Because Jin was content with pretending that they didn't exist.

He had made his bed, and now he had to lie in it. 

Literally, and figuratively. 

Jungkook laid on Jin's chest, thumb in his mouth, pouting against it as his hair fell into his eyes. 

Jin carded his fingers through his hair, and pushed his hair to one side, watching Jungkook sleep soundly against him. It wasn't even 8pm yet, but Jin still stayed in bed, hugging Jungkook close to him, alternating between patting his head or stroking his back, arm around his waist, humming lowly, softly. 

Everything Jin did, every decision he made, every step that he took, all of it was for this 4 year old laying on him now. It was all for his happiness, for his future, for him. Sure, there were moments when he was in the wrong, where he could have done better, where if he could, he would change. But Jin learnt from them; knew now how to navigate the situation. 

It was crazy to think that when Jungkook said his first words, Jin was both elated and heartbroken. He didn't know if he even deserved to hear those words. 

Jungkook was 10 months old and sitting in his highchair. He was trying to pick some baby biscuits off of his table and shovel them in his mouth. Jin was exhausted, and barely keeping himself awake. He was practically taking little naps every time he blinked. Yoongi was sat at the table, helping Jungkook eat and playing with him while Jin shuffled around the kitchen doing little chores. Jin still remembered how dirty and drabby he felt. He remembered walking out of the kitchen and picking Jungkook up, the spit up towel already on his shoulder as he gently pat his back, waiting for Jungkook to burp. Once he did, Jin took the towel and cleaned Jungkook off. Jungkook had a smile on his face and stars in his eyes, his tiny hand reaching out to grab Jin's nose in his soft grip, as he muttered out a little "Dada.

Jin remembered how everything went silent. How no one moved but Jungkook who was oblivious to the tension. He remembered how he stared at Yoongi with tears in his eyes. He remembered how he put Jungkook in his crib, walked out of his room, closed the door and dropped to his knees. He remembered Yoongi darting to him, bringing him into a hug and letting Jin sob against his chest. Jin didn't feel worthy enough to be his father. Jin couldn't help but remember his brother in law who would have been over the moon, ecstatic, would have screamed for a video to be taken. But here Jin was, on the floor, wishing that those words had never been uttered in the first place. He didn't deserve to be Jungkook's father. Jin felt like he was stealing this position from someone who would have done it better, After all, Jin was only 20! He was a child himself! How was he supposed to raise a child?! 

Yoongi had to talk him off the ledge. He had to hold Jin, listen to him, and tell him that the entire reason he even had Jungkook was because his sister and brother in law trusted him enough with it. Jin deserved to be called a dad. He was taking care of Jungkook to the best of his abilities, and after all, isn't that what being a parent was all about? 

It took some time for Jin to get used to it. Took a little learning to figure out a way to deal with his guilt. But now Jin could proudly call himself Jungkook's dad, could show him off to the four bright stars looking out for them every single night, could cuddle him, could help him with his homework, and read him bedtime stories. Jin was his father. No matter what. 

And lying down here in his bed, with Jungkook sound asleep on his chest, cuddling up to Jin..He knew that whatever happened, as long as Jungkook was right by his side; Jin was going to be okay. Forever and always.




Jin kept looking at the door, as if that would make the doorbell ring faster. He couldn't help it - He was nervous. It had been about a week since he saw Yoongi last. A week since Yoongi had stormed out of the house, hurt by the cutting edge of Jin's words. Jin had tried to apologise multiple times, but he understood that Yoongi needed time to process and to get over the hurt. It didn't mean that Yoongi had gone radio silent though. Yoongi was great friend, a better Uncle to Jungkook too. He had called Jungkook almost everyday, and listened to whatever ramblings the 4 year old had for him that day. He had listened to Jungkook's rendition of the alphabet 3 times consecutively, had listened to Jungkook play with Iron Man, had listened to Jungkook when he said that he missed him and had listened to Jungkook almost cry when Yoongi said that he couldn't see him because he was stuck in the office. 

Yoongi texted Jin a couple of hours ago letting him know that he was ready to talk, and ever since then, Jin had kept a close eye on the door. 

This had been the longest the two have gone without speaking and seeing each other. Jin could feel the hole in his life, a void almost as big as the one beside it. He didn't know why he pushed people away. Didn't know why Jin was incapable of holding onto people in his life. First, his parents left him, then his sister and his brother in law, then Namjoon and Taehyung, and now Yoongi had left him too.

Was it his fault that he wasn't good enough to keep people around?

As if almost on cue, like Yoongi knew that Jin was about to spiral, the doorbell rang. 

Jin practically leapt out of his seat, listening to see if Jungkook was coming out before he ran to the door. He composed himself and opened it. 

"Hey," Jin greeted, moving to let Yoongi in. 

"Hi." Yoongi greeted back, looking around as he entered. 

"Jungkook's watching the Iron Man animation," Jin said, closing the door behind them. 

"We won't see him for a while then," Yoongi said with a little chuckle, walking to the couch. 

"Thought it was best," Jin said, towing behind him, "Seeing as you know...We're going to talk...and stuff." 

"It's just me, Jin," Yoongi said, "You don't have to be nervous." 

"It's because its you that I'm nervous," Jin admitted, sitting beside him on the couch, turning to face him as he brought a pillow to his lap. 

"We're okay." Yoongi assured him.

"Are we? Because it doesn't feel that way." Jin said.

"We are." 

"You know that I didn't mean to say that you aren't family to me, right? To us?" Jin told him, almost desperately; needing him to believe it. 

Yoongi looked away, "Jin, it's fine-" 

"No it's not!" Jin said, voice higher now, "Of course it's not fine, Yoongi. I hurt you! I can't believe that I said that you're not family. If anything, you're as much family to me as Jungkook is. You've been here throughout everything! Everything! You've been here for me when Jungkook would be up the entire night crying, and neither one of us could figure out why! You've been here with me when both of us had assignments due and would take turns between taking care of Jungkook and researching and studying. You've been here with me when Jungkook said his first word and I broke down crying. You've been here throughout it all, Yoongi. If you aren't family then I don't know who is."

Yoongi finally picked his eyes back up, teary and glossed over as he looked at Jin. 

"I'm sorry," Jin said, through the growing lump in his throat, "I'm sorry that I said something so hurtful to you. I didn't mean it. I regretted it the second it came out...But you have to know that I didn't mean to hurt you." 

"Words said in anger aren't meant to be taken seriously," Yoongi said with a watery smile, echoing Jimin's words. 

Jin reached out and squeezed Yoongi's hand, "I didn't mean to exclude you when I said that Jungkook was the only family I had." 

"I know, Jin," Yoongi said, squeezing back. 

"It's just that..." Jin said, trailing off, trying to find the right words to explain what was in his heart, "Jungkook is the only tether I have to my family. He's the only part of my blood family that I have left, and I'm scared that I'm going to lose him too." 

"He's not going anywhere, Jin," Yoongi said, scooting closer to him, "And neither am I."

"I just..." Jin sighed, trailing off, "I'm really, really sorry." 

"It's okay, Jin," Yoongi comforted, sincerity lacing his voice, "I'm not going to lie and say that it didn't hurt, because it did. Jungkook and you are my family, and I have always considered both of you to be my family, so when you said that I wasn't...I just thought that you never considered me to be yours, which hurt. A lot. But after talking to Jimin about it, and realising that you didn't mean it and that you were probably just lashing out, I realised that it was true. And that I'm still your family, but I needed to give myself and you some time to think about what happened and what was said. 

"Jimin's wise," Jin said with a smile. 

"He's becoming a part of my family too," Yoongi told him with a shy smile. 

"I'm just happy that you're happy," Jin said, squeezing his hand.

"You can be too," Yoongi told him, "You know what you have to do."

"I talked to him," Jin said, "Told him everything."

"Everything?" Yoongi asked, cocking his eyebrow. 

"I told him about how Jungkook almost got taken away. How much of a bad guardian I used to be. How I used to party all the time.." Jin said, "I told him everything." 


"And he listened." Jin said, "Told me that I wasn't a bad father. I was just learning. Told me that he was proud of me." 

"So," Yoongi said, "What are you going to do now?" 

Jin looked down, not knowing the answer. 

"I can't go back." 

"To him or to Law School?" Yoongi asked. 


"Why not?" Yoongi asked. 

"My answer hasn't changed in a week, Yoongi. I don't know what you expect. I didn't have some sort of epiphany to suddenly change my worldview," Jin told him, "I have Jungkook to think about. I can't do both Law School and work at the same time. But I need to work to make money to keep a roof over our head, to keep Jungkook in school, to keep food on the table. And I know I can't handle Law School and working. If I go to Law School, I'll need to quit, which financially, I can't handle. But if I work, then I can't go to Law School...It'll just be a dream that I had to give up on." 

"Why can't you do both at the same time?" Yoongi asked calmly. 

"You saw what happened to Jungkook when I took a couple of hours overtime. He thought that I had left him!" Jin said, throwing his hands up, frustrated, "If I do both, I'm going to have to commute from work straight to school, take the night classes and come back around 10 or 11 every single day. I won't be able to spend any time with him...He needs me Yoongi. I can't let him think that I abandoned him too." 


"Namjoon, Taehyung, You and Jimin." Jin said, "It's my fault that he doesn't see you guys often, and I know that it's hurting him." 

"Then fix it." Yoongi said like it was the most obvious solution in the world, "Arrange a playdate, or dinner, or even just a nice day out. But we can all be together again."

"Can we?" 

"I know Namjoon misses you," Yoongi told him, "Taehyung more so."

Jin took a staccatoed breath in before he said, "Jungkook still calls him Papa. And I don't have the heart to correct him." 

Yoongi said nothing.

"Aren't you going to scold me?" 

"Now why would I do that?" Yoongi said, leaning back against the soft cushions of the couch. 

"Because I should make Jungkook get unattached to him." 

"You would've done that yourself if you thought that there truly wasn't any hope of you getting back together with him again," Yoongi said simply. 

"I...I don't think-" 

"You're still in love with him." Yoongi told him. 

Before Jin could even blink, he heard a door being opened. Jin looked away, glad for the distraction and saw Jungkook coming out of his room, the sound of the iPad filling the hallway. Jungkook held something tight in his hand, walking out. He spotted Yoongi and his eyes immediately lit up. 

"Uncle Yoo!" He squealed in excitement, running as fast as his little legs would take him, vice grip on whatever he had in his hand as he ran to Yoongi with a smile on his face. 

"There's my Iron Man Kookie!" Yoongi said smiling at Jungkook.

"Uncle Yoo! Uncle Yoo!" Jungkook chanted, running to the couch and jumping up and down in front of Yoongi, "Did you miss Kookie?" 

"I missed you so much!" Yoongi said, exaggerating his tone. 

"How many?" 

"I missed you this much!" Yoongi said, holding his arms as far apart as it would go. 

"That's very many," Jungkook said, satisfied with his answer.

Jungkook heaved himself up the couch and sat in between the two adults. 

"What's in your hand Kookie?" Jin asked him. 

"Open peas." Jungkook said,  holding out the packet to Jin. 

"What's this?" Jin asked, taking the packet from Jungkook.

"Nem-Nems." Jungkook answered, hands in between his legs as he waited for Jin to open it up. 

"Where did you get MnM's from?" Jin asked him. 

"Today in Kindygarden was Sana birfday, Daddy. She give Nem-Nems to whole class!" Jungkook explained, eyes wide, "We get cake too, Daddy!" 

"Oh did you?" Jin said, nodding. 

"Get big cake, Daddy! It pink 'cause pink is Sana's bestestest colour. Red is Kookie's bestestest colour," Jungkook said, looking between the two adults who were paying rapt attention to Jungkook. 

"If Daddy opens this, you have to sit here and eat it, okay?" Jin said, "There are peanuts in here and I don't want you choking on them." 

"Bu-But Kookie wan watch Iron Man, Daddy," Jungkook said, pouting, as he looked at the little packet of chocolate in Jin's hands. 

"Jungkook." Jin said sternly, lowering his voice, "It's either you eat the chocolate in front of Daddy, or I'll take the chocolate away." 

Jungkook pouted, looking down, bottom lip jutting out as he drew random patterns into the couch, sad that he was being scolded.

"Kookie," Jin said gently, patting his head, "Baby, you know Daddy doesn't like to scold you. But when you don't listen to Daddy, you're doing a bad thing, right?"

"Sowwy, Daddy," Jungkook said, crawling over to Jin and hugging him to apologise. 

"My bestest boy," Jin said, placing a kiss on the top of his head. 

"Can Kookie still have Nem-Nems, peas?" Jungkook asked, looking up at Jin. 

"Of course, baby," Jin said. 

The packet was small enough that Jin was sure that there wouldn't be more than 10 chocolates in there. Jin tore open the packet, and gave it to Jungkook. 

"Eat it in front of Daddy, okay?" Jin said. 

"Thank you, Daddy!" Jungkook said excitedly, jumping off the couch and going to sit on the floor on the opposite end of the couch. He sat down and looked inside the packet, picking one chocolate out and stuffing it in his mouth. 

"Mmm," Jungkook hummed, eyes going wide, smile appearing on his face as he nodded, "Nyummy! Nyummy!" 

"Cute," Yoongi said with a laugh, "Ahh, I missed him."

"We're not going anywhere," Jin said, leaning back on the couch.

"He's so big now," Yoongi sighed. 

"I was reminiscing yesterday about when he was a baby," Jin said, sighing. 

"Why?" Yoongi hummed as he asked. 

"Just..." Jin said, trailing off, "I think talking to Namjoon and opening up about it for the first time kind of made everything rush back. It wasn't as easy taking care of him as it is now." 

"You didn't know what to do back then. None of us did!" Yoongi said, "Give yourself some credit, Jin." 

"Yeah but-" 

"You know what I realised?" Yoongi said more than he asked, "You're always the first one to put yourself down. You never really brag about anything. Like, at all! You don't compliment yourself or give yourself credit where credit is due. You work hard, harder than anyone I've ever seen before, and yet, you don't acknowledge it. You don't talk about all your successes. You could do 99 things right, and you'll only focus on the 1 thing you did wrong."

"I don't..." Jin said, voice low and soft, looking away from Yoongi, playing with the frayed ends of the cushion cover. 

Yoongi reached over and held Jin's hand, "Jin, when are you going to start to believe that you're worthy of praise? That you're worthy of love! That you can achieve your dreams!" 

Jin sighed. 

"Jin," Yoongi said again, looking him right in the eyes as he said, "You're not alone. You've never been alone. You have me, Namjoon, Hobi, Jimin and Taehyung."

"They don't-" 

"Stop making decisions for other people, Jin! Stop pushing everyone away just because you think you're unworthy of love." Yoongi said, not letting Jin look away, "You are worth everything and more. Matters of the heart are risky, and you took a huge leap when you went out with Namjoon. Don't you think it paid off? Weren't you the one who said that you saw yourself grow old with him? That when the four of you were together, everything just made sense? That-" 

"Daddy," Jungkook said, small and watery.

Jin cleared his throat as he looked away from Yoongi's deep and piercing stare, "What is it, darling?" 

Jungkook's bottom lip wobbled, eyes filling up with tears as he looked at Jin. 

"Baby, what happened?" Jin asked, holding out his hands. 

Jungkook ran into them, as Jin picked him up from the floor and held him close to his chest. He nuzzled into Jin's warm chest, curling himself up as he clutched the packet in his hand, squeezing. 

"What happened, Iron Man? Why are you sad?" Yoongi asked. 

"Nem Nems all gone," Jungkook said, pouting, brown bambi eyes doubled in size as he looked at the wrapper in his fist, empty and crumpled. 

"That's because you finished them all, Kookie," Jin explained, rocking them back and forth slowly.

"But-But-But I like Nem Nems, Daddy," Jungkook said, looking up at Jin with his wide, doe brown bambi eyes, bottom lip jutting out as he mourned the loss of his chocolate candy.

"I know, baby," Jin said, placing a kiss on the top of Jungkook's head. 

"Nem-Nems no come back?" Jungkook asked. 

"You ate all of them, darling," Jin said. 

"All gone eber?" Jungkook asked, voice shaky, bottom lib wobbly. 

"They're not gone forever, baby. We can buy some more when we go shopping, okay?" Jin said.

Jungkook opened his fist, staring down at the crumpled foil packet in his hand, and in the smallest, softest voice, he said, "Bye bye Nem Nems." 

He turned quickly into Jin's chest, burrowing himself into his warmth, letting Jin hold him, rocking them back and forth. 

"Nem Nems gone," Jungkook said, teary eyed. 

"It's time for someone's nap." Jin said, holding Jungkook close.

"He hasn't taken one today?" Yoongi asked, cooing at Jungkook, not wanting to admit that the goodbye broke his heart a little. 

"He's resisting all naps." Jin sighed, "It's been hard." 

In a little voice, Jungkook mumbled against his chest, calling out, "Nem Nems no go." 

"Definitely need a nap," Jin said, standing up, holding Jungkook close to him.

Jungkook rested his head on Jin's shoulder, thumb immediately finding his mouth. 

"Say goodnight to Uncle Yoo, Kookie."

"Nem Nems," Jungkook pouted. 

"Aww, my darling," Yoongi cooed, "Uncle Yoo will get you some more MnM's tomorrow, okay?" 

"Nap time," Jin said, carrying a pouty Jungkook to his room. 




Jin was furiously writing notes while reading the case file, pausing to look through the Law Report in front of him, making sure that he was backing up his statements when he heard a knock on his office door.

"Hmm, come in!" He called out, eyes not leaving the paper as he continued to write, not wanting to disturb his train of thought. 

He heard the door close and held up a finger, not even bothering to look up, "I'll be with you in a second,"

Jin finished scribbling down his notes and let out a breath as he put his pen down. 

"Oh Do Hyun," He said,surprised, "I'm so sorry to have kept you waiting-" 

"You looked like you were on a roll," He said, smiling as he sat down opposite Jin, "I didn't want to disturb you."

"You couldn't disturb me," Jin told him, smiling politely back at him, "What can I do for you?" 

"There's this case," Do Hyun said, passing Jin the cream manilla folder, "The clients asked personally for you." 

"For me?" Jin said, surprised, as he took the folder. 

"You can't be surprised by this," Do Hyun said, smiling at Jin, "You're amazing."

"Thank you," Jin said, shyly. 

Do Hyun waited as he saw Jin peruse the file, looking over the case notes and the documents.


"Is there a problem?" He asked. 

"The other side..." Jin said, looking up from the file, "It's Namjoon."


"Isn't that a conflict of interest? I used to work there, quite closely with Namjoon too," Jin said.

"It's a new client for both sides. I'm sure that there isn't a conflict," Do Hyun told him, brushing it off, "The client asked personally for you and I think we should honour that."

"Oh uhh.." 

"Try to push for a settlement," Do Hyun said, standing up, "I trust you'll handle this."

"Yeah..." Jin said, trailing off, eyes still stuck on the words, 'Kim Namjoon, Counsel for Tine Ltd.'

It's been about a week and a half since Jin had talked to Namjoon, had opened up to him about the darkest days of his life. It had been over a month since they broke up and still, there was some part of Jin that secretly hoped that Namjoon never stopped fighting for him. There wasn't a doubt in Jin's mind that he was still in love with Namjoon. There was no way he could just go from seeing Namjoon everyday, stealing kisses wherever he could, sharing smiles, sharing a bed, cuddling, watching movies together, watching their sons grow and play together, to feeling absolutely nothing when they broke up. It was impossible. Jin had fallen so goddamn deep in love with Namjoon, that it absolutely shattered him when they broke up. His heart, along with his trust had been obliterated into tiny little pieces. 

Jin wasn't angry anymore, but there was still a pang of hurt mixed in with the fear of the unknown that scared him. 

Still, Jin picked up the phone and dialled the office number without even needing a reference. He had memorised it, learnt it by heart, just like he did with Namjoon's coffee order, and how he liked his eggs in the morning, or how on the weekends, instead of coffee, Namjoon would drink chocolate milk in the morning with Jungkook, while Taehyung preferred Strawberry milk instead. 

"Mr Kim's office, how may I help you?" Na Eun answered almost immediately. 

"Hey Na Eun! It's Jin," He greeted, feeling his heart pound even harder in his chest, almost making it hard to breathe. 

"Jin!" She said excitedly, "How are you?" 

"I'm good," He answered, "Could you patch me through to Nam-Mr Kim, please? It's about the Tine case." 

"Please hold." 

The hold music began to play and Jin couldn't help the smile that spread on his face. Memories of the countless amounts of conversations he had with Namjoon began to play in his head. He told him multiple times to change the music. It was simultaneously too slow and too preppy at the same time. It just wasn't pleasing to the ears. Namjoon kept telling him that music is only as pleasing as you would allow it to be. Jin never understood that statement, but thought that one day Namjoon would explain it to him.

The music stopped.


He loved the way Namjoon said his name. It was breathy, like it took too much out of him to say it. It was like a breath of relief, like happiness personified. Like a breath of fresh air. All at the same time. It was the way this one syllable word rested on his tongue, dropping gracefully from his lips like he had too much to say, too many emotions he wanted to convey but could never find the words to express how he felt. It was like no language in the world had developed enough words, or saying, or phrases to convey his emotions. So he settled for Jin's name. Because that was more than enough. 

Jin shut his eyes, taking it all in. Wanting nothing more than for Namjoon to be in front of him right now. He wanted to tell him that he needed him, that he was sorry that he reacted the way that he did. But he couldn't. He didn't know why his head wouldn't listen to his yearning, crying heart. His head was too muddled, too clouded and dark. 


They stayed in silence for a while, both of them holding the phone in their hand, tight, squeezing it like the harder they squeezed, the more the other person would understand how they felt. Wordlessly, as if the other could read their thoughts. 

Jin had to break the silence first,it was getting to him and he couldn't be composed. He had to be professional. 

"It's about the Tine case," Jin said, clearing his throat. 

"What about it?'

"I think it's best for both our clients if we keep this case out of court," He told him, professional and put together. 

"I agree."

"We can talk about a settlement," Jin told him. 

"I'd need to see if your terms are agreeable for our client," Namjoon told him, voice clipped, and Jin recognised it as his lawyer voice. 

"I can bring it to you-" 

"Let's talk about it over lunch." Namjoon said, "Strictly professional."

He shouldn't. Jin should say no. He had a million reasons why talking about this over lunch was a bad idea, and yet he couldn't help but say,

"Tomorrow? At Checkers, over by Oak Street." 

Jin could hear the smile that spread over Namjoon's face. Could practically see the dimple by his right cheek, deeper than the ocean, "I'm familiar with it." 

"I'll see you at 1.30." Jin told him, feeling his cheeks chub up with a smile that he didn't even know was spreading.

"Looking forward to it, Jin."

"Same here, Namjoon." 




"Daddy," Jungkook called out from his car seat. 

"Yes, my darling?" Jin said, glancing in the rear view mirror as he continued to drive. 

"We in car." Jungkook told him. 

"Yes we are." 

"The wheel on the car go round and round and round and round and round and round," Jungkook said, trying to look out the window, "Daddy, they no get dizzy? They round round many times." 

Jin chuckled, "No baby, they don't get dizzy." 

"Why daddy? If Kookie go round and round and round and round and round and round and rou-" Jungkook said, trying to spin his head.

"Kookie, stop," Jin told him, "You're going to get dizzy." 

"See daddy! Why wheel no get dizzy?" 

"Because they have training. They practiced for a very long time so that they don't get dizzy," Jin said, smiling at his own explanation. 

"They go Kindygarden like Kookie?" Jungkook asked, looking back at Jin from his car seat, with his Iron Man action figure in a vice like grip in his chubby little hand. 

"Yes they do," Jin said.

"Daddy they-Achoo! Achoo!" Jungkook started to say but sneezed halfway through his sentence. In the littlest of whispers, he said, "Oh no."

"Bless you, baby. Need Daddy to help you blow your nose?" 

"Daddy, Kookie has the Bless You's," Jungkook said, sniffling. 

"The what, baby?" Jin said, toothy smile on his face, completely endeared and fond. 

"The Bless You's, daddy," Jungkook said with another sniffle, "When Kookie go achoo, Daddy say Bless you." 

"It's called sneezing, Kookie," Jin explained.

"Cheezing," Jungkook said to himself, bending Iron Man's legs so that it could sit on Jungkook's lap. 

"Snee. ZIng." Jin broke up the word for him. 

"Chee.Sing." Jungkook repeated and then said, "Daddy, it no Bless You?" 

"You say bless you after someone says achoo," Jin told him, "It's polite." 

"Like peas and thank you," Jungkook told him. 

Jin pulled the car into a parking space. 

"That's right, Kookie." Jin said as he killed the engine, "My polite baby." 

He got out of the car and went to help Jungkook out of the car seat. 

"Daddy, Iron Man sit with Kookie on the chair," Jungkook said, pointing out the red action figure on his lap. 

"Wow! Did Iron Man have fun?" 

"He no get Bless You's, Daddy," Jungkook said, shaking his head, "Only Kookie get Bless You's." 

"Sneezing, baby," Jin said, eyes twinkling with fondness and love, "Do you need to blow your nose?" 

"No stuffy, daddy," Jungkook said as Jin carried him out of the carseat, setting him on the floor. 

"Do you need anything else from the car, baby? We're not coming back for a while," Jin told him. 

"Daddy, where go?" Jungkook asked, holding Jin's hand with one hand, and Iron Man with the other.

"We're going to the bank," Jin said as he locked his car. 

"No!" Jungkook whined, "No like bank....Wait, Daddy, what a bank?" 




"This is the best deal we're willing to offer," Jin said, pushing the folder across the table to Namjoon who was just leaning back against the leather of the booth. 

Namjoon took the file off the table and started to read the terms, "This is barely a quarter of what we paid the company to even begin the work." 

"Repudiation clauses exist for a reason," Jin said, "Your client should feel lucky that we even decided to settle rather than take this to court and- Why are you looking at me like that?" 

"Like what?" Namjoon asked, a dopey smile on his face, twinkle in his eyes coupled with a certain adoration and love that Jin could never pinpoint, even while they were dating.

Jin looked away, unable to meet Namjoon's eyes as he said, "Like I make you happy." A lump grew in his throat, as he swallowed around it, picking off the hangnail on his index finger, a guilt weighing down on him, "Like I matter to you. you're still in love with me." 

Namjoon could only tilt his head slightly, expression unwavering, love never diminishing from his eyes, not even a little bit, "I don't know how else to look at you."

"Namjoon, please..." Was all Jin could say, clearing his throat, forcing the lump to go away, "We're here for business."

"I'm not saying anything," Namjoon said with a shrug, the smile still on his face, eyes shimmering with a galaxy that only spelt out Jin's name in its constellations. 

"So, uhh, the deal, as I was saying about the repudiation clause-"

"We'll take it." Namjoon said, getting his pen out.


"Honestly, I barely expected even a fraction of this price especially since my client is a dumbass who decided to trigger the repudiation clause when he could have just hired a lawyer and gotten out of this contract without having to pay a penny, but that's his problem," Namjoon scoffed as he signed his name on the document, "I'll talk to my client-" 

"Are you just taking it because it's me who's offering it to you?" Jin asked. 

"As much as I love you, and respect you," Namjoon said, "You know I wouldn't do that. Not even for you. This is work, and didn't we make a pact to stay professional?" 

Jin flushed, "I think you'll recall that neither of us stayed professional the next day." 

Namjoon smirked, licking his lips as he remembered making out like horny teenagers on Jin's desk while Jin rutted against his thigh, trying to chase his high, "That was a good day." 

Jin looked around the restaurant, "God, this brings back memories." 

"Good or bad?" Namjoon asked. 

"A mix," Jin answered, "This was where I was humiliated, and stood up for a date. Good because it's the day that I got to know you better, as Namjoon, not as Mr Kim." 

"Still good?" Namjoon asked, softly, a heavier meaning behind his words. 

"You've given me so much love, even when I was so unworthy of it," Jin told him, teary smile, "How could I be anything other than grateful? You took Jungkook in as your own, loved him like you would Taehyung. You cried with me, smiled with me, and held me through everything. You believed in me when I didn't, loved me when I didn't think I was deserving of love...And even now, after everything that we've been through, after all the fights and screaming matches, after I quit on you...You still look at me like I'm...Like I'm-" 

"Everything to me." Namjoon finished for him. He reached out across the table and held Jin's hand, "Forever and always."

Jin wiped a stray tear off his face and looked up at Namjoon, "Namjoon..." 

"I told you before, and I"ll tell you again," Namjoon said, "I'll wait for you Jin; for as long as it takes. Be it a day, or a week, or a month, or even ten years. I'll wait. Because I know that you're worth it. I know that we're worth it. We're not like everyone else, baby. We may not be perfect, shit, we're far from it actually. But we're brilliant together. We love so fiercely, kiss so passionately. And when we're together, we're frickin' unstoppable. I mean shit, have you seen our kids?! Have you seen how incredibly perfect our kids are? We did that! That was all us! Can you imagine what we can do when we're together? What our love can do?" 

"I don't-I don't know what I'm doing Namjoon. I can't drag you down with me.I've pushed away everyone in my life, you included. I just can't-" Jin stammered, stuttered, tripping over his words, throat closing up, panic overtaking him. 

"Then stop." Namjoon said simply. "Stop pushing us away, and let us help. That's what we're here for. That's what I'm here for. I'm your friend before anything else." 

Namjoon retracted his hands. He reached into his bag and pulled out an envelope bearing a University Sigil. The fourth and final application letter. He slid it across the table to Jin. 

"This came for you," Namjoon said, "I think they sent it to the wrong address."

"Wh-" Was all Jin could manage, shakily reaching for the letter, ripping it open. 


Jin read, and reread the letter, "I got in." 

"Congratulations!" Namjoon said with a toothy grin, "Are you happy?" 

Jin's hands fell limp against the table, looking at the word 'Congratulations'  over and over and over again. 

"I can't." Was all he said. 

"Can't, or won't?" Namjoon said, cocking an eyebrow. 

"I can't!" Jin all but shouted, "I have work! I have Jungkook! I can't do all of this and balance Law School at the same time! Jungkook can barely handle me working overtime, how do you think he's going to handle not being able to see me at all?! All I'll have with him is an hour for breakfast! Plus who's going to take care of him? Who's going to pick him up? I can't do this Namjoon." 

"What about part time?" Namjoon suggested. 

"So, I'll only see Jungkook 3 times a week? No way!" Jin scoffed, "Plus, I can't financially handle hire a sitter, and I can't not-" 

"We're here." Was all Namjoon said. 

Jin scoffed, "I can't ask Yoongi to babysit all the time. I know he would do it, but it's unfair to him-" 

"There's always me." Namjoon told him. 

"I can't do that either," Jin said, eyes downcast.

"Why not? I'm offering my apartment to you, plus you know that whenever I'm not home, Jimin would be there taking care of the kids, and if by chance Jimin isn't available, I'd hire another person," Namjoon said, "So, what's really stopping you, Jin? You have all of these friends to lean on, all of this help here for you..What's truly stopping you?' 

"I can't quit my job," Jin told him, pathetically. 

"Then don't." Namjoon told him, "If Do Hyun won't let you do both, then quit and come work for me." 

"I don't need your pity!" 

"And I'm not giving it to you," Namjoon said with a shrug of his shoulders, "I'm talking to you purely from a business perspective. Ever since you left, clients have quite literally moved from us to Do Hyun. I've had people come to us, asking for you personally, and walking away after I told them that you quit. I've always known you were an asset to the company, but i"ve only truly seen how much, after you left."

Jin didn't have much of an excuse anymore. All he had left was fear, and self doubt.

"You don't have to work 5 days a week." Namjoon said, "How about you work for 3 days? And the other two days, which you will be able to pick and choose, you can just study. Jungkook will be in Kindergarten and you can use that time to study and catch up on your work. And on days where you have classes on the weekend, you can drop Kook off to mine. You know that I love him and you know that he loves Tae and me." 

Jin said nothing. 

All of his excuses had been solved. He didn't have anything left in him to argue.

Namjoon leaned forward, propping his chin up on his hand that rested against the table, "So...What's really stopping you?" 

In a small voice, one barely over a whisper, "I'm scared, Namjoon. Fuck, I'm so scared." 

"Of what?"

"Failing." Jin said, "Of losing Jungkook. Of...Of dropping out like I did the last time." 

Namjoon reached over and took Jin's hand in his, "If you fail, you can always try again. You will always have a job in my firm, regardless of whether or not you pass. And this isn't me talking as someone who loves you, it's coming from the CEO of the firm."

"What about Jungkook?" 

"You're not going to lose him, Jin. Not now. Not ever. He's your son," Namjoon said, squeezing his hand, "He will always be your son, and nothing and no one can change that. Jungkook will understand. He's a smart boy. Plus, you have two days off in a work week to spend as much time with him as possible." 

"And us?" 

"What about us?" 

"What are we?" Jin asked, "Why are you doing all of this for me?"

"Remember once you asked me what my dream was?" Namjoon said, looking straight into Jin's eyes as he did, "Well, mine is you. You, Jungkook, Taehyung and me. That's my dream. A family. Us, as a family. Happy." 

"And helping me into Law School is going to help that dream?" 

"I don't care if it does or it doesn't," Namjoon said, "Seeing you happy, seeing you fulfill your dreams...Well, that's more than enough for me." 

"And if I decide that I don't ever want to be a family with you again?" Jin challenged, cocking an eyebrow. 

"I'll be okay with that as well," Namjoon told him, "As long as you're happy. Because that's all I want. Your happiness." 

"And if I decide that you're what I want..."

Namjoon smiled, dimples peeking out, getting deeper with every second, eyes crescenting, nose scrunching up like it does when he's at his happiest. Jin missed this smile. It was always his favourite, "Even better."

Jin turned his hand, interlacing his fingers with Namjoon's, feeling his warmth once again, feeling his skin against his skin, calloused and smooth at the same time, connected as one once again. 

"I don't know if I can do this." 

"Try, baby," Namjoon encourages, pet name falling from his lips like second nature, "We're going to be right here to help you." 

Jin looked back down at the piece of paper; his acceptance letter, and nodded. 

"Okay?" Namjoon asked. 

"I'll try." Jin said, "I don't know which university I'm going to pick, neither do I know if I'm going to take your job offer...But-But I'll figure it out."

"I know you will," Namjoon said, proud, "You always do." 

Chapter Text

"And what's this one, Kookie?" Jin asked, holding up another flashcard, sitting opposite Jungkook on the floor together. 

Jungkook looked at the bright letter on the flashcard with a little tilt of his head and said, "B." 

"B for?" Jin prompted. 

"Ball!" Jungkook said with a little bounce, his chubby legs folded, smile on his face as he studied with Jin. 

"Well done, baby!" Jin praised, "Next one. What does this letter say?" 

"Hmm..." Jungkook hummed as he stared at the bright purple letter against the white background, "I." 

"I for?" 

"Iron Man! Pew Pew pshtttt ," Jungkook answered, imitating his favourite superhero. 

"That's right, Kookie. I for Iron Man," Jin said with a proud nod, putting the flashcard away and grabbing another one, "What about this one?" 

"V!" Jungkook answered immediately, grin on his face. 

"Close, darling." Jin said, not wanting to dampen his excitement about learning, "This one is U. It's close to V. U has a smooth bottom and V has a sharp bottom." 

Jin took Jungkook's hand in his gently, grabbing a finger and tracing over both the flashcards, showing him the difference between the two letters. 

"U." Jungkook repeated to himself as he traced over the green flashcard. 

"U for?" Jin prompted. 

"Ummbella!" Jungkook said, excited that he knew the answer. 

"My smart baby," Jin praised with a kiss to the top of Jungkook's head. 

He took out the next letter.

"What about this one, Kookie?" 

"I know this one, Daddy! That a P." Jungkook said with a toothy smile and a scrunch of his nose. 

"Of course you know it, my little genius," Jin said, proud, fondness shining through his eyes, pride dripping from his words, "P for?" 


Jin didn't correct him this time. Didn't even think about correcting him. Why should he? Sure, they were a little frayed, and maybe slightly cracked right now, but that didn't mean that Namjoon was any less Jungkook's Papa. They made a family within themselves. Taehyung and Jungkook were his and Namjoon's sons and there was nothing that could change that. Not a fight, not a University Letter, not even the push and pull game that they played over the last couple of months. Jin wasn't angry anymore. Neither was he afraid. Maybe he was a little nervous and lost, but that didn't mean that he loved Namjoon any less. He was still in love with him in every single way. All he needed to do, was gather up the courage, push away his pride and tell Namjoon himself. 

But only after he figured out what he was going to do with his life. 

So for now, Jin just smiled at Jungkook who was beaming at him holding the flashcard and nodded. 

"P for Papa," Jin said. 

"More?" Jungkook asked.

"One more and then we go have dinner, okay?" Jin said. 

Jungkook held up his pointer finger, "One." 

Jin picked a flashcard at random and held it up, "What does this one say?" 

"S!" Jungkook said, bouncing on the floor, excited that he knew what the alphabet was. 

"S for?" 

"Stingy pancake!" 

Jin chuckled, throwing his head back in laughter. All he could think about in that moment was how he was going to tell Namjoon what Jungkook did, and how smart Jungkook was.

There was a void in this house, and he knew it. There was an emptiness here. One that could only be filled with Taehyung's laughter and random facts that he had learnt. One that could only be filled with Namjoon's cooking and incessant need on spoiling their sons. One that could only be filled with Namjoon making sure that Jin didn't find out that he gave the boys extra cookies even though Jin was looking right at him when he did. One that could only be filled by Taehyung and Jungkook climbing on their bed on the weekends, jumping to wake them up. 

One that could only be filled with the people that he missed most right now.

"No more?" Jungkook asked with a little head tilt, eyes rounded and wide, blinking up at Jin, the light making it seem like Jungkook's eyes were twinkling and sparkling with curiosity so deep that he could only fill it with more and more knowledge. 

"Do you want to do some more?" Jin asked him. 

"Hungy, daddy," Jungkook said, punctuating his sentence with a pout. 

"Come on, let's have dinner then." 

"Nyummy food!" Jungkook cheered as he pushed himself off the floor, walking behind Jin to the table. 

"Tell you what, baby," Jin said, as he walked into the kitchen to grab their dinner, "Because you were such a good boy today with your homework, Daddy's going to give you a whole cookie after dinner!" 

Jungkook gasped, excited as he heaved himself up onto the chair, "Weally, Daddy?!" 

"And it's a chocolate chip cookie!" Jin said, dramatically, smile on his face as he watched Jungkook's entire face light up with excitement and glee. 

"Chocky chippy! Chocky chippy! That my bestestest cookie, daddy!"




"Less play hide and seek!" Jungkook said, holding his Iron Man action figure in his hand as he climbed on the bed next to Taehyung. 

"I like hide and seek!" Taehyung said, bending his Hulk action figure, fiddling with its arms and legs. 

"I hide and you seek," Jungkook told him, climbing back down. 

Taehyung put his hands over his eyes.

"Count to twenty, TaeTae!" Jungkook said and ran off. 

"One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seben. Ate. Nine. Ten. Eleben. Tweff." Taehyung started counting, eyes shut tight, his small, chubby palms over them so that he couldn't see, "Umm...Tweffety-one. Tweffety-two. Tweffety-three. Tweffety-four? Tweffety-five. A hundded!" 

Taehyung opened his eyes and climbed down the bed, "Gots to go, Hulk."

He reached over the bed and grabbed his Hulk action figure. 

"TaeTae coming!" He announced as he scanned the room, not finding Jungkook hiding anywhere. 

He walked through the opened door and ran out to the adults. 

"Where KooKoo?" He asked them. 

"Hmm, I wonder where Kookie could be," Jin said, "Why don't you try to find him?"

"No tell me," Taehyung said, holding his Hulk action figure out, "Hulk wanna know."

"Let me just tell Hulk then," Jin said, taking Hulk out of Taehyung's hands and whispering into his ear, "Promise not to tell TaeTae, Hulk?" 

"Hulk do pinky pwomise no tell TaeTae," Taehyung said and took the Hulk back before he walked out of the living room and tried to search in the kitchen. 

"So," Jin said, looking back at his living room full of his friends, "I bet you're wondering why I called you guys here today." 

"Not really," Hoseok said, leaning over to grab a couple of chips from the bowl, "Your text said it was to talk about the future." 

"Hobi, pass me one," Yoongi said, not wanting to move from his place, resting against the arm of the chair, Jimin leaning against him. 

"Here," Namjoon said, reaching over and grabbing the bowl, passing it to Jimin to pass it to Yoongi. 

Yoongi grunted as a thank you and took a chip from the bowl, popping it into his mouth. 

"I just.." Jin said, trying to find the words to explain how muddled and confused he's been. 

"Found you!" They heard giggles come from the kitchen. 

"No you dindndt," Jungkook said with a giggle. 

"I can see you!" Taehyung said. 

"Kookie no see TaeTae, so TaeTae no see Kookie," Jungkook said, logic perfectly sound to him. 

"Why did you call us here, Jin?" Yoongi asked gently. 

"Because I need help," Jin said, finally admitting that he couldn't do everything by himself. it was a scary conclusion to come to, especially after thinking that he could shoulder every burden since he had Jungkook, but this time it was different. He could feel himself breaking under the weight. He knew that he never did this alone; that he always had Yoongi with him, but somehow, Jin couldn't bring himself to ever ask for help. He never did with Yoongi either. Yoongi always knew that Jin needed him, and whenever he did, he was always the first one at the door, ready to help. Jin had to constantly remind himself over the last couple of weeks that he wasn't alone; that he never was to begin with. And all he needed to do was just push away his pride and ask for help. No one in this room right now would ever judge him for it. In fact, they would commend him, and help with a smile on their face and love in their heart. 

"Kookie's turn!" Jungkook said, running to the living room, in front of the adults and shutting his eyes. He covered his eyes with his little chubby fingers. 

"What're you doing, Kookie?" Namjoon asked, pure affection in his eyes as he looked at the 4 year old who was facing the wall with his eyes closed. 

"TaeTae hide and Kookie seek," Jungkook said, still with his eyes closed, "Must count to twenty!" 

"Show us how you count then, baby," Jin encouraged. 

"One. Two. Tree. Pour. Phive. Six. Seven. Ate. Nine. Ten." Jungkook counted steadily, keeping his eyes closed the entire time.

"I'm a great teacher," Hoseok said cockily, leaning back against the soft cushions of the couch. 

"Eleben. Tweff. Twooty six. Porty Phive. Pourteen. Atey tree. A hundded." Jungkook counted confidently before running off to try and find Taehyung, "Kookie coming!"

Jin stared Hoseok right in the face and said, "I want a refund." 

"He counted to twelve!" Hoseok sputtered out.

"A hundded," Yoongi corrected, popping another chip in his mouth. 

"What were you saying?" Namjoon asked Jin.

"I just..." Jin said, clearing his throat, trying to muster up the courage to tell them how hard the decision's been on him, "Every time I think I've come to a decision...One second I think 'Okay let's do it! I can do this! I can go to the Law School', and within the next hour, I'm unsure again. Or I'll decide that I can't do it, but I feel guilty, and I feel bad about it, and I want to do's been such a vicious cycle and I don't know anymore...."

"Okay, that's it!" Yoongi said, sitting up a bit, dusting his hands of the chips dust, "We're playing Worst Case Scenario."

Jin sighed, "We're not in college anymore, Yoongs. It's not going to work." 

"What's Worst Case Scenario?" Jimin asked, reaching for a chip from the bowl on Yoongi's lap. 

"It's this game we used to play in college where we state the worst case scenario, and give a solution for it," Jin explained. 

"It came about because we were both so hungover one morning and suddenly remembered that we had 3 essays due in less than two days." Yoongi explained, "Jin just stated the worst case scenario, which back then was failing all of the papers and having to drop down two grades, and my solution at the time was to finish as much as we could. It didn't have to be perfect, it just had to be done." 

"In the end we got B's on all of the papers," Jin finished for him.

"It actually sounds like a good exercise to do," Namjoon said, "We can figure out where your head's at and try and talk you through it." 

"Yeah, Jin," Yoongi said with an almost cocky smirk, "Listen to your boyfriend." 

"Oh uhh-" 

"Umm, I-"

Both Jin and Namjoon stammered in unison, looking at each other and quickly looking away, cheeks tinging pink, clearing their throat. 

"Worst Case Scenario." Yoongi said, waiting for Jin to finish. 

"I fail out of Law School." Jin said, plain and simple and then asked, "Solution?"

"You wait a year and try again," Yoongi said. 

"But what if-" Jin tried to argue. 

Yoongi shushed him, "That was the worst case scenario wasn't it? That you fail? So, I gave you a solution to it. Try again." 

"Is that all?" Namjoon asked, "Is that your worst case scenario?' 

Jin sighed, long and deep, "One of many." 

"Okay then," He said and prompted, "Worst Case Scenario?" 

"Do Hyun doesn't let me work part time." Jin said. 

"Solution." Namjoon said, "You always have a job with me. I'm saying this as a CEO who knows how much i have to lose if I don't have you by my side." 

"Worst Case Scenario." Yoongi said again. 

"Jungkook gets taken away from me again." Jin breathed out, the words tasting like acid on his tongue, burning his chest on the way up. 

"Solution," Namjoon said immediately, "We fight, tooth and nail. We have the best lawyers in my company, and there's no way in hell, any of us here will ever let that happen. You're way too good of a father for them to even think there was a problem in the first place, let alone to even suspect something's wrong. It's never going to happen even in a worst case scenario." 

Jin swallowed harshly, blinking back the tears pricking his eyes, looking away from everyone, not wanting them to see just how much all of this has been weighing down on him. 

"Anymore?" Yoongi said, gently nudging Jin. 

"Worst Case Scenario," Jin said, words weighing heavy on his tongue, almost gulping them down, not wanting to say it out loud, fear overtaking every single cell in his body, "I realise that my dream was never really my dream in the first place, and all I've been holding onto for all these years was something that I'll never get to finish." 

"Solution," Namjoon said, reaching out and taking Jin's hand in his, not letting him look away from his brown eyes, needing Jin to realise that everything he was about to say was sincere and coming from the heart, "Then we find out what your dream is. Together. And we'll help you achieve it, regardless of what it is." 

"This isn't like college, Jin," Yoongi said, gently, "We're not alone anymore. Look around. Look at the family that we've made, and that we've built along the way." 

"We're not leaving, Jin." Hoseok said, bright, warm smile on his face. 

"We love you and Kookie so much," Jimin told him, "We'll help with whatever you need, whenever you need it."

Jin tried not to get choked up as he muttered a, "Thank you."

"Well," Yoongi said, clearing his throat, blinking back tears as well, "That's enough emotion for today, don't you think?" 

"Uhh, I'll go get dinner organised," Jin said, standing up quickly, clearing his throat as he walked to the kitchen. 

He breathed out, long and drawled out, willing the lump in his throat to disappear as he leaned his hands against the marble counter. He wasn't alone. In his head, he knew that that was true, but hearing it said out loud, looking at their faces, so full of adoration, warmth and sincerity...It went straight to his heart, made him really believe that for the first time, he could really do this, and that whatever happened, whether good or bad, that he would be alright, because he had them by his side. 

Jin smiled, the lump in his throat gone, and eyes still slightly glossy but from happy tears this time. 

He reached over to the drawer with the takeout menus and started to ruffle through them, thinking about what they could order for dinner. 


"Oh hey, Joon," He said, picking out a chinese menu, "Do you think everyone would want to eat Chinese for dinner? I hear this place has really good Mongolian Pork, and it's not too spicy so the kids might-" 

"Worst Case Scenario," Namjoon said, talking over him, taking a step into the kitchen, "You don't love me back. You decide that you don't want anything to do with me or Taehyung...And you don't want us in your life anymore."

Jin's lips parted slightly, almost in shock that even in the worst case possible, Namjoon would think that he doesn't want anything to do with him. 

"Solution." Jin said, putting the menu on the counter as he walked over to Namjoon, trapping him between Jin and the marble counter, "Wake up. Because even in your worst nightmares, that will never happen. I know that the fight that we had was bad and that I said we were nothing to each other anymore, but I didn't mean it, Joonie. You and Taehyung have become my world! There is no scenario where I don't see you guys in my life. I know that I haven't been...good...lately, but I'm trying to figure things out. I don't want to drag you in this mess of mine right now. I just need some time to figure everything out..." 

Namjoon reached over and cupped Jin's cheek, rubbing soft, gentle circles on the apple of his cheek. 

Jin leaned into his touch, "I'm sorry." 

Namjoon just shook his head, "You have nothing to be sorry for. The fight was both of our faults. We learnt from it and that's all that matters." 

"Just give me some time, Joon and I swear I'll be right back in your arms," Jin promised him, "I just need to figure all of this out." 

"I told you before, baby," Namjoon said, soft and gentle, "I'll wait for you. No matter how long it takes."

Jin moved one of his hands from the cold marble counter to Namjoon's hip and leaned down slowly, giving him a chance to stop Jin if he wanted to. But he didn't. He waited patiently as Jin's eyes moved from his eyes to his lips.

"Jin," He breathed, moving his hand to the back of his neck, fingers gripping the hairs at the nape of his neck, pulling him down, closing the gap between their lips, crashing them together. 

The kiss was hot, heady, heavy. They moved frantically, passionately. Namjoon pulled him closer, flush against him, uncaring about the fact that his back was digging against the marble counter. All he wanted was more, more, more. He wanted to feel Jin all over him, claiming him. He wanted to hear his moans, groans, whines. Wanted to see how desperate he looked for Namjoon. He missed him, missed the way he tasted, felt, sounded against him. 

"Jin! Did you find the menu for dinner?" He heard from the living room. 

Jin groaned, annoyed, as he pulled back from Namjoon. He rested his forehead against Namjoon's, panting, trying to catch his breath. 

"Later." Namjoon promised, moving forward and pecking his lips once, twice, and then a third time. 

"Later." Jin said with a smile as he moved back. 

Namjoon reached over the counter and took the Chinese menu in his hands. 

"So," He said, clearing his throat, "Chinese?" 



Jungkook and Taehyung were pulling a red wagon filled with packets of cookies together, excitedly, coordinated in a brown junior boyscouts outfit. Namjoon and Jin were trailing behind them, cooing at their outfits, following them as they decided where they wanted to sell their cookies next. 

"They're too cute," Jin said, taking his hundredth picture of them. 

"TaeTae go here," Jungkook said, pulling the cart to the left. 

"No, KooKoo! Go here!" Taehyung said, pulling the cart to the right. 

"No! Here!" 

"No! Here!" 

" Boys.. " Jin warned.

"TaeTae no listen." Jungkook whined with a pout, dropping the handle of the wagon and crossing his arms over his chest, turning to face away from Taehyung, bottom lip jutted out in a pout. 

"KooKoo no listen to TaeTae," Taehyung said, letting go of the handle of the wagon, letting it fall to the ground as he pouted, face scrunched up, bottom lip wobbling.

"I got it," Namjoon said, walking to stand in the middle of the two preschoolers, "Hey babies, look at Papa." 

"No wanna," Jungkook said, shaking his head. 

"Me too," Taehyung copied. 

"Who are my bestest boys?" Namjoon said, kneeling down to be at eye level with them. 

"Me!" Taehyung said, pout immediately gone, being replaced with a wide boxy grin as his little bucket hat fell into his eyes. 

"That's one of my bestest boys," Namjoon said, pulling the hat up off his eyes, "Who's my second bestest boy?" 

Jungkook kept pouting, looking away. 

"Who's my little Iron Man?" Namjoon said, gently nudging Jungkook's shoulder, seeing his frown go away. He continued, "Who's my little Cookie Monster?" 

"Me, Papa! Kookie Iron Man! Kookie Monster!" Jungkook said, jumping up and down, excitedly, his hat falling further down his face, covering it, "Where Papa go?"

Namjoon chuckled as he lifted his hat back up, securing it in place, knowing that it was a tad too big for both of his sons. 

"Now, why are my two bestest boys fighting?" Namjoon asked gently. 

"Kookie wan go here but TaeTae no wan come," Jungkook said, pouting again. 

"But TaeTae wan go there," Taehyung said, pointing to the right. 

"What if we set up right over here, in the middle? That way everyone can see my two bestest boys and buy all of your cookies," Namjoon said. 

"Buy all cookie?" Jungkook said, head tilting slightly. 

"If you sell all your cookies, you'll both get new bikes," Namjoon reminded them. 

"Boo bike?" Taehyung asked, perking up. 

"Whatever colour you want, baby," Namjoon said. 

"Kookie wan red! Red is Kookie's bestestest colour, Papa!" Jungkook said. 

"So,should we set up shop over there, in the middle?" 

"Gots to go! Gots to go!" Jungkook said, leaning down and grabbing the handle, waiting for Taehyung before both of them waddled off as fast as they could, pulling the red wagon behind them. 

"My sexy mediator," Jin said, hugging Namjoon from the back as they watched Jungkook and Taehyung take off, following slowly behind them. 

"Oh that got you going, did it?" Namjoon chuckled, placing a hand over Jin's that was resting on his stomach. 

"You get me going," Jin told him, kissing his neck. 

"I didn't know you were an exhibitionist," Namjoon teased. 

"I'm a Namjoonist." Jin joked, kissing his neck again, lips lingering at the skin.

"Daddy! Help!" Taehyung screamed, looking down at the red wagon.

"Coming, darling," Jin called back, letting go of Namjoon's waist.

"No, baby come back," Namjoon whined. 

"Later." Jin promised with a wink, "Right now we have two other babies to take care of. 

"Later." Namjoon breathed out, trailing after Jin.



Jin rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, fumbling blindly for his phone before turning off the alarm. He groaned as he laid back down in the pillows, blinking himself slowly awake. He forced himself out of bed, knowing that if he spent anymore time in the comfort of his pillows, he would most definitely fall back asleep, and he could not do that. He dragged himself to his door, pulling it open before walking to Jungkook's room. He yawned as he pushed the door open, a smile immediately gracing his face when he laid his eyes on Jungkook.

He turned the light on and walked over to Jungkook's bed. 

It was time for his favourite morning routine. 

Jin gently shook Jungkook awake, watching as his face scrunched up, burying himself further into the Iron Man Plushie, pushing his thumb into his mouth, sucking gently on it. 

"Wake up baby," Jin said, carding his fingers through Jungkook's soft, dark brown hair, "It's time for Kindergarten. Today's your special Show and Tell Day." 

Jungkook brought a small, chubby fist to his eye, rubbing it as he kicked his blanket off. He pushed both the blanket and his Iron Man away and climbed up onto Jin's lap. He curled into his body, wrapping one arm around Jin's neck and stuck a thumb into his mouth, nuzzling himself into Jin. 

Jin wrapped his arms around Jungkook, placing a kiss on his hair and hugged him, going back and forth between stroking his back and petting his hair. He hummed a low tune, keeping an eye on the time while savouring this moment with Jungkook. 

Jungkook stirred on his chest. He pulled his thumb out of his mouth and looked up at Jin. 

"Good morning baby," Jin greeted with a smile, kissing Jungkook's forehead. 

"Goo' Mornin' Daddy," Jungkook said back, scrunching his nose as he smiled up at Jin. 

"Ready for a shower?" 

"Brushie teeth first!" Jungkook said, climbing down from Jin's lap, heading straight for the bathroom.

"That's my good boy," Jin said, trailing after him.

He didn't know how many more mornings like this he had with Jungkook left. Jin had made the decision to go back to Law School. All there was left now to do was choose a school to go to and tell Do Hyun about it. Jin wanted to savour moments like these with Jungkook. He wanted Jungkook to know that although Jin was going to be busy, it didn't mean that he loved him any less. A part of Jin will always be scared that Jungkook would be taken away from him. But he couldn't let that fear debilitate him any longer. Jin didn't let Jungkook get taken away the first time, and he sure as hell will never let anyone else even try to take him away again. This was his son. His son that he's been raising for 4 years now.

"Brekky! Brekky!" Jungkook sang excitedly, running from his room to the kitchen, with nothing but his slightly damp hair, shirt and underwear on.

"Kookie! Come back here! You need to wear pants!" Jin called out, running after him. 

"No pants! Kookie gonna eat." Jungkook said, standing firm with a pout on his face. 

"Daddy's not going to give you any cereal until you come here and put some pants on." Jin said, holding his pants out.

"No." Jungkook pouted further.

"If you don't put your pants on, you won't get to go to Show and Tell today," Jin told him.

"Noooo Daddy!" Jungkook whined. 

"If you want to go, you have to put your pants on," Jin said. 

"Then brekky?" Jungkook asked, looking longingly at the fridge as if it held the answers to the Universe. 

"Whatever you want, baby," Jin said, walking to Jungkook, bending down to get his pants on. 

"Kookie wan cereal," Jungkook told him, lifting up his leg to put inside the pants. 

"Your Tiger cereal or your Pirate cereal?" Jin asked, pulling his pants up, zipping it up before buttoning it. 

"Pirate!" Jungkook cheered, covering one eye with his hand and growling out, "Arr!" 

"Ahh! Who is this scary pirate?" Jin dramatically acted out.

"It me! Kim Jungkook!" Jungkook said, removing his hand and throwing his arms around Jin's neck. 

"The bestest pirate," Jin said, peppering kisses all over Jungkook's chubby, slightly pink flushed cheeks, "Go sit down and Daddy will bring you your breakfast, okay?" 

"Chocky milk." Jungkook said as he heaved himself up on the seat. 

"What do we say when we want something?" Jin prompted as he opened the fridge. 

"Peas!" Jungkook said with a little bounce on his seat. 

"Good boy." Jin smiled, proud. 




Namjoon and Jin sat next to each other at the back of the class where the kids were having their Show and Tell, whispering to each other softly, not wanting to disturb anyone else.

"So, have you decided?" Namjoon asked him.

Jin sighed, leaning back against the chair, "Not yet." 

"The deadline for deciding is coming up this week, isn't it?" He said, more than he asked. 

"Two days." 

"What's stopping you?" Namjoon asked him. 

"I don't know where to go," He said. While it wasn't exactly a lie, it wasn't the whole truth either. He didn't know where to go, but he also hasn't told Do Hyun yet, nor has he made any other plans. He's been avoiding looking at the acceptance letters. It was all becoming so real, so fast. He was still scared of so much and he didn't want to admit it. 

"You have three options," Namjoon told him, "Whatever you decide, we'll support you." 

"I know." 

"They're all great schools, Jin, with even better programs," Namjoon said. 

"I know that too."

Namjoon's eyes scanned his face, as if looking for something. He paused, pulling back a little and then said, "You're still scared, aren't you?" 

Jin hesitated, "No." 

Namjoon took his hand, softly, gently, and in the softest of whispers, he said, "You're not alone, Jin. We can talk this out. I'll help you. We can do this together." 

Jin looked down at their connected hands, thinking to himself just how warm and comforting Namjoon's presence was. He missed this. He missed him. 

"I haven't told Do Hyun yet," Jin admitted, not looking up from their hands. 

"When are you going to?" 

"Today." Jin said, firmly, forcing himself to say it, "I'll tell him after the Show And Tell."

"It's almost Jungkook's turn," Namjoon said, cocking his head to the line, Jungkook standing in front of it, moving from side to side as he listened to the little girl who was talking about her Dollhouse. 

"I wonder what he's going to talk about," Jin said, pulling away from Namjoon to grab his phone, ready to record Jungkook.

"He didn't tell you?" Namjoon asked. 

"He said it was a secret," Jin told him with a smile, incredibly fond, "Told me to wait for Show and Tell day." 

"Taehyung's going to talk about Rex and how it fights monsters away," Namjoon said with a laugh.

"He does love his Dino's," Jin said, zooming in on both Taehyung and Jungkook and snapping a picture on his phone, "Oh look at them. Our cute little babies." 

Namjoon said, putting his hand around Jin's chair, leaning in to look at the picture, "Send that to me."

"Already did," Jin said, turning to smile at Namjoon. 

"Oh, Jungkook's up!" Namjoon said, taking out his phone as well. 

"Thank you, Nora," Hoseok said, clapping his hands as Nora walked off stage with her Dollhouse, "Up next we have Jungkook!" 

Jungkook walked from the front of the line to where the parents are, looking for Jin.

"What's he doing?" Jin muttered, craning his head to see Jungkook walking over. 

He spotted Jin and his eyes lit up. He ran as fast as his little, chubby legs would take him all the way to where Jin sat. 

"What's wrong, baby?" Jin asked gently. 

"Daddy come." Jungkook said, holding Jin's hand, pulling on it. 

"Are you nervous, Kookie? Is that it?" Jin asked him. 

"Jungkook?" Hoseok said, from the front of the class.

"Daddy! Hurry! Come!" Jungkook said, pulling on Jin's hand, forcing him to stand up.

Jungkook pulled him all the way to the front of the class. 

"Where's your Show and Tell object, Jungkook?" Hoseok asked him. 

Jungkook pointed at Jin, "Daddy." 


"Teacher Jung say to bring something that makeded Kookie happy. Daddy makeded Kookie happy always," Jungkook said. 

"Oh." Was all Hoseok could manage, "Well, yeah, sure. Go for it. Everyone give it up for Jungkook." 

The parents and other children started to clap. 

Jin just stood there, looking down at Jungkook who was holding his hand as firmly as he could in his little hands. 

"Hello! I, Kim Jungkook and this my Daddy." Jungkook started to say, looking up at Jin with a huge grin on his face. 

"What's your Daddy's name, Kookie?" Hoseok said from the side. 

Jungkook looked at him and said, "Daddy." Like it was the most obvious thing in the world. 

The adults started to laugh, some cooing over Jungkook and his cuteness. 

"My name is Kim Seokjin," Jin introduced himself.

"This my Daddy," Jungkook said, proudly, "My daddy is the bestestest Daddy in the whole wide world! Daddy always give Kookie cereal and chocky milk and chocky chippy cookies and kissies and huggies. Daddy always take Kookie to park even when Daddy sad or tired. Daddy make sure that Kookie no cry and no have owie. Daddy read Kookie stowies like Pooh bear and Iron Man and Prince Kookie stowies in bed. Sometime, Daddy sad and Daddy no wan Kookie to see so Daddy put smile on his face and make pretend like he not sad. But iz okay cause Kookie always give Daddy big bear hug then Daddy no sad. Kookie wan Daddy to be happy all the time like Daddy make Kookie happy all the time be-because Kookie love Daddy like Daddy love Kookie and we family. Kookie, Uncle Yoo, Daddy, TaeTae and Papa are biiiig family and love together gether eber and all-ways. Right, Daddy?" 

Jin knelt down with tears in his eyes and a smile on his face, a stray tear dropping from his eyes. 

Jungkook reached out his chubby little hand and wiped the tear off Jin's cheek, gently, "Is sad Daddy?" 

Jin let out a small laugh, tears pooling at the brim of his eyes as he shook his head, "No, baby. Daddy's not sad. Daddy can never be sad with you. You're my happy little pill, aren't you baby?" 

"Daddy like Kookie's Show and Tell?" Jungkook asked eyes wide with anticipation, doe brown, twinkling under the lights. 

"It was the bestestest show and tell ever," Jin said, pulling Jungkook in for a hug, tight in his embrace. 

Cheers and claps rung out throughout the classroom.

"Daddy happy?" Jungkook asked, pulling back, bouncing excitedly from his heels to his toes. 

"Very happy," Jin said, placing a kiss on Jungkook's cheek, "I love you, Kookie." 

"Eber and All-ways?" 

"Forever and always, baby." 



Knock Knock

A low, almost muttered, "Come in." rang from the other side of the door. 

Jin cleared his throat and took a deep breath before opening the door, slinking into the room and closing the door behind him. 

"Ah, Jin! What can I do for you?" Do Hyun said, bright, smile growing on his face as he put his pen down on the table full of scattered pieces of paper. 

Jin walked up to his desk, practicing his rehearsed script that he prepared in his head, going over it again and again and again, not wanting to mess up his chances at all. 

Do Hyun, I want to thank you for the opportunities you have given me, and how much you have taught me over the last month. I just wanted to let you know that I have chosen to go back to Law School. And because it's so demanding, I would not be able to work full time. I was wondering if it would be okay with you if I can work part time instead? Maybe 3 times a week? 

Instead, what came out was, 

"Do Hyun, I want to thank you for the opportunities that you have given me but I want to resign." 

The words tumbled so quickly out of Jin's mouth that he couldn't believe it himself. He was taken aback as much as Do Hyun was and needed a minute to process what he had just said. 

"Resign?" Do Hyun asked him, "Why?" 


That's why. 

He knew now why he said it. He could stay here and still go to Law School. It was definitely a possibility, and he knew that well enough. But he couldn't help but think about what Yoongi said the other day about being happy. Sure, being happy might not fully pay the bills, but hell, it made working for them a lot easier. Jin thought that it might just be okay to be selfish this one time. He knew that no matter what decision he made, as long as he was happy, he wouldn't really be bothered by it. And, his family would still hold his hand and walk beside him. 

"I'm going to Law School," Jin said with a smile on his face. 



"Is he in?" Jin asked Na Eun, not even bothering to wait for a reply before walking up to the doorknob and turning it. 

"Jin he's in a -" 

"Joon." Jin said, walking into his office, almost breathless, grin on his face, bursting at the seams.

Namjoon's eyes widened, jumping from shock at the sudden intrusion. His face immediately softened when he saw that it was Jin at the door. 

"Uhh, I'm going to have to call you back," He said into the phone. 

Na Eun walked in, annoyed, "You have to stop doing that." 

"It's okay Na Eun," Namjoon said, eyes not leaving Jin. 

She sighed, "I'll just push back your 2pm." 

He didn't get a chance to thank Na Eun before she was closing the door behind her, leaving both of them in Namjoon's office. 


"I don't want to do this without you," Jin said, walking across the room to his desk, "I can't. I can't do any of this without you." 

Namjoon got off his chair, and rounded the table, "You don't have to. I'm not going anywhere." 

"No, Joon," Jin said, taking a step forward, "I can't do this without you. I don't want to." 

"Jin, what are you saying?" Namjoon asked, not understanding anything. 

"I quit," He said quickly, "I quit the firm with Do Hyun. I just..." 

Jin didn't explain further. All he did was take a step forward and grab Namjoon's face in his hands and crashed their lips together. Namjoon froze, needing a second for his brain to catch up with what was happening, but the second that it did, Namjoon's eyes fluttered shut, hands finding their way to Jin's waist, pulling him closer to Namjoon, flush against his body. They moved like they always did - effortlessly; understandingly, passionately, conveying every single emotion with just the way their lips glided over each other, not needing words anymore. They were symbiotic that way. 

Namjoon pulled back first. 

"It's later," Jin whispered, foreheads pressed against each other, eyes still shut. 

Namjoon smiled, dimples and all, "You're going to Law School." 

Jin pulled back, grinning from ear to ear, "I love you. Fuck, Joon, I've never stopped loving you." 

Namjoon just smiled, "I know, Jin."

"I'm only going to Law School because of you." 

Namjoon shook his head, "I did nothing. This was all you; all of your efforts and your hardwork. All I did was fill out a couple of forms." 

"I would have never been able to do this without you, Namjoon." Jin told him. 

"You would have," Namjoon told him confidently, "Sooner or later I know you would have." 

"Come back to me," Jin nearly begged. 

"I never left, baby," Namjoon said gently caressing his cheek, "And I'm never going to leave." 

Jin leaned in and captured his lips for another kiss, soft, slow, languid, knowing that he had all the time in the world now. 

"We'll figure this out, right?" Jin said, needing that reassurance. 

"Of course we will, baby," Namjoon said with a gentle smile, "We'll figure it out together. We always do." 




Jin was putting food on both Taehyung's and Jungkook's plates while Yoongi was helping himself to another piece of chicken. 

"Can you pass me the wine?" Jimin asked Hoseok, pointing at the bottle beside him. 

"Jin! Where's the-Oh. Never mind! I found it!" Namjoon called out from Jin's bedroom. 

"Daddy no wan 'colli," Jungkook whined, shaking his head. 

"It's either you eat broccoli or you eat spinach, baby," Jin said, turning back to him, "So choose one." 

Jungkook pouted, flashing his wide doe brown eyes at Jin, jutting out his bottom lip, "No wan." 

"Jungkook," Jin warned. 

"KooKoo, pick! Then we eat ice cweam after," Taehyung said, nudging Jungkook's shoulder. 

"Ice cweam!" Jungkook perked up, bouncing on his seat. 

"Who said anything about ice cream?" Jin asked Taehyung. 

"Uncle Yoo told TaeTae ice cweam after veggies," Taehyung said, pointing at Yoongi. 

"TaeTae also pinky promised Uncle Yoo not to tell Daddy and Papa," Yoongi said, teasing.

"Oopsies," Taehyung said, hand flying over his mouth. 

"Oopsies," Yoongi imitated, sticking his tongue out at Taehyung playfully. 

"I'm dating a child," Jimin mumbled around the rim of his wine glass. 

"Never thought I'd see the day where you two would willingly be in the same room together," Hoseok teased as he spooned a mouthful of rice in his mouth, "Remember how I had to force you guys to apologise and hug for fighting outside my Kindergarten."

"You two fought outside a Kindergarten?" Jin said, cocking an eyebrow, placing the plates in front of the kids. 

"Thank you, Daddy," They said in unison. 

"Your welcome my babies," Jin cooed, "Eat all of it, okay?" 

"We weren't fighting per say..." Yoongi said, trailing off. 

"Just spewing insults at each other in front of children, that's all," Hoseok explained with a shrug of his shoulders.

"You forced them to hug?" Jin asked. 

"I made them make up the way we do when our kids have a fight in class," Hoseok said, stifling a laugh as he remembered it, "They had to hold hands, say sorry and hug for ten seconds." 

"I would have paid big money to watch that happen," Jin laughed as he fixed his own plate. 

"We can do it for you now and you can pay us," Yoongi said. 

"It's not the same. You guys are gross now," Jin teased. 

"Oh like you and Mr. CEO over there aren't?" Jimin said. 

"We aren't gross like you two!" 

"You're worse," Hoseok said as he took another bite. 

"Where is he anyway?" Jimin said, looking around the room for him.

"Joon! Come eat lunch! It's getting cold!" Jin called out from the table. 

"I'll be there in a second," Namjoon said, voice bellowing from Jin's room.

"Papa no eat, Daddy?" Jungkook asked, curry smeared all over his mouth. 

"He's just in the room, baby. He'll eat with us soon," Jin told him, getting a tissue to wipe his face. 

"So," Yoongi said, "Have you made a decision about what to do yet?" 

"We did," Jin said with a nod as he moved to wipe Taehyung's mouth free from the curry as well. 

"I'm here! I'm here!" Namjoon said walking out of Jin's room, pocketing his phone, "I'm sorry I'm late. The America office is a mess and apparently they can't do shi-stuff on their own." 

"Wine?" Hoseok said. 

"Please," Namjoon breathed out. 

Namjoon ruffled both Jungkook's and Taehyung's hair as he walked past to get to his seat.

"Papa, lookie!" Jungkook said, taking a forkful of spinach and stuffing it in his mouth. 

"Wow, Kookie! Well done! You're eating your veggies so well I guess Uncle Yoo just has to get you ice cream later, huh," Namjoon praised, fond and loving. 

"Me too! Me too!" Taehyung said, spearing a piece of broccoli and pushing it into his mouth. 

"Well done TaeTae," Namjoon said, "Both my boys are so good today." 

"Ice cweam," Jungkook said, almost as a reminder to himself as he ate another bite of spinach. 

"How did you know I'm getting them ice cream?" Yoongi asked, passing him a glass of wine. 

Namjoon took a sip, almost cherishing the alcohol in his mouth before he answered Yoongi, "They could ask you to build them a rocket that takes them to the Milky Way and you would do it in a heartbeat." 

"First of all, the Milky Way is a supermassive black hole and I would never put my babies in danger like that," Yoongi pointed out, "And secondly...Well I can't say because no no words aren't allowed on the table." 

"No use no no word." Jungkook said, wagging his finger. 

"That's right, Kookie," Yoongi said with a nod. 

"So, what did you decide on, Jin?" Jimin asked, picking up his wine glass again.

"Do you want to tell them or should I?" Jin asked Namjoon. 

"It's your news," Namjoon said, putting rice on his plate, "You should tell them." 

"Ya'll are gross." Hoseok teased. 

"Well, I quit my job with Do Hyun," Jin started out, heart pounding in his chest, adrenaline rushing through his veins, almost making him giddy with happiness and excitement, "Because I accepted a place at the University of Law. I start in a month! I even paid the full amount for the first semester!" 

"Oh my god! I'm so proud of you!" Yoongi said, tearing up, proud smile gracing his face.

"Jin! That's amazing! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!" Jimin said. 

"I can't wait to see you graduate! What should I wear? Is a suit enough? Should I bring something? Maybe balloons?" Hoseok started to ramble, caught up in his emotions. 

"Wait, you quit your job?" Yoongi said, "Does that mean you're not going to work anymore?"

"I offered him a job," Namjoon said, smiling at Jin, "Monday to Wednesdays. Part time." 

"So I have Thursdays to Sundays off to study and hang out with my two boys over here." 

"'M eating spinach," Jungkook said, as he grabbed another forkful of spinach to stuff in his mouth. 

"Can TaeTae have chocky ice cweam, Uncle Yoo?" Taehyung asked Yoongi.

"Anything you want, darling," Yoongi answered, endeared and fond. 

"Seems like you've got everything all figured out, huh Jin?" Hoseok said, more than he asked, reaching for his glass of wine. 

Jin looked at Namjoon who was deep in conversation with Jimin, "Almost everything. But I'm getting there." 

"Daddy! Wan water peas," Jungkook said, tongue out, showing he was thirsty. 

"Sure, baby," Jin answered, reaching out for the jug, "TaeTae, you too?" 

"Water." Taehyung said, holding out his green plastic cup that Jin had bought specially for him. 




Namjoon slinked into the room, gently closing the door behind him. 

"Kids sleeping yet?" Jin asked, closing the laptop and putting it to one side as he watched Namjoon walk in. 

"Taehyung fell asleep first, but Jungkook just went off," Namjoon said, plopping down onto the bed with a long drawled out sigh. 

Jin moved towards him, carding his fingers through Namjoon's soft black hair. 

Namjoon hummed in contentment, eyes fluttering shut, "We have to get a new nightlight for the boys. This one is almost fused." 

"Taehyung needs new shoes too. He was complaining about his shoes giving him a boo boo on the heels." Jin said.

"We can make a day of it," Namjoon said, "Go to the mall and let them choose their own nightlight and shoes. They have a new Dinosaur Exhibit in the convention hall next to the mall downtown. I'm sure the boys would love it." 

"Do we have time?" Jin said, biting his bottom lip, almost scared of missing out on all of these experiences. 

"Friday?" Namjoon asked.

"I can't on Friday. I have class from 5 in the evening till 9.30 at night, remember? I won't be home until maybe around 10?" 

"What about Saturday?" Namjoon said. 

"I have class till 2 in the afternoon. We could do it after?" 

"What time do you have to leave?" Namjoon asked. 

"Class starts at 9 so I'll have to be out of the house by 8.20 in the morning at the latest," Jin said. 

"The boys and I will drop you," Namjoon told him. 

"What? It's too early, especially on a Saturday." Jin said, "You don't have to. It's fine. I'll just take the train or a taxi or something." 

"No way! We're going to drop you. End of discussion," Namjoon said, nuzzling further into Jin's chest. 

"Joon, you don't have to-" 

"I want to." Namjoon said, "Plus, you know our boys. They don't sleep past 8 in the morning anyway. It'll be fun! They can see what their Daddy is doing in school." 

Jin hummed in response. 

"What are you thinking?" Namjoon asked, craning his head upwards.

"Orientation is tomorrow." Jin said. 


In a voice, barely over a whisper, Jin said, "Is it weird that I'm nervous?" 

"Why would that be weird?"

"Because I'm probably older than all of the other students and I just-" 

"You're 25, baby. Not 50." Namjoon told him, amused smile on his face, "You're going to be fine!" 

"Yeah I guess," He replied, unconvinced. 

"Worst case scenario." Namjoon said. 

Jin sighed, "I don't make any friends in Law School and they all think I'm weird. Or, that I fail out of Law School completely, lose my job, get Jungkook taken away from me and-" 

"Hey, hey, hey," Namjoon said, sitting up immediately, "Breathe baby." 

Jin looked at Namjoon, glazed eyes, lost, breathing heavier now. 

"You're going to be fine. Yes, this is scary, I know it is. But if you don't try, you won't know. So, tomorrow, you go in there, hold your head up high, sit wherever you want and introduce yourself to the first person you see. Who knows? Maybe we'll even have a new addition in this growing family of ours," Namjoon said, cupping Jin's cheek, "Whatever happens, whenever it happens, we'll deal with it together. Like we always do." 

His eyes softened, worry lines faded away like it never existed on his face in the first place, smile growing second by second as he leaned into Namjoon's touch, "I don't know how I got so lucky to have you in my life." 

"I'm the lucky one," Namjoon told him, thumb stroking his supple skin gently, "I love you." 

"I love you too," Jin said. 

"Forever and always?" Namjoon asked. 

"Forever and always." He answered holding out his arms and Namjoon nuzzled into his chest, happy, almost purring as Jin carded his fingers through his hair once again almost like it was second nature to him now.

Loving Namjoon was easy, as easy as breathing air is, as natural as the Sun rising in the East and setting in the West is, as beautiful as the sunset over the sea is. It was like, the second Jin heard his first love story, all he'd been searching for was Namjoon. He didn't need Prince Charming's, didn't even need to kiss a few frogs before he found him, because he knew that when the time was right, Namjoon would be there for him. And he was. In every single way. 

And he was always going to be. 

Lying down here, with Namjoon on his chest and his two sons in the other room felt right. He wanted this. All of this. He wanted the fights, and the late nights. He wanted the early mornings making breakfast, he wanted the weekends where they sat at home and did nothing. He wanted the family dinner's and the figuring out what comes next. He wanted to make decisions together, even get into disagreements. He wanted the good, the beautiful, the bad and the ugly and the making up that followed after that. 

He wanted to do it all. 

He wanted Namjoon, and everything that came along with it.



Jin was having a bad day. 

That's the easiest way he could explain it. His day sucked. He was late to class, brought the wrong textbook, could barely understand what was happening in the second half of the lecture, and, his stomach was growling because he forgot to bring his wallet. 

He was dragging his feet from the elevator to his front door. Jin reached into his pocket, digging around for the keys, wanting nothing more than to just go into his room and fall face first into bed and nap off the weight on his shoulders and chest, and the fatigue and sadness that plagued every single cell in his body. 

He turned the lock and walked in the foyer, not bothering to announce that he was home. 

"No cookies, boys." Namjoon said firmly.

"Papa no love Kookie and TaeTae?" He heard Jungkook say and could practically see the wide eyes that accompanied his pout. 

"Now you're just playing dirty," Namjoon muttered. 

"One cookie, Papa!" Taehyung said.

"Daddy will scold me," Namjoon told them, resolve crumbling. 

"Daddy no scold Papa," Jungkook told him.

"TaeTae and KooKoo no let Daddy scold," Taehyung said. 

Namjoon sighed, and Jin had to immediately hold back and try and stifle a laugh. He was always too soft with the boys. 

"Half a cookie each," Namjoon tried to bargain with them.

"Papa," Jungkook whined, "One cookie. Peas." 

Jin could hear the clinking of the lid against the cookie jar and this time he couldn't hold back the smile that had begun to grace his face. It was as if stepping through the threshold of his house, surrounded by his family and their crazy antics was magic. He had completely forgotten about his crappy day. 

"I'm home," Jin said, the words holding more than one meaning, filling every fibre of his being with a sense of belonging, love and happiness that Jin didn't know was even possible to feel. 

"Daddy home! Daddy home!" Jungkook and Taehyung cheered, pitter pattering their way from the kitchen with a cookie in their hand over to Jin. 

"Oh, you're having cookies in the afternoon? That must be a treat," Jin said, as he knelt down. 

"Papa give KooKoo and TaeTae cookie," Taehyung said, taking a bite of his chocolate chip cookie, the crumbs collecting on the sides of his lip and on his upper lip. 

"Nyummy chocky chippy, Daddy," Jungkook said, showing off his cookie proudly. 

"I'm sure it is, darling," Jin said as he stood up, ruffling their hair, making his way to the kitchen. 

"Hey, baby," Namjoon greeted, hand on his waist as he pecked his lip, "How was class today?" 

"Terrible," Jin sighed, leaning his forehead against Namjoon's shoulder, "Everything that could possible go wrong, went wrong and I'm just tired." 

"Why don't you sit down? I'll heat you up some lunch and you can tell me all about your day, okay?" Namjoon said, kissing Jin's forehead before he walked over to the fridge. 

Jin plopped himself down at the dining table and slumped down his seat. 

"Daddy! Daddy!"

Jungkook ran over to him and started jumping up and down in front of it. 

"Hi, baby," Jin said, cupping his cheek, leaning forward to give him a kiss on his head. 

"Where go, Daddy?" Jungkook asked him. 

"Daddy went to school today," Jin said, "Remember? Daddy's going to school now in the mornings." 

"Like Kookie and TaeTae go Kindygarden?" Jungkook said, connecting the dots.

Jin nodded, "Yeah, baby. Just like that." 

Taehyung ran up to Jin too, standing next to Jungkook, bouncing on his feet, energetic, with a wide boxy smile on his face. 

"Hi my darling," Jin said, placing a kiss on Taehyung's head too, "Did you have fun today?"

"KooKoo and TaeTae watch Barney and Mickey Mouse, Daddy!" Taehyung told him, "Barney is Dino-sawr and, and, and, and, purple." 

"Barney go play in playground with his fwens," Jungkook said, "He sing song too, Daddy! Kookie like song." 

"Do you want to hear the song later? We can find it on Youtube and dance along. Would you like that, boys?" Jin asked them. 

"Yeah! Yeah!" Taehyung said, nodding fervently. 

"We can dance after Daddy eats," Namjoon said, carrying out a plate in one hand and a placemat and cutlery in the other. 

"Daddy no eat?" Jungkook asked with a little tilt of his head. 

"Not yet, baby," Jin said, "Thank you Joonie, really." 

"It's nothing, really," Namjoon said as he placed the food in front of Jin.

"Daddy must eat! If no eat then Daddy get owie in tum tum," Jungkook scolded. 

"I'm sorry, Kookie. Daddy will eat on time from now on, okay?" Jin said. 

"Boys do you want to play or do you want to sit down with Daddy and Papa?" Namjoon asked them. 

"Sit Daddy and Papa," Taehyung said, climbing onto Namjoon's lap. 

"We raised them well," Jin said, pride soaring in his chest. 

"What happened in class today?" Namjoon asked, keeping an eye on Jungkook who was climbing on an empty chair next to Jin. 

Jin looked up from his food at Namjoon looking at him with so much love in his eyes, Taehyung in his lap, wide boxy smile on his face as he watched Jin eat, patiently, blinking up at him, just wanting to spend time with him even though he didn't understand what was happening. He turned to look at Jungkook who had pushed a chair to sit next to Jin, looking at him with his widened doe brown eyes, sparkling and twinkling in happiness. 

"You know what," Jin said, smiling up at Namjoon, "I don't even remember anymore." 




Jin rubbed at his exhausted eyes, hand going to the back of his neck to massage it from staring down at the textbook for too long. He slumped back in his seat and took a couple of seconds to absorb the long text that he has just read, absentmindedly spinning his pencil in his grip. 

"Here." Namjoon said softly, not wanting to disturb his concentration as he set a mug of hot tea in front of him. 

"Thank you, Joonie." Jin said, gratefully taking a small sip, uncaring that it burnt his tongue slightly.

"You okay?" 

"There are a lot of big words used incredibly unnecessarily in this textbook," Jin complained. 

"What are you learning about?" Namjoon asked, taking a seat beside Jin, knowing that he needed to let off some steam before going back to studying.

"How to start a lawsuit," Jin answered. 

"You know that one!" Namjoon said excitedly, "This should be nothing to you."

"I thought I knew it too," Jin scoffed, glaring at the pages of the book, "Originating summons and Writs! That's it! That's all we use in everyday life, but noooo this textbook wants us to know the history of all of it! No judge is going to question you on this stuff in the courtroom!" 

Jin huffed, leaning back in his chair with a little pout. 

He turned to the slightly ajar door on the right, "Do you think I woke the kids up?" 

"Our kids?" Namjoon said, "Nah! They can sleep through anything. You probably woke up the neighbours though." 

Jin nudged his shoulder playfully, "Meanie." 

"How long's the chapter?" Namjoon asked, leaning forward to look at the book. 

"I have another 6 pages left before I finish." Jin said with a sigh, dreading the rest of it. 

"Come on," Namjoon said, getting up and holding his hand out, "You can afford to take a couple of minutes to recuperate, don't you think?" 

"Yes please," Jin told him, gratefully taking his hand, letting himself be dragged onto the couch. 

Namjoon plopped down first and let Jin lean against him. 

"You're always so warm," Jin mumbled against Namjoon's shoulder. 

"We should stop paying for heating then," Namjoon said. 

"Wait!" Jin said, sitting up suddenly, "What day is it today?" 

"Tuesday." Namjoon answered, "Why? What happened?" 

"Oh thank god," Jin sighed in relief, curling up against the sanctuary that he had made on Namjoon's chest, "I still have two days to pay the bills. I completely forgot to do it today." 

Namjoon reached down to play with his long, slender fingers, the television playing a movie that neither of them were paying attention to, too wrapped up in their little bubble that they had created - Safe, warm, happy. The family they always wanted.

"Joonie?" Jin mumbled from his chest. 

"Yeah, baby?"

Jin sat up, wanting to look Namjoon in the eyes when he said this. 

"What is it? What's wrong?" Namjoon asked, worried. 

Jin didn't realise that he was nervously playing with Namjoon's fingers as he tried to find a way to phrase what he wanted to say. He'd been practicing for a long time in his head, constantly trying to perfect it over and over again, but never quite finding the right words to convey it. He wanted it to be big! Flashy, even! Wanted it to be absolutely perfect - The way Namjoon deserved. 

But he thought that doing it right here, right now, organically, was somehow even better than he had planned. 

"Joon," He said, swallowing, feeling nerves creep up on him. 

"What, baby? What is it?" Namjoon asked. 

"Joonie, you know how you and Taehyung are here all the time? How both of you have your own closet spaces? How your favourite foods are in the fridge? How you have your own space in the shoe rack? And your files and books all over here..." 

Namjoon's eyebrows furrowed, worry lines forming in the middle of his forehead. 

Jin chuckled, "Joon. Kim Namjoon, love of my life, Papa to my two children...Will you move in with me?" 

"What?" He asked, mouth falling open. 

"Move in with me, Joon. Or, I'll move in with you! Wherever we are, I don't care! I just want to be with you, and Jungkook and Taehyung. I want to live with you! I want you to be my last goodnight and my first good morning. I want to cook breakfast with you, and divide up chores with you. I want to know that no matter where I go, I'll be coming home to you and our two boys. I want to-" 

Namjoon didn't let him finish. He fisted Jin's shirt and pulled him forward shutting him up with a kiss. It was a mix of teeth clacking and smiles so big that they couldn't even kiss properly. 

"Was this what all the mumbling at night was about? Were you nervous to ask me?" Namjoon said with a light chuckle, giddy, grinning from ear to ear, not knowing how to stop. 

"Just a little," Jin laughed back, burying his head in Namjoon's chest, embarrassed. 

"You're adorable," Namjoon said, punctuating his sentence with a kiss to Jin's hair. 

"Shut up." He mumbled in Namjoon's chest.

"I think we should move in here," Namjoon said, looking around, "It's better that way." 

"Why?" Jin asked.

"Your books and everything are here. Plus, the family gathers over here more," Namjoon told him, "We can talk about moving after Law School. But for now, how about we move here?" 

"As long as I have you, Jungkook and Taehyung," Jin said, leaning up for another kiss, "Anywhere is home for me." 



Jin had just finished washing the dishes after dinner and was drying his hands on the towel. He could hear Jungkook and Taehyung excitedly picking out which pajamas they wanted to wear for the night. 

"Daddy! Daddy!" Taehyung called out excitedly running out from his and Jungkook's shared room pointing at his pajamas, "TaeTae got boo dino jammies!"

"Wow, TaeTae! Do you like your new jammies?" Jin said, gasping excitedly at Taehyung. 

"Boo dino, Daddy!" Taehyung said, "One dino, two dino, three dino, four dino-" 

"No wan pants! No wan pants!" Jungkook whined from the room. 

"Kookie, you're going to get cold if you don't wear pants to bed, and then you're going to have to go to the hospital to get a shot if you get sick," Namjoon said. 

Jungkook gasped out, "Hostipal, Papa? With the doctors?" 

"And the injections," Namjoon said.

"Pants! Pants! Gots to wear pants!" Jungkook said frantically.

"Come on TaeTae," Jin said, holding out his hand, "It's time for bed." 

"But Daddy, TaeTae wan watch Mickey Mouse," Taehyung said, pointing at the television. 

"You're wearing your jammies, baby. You know that means bedtime," Jin said, "Otherwise you're going to be tired tomorrow in Kindergarten and then you won't be able to play and have fun." 

"TaeTae like fun." Taehyung said, taking Jin's hand. 

"Then it's time to go to sleep," Jin said, leading him to the bedroom.

"In bed please, little ones," Namjoon said, carrying Jungkook to bed while Jin carried Taehyung and tucked them in. 

Namjoon got in beside Jungkook and Jin got in beside Taehyung.

"What story should we read today?" Jin asked them. 

"Pooh bear?" Namjoon said. 

"No wan Pooh," Taehyung said, shaking his head. 

"Green Eggs and Ham?" Jin suggested. 

"No brekky now," Jungkook said. 

" about a story about my two favourite princes?" Jin said.

"Prince?" Jungkook gasped out, holding onto his Iron Man plushie, waiting patiently for the story to start.

"Once upon a time in a far far away land lived two handsome princes - Prince Kim Taehyung-" 

"Daddy! That me! That me!" Taehyung said, bouncing up and down the bed, holding Rex close to him. 

"And prince Kim Jungkook." 

"Kookie hand-dome prince," Jungkook said, satisfied, giggling into his red soft plushie.

"The handsomestest princes in the land," Namjoon said, carding his fingers through Jungkook's hair.

"One day, the princes were walking in the forest when they saw a biiiig Dragon blocking their way. The Dragon breathed fire and was very scary, and he said 'Grrr! I hear that there are two handsome Princes in this Kingdom. I have to find them! Grrr!' Then what do you think the two princes did?" 

"Why dragon wan prince KooKoo and Prince TaeTae, Daddy?" Taehyung asked, slightly muffled because he was talking into his plushie. 

"The Dragon is very hungry and wants to eat the Princes," Jin said. 

"KooKoo what do?" Taehyung asked him, genuinely worried. 

"If Dragon hungy then give Dragon food." Jungkook said, "What Dragon like to eat, Daddy?" 

Jin chuckled, surprised at how they were handling a problem, "Dragons like to eat meat, baby." 

"Kookie like chicken. Maybe give Dragon chicken," Jungkook said, "Right TaeTae?" 

"I like fish," Taehyung said, "But no eat Nemo and Dory. Nemo and Dory my fwens, but-but-but KooKoo my bess fwen." 

"TaeTae my bess fwen too!" Jungkook said, "Now TaeTae my brother too!" 

"Bess brother." 

Jin couldn't help but kiss the top of Taehyung's forehead, and then leaned over and pecked Jungkook's forehead too, "Ready for the rest of the story." 

"Peas, Daddy," Jungkook said, hugging his Iron Man plushie, cuddling up further into it. 

"Prince Jungkook and Prince Taehyung got lots and lots of food for the Dragon to eat. They set up a huge picnic at their lawn and invited the Dragon over to eat lunch with them. After the Dragon finished, the Dragon said thank you to Prince Jungkook and Prince Taehyung and promised that he would never ever breathe fire on their Kingdom ever. The Dragon also promised that he would protect the Kingdom and make sure no one will ever hurt Prince Jungkook and Prince Taehyung ever. Then the Dragon said goodbye and flew off with his gigantic wings off to his home." 

"Where the Dragon home?" Jungkook asked. 

"In the sky in his own palace," Jin answered. 

"Can Kookie go to his home?" 

"How about, in tomorrow's story, Prince Taehyung and Prince Jungkook go visit the Dragon in his home and see all his friends?" Namjoon suggested. 

"Yes peas!" Jungkook said, excited. 

"Daddy, stowy not over yet," Taehyung said. 

"Why not, baby?" Jin asked. 

"Dragon no say bye bye to King Daddy and King Papa," Taehyung told him with his wide eyes, glossing over with sleep. 

"Okay, hmmm.." Jin said, thinking of a storyline that could bring the Dragon back.

"Just as Prince Kookie and Prince Taehyung were going to go back inside, they heard the Dragon's wings flap and flap and flap," Namjoon said, taking over, shooting a wink in Jin's direction, "Prince Taehyung and Prince Jungkook ran out in the lawn to see the Dragon coming back. King Daddy and King Papa heard the loud noise and also ran out into the garden. They were shocked to see such a big Dragon talking to their handsome princes and got scared that the Dragon would give their bestest boys an owie. They quickly ran to to the Princes and jumped in front of them. They started to scream at the Dragon to go away and not to hurt their bestest boys. But Prince Jungkook and Prince Taehyung told their Daddy and Papa that the Dragon was their friend and the Dragon was nice and wanted to say thank you and bye bye to King Daddy and King Papa." 

"King Daddy and King Papa said sorry to the Dragon and promised that tomorrow they would come and visit his home in the palace in the sky," Jin finished, "The Dragon said bye bye and flew off into the sky back to his home. And King Daddy and King Papa and Prince Jungkook and Prince Taehyung went back to their home."

"And they lived..." Namjoon said, trailing off.

"Happiwly eber after!" Jungkook finished first, wide grin on his face. 

"For-eber and all-ways?" Taehyung asked, looking at both his parents. 

Namjoon linked his hand with Jin's, intertwining their fingers together. 

"Happily ever after." He said, looking at Jin.

"Forever and always." Jin said, thumb stroking the back of Namjoon's hand, softly, love in his eyes and a family in his arms.




The End.

Chapter Text

Jungkook wakes up the way he always has - With a smile on his face and a thumb in his mouth. 

"TaeTae?" He calls out from his side as he rubbed his eye with his finger, clutching his red Iron Man plushie to his side. 

Taehyung whined and curled up further against his green dinosaur plushie, Rex.

"TaeTae sleepy, Iron Man," Jungkook said to his plushie as he took his thumb out of his mouth, wiping it on his blue colour Avengers pajamas. 

Jungkook looked at his plushie and gasped softly, "Oh no. Iron Man sleepy like TaeTae?"

He heaved himself down the bed with a little grunt and pulled the blanket over Iron Man as delicately as a 4 year old could. 

"Night night, Iron Man. Kookie go habe brekky now. Bye bye." He said to his Iron Man plushie blowing a kiss from the ground. 

Jungkook trudged over to the door and tip toed to pull it open. His parents never left it shut all the way, just in case either of their sons needed them at night. Jungkook braved the mostly dark apartment, being lit by the sunlight from the windows at the end of the hall and walked to his parents bedroom, tip toeing to open the door. 

He walked over to their bed, hearing soft snores echo in the bedroom, and heaved himself up the bed on the left side, jumping on his fathers chest. 


"Goo' Mornin' Papa," He greeted with a bright smile. 

Namjoon immediately put a protective hand around Jungkook's waist, as instinct, pulling him  closer, not wanting him to fall off, just waking up from his sleepy, disoriented state. 

"Hi, baby," Namjoon greeted, low and hoarse, still waking up from sleep. 

"Hello!" Jungkook greeted, laying his head down on Namjoon, "I, Kookie!"

Namjoon chuckled, "Hi, baby." 

"Papa, Kookie hungy." Jungkook pouted against him, sitting up again. 

"Have you brushed your teeth yet?" 

"No Papa." 

"Come on, baby, let's get ready and then we can have some breakfast, okay?" Namjoon said, reluctantly sitting up from the bed, hand tight on Jungkook's waist as he did.

"Daddy sleepy," Jungkook said, looking over at a sleeping Jin, softly snoring from beside Jungkook. 

"Daddy had a late night, baby. He was studying all day," Namjoon told him as he set Jungkook down on the ground, pulling his own blanket off as he did.

"H-He do ABC like Kookie and TaeTae, Papa?" Jungkook asked, holding Namjoon's hand as he led them to the bathroom. 

"Something like that," Namjoon said, reaching over to wet the toothbrush and put the baby toothpaste on it before handing it to Jungkook. 

"Tank you, Papa." Jungkook said as he took the toothbrush.

They brushed their teeth together, Namjoon pouring some water into a small red cup, next to Taehyung's green cup. Namjoon watched as Jungkook brushed his teeth making sure that he was doing it right. He and Jin were training Jungkook and Taehyung to do their morning routine by themselves. While they were good most of the time, they were still children and sometimes still needed a reminder or two. 

"Don't forget your tongue, baby," Namjoon said, brushing his own tongue, watching Jungkook stick his tongue out with a sound, brushing it softly as well. 

Jungkook spat in the sink first followed by Namjoon who then rinsed his mouth as he passed Jungkook the cup as well. 

"Ready for brekky?" Namjoon asked putting their toothbrushes back in their individual cups.

"Hungy."Jungkook pouted. 

"What do you want for brekky, darling?" Namjoon asked as they walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. 

"Nyummy food." Jungkook told him, heaving himself up on the breakfast stool, swinging his legs back and forth as he waited for his food.

"What do you want, Kookie?" Namjoon asked, "Does my Kookie want toast?"

Jungkook shook his head with a little pout and a frown on his face, "Owie in my teef, Papa." 

"Does my Kookie want cereal and chocolate milk?" Namjoon tried again. 

"Chocky milk! Chocky milk!" Jungkook chanted, excited, wide grin on his face. 

"And cereal?" 

Jungkook nodded enthusiastically, hair flopping in his eyes. 

Namjoon reached out and swept his hair to one side, "Which cereal do you want? Tiger cereal? Pirate cereal? Or the cereal Tae eats with the marshmallows in it?"

"Ummmm," Jungkook said, mouth forming a pout as he thought long and hard about his breakfast, "Marshymellow peas." 

"Okay, I'll get it for you," Namjoon said, "Thank you for using please. Papa's very proud of you."

Well-cah." Jungkook said with a toothy grin and a scrunch of his nose. 

Namjoon got out the chocolate milk from the fridge and the semi skimmed milk for coffee for both Jin and himself. He poured a little bit of cereal in the bowl along with some normal milk, and a small glass of chocolate milk for Jungkook.

"Tank you, Papa." Jungkook said as Namjoon placed the food in front of him. 

"You're welcome, darling. Eat all of it, okay?" Namjoon said, patting his hair before moving to make coffee. 

Jungkook reached in with his fingers and fished out a marshmallow, "Marshymellow!" 

He put it in his mouth and starting humming appreciatively, "Like Marshymellow. Nyummy, Papa!" 

"It is, isn't it, baby?" Namjoon said with a smile.

There was a rustle in the bedroom before Jin walked out, eyes still droopy as he ran his fingers through his mussed up bed hair and made his way to the kitchen. 

"Goo' Mornin' Daddy!" Jungkook greeted with a mouthful of marshmallow and droplets of milk on his chin. 

"Morning baby," Jin said, placing a kiss on his head. 

"Daddy sleepy?" 

"A little, darling." Jin told him. 

"Morning gorgeous," Namjoon said, kissing him on the cheek. 

"I look like this right now. I doubt I'm the G word."

"You look beautiful all the time," Namjoon said, passing him coffee with another kiss on his cheek. 

"I knew there was a reason I fell in love with you," Jin said, taking a sip of the coffee. 

"Just the coffee?" Namjoon teased.

"Something else too, but I'll tell you that when the kids are asleep," Jin said with a wink. 

"Marshymellow!" Jungkook cheered when he found another. 

"Tae's still sleeping," Namjoon said, glancing over at the kids' door.

"Let him sleep in for a bit. He woke up at around 1.30 when I was still studying. Said he needed to go potty, and then had a hard time falling back asleep," Jin said, "We'll wake him up in about 20 minutes if he doesn't get up himself."

"Hmm," Namjoon hummed around the rim of his mug, "Good thing Kindergarten's on break then." 

"We have to figure out what to do about the babysitter's for a while. Jimin's classes might clash, and we can't bring the kids to work three days a week," Jin said. 

"We have time." Namjoon told him, "Jimin's classes don't start for another two weeks." 

The door to Taehyung and Jungkook's room opened and Taehyung stood there with Rex in his hand, rubbing his eye with his finger. 

"Papa? Daddy?" Taehyung said, small and tired. 

"Good morning, baby," Jin greeted, "Do you want some breakfast?"

Taehyung shook his head, standing in the doorway, still rubbing his eye. 

Jin set his coffee mug down and walked over to Taehyung, picking him up in his arms and placing a kiss on his cheek. Taehyung dropped Rex onto the floor and rested his head on Jin's shoulder, hugging him around his neck as he begun to wake up. 

"TaeTae sleepy," Jungkook said with a mouth full of cereal. 

"Don't talk with your mouth full, Kookie. It's not good manners," Namjoon reminded him. 

"Sowwy, Papa," Jungkook said once he swallowed his cereal.

"That's okay, baby. We learn from our mistakes, don't we?" Namjoon said gently, patting the top of Jungkook's hair. 

Taehyung stirred in Jin's arms. 

"Good morning again," Jin greeted with a smile. 

"Mornin' Daddy," Taehyung said with a wide boxy grin. 

"Ready for breakfast?" Namjoon asked. 

Taehyung nodded and squirmed out of Jin's arms. 

"Ah, ah, what are we forgetting?" Jin reminded him as Taehyung bounded to sit next to Jungkook.

"TaeTae no brushie teef," Jungkook said. 

"Oopsies," Taehyung said running to the bathroom. 

"Tae no running in the-" Jin called out behind him as he trailed after Taehyung to help him.

"Papa no more," Jungkook told him, pushing the bowl with a little cereal and milk left.

"You have to finish, Kookie. Remember how we talked about no wasting food?"

"Wastie bad," Jungkook said. 

"Yeah, baby. We can't waste food, can we? It's not very nice," Namjoon told him, "There's just a few more bites in here. Finish the cereal at least." 

Jungkook sighed loudly as he stared at the Avengers bowl with disdain, mouth forming a pout as he looked at it. 

"You can share with Tae when he finished brushing his teeth okay?" 

Jungkook nodded and grasped his plastic spoon in his grip dipping it into the bowl to try and finish. 

Taehyung ran out from the bathroom and ba