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Three Knocks and a Ding of a Bell

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The door opened up with a slight squeak, the light shining in, chasing the dark out almost immediately. 

Jin groaned, and rubbed the sleep from his eyes, glancing over at his bedroom door at the tiny silhouette. 

"Kookie?" Jin said, groggy, voice low and hoarse from sleep.

"Daddy," Jungkook pouted, small and scared, clutching his Iron Man plushie close to his chest like a shield. 

"Sweetheart, what's wrong?" Jin asked, eyes immediately snapping open, pushing his blanket off his body, ignoring the goosebumps from the cold air as he walked over to Jungkook. 

"Bad dream." Jungkook said with a pout, burying his face in the soft cotton of his Iron Man plushie. 

"Aww, my darling," Jin said, pushing Jungkook's hair away from his eyes, swooping it to one side, "Do you want daddy to come to your room and wait till you fall asleep?"

Jungkook shook his head adamantly. 

Jin glanced over at the digital clock, screaming the time in bright red numbers. 


"Do you want to stay with daddy in his room?" Jin asked, watching Jungkook lift his head from the plushie, "Yeah? Do you want to cuddle with daddy tonight?"

Jungkook nodded, holding his hands up for Jin to carry him. 

"Come here, baby," Jin said, carrying Jungkook. He closed the door with his foot and walked the both of them to Jin's bed, placing a kiss on his forehead as he set him down onto the bed, getting in himself. 

"Daddy?" Jungkook called out, voice tired and scared. 

"Yes, Kookie?" Jin asked, hand reaching over to Jungkook, slowly patting his back for comfort. 

"Will the monsters come here too?"

"Of course not, baby," Jin said, "You know why?" 


"Because you have superheroes here to protect you." 

"The Avengers are here, daddy?" Jungkook gasped out in excitement. 

"These superheroes are better than the Avengers!" Jin said. 

"Betterer than the Avengers?" Jungkook said in disbelief, gasping, holding onto his Iron Man plushie tight. 

"You want to know who they are?" 

"Yes, yes, yes," Jungkook said excitedly. 

"There are three of them!" Jin said, "One is your Iron Man plushie who has special powers even Iron Man doesn't have. He can keep all the monsters away! All the monsters are scared of him."

"But daddy Iron Man was with me just now and monsters came," Jungkook said with a pout, the fear returning in his voice. He moved away from the edge and further into Jin's touch. 

"Some monsters are just a little bit stronger than the others, which is why you have the second superhero!" Jin told him, carding his fingers through Jungkook's soft hair, thinking to himself that he really, really needs to get his hair cut. 

"Who is it, daddy?" 

"The second superhero is me!" Jin said with a grin on his face, "No monster can ever defeat me! I'm SuperDaddy!"

Jungkook giggled, the laugh tumbling out of his lips, high pitched and slightly muffled as he moved to cuddle more into Jin's side. 

"Daddy silly." Jungkook said as he leaned into Jin's chest. 

"You want to know the third superhero, baby?" Jin said, slowly patting Jungkook's back as he snuggled into Jin's side, eyes droopy. 

"Wha's'it?" Jungkook barely managed to get out. 

"The third and bestestestest superhero, is you, Jungkook." Jin said, leaning down and placing a kiss into Jungkook's hair, "My bestest boy who is so, so brave. No monsters will ever hurt you, baby."

"Kookie superhero." Jungkook mumbled out, bringing his thumb into his mouth in a pout as his eyes drooped down from sleep. 

"My favourite superhero." 




"And then, and then, and then Iron Man went Boom! Blam! to the bad guy," Jungkook said with his mouth slightly full as he chewed while he ate his breakfast. 

"That's nice sweetie, but you shouldn't speak with your mouth full. It's bad manners," Jin said, leaning against the counter, waiting for his coffee. 

Jungkook attempted to chew faster to finish telling Jin his story. 

"Jungkook." Jin warned, shooting him a look. 

He slowed down, chewing slower now. 

"Good boy." Jin said with a smile. He was lucky to have such a good kid. 

"And then," Jungkook started back up and Jin laughed. 

"And then what happened?" Jin asked, turning around, pouring the coffee from the jug into his mug. 

"And then daddy Iron Man said that I could help him with the bad guys. So then I went punch! Kick! Boom! And then, and then- Daddy, you're not lish-ening!" Jungkook said with a whine, and from the kitchen counter, Jin could practically see his little pout. 

"Daddy's listening baby," Jin said, "I'm just pouring some milk into my coffee." 

"Chocky milk?" Jungkook gasped out. 

"No baby, normal milk." Jin said, turning around, paying full attention to Jungkook, "What happened after you punched and kicked the bad guys?" 

"Boom!" Jungkook said, lifting his chubby little fists over his head, sending sprinkles of milk all over himself and the kitchen table, "And then, and then there was a big explo-shun, daddy! The big fire go everywhere!" 

"Oh no! And then what happened?" Jin asked, blowing on his hot mug of coffee. 

"Then Iron Man and Kookie go save everyone, daddy. Iron Man say Kookie best superhero." Jungkook explained with a proud smile on his face. 

"Kookie's the bestestest superhero! Better than Iron Man," Jin said, leaning forward and ruffling his hair. 

Jungkook giggled, his tiny dimples appearing on his cheek as he spooned more cereal and milk into his mouth. 

"What do you want for dinner tonight, sweetie?" Jin asked, taking a sip from his coffee. 

Jungkook chewed slightly faster to answer Jin's question. 


"Spaghetti?" Jin asked. 

"With sausage, peas," Jungkook said with a smile. 

"Spaghetti it is," Jin said, "And thank you for using please. I'm proud of you." 

"Well-cah." Jungkook said with a happy smile, spooning another bite into his small mouth. 

Jungkook finished his breakfast and pushed the bowl closer towards Jin, shimmying off the tall chair and jumping off. 

"Don't forget to get your school bag too, Jungkook." Jin called out as he placed the dirty dishes into the sink. 

Jungkook ran back outside to the living room with his big bag hitting his back with every step. 

"Kookie, no running in the house." Jin reminded him, sounding like a broken record at this point.


"Yes, baby?" 

"Daddy, can I ask you a quesh-teon?" Jungkook said, looking up at Jin. 

"Of course," Jin said, rinsing off the soap off Jungkook's Avengers cereal bowl.

"Is there anymore chocky chippy cookies?" 

"Yes there are, Kookie. But you cannot have chocolate chip cookies so early in the morning," Jin told him, "You can have them as a snack when you come back from Kindergarten, alright?" 

"S'not for me, daddy," Jungkook said, shaking his head adamantly, "I wanna give it to Teacher Jung and TaeTae and ChimChim and TaeTae papa. 'Cause, cause, chocky chippy cookie makeded Kookie and daddy happy and if Kookie share then my fwens would be happy too." 

Jin smiled as he pat Jungkook's hair gently, smiling proudly, "That's right, baby. Sharing makes everyone happy. Daddy will pack the cookies now and you can give them out when we see them, okay?" 

"Daddy! Give Uncle Yoo too!" Jungkook said, trodding along behind Jin as he got the cookies out. 

"Do you want daddy to give the cookies to Uncle Yoo or do you want to do it?" Jin asked as he divided up the cookies, "I can give them to him today when I see him in the office or you can give them to him when he comes over next." 

"Kookie give," Jungkook said, watching Jin pack the cookies. 

"Turn around sweetie. Let me put these in your bag and then we can leave for Kindergarten, okay?" Jin said. 

"Kookie makeded the chocky chip cookies." Jungkook said proudly, a bright smile on his face, accompanied by his wide, doe brown eyes sparkling with excitement. 

"Yes you did," Jin said, zipping the bag up and stretching his hand for Jungkook to take, "And you can tell everyone there that you made the cookies and give it to them, okay?" 

"Daddy let's go, let's go! We're gonna be late for Kindygarden!" Jungkook said, pulling Jin to the front door. 



"Teacher Jung! Teacher Jung!" Jungkook called out, running as fast as his little legs would take him as soon as Jin set him on the ground. 

"Kookie, don't run!" Jin said, quickly locking the door, eyes on Jungkook the entire time before running behind him. 

Hoseok watched with a toothy grin as the child ran up to him. 

"Good morning Jungkook. Are you ready to say hello to the day?" Hoseok greeted, kneeling down in front of him. 

"Good morning Teacher Jung!" Jungkook said with an excited smile, "I'm ready to say hello to the day." 

"Jungkook, what have I said about running away from daddy?" Jin chastised. 

"Sowwy daddy," Jungkook apologised, pouting at Jin. 

Jin patted his head, knowing that Jungkook was just excited. 

"Do you want to give Teacher Jung the present?" Jin asked. 

"Yes peas!" Jungkook said, clapping his little hands as Jin opened his bag. 

"You got me a present?" Hoseok gasped out. 

"Kookie makeded it myself," Jungkook said, nodding proudly. 

"Wow! I can't wait!" 

"Close eyes peas." Jungkook said before Jin could take out the little packet of 2 cookies for Hoseok. 

Hoseok closed his eyes and extended his hands. 

"Ta da!" Jungkook said placing the small packet into Hoseok's hands. 

"Wow Jungkook. Thank you so much! I love it!" Hoseok said, genuinely touched, "Chocolate chip cookies are my favourite cookies." 

"Kookie makeded!" Jungkook said proudly, hands clasped together, slight pink flush on his chubby cheeks. 

"And here we are TaeTae," They heard Jimin say followed by a squeak from the gate, "Safe at school." 

"ChimChim come?" 

"I'll be right here when you finish, okay?" Jimin said. 

"TaeTae!" Jungkook shouted, running up to him. 

"KooKoo!" Taehyung said, matching his excited tone, holding his arms out to hug as much of him as possible with his short, chubby arms and Jungkook's giant bag still on him.

"I goteded you a present," Jungkook said. 

"Prezzie for me?" 

"I makeded all by myself," Jungkook said, shrugging his bag off, "Close eyes peas." 

Taehyung shut his eyes tightly. 

"No peekie." Jungkook said, bending down to see if Taehyung was peeking

"No peekie." Taehyung repeated, eyes screwed tightly. 

"Ta da!" Jungkook said holding out the packet of cookies for Taehyung. 

"Cookies!" Taehyung said, taking the packet from Jungkook with a grin on his face, "Tank you, KooKoo!" 

"Well-cah!" Jungkook said, teeth on display with his grin. 

"You have one more packet to give, Kookie," Jin reminded him, a big, proud smile on his face. 

"Oopsies I forgot," Jungkook said, walking up to Jimin, "ChimChim, close eyes peas." 

"Hmm I wonder what Kookie will give me," Jimin said. 

"No peekie." Jungkook said, taking the packet of chips out and placing it on Jimin's outstretched hands, "Okay open eyes now." 

"Thank you so much Kookie," Jimin said, bringing Jungkook in for a hug. 

"Kookie makeded!" Jungkook proclaimed proudly. 

"I bet these are the best cookies in the world!" Jimin said. 

"Teacher Jung, open," Taehyung said, holding the cookies out to Hoseok.

"We can have these for snack time, okay?" Hoseok said, "Now say bye boys. It's circle time." 

"Give daddy a hug, sweetie," Jin said, kneeling down with his arms open as Jungkook hugged him. 

"Bye bye daddy," He said in the sweetest, softest voice, kissing Jin on the cheek. 

"Bye baby." 

"Daddy don't forget to give TaeTae papa the cookies, okay?" Jungkook said, "And tell TaeTae papa to close eyes peas and no peekie." 

"I'll try, Kookie." 

Jungkook put both his small, chubby hands on both of Jin's cheeks and stared him down as he said, "No try, daddy. Do." 




Jin's eyebrows were furrowed, eyes trained on the screen, occasionally glancing down at the keyboard as he typed, concentrating on the task at hand. 

He was so concentrated that the knock on his office door startled him, causing him to jump slightly. He composed himself just as quickly, before saying, "Come in." 

"Hey. Sorry I didn't mean to bother you-" 

"Mr Kim?" Jin said, surprised, "Is everything alright?"

"Yeah," Namjoon said with a nod, closing the door behind him, "Why wouldn't it be?" 

"Oh. It's just that you're here, in my office...Usually you call me up to yours..." Jin said, awkwardly.

"Just needed a change of scenery, I guess," Namjoon said with an almost shy smile and a crinkle of his eyes behind his glasses.

Jin smiled at him, genuine and real, "You're welcome here anytime." 

"What are you working on?" Namjoon asked. 

"A letter of demand for the MBF Builders folder," Jin said, eyes scanning over the words, "They've been dodging our calls, ignoring emails and requests to meet even though they took the deposit we sent them to start the work. They maybe completed just the foundation and then abandoned the work completely. So I'm sending a letter detailing all of this and informing them that if they either don't return us the deposit including cost of products and the loss we incurred from their negligence, or they have the other option of continuing the project while reimbursing us for the loss of time. If they don't do either of this, we're suing them in court and we're going to claim double damages. I'm also sneakily incorporating how we are mitigating our damages so that if we do end up in court we won't be seen as trying to unjustly enrich ourselves with the damages that we're claiming for. What do you thin-oh."

Jin finally looked up from his screen after passionately explaining what he was thinking about doing. He didn't expect Namjoon to be so close to him. 

Namjoon was leaning forward on the desk, resting his weight on his palms, black narrow tie hanging off his shirt, towards the desk, smile on his face as he listened to Jin talk on and on about law. Jin couldn't help the hitch of breath at the sight of Namjoon's lust blown eyes. He swallowed harshly, tongue darting out to lick his lips as his eyes scanned Namjoon's face. He felt himself leaning in slowly, wanting nothing more than to repeat what happened in the lift the other day. He wanted to feel Namjoon's plump lips against his, taking him, grabbing him, making Jin swoon. He wanted to feel Namjoon grind his hips against Jin's, feeling his own cock chub up with every press of his hips. 

He wanted to feel Namjoon again. 

"Si-Sir." Jin couldn't help but stutter out, feeling his cheeks flush pink.

"Jin." Namjoon said in a low, hoarse voice that made Jin swallow harshly. 

Namjoon leaned forward, making Jin do the same. Namjoon smiled, watching Jin flutter his eyes shut, leaning forward, waiting for Namjoon to do something. Namjoon ghosted his lips over Jin's once, twice and then a third time. 

"Please." Jin breathed out against Namjoon's lips. 

And all at once, there was nothing but cold air against Jin's lips. 

Jin snapped his eyes open and watched as Namjoon straightened up, fiddling with his tie with a shit eating grin on his face, smiling at Jin, "The letter sound good, Jin. Email it over to me once you're done and I'll sign it and have my secretary post it over." 

"But-I-What?" Jin stuttered out, stumbling over his words. 

Namjoon just smirked at him and walked out of Jin's office, leaving him breathless in his chair. 

Jin leaned back against the black leather, chest heaving up and down, pants uncomfortably tight as he tried to think back to what the hell just happened in his office. 

His eye caught the small packet of chocolate chip cookies on his desk and he groaned. 




"Twee! Two! One! Go!" Jin heard Jungkook say from his room before an excited, "Whoosh! Spideyman run first then Iron Man and Iron Man win! Yay!" 

"Kookie," Jin called out from the living room. 

"Wait here, Spideyman. Iron Man and Kookie have to go," Jin heard Jungkook say in a serious tone before Jungkook pitter pattered his way from the room into the living room with the Iron Man action figure in his hand, "Yes Daddy?" 

"Did you take your snacks into your room?" Jin asked with a cocked eyebrow.

"Just a little bit," Jungkook said, knowing he was wrong, "Little bit only. Kookie was care-pull. I no spill anywhere." 

"Baby, you know you can't eat in your room," Jin said, "If there are any crumbs anywhere, the room will be full of ants and rats. You don't want to sleep with ants and rats, do you?" 

"No daddy. Yucky." Jungkook said, shaking his head. 

"No more eating in your room, okay?" Jin said. 

"Not-Not even one chocky chip?" Jungkook said more than he asked, eyes wide, lips forming into a pout, "Kookie won't drop. KooKoo promise." 

"Kim Jungkook." Jin warned, reminding himself that he was the adult and as cute as Jungkook was, he could not give in to his every whim. 

"But Iron Man said-" 

"Jungkook. No more eating in your room or else daddy won't give you anymore Oreos for snack time." Jin said, tone firm and hard. 

Jungkook pouted, mouth downturned into a frown as he looked at the floor, dejected because of his scolding. 

Jin sighed and stood up from where he was sitting, kneeling in front of Jungkook. He pushed his hair out of his eyes, and said, "Daddy's not scolding you, baby." 

"Daddy scold."

"No sweetheart. I'm not scolding you. You're my bestest boy and sometimes daddy has to tell you things. But when you don't listen, daddy has to get you to listen, right?" Jin explained. 

"No more eating in Kookie's room." Jungkook said. 

"Good boy." Jin said, placing a kiss into Jungkook's hair, "Now, can you go get your bag and homework diary. It's homework time." 

"I go now." Jungkook said, gripping his Iron Man toy harder in his chubby little fist as he ran into his room.

"Kookie, no running in the- Why do I bother?"  

Jungkook dragged his bag into the dining room where Jin was sat and rummaged through it until he found his little pink homework diary and handed it to Jin. Their homework diary was where Hoseok got the kids to paste or occasionally write down what their homework was, or any other important information that he needed the parents to know about the kids or the school. 

"Math and English," Jin said, "We can do that, right?" 

"Yes we can." Jungkook said, settling into the chair with Iron Man on the table next to him. 

Jin reached out to get Jungkook's blue math book with the worksheet already pasted into it. 

"Where's your pencil box, baby?" JIn asked him. 

"In my room." 

"Go get it, please." Jin said as he flipped through Jungkook's math book, noticing that he was having trouble with subtraction. 

"Here it is!" Jungkook said, running back into the dining room. 

"Good boy," Jin said, "Come sit here. We're going to do this together, okay?" 

"Ready!" Jungkook said with a pencil in his hand. 

"The first problem is five minus two," Jin said, pointing it out on the worksheet, "What do you think the answer is?" 

"Phive rockets take away two rockets," Jungkook muttered to himself, "Twee?" 

"Good job, baby," Jin said, "Can you write out three in the little box?" 

With his tongue poking out and his eyebrows scrunched in concentration, Jungkook drew out a wobbly big three in the box. 

"Try this next one," Jin said, "Eight take away one." 

Jungkook looked at the problem and frowned. He scratched his head a little and pouted at the question as if the answer would suddenly strike him. With a small unsure voice, he looked at Jin and softly said, "Six?" 

"Good try, baby. But that's not quite the answer," Jin said, "Daddy will help okay?" 

Jungkook nodded, gripping his pencil and looking at Jin. 

"If daddy holds up eight fingers," Jin said, holding up eight fingers and then taking one away, "And I put one finger down. How many fingers do I have?" 

"One, two, tree, pour, fhive, six, seven." Jungkook counted slowly, "Seven! Daddy, has seven fingies!" 

"Well done baby," Jin said, "Can you write seven down in that little box in your best handwriting." 

Jungkook gripped the pencil tightly and pressed down on the piece of paper, his hair falling over his eyes, tongue darting out as he focused on getting the number into the box. 

"Only three more problems and then we move on to shapes and then English, okay?" Jin said, reading out the next question.






Namjoon knocked twice on Jin's office door, walking in, eyes scanning the documents in the cream manilla folder he was holding in his hands as he walked in. 

"Jin about the contract in the Swant Builders folder-" Namjoon said as he walked in, "Oh. You're not Jin." 

"No, TaeTae Papa. My name is Kim Jungkook." Jungkook said with a bright smile as he waved at Namjoon from the big leather chair in Jin's office. 

"Hi Jungkook." Namjoon said, smile immediately appearing on his face, "Where's your daddy?"

"Daddy's said to not tell anyone he went to make coffee. He said that if anyone came in the office that Kookie should say he was doing impotent docky-mans." 

Namjoon struggled to stifle his laugh, "Impotent docky-mans." 

"Yes Taetae Papa," Jungkook said with a nod as he sat in Jin's black leather chair behind the desk, practically being engulfed by the leather. 

"Did Jin say when he was coming back?" Namjoon asked. 

"After making his coffee and getting snacks for Kookie," Jungkook said, holding out his Iron Man, "Do you want to see my Iron Man?" 

"I would love to see your Iron Man," Namjoon said, closing up the folder and walking to the desk with a smile on his face towards an excited Jungkook. 

"Iron Man can go whoosh and boom boom punch and-and-and that day when I had a bad dream about big scary monsters, Daddy said that Iron Man and Kookie are superheroes! And that superheroes can punch the monsters away so no scared no more!" Jungkook said excitedly as made his action figure fly as high as his hand would take it.

"Can I tell you a secret, Jungkook?" Namjoon said, leaning in. 

"Kookie likes secrets!" Jungkook said, leaning forward as much as he could.

Namjoon dropped his voice to a whisper as he leaned in, "This is a very, very important secret. You cannot tell anyone." 

Jungkook gasped and covered Iron Man's ears, dropping his voice to a whisper too, "What is it, TaeTae Papa?" 

Namjoon looked around the empty office for added dramatic effect and whispered to Jungkook, "Your daddy is actually a superhero." 

"My daddy?!" Jungkook gasped.

"Shhh," Namjoon said, looking around as if someone had heard it, "He's a superhero and he's the best superhero there is. He's always making sure that you're safe and that no monsters will ever harm you."

Jungkook looked at Iron Man and then back at Namjoon, "Superhero just like Iron man?" 

"And Spiderman and Hulk and all of the Avengers." 

"Daddy Avenger?" Jungkook asked, mouth agape.

"He's better than the Avengers," Namjoon said, "The Avengers go to your daddy for help."

"Daddy knows Iron Man?!" 

"Your dad is a very, very special superhero, Jungkook," Namjoon said, patting Jungkook's head gently, "Anyone who gets to know him is lucky." 

"TaeTae papa?" 

"Yes darling?" 

"You know daddy," Jungkook said, "You lucky too like Iron Man?"

"The luckiest, Jungkook," Namjoon said with a fond smile. 

"Daddy's sorry for leaving you for so long baby, but daddy's got your favourite chocolate chip cookies and- Mr Kim!" Jin said, eyes practically bulging out of his eyes, "I can explain."

"Daddy! TaeTae Papa and I have fun!" Jungkook said, jumping out of the black leather chair onto the ground, his Iron Man toy on Jin's desk as he bounded up to Jin. 

"I'm glad, baby," Jin said with a small smile, snacks still in hand. 

"He's really a joy to talk to," Namjoon said, can't help but smile when he saw them. 

"Mr Kim, I know it's unprofessional of me but I couldn't help it. Jungkook didn't tell me that there was no Kindergarten today because he thought that if he didn't tell me, the Kindergarten would go on as normal and I didn't have time to find a babysitter. I promise he's a good kid and won't cause any trouble." Jin quickly said as Jungkook bit off a chocolate chip from the cookie, happily swinging his legs from the black leather chair, "It's just for today and I-" 

"I think our kids planned this," Namjoon said, cutting him off. 


"I was in charge of dropping Taehyung off today because Jimin has a presentation until lunch, and Taehyung didn't tell me about Kindergarten being on holiday today." Namjoon said, "He's up in my office right now." 

"Oh." Was all Jin could manage out. 

"Jimin's coming to pick him up when he finishes his presentation," Namjoon said, "He could take Jungkook back home too and I could give you a lift back, if you'd like." 

"That's very kind but-" 

"It would give Jungkook a chance to play with Tae too. You know, so he's not bored in this office all day," Namjoon said. 

Jin looked over at Jungkook who was swinging his legs from the chair, crumbs all over his mouth, looking around the office, not having anything to do. 

"I could take care of Jungkook and Taehyung now, and Jimin can look after them later," Jin said with a smile.

"I'll bring Taehyung down," Namjoon said with a nod and a smile. 

Just as Namjoon was about to leave, Jin said, "Umm, sir?" 

Namjoon ignored the way his dick twitched at the way Jin said that word. 


"Was there a reason you came down to see me?" Jin asked. 

"We can talk about that once the kids are gone, Jin." 

Jin smiled at Namjoon, cheeks dusting pink. 

Namjoon smirked at Jin and closed the door behind him. 

"Daddy. Why are you all smiley?" 

"Because Daddy really likes doing his homework," Jin said as he walked towards his desk, brushing the crumbs off. 

"I like TaeTae papa," Jungkook said.

"Yeah? What did you guys talk about?" Jin asked, carrying Jungkook off the chair and onto his lap. 

"I told him that you said you were doing impotent docky-mans," Jungkook said with a firm and proud nod. 

Jin laughed, "I'm sure he loved that." 

"And he told me a secret." 

"Oh yeah? What did he say?" Jin asked. 

"Can't tell you, daddy. Issa secret." Jungkook said, keeping a hand over his mouth. 

"What about if I give you whipped cream and chocolate syrup pancakes for a snack today? Daddy will even put sprinkles on it." 

Jungkook contemplated it for a second, deep in thought before he shook his head, "No, no. Issa secret." 

"Wow, it must be a very important secret if even chocolate syrup won't make you tell me." 

"Impotent secret," Jungkook said with a dimpled smile. 

Jin couldn't help but lean down and give Jungkook's chubby little cheek a kiss, before he said, "Do you want to help daddy do his homework?" 

"Yes peas." Jungkook said. 

"Can you get out your colouring pencils from your bag, baby? There's a very, very important picture I need you to colour for me." Jin said, putting Jungkook down on the floor before searching the internet for 2 colouring pictures - One for Jungkook and one for Taehyung. "I also have a very important person coming to help you." 

"Who coming, daddy?" 

"It's a secret." Jin said with a smile. 


The office was quiet now that Taehyung and Jungkook were gone, and Jin hated it. It was so quiet that his thoughts were all over the place and he couldn't concentrate. He missed the kids and he wanted them back here giggling, laughing while debating what colour the sky should be, or if Iron Man's belt was black or blue, or if Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse were better than Goofy and Pluto. He needed some kind of noise that wasn't just the tip tapping of his pencil against the desk, or the clicking of the mouse, or the sound of his keyboard every time he pressed a key down.

There was a rap to his door. 

"Mr Kim." Jin said, nearly breathing in relief . He needed the distraction, and, weirdly enough, found himself welcoming Namjoon as a much needed one. 

"Jin." He greeted with a smile, two cream folders in his hands as he walked to sit down. "Busy?" 

"Trying to be," Jin said with a little, awkward laugh, "The office is so quiet not without them." 

"I know what you mean," Namjoon said, "I felt the same way after I dropped Taehyung off down here. Could barely concentrate without the background noise." 

"What can I help you with, Mr Kim?" Jin said, with a smile, pulling himself forward closer to the desk. 

"Swant Builders." Namjoon said, pushing the case folder towards him, "He bought a piece of land from us solely through the emails that we sent back and forth. We were meant to draw up a whole contract and have it signed before we sold the land but due to some oversight by someone who has now been fired for stealing data from the company, we didn't have a fully drawn up contract. The deposit has been paid and title has even been transferred to him, but now he's refusing to pay the rest of the money." 

Jin scanned through the folder as well as the emails, "From a first glance, I can tell you that generally, there is no sale without a contract. Especially for land. But, these emails are pretty detailed and they do provide for a full contract, which is bad for us because the other side can argue that there is a contract and therefore the sale is valid and the land is legally his. The fact that he paid the deposit could also be a factor here. Our biggest point that we're going to fight on would be the fact that if he wanted the property so badly, and even paid a deposit for it, he should be paying the full amount as well. If he goes to court at all, he would be the one in the wrong. He can't ask for any equitable remedies, nor would he get any. I think we have a good case in hand. I say we send him a letter of demand to get the ball rolling and then we can go straight to a summary judgment. It would barely incur us any cost and we can get a good, hefty sum over and above the price of the land. What do you think, Mr-Oh."

Deja vu hit Jin almost immediately as soon as he set down the folder and saw Namjoon leaning in. 

"Si-Sir?" Jin stuttered out, shifting in his seat, wanting to lean forward but not wanting to get teased again. 

"God, I love when you call me that," Namjoon muttered. 

"Are you actually going to do something this time or are you just going to tease me again?" Jin said, swallowing harshly, the confidence he had to ask that question slowly dissipating. 

"I want to. I really, really, want to,"Namjoon said. 

"I sense a but coming," Jin mumbled under his breath, eyes never leaving Namjoon's. 

"But I want to do this right," Namjoon said. 

"What does that mean?" 

"It means that I don't just want stolen kisses in elevators, or stolen glances pretending that I don't want you. Because I do. I really, really do." Namjoon said, "So I want to do all of this right. I want to take you out, Jin. On a real date." 

"We had a date," Jin said. 

"We didn't." Namjoon said, shaking his head, "I want a real date. It doesn't even have to be just me and you. Our situations aren't like most, wouldn't you agree?"

"You want a family date?" Jin asked, mouth dropping slightly. 

"I don't care what you call it, Jin," Namjoon said, "I want you and Jungkook, both, in my life." 

"You do realise what you're asking for, right?" Jin warned him, "If you think I'm a lot, then when you get me with Jungkook it's-"

"Perfect." Namjoon interrupted, "Both of you are." 

Jin sunk back down in his seat, all of this becoming too real. 

"So, Kim Seokjin," Namjoon said with a smile, "Will you go on a date with me?"