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The Luck of the Draw

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Everyone has wound down and the unfortunate reality that jet lag exists is kicking in. 

“I might have gotten stuck with dish duty,” Jin sighs more than slightly begrudgingly, “but can someone clean this up while I clean myself up?”

He doesn’t wait for any response before scurrying away to take his turn in the shower, leaving a cacophony of five competing voices yelling predictable things like “not me!” and “I already did something helpful!” in his wake. 


Warm, relaxed, and slightly rejuvenated after his shower, he sighs contentedly, slipping his sleep shirt over his head, comfortable and cozy and ready to relax.  The adventure so far was everything he could have dreamed of and more, but it had also been stressful and long and he was exhausted to his very core .

He tucks his suitcase away neatly and perches on the edge of his bed, splays his legs out, wiggles his toes, stretching every part of his body-including parts he didn’t even know could be stretched- closes his eyes, breathes deep, and absorbs the feel of being on vacation. Yes, there were cameras and they were still technically working and had things to do and places to be, but for all intents and purposes, it was a vacation, and he was more than willing to take it. 

He opens his eyes and peers out of the window, the sun is just starting to sink on the horizon, and he thinks that maybe it might be time to turn in. He takes in the soft light of Bergen, a far cry from Seoul, and feels deeply appreciative of all he has. 3 year anniversary, Jungkook’s coming of age. Everything is wonderful. 

He stands, satisfied with the few moments of solitude that he’d had, and his eyes fall on the bed across from his. Suitcase splayed open, clothes rifled through but still folded in a haphazard way, everything about the bed and it’s current state indicated that Namjoon would be inhabiting it. Chaos, but responsibly organized chaos.

He’s suddenly appreciative of fate. 

Try as he might have done to insist that this wasn’t the arrangement that he had been hoping for, he was elated at the luck of the draw. In his heart he knew, at least one other member had to be onto him. Hell, he was sure that at least five other members were onto them, but as fate would have it, none of them were the one that actually needed to get it.

Maybe fate had an odd sense of humor. 

Maybe he had to push fate’s hand a little. 

Maybe he’d be brave enough now that he was feeling peaceful, relaxed, and calm.

Zen, almost, you could say.