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On The Run

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Flyhigh shivered as he held the sparkling close to his chassis, his steps were quick as he hurried away from the gunfire toward one of the underground pathways their kind has kept secret. All he had to do was get there and head down to where the escape ships were and board one to get out of Vos. He wasn’t safe, Thundercracker’s sparkling wasn’t safe. And he was determined to get the small thing to safety. He had too.

The ground shook as the young purple seeker bolted across a street filled with rubble and the slowly crumbling remains of the towers once stood high and proud in their home. A home that the little one in his arms will never know of. Of fellow seekers, he’ll never be inducted and introduced to. It hurt his spark to know that the last thing the sparkling would see is the decimated remains of their once-proud city.

Flyhigh quickly ducked behind a crumbled wall, ducking low enough to fit under the slab of rubble as sirens sounded by him. His grip tightened, a hand going over the sparklings mouth to keep him quiet. Grounders were already in the city. And that was terrible news. If they were found — a shiver passed through his frame and caused his plating to rattle slightly. Who knows what they would do to them. He had to get to the ships before they were caught.

He couldn’t let Thundercracker’s trust in him fail if he failed to protect his sparkling.

Once the noise was far off and only the sound of crumbling buildings echoed around, Flyhigh shot out from his hiding place and sprinted to the hidden entrance. A quick glance showered no bot around, and he was quick to open it just enough to slide in sideways before slamming the door shut. Securing the thankfully still working locks, Flyhigh took off quickly down the hall, stumbling as the ground shook from more bombs hitting the buildings and ground above.

He slid into the bay, spotting the multiple ships, and oh Primus. None were missing, no other seeker had made it down. Flyhigh whimpered as he tightened his grip on the sparkling before bolting over to one of the ships and activating the door. He was quick to enter and activate the start-up sequence before heading toward the back to lay the somehow still dozing sparkling on the single berth. Pulling the mesh sheet over him and bundling it around so he didn’t fall off, Flyhigh bolted back out of the ship and headed toward where supplies were stashed.

Grabbing a case modified like a subspace, he threw as many energon cubes as he could in, snatching mesh clothes and blankets along with first aid supplies. Stuffing what he could in, Flyhigh snapped it closed and bolted back to the ship. Slamming the door controls close he threw the case off to the side and started the flight sequence. A hidden door started sliding open on the other side, the dark of open space greeting his optics.

With a shaky breath, he pulled the handle and activated the thrusters. Grabbing the handles, Flyhigh slammed them forward causing the ship to lurch and shoot forward toward the still opening doors. He slammed a button, causing the doors to stall before starting to slowly close.