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Love Against all adversity

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It's was the time where almost all boys were going to the Military because of the invasion of Japanese in China Soil. And little by little they had to defend them. 

Chi Rui was a good fighter since he was young, he was great for a lot of things, everyone promised him a great future in the army. 
Everyone is telling him he would not be on the battlefield. 

When Cai Qingchuan was kinda intrigued by him because he was much stronger than him, he wasn't a very good fighter, he was thin, some thought he would be one weight and he wanted to fight for proof that he is strong. 
And he was in the same dorm as Chu Rui. 

He was nice and he have told him "I have heard what people and other days about you, and I could help you if you wish" 

"Yes I would like it please" 

Chi Rui was like his mentor and they become friend too at the same time where they trained together and when they had to be in duo they were together. 
They even eat together. 

Then one sparring match happens where they both fall on the floor and their lips meet the other lips. 

Nobody said something but thing become awkward after because of what they did, they always trained but Chi Rui was more serious, they didn't eat together because Chu Rui would tell him all the time "I'm sorry I have to train harder" 

He knew Chi Rui was very good with one gun, with his sword, and with his fist. He was also good with something else it's was their kiss, and he couldn't stop thinking about this. 
Even if he knew he should not think at this but he can't stop. 

At one moment Cai Qingchuan, was becoming a little more sick and weak that the other teased him "You still so weak and you believe that you will be one great fighter, you kidding me" 

And they make him trip and they punched him. At the same time Chi Rui arrived and stopped everything. 

He takes Cai Qingchuan with him "I'm gonna help you" and he helped for the wound from the lip and the eye brown who had blood

"I'm sorry, but they are right" 

"They are not right, you will be a great soldier I believe in it" 

Cai Qingchuan his a little sick "I don't deserve your friendship and what we did we should forget about you, it's would be not authorized" 

"You are worth it and for the other answer…" 

Chi Rui kiss his fingers "I want to take the risk and be in one secret relationship with you" 

That how they had a secret relationship until the war happens and that they got called for the war.

But what Cai Qingchuan didn't know is that during their secret relationship Chi Rui had been beaten and whipped in the back because of the relationship because "their relationship was disgusting and unnatural". Chu Rui takes all of this because he wanted to protect Cai Qingchuan. 

And they decide to break up at this time. 

Cai Qingchuan is a soldier who will be on the battlefield when Chi Rui will not be on the battlefield. 
Chi Rui was considered like one commander. 

But their main thought was "I fear of watching him die in front of me" 

The battle was very difficult with lots of injured and even worse some were dead. 
It's was complicated when they had to add names on that list. 
hi Rui hoped that he would not see the one of Cai Qingchuan

Chi Rui had to do some battle where he was not really injured but be on the battlefield was so hard…. 

When the war was over and when Japan finally was over from China, all the injured came back in the zone for be healed, Chu Rui does the list but also he was looking for Cai that he had no news anywhere. 
He didn't know if he was alive or worse… 

He becomes to be worried, he tried to be strong to do his job but he was really worried. 
It's become days without anything, he was thinking of the worse that could happen and it's was raining. 

He was going to go home then he finally saw Cai in front of him he was alive and doesn't seem to be injured. 

"Cai Qingchuan…" 

"Chi Rui I'm back and I'm alive, I'm so happy to see you here" he was crying while they were hugging they could do this it's was after the war everyone was happy and it's was raining

Then Chi Rui become worried when the hand of Cai Qingchuan didn't move or do something 

And Cai Qingchuan says with his eyes full of water "Would you still want me even if I'm like this?"

"Like this?" asked Chi Rui who was worried 

"I still have my hand but I have taken a bullet and lose all sensibility and strength at this one" 

"Of course I still want you, even if I'm alive I can have PTSD from all of this" 

"I would have them and you will still love me even bad days and good days because of the pain"

"Of course" 

They both crying and go to the little house of Chi Rui. 

Cai Qingchuan was very insecure because of all of this that when they have arrived he didn't know what to do. 

Chi Rui hugged him and told him "You are safe, we are safe we are at my home" and he kisses him

"How come you still want me, I'm weak, useless and you were someone important during the war" 

"Like I said yes and I will not change my mind about this, I want us to live together and be in one relationship together" 

"Chi Rui…" 

"I know it's wouldn't be official but I don't care I love you and all my thought were to not lose you without I say to you I love you" 

They spend this night curled together and holding their hand, they were too scared that it's was just a dream. 

They decide to move near Shanghai because the city was kinda was a little more open-minded for if they were in public, they have brought one house with one garden where they could seat on a bench and even gardening. 

They didn't have a lot of friends since the army, but the only thing that they have was happy for them and helped them. 
They could be free to be a little lovely in front of them. 

When they were officially at Shanghai, Chi Rui as more open to Cai Qingchuan with trying to hold his hand and kiss his cheek. 

"What are you doing?" 

"I like to do that to you just to remember you that I love you" 

Then at their home "You are alive is what the most matter to me, I don't care about the other things, the most important that is you are alive and finally in my arms where I can show you how much I care about you" 

Unfortunately, they had one big scare some days after when Chi Rui arrive at their home and see Cai Qingchuan with his weapon...
His heart was beating so fast and he was crying 

"Please I beg you don't do this, give me the gun or put it down, what I will become without you," said Chi Rui

"I'm useless, I'm weak and it's hurt so much, I just wanted to finish" and he put down the gun

Chi Rui goes hold him and they were on the floor crying, they were both scared and so vulnerable because they didn't want to lose the other. 

Their nightmare that they had sometimes was their most fear to see the other dead in front of the other. That when they wake up they have to touch them for believing that they are alive and reassure. 

The other time would be also throwing stuff because of being angry and so weak that Chu Rui had to back hug him and tell him I'm here, I'm here"

That kinda what happen the bad days that they decided to put both guns in one locked stuff at the bank. For not have the scare like last time with the gun. 

They sometimes take a bath where they liked to relax but this time Chi Rui didn't have his back against the bath so he could hide the scars from Cai it's was a little mistake "What are these scars" ask Cai while crying and touching them. 

"They come from when we were in the military I got whipped because I have protected you and because of our relationship."

They both break off and Cai Qingchuan says "I don't deserve the hurt you had for me" 

"You are worth it, I have taken all the risk and I regret nothing" and he kisses Cai Qingchuan. 

When they are in their bed both of them were in the mood of body worship here they kissed and caressed the scars for comfort each other. 

One day Chi Rui tells Cai Qingchuan "Why we should not have another diagnostic for your hand? Maybe see another doctor in Shanghai or we could go to Hong Kong or Macau or even why not Europe, maybe they have one solution or a better painkiller. I will do anything for help you" 

Cai Qingchuan is crying so much about this after the declaration of Chi Rui "I don't deserve you, I will rest worthless and useless" 

"Don't say that my love" he hugs him and kiss him everywhere and show him all the affection 

They had also some cute moments at their home and with their close friends where they had a little ceremony for their wedding.