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Mothertrucker, Dude. (A DR2 chatfic)

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12:05 pm


*Mikan and Kokichi have created a group*


*Mikan has added 13 people to the group*


*Kokichi has changed mikan’s name to Sweet but a psyhoe*


*Kokichi has changed Sweet but a psyhoe’s name to Sweet but a psycho*


Kokichi: whoops!


*Kokichi has left the group*


*Sweet but a psycho logged off*



2:42 pm


*komaeda and 2 others logged in*


Komaeda: hinata-kun~ i’ll change your nickname!


*Komaeda has changed Hinata’s nickname to MPD ahoge*


MPD ahoge: why


Komaeda: don’t you like it? :<


MPD ahoge: ...fine


Komaeda: :>


MPD ahoge: but i get to do yours >:)


Komaeda: <:/


*MPD ahoge had changed Komaeda’s name to Suicide bomber*


MPD ahoge: nice


Suicide bomber: an ultimate gave me a nickname! An honor!


MPD ahoge: not nice


Suicide bomber: :(


*Chiaki logged on*


Chiaki: do mine, please


Suicide bomber: anything to serve an ultimate!


*Suicide bomber has changed Chiaki’s name to pixelated*


Pixelated: nice


Pixelated: nap time now, who wants cuddles


Suicide bomber: me!


MPD ahoge: i’m omw


Pixelated: nice


*Pixelated and 2 others have logged off*



3:56 pm


*Suicide bomber and 12 others have logged in*


*Suicide bomber has changed 10 names*


Impasta’d to death: What is this?


Deep fried oreo: send nudes


Impasta’d to death: I will not!


Deep fried oreo: not you, girls!


Shot through the heart: send donuts


YOLT: What does this mean?


Suicide bomber: You Only Live Twice


YOLT: Ah, I see!


YOLT: Akane, back to training!


Shot through the heart: Ok!


*YOLT and 1 other logged off*


They made an off switch: WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO??!?


That’s one way to take her breath away: that’s why. Now shut it, you dolt


Pecked to death: why?????


Suicide bomber: peko


Natasha romanoff: same hat


Fury’s eyepatch: did you just /meme/


Natasha romanoff: yes


Fury’s eyepatch: /but why/


Natasha romanoff: i can. Answer my question


Fury’s eyepatch: endgame, that’s why


Natasha romanoff: CHANGE IT QUICK


Fury’s eyepatch: why?


Mufasa: why,,, do you do this,,, to   e,, 


*Mufasa logged off*


Sarabi: who’s dying


Zazu: i don’t condone murder, usually


Zazu: today i’m helping


Sarabi: :)


*Sarabi and 9 others have logged off*



4:32 pm


*Sarabi and 12 others have logged on*


Sarabi: Let’s introduce ourselves!


Sarabi: I’m Sonia!


YOLT: The one and only Nekomaru!


Mufasa: the supreme overlord gundham!


Zazu: souda


*Kokichi added Kokichi to the group*


Kokichi: Panta


*Kokichi has left the group*


Fury’s eyepatch: i’m fuyuhiko, and i just saw a gay flag


Sweet but a psycho: m,,me too


Sweet but a psycho: (i’m m,,mikan)


MPD ahoge: an underclassman (hinata)


Pixelated: who’s worthy of (chiaki)


Suicide bomber: our approval (komaeda)


Pecked to death: terrifying, i’m mahiru


Suicide bomber: no u


That’s one way to take her breath away: u, dead. By hiyoko, me


MPD ahoge: why? why are you like this?


Suicide bomber: uwu


Pixelated: perish


Suicide bomber: *pewish


Pixelated: die


Suicide bomber: nevew uwu


*MPD ahoge has muted Suicide bomber for 1 hour. Reason: be nice Ko!*


Pixelated: ha!


MPD ahoge: i’ll mute u too


Pixelated: shutting up now


Impasta’d to death: togami!


Pixelated: twogami


Impasta’d to death: no


Pixelated: besides, u’re a spy and a fake


Impasta’d to death: …..maybe so


MPD ahoge: a wild meme


Pixelated: shut


Pixelated: anyway


*Pixelated kicked Impasta’d to death from the group*


Pixelated: no fakes


They made an off switch: Concert!!! At 7!!!!! Don’t be late!!! 


Deep fried oreo: hi ibuki send nudes


They made an off switch: Absolutely not!


*They made an off switch logged off*


Deep fried oreo: rude!


*Pixelated muted Deep fried oreo for 6 hours*


Pixelated: no perving.


Pixelated: anyway. teruteru said he cooked lunch just now. anyone want some?


They made an off switch: ME


MPD ahoge: yes


MPD ahoge: nagito also says yes


*MPD ahoge logged off*


Sarabi: Yes! Souda, Gundham and I will be there soon!


*Sarabi and 2 others logged off*


Pixelated: cute


Sweet but a psycho: y,,yes,, please


Fury’s eyepatch: yes.


Natasha Romanoff: yes


Shot through the heart: i’m always up to eat!


YOLT: As am I!


*YOLT and 4 others logged off*


Pixelated: anyone else?

Pecked to death: yeah, me and hiyoko are coming.


*Pecked to death and 1 other have logged off*


Pixelated: i think it’s just me then


*Pixelated has logged off*