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Peculiar Portfolios

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Steven DeMayo


  • He's 14 in this fic.
  • He looks a lot older than he does in canon, Due to being raised by his father, instead of the gems.
  • Steven has a odd condition, that causes him to gain more weight than is natural. Because of this, Steven doesn't eat much, and exercises daily. 
  • Steven retains a cheerful personality, yet he understands that the real world isn't always perfect. Basically he's a bit more grounded.
  • Steven has a lot of knowledge on vehicles and mechanics, because he's lived in a van for all of his life. He's also learning how to drive.
  • During his days before meeting the Sisters of The Night by Steven helped his father clean the van, search for knickknacks on the beach, and with housework.
  • He doesn't know much about his father, except for the fact that her name was Rosa Alucard, and that she died when he was an infant. 
  • Steven is excited about living in a new house, meeting new people, getting to know his spooky vampire roommates. 
  • He now considers the "Sisters" to be part of his new family.
  • He meets the neighbours' child Connie, and they quickly become friends.


Gregory DeMayo


  • He prefers to be called Greg.
  • He cares deeply for his son Steven. 
  • Greg was an amateur musician, fresh out of college and struggling with rent and student loans, when he met Rosa. They soon fell in love and had a child. When Steven was a year old, Rosa suddenly died of a mysterious illness.
  • Greg is slightly more reluctant to be around the vampires
  • Amethyst and Greg like to go to the TV room to watch old sitcoms
  • The vampires like to startle Greg at times, due to his panicked reactions.
  • He has a cousin named Andy, who is famous in Beach City for his shock-jock radio show. His "protege" is a young conspiracy theorist named Ronaldo Fryman.




  • She's sort of the nervous mom of the group.
  • Has a neurotic, and anxious side. Other times she's more confident, and constantly flirts with her wife Bismuth.  
  • She can be very extra and hammy at times. 
  • She likes to go birdwatching at times. She used to have a parakeet named DeeDee
  • Pearl took a liking to Connie, after Steven introduced them to each other. She now teaches Connie how to duel. 
  • On occasion, she likes to play spooky tunes on the organ. Sometimes, she plays sad songs when she is brooding about Pink.
  • A few years ago, Pearl fell in love with Pink Diamond, who was the leader of the Sisters of the Night. When Pink gave up her immortality for a mystery man and left the group, it hit Pearl the hardest. Thankfully, Pearl is doing much better now, as she's had the company of her life-long friends and her wife.




  • She's the cool mom, and also the mom that doesn't take any shit.
  • Likes to listen to Pearl play her music
  • Her and Jasper like to have sparring sessions, Bismuth joins in at times
  • Sometimes she hangs upside down on the ceiling. 
  • You know that lady from the Addams Family?, she's sort of like that. 
  • Her parents are two lovely moms named Ruby and Sapphire.
  • She has a little black cat named Estelle
  • Garnet is eternally grateful to her friends and clan, as they were the only place that she was accepted. Besides her family of course. 




  • She's kinda like a older sister to Steven, she's also like a wild aunt.
  • Loves to wrestle, party, and generally have a good time.
  • Has a special whip, for times of trouble.
  • Jasper is her twin sister. Even though she's a lot taller and buffer than Amethyst.
  • One of her favorite things to do now, is watching old TV shows with Greg.
  • She also likes to eat. She has really vibrant taste buds.
  • Spinel and Amethyst have prank wars.
  • She sometimes squabbles with Pearl about cleanliness. Pearl just wants her to tidy her room.
  • Sometimes she has moments of self-loathing, but she's always trying to improve and adapt to situations. 



  • Bismuth is the heart and soul.
  • Her wife is Pearl. They're pretty cute and spoopy together
  • She likes watching 80's anime. Stuff like Lonely Blade.
  • Bismuth's speciality is making weapons. In olden days, she worked as a blacksmith for humans.
  • Pearl and Bismuth are constantly engaging in flirt wars. Lapis and Peridot happen to do the same thing.
  • Their wedding was a dual wedding with Lapis and Peridot.
  • Bismuth's favorite meal besides blood is square pizza.
  • Loves giving people "cape hugs". Especially Pearl
  • Bismuth didn't always agree with Pink on her methods of feeding. She felt as though Pink was too soft on other vampire clans. Still, she respected and admired Pink for giving her a chance to be herself.





  • The elegant, smooth-talking, romantic aunt of the group.
  • She loves her wife Peri, a lot.
  • Lapis is a very elegant and refined individual. She always likes to carry an air of grace, and a hint of creepiness
  • Her favorite book is Dracula. Sometimes she tries to act like the Count. She's also a master of hypnotism.
  • She keeps a nail-file on standby
  • A huge fan of water, Lapis will often blow off steam by spending time in the swimming pool.
  • Steven brings out a more child-like side of her. As does Peri.
  • She happens to be very protective of her wife and family.
  • At times, Lapis will extend her cloak, in order to make it look like she is floating. She also uses it to give "Cape hugs" to Peridot. 





  • The nerdiest nerd of all nerds in the history of nerd.
  • Though many consider her to be cute, there are times where Peridot can be assertive and in her own words. "I'm not cute, I'm sexy!"
  • When she's not in her lab, She's watching Camp Pining Hearts, being with her wife Lapis, her friends, or feeding.
  • She only wears footwear when she has to, she feels that shoes are useless.
  • She keeps a tablet and tape recorder at all times.
  • Amethyst and Peridot always keep up with the latest tech.




  • She's Amethyst's twin sister.
  • Though she appears as a menacing figure, she's really a big softie
  • She loves to lurk in the shadows
  • She also likes the bar. Sometimes her and Amethyst will get completely plastered. Pearl joins them at times.
  • Very protective of her friends and family.
  • Has a lust for certain types of blood.
  • Goes to the house gymnasium constantly with Bismuth. Buff girls gotta stay buff
  • Sometimes Jasper goes to local lesbian bars, and Bismuth and Amethyst act as her wingmen




  • The clown of the gang
  • She loves jazz music and electro-swing
  • Basically she just loves the 1930's. That was her favorite time to be alive
  • She's got books and books of jokes that she's written over the years
  • Out of all of the gang, Spinel is the one who transforms into a bat the most often
  • Loves to play pranks on guests and housemates
  • Spinel doesn't like to be alone. So she often hangs out with the bats when the others are busy




  • Steven's neighbour. She's 14 years old as well. 
  • She's a very bookish girl. Connie hadn't had any friends before meeting Steven.
  • She's extremely interested in vampires, and is delighted to meet the Sisters of the Night.
  • After meeting Pearl, Connie becomes her apprentice in swordfighting.
  • Plans on going to College to graduate with a degree in literature
  • Top of her class back in 7th grade
  • Wants a more exciting life


The Sisters of Night


  • A group of vampires. The group consists of Pearl, Amethyst, Garnet, Lapis, Peridot, Jasper, Bismuth, and Spinel
  • They feed on blood every Saturday
  • All of the members are 24. They met as infants in daycare
  • They have a rule, they musn't kill their prey. It would cause a media frenzy, and it would be morally wrong and unfair
  • 50 years for humans is 1 year for vampires
  • Pink Diamond was the original leader of the clan, until she gave up her immortality, and left to experience the human world.