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happiness's liberty

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Eddie's barely a month in, and he wants to drop out. He's able to count the amount of hours he's slept in the past week on one hand, he's made one friend, their name is caffeine - they live on the kitchen counter, for anyone wondering - and he consumes inhumane amounts of them on the daily. Their friendship may be unusual in comparison to others, but they make it work. Even if Eddie has to replace them at least twice a week. He also hasn't found the love of his life yet, thank you, for the false hope, internet - but he has found his forever and unforgivable enemy. The worst part is - they are blissfully unaware of Eddie's ever-blossoming hatred for them. That makes him hate them more. They deserve it, for all the shit they put him through daily - or, to be morally correct, nightly.

They're potentially the loudest and most obnoxious person Eddie has ever not met. His patience with their continuous antics is wearing thinner each day - and if his nights didn't normally consist of insomnia-induced rages, he'd even go as far as to blame them for his lack of peaceful sleep. Whether they are the cause for his growing insanity or just a correlation, he doesn't know - but he kind of wants to simultaneously bash both his and this person's head into a wall.