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Growing in the shadows

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"Fiadh! Slow down!" Was the first thing Alisha Marron heard when they entered the school. It came from Izuku Midoriya an intelligent boy aged 15 it was obvious he was chasing after one of his friends perhaps at the obstacle course or just down the hallways that class was always making noise despite training to be underground heroes.

Alisha was the red-headed girl and green-haired boy's homeroom teacher so they were unfortunately used to their ruckus. "Midoriya, Fiadh get to class" Alisha made sure to use the honorific for Midoriya as it was his culture.
"Yes, Sensei!"
"Yes! Mx. Marron!" came two separate answers
"Hurry now!" they said exasperatedly

Midoriya's POV
After Sensei had told me and Fiadh off and as soon as we got out of earshot we broke down laughing. Fiadh and I had been best friends along with one other person for almost a year now. When I was younger relentlessly I begged my mum to sign me up for Marital arts and after she'd noticed I was coming home with bruises and burn marks she signed me up and also signed me up for dance classes.

"Fiadh you shouldn't have run so fast," I told the golden-eyed girl. She rolled her eyes at me.
"Can't keep up your problem... Train harder at speed" she says taking out her planner she keeps for herself and Mila and me. Mila's full name is Milagro but Fiadh and I shorted the violet haired males name to make it easier to say in a crisis.
"Or you're a speed demon?" I tease before noticing the planner "Oh God... not another thing to work on..." I am a fast learner and ambitious but her list is ever-growing as the class gets better.
"Fuck tù" her accent coming through strong as she swears in her native language almost all the class speaks multiple languages I speak German English and my native language Japanese. It was hard learning those language's but in the end, it was both useful and worth it.

"あなたもファック" I curse back at her chuckling and as we enter the room the class full out laughed at our antics quite useful to them.

We smile and bow before heading to our seats as the others continue to laugh happily. Unfortunately, our seats were on opposite sides of the room so I took my seat next to Mila and Isabelle.

"Hey, Issy! Mila!" I say cheekily smiling brightly.

"Hello Midoriya" Issy Smiles also brightly at me being a sunshine person also.

"Izuku..." Mila Replies exasperatedly probably tired of dealing with my antics.

"Don't be like that Mila!-" I whine at him tossing my hair slightly in front of my eyes making me look cuter -"You know you love me!"

Mila sighs and takes a look at me blushing and nodding slightly before replying "Unfortunately... you are right"

I smile brightly at him and tense up as I notice someone else enter the room and all my classmates are here. I look over and relax as I see Sensei Marron.

"Class Underground.2.1" They say announcing their presence everyone starts paying close attention quickly silencing

"Good morning Mx. Marron" the class says together in different variations depending on their culture

the bell rings and we all are too far into listening to care

"So class, you know how we've been getting you to learn Japanese?-" they ask not looking for an answer.

'oh yeah I get out of that class to learn French' I think yo myself

-"Well the reason for that is because we go and visit Japan in the second year we do this to get a look at different teaching and fighting styles of public heroes" they continue

the class looks at her with interest while I wonder what school are we going to 'is it one of the lesser-known ones or a high racked one' I pondered before my thinking is interrupted

"Class in one week we are going to UA High for two months"

I barely heard how long we were there for everything was going blurry including the sounds of excitement from my classmates.

'Kacchan goes there' was the last thing I remember thinking.