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You Were the Sun (And I Was Crashing into You)

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Wei Wuxian has only one goal in life, until he realizes that having only one might be too dramatic, so he changes it to two goals in life.

First, he wants to prove that Lan Wangji, his roommate, is a vampire.

How can he not be? Lan Wangji's face is pale, skin smooth as porcelain; Wei Wuxian can never imagine a blemish marring the surface. His dark locks looks so soft too, how sometimes the breeze would pick up midnight hair and Lan Wangji has to tuck stray strands behind his ear– that probably doesn't make someone a vampire, but Wei Wuxian just wants to point that out.

Lan Wangji doesn't eat. Or more precisely, Wei Wuxian has never seen him eat. He thinks that Lan Wangji is averse to eating human food– probably another side-effect of being a vampire.

He also has superhuman strength. Wei Wuxian knows Lan Wangji doesn't use spells to enchant himself– or else Wei Wuxian could have sensed his magic.

The most concrete evidence Wei Wuxian has is that he has seen him covered in blood one night, when Lan Wangji thought he was asleep.

Lan Wangji always goes to bed precisely at nine, but Wei Wuxian knows he would sneak out every night, then come back smelling thickly of sandalwood. It's the smell of his magic, and Wei Wuxian suspects he always charms himself with a cleaning spell before he returns.

During one night, however, Lan Wangji came back smelling of blood, and when Wei Wuxian pried an eye open, he saw a glimpse of Lan Wangji's ever pristine white robes smeared with scarlet.

Wei Wuxian shut his eyes, unable to confront him back then.

Wei Wuxian's second goal… he still has to work on it. Maybe become the greatest mage in the world? He frowns at the thought. Lan Wangji might aim for that title too; that man has a better chance than him. His spell casting is as top-notch as Wei Wuxian's, his sword fighting skills too. Being the principal's nephew doesn't hurt either.

Scratch that. His second goal is to deal with the current predicament he's in without dying.

Wei Wuxian doesn't have a death wish, no matter how many claims Jiang Cheng has against it. He values his life, it's just that he values proving everyone that he's right more.

So here he is, back pressed roughly on the wall as Lan Wangji pins both of his arms above his head.

It started with how their usual argument would start: Wei Wuxian provoking Lan Wangji until the latter clenches his jaw, fists tight on his sides, and storms out of their room. It doesn't pan out that way this time.

Wei Wuxian knows Lan Wangji won't touch him, can't touch him. Their room is enchanted with a spell that protects roommates from each other, the principal has set it up years ago when two roommates tried to rip each other's heads off– literally. If the room senses even an ounce of killing intent, the person would be kicked out of the room, then out of the school for good.

If Lan Wangji can restrain him like this without activating the room spell, then that means he doesn't have any killing intent against Wei Wuxian. Or the principal must have made his nephew an exception to the rule. Wei Wuxian won't put it past Lan Qiren to do something like that.

But what has set Lan Wangji off this time? Wei Wuxian already calls him a blood-sucker more often than not. Is it because he taunted him about his diet? Is it because Wei Wuxian mentioned his late mother?

His chest tightens at that thought. But Lan Wangji already looked agitated when he came back to their room, and he wouldn't say why. He only acknowledges Wei Wuxian when he teases him, so that's what Wei Wuxian did.

Lan Wangji has been glowering at him for a whole minute, his grip on his wrists slightly hurting, and Wei Wuxian is honestly at a loss on what to do. He's also a bit distracted with how Lan Wangji's cheeks look so full right now. Must be the fangs.

Wei Wuxian watches Lan Wangji's eyes flicker over his lips, and then his neck.

Like any normal day, Wei Wuxian's mouth opens before his brain can stop whatever comes out of it. "Want a taste?"

There was a sudden inhuman sound between them, and then Lan Wangji is on him in an instant, drawing a yelp of surprise from Wei Wuxian as he feels cold lips on his neck. His eyes automatically shut, anticipating the pain that never comes.

Instead, what comes is a wet sensation against his pulse, and the feeling of suction on his skin. He can feel Lan Wangji's sharp teeth skimming across his skin, trembling, but never breaking through. Wei Wuxian shudders as Lan Wangji licks a stripe up his neck, unable to suppress the little noise in his throat when Lan Wangji pushes his body closer.

The hand that is pinning his wrists on the wall slacks and Wei Wuxian finds this as a chance to lift Lan Wangji's head to face him. His skin feels so cold like a corpse, but unlike the dead, Lan Wangji is just as soft and smooth as Wei Wuxian has imagined. There’s no doubt that he’s alive.

When their eyes meet, Wei Wuxian immediately sees the pain in Lan Wangji's features that he badly wants to erase.

"Lan Zhan–"

"Go away," Lan Wangji tries to pry Wei Wuxian's hands from his face, but he won't budge.


"Wei Ying," Lan Wangji hisses as he half-heartedly pushes Wei Wuxian off him. Wei Wuxian knows Lan Wangji is capable of flinging him to the other side of the room if he really wants to, and yet his back is still against the wall. "I'll hurt you."

"You never have. Why start now?"

Lan Wangji growls, and that should have been hot in any other circumstance, but he looks so desperate, so frustrated, so sad, and Wei Wuxian doesn't know what to do.

And so he kisses Lan Wangji.

Wei Wuxian doesn't know what he's doing. He just wants Lan Wangji's lips to stop trembling, he just wants to make sure if his lips are as cold and soft as his skin.

Turns out, they are as cold and soft, but when Lan Wangji pushes his tongue in, Wei Wuxian feels his knees wobble from the heat. Lan Wangji holds him firmly by his hips, and Wei Wuxian barely stops himself from climbing him right then and there.

Lan Wangji kisses desperately, hungrily; he sucks on his tongue, explores every crevice of his mouth, but he never bites. But Wei Wuxian can feel his fangs, can feel every graze of it against his tongue, against his lips. It's only a matter of time when–

Wei Wuxian whimpers when he feels something sharp pricking his lower lip, drawing blood.

Lan Wangji pushes him away, and hurriedly spits out the blood. Wei Wuxian doesn't know whether to be confused or offended.

"I don't want your blood," Lan Wangji says, and he should really be offended right now, but Lan Wangji still looks at Wei Wuxian as if he wants him. And maybe Lan Wangji does, not just his blood.

"Kiss the pain away," Wei Wuxian chants, and the cut along with the blood slowly fades from his lips. He'll just have to ask Lan Wangji about that later. There are more pressing things to do.

"See? I'm healed," Wei Wuxian says, licking his lips. "I want to kiss you more. Can I?"

Lan Wangji answers him with a gentle press of lips.

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Wei Wuxian has already lost track of time by the moment they move on his bed.

Lan Wangji keeps on kissing him until he feels Lan Wangji's lips getting warm, almost the same temperature as his own. So Wei Wuxian keeps on kissing him too, both of them more careful this time, mouths parting once in a while, tongues slowly sliding against each other, the barest of brushes, sometimes not touching at all.

Wei Wuxian moves his hands from Lan Wangji's shoulders to curl on his neck as he's slowly being pushed back on the mattress, his mattress, and Wei Wuxian won't be able to sleep in this bed anymore without ever thinking of this moment.

A cold touch on his clothed stomach stirred him away from his thoughts. And when he looks up, Lan Wangji is staring at him, the usual gold color of his eyes replaced with auburn, dark and piercing. Somehow, Wei Wuxian knows what it means.


Lan Wangji wants to kiss Wei Wuxian longer, probably until he dies or loses his mind, whichever comes first. He still doesn't understand why Wei Wuxian kissed him, why Wei Wuxian is still kissing him. Out of pity? Did he found out Lan Wangji's feelings for him?

Lan Wangji finds himself not caring. He can't hope for another chance like this, so he'll take what he can get. Unfortunately for him, his hunger has other plans.

His head starts to hurt and the ringing in his mind is getting more incessant. His mouth feels too dry, and no matter how much spit he has swapped with Wei Wuxian, it wasn't enough. Suddenly, Lan Wangji can vividly hear Wei Wuxian's pulse in his wrist, can taste the beat of his heart through his neck.

Lan Wangji wants to eat him.

He tries to pretend that he didn't think that, and pushes Wei Wuxian away once more, gentler this time. "I need..." he trails off.

"You need blood," Wei Wuxian supplies for him as he sits up.

"I need to feed," Lan Wangji corrects, even if Wei Wuxian has guessed it right.

"I'll come with you."


Wei Wuxian is already standing up by the time Lan Wangji rejects his idea, his coat already in his hand. "Hurry up." Wei Wuxian tugs him by the arm, and leads him out of their room.

The curfew charm in the dorm has nothing against the two most promising mages of the school, so Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian easily slip through the spell, finding themselves on the outskirts of the forest in no time.

The truth is, Lan Wangji wants Wei Wuxian to go with him. It's not as if Lan Wangji wants Wei Wuxian to watch him drain animals, it's just that he doesn't know what will happen once he leaves Wei Wuxian alone.

Will Wei Wuxian ask him to forget about the whole thing? Will they revert to being antagonizing roommates? Do they have to pretend to kill each other forever?

Will Wei Wuxian kiss him again? Can he kiss Wei Wuxian next time?

They stop in the middle of a clearing. Lan Wangji mutters something under his breath, and the grass rustles around them as dozens of squirrels appear, scampering towards Lan Wangji's feet.

He stares down at the furred creatures and frowns. So much for being a vegan.

"Look away," Lan Wangji orders Wei Wuxian, who surprisingly follows without any complaint.

In a span of five minutes, Lan Wangji has drained six squirrels. Of course, he's decent enough to bury his kills using magic, and only feed on males to maintain their population.

Once he's sure no evidence remained, he calls Wei Wuxian.

"Done?" Wei Wuxian asks, and when Lan Wangji gives him a nod, he moves closer.

Lan Wangji steps back, but Wei Wuxian just walks forward until he's in Lan Wangji's space, and reaches out to hold his hand. "You're warm now."

Wei Wuxian's hand is warmer, and more calloused than his. But it's soft too, and comfortable to touch. Lan Wangji doesn't want to let go.

"Are you happy now?" he blurts out.

Wei Wuxian looks at him with a raised brow, obviously confused. He drops Lan Wangji's hand, most probably out of surprise, and Lan Wangji waits for him to hold it again. Wei Wuxian doesn't.

"Will you tell anyone?" Lan Wangji goes on, unusually talkative, but more unusual things have happened tonight, so he wasn't so surprised by his own behavior. "That I am really what you thought I am?"

"Of course not. I don't care," Wei Wuxian frowns as if he's offended, and crosses his arms over his chest. "Well, if you were a terrible kisser I might have told everyone about it."

"Why are you so obsessed with proving that I'm a vampire then?" Lan Wangji asks, tone verging towards demanding. He knows just how much Wei Wuxian has been obsessing over it for years. He knows since Wei Wuxian can never shut his mouth about it, and he knows since Wei Wuxian has followed him around for a whole year because of it.

That was an interesting year.

"I don't think it has something to do with you being a vampire," Wei Wuxian laughs and throws his head back, the boisterous sound echoing in the whole forest. Then he looks at Lan Wangji, eyes shining bright and ethereal, and Lan Wangji swears the moon pales in comparison to their color. "I was probably just obsessed with you."

Lan Wangji is certain that Wei Wuxian is going to be the death of him.

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The walk back to their room is filled with silence.

It's odd, not touching Lan Wangji, but it's probably even more odd that Wei Wuxian’s mind keeps on telling him that. He’s not being subtle about sneaking glances at his roommate either, but Lan Wangji keeps his eyes forward, ignoring Wei Wuxian’s blatant need for his attention.

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian calls as he walks in step with Lan Wangji. He continues to get ignored.

“Do you eat human food?”

It doesn't take a while for Lan Wangji to answer. “Mn.”

Wei Wuxian lights up when he finally gets a response. “But you still have to drink blood?”

Lan Wangji nods. “Food isn’t enough.”

“How much do you need to drink?”

“Once every two to three days.”

“Do you have to drain six squirrels all the time?”

Lan Wangji stops in his tracks and turns to Wei Wuxian. “You looked,” he says, tone almost accusing. There's a faint furrow between his brows that Wei Wuxian wants to poke.

“I didn’t!” Wei Wuxian denies vehemently. “But you know I can sense it when a soul fades away.”

Lan Wangji looks away and starts walking again, prompting Wei Wuxian to continue with his questions. “Does it have to be fatal every time?”

“I don’t know how to control it.”

“You? Having control problems?” Wei Wuxian laughs, until he realizes Lan Wangji is walking faster. “Wait, really?”

Lan Wangji suddenly raises his wand, and Wei Wuxian recognizes from the flick of his wrist that he’s trying to teleport himself away. Quickly grabbing onto his roommate’s arm, Wei Wuxian begs, “Lan Zhan, don’t be mad!”

Lan Wangji freezes, his head turning stiffly at Wei Wuxian, then at the arm wrapped around his bicep. Wei Wuxian looks up at him and smiles. “Have you tried controlling it?”

Lan Wangji shakes his head.

Wei Wuxian hums, before slipping his arm lower until his hand touches Lan Wangji’s. It’s really warmer than before. Wei Wuxian intertwines their hands together, and grins when he feels Lan Wangji's fingers closing around his knuckles.


"Your fangs retract?" Wei Wuxian says as he pulls away, fingers like feathers on Lan Wangji's cheeks. They feel ticklish on his skin–Lan Wangji didn't know he's ticklish. Lan Wangji also didn't know his ears can heat up this much.

"They come out when I'm hungry." Lan Wangji is proud of how level that comes out. "Or when I eat."

Wei Wuxian smiles as he trails his fingers over Lan Wangji's lips.

They started kissing again once they got back to their room. Lan Wangji can't recall who started it this time, but they might have met each other in the middle once the door closed behind them, mouths already open and very willing.

Now Lan Wangji is sitting on the edge of his bed, with Wei Wuxian straddling his lap.

They don't have to be as careful as their first time. Lan Wangji allows himself to lightly bite Wei Wuxian, nibbling on his lower lip, reveling on the soft and desperate sounds it elicits from the man above him.

Lan Wangji keeps his eyes open, wanting to engrave everything in memory, how Wei Wuxian's own eyes are heavy-lidded and half-closed. How his narrow waist fits perfectly inside Lan Wangji's arms, how his body melts against Lan Wangji's chest, and how his hands would softly caress Lan Wangji's face, warm and gentle.

It isn't hard to figure out that Wei Wuxian likes kissing him.

"You can't control your fangs too?" Wei Wuxian pulls away once more, lips wet and entirely kiss-swollen, and Lan Wangji watches with fascination as Wei Wuxian licks them absentmindedly.


"Have you tried?"

Lan Wangji shakes his head. He's not even sure what Wei Wuxian is asking– it's easy to lose his train of thought especially when Wei Wuxian's lips are mere inches away from his.

"Then let's try!" Wei Wuxian suddenly exclaims as if it's the most obvious thing to do. Lan Wangji gives him an odd look, which makes Wei Wuxian's face fall. "What? We'll never know until we try."

"We can try," Lan Wangji finds himself agreeing. It's easier to acquiesce than to be the source of Wei Wuxian's disappointed face.

"Imagine them slipping out," Wei Wuxian says, and since when did Lan Wangji's roommate become an expert on vampires?

But Wei Wuxian tries to demonstrate what he wants Lan Wangji to do; poking his own canine with his tongue, before making a suction noise with his lips pressed on his teeth. Wei Wuxian looks silly and adorable. Lan Wangji loves that about him.

Lan Wangji does what he's instructed, closing his eyes and focusing on the feel of his canines pressed behind his lips, imagining them coming out, forcing them out of their shell until he can feel them protruding.

"It works!" Wei Wuxian shouts as he shakes Lan Wangji, looking so genuinely happy that Lan Wangji feels his own lips curling, protruding fangs and all.

This is the first time Lan Wangji has talked to someone about his condition. His uncle has never really acknowledged what he has become, and Lan Wangji doesn't want to be a burden to his older brother more than he already is.

Lan Wangji knows that Lan Xichen doesn't blame him for their parents' deaths, but becoming one of the creatures that killed them isn't something that's easy to brush off.

So he tries to cope with it himself as much as possible– teaching himself how to haunt, finding out how long he can survive without blood, how feeding on cold-blooded animals are not enough.

It never occurred to him to control his blood intake nor his fangs, already deeming it futile since all vampires are driven by instinct and greed, and he assumed that his changed body is now working like that too.

He's stopped from his thoughts when Wei Wuxian kisses the corner of his lips, just where one of his fangs are peeking out.

"Be careful," he warns.

"I'm fine," Wei Wuxian assures him. "Now push them back again. Imagine sucking them in."

And just like that, his fangs were pulled back, leaving him with perfectly normal human teeth.

Wei Wuxian pats his cheeks, all smiles and twinkling eyes. "Now, isn't that easy?"

Everything becomes easy when I'm with you, Lan Wangji thinks, then, Loving you is easy after all.

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Jiang Cheng thinks that obsession can only lead to two possible outcomes; insanity or prison.

Insanity. Wei Wuxian might as well be on the verge of going crazy. Jiang Cheng knows how obsessed Wei Wuxian is with Lan Wangji, but if he's being honest, he doesn't understand his brother's vendetta against his roommate. Wei Wuxian would always come up with plans that would expose Lan Wangji's true nature, only to end up failing miserably after.

Lan Wangji is a vampire, there's no doubt about it. Everyone practically knows that he's a vampire, but everyone is also smart enough not to talk about it, unless they want the Lan family’s wrath descending upon them.

Unfortunately, Wei Wuxian is stupid.

Is it Jiang Cheng's fault for not scolding him enough? Hardly. There isn't a day when Jiang Cheng would try to stop Wei Wuxian from getting expelled, or worse, turned into fertilizer by their school principal.

So Wei Wuxian definitely has a screw loose, and now Jiang Cheng wonders why he never saw this coming.

The first thing that his mind registers when he enters Wei Wuxian's room is his brother's tongue shoved in Lan Wangji's throat.

"What the fuck!" Jiang Cheng shouted, making the two men pull away from each other simultaneously and look at his direction.

"Oh," Wei Wuxian says, blinking in mild surprise. "Hi, Jiang Cheng. Why are you here?"

"You asked me to come yesterday!" Jiang Cheng reminds him, and Wei Wuxian laughs, the same laugh he does if he finds something silly or if he knows he's at fault.

Prison. Jiang Cheng will definitely get thrown into jail if his brother continues to test his patience like this. With a more reasonable level of sound and yet the same level of fury, Jiang Cheng asks, "What the fuck are you doing?"

Wei Wuxian laughs awkwardly. "We'll continue later, okay?" he mouths to Lan Wangji, and finally extracts himself from his lap.

Lan Wangji nods, still looking so composed while he fixed his collared shirt, as if there wasn't someone who was squirming on his lap just a second ago. The only telltale sign is the tips of his ears burning red.

Wei Wuxian faces his brother. "Well, this happens when two people like each–" he starts, but is interrupted by Jiang Cheng who begrudgingly crossed the room to grab his brother.

"Come with me," Jiang Cheng says, not waiting for Wei Wuxian's complaints to finish, and drags his brother out of his dorm.

"What the hell are you doing?" He hisses once they're out of the dorm building, and out of anyone's earshot.

It should have been a wonderful day. Not too sunny, not too many clouds either, it's a perfect autumn day, but Wei Wuxian has managed to ruin it.

"You've been asking me that numerous times already. Don't you know what making out looks like?"

Jiang Cheng raises his arms and thinks about strangling his brother, but decides against it. It's not worth getting expelled for. "You asked me yesterday to come over so I can listen to your perfect–" he uses air quotes, "–plan that would finally send Lan Wangji to his doom."

"A lot could happen in a night," Wei Wuxian simply says.

"Like what?"

"Oh, you don't wanna know," Wei Wuxian snorts. "Your virgin ass won't be able to take it."

Jiang Cheng makes a frustrated noise, and thinks of Jiang Yanli's disappointed face if he ever did something bad to Wei Wuxian. So he doesn't. That doesn't make him stop from reaching for his wand and hit Wei Wuxian with it though.


"Look," Jiang Cheng starts with a sigh. "He's dangerous."

Wei Wuxian's face falls. "He's not."

"Are you the same person who told me that you'd try to stake Lan Wangji's heart for fun?"

"That was a joke."

"Joke or not, what I'm saying is true," Jiang Cheng retorts. "Do you know why your actions have been tolerated? It's because they're harmless. The Lans can just shut you down easily!" he says in a harsh whisper.

Wei Wuxian remains silent, and Jiang Cheng knows he has struck a chord. "If you're really gonna be serious about him, you should fully understand what you're about to get into."

Suddenly, Wei Wuxian gasps, pressing a hand on his chest, immediately giving Jiang Cheng a bad feeling. "Are you giving us your blessings...?"

"Excuse me?"

Wei Wuxian laughs, then pats Jiang Cheng's shoulder. "It's gonna be fine. I trust Lan Zhan, but not the Lan family."

Jiang Cheng scowls, but eventually relents. As long as Wei Wuxian understands his predicament.

As long as Wei Wuxian doesn't forget that everyone has their eyes on him, waiting for him to make a wrong move. To blow up.

"The Wens are summoning you," he informs Wei Wuxian.

"Again?" Wei Wuxian complains, crossing his arms over his chest. "What do they want this time?"

"You obviously know what." The Wen family consists of pricks with pompous attitudes who thinks they can control the chosen one because they're the oldest mage family.

"I don't want to."

"I know," Jiang Cheng sighed. "But they said they'll go to Yunmeng if you don't."

At his words, Wei Wuxian lifts a handful of rocks with his magic, and throws them sharply at the lake. Jiang Cheng pities the group of dragon carp that lives there.

"It's not like I want you to go either." Jiang Cheng is already frustrated at their situation, he can only imagine what his brother feels about it. As much as he wants to go against the Wens, he doesn't want to risk their family's safety.

"I know," Wei Wuxian shakes his head. "I'm sorry."

"Are they hurting you?"

"No," he shrugs, and Jiang Cheng figures Wei Wuxian isn't telling him everything. "Most of the people there just sucks."

"I would go with you if it was allowed," he says.

Wei Wuxian looks at him with so much disbelief that Jiang Cheng feels offended. "You would?"

"Not really. I take it back."

"You can't take it back!

"So," Wei Wuxian hooks an arm around his shoulder, grinning. "Do you know what kisses feel like? Have you kissed someone before? Do you want me to tell you?"

Jiang Cheng zaps his brother with a basic lightning spell. Wei Wuxian flicks it away with the back of his hand.

"You like Zewu-Jun right? I'll ask Lan Zhan to put in a good word for you."

Jiang Cheng apologizes to Jiang Yanli in his mind, before charming Wei Wuxian with a paralysing spell.

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It has taken him ten minutes before he could undo Jiang Cheng's paralyzing spell, and by the time he can move his hand again, his brother is long gone. His freedom is greeted with cheers though, as other students watched from afar as he tried to remove the charm.

“You should have just helped me!” He shouts at the crowd, and is answered by a chorus of giggles before they leave him on the grassfield.

“You’re gonna be late, Wei Wuxian!” Someone yells, and Wei Wuxian curses as he sprints towards his next class.

If it’s the Wei Wuxian 24 hours ago, he wouldn’t care if he’s late for anything– he’d always ace whatever he does anyway. But that was before he got himself a boyfriend, who also happens to be the nephew of the professor of History of Magic. Which also happens to be his next class.

“You’re late again, Wei Wuxian,” Lan Qiren announces once he discreetly enters the room, making everyone turn their heads to look at him.

“Hi. Hello. Sorry,” Wei Wuxian whispers to his classmates as he rushes towards his seat, waving his hand awkwardly at their professor before plopping down beside Jiang Cheng. “This is your fault.”

"Fuck you," Jiang Cheng apologizes.

Wei Wuxian looks in front and catches Lan Wangji watching him, who tilts his head in question. Wei Wuxian mouths him a ‘later’.

Is it weird that he wants to take a seat beside Lan Wangji? He's never sat beside Lan Wangji before; is it weird if he starts sitting with him now?

He finds that he doesn't really care, and decides to sit beside his roommate in their next subject.

Wei Wuxian’s eyes are already drooping by the time Lan Qiren mentioned the word 'forbidden' for the third time. Doesn't he realize that the more he says not to do something, the urge to do that something increases?

Wei Wuxian takes out his notebook and pretends to listen attentively as he doodles on paper. His mind wanders to this morning, when he skipped breakfast so he could use the time to make out with Lan Wangji. His face instantly heats up at the thought, which he finds more embarrassing than his stomach growling. Jiang Cheng threw him a dirty look, before slipping a candy on his desk. Wei Wuxian draws big hearts on his notebook and shows it to his brother, who is already looking in front.

Pouting, Wei Wuxian sneakily pops the candy to his mouth before writing random words on his notebook. He usually passes the time by inventing new spells– using words that he has heard recently, phrases that sounded quirky– and trying them out during his breaks.

Lan Wangji doesn't seem to be an avid fan of the sun, most likely due to his condition, so Wei Wuxian wants to do something about it. Will sunblock work? But it's hard to conjure the image in his mind; he might end up getting a hand lotion instead. He thinks of a thin layer that can block direct contact with the sun, like an invisible poncho with material similar to that of a polyester. Maybe that'll work.

Blocking the sun, cloudy skies, hiding… throwing shade?

The phrase 'throwing shade' sounds trendy enough. The more used the phrase is, the more powerful the spell. Wei Wuxian taps his pen against his chin, lips pursed in concentration, until the bell finally rings.

Wei Wuxian shoves his things inside his bag when he hears his classmates' gasps. He looks up to see Lan Wangji standing in front of his desk. Wei Wuxian smiles at him brightly.

"I'm out," Jiang Cheng announces, and steps out of the classroom before anyone else.

"Lunch? I'm hungry," Wei Wuxian says as he grins, and Lan Wangji nods. He wants to take his roommate's hand in his, but he doesn't want to risk any of his classmates fainting so he refrains.

Other students keep giving them weird looks as they walk through the hallway together. Is it really surprising that they're not at each other's throat? Wei Wuxian snickers inwardly. They're still going at each other's throat, just less angrier and much sexier.

"Hey, orphan," someone says from behind, and Wei Wuxian's mood plummets immediately. He walks faster, and tries to ignore the annoying voice calling him.

"Wei Wuxian!"

With a sigh, Wei Wuxian stops and turns to see Wen Chao glaring at him, his obnoxious posse flanking his sides. The hallway is suddenly void of people, escaping before the Wens take notice of them.

"My father wants you to go to Qishan right now," Wen Chao haughtily says.

"Can't you see we still have class?" Wei Wuxian complains, before turning back. "Tell your daddy I don't wanna get a detention."

"That's an order!" Wen Chao shouts, before chanting an attacking spell. Of course, only a Wen can play a dirty trick like that without feeling any embarrassment. Wei Wuxian raises his wand to deflect, but it doesn't come.

Looking back, he sees Lan Wangji has blocked the attack for him. Wen Chao scowls at the unexpected interruption, before an ugly smile catches on his lips.

"Got yourself a new pet, huh?" Wen Chao sneers at Wei Wuxian, before scrutinizing Lan Wangji from head to toe. "Be careful. I think it bites."

"Fuck off," Wei Wuxian growls, finally stepping forward in favor of shoving Wen Chao on the chest. The man stumbles on his feet as Wei Wuxian ignites a small flame on his palm.

"You've got balls now. Try hurting me and see what happens to your pretend family," Wen Chao goads as his lackeys help him regain his balance. He pushes them away. "They'll all suffer because of you, and do you know what's even worse? They don't even like you."

Wei Wuxian grits his teeth, and feels fingers of fear start to encircle his heart, squeezing, almost pushing it pass his ribcage. He's not scared of puny Wen Chao, but his family is ruthless and malicious, and Wei Wuxian doesn't want to cause trouble for the Jiangs. The flame in his hand dissipates and his arm drops limply on his side.

Wen Chao laughs– the screeching kind that scratches inside one's ears and makes people flinch– and Wei Wuxian wonders if his group is just immune to the horrible sound or is already deaf because of it.

"That's a good boy– mmph!" Wen Chao suddenly presses his lips together, then his fingers clawed on his mouth, and it only takes a moment before Wei Wuxian figures that Lan Wangji has charmed him with a silencing spell.

Wei Wuxian nearly blurts out his undying love for his roommate, until he catches Wen Chao's murderous eyes. His heart wavers.

The Wens are vicious and unforgiving. He can never involve Lan Wangji in this.

He places a gentle hand on Lan Wangji's shoulder, giving it a squeeze. "It's okay."

"Wei Ying," Lan Wangji says quietly, his honey-colored eyes piercing right through him, and Wei Wuxian's stomach flutters with how Lan Wangji's voice wraps around his name, as if it's something important, as if it's something he wants to say more than once. "Don't go."

Wei Wuxian forces to swallow down any words of agreement, and shakes his head. "It's fine, it's fine," he laughs and pats Lan Wangji, before letting go to walk over the Wens. The silencing spell lasts for at least five minutes so Wen Chao has no choice but to scream in a muffled voice. "If you keep on trying to force your lips open, they'll bleed."

Wen Chao's eyes widen and squeezes his lips together tightly. Wei Wuxian smiles in delight.

He turns to look at Lan Wangji. This isn't the first time he's been forced to go to Qishan, but why does he find it harder to go today?

"I can handle it, Lan Zhan." Wei Wuxian pauses, then with a small smile he says, "Thanks.

"Lead the way, young master," Wei Wuxian says cheerfully, pushing Wen Chao with more force than necessary. He walks away, ignoring Lan Wangji's gaze on his back, stopping himself from turning around.