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You Were the Sun (And I Was Crashing into You)

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Wei Wuxian has only one goal in life, until he realizes that having only one might be too dramatic, so he changes it to two goals in life.

First, he wants to prove that Lan Wangji, his roommate, is a vampire.

How can he not be? Lan Wangji's face is pale, skin smooth as porcelain; Wei Wuxian can never imagine a blemish marring the surface. His dark locks looks so soft too, how sometimes the breeze would pick up midnight hair and Lan Wangji has to tuck stray strands behind his ear– that probably doesn't make someone a vampire, but Wei Wuxian just wants to point that out.

Lan Wangji doesn't eat. Or more precisely, Wei Wuxian has never seen him eat. He thinks that Lan Wangji is averse to eating human food– probably another side-effect of being a vampire.

He also has superhuman strength. Wei Wuxian knows Lan Wangji doesn't use spells to enchant himself– or else Wei Wuxian could have sensed his magic.

The most concrete evidence Wei Wuxian has is that he has seen him covered in blood one night, when Lan Wangji thought he was asleep.

Lan Wangji always goes to bed precisely at nine, but Wei Wuxian knows he would sneak out every night, then come back smelling thickly of sandalwood. It's the smell of his magic, and Wei Wuxian suspects he always charms himself with a cleaning spell before he returns.

During one night, however, Lan Wangji came back smelling of blood, and when Wei Wuxian pried an eye open, he saw a glimpse of Lan Wangji's ever pristine white robes smeared with scarlet.

Wei Wuxian shut his eyes, unable to confront him back then.

Wei Wuxian's second goal… he still has to work on it. Maybe become the greatest mage in the world? He frowns at the thought. Lan Wangji might aim for that title too; that man has a better chance than him. His spell casting is as top-notch as Wei Wuxian's, his sword fighting skills too. Being the principal's nephew doesn't hurt either.

Scratch that. His second goal is to deal with the current predicament he's in without dying.

Wei Wuxian doesn't have a death wish, no matter how many claims Jiang Cheng has against it. He values his life, it's just that he values proving everyone that he's right more.

So here he is, back pressed roughly on the wall as Lan Wangji pins both of his arms above his head.

It started with how their usual argument would start: Wei Wuxian provoking Lan Wangji until the latter clenches his jaw, fists tight on his sides, and storms out of their room. It doesn't pan out that way this time.

Wei Wuxian knows Lan Wangji won't touch him, can't touch him. Their room is enchanted with a spell that protects roommates from each other, the principal has set it up years ago when two roommates tried to rip each other's heads off– literally. If the room senses even an ounce of killing intent, the person would be kicked out of the room, then out of the school for good.

If Lan Wangji can restrain him like this without activating the room spell, then that means he doesn't have any killing intent against Wei Wuxian. Or the principal must have made his nephew an exception to the rule. Wei Wuxian won't put it past Lan Qiren to do something like that.

But what has set Lan Wangji off this time? Wei Wuxian already calls him a blood-sucker more often than not. Is it because he taunted him about his diet? Is it because Wei Wuxian mentioned his late mother?

His chest tightens at that thought. But Lan Wangji already looked agitated when he came back to their room, and he wouldn't say why. He only acknowledges Wei Wuxian when he teases him, so that's what Wei Wuxian did.

Lan Wangji has been glowering at him for a whole minute, his grip on his wrists slightly hurting, and Wei Wuxian is honestly at a loss on what to do. He's also a bit distracted with how Lan Wangji's cheeks look so full right now. Must be the fangs.

Wei Wuxian watches Lan Wangji's eyes flicker over his lips, and then his neck.

Like any normal day, Wei Wuxian's mouth opens before his brain can stop whatever comes out of it. "Want a taste?"

There was a sudden inhuman sound between them, and then Lan Wangji is on him in an instant, drawing a yelp of surprise from Wei Wuxian as he feels cold lips on his neck. His eyes automatically shut, anticipating the pain that never comes.

Instead, what comes is a wet sensation against his pulse, and the feeling of suction on his skin. He can feel Lan Wangji's sharp teeth skimming across his skin, trembling, but never breaking through. Wei Wuxian shudders as Lan Wangji licks a stripe up his neck, unable to suppress the little noise in his throat when Lan Wangji pushes his body closer.

The hand that is pinning his wrists on the wall slacks and Wei Wuxian finds this as a chance to lift Lan Wangji's head to face him. His skin feels so cold like a corpse, but unlike the dead, Lan Wangji is just as soft and smooth as Wei Wuxian has imagined. There’s no doubt that he’s alive.

When their eyes meet, Wei Wuxian immediately sees the pain in Lan Wangji's features that he badly wants to erase.

"Lan Zhan–"

"Go away," Lan Wangji tries to pry Wei Wuxian's hands from his face, but he won't budge.


"Wei Ying," Lan Wangji hisses as he half-heartedly pushes Wei Wuxian off him. Wei Wuxian knows Lan Wangji is capable of flinging him to the other side of the room if he really wants to, and yet his back is still against the wall. "I'll hurt you."

"You never have. Why start now?"

Lan Wangji growls, and that should have been hot in any other circumstance, but he looks so desperate, so frustrated, so sad, and Wei Wuxian doesn't know what to do.

And so he kisses Lan Wangji.

Wei Wuxian doesn't know what he's doing. He just wants Lan Wangji's lips to stop trembling, he just wants to make sure if his lips are as cold and soft as his skin.

Turns out, they are as cold and soft, but when Lan Wangji pushes his tongue in, Wei Wuxian feels his knees wobble from the heat. Lan Wangji holds him firmly by his hips, and Wei Wuxian barely stops himself from climbing him right then and there.

Lan Wangji kisses desperately, hungrily; he sucks on his tongue, explores every crevice of his mouth, but he never bites. But Wei Wuxian can feel his fangs, can feel every graze of it against his tongue, against his lips. It's only a matter of time when–

Wei Wuxian whimpers when he feels something sharp pricking his lower lip, drawing blood.

Lan Wangji pushes him away, and hurriedly spits out the blood. Wei Wuxian doesn't know whether to be confused or offended.

"I don't want your blood," Lan Wangji says, and he should really be offended right now, but Lan Wangji still looks at Wei Wuxian as if he wants him. And maybe Lan Wangji does, not just his blood.

"Kiss the pain away," Wei Wuxian chants, and the cut along with the blood slowly fades from his lips. He'll just have to ask Lan Wangji about that later. There are more pressing things to do.

"See? I'm healed," Wei Wuxian says, licking his lips. "I want to kiss you more. Can I?"

Lan Wangji answers him with a gentle press of lips.