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Athena Cykes: Ace Attorney

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"Very clever, but you've told me what I needed to know."
"It'll never hold up in court, Justice boy."
"You don't really believe that, do you? I saw that twitch."
"Nah, that's a different twitch. Since I ain't planning on letting you live to trial."
Apollo Justice is on the ground, a bloody wound on his forehead.
In his hand, he clutches a letter...

"Athena, it's all up to you," Mr. Wright says, his expression grim.
"Apollo's not dead, is he?" I ask. "He can't be!"
"He's alive, but... well, I don't think he's in any shape to act as the defense."
"It's not amnesia, is it?"
"I've been in that situation before, so I'm happy to say he remembers things just fine, but he's too tired to talk much at all."
"Don't worry. I've got this!"
"Let's do this!" Widget adds.
"I'll be back before long, but I trust you."
My name is Athena Cykes. Using analytical psychology and my knowledge of the law, I defend those in need as one of the lawyers employed in the Wright Anything Agency.

There isn't enough time to look over the court record. Not that Apollo still has any of the evidence he gathered. Whoever attacked him must be the real killer. After all, his client— I mean my client— is an old friend (rival?) of Mr. Wright's. She's innocent, I know it!
"You're not Mr. Apollo Justice," she snaps, clutching her whip in both hands.
Gee, thanks for noticing. "He's in the hospital. He was attacked."
It almost seems like she'll apologize, but then she glares again. "At least Mr. Phoenix Wright had the sense to stay out of my affairs."
I don't know what I expected from Mr. Wright's description of her, but it definitely wasn't this.
Prosecutor Franziska von Karma, a prosecuting prodigy back when she started, now an international prosecutor.
"My name is Athena Cykes, by the way. I'll prove you innocent, don't you worry!"
She doesn't reply, but she looks more relaxed than before.

"Court is now in session for the trial of Prosecutor von... er, the trial of Franziska von Karma."
The judge is eying the defense bench warily. Franziska is standing beside me as my co-counsel.
"The defense is ready, Your Honor," I say. I'm not really ready, but I still feel pretty confident about the case.
"The prosecution is ready as well," the prosecutor says.
Have I met this guy before? I feel like I've seen his face, but maybe not?
His name is Winston Payne. I feel like I've met a prosecutor named Payne, but I don't know if it was him or not. Oh well.

The victim was a man named Amos Eide. The cause of death was blood loss due to being struck twice with a blunt object, once in the back of the head, one in the left temple. The murder weapon hasn't been found yet. I make sure to add the autopsy report and the missing murder weapon to the court record. He apparently spoke badly of Franziska, which is the motive the prosecution is giving.
"Hold it!" I shout. "Where was the crime scene? How can you prove that my client even went there?!"
Prosecutor Payne laughs at me. "It was in the hallway of this very courthouse."
"Foolish defense attorney, foolishly claiming foolish claims," Franziska says. "And I have no use for fools."
"I guess I got a bit ahead of myself, didn't I?"
The judge nods. "Indeed you did."
"We're ready to call on our witness, Your Honor," Payne says.
Not off to the best start, huh?

A young man wearing a denim jacket takes the stand. He's got blond hair, mostly tucked under a tattered baseball cap. He wears a pair of sunglasses, so it's hard to see his expression.
"Will the witness please state his name and occupation?" Payne says to him.
"OBJECTION!" Payne screeches. "You are here as a witness. You are required to answer the question."
"Whatever, old fart. Name's Hans Lydoff. Unemployed."
Payne is clearly seething at being called an old fart, but he doesn't say anything about it. "How did you know the victim?"
"Me and Amos? We go way back. Went to school together, me and him."
"Hold it!" I shout. "It's Amos and I, not Amos and me!"
Franziska scoffs. "Your foolish American grammar is irrelevant to the case."
"Lawyer girl, you have to lighten up a bit. You ain't gonna trip me up anyhow."
He's baiting me to correct him again. I gotta focus.
"Continue with your testimony, witness," the judge says.
"He was always the studious one. Even tutored me in high school. Loved words and numbers."
"Hold on!" I say. "What did he tutor you in?"
"Biology and chemistry. Taught me about the Periodic Table of Elements and showed me pictures of animal guts."
"Uh, alright. Go on."
"He and me, we had a real tight bond. We were rooming together till he..." Hans chokes up a bit.
"Hold it! Tight bond? You have to be more specific. There are many types of bonds, some of which aren't positive."
"Alright, lawyer lady, we were lovers, 'kay? The man I loved got killed."
Prosecutor Payne looks uncomfortable. "You... you and another man...?"
"Objection!" I shout. "Save your closed-mindedness for after the trial."
"Objection sustained," the judge says. "This courtroom is no place for closed-mindedness."
"My boyfriend is dead. Can we move on yet?"
"Yes, of course," the judge says.
"Tell us about finding your... your roommate's body."
"Amos was a witness at a trial the other day. Wouldn't tell me the details, but that don't matter to me. I was gonna meet him in the lobby, but then I saw the defendant... that von Karma lady. She was like. She looked annoyed and stuff. Muttering angrily. Thought I heard her say something like 'he deserved it' and then something about a fool. Naturally I got worried."
"Hold it! Why naturally?"
"Objection!" Payne screams. "You're nitpicking again."
"Objection sustained."
"So anyway, I had a bad feeling about it. I went into the hallway— got permission from the guards first of course, and then there, on the floor. Amos. He was covered in blood. Dead, I realized. I ran to his body and I checked for a pulse, hoping real bad that I was wrong. And I... Well, I obviously wasn't. His head was crushed in and he was bleeding from the lone wound on the side of his forehead."
Wait a second. Wasn't he hit twice?
I double-check the autopsy report and the victim was definitely hit twice. "Objection! According to the autopsy report, the victim was struck twice."
"O-oh?" Hans flinches. "But I only saw one wound. I mean, maybe I saw another? I... I don't remember exactly..."
There's definitely discord in his voice.
"I'd like to conduct a quick therapy session. The witness is grieving, and might not remember all of what he saw."
"Go on ahead, Miss Cykes." "There, on the floor, Amos." Sadness.
"He was covered in blood. Dead, I realized." Sadness and shock.
"I ran to his body and I checked for a pulse, hoping real bad that I was wrong." Sadness.
"And I... Well, I obviously wasn't." Sadness and joy.
"His head was crushed in and he was bleeding from the lone wound on the side of his forehead." Sadness and shock. "Why were you happy to confirm your lover's death?" I ask. "He, uh... he left me a note. It was in his shirt pocket. He knew she was gonna kill him. He told me the killer's name and also that he loves me."
Hmm. That's odd. When he told us about the note, all his joy went away, and his sadness got more intense. "Why didn't you feel happy about reading the note?"
"You felt happy until you mentioned what the note said. Was it not good to learn who did it?"
"I... when I read the note, all I felt was dread. Whoever killed him... what if she targets me next?"
He's looking right at Franziska. "I do not need such petty revenge, you foolish fool. And I would never kill out of revenge. I see higher justices than such foolishness!" Franziska says.
"Objection!" Payne shrieks. "The defense will refrain from badgering the witness."
"Overruled," the judge says. "Miss von Karma merely responded to the witness's accusation."
"Merely responded? She insulted my intelligence!" Hans snaps. "My boyfriend is dead because of her and she dares to call me a fool? "Objection! My client was just stating her opinion."
"Her opinion?!" Hans's sunglasses slip off his face. His blue eyes are wide open, practically bloodshot. "Her opinion was an insult!!!"
The judge shakes his head. "She calls many people fools. Even I've been called a fool."
"Whatever. My boyfriend is dead and she deserves the guilty verdict."
"Your testimony isn't over," I say. "Testify about what you did next."
"I called the police, of course!"
"On your cellphone?"
"No," he says, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "I used one of the many public phones. Oh wait, there aren't any public phones anymore! Of course I used my damn cellphone."
I shake my head. "Why though? You were at a courthouse. There were guards nearby."
"Objection! The witness wasn't thinking straight! I mean, wasn't thinking normally! He didn't think of it!"
"Objection! The prosecution will let the witness explain himself. If there's an explanation, that's his role."
"The witness will explain himself without the prosecution's input," the judge agrees.
"I... I, um..."
"And why hasn't his final message submitted as evidence?"
"I lost it," Hans says, putting his sunglasses back on. "I was so distraught that I must have dropped it."
Nice try, but I don't think so.
"The prosecution requests a five minute recess to let the witness calm himself. And to organize my notes."
No. I can't let Hans fix his testimony...! "Alright then. If there are no objections from the defense, then—”
"HOLD IT!" someone shouts.
Phoenix is running into the courtroom.
"What are you doing here, Mr. Phoenix Wright?" Franziska demands.
"Decisive evidence. Apollo was attacked early, you know? Well, his attacker forged a suicide note, thinking they'd killed him. I'd like to submit that very note. You can't take a recess after what I've learned!"
"This had better not be a bluff," the judge says.
"It's not. Here, I'll read it out loud. 'Goodbye cruel world. I've had trauma after trauma and I'm done. Signed Apollo Justins."
The court is silent. No one speaks, even in the gallery.
"Not even Apollo would screw up his own name," Phoenix says.
"OBJECTION! You can't prove that the witness wrote that note," Payne cries out.
"If he answers this next question correctly, I'll be convinced of his innocence."
"A-and if he does answer correctly, your client gets the guilty verdict," Payne says. "Is that acceptable with her?"
"This is foolishness," Franziska says, "but not on the defense's part. Proceed, Ms. Athena Cykes."
I cross my arms and grin. "What is Apollo's actual last name? He's pretty well-known worldwide after all the news about the Kingdom of Khura'in."
"Uh..." Hans is sweating. "H-his name? O-of course I know it. It's... uh... Just... J-Juster?"
Another silence falls over the courtroom.
"I rest my case, Your Honor," I say.
"The court finds Franziska von Karma... not guilty."
Franziska scoffs. "As for you, Prosecutor Payne..."
She attacks Payne with her whip until he collapses.

Phoenix is in the process of leaving the lobby when Franziska and I get back there.
"Mr. Phoenix Wright."
He flinches.
"Get over here, Phoenix Wright."
"Hey, sorry I showed up. I know you'd rather not see me, but—"
"Let me speak. I... I don't want to say this but... thank you."
Phoenix blinks. "Wait, really?"
"Yes, you fool."
"Well, Athena deserves most of the praise."
"Yeah! Praise me!” Widget exclaims.
"Hush, widget."
Phoenix laughs, "Good job, Athena."
I may have been victorious today, but I can't let myself get complacent. I'll keep studying, exercising, and avoiding Trucy's magic practices!