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Island of Dreams

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“You’re never too old to be young.”



It is a universal truth that all princesses must grow up at a certain point in their lives. When they are on the verge of becoming women, little girls are taught to cast aside their dolls and games in exchange for lessons on how to govern their kingdoms or romance a potential suitor, royal or commoner, who they shall soon take to be their partners forever after. Some of them are forced to mature due to various reasons. Perhaps because of abusive parenting, or because they were crowned as rulers of their kingdoms at an early age after losing their mother or father. Though transitioning from a child to an adult could be a beneficial process, there was one princess who wasn’t ready to grow up since she was struggling to adjust in the world of adulthood. She had developed a childlike personality as a result of having been imprisoned and enslaved by a wicked witch who posed as her mother. The princess was an autistic maiden, her exact height being four feet and five inches tall, with emerald eyes and five feet of golden hair that was often braided. Known for her cuteness and her infamous hobby of scalping her enemies, she answered to the nickname of Goldilocks. However, nowadays, she referred to herself nowadays as the Princess of Pampers.


But, as everybody in Corona knew, her real name was Rapunzel Gilda Moore.


Despite being viewed as a grown-up by societal standards, Rapunzel was a baby at heart. She knew the mannerisms and traits of little children. After all, she had been a babysitter in the past. The princess enjoyed taking care of the youngsters and playing with them. Though children were her greatest joy, she often faced criticism from their family members due to her alternative lifestyle. This lifestyle they spoke of involved drinking from bottles, sucking on pacifiers, wearing and using diapers, playing with toys, and being babysat by her caregivers. Rapunzel even had two nurseries: One in the bedroom of her castle, and another in her tower which she used as a hideaway from home. Though it was indeed a strange fetish, Rapunzel viewed her lifestyle as a coping mechanism that helped her heal from the trauma and anxiety that Gothel had given to her. Besides, those who truly loved Her Highness knew that she had never performed any malicious or predatory acts towards children. To her young friends, she was their personal Fairy Godmother. Unfortunately, due to a group of conservative Catholic parents who claimed to be fighting for social justice but viewed people like Rapunzel as unholy, the princess and her mother decided that it was best to forbid underage guests from visiting the castle. 


“I don’t get why some people think I’m perverted,” Rapunzel said to her mother. 


The princess sat in the nursery of her tower, playing with her teddy bear as the Queen watched over her. Queen Arianna smiled at her daughter. She wrapped her arms around Rapunzel’s waist and kissed her on the cheek. 


“Mortals fear what they do not understand,” the Queen replied.


“That is true,” Rapunzel agreed. 


“Radical Christianity has always been known to target the marginalized,” Queen Arianna continued. “It’s no wonder that paganism has resurfaced in this day and age. Those who are deemed to be enemies of the Christian people are merely fighting against those who have oppressed them for far too long.”


“Were autistic people ever burned or hanged as witches in the Dark Ages?” Rapunzel wondered.


“No, they weren’t,” Queen Arianna said. 


“That’s good,” Rapunzel sighed.


“Back in the Dark Ages, those who were autistic were seen as magically gifted. However, other members of the disabled community were tortured or put to death by the Catholic church, since they were believed to be demons in disguise.” 


Rapunzel pouted upon hearing the history of what Christians had done to her people in the past. Although public attitudes towards the neurodivergent had improved, she knew that bigots were still lurking in the shadows of the neighborhood. Bigots who were willing to punish their victims simply for the false crime of being born with a different brain or body.


“Thanks, I hate it,” Rapunzel said.


“As do I,” Queen Arianna responded.


“It hurts to know that we live in an old-fashioned kingdom plagued by modern demons.”


“Yes, it does,” the Queen agreed. “Now, why don’t you go play with your stuffies or ride your pillow? Our friends will be arriving for brunch tonight.”


“Sounds yummy,” Rapunzel said. 


Queen Arianna hugged her little princess and kissed her forehead. 


“If you need a clean diaper, just let me know,” the Queen said. “Okay, baby girl?”


“Okay, Mommy.”


The Queen’s daughter crawled over to her pillow. She sat down with her legs spread apart and began to hump her favorite cushion. Pascal emerged from Rapunzel’s diaper, crawling up her belly and resting on her right shoulder. Rapunzel smiled at the chameleon. 


“Did you have a nice nap, little guy?” Rapunzel asked her reptilian companion. 


Pascal nodded as he stared down at Rapunzel’s bare breasts. Since Rapunzel felt more like a child than an adult, one of her newfound hobbies was to strip down to her diaper and stockings after naptime. Usually, when she was in the proper mood, she would enjoy herself through means of stuffing her diapers or humping in them. The fun usually lasted until she felt the need to defecate. Whenever that happened, she alerted her mother so that she could be changed immediately. 


"Why do you love humping pillows so much?" Pascal asked.


"Because they're fun and comfy," Rapunzel said.


“What’s your favorite part about having a second childhood?” Pascal asked.


“Having my girlfriends as caregivers whenever my Mommy’s busy,” Rapunzel replied. 


The princess reached down to smack her crotch. She squeezed the ultra thick padding between her legs. Rapunzel was thankful for the fact that her diapers were magically durable. Not only were her Pampers strong enough to hold heavy loads of waste and fluids, but she also took pleasure in how they sagged down to the floor. She loved to waddle around with her saggy butt wagging behind her. 


“I was never a fan of the potty,” Rapunzel said to herself. “Diapers are cuter and more comfortable than any chamber pot.” 


“They’re too cute for what normally happens inside them,” Queen Arianna chortled. 


Rapunzel nodded at her mother. Once she was bored of humping her pillow, she kicked the cushion aside and proceeded to put on her outfit for the evening. The Queen’s daughter dressed herself in a mauve nightgown, slipped on a pair of pink-and-black striped thigh-high stockings, and climbed into her cradle to await the visitors.